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Richie Wakile Says Retreat Brawl Is “Normal,” Loves Doing RHONJ, But Feels For The Kids!


If there’s one reality TV personality I could have done without seeing, ever, it’s Richie Wakile from Real Housewives of New Jersey. His wife Kathy may be great, and it’s too bad her husband is there to taint any greatness that she may posses. Alas, we report on ALL about the Real Housewives so here we go…

Richie has spoken out regarding the RHONJ retreat we are going through this season. We have seen the Gorgas and Giudices come to “rock bottom” resulting in a physical fight after Joe Gorga attacked Joe Giudice for demanding an apology. Richie reveals to Wetpaint, however, that things will get better!

“I’ve always said, things have to get crazy before they get better. And in Jersey’s case, it might seem violent to the rest of the world, but to us, it’s normal,” reveals Richie.

Maybe part of the reason Richie views a family falling apart as normal is because they’re not his blood. He adds, “It’s my family through marriage. So is it stressful for me? Not really. Is it stressful for my wife? Definitely.”

The fighting is clearly trickling down the generations because we have learned that the Wakile and Gorga parents have also been feuding. Will that become a larger part of the show this season?

“As for the parents, I think things are going to get exposed. Maybe not this season, but down the line. I hope it does. Right now, the parents are still not involved,” reveals Richie.

Why do we care about the parents’ drama? They aren’t on the show! If it happens next season, though, Richie hopes to be on board. He reveals that filming RHONJ is like a “party” and that he is not emotionally involved, only to an extent.

“My wife gets very emotional. It’s her family, it’s her blood. But you know who I feel bad for? My kids and the other kids involved. They don’t get to see each other the way they should,” explains Richie.

So it’s a party even though your wife’s family (who are also your kids’ family) are constantly feuding? Sounds very selfish to me.

Thoughts on what Richie had to say? Would you like to see the Wakiles back for another season?

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  • Richie is beyond gross to me.
    The things he says on twitter are beyond disgusting and largely unprovoked. He actually reminds me of Brandi in the sense that the most minor criticism about them is met with vulgarity and furor.

    Someone can say something like “I don’t find the Walkie story line interesting and I hope they are replace next season” and he will say something like “You are the ugliest b!tch I have ever seen. I bet your husband cheats on you because your p*ssy stinks”. Then he deletes it…

    I am not even exaggerating, he really is that gross.

  • Basically, Richie does not care at all what women think. Period. We can hate on him forever and this will just make him happy that his name is being spoken because it brings him more attention. Skip any article with his pic or name in it.

  • This guy is still talking like a HW?
    Hey Rich, have you apologized to Teresa yet for constantly trashing her on tv? Because you know, her kids are going to hear about that! Way to go slick rick. Funny, Whorgas complain about her not defending Messy, but no one defends Teresa when you slam her all the time, to her own family. Douche. So, I feel bad for the kids too. Especially yours. Great role model!!! Hope Vic’s college has a restraining order on you. Creep.

  • Ok, I do not get why these husbands are always giving an interview or getting on twitter ranting like a school girl =, and by husbands I mean Bitch Rich & STump Boy. Shove a tampon in it and STFU already!!!

    • If they would just take the husbands out of the picture an dstop with th TH for them already! Why? Its not the husbands! Its the housewives Joe is the majority of the THs more than the others at times that are wives! Joe Guidice doesnt give any, neither does Al, or that I remember.

      • Oops I hit reply, but richie an djoey seem to be trying to control the decisions of this show. I think they have Andy in their back pocket or vice versa not sure but you know what i mean.

      • That’s because the good Joe and Al are actually men, flawed for sure but men. The little Joe and Rich are kind of like really ugly women with bad attitudes and facial hair.

  • I can’t Stand Richie ! He is vulgar, rude ,stupid ,insensitive, and just simply an idiot! Get rid of him! I’m so sorry for the choice Kathy is Stuck with. YUCK!!

    • Oh but I love looking at that donkey mouth every week on my TV.I can just imagine him saying HEE HAW HEE HAW with Katfish

        • I have wondered if the dentist that put that grill on Frankenstein(that’s what Icall Richie because common nobody can argue with the fact that he does look like Frankenstein), was playing a joke on him I mean who does work like that ? From the nose down he looks like Mr.Ed! Who knows, maybe Richie said one of his retarded remarks to the dentist before he started working on him and, the dentist said to himself ” ok smart ass I’ll show you”! Now that’s what you call choppers!

  • Wakile is right in saying it’s hard on the kids. His kids have it easier than the Gorga and Giudice kids. It must be embarrassing for Gia to have her mother, father, uncle and his wife all acting like complete fools on tv. You know all her classmates watch the fight and argument scenes. These selfish people just aren’t thinking of how their actions could affect their children down the road. That goes for all of them.

    • I know right?!?! I have a very large hispanic family an dwould just die from embarassment when they broke out in fights in front of my friends.

      • And they were mostly like the episode like the other night only that seemed mild compared to ours.


    • I saw it. He rolled his eyes. Isn’t Richie American born? Why the face then? Just being a tough guy I guess. Maybe Estelle knows.

    • Saw it and took note. I believe Richie IS a product of the environment he was raised in, which now makes sense to me that he is such a chauvinistic, sexist bigot. His poor kids, and even Kathy’s had to live with it. Oy.

    • I understand, he immediately acted offended. Maybe it was editing? He didn’t seem to allude to it later, and he went out of his way to seem bored with the entire “retreat” from the beginning to end.

  • Mr. Ed needs to get off his lazy ass and get a job!It makes me sick to think he,Katfish and sweaty Rosie r returning next season.Thet r big time phonies.So much for marital problems…lol.They r just putting on this act especially Rosie about wanting everyone to get along…etc but I think it’ all a crock of shit!
    Anyone notice Rosies BMW or Katfish and her Louis Vitton luggage ?Old choppers is always showing off his watch too. They will do ANYTHING to stay on the show.Rich would stick his hand up a hogs ass for a free ham sandwich!!!
    Bravo will lose this loyal viewer if they,Wakiles and Gorgas return next season.

  • Bravo pls put a clause in the RHONJ contracts that there is to be no violence like they did with Mob Wives.

    • Good call September. Most of the reality shows do I thought. They will think twice before charging someone in rage. Even though i laugh at joeg getting his butt kicked and i contribute to the ratings for the violence that was shown i do believe it is way too much. Someone could truly get hurt and then where are you.

      Side note my dad grew up next to a large family of siblings and two brothers got into a fight one grabbed a bat and swung, his brother died. The guy has been mentaly screwed the rest of his life. Fighting over something just as stupid amd yet the reality is people can an dwill get hurt eventually.

  • I guess selling family secrets is easier than stiffing a major gasoline company – cause family won’t sue you!

  • Kathy can’t buy a headline of her own. Any success kathy could have obtained has been ruined by ole richy.

    Interesting that richy once again speaks of the elders. Yet they all have avoided the truth which is that the elder gorga is pissed that kathy told private family business on tv. She spoke if the elder gorgas parents as well. Accused teresa of stealing recipes from her mom. Tried to forxe elder gorga to film a scene with her and then went on national tv and called the man who basicly RAISED her a liar and a coward. Now richy hopes the elders business is once again aired out on a national platform. They are all NUTS! I’m starting to wonder if joe gorga and kathy wakilie have a large life insurance policy on poppa gorga, it appears they are trying to kill the man.

    • They must think they have something to gain. The parents have nothing to do with the show, yet they are always being trotted out for Kathy to have a story. Sleazy should just shut up.

      • I know when is that snaggle tooth going to realize and face the truth that he nor Katfish have a storyline! Making cannolis is not exactly a storyline I make them several times a week it’s really no big deal to make them much less a storyline for a housewives’ show.
        Snaggle tooth and Katfish know they have to keep using Teresa’s name to stay a little bit relevant otherwise they have no storyline!

  • It amazes me that a piece of shit like Rich was chosen along with his equally nasty wife to be on this show. I’d like to ask the producers or whoever it was that initially interviewed them, what were you thinking? They had nothing to offer then or now, they were a couple of unemployed bums in a rented shack. It seems obvious, well at least to me, the only reason Icky and Fish were brought on board was to take down Teresa. I don’t think his exceptional humor [ya right] or Kathy’s fascinating baking skills will keep viewers riveted to the screen. So far that’s all they’ve given us along with a unhealthy dose of Richard’s nonstop BS.

    • They were allowed to come on the show because of the Marcos. JoGo is a weak minded fool and he needs the constant badgering from Richie to keep him mad at Teresa. You know the bully is nothing when no one is standing with him and Richie has that job to stand with JoGo.

      • I agree. They brought two loud-mouthed gossiping limp men on at the same time. It’s as if Rich and MiniJoe were the housewives and their spouses were ancillary. Sort of sad actually. They grub up an already troubled show.

    • Rented shack? They don’t own that house? I think they were brought on BECAUSE Richie is so obnoxious. It gets everyone talking/fighting, isn’t that what Bravo wants???? The ratings for the “fight” scene show were through the roof! If anything, it’s a bad reflection on us, that we only want to watch buffoons like these Jersey men!!!

      • I watched because I wanted to see Skid Marks get his. I’m sure a lot of people did the same. T & Juicy walked away with their hands clean (figuratively, not literally, since Juicy was covered in “black shit”).

  • It’s a tie between him and Aviva’s dad on who the bigger douche is on the housewives series. Both should go crawl back under the same disturbed rock they crawled out of.

    • I would go for Richie because Aviva’s Dad is turning 81 so he might be a douche for other reasons.

  • Richie is a fool, thank God! He tipped his hand and now Teresa and her parents know of this awful idea to discuss/involve them in the future.

    He also reveals how unfeeling and unattached he is to his extended family, this will hurt Kathy to read, though it would hardly come as a surprise. He’s so cavalier about not caring! I doubt he will ever change.

  • It’s been vaguely talked about before. T’s Dad and Kat’s Mom (Mrs. Pierri) are brother and sister. Tho Kat’s Mom was given away as a young child to a family that couldn’t have children (this happened in Italy).

    Kat’s Mom said she didn’t even know her siblings till she was older.

    • @ Shipp

      Yes I remember that scene. Kathys mom was telling the story. I think she said she was given to one of her mothers sisters(?) that could have children.

    • The feud between the elder Gorgas was introduced by Kathy. Until then, we knew nothing about the family dynamics from Teresa — to her credit, again. And I don’t see the elder Gorgas talking about it on camera for a story line — unless Kathy’s mom “goes there” to keep Kathy relevant and collecting a pay check. If Teresa’s parents, Kathy’s mom…and Teresa herself refuse to talk about the Family Feud, Kathy won’t have much of a story line in that direction, so good luck with that, Richie! He’d better practice filling tanks, just in case!

      • Sounds like Richie will make that decission for them. He is bossy and I don’t think the women in that family have a voice.

      • Katfish also said, when she was as T’s book signing and insulted her, that the Mom’s used to bake together and share receipes.

        I don’t get what’s going on here exept for the fact that Katfish called Mrs. G. a “fuckin’ liar” and Mr. G. a “coward”.

        Yup those remarks might put a bit of a strain on family relationships. Thank you Kathy, you ass.

        • The family feud involved a shoe repair business and 50 bucks or something equally silly. It was brought up during Kathy’s first season. Mrs. Pierri has always shut down any on camera conversation about Teresa’s dad, but if Kathy’s mom shows up on camera with fillers, collagen, duck lips and a boob job, that will probably indicate she wants to “bring it!” lol

          @bahw, yeah, that Richie is a real decision maker and Empire Builder, isn’t he?

      • he lost the gas station, esso took it back,after he stole lots of machinery,and owed them small fortune for gas

  • Love Richie and Kathy and their entire family. There’s hardly been a scene with Richie where he hasn’t made me lol, and he’s also intelligent and appears to be a very loving man. His friendship with and empathy for Joey (and everyone else) is incredible to see. It’s very obvious that he views everyone on this show as family.

    And I absolutely love the way he handles Giudice. Last year when he, Joey and Chris were laughing at him about his stupid power tools (“That’s it? POWER TOOLS? Somebody take this guy to Sears!”) had me on the floor.

    And the Gorga Srs. have already been an established part of the show for the past four seasons.

    • He is a disgusting pig. Calling teenage girls on national tv fat. Im sure that helped his daughter make friends. Basically speaking down to his wife, the lesbian comments, the trashy way he speaks in a business meeting degrading his wife in front of other men. Telling her in his own way to go f herself if she thinks she is not going to use the boxes he bought. The kitchen he got her in a great location, telling her she has no business sense because she wants to make her products more appealing like gifts, as if that is stupid idea, which actually wasn’t, constantly degrading women and his wife and his daughters friends.

      Wow you are so right, great guy!

      • Oops sorry I left out sexist, he is a digusting sexist pig. He is the type that probly thinks his wife should bowndown to him and walk two steps behind.

        • bahw: Sorry that I commented before I read your post. I said the same thing as you (great minds think alike, eh?) but didn’t mean to copy.

          I think Richie’s upbringing has a LOT to do with how he treats his wife, just as he is subliminally bringing up his children. His son is revered and can do no wrong, but poppa Richie can make derogatory comments about his daughter’s friends because they are female. That right there showed me his TRUE COLORS. Richie is a sexist, chauvinistic, bigot.

          • Thats ok and yes they do i startedbto write chauvinistic but didnt know how to spell it, lol.

      • I never claimed he doesn’t occasionally say incredibly stupid shit (just like every man on this show does), which makes him (and them) exactly like every single man I’ve ever met LOL.

        • And the line about how “Numb-Nuts” (Teresa) was probably going to greet them at the retreat in a floor-length, sparkly green gown ALSO had me on the floor. 🙂

          • Little remarks like that dont bother me did it irritate me yah but not a big deal. But he is very sexist and its never addressed like others are addressed. It always ok because he is Richie he can make all the lesbian jokes he wants and its ok. Bexause he is richie. He can make all the sexist remarks because he is richie. Its not that all the men make stupid comments its directly what he constantly makes comments about that are sexist and not addressed. That bothers me.

          • @bahw ~ I realize that, but his remarks are so off-the-wall and over-the-top that that in ITSELF makes them funny. First you stare in disbelief that he would even SAY it, and then you burst out laughing at how ridiculous it was.

            Joey does the exact same thing, and when they do it couldn’t be clearer that they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about (lesbianism, for example, although that seems to apply to ALL of the men on this show lol).

            I happen to find certain types of male stupidity hilariously funny, but that’s just me. 🙂

        • Bit his are soo freaking sexist, its what pisses me off the most. I couldnt stand the episode where he got Kathey the kitchen amd when she asked him not to cut the ribbon on the box. That was just plain rude, no support behimd her idea at all he could have atleast supported her not knock her down. Then the remarks aboutyoung girls that did not sign up to be on the show were called fat on tv and girls tend to be insecure about their bodies.

          • The remarks about his daughters friends were the worst for me. He is talking about his daughters 18 or 19 year old friends calling them fat on national television. That is beyond terrible and not a little thing. I bet his daughter has a hard time making any friends now and those girls probably feel plain awful that they were made fun of on national tv for no reason. and im sorry but i didn’t think the girls were very big anyway. not that if they were it would matter but i dont’ remember them being too much bigger than victoria, whom i don’ tthink is fat.

        • @ Estelle “EXACTLY LIKE EVERY SINGLE MAN I’VE EVER KNOWN”??? They are all married! Your posts reminds me of a fruit basket which consistes of apples, oranges and some sour grapes!

    • @ Estelle It was a three thousand dollar piece of machinery that SloJo dismantled for whatever reason and left in pieces on his garage floor! So yuck it up, your the kind of person people should be hesitant to lend things to. You obviously have no respect to others property!

      Does it seem to anyone else that the anti Teresa fans are getting off wallowing in the mud with the rest of the cast? It’s getting freaky.

      • It happened when Joey was NINETEEN YEAR OLD, and the chubby little soon-to-be jailbird is STILL whining about it lol.

          • Wow Estelle! I can’t believe that you like richie and think he is funny! What kind of a troll are you? He’s so gross and ridiculous!

        • @ Estelle Shows you what kind of a disrespectful asshole SloJo was at a early age. Go ahead give him a pass. Enjoy your laughs over the blatant destruction of others valuable hard earned construction equipment. Shows your character or lack thereof!

          • So I guess SloJoe gets a pass for everything he did at 19, including alleged date rape. Don’t let this info get out, there are many 19 year olds out there just waiting to commit Grand Larceny, Grand Theft Auto, hmmmm, all sorts of alleged crimes they can get away with because they are 19.

          • @ Estelle You continue to prove yourself a fool with you’re total disregard to the value of others property. I’m sure Rich can appreciate the witty comedic humor in your wildly funny Sears joke. HAR-HAR-HAR

          • @Limaobean ~ Please tell whoever you work for to tell Teresa that she’s been trying to spread this vicious rumor about her brother for at least three years now and to give it up because nobody’s buying it.

            But it does go to show how absolutely sick, demented and hateful Teresa really is. No excuses for this — none. It’s unforgivable.

            I repeat, when Joey called her “garbage” and “scum,” he was being kind.

        • First of all, a 19-year-old, by law, is considered a man and is old enough to know the value of tools someone uses to make a living with.

          OH WAIT! … we’re talking about Joey Marco? Well then, by all means pardon me. JOEY MARCO has the intelligence of a chimp: knows how to eat, drink, and procreate but cannot read, write, or comprehend others’ feelings. HOW can he be expected to put back together some machinery he dismantled with his lil’ chimp brain?

    • Oh yes, a perfect gentleman! Too bad his daughter is mortified by his vulgar remarks! Nice try, though.

    • He debases his wife at every opportunity. Could be part of the culture he was raised in. Kathy is NOT a happy wife married to Richie. He has turned his children into poor reflections of himself. Victoria was smart to go away (although not far) to school, and if she has a clue she will distance herself from her father or she will have no friends. Richie making insensitive comments about her friends’ appearances does Victoria no favors. He is just a big-mouthed bigot.

    • Awww that’s so sweet Estelle. You must be a fellow member of the Busted up Bucky Beaver association. Are your snaggle teeth yellow also? Or bluish green?

        • She won’t respond socalsoccer, because she CAN’T. Funny how she completely ignored the spray on debacle (I am still laughing at that one). No way to spin that one!

  • Gross!!! Why on earth would he want the feud exposed between T’s dad and Kat’s mom?? To hurt his own children, his wife, and other family?? He makes me embarrassed for his wife. The things he says are inappropriate, childish and just plain old gross!!!

    • This stupid ass must realize their crusade to destroy T has run out of steam. Mr. & Mrs. Limpet still want their slice of the pie. Sure, sacrifice elderly people for your own monetary gain! Beats having a real job! The fearsome foursome make “appearances” for cash & swag, but its never been mentioned what Rozilla does for a living. So, yeah, let’s make the parents fight & risk their health so Richie can stay “famous”. What a slimy, filthy, sick, vile douchebag he is.

  • Well, now we know how Kathy got on the show: she offered up The Gorga Family Feud. The Wakiles are so low-down. As for Richie, spewing his crude, under-educated opinions beats the hell out of hanging around the gas station…waiting for subpoenas from Exxon or hanging around the house, getting subpoenas from unpaid landscapers. He’s such an asshole. It’s taken a long time, but Teresa’s getting the vindication she deserves.

  • This goggle wearing goon is one of the most grotesque and hideous men I have ever seen. From his yellow teeth to his man boobs. He makes a perfect pair with katfish but ehmm, interesting offspring there. If katfish really gets impacted by the drama then why did that chunky blowfish join the show? Why would he want the parents to get involved? Also, for us normal folks fighting is not normal nor will it ever be. How about this liver lipped loser talk about his lawsuits and other failed ventures. I hope someone breaks his glasses and punches him in the breasts.

    • Steff, your post had me laughing. Could someone out knock out his new chicklet teeth while they’re at it?

      • You guys usually crack me up with your posts! I bet a nun would even punch him and knock out those chiclet teeth and leave him stranded.

  • Richie is a disgusting sexist pig. He makes thingscworse for his kids especially his daughter after going to her college. Why would you want more pain to be shown to the world. That is selfish. He knows K is too boring and he too disgusting. They all bombarded Teresa’s job because of jealousy and money they felt they deserved because they were family. She didnt want to work with them. And they know if Teresa were to leave they would be nothing. Her fame got them their, just like K’s kitchen, something tells me he was the driving force behind K being on the show with his money hungry antics. He said it himself, she is just the housewife, he is the entrepenuer, and Joey was probly up his ass with getting them to be on board and how they are going to force their way into T friends about everything she said to them about melissa and kathy. But it was true, they wanted what she had. However I dont remember once T speaking badly about her family prior to them being on the show. And Im not talking about the normal i dont get along with my sister in law bs. Give me an exact point of when this happened and what was said, ON THE SHOW. Not hearsay, or crap like that. Teresa did not want her families laundry displayed for the world to see. They are very selfish and here Roch is being very selfish once again, a way for him to get Kathy’s brother, and mother more money to be on the show and for K to have a bigger part. She came on here calling Teresa a f’n bit.. and other things. Tried to discredit the cookbooks because she is pissed that she wasn’t smart enough to make those family recipies into a cook book and probly feels like she should get a cut, just like the show.

    These people are just beyond belief, they can’t see what they have done to Teresa. She has every right to be pissed. Its the same as starting a company that starts to succeed and there is your family standing in your office demanding a job bevause they are family and deserve a cut.

  • Geez now I see what’s wrong with these people. If you marry into a family you are a part of it now. Having a disconnect or not caring as much because you aren’t their blood is horrible. And what of the children by blood they are a part of that family.

    If they make the parents fighting a storyline I will officially have to give up Bravo, sorry Roble. Even if this is an act all of this isn’t made up lies. These people are disgusting.

    • I agree @Panda Bear
      Why would any sane person that’s loves their parents want to bring them into this shitshow? The Wakiles are disgusting

    • I agree. It would be too much. I liked Kathy’s mother from what was shown of her. If Richie wants her to be “redeemed” then let it happen behind closed doors. That’s where it would matter. I don’t believe these elderly parents care at all about swaying an audience to “Team Kathy’s Mom” or “Team Teresa’s Dad.” 🙁

      • Kathy’s mother does seem nice. She trys to shut them the hell up when they start going off about Teresa.

        I like the scenes with the elder Gorgas. It’s always a fun vibe, and I think Teresa makes sure of it. The only time I can think of when things got nasty around them was when Hair in a Can went into the first of many rages. (At the Christening).

  • Such a classless ass. Kathy must be so proud! He has said so many heinous things on air that he makes Joe Guidice look like Nelson Mandela with regard to diplomacy.

  • If Richie is so concerned about how the show affects his kids, he may want to watch the crude and vulgar language that comes out of his slobbering pie hole.

    • jerseygirl, I agree. He’s so disgusting, I’m sure he is an embarrassment to his kids. I feel bad for them, they seem nice and normal.

      • The son is just like him. I’m sure the girls he goes to school with would confirm that. I can see it in him. The girl seems nice, but Richie is WAY too concerned with her “personal” life. It creeps me out to hear a dad speak that way about his daughter’s virginity. Ugh!

        • You want to be “creeped out” watch Long Island Princesses. There is a father/daughter combo on that show that will totally gross you out!!!!!!! I forget their names, but they’re the ones that are so short they could pass for little people. Check it out!

  • I wish they would fire the Gorgas and the Wakilies so Teresa and Jacqueline can work on repairing their friendship. Jac and Teresa were very funny when they went on the cruise to Italy. The dig Kathy gave accussing Teresa for stealing her mom’s recipe at T’s book signing is disgusting. Kathy has a very passive aggressive personality that really bothers me. I have a cousin like her and we no longer get together unless it is a family party like a wedding or bridal shower. Kathy disguises ther snarky attitude with a soft sweet voice. It use to drive me crazy when my cousin did that.

    • I know what you mean. Kathy is the epitome of passive aggressive. For example, the whole fiasco at the boutique with Jac grabbing the phone. If Kathy really wanted to get her phone back, she could have. Instead she just rolled her eyes while she smirked, and then at the end said “I didn’t want this”. YES YOU DID!!!

      • A Real NJ HW: So we know that the saying “you are a product of your environment” is proven by Kathy. Those disgusting and disrespectful tweets Kathy’s kids post on Twitter reflect the snarky words spoken at home. That is NOT a coincidence, it is their upbringing.

  • “As for the parents, I think things are going to get exposed. Maybe not this season, but down the line. I hope it does. Right now, the parents are still not involved,” SEE…Kathy wants to make this her story, but it seems Teresa and her parents, aren’t having it. Also these people haven’t spoken in years, why would they get explosives…He and his wife are trying to secure a place on the show…

      • Mr. Gorga Sr. is a very ill man. He should NOT be involved in the family cluster fuck.

        Richie, shut the fuck up about the elders. You are nothing but a trouble maker, along with your fishwife hag.

        • Again, the usual double-standard. Teresa says her Dad was like a father to Kathie and Rosie and Rosie threatens to rip her tongue out. Kathy says Tre’s Dad is a coward and then follows it up later with, “I’m sorry I said that, but . . . ” with an excuse for her behavior.

          NOW, slimy Richie wants their troubles “exposed.”

          I think I can see pretty clearly where the problem lies in this scenario.

        • Not only that, but I watched some of a youtube clip of Teresa speaking at a Q&A at the Tampa Home and Garden Show two months ago and she said her mother has rheumatoid arthritis and it causes her a lot of pain. 🙁 She talks about her parents being sick beginning around the 6:39 mark of the clip.

          • @ bahw: Yeah… that’s kind of why my comment had zero to do with Kathy’s mother. Instead, I was adding on to Shipp’s comment about Teresa’s father being ill. If both of her parents need to prioritize their health then it’s even more sad that Richie hopes they become dragged into a new storyline on camera.

          • Exactly those are her parents, yet ro and k go cray cray over her saying something that wasnt even rude only that her father treated them like father,

        • Really! Isn’t this show supposed to be about the HOUSEWIVES? It already shows too much of the husbands because story lines for the wives have been exhausted.

          • That’s what I said too ! We see and hear from richy and joe gorga more than anyone else on the show, it’s gross. But I have a feeling bravo allowed this for a reason. They were giving them enough rope to hang themself. I think we will see richy and joe shut their mouths and try to fade away soon. Lol

        • If he’s “so ill” don’t parade him around on TV. One minutes he’s a sick old man, the next minute he’s in the garage making gravy, doing a quick check that no one has their period! He’s sick alright!

      • And you know it dawns on me now that this is why Kathy keeps bringing it up. And so does Rosie, and now Richie. This IS there next plan, and Teresa can see it coming. They have nothing they are scum. Too boring so lets bring other people in that arent and attach us to the fight.

      • Why are the parents off limits? They are on a reality show, they expose their lives, the good, the bad and the ugly, what’s the problem?

  • I heard Bravo was interviewing Kathy’s brother for special appearance on the show. I’m sure Richie is loved by his wife’s family – NOT.

      • She has 3 brothers. Funny she never mentions them. I wonder if they’re like the Lauritas and not speak. With a husband like Richie – I can see why.

        • Maybe her brothers didn’t approve of telling family secrets for a paycheck? Maybe they respect Papa Gorga for helping them when their father was terminally ill?

          • Teresa did say that her dad was the father figure in Kathy and her siblings life. Said he practically raised them. I’ll fall out if they bring on Kathy’s siblings lol

        • Could be just a rumor, but I’d heard she distanced herself from her bros — substance abuse and other problems.

          • Just because Teresa says her father practically raised them, doesn’t mean that’s the way it was. Let’s face it, if he was a father figure, he would have talked to Kathy when she wanted to, instead of leaving like a “coward! “Father figures” will sit down and have a conversation with you!

          • He’s a sick old man. Why shoud he have an annoying conversation with a nitwit = Kathy. Who by the way called his wife a “fuckin’ liar”, and bashes his daughter T, and her husband.

            No way in hell does that make Mr. G. Sr. a coward. It mades him a smart cookie.

          • Kathy only wants to talk to him ON CAMERA. Not allowing Kathy and bravo producers to manipulate and edit film to show Teresa’s own parents hating on her equals a coward? I think it equals a man who is not willing to play games and dramatics. Kathy is garbage for pulling the stunt and then calling the man names. She is GARBAGE

  • He loves the limelight, the parties, THE MONEY and he will be on whomever side keeps him on the show the longest. The Wakiles are WAY TOO OLD to be on the show. He needs to hang out with people his own age – maybe Caroline and Albert.

  • What does he mean the kids don’t get to see each other the way they should? Aren’t they in “a better place????” And why does he want for the parents drama to be exposed? He’s the real garbage. I want Teresa off this train wreck. Let her cunt sister in law, idiot bitch ass broke brother and fish smelling cousin stay on the train and be swept out with the rest of the debris (The Laurita’s and Manzo’s) after the wreck.

    • Yes, PLEASE, Please, please let the Guidices exit this show and not film another season with these idiots. Let them have their own show, “The Guidice Way.” The rest can stay on the RHONJ sinking ship scurrying around like rats as it hits bottom.

      • I like the name of the show. The Giudice Way. Kinda has a ring to it. Hell I wish that she was able to sign a deal with another network that would broadcast the show head to head with the crappy shitboat RHONJ. Then she can really say she knocked their blocks off.

  • He’s just being honest. It’s obvious he hates it when his wife is upset but he is detached from the family he didn’t choose as well. Sounds healthy to me. Better to direct energy toward wife and kids.

    • He’s not “detached from the family”. That’s straight up bull shit.

      He goes to their parties, social gatherings, on their vacations, and has a talking head interview most every week where he bashes his detached family, meaning T and Joe. The only thing this puke doesn’t have is a Bravo blog.

      He’s a gutless wonder. A rude intruder. And, full of shit.

      He should keep his piehole shut. But, I guess that’s close to impossible with all those snaggle teeth sticking out in every direction.

    • You see richy get upset when his wife is upset? Its facinating that we all watch the same show and all have a different perception of each person. The richy I see is a pig who believes his wife is not his equal. Shes dumb and belongs at home in the kitchen and raising the children while he is out partying, shopping and sexually harassing strange women.

      I will reluctenly admit that I kind of liked richy season 1. He appeared to truely be a calming voice and even though his jokes were corny he distracted from the fighting. But obviouslg I was very wrong about richy. Before season 1 aired I remember he had a contract with a local clothing shop. They gave Rich free clothes to use for filming in exchange for pictures of them advertising their clothes. Once they finished filming rich no longer needed the clotjing store deal and he forced them to stop using his photo. Then the lawn care company he burned mixed with what we see on tv? Rich is an asshole and truth be told, kathy deserves better.

      • Im sorry but Kathy does not deserve better, she deserves just that. Kathy never corrects him when he is saying horrible things so she is just as wrong. I would give him a pass if it was something he did once in a blue but its a constant thing with this hideous looking person.

        • You’re right. I can usually find one good quality in every housewife. I use to think kathy was a good mother until I saw the things her children said on twitter.

          • HI Say What,
            What have the kids said on twitter ( I don’t follow ANY of the kids, so I really don’t know).

            The only thing I am aware of is a while ago, someone who was friends with Victoria used the word F*G (the gay slur) in twitter fight; and there was some back lash over it.

            That really turned me off of Kathy and told me she was a liar. Instead of her saying ‘that was wrong for the kid to say..but he’s not mine…so go tweet his mamma,’ she made this pathetic excuse that his twitter was hacked.

          • Rabble, season 1&2 was airing showing the sweet wakilie kids. But all the while they were both re tweeting nasty comments that people made about Teresa, their aunt. Like, really really inappropriate comments. I was disappointed as both Kathy and rich are on twitter and never bothered to correct them. They also took a conversation a young lady had with the wakilie boy and posted it for the world to see. She got into trouble at school for it and richy and Kathy bragged all over about it. The teenage girl no doubt faced heavy bullying and backlash at school over it.

            It’s particularly shocking when we know that Teresa’s father pretty much raised Rosie and her brothers. He was their father figure because their own father was not capable.

          • P.s rabble, I am not surprised by the gay slur. It’s well known that Kathy and richy disowned Rosie because she was gay. They would not have her around and always made disgusting remarks about her being a “dyke” richy was particulally unbending. When Kathy made up with Rosie she did it away from richy because Rosie was not welcome. Oddly enough, Teresa never passed that type of judgement on Rosie. Rosie was always welcome at joe and Teresa’s home and was around often on boating trips parties etc. weird that Teresa was labeled the gay hater , no?

            Have you seen the exclusive clips on bravo with Rosie and joe? See how comfortable they are together? They are more comfortable and more like family than Rosie is with Kathy and rich. It’s because Rosie, joe and Teresa were real family. They were always close friends and family. Kathy and rich are awkward because they don’t know Rosie! She’s only been back in their lives for a few years and only in the kids life very recently.