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Kim G Slams Teresa Giudice About Recent Fraud Claims; Says “Finally Justice Shall Prevail!”

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Kim Granatell AKA Kim G is easily known as one of the biggest shit stirrers on Reality television and she continues to voice her opinion despite her no longer appearing on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Kim G took to twitter to slam her enemy Teresa Giudice about the recent fraud claims that came out yesterday saying “finally justice shall prevail!” See what else Kim said below

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For those of you who don’t remember, Kim G and Teresa’s feud began when Teresa referred to her as an “old lady.” Clearly Kim wants her 15 minutes considering she’s tagging media outlets and I’ll give it to her just so she too could get slammed :-). Think it’s sad that she is speaking out about this knowing that Teresa has four daughters at home and one that is also on twitter but not very surprised. Thoughts on what The Old Lady Kim G had to say?

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  • Kim G. – “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all!” Thumper’s mother gave good advice and so did mine! Did you have a mother??

  • 39 counts of FRAUD before and after they were on Housewives. Get your head out treapes @$$hole you all are seeing daylight of treapes mouth! IF they were so concerned for their children they would of NOT continuously committed 39 COUNTS OF FRAUD! Blame NO ONE but treape and her trescuzz of a husband.

  • So sad that Kim G. uses someone else’s problems to get in print! Another 15 minutes of fame for Kim G. at the expense of someone else. Now she can go back into the hole she just crawled out of, and we can all forget her “again”.

  • Another low class comment from the ladies of the Franklin Lakes area. Despite everything, this is someone’s life that could literally fall apart and the fact that this woman is joking about it is completely disgraceful. Franklin Lakes is trash.

  • Why create a post highlighting this old, crazy bitch. This is hurtful to Teresa and her family. This old hag has serious issues. Rage of jealousy and its sick. Don’t grant her the attention. She is not worth it.

  • As much as I have not understood Caroline, I am really understanding why more and more she did not become friendly with Kim G! Caroline was very firm about it and yep, she was right on about that one!

  • Kim G needs to shut her mouth because when you wish something bad upon somebody it can happen to you. I Call it KARMA

    She is to old for this crap

  • @ JPG

    You’re so funny I’m dying here out of laghter XD
    I swear I search for your comments and read them!!
    Never knew Kim G is funny XD Alot of hate towards IT which is understandable!
    I want the orange Hermes bag! I don’t think IT will be needing it where she is going!!

  • Could never stand the Kim’s. This one was always creepy but then so was the other Kim. She’s so rich and she’s so bitter. I just don’t get it. Get a life, Kim Bitters!

  • Some of this is not adding up..Since 2008 Teresa has shown some old-fashioned hustle (cookbooks, hair care , launch parties, Nephcure, Celebrity Apprentice, talk-shows) and her work ethic has been spot-on. She loves her children, takes care of her parents, supports Joe in her marriage and while she is not a stupid women she seems to see things simpler-not complicated. This behavior contrasts wildly with what is being implicated by the feds and the (ahem) always known to tell the truth (not) shit -stirrer Kim G. Usually peoples nature does not change overnight, Teresa had to have this ethic all the way along to some degree….still Team Teresa.

  • Notice she tagged @jaclauirta in the Birkin tweet. She might wanna get one for here as well, with all the leagal issues plaguing the Laurita’s she might end up in orange to..

  • I am not a Danielle Staub fan at all, but I lost all respect when Kim G made fun of Danielles breasts calling them square. What kind of woman does that?? That was it for me.

    On another note, I was reading how some people think this might be the end of Teresa’s career, however, I feel like it might have the opposite effect.

    • Yeh but Teresa is not a billionaire involved in insider trading at any level. She is a person who made some financial mistakes and has tried to fix them. She won’t be going to jail. The Government will work with her and possibly her husband.

      • It wasn’t just financial mistakes, she (allegedly) committed several counts of fraud, and theft as a result. However, my personal opinion is that her hubby probably did it. He either outright forged the documents (like he did with his partner), or had her sign the papers knowing she wouldn’t read them. Regardless though, he should take full responsibility for both of them. Someone needs to be there to raise those poor little girls. I would be curious to know how long Bravo has known about this impending doom. It’s sick to exploit, and profit, from the demise of lives in this way. While it may be the choice of these people to put their lives out there like this, the kids certainly haven’t made that choice. I can’t imagine what they deal with at school – poor babies!

  • Kim who??? Like seriously…. I forgot that crazy bitch even existed. Go back into the cave you crawled out of and never come back. Shes clearly just trying to get some attention for herself.

  • As much as I agree with mostly everyone on this forum,
    Perhaps we can take it easy with the granny comments. Depends, nursing home etc…
    We too will be that age one day, and as the beautiful amazing women you all are, we know how quickly time passes. Ladies, she’s in her fifties not eighties. Most of us on here have mothers Kim’s age.
    Peace and love to all of you xo

    • That’s what makes it sick. Will you be in your 50s or 60s talking like this about someone else’s misfortune. No, you would know better. But this crazy old bitch doesn’t.

    • If Kim is 57 then I AM HER AGE, although I don’t look like I have nearly as many miles as her. But even though I look much younger than her, I also act much more mature. It’s possible to have strong opinions about a person or a topic without acting like a catty teenager. It’s also possible to disagree or call someone out without tearing them to shreds. It’s called simple human decency,something Kim is sorely lacking.

  • STFU Bit.. this is one person i can not stand even.more than Melissa. She needs to clean up her own back yard before she talks crap on others. She is a known snitch and lier

  • I remember when Kim G brought Monica Chacon, the lawyer who was going after Teresa and Joe for fraud back in July 2011 when Joe forged his business partner’s signature on some loan documents to Melissa’s party and a confrontation between her and Teresa took place.

    RadarOnline has an article about Monica and says she feels vindicated that Teresa and Joe are indicted.

    My question is, since Monica Chacon WILLINGLY allowed herself to be filmed for Bravo on an episode of NJ (they have to sign consent forms to be filmed, so she had to be a willing party),
    couldn’t this be an ethics issue?

    She went on the show, and allowed Kim G. to take her to MELISSA’S PARTY where Teresa was, knowing that Tre would confront her.

    • not what Monica claims on celebritybuzz..she claims Bravo producers contacted her and invited her to the party and told her that Teresa would not be there because Melissa and Teresa were fighting. She was set up by Bravo but I guess she does not have the clout to go against them so since she knew about Joe Giudice and his business partner she decided to get back at Bravo the sneaky way and take down their *Star* I hate to break the news but Teresa is even more popular now. DOH!!

      • True, unfortunately they are probably freezing her assets until this case is resolved. I honestly believe Teresa didn’t know what her husband was up to. While she may have signed documents per his direction, I doubt she knew what was going on. I like Teresa, but she doesn’t exactly strike me as a criminal mastermind (not that there was a genius at work here). Based solely on the character we’ve seen (and no, I’m not deluded about the “reality” in reality TV) I feel Teresa is basically a good person, and Joe is shady to say the least. I think he loves his family, but cutting corners and robbing Peter to pay Paul doesn’t sound out of the realm of possibilities for him. I think Joey probably has the exact same business sense as his BIL judging from the suits against him too (and he “learned” the business from his BIL by his own admission). I also think the Laurita’s have similar ethics! I’m starting to think the Feds have decided to save man hours and are pitching these kinds shows to the networks – sounds silly, but it’s just crazy enough to be true: IE, Moonshiners, Mob Wives, Warlocks..,no surveillance needed, just set up cameras and watch the heads roll.

    • Interesting thought – was Monica actually paid any money to appear on that episode? If not, then I don’t know how there could be an ethical issue, she simply (with the help of production ;)) attended a party.

  • Kim G has the personality (and real money) to be a housewife-Bravo made a big mistake by not putting on her full-time. She is messy as hell but that’s what these shows run on.

    As for the Teresa stans now targeting Monica Chacon, don’t blame her. If the Giudices weren’t up to ILLEGAL activity, there would never be a need for an investigation. I can’t believe some of you are getting angry at other people when you should be angry at your precious Teresa and Joe for deceit, lies and fraud. They’re the ones who broke the law, not anyone else.

    • Fair enough, Ry. But I hope to hear the same righteous indignation when the Lauritas’ and the Gorgas’ legal troubles are in the headlines. So you see, others have actually broken the law. Allegedly, since NO one has been convicted of anything yet.

    • Ry – I wish you would read through the threads because many of us have stated we do not support lying or tax fraud.

    • No one is targeting Chacone. She did her job.

      BUT, to maintain any tiny bit of respect (or a whole bunch) for the famewhoring dumbass lawyer that she is should have kept her smarmy ass off of Bravo. She didn’t. She’s a famewhore and a good friend of Granny Pants.

      Little bit of bias that Chacone had?


      Does it mean the Giudice’s didn’t do what they did?


      Monica Chacone is still a famewhore.

      • Wonder if that bias on her hard work to (her words, or close to) bring the Giudice’s down will be played out in court?

    • Yea, and I have my opinions too. And in my opinion GERITOL needs to STFU, ignorant asshat laughing and making jokes, sick F that she is.

      • She really is awful! She has not stopped acting like a vengeful 15 year old all day. In every ridiculous tweet, she @’s celebrity magnet and reality tea. I love how at the top of her profile the first thing you see for Granny Mcnasty is ” Mother”.. then her TL is full of lunacy!

      • Teresa placed herself in the position to be the butt if MANY jokes to come.

        Better buckle up, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

        I for one see nothing wrong with making fun of moronic criminals who feel they are above the law.

    • And boom there it is, I knew she would come out of the woodwork soon, of course, she’s Kim G’s friend. And we all know how reliable Radar onli e is….enough said.

    • Hi Honestee,

      I replied to you above before I saw this post.

      I did see the ‘tipping off the feds’ but the way that it was capped suggests that is was summarized rather than and actual quote.

      Monica did expose fraud in a civil proceeding which opened the can of worms in the BK filing.

      The hammer coming down on the Guidice’s now is not an act of vengeance on Monica’s part or a result of her relationship with Kim G.

      No matter how much Kim G tries to insert herself in this, she nothing she says or does counts or matters…and given the replies of interest to anyone.


    • So it is the lawyer that was thrown out of Joey & Mel’s party their first season? Whoa – what a small world!

  • This old hag should go back to whatever nursing home she was hiding in!! She is never going to happen!! Get over it!

  • damn.. talkabout being convicted before trial. the writers and comments on some articles are sick

    ps. my family went through something similar (max prison could have b een 10-15 years) although it wasn’t as much money or this many charges against my family.. it was a large amount and it was high profile. not going into details but if you are the business owner and other people who work for you steal or you trust the wrong people to handle your finances you are done for.. plus a lot of prejudice due to being in certain industries that some people maybe pre judge.

    PEOPLE.. it’s a crime and they will pay for it. time out for adults.. but he did not kill anyone. lets not talkabout how evil they are. you pay the money back and you work out a deal. the person in my family ended up pleading guilty and instead of going in for 5 years max with pleading guilty he did 1 year and 1 day (look up why they give the one day..there is a reason)… Martha stewart white collar crime. if you pay the money and cooperate (most of these cases they work on are like 10 years old) and get a good judge then it works out

    I don’t want to pay for any non violent criminal to stay in prison. pay the money back, spend some time in jail that’s appropriate for the crime, do community service like maybe some free donation and construction to build schools or shelters etc…

    if you google and research you will find that America has the most unbalanced and extreme jail sentences. for example two similar crimes can put two people away for very different lengths of time depending on your judge or jury or how they feel to make an example out of you.

    jail is for murderers, child abusers.. sexual abusers… in my opinion


    ps. how could people wish for both of them to go to jail when they have four young girls? not cool.. the snarky comments by writers for these articles are not professional and they do it to draw attention and stand out from other news outlets.

    Instead of a hashtag saying we support Teresa.. because that gets twisted by into hateful people thinking we condone this. lets just show our love by starting the hashtag



    • You know, you actually do make a very valid point. It’s kinda sick that someone can get hundreds of years for financial scams (not this case, but MANY others), but murders walk free. Also, it’s pretty sick that we send drug addicts and the mentally insane to prison. The money we spend annually to house prisoners is staggering, only for them to learn how to become better criminals. We’d do better to focus on education and reform, and for people like in the Giudice case make them pay back the money and serve appropriate jail time. Thanks for stating your point so eloquently, it isn’t often someone’s comment actually sways my opinion, but yours has!

    • If you can’t follow the laws, don’t live in the country. You have to pay your taxes and shouldn’t lie to get loans that you don’t pay back. Too fucking bad the crime isn’t bad enough for you, but I have no use for immigrants who move here just to steal and that’s what they did. May Joe go to jail for a long time.

  • I would LOVE to hear what Daniell Staub has to say about this!! She is probably laughing her ass off!

    • I’m gonna go with the thought that Danielle is not going to make a fool of herself…that’s all one will be doing if they use twitter to gloat over a family’s pain…a lot of pain. It wouldn’t say very much about one’s character.

    • I was thinking about Danielle too, but more along the lines of, I bet she could tell us how old Kim G really is!

    • Why would she be laughing her ass off. You sound very immature. Would you laugh your ass off if you or someone close to you were going through something like this. What a heartless scumbag.

  • and from the depth’s of a swamp, the creature appears….for her camera time and that’s about it. Now go back to your swamp, thang….

    • Exactly ! It wouldn’t surprise me if she & Danielle have their hands in this somewhere…..hmmmm maybe the Feds will knock @ Kims door next, after all this isn’t over by a long shot, more chess pieces to fall….

  • You are no longer relevant Kim, and acting like a jealous teenager really make you uglier than you already are, so STFU ! I’ll bet you right now you’ve cheated on your tax returns at some point, you are not innocent. Now fly away,before someone drops a house on you bitch !

  • STFU Kim G. You’re an old hag.

    Oh yeah, change your hair color, the blond makes your wrinkles stand out!

  • Actually when I went back to look for the article about Monica Chacon I think I had looked at a very old article. Kim G has a nasty side to her.

  • I’m shocked that this much hate comes from a woman of her age and a mother of 3. It’s disturbing is all I can come up with…just pathetically disturbing to see an adult tweet like that.

    • My wise Mom taught me that you never take joy out of trying to deliver a payback. She always, always said that it will come back ten-fold and that I would be on the receiving end of it.
      Very wise words of wisdom to raise your child with.

      If I had an enemy, I would not boast, laugh, or
      relish in their pain…my Mom raised me too well
      to not even consider playing with the idea of doing it! Thank You Mom!

      • Very wise advice from your mom! BTW, Kim G is out of control with the nasty tweets now. She reeks of desperation.

      • Your mother sounds like a very wise and kind woman. Mine was the same, which is why I wouldn’t be happy if Jac or even Melissa were in this same position. Wanting justice is one thing, but taking delight in another’s pain is just cruel. You get what you give in life.

  • “Think it’s sad that she is speaking out about this knowing that Teresa has four daughters at home and one that is also on twitter but not very surprised.” Well Teresa and Joe should have thought about their kids when they committed these crimes! Don’t put it on Kim G! Sorry, I’m not giving Teresa or Joe a pass on this one because of their kids! They should have known better! What they did was so wrong and illegal on all levels! Honest taxpayers, small and large business owners should be very upset about this one! They robbed us and them! We as taxpayers will have to pay for their stupidity in the long run!

    • If Kim G wants to tell Teresa how she feel, maybe the failed pole polisher should have the balls to call Teresa and tell her.

      Is Kim G going to be tweeting the same when her “girl” Jax is going through the same thing? I doubt it.

    • No one is putting anything on Kim G except for how immature she is reacting to the situation, and for all to see.

      If Kim G wants to tell Teresa how she feel, maybe the failed pole polisher should have the balls to call Teresa and tell her.

      Is Kim G going to be tweeting along the same lines when her “girl” Jax is going through the same thing? I doubt it.

    • agree with everything except it’s not pretty to revel in someone’s pain. Kim g is not a nice person and I’m pretty sure she is not innocent either. she should have a little empathy for their situation or just shut up. karma will come for all of us.

    • LMAO. Now you’re trying to blame Monica Chacon?

      She knew Teresa back in 2001? She made Teresa lie about her employment, create false paystubs and W-2’s? She made them not file their taxes for 4 CONSECUTIVE years?

      Wow. That is one powerful lady. LMAO.

      • Stfu already jpg go suck on sum big balls cuz you seem like you need to gag on someone pathetic loser why dont you put ur pic up so we can see how lovely you look since you spends 24hours a day bashing tre from her looks to her finances lets see how good you look u nasty slob

        • Good comeback. Really adding to the debate there.

          You’ll never believe it but I look just fine. Tall, slim and pretty. I also am debt free and not in any legal trouble. Sorry about all that. 😀

          • And you’re still a miserable individual. Some underlying pain you haven’t dealt with, such a shame.

      • I’ve been a fan of NJ HW since its inception, and while I wasn’t initially, I have become a fan of Teresa. However, I have read the entire indictment and JPG is indeed correct. They’re BOTH in serious hot water, and it was brought on by their own actions. They lied and withheld income during their bankruptcy case, and per that investigation other discrepancies were found. They’ll likely meet the same fate as Al Capone (same charges will likely stick), but I sincerely feel bad for those kids. They don’t deserve any of this. I do think there are a couple others on that show who may also find themselves in hot water, but not due to a conspconspiracy – more like cause and affect.

        • Sorry, for the typo in my previous statement. About the original question – Kim G is simply an embarrassment..I cringe for her. She may keep her dignity in her granny panies.

  • She’s a 50 year old mattress who needs to go back to the nursing home. I’m sure she’s fallen from the amount of drinks she’s consumed and will need life alert. Teresa has enough on her plate.

      • No Just, Kim G is either the same age of Caroline or a few years older. Caroline is 52. I remember Caroline said it a couple of times because Kim G’s son is the same age as one of Caroline’s sons and they are best friends. It sounds like Kim G does have a crow to pick with Teresa. I’m sure Kim G knows more than we do.

        • OMG, 57??? Are we sure bout that? That’s a LOT of mileage for 57 years old. I would have guessed 73.

  • Kim is such a non factor and a desperate attention whore.

    When she had brain surgery to remove a tumor, I believe it was in the area of of brain that effects behavior an impulse control.

    Her husband has divorced her, her kids have left the nest…and now she has nothing to do but ramble on twitter or muttering to herself in her big house in Franklin Lakes.

    • Exactly…why even create a post highlighting this old delusional bitch. Gloating over someone’s pain is just plain disgusting. Her kids need to control her. I would be embarrassed for my mother and somehow find a way to delete those messages and apologize on her behalf. Very disturbing.

  • Monica Chacon is the attorney for Juicy Joe’s business partner and a good friend of Kim G’s. She has had a big beef with Teresa for a while and has been by her own admission keeping the feds investigating.

    • Monica is an attorney but she is also the wife of Juicy’s ex business partner.

      The civil case was settled long ago.

      While I am sure she has it out for Teresa, she has no authority over the Federal Government.

      I would say this has more to do with Gov Christie wanting to clean up Jersey-and his office working with the Feds to do so.

      When people with massive amounts of debt on paper, yet seem to always be fluid in cash are flaunting it publicly, it’s going to draw their attention- especially when they are on TV.

      • Maybe so. Actually when I went back to look for the article I think I had looked at a very old article. Kim G has a nasty side to her.

        • Hi Honestee, I was incorrect in saying that Monica is married to Joe’s ex partner (I was going from memory). When I was going through old articles it’s seems like her husband was the original attorney for Joe’s partner.

          She did expose/accuse fraud and forgery in against Joe Guidice in the civil proceeding which weakened their bankruptcy filing forcing them to withdraw it.

          She did start to ROL that the Feds did contact her and she gave them information.
          But on twitter, people are accusing her of being the one to pull the trigger on the Guidice’s. The truth is they made their own noose.

    • I was going to say, the “finally justice shall prevail” remark seems a personal one as if “justice for her”. Will she tweet the same if/when the others are brought up on charges?

  • Oh the old lady has come out to play huh? Guess Michael Lohan has been keeping her informed on the ins and outs of jail…. Why do quiet when your booty call Lohan left your sorry wrinkly ass? No comments on your “friends” problems? Justice will be done when they pry your botoxed face and brown nose out of everyone’s business Kimmy G.

    • Well then you must have a very simple and pathetic sense of humor. We all know you’re an altar since you sprouted from the troll graveyard recently.

  • Instead of a hashtag saying we support Teresa.. because that gets twisted by into hateful people thinking we condone this. lets just show our love by starting the hashtag


    spread the word! twitter, instagram.. etc


      • Why so much hate for Teresa? Do you know her personally? Has she done and/or said something about you,your children, your family? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you get emotional about it. Not judging, just curious.

        • Lol. Yes, out of all the people on this blog I’m the only one who gets “emotional”.

          If I have to explain to you how she screwed every honest, hard working, tax paying person in this country, then you’re just never going to understand.

          • You’re not being “emotional”, you’re just downright nasty about anything that has to do with Teresa.

            You don’t have to explain shit. I just hope you are a HUGE advocate against the day to day workings of the “feel good” US government we have in place today that wants hard earned tax payer monies to support the millions and millions who scam tax payers every minute they can.

      • YOU are so vile and rude, your excuse that Teresa and Joe have ripped
        off every hard earning tax paying citizen,You think that justifies your behavior, to speak to people the way you do, have some respect, have some respect for yourself for heaven sake!!
        Check out Wall Street or D.C., they have made it an art form of ripping off the public of their hard earned money, and they have been doing it forever.
        We get it, you detest the Giudices. No one is happy about this.
        jpg, can’t you get your point across to people without being hateful, screaming, swearing or being or blow hard? You are truly cringeworthy.

  • Thank god Kim G isn’t going to prison. She’d need a lot more than one toilet roll a week to wipe her mouth with, considering the amount of sh*t she talks.

  • Federal prison is MUCH different then “regular” prison…it’s a white collar crime, they will not be with murderers or rapist. SORRY to those suggesting that Joe or Teresa will be “b****”.

    • You are correct JD.

      However, it will still be quite a shock to what this spoiled, thieving bitch is used to 🙂

      • Look..just because they were charged doesn’t make him, her, or the two of them guilty. I think they rushed it to news outlet says a lot. Someone want a high profile case in the garden state. Before you put them down or jump up and down hooray remember they have 4 young children. Listen to what evidence they have before u judge. I personally hope the best for them.

          • I am sure THEY do know that they have 4 children, however please remember in this country we are innocent until proven guilty, even of white collar crimes. Also it is quite obvious that someone is desperate to pin a crime on these two that they have come up with this crap. Hmm lets see, a teen in Florida, unarmed is murdered but lets lock up Tre and Juicy Joe, get a grip on reality please.

          • Please stop bringing up Trayvon Martin.


            And if you honestly read the indictment and DON’T think they’re screwed with MOUNTAINS of evidence against them…just wow.

          • jpg, just remember one thing, everything you wish on teresa and joe will come back and stick to you. hope you or your partner doesn’t lose jobs,ot a serious illness. payback is a bitch,you get twice over

        • That was so well said, Mel. Very thoughtful and rational, but unfortunately, that goes over some people’s head.

      • Are you really that delusional that you think she’ll get prison time? Maybe since you seem to get your kicks thinking about a mother of small kids going to jail, you’ll get your wish when the Lauritas’ have their turn in court.

        • And to be clear, as much as I don’t care for Jacqueline, I wouldn’t wish it on her either. Maybe go away for a little “rest” but not prison.

        • If Melissa had pulled this exact same shit, with the exact same charges, yes.

          That’s the difference between you and I. I don’t give a fuck who you are. When you think you are above the law and screw me out of my hard earned money (the taxes they didn’t pay) you sure as hell deserve jail.

  • No one has ever cared about what Granny Crack has to say about anything!

    Is NJ the only cast with these extra hanger-oners? Well I guess ATL has the hairstylists. But damn it’s like NJ is infested with people trying to get air time.

    • “GRANNY CRACK”,LOL!!! That scene where she was swinging from the stripper pole I almost puked.How f’n gross! I was waiting for the guys to start throwing denture glue or bengay at her old saggy ass.

    • Way too old to make ugly comments like that. She’s making herself look even more foolish.


    Looks like someone is using this opportunity to become relevant.

    WOW! How old is this woman! Isn’t she a someone grandmother??

    • Great grandmother, lol. She’s just bitter that Bravo wouldn’t make her a full fledged HW and she’s mad at the publicity (good or bad) that Teresa is getting. Kim G is nobody who married a man with money and is divorced. Go away Kim G, no one cares about what you have to say.

  • Calling Kim stupid would be an insult to stupid people. Instead I’ll just remind Kim of a little saying, people who live in glass houses… know the rest and you know why.

  • Kim G you are still an old hag with your sloppy loose ass. An BRAVO still don’t want your sorry ass HAHAHA!!!

  • Hate that she used God’s holy name as she trashes another human being. Very ugly. Indeed God is good. Maybe those of us who use His name should be too.

    • I couldn’t agree more; using Gods name to kick someone when they’re down is disgusting in my book. Her words go beyond wanting justice; it’s outright hatred. I’d be careful if I were her because God doesn’t like ugly.

  • How would she know about what you get in prison. She must of been there. People keep talking about karma well keep being mean about teresa and i guess you will get your karma !!!!!

    • That was my first thought! She seems like she knows her way around the prison system..

    • Probably Tom Murro or Jac.. unfortunately even an A-hole like her gets to celebrate someone’s misfortune and have opinion

  • She is despicable and any other cast members associated with her are garbage ie Jack Daniels!!! This is all too heartbreaking. Prayers for the Giudices.

    • Its in such bad taste, really. I have a lot of respect for the Gorgas for not saying anything YET on social media or tabloids. I think for anyone to bash another human being knowing for a fact that these people have young children is a sad, lonely fool. Lydia gave a good quote about slade, “Hurt people, hurt people.” And it’s true. Kim G tried desperatly to not only be on the show but she also ruined her friendship with danielle to become friends with caro, jaq, and tre. I think Kim G is a sad person to laugh at someones hard time. All i an thinking about are the kids. I’m sending prayers & positive thoughts to them. And I would hope no one gets down to Kim Gs level on twitter. As I always say what comes around goes around. Kim will get hers one day.

      • The Gorgas may not have said anything yesterday, because they were in Vegas. Also, remember her comment to Joe about he will be where he deserves?? Prayers to the Guidice family. They are all dirty, and this show is beginning to smell like a giant dead rat.


        “Stay tuned for my Helpful Hints for being in prison. The Do’s and Don’t list. Coming live from a real prison inmate. @Teresa_Giudice in jail without makeup-SCARY!
        Mascara is a toothbrush dipped in ink, eyeliner is a #2 pencil.
        No toenail clippers in prison @Teresa_Giudice so start chewing.
        Get ready-Only 5 articles of clothing washed over + over, watch out for broom handles, hope U like bologna.
        Your ugly 1000 count sheets will soon be like gauze + your stolen @PaylessShoes will be slip-on sneakers.” 

        She is a piece of shit! Old ass Kim is tweeting away while her daughters (especially Gia) are stressed out. Who the fuck clowns around when someone could go to prison? Her daughters need her. Kim G., you’re still trying to stay relevant, huh? Glad your husband divorced you. LOL. Pathetic and bitter. She needs to get laid 50 times over. Maybe she’ll be a little happier? Haha! Then again, I don’t think Kim G. can even move much since she’s 90. Yeah, that wasn’t nice to say, but Kim G. is awful like the rest of the castmates.

        • Hmmmm seems to me that Kim G has been an inmate in the past. Or maybe she got her tips from her old convict boyfriend. LOL

          • That’s exactly what I said, she knows ALOT about prisons, hummmm has she been in one? Maybe she is close to someone who is in prison?

        • So right! She’s just old paint trying to be relevant. Tre- has worked harder in the past few years(trying to keep fam afloat) than Kim G ever has.

      • read fames blog, kim g is friends with wacko, and that woman,that was kicked out of melissa’s christmas party. well all 4 of them were working together to bring teresa and juicy down. kim g wants to have her own reality show, with or without her in it. read the column,its some read.

    • “YEAH KIM” she is like in her 70’s how did the nursing home let her tweet? Maybe she should stock up on depends, I hear the nursing home only changes diapers once a day.

    • Really Kim? Your Franklin Lakes family (ex husband) has been involved in some shady shit as well. But, I guess money gets you a pass. Hypocrite! Go put your granny panties on and slide down another pole!

      • I agree! Kim G. should shut her 90 year-old ass up! Her ex-husband has been through a lot of shady shit (THEY ALL HAVE), but he got away with it through connections…

        Kim G has such a hateful heart. You say you’re really a kind, well-respected woman in your community? You say you help with a lot of charities? Ha! When hell freezes over. Go to a nursing home and help care for them, KIM G. Who knows? You’ll may be next in line to head straight there.

    • Thoughts:
      1. Kim G should be put in a hole.
      2. The couple, individually, and together, lied under oath to a bankruptcy Judge; 2a) they made up false statements, forged documents (W-2’s) and gave them to the IRS; 2b) they took money away from me, and other citizens, when they didn’t pay their share. This is big stuff-over a million dollars worth of stuff. Read the indictment. Tough facts.
      4. Anyone who mentions a conspiracy theory involving the other cast members should remove themselves from the thinking population;
      5. Any decision you make effects your children. That should always be your first, and long term thought.

      • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion! So, I’m “judging” you on your #4 opinion. Why should people who mention a “conspiracy theory” be removed from society? Are they a threat to you? Jus’ askin’!

        • Once you file for bankruptcy, you open yourself to investigation. The court trustee is always looking for inconsistencies as are the creditors. The creditors want to find sources of revenue. So, it was not like Meho or one of those called 1 800 IRS- this was bound to happen. It is WAY bigger than a reality show.

          I want to know how long it has been going on, and how long everyone has known-including Andy! They were all contacted, interviewed by the Feds, I am sure- but they didn’t advocate, or start it.

      • I disagree with point number four. There always could have been a tip off to the Feds, like the apartment over the garage was phoned in to the town. Not saying that happened, but certainly within the realm of possibility.

        • the second she whipped out cash to pay for furniture she was marked, and then they had to withdraw the bankruptcy because the law does not let you be discharged from debt incurred through fraud. I like Teresa but as I tell my kids – you do the crime you do the time. no conspiracy here. they are probably all hoping their dirty little secrets stay that way.

        • See above please. People here might not like a lot of the cast members, but seriously, this was born from glaring gaps in their bankruptcy case.

        • I totally agree and told my kids the same thing. I was just pointing out what could be possible.

      • I think the separate lawyers is because they had separate bankruptcies. Their 11 million debt was mostly from Joe’s business dealings. Joe went belly up during the housing market. Besides Joe is charged with things Teresa isn’t.

        If you recall Joe withdrew his bankrupt filing when the Trustee was saying he with held information.

        Teresa filed hers on their houses, cars, store credit, credit The court granted Teresa her Filing. This was what in ’09?

        Besides the statue of limitations is at max 7 years. By going back to 2000-2001 some of that stuff will be dropped, this is 2013.

        Teresa withdrew her bankruptcy after a year when Joe, filed two years prior was still being held by the court trustee. Teresa with drew and then agreed to pay off the debts.

        They sold off the property except their houses, cars and personal debts. After 4 years I am sure a lot of that has been paid, and it no longer totaled 11 million.


      • You’re absolutely right.. What they should have done is sat on their azz an taken money away from you, me and the rest of society by way of food stamps, section 8 housing, medicaid, so on and so forth. They have four children, they could have lived a decent life for a couple who didn’t have to lift a finger! If they had divorced and lived together, having Teresa file for Government help – they could have lived in the luxery section 8.. like section 10k Gold! Get over yourself. If you had as much knowledge as you’d like us all to believe, you’d realize that what these two are being accused of is A) common! They didn’t invent this scheme! They were caught! Allegedly caught! Sorry, I happen to be a big big big fan Of our constitution and the mere fact that you’re behaving like you live in a communist country.. “Guilty until proving innocent or we decide to behead you” takes away from your argument. Also, the fact that you’ve made the entire story bout “yourself” tells me that you arent seeing the big picture because YOU are blocking the view! B) Joe Giudice evading his taxes, true or not, did not affect the tax bracket you fall in, nor did it change the flow of income entering your home, did it? Most people who have money, such as Kim G, evade taxes, lie, they are crooked. Rich people don’t get that way by being honest! Rich + honest = oxymoron. It’s so rare to see those two words mentioned in the same sentence, I think i may take a screenshot of this moment! In all sincerity, please Stop behaving like this one family has interfered with your plans of buying a yacht, or “keeping up with Kim G” and buying yourself a fancy orange birkin bag! Maybe you’re unaware, but I have a NEWS FLASH – it’s not just the rich that avoid their obligations. A large precentage of society screws over the government, finance companies/banks every year. If you’re going to bi*ch and whine about this one family, who just happens to be on a national Television show that you watch, then lets rally the troops and complain about welfare fraud. What about Men who work “under the table” or put their business in the name of a family members to avoid paying child support, leaving ‘us’ financially responsible for their children! Lets complain about small business owners who habitually keep income off the books. Lets complain about people like myself, who always report a higher yearly income in hopes of a higher credit limit. judge me! I know I’m not alone! What I may be alone in is the fact that I dont believe I’m fooling anyone? With our technology today, I don’t see how anyone gets away with anything! Nonetheless, they do! But I’m not going to sit here an pretend the Giudice family is alone in their attempts of holding onto money they’ve earned, verses giving it to a Governemrnt that gives it to the poor and/or lazy. Obviously, I know the system works for some people, but many abuse the system and those are the people I’m referring to. Another thought – don’t ya think it would cost you, me, and the rest of tax payers more to feed, house, provide medical care, and possibly education two people in prison than they’ve cost you thus far? You do the math.. You seem to know exactly how much they’ve cost you, and you’ve weighed the pros and cons of prison time, verse 4 years of tax evasion.. And you seem to believe Joe is the only man in society, or history to make a buck that he didn’t pay taxes on. Oh, did I mention drug dealers costing us money? That’s another issue in and of itself. White collar crimes and do rag crimes and welfare crimes.. sheesh! manipulating the system in any way to make a bigger profit.. Lets really get down to business and talk about it! But, If we’re going to complain, let’s keep it real! As in REAL! This one family is the focus of your attention at the moment but lets not pretend that the Guidices, and the Giudices alone have cost you! That’s nonsense! If you are concerned about egregious acts against the American tax payer, your efforts would be better channeled toward the IRS itself in wasteful spending. Case in point – in the last 3 years they’ve spent in excess of 100 million dollars for employee retreats! Would you like to know what they’re doing on those retreats? I doubt it! You want to make the Giudice misfortune about you! It’s not about you.. It’s really not about you, or me. It’s about 4 little girls who are caught u in the middle of a family nightmare and you can really tell a persons character when they find joy in the misfortune of others ( the children, whom are 100% innocent) and make the subject matter about their loss! Which you’ve yet and will never be able to put a dollar amount on what this family has cost you! I’d say its little to nothing! ( forgive any autocorrect issues, I have no time to look this over) 🙂 btw.. I love this Blog!

      • @Mego: Thanks for ‘sher’ing, and sorry to hear you’re sick and not feeling well… however, please note that you do not need to also include/submit your ‘Profile’ details.

        (Although, the colorful, accurate description you stated is appreciated!)