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Melissa Gorga’s Ex Claims Some Guy Paid For Her Breast While They Were Dating!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga was desperate to get some bubbies and apparently had some guy get them for her while she was dating her ex boyfriend, Bryan Bowen! Bryan has recently come out and is going to reveal all after constantly being trashed by Melissa. Bryan says he is in talks with magazines because he’s had enough and continues to reveal some dirty little secrets from Melissa’s past! This time it’s about her bubbies and who purchased them! See what Bryan said below

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Are you surprised that Bryan has come forward and is making these claims?!

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  • Forget Bravo exposing the Gorgas. That will never happen. That’s RHONJ biggest fight storyline tied to their star Teresa. The only way the truth is coming out is if Bryan speaks. Even then, if the show even acknowledges it… it will be spun in a way where editing at its finest takes over and somehow makes it Teresa’s fault. They will some how cut and paste video and audio clips together where it literally appears “Teresa set this up” is coming out of their mouths. Kind of like the Vineyard in California. Juicy’s phone scandal was actually like 4 telephone conversations edited together. I feel so bad for Teresa she looks so defeated and drained this season like she can’t take another season of getting the bad fake edit. 🙁 I think this season is the end of her 5 year contract. If so, I hope she gets the heck out. I would love to see her like on Lifetime or another network. One that will focus on her family and career. I would love just to see her interact positively with her family. Showing more than 3 minutes of her and the elders cooking together. The Real Guidice’s. Like a spinoff like Kim Zolciak’s show. If Bravo would let her be real like that, then I would watch..but this constant negativity…enough already. If they are gonna keep recycling the same crap storyline. Then they need to introduce new characters cuz its so annoying and predictable. I already know if something bad happens in North Jersey, it’s Teresa’s fault. Even she says in her blogs enough already and has finally spoken out.

  • Who cares what she did the past is your past for a reason. Someone else wanting there 10 minutes of fame.

  • REALLY low class trash …
    they don’t even have the brains to feel shame …
    & to stab your own family in the back …geeezuz ..

  • Roxanne

    In the local newspaper in Nj there is an article about the Lauritas and Joe Gorga. On Sept 5 they have to appear in Ridgewood Municipal court for the fight that took place in the Salon when they attack John Karagiotgis. Go to

  • what goes around , comes around ..
    & this is a looooong time coming …..
    nasty skank she is ,
    along with that ‘mangina’ she calls a husband ..
    bottom of the barrel ..
    andy is disgusting too …
    hopefully somebody will also spill the beans about him …..

    • I’d rather talk about the new future King, than Melissa at her past at this point. We have heard it already, for 2-coming on 3 yrs now.

      • EXactly! This has been on sites and such for a long time. Two things have helped me make a decision on the truth of what has been put out there. #1. A tweet from the Ex that stated she said he reminded her of Joe Giudice. That tells me he was in touch with her while being married because she had a BIL. #2 With everything that has been put out there about this EX, never once has he said NO that’s not true, I never got with her while she was married…soooo. AND even if he never did, it really does not have a thing to do with who she is as a person.

  • New Jersey newspaper article about Chris and Jax Laurita and Joe Gorga involving the beating of Johnny Karagiorgis. Trial date has been set for September. There is a photo of all three in court back in April. Check out Joe’s spray on hair! Hilarious!

    P.S. How many times have these thugs been involved in fights, and they have the balls to call Teresa scum?

      • Aunt Sadie, I hope they air the video to show just how violent these people are. I hope the prosecutor in the case can use the footage that was aired this week from Joe Gorga attacking Guidice, it would show the Judge just how violent this little jerk is.

    • Well, I’m sure that Jac was just trying to break up the fight when she took her shoe off and hit Johnny. Melissa wasn’t wearing heels, or she could have tried that when TB took off after Juicy Joe.

  • Teresa is tweeting she and Heather are working on book#5 and it will be about sweets! Eat your heart out Katfish.

      • It could be healthy desserts. Yes, it’s possible. Desserts can be healthy and satisfy that sweet tooth. People don’t realize that many healthy bars/energy bars are worse than half a dozen cookies or two slices of cake. Odd, but true.

        • I know all dessert books sell and sell well. I own a few.

          I was pointing out that Tre said they don’t sell. Now she is writing one.
          Just another HW “irony”.

          • @rhfan

            Teresa tweeted she pilled the beans 6 months ago on twitter..Do you remember what she tweeted, I don’t.

            I don’t remember either that she tweeted desserts books don’t sell, I think she tweeted something like an all dessert book for her, wouldn’t sell.

          • I remember Teresa telling Kathy (on the show) that she’d never do a book only about desserts because dessert books don’t sell as people watch their weight. Maybe she’s cooking up “light desserts” in line with her brand? I’ve been noticing a trend to that end. If that’s what she has in mind, that could force Kathy to switch from regular to fat free Cool Whip in *her* recipes…

          • * opps sorry I meant spilled, lol. Still does anyone remember what Teresa spilled 6 months ago on twitter?

            Ok, @ emma I remember that now, maybe she is doing a skinny italian dessert thingy cookbook. Her cookbooks are all geared as light / skinny..

          • holy cannoli, that’s what I was thinking: a skinny dessert book — which I know will be better than Bethenny’s attempt — and Kathy’s “back-of-the-box”, offerings! I’ve noticed a lot of healthy, delish recipes making the rounds on Food Network and Facebook, so if Teresa follows the trend, it will be another winner for her.

          • Yes emma. I agree. Although Bethennys did sell really well. I just had zero desire to purchase her shit because they didn’t even sound good, or look good. Now Kathys stuff looks good and probably is good I think her presentation makes it is great. I really do not think she cares about the calorie thing and that’s ok, whatever. I do think hers might sell ok. Now in my opinion Teresas will probably do good with this if she stays with the Italian thingy

  • Hellooooooo people. Why is it so hard for everyone to see that she’s a fake ass ho??? I’d put my $$$ on the stripper story being true too, because look how shaken up Meho was when that dude confronted her. Too many different stories about her going around for her to be this sweet innocent good Italian mom. Get going ya trash bag tramp!!!!! I’d love to bitch slap her at least once. Hopefully more, but AT LEAST once. Fake Fake Fake!!! That’s why she was in such a rush to leave the retreat. She even had her coat and boots on before lil Joe had a shirt on. She wants to jet before all her lies come to light. I hope to God that she gets exposed for EXERYTHING she is, a money hungry ho!!!

      • Scary aren’t they? 🙂 Melissa thought she would convince Andy that she and her sisters would be great together on the show, they even tweeted something along the lines of “look out Kardashians” or something like that. They really thought that they could be as famous and rich as the Kardashians? Well, at least they’re as trasy as them!

        • Wishful dreaming! Meho underestimated the public. She assumed the housewife audience were men lol. She is not a likable woman to start off with and it shows by how little her fan base is. And from what I’ve seen of her butchie sisters they are not likable by the public either.

      • Yes, but the dresses the sisters were wearing were cute! They did look manly though, even in pretty lace white dresses!

      • LOL Aunt Sadie.

        Sweet Christ though, seriously. It looks like when the photo opt is over they’re going to devour the little one in the middle like a passed hors d’oeuvre.

  • Bryan only came forward after his name was outed on another website months ago, and he received nasty tweets from Melissas sisters and QOM. If they would’ve just let it die down, he probably would’ve kept to himself. I don’t think he’s calculating and manipulative, just getting pissed. In my opinion. Btw, rumors have been around about her cheating for a lot longer, he did not just come out of the woodwork!

  • Both Tamra’s and Meho’s ex’s come out of the woodwork at the same time, both franchises are almost finished airing, both storylines have gone stale, too much of a coi-kee-dink. New move by Bravo in an attempt to keep the fire alive imo.

  • I think the real problem is that, according to the headline, the guy only paid for one bubbie. Seriously, Melissa, if you ‘re gonna put a guy on the line to pay for silicone, make him buy TWO.

    Truly dumb woman.

  • Okay well now I believe that even after Sunday’s show meho are still together I live here in Miami Florida and in today’s paper another article (there was a article yesterday)that says “know why Joe and Melissa Gorga have a solid marriage? “I treat her like my girlfriend” he said. HisNJ housewife recently penned the advice book love Italian style “you gotta Keep the excitement alive” I read this before dinner. It made me so ill had to wait to eat dinner. I wonder if they brought their kids. I am going to find out where they r staying and see if it is a dump.

  • Well i think the problem is:

    Bryan has kept quiet for a long time. Melissa has been on for three seasons. How come bryan didnt appear when she first came out? Someone accidently exposed him. He didnt want any of this. Thats when the marco swamp rats as well as their vile mouth piece q of m started going after bryan to get him to get off twitter. Ive seen a tweet from kim pirella herself telling him to get off twitter and call her. Melissa apparently told someone she didng care because bryan would die from his cancer anyways so she has nothing to worry about. (did not see this tweet, bryan said it on twitter.) after all that shit happened bryan stopped talking about her and her family. I think he was getting treatment in nyc and was sick. All of a sudden now he is talking again. I am assuming they are now bugging him again. You can only push a person for so long. And i think the hypocrasy of melissa is really pissing him off too. I dont really care what he does from this point on, but I hope he either gives his side of leave this whole thing alone. Or take the marcHOs to court and ask the judge to make them leave him alone. His health is more important than this stupid shit.

    • He seems to be in good standing with a huge amount of people why not just hold a fundraising for the ASPCA shelter. This whole thing is starting to sound sketchy.

      • I’m wi you pippi. I just don’t care enough about Melissa to give a damn who bought her air bags. What difference does it make? Unless he has proof she cheated on gorga it doesn’t matter what she did. It doesn’t matter if she was stripper or a hooker lol this reeks of another Johnny /penny game. He needs to say what he has to say and move on.

        Now, if someone wants to spill the tea on Joe GOrga, his construction work being DEAD, him losing the parents home to loan sharks etc then I’m interested.

        I don’t know why a story about something Melissa did before joe is even making the blogs. Unless she cheated on gorga it doesn’t make any difference!

        • She did. With this guy according to what has already been exposed. The chinese resturant parking lot was after she was married. Word is she married joey because Bryan wouldn’t marry her. The engagement was to force his hand. They didn’t kuat date for a while ,it was years

        • say what

          I totally understand what you’re saying.

          But i think and this is only my opinion Bryan was just just trying to point out what a lying whore Melissa is.

          Which most of us already know and yes id like him to put out or shut up.

          And you said lets get some dirt on stumpys construction dealing and him selling him mortgaging his parents home and losing it.

          And lets start bringing up the Lauritas finances Chris has been flying under the radar long enough

        • here’s the thing. people are saying “who cares”. well, apparently Melissa, her hag sisters and all their minions care. also it proves what a hypocrite she is because she wants to accuse joe guidice of cheating well it looks like she is miss cheater herself.

  • I have a feeling we better not hold our breaths while we wait. This guy is waiting for a good pay out,and unlees its going to come from WHORSEY to shut him up,there is no magazine thats going to pay money for this. She may like sucking weiners in parking lots but she is not Anthony Weiner.

  • Lmfao just speaks to her character…she’s with one dude and another pays for her tits. Jesus!!
    Midget Man shouldve just banged her & kept it MOVIN…Can’t turn a whore into a housewife…

  • At first I was waiting for him to spill what he had on her but it’s been going on for too long. Only way he can redeem himself is if Andy invites him to the reunion to ‘Tell All’… otherwise, Bryan, speak your piece or stop the teases and the cryptic tweets.

  • Dude! Bryan just spill it out already! We all know its true or else the Whoresy Faces two brothers 🙂 wouldn’t have gotten all rabid on you.

  • As much crap and threats this guy got from the Marcos I wish he would go ahead and tell his side and maybe that will shut Marco sisters up

  • I don’t even care anymore, I could care less about who M had sex with or whatever.

    This is M paying an ex to threaten to “call her out” so she can remain employed.

    I tried to locate his twitter account, could not find it. He may have closed it since Feb 2013.

    If this is something he wants to do – do it already or shut up.

    I have compassion for his medical condition, but this is enough…nice try M.

      • Hi Just Me

        One seems to be as slimey as the other.

        It took one person with a camera to break open watergate overnight!

        The longer he waits, the more I believe that he is doing this press for his girlfriend.

      • If he waits much longer that train is going to leave the station. We’re all getting bored of this game. He should have capitalized on it when the story broke back in Jan. now it’s just old news. The more time that passes gives Messy more time to spin.

        • Hi Pippy

          Yeah I know, it’s like these ex’s are in hibernation, then zoom to innuendo and crawl to the “where do I sell my life to” section of the yellow pages.


          • Hey Sam, yup it’s becoming a big old snooze fest. Come on Bryan we want pictures, video, tape recordings not innuendos. This story is a flat as the beer I forgot out side last night.

    • Samael, I too wondered if Bryan is in cahoots with the Marcos. I think Melissa’s so desperate to get whatever-the-heck she wants, she’d do just about anything. Hmm.

      • Hi emma

        look how easy it is to get a press conference, geez something happens – press conference time and usually within 6 hours.

        I doubt anyone will pay..everything, plus innuendo/rumors is on one blog or another.

    • Nope his account is open and he posts multiple times a day when he is feeling well.

      The posts that were made a few days ago were nothing incomparison to those I read a few months ago. They were really brutal and threatning.

      Takes a lot of something to tweet “we don’t need to worry about ******, he’ll be dead before he can tell anyone” That’s. A quote from one of her SISTERS! !!

    • Samuel

      No his account is still active i think he goes by the name of Bryan bulldog try that if you can’t find it I’ll give you his twitter account name i don’t know how to add a link to this blog.

      Just let me know and I’ll give you his twitter account name.

      • Good morning Summer

        In the collection of posts up thread, is mine saying that I did find his account.

        I have compassion for his surviving cancer, sometimes I think this is how he communicates with his girlfriend M, by threatening to tell “someone”.

        I do hope a friend or family member is helping him cope with this particular skanky can of worms.

        • Hi Samuel

          Glad you found it after i posted to you i read that you found his account i really don’t know how my post ended up down here Im very phone or computer savvy Lol

          Yeah i also hope like you he has someone helping and supporting supporting him.

          And also agree that twitter is the only way for him to speak to M.

          Have a great day Samuel :-):-):-):-)

  • Well she did do a service (sucked him off) for him to pay for those tits. He’s stupid if he thought that ghey were the first gifts she got from another man while she was with him. Y’all know Teresa is being blames right now for this.

  • How is he tired of her constantly bashing him, when I haven’t seen or heard about her even acknowledgeing him. And who cares who paid for it, I’m sure he reaped the benefits of some other mans money once they were healed so he should shut the hell up.

    • The blog posted a link to MANY texts sent to him from Melissa & her sisters a few days ago. They were really disgusting. I don’t have the link any longer but maybe somepone will re[post it. They have been harrassing this guy for over a year now, I don’t know how you wouldn’t know this, but cestlavie.

      • sweetpea

        go on Twitter and read all the nasty posts Melissa and her sisters and their minions were saying to a very sick weak man that could’ve died from brain cancer.

        Nasty doesn’t begin to describe them evil is a better word

        • I have read the twitter posts and have not seen Melissa address this man at all. One of her sisters asked him to call her, but that was all.

          • sweetpea

            my bad i honestly thought i saw a tweet from Melissa.

            But i checked and you’re right she hasn’t tweeted him.

            Sorry everyone:-):-)

    • As far as I know, Melissa HASN’T even acknowledged this guy and it’s doubtful that she will.

      I’m still waiting for proof that Melissa’s sisters sent “I hope you die soon” tweets to this guy, but since there IS NONE and IT NEVER HAPPENED it looks as if it’s going to be a long wait.

      So far, not one shred of proof. Not one screen shot of ANY of these tweets (and with Team Teresa monitoring EVERY MOVE THE MARCO SISTERS MAKE, are we expected to believe that not ONE was alert enough to save EVEN ONE?)

      Give me a break. If there was any truth AT ALL to this either at least ONE Teresa fan (or even a NON-fan) or even an alert blogger who follows these people on Twitter would have been all over it.

      But instead we’re just expected to take the word of some of the prime campaigners in the hate campaign against Melissa. “I SAW IT, I TELL YOU! Give me a minute and I’ll find the link to prove it! Oh darn, where DID that link go?” LOL

      There WERE no “Can’t wait for you to die” or “Aren’t you dead yet?” tweets (and btw ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS SHIT?), and whoever started this lie should be more than ashamed and Karma is going to bite you in the ass BIG TIME for this one.

      Exactly ONE tweet was sent to Brian from Kim Marco, asking what was wrong with him (he had just tweeted some totally fictitious and VICIOUS lies about Joey and Melissa that were so slanderous he was forced to take them down), and advised him to get off Twitter.

      And THAT’S IT. No death threats, no wishing anybody dead. All of this is straight out of the mind of some deranged Teresa fan and NATURALLY the rest of them all ran with it.

      And btw, who paid for the other one? LOLOL

      • Finally, anybody who has checked out this moron’s Twitter page yet will HAVE to have noticed that HE’S A BLITHERING IDIOT!

        • I also wanted to add that Bryan’s followers are almost exclusively Teresa fans who openly brag about it. They’ve practically dedicated a fan club to him and they fawn over him as if he’s the Second Coming.

          Very interesting. And very, very weird.

        • That one tweet was all I saw also. he said someone sent him a text, but never said who it was. so people just assume it with Melissa and her sisters.

      • Estelle- Kim Pirella acknowledged him when he was first rebutting Horsey statements . She asked him to call her. It was on twitter for all to see. There is proof they were attached to the Q of Media tweeting the nasty and death threat tweets, Melissa gave a happy tweet and favorites it, and said something about Q “just getting started”. And really- he owes YOU know proof. Who carries around pics of someone committing adultery? Im thinking no one, unless they have a PI? He knows her. He has dealt with her crazy erratic jealous behavior. His family had to deal with her. You just have to face it that she is a lying lunatic. People are sick of her trying so desperately to portray the perfect wife and perfect life role- the jig is up. Its funny to me that you and the other 3, always automatically believe every little petty and silly issue with Teresa, but a man who personally had relations with Whorga, you dismiss and want photos, proof etc.?? She is the only wife in HW history to have consistent “rumors” like this. No one is jealous. So now there is a bridesmaid BF, and an ex lover to add to the lesbian lover she pissed off in Florida. I would say there is truth in there somewhere.

        • michers don’t even bother. no matter how many times you throw the truth in Estelle’s face. he won’t admit it. he game is deny, deny, deny. just like Melissa. I told Estelle about QueenzofMedia before and how they work for Melissa and how she loves their nasty tweets but the nutjob doesn’t want to hear it. Estelle needs to ask himself. if bryan is a nobody and doesn’t know Melissa then why on earth is her minions and her hag sisters attacking him so much and trying to shut him up? he didn’t start talking until they started on him. the marco sisters don’t want their sister’s secrets coming out. plain and simple.

  • Personally, I hope this guy Bryan does tell all ! I am sick of hearing rumors & want to know the truth about this biotch ! Especially if it is true she & her sisters bashed this guy when he was fightniong cancer ? I want this slut EXPOSED & OFF THE SHOW ! Tweet @bravoAndy or @Bravotv or go to & send an email to Bravo that we no longer want her on the show !

      • I agree!!! Where have I been? I have never heard of this guy, or that he’s sick, or he is going to spill his guts, ect ect lol, but hurry up, I want to read all the trash!!

    • just me

      def he needs to start talking or people won’t take him seriously anymore, i understand he may need the money because of his illness.

      By the way I’ve already tweeted Bravo and Andy many times about either exposing the whoreGorgas with proof or get them off the show coz this story line is getting real old and boring.

      As usual no response lol

  • Well it’s obvious that a poor little girl working 50 jobs in order to get thru college can’t pay for her own implants.

    • ugh tell me about it!!! she worked so many jobs to pay herself through college!!! but the next question is what did she do to get the implants lol!!!! Its just so annoying that they forced themselves on tv and portrayed to be such a humble and genuine couple when they are so phony!!!!

  • ok I’m really getting tired of this guy saying he has dirt on her believe me I can’t stand Melissa since day one but he is making himself less creditable every time he speaks waiting on the right magazine come on you want a payday if you have true dirt you wouldn’t mind if you got paid or not just to clear your name. I’m sorry but waiting on the highest bidder just makes you that much less creditable

    • Couldn’t agree more. Messy & SloJosephine have been trash since day #1. I don’t need to know anything after what I saw at the christening. They & Katfish threw up big big signs: WE’RE GONNA DO OUR BEST TO SINK YOU, T!!!
      The rest is mere spoiled cannelloni & stinky tuna ……….


  • Jesus, this guy!!! Who the f- cares??

    Honest to God, I can’t stand Messy and Fredo, but this guy is really working my last nerve, just like those ASSHATS Penny and JTG.

    • I’m afraid i get the same vibe too Holy. I know this fella is sick and all with cancer (God Bless him) but something is not jiving…..

      • and her chi chi’s being paid for by old boyfriend/stripper club boss story has been floating around the blogs for years…

        • I agree @ hoolie

          I don’t get this guy. Come on, seriously?? Who cares? So he freakin dated her what 10 years ago? Knows shit about her, whatever..Does it really freakin matter? Not to me. Now if he was involved with her after she was married and shit and can prove that, then ok, but then again what does that make him? Just as much a POS as she is!!!

          Like I said on the other thread I ‘m sorry this guy has been ill, and I’m glad now that he seems to be getting better. But damn, what good does him spewing all this shit do for him?

          BTW, I only saw Kim P. tweet something to him about what has happened to him, when he first started running his mouth in twitter, and told him to call her. I never saw her or Lysa tweet him death, or say he was going to die soon, or Messy tweet anything to him.
          The only person that I saw tweet really nasty stuff to and about him was Queenz of Media, a well known Marco supporter.

          • Holy I saw the tweets from the macro sisters in famewhorgas I think saying that they weren’t scared of him talking cause he’ll be dead soon from his brain tumours you have to admit that’s fuckin low. And there are rumours of messy giving him a bj in the car park of a restaurant after she was married. He never came out on his own he was outed by a blogger until then he just lived his life now people are talking bad bout him and he’s had enough he has said that if they had never started with him he wouldn’t be talking now guess you can only be pushed so far.

      • Hey guys!!! I am 50- 50 with this… I know the “others” were just trying to get some airtime.. however with him, I feel a little differently. He was her her boyfriend for awhile, he went through alot of drama because of her, and has let her and her “people” say whatever and make threats to him while he let it go. He has had enough. I don’t blame him. It is rattling to our nerves to listen to her BS- he lived it LOL! Don’t you just love the cross necklace ? She wears it even with Stump…and making the backwards sign of the cross. I think some may not bother listening to him because of what others have said but he just may be the truth teller. Guess we shall see what happens.

        • Hey Michers, I agree with you. I’m more then 50-50 let him tell his story. The Marco’s have been bad mouthing a man with cancer, he said nothing for a couple of years. TSIL wanted to be on DISPLAY!!

          • Exactly Deb G. I would believe him over Melissa any day. She has been nothing but a manipulating liar for years. he tried to be nice and keep his mouth shout as to not add to her embarrassing herself, but there is only so much one can take when dealing with trash like her. I also love the matching hats in the pic above 😉

          • Also I think he can’t stand her being a hypocrite here she is trying to be something she is not and he knows that. Someone tweeted him asking if she was so thank you Jesus when he was seeing her and he replied that she never went to church once while they were dating he also laughed at her comment bout now being trash because of the fight he responded that she got him into fights every other weekend.

        • @Hi michers
          ITA with all you said.

          Bryan has been putting up with their constant harassment for yrs now and has kept quiet, yet they still go after him or their minions.

          I truly believe Bryan has had enough and is now strong enough to tell his side of the story.

          IMO i don’t think he has anything to gain from lying or making up stories and if he does he’ll be caught out as liars always do.

          My gut tells me his ligit

          • Summer- what sets him apart from the others ( Penny and her icky hubby) is that he had a real relationship with her. He has no reason to lie, IMO. I think he turned down Bravo’s offer to be on the show, and he has turned offers down in the past to do his story. My understanding is that he would like to now because they still have their “mouths” harassing him, her olives. and his health is better. Good for him 🙂

        • Hi Mich, where have you been? I don’t mind Bryan, I have tweeted with him and he seems like a real down to earth guy. That’s probably the reason Messy moved on to someone else. The Marco sisters have been really quite on twitter lately about this.

          • Hey socal. I had to travel home for a funeral 🙁
            I agree about Bryan. Someone had mentioned that she left him for Stump when it appeared that Stump had “money” or more money. But I also think he had one foot out the door anyway because she was a jealous psycho.
            The Marco sisters hopefully figured out that their usual antics will not work on Bryan. Kim had tweeted him long ago to “call her”.. LOL! Im interested to see how this ends up.

          • michers
            Exactly, Bryan had a relationship with her he lived her and knows her well unlike the Greeks.

            He’s not desperate to be on the show nor do i think we wants to be on the show Bravo most prob approached him IDK and again IDK he prob said no.

            unlike the Greeks

    • Lol I love how people KNOW this dumb broad sucked a guy off for her plus two’s?! a lot of people here must know her personally cause listening to this guy (cancer or no cancer) doesn’t seem like a good move to me. he seems like a scum bag. I love how genius Bravo producers are always manipulating things inconspicuously so one of these housewives at a given time becomes the villain. BRAVO to Bravo! with that said, stop getting so hung up about this boring wanna- be (who I think I read compares herself to j.lo which is more laughable) I’m just sick of all my housewife gossip being eaten up that’s all lol

    • Plus, shouldn’t he be concentrating on his health? Other wise spill it to highest bidder. Getting old.

      • Laram a while ago he said on twitter that he’s now feeling strong enough to put our his side of the story “the truth” as if refers to it.

        Don’t forget Bryan has beaten brain cancer twice in his life and shit that takes alot out of you it really knocks you for a six my friend had it and he was so weak.

        He stated from the beginning that he doesn’t want to comment but the Marcos keep at him wishing him death at his most weakest time or stage of cancer so he’s had enough he’s stronger now and wants to tell his side of the story and wants people to know that he’s never meet Teresa it’s all his idea and story.

        I know is no angel but regardless of his past character i wouldn’t wish death upon my worst enemy.

        And i were Bryan and someone wished death on me cancer or no cancer I’d definitely spill.

        Like Melissa said in her last blog she had enough and wasn’t going to take anymore and start to give it back. (I’m paraphraseing

        • (Missy)…”she had enough and wasn’t going to take anymore and start to give it back” …if it’s ok for her to do that, she should have no problem at all with Bryan doing that right back to her. Enough is enough, right?

          Thank you Jesus

  • O.K. is it me or is this shit starting to sound juvenile. Who care whether some horny old dude or her mother paid for her t*ts while he dated her? He took her to the doc so it sounds as though he was down with.

      • Lol I’m just shocked Roxy wrote this story. Isn’t she afraid the Marco sisters will get their fake twitter lawyer on her again? So so BRAVE!

        I just hope Roxy has good home security and a stun gun for when the sisters go off the deep end. Haha

      • She told him her mother was paying for them. I think he may have been a bit suspicious if he knew it was some other dude.

    • Yeah, and he knew she was “married” to baby Joey while he was smashing her the parking lot. Not that I’m not enjoying this, but he’s not innocent.

      • I agree with you, but what man is gonna turn down pu***? I have worked with a lot of married guys who would sleep with younger chicks. And the sad part one of my head bosses was cheating on his wife and his daughter worked in the company with us. Not a lot of men really care what situation you are in or even himself. If he wants to smash and you wanna give it to him, he wont say no. I highly doubt he was the only dude she was seeing on the side as well. She married stump as an easy way to get everything she wants. $$$$$$$$. She didnt want him in cancun but when he was throwing “hundreds” at her at lookers of course she “jumped on that shit.” if you love and respect someone you dont care how much he got in his pockets. You dont go and tell your sis in law and their cousin that “hell yeah i jumped on it.” shes not innocent. Never has never will be. She was even cheating on her lesbian gf in high school and cheated on her when she went to jail. Theres always a pattern with her. She cant settle with one person. My ex best friend is the same way. Nothing wrong with it but be single then. But mel saw the dollar bills and didnt wanna walk away $$$$$

        • @Melissa Gorga horse whisper


          The only way this bitch even gets anything is by spreading her legs or giving B.J.

          There’s been rumors about her before the NJHW even started so with every rumor there’s some truth, in this care is believe it’s ALL TRUE once a slut always a slut.

          loyal wife my ass she doesn’t even know the meaning of the word she’s willing to throw her mom and dad under the bus just for fame and$$$$$.

          Melissa is only loyal to Melissa everyone else be damned.

          And i say good for Bryan for screwing the shore whore while she was married she cheated on him and maybe it was his way of payback.

          I don’t condone cheating at all but Bryan is single she’s not she could’ve said no but the skank she is she agreed.

          All i can say is bring it on Bryan. and please have proof .

          As for Bryan taking her to the doc for her Boob job she told him her mum paid for it he wasn’t aware till later maybe after they broke up that a another man paid for her fake tits.

          The bitch is a compulsive liar.

          Plus Bryan is a hottie so much better looking and more of a man than stumpy.

      • Yeah, but he’s not on the show and out there trying to be something he’s not. So what he screwed around with her, it was she who is on the show trying to trash Teresa and pretending to be this good, upstanding wife, and Teresa is trying to lie about Melissa and make her out to be trash, when we all know, she is Trash, and bryan is now going to put the nail in her lying coffin.

    • nobody would really care if only Melissa and her minions kept their mouths shut. they created this drama and opened Pandora’s box. it seems to me he was making a point that she lied about how she got them. she told him that it was her mother that paid for them not some other guy. that boobies isn’t the problem it’s the lying.

    • I heard she was sucking some wee wee for the TTs lol. I just had no idea she was seeing bryan at the same damn time!!! So there is a reason why she was acting crazy on bryan. Because she was the one doing shady ass shit behind bryans back yet wanted to go through his trash and scratch up mercedes benzs in the process. “once a cheater, always a cheater.” this saying is very true regardless if you are a man or woman and I wouldnt be shocked if someone stepped forward NOW to say shes cheating on stump with another man. Sexy life loyal wife my ass. I hope bryan keeps and shows proof that these people continue to harass him, and expose them all. From the marco swamp rats down to the queenzofmedia dumps. I want him to show the whole world that these people are vile and nasty and harass him and his medical condition. Enough is enough already

      • LOL, the chickens are coming home to roost. Reminds me of an opening scene in the first Harry Potter movie, when they try to escape their house to get away from the letters when they open the door and the place is just covered with owls roosting everywhere.

    • It’s so funny to me that all this stuff is coming out about Melissa, And I believe it all! Everybody keeps saying the same thing, 3 seperate people wouldn’t have the same story. She’s only with Joe for money and he’s only with her cause she’s a “whore in the bedroom” he even said it himself. He knows he can get someone better looking cause lets face it, he’s ugly. I’ve been a teresa fan since day 1 , first ever episode of the show. Since before any of the sides! The show has just gotten so toxic with all the family drama, it’s so disgusting! Shame on Joe and Melissa and Richie for talking about family like that! Makes me sick. I’m 100% Italian and my parents would be mortified, absolutely mortified. We’re all about family, heritage and sticking with blood. Always should be. One day Joe Gorga will wake up and see the woman he married for the tramp she is and realize he’s made the mother of mistakes just hopefully by then his father will still be alive to be proud of him cause I know for damn sure my father would be sickened. Stay strong T, just know you have fans on your side praying for you every step of the way!

  • Ugh! So sick if Melissa and just want her to go away! This is just keeping the spot light on her, even if it’s bad lighting!

    • This blog, that I used to enjoy, is now such trash. REAL Garbage for you Teresa fans. Pull the “reporting” out of the hole. No one needs to read this kind of crap. The negative obsession with this woman makes all of you so ugly. Get some better stories-or as a famous quote goes: “get a new hobby”.