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Richie Wakile Says Retreat Brawl Is “Normal,” Loves Doing RHONJ, But Feels For The Kids!


If there’s one reality TV personality I could have done without seeing, ever, it’s Richie Wakile from Real Housewives of New Jersey. His wife Kathy may be great, and it’s too bad her husband is there to taint any greatness that she may posses. Alas, we report on ALL about the Real Housewives so here we go…

Richie has spoken out regarding the RHONJ retreat we are going through this season. We have seen the Gorgas and Giudices come to “rock bottom” resulting in a physical fight after Joe Gorga attacked Joe Giudice for demanding an apology. Richie reveals to Wetpaint, however, that things will get better!

“I’ve always said, things have to get crazy before they get better. And in Jersey’s case, it might seem violent to the rest of the world, but to us, it’s normal,” reveals Richie.

Maybe part of the reason Richie views a family falling apart as normal is because they’re not his blood. He adds, “It’s my family through marriage. So is it stressful for me? Not really. Is it stressful for my wife? Definitely.”

The fighting is clearly trickling down the generations because we have learned that the Wakile and Gorga parents have also been feuding. Will that become a larger part of the show this season?

“As for the parents, I think things are going to get exposed. Maybe not this season, but down the line. I hope it does. Right now, the parents are still not involved,” reveals Richie.

Why do we care about the parents’ drama? They aren’t on the show! If it happens next season, though, Richie hopes to be on board. He reveals that filming RHONJ is like a “party” and that he is not emotionally involved, only to an extent.

“My wife gets very emotional. It’s her family, it’s her blood. But you know who I feel bad for? My kids and the other kids involved. They don’t get to see each other the way they should,” explains Richie.

So it’s a party even though your wife’s family (who are also your kids’ family) are constantly feuding? Sounds very selfish to me.

Thoughts on what Richie had to say? Would you like to see the Wakiles back for another season?

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