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Sneak Peek Extended: Joe Giudice Kicks Joe Gorga’s Ass; Melissa Cries For Teresa To Help Her Brother

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Yesterday, we showed you a sneak peek footage of Joe Gorga getting his ass kicked from his brother-in-law Joe Giudice after he attacked Giudice first. Check out the extended sneak peek to see the entire explosive fight below!

Joe Gorga calls his sister scum, repeatedly on national TV. Joe Giudice wants Joe Gorga to apologize. Joe Gorga thinks he’s tough and attacks Giudice and instead gets his ass kicked from Giudice making him look absolutely stupid which I enjoyed watching. Melissa Gorga gets involved which was laughable and pleads for Teresa to help her brother? Is Melissa on drugs? Why on EARTH would Teresa “help” her brother when he attacked HER husband first AND called her scum? Does she want Teresa to some how get in the middle of the fight? Melissa then grabs Giudice neck while he is fighting with Gorga. I don’t get why Melissa was getting involved? Did she want to accidentally get knocked out so that they could make Giudice look like the bad guy? Since Joe Gorga gets his ass beat, he bites Giudice’s balls? Joe Gorga officially looks like a b*tch on national television. Again, his parents must be so proud!

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  • I am so glad Joe Guidice kicked hei brother-in-laws ass…about time he shows him what a piece of crap he really is along with his ugly wife Melissa..Team Teresa!!!

  • What I found funny is Melissa said she didn’t want her kids to hear about the slipper rumor. However at the beginning of the show Joey announces in front of the kids that there is a stripper in the house. Can’t wait to see what everyone will say when the cast sees what Melissa is saying in her interviews!

  • Now at the reunion how will the Juicy Nuts Incident be handled? Do you think Bravo Andy will just ignore that this happened? I would love to hear Gorganut defend the fact that he deliberately grabbed another man’s junk!

  • SCREAMS…….. I can’t deal this shitt is freaking hilarious. Joe deserves a BitchMade award for bitting another man’s balls. Lmaooooooooo

  • OMG .. that was funny .. i feel bad for the parents that their son is such an idiot and cant blame them for seeing that skank melissa as the devil she is lol .. plss they are so jealous of teresa its not funny..its not teresa’s fault shes better then them 🙂


  • I had to watch this clip 5 times to see who was actually hitting and ganging up on Juicy Joe. He wasn’t just being held back, he was getting hit in the face by Melissa and Kathy. Then Richie actually grabs him around the neck. Am I missing something here? He wasn’t the agressor, he was attacked and lil’ Joey wasn’t backing off!

    What was Teresa going to be able to do? Melissa probably wanted to get her in there so she could hit a couple sucker punches in too.

    This clip shows who the REAL scum is IMO.

  • I didnt see any ball biting but about 58 seconds in you can clearly see him trying to pinch or grab Juicy’s balls. Maybe because of his little girl hands Juicy thought he was biting them. lol

  • These comments are funny I can’t stop laughing I guess after a while a man has to do what he has to do his wife has been called bitches garbage scum by her own brother I feel it was time he apology also.

  • I haven’t read the comments yet but I just have to say…

    Juicy asking Joey if he wanted to come suck it was HILARIOUS!

    I can’t believe he was so out of his mind with anger…envy…I don’t even know what…that in that moment, biting down on another mans balls was a good idea. Like, what the hell is wrong with him!?

    Good thing he didn’t have a gun because he could very well be that insane. No joke either. No one in their right mind gets that blinded by WHATEVER emotion and then proceeds to chow down on another mans balls because he isn’t physically capable of hurting him any other way.

  • This kinda explains Caroline’s comment in the future episode saying I see you for who you are now…it would be nice to see all the friends makeup & get past all of this drama.

  • I think it is unfortunate that Bravo will air this, and air this and air this again because it will only encourage more violence. One sure and certain way to avoid the editinge floor is violence. They always show that.

    And of course, Joe Gorga being the inarticulate and ignorant thug that he is will continue to be violent. He has only one true interest in his life and that is being on the air. Everything is secondary to that, even Melissa.

  • No matter how you slice it… IT’S TERESA’S FAULT!! lol Melissa and Joe only see peripheral and somehow, even though Teresa ran off to get help…those two will say in their talking heads that Teresa instigated the fight. Some people lie so much they actually believe their own lies. They also brag so much about how happy their marriage is. The people who openly brag so much about how happy they are…well…are usually the ones the most miserable behind closed doors. I see Melissa leaving Joe when the Housewives fade away.( I hope not as I do not wish to see any family broken up…it’s just my intuition)and she will blame all the drama as the excuse when in reality her 15 minutes of fame that is supporting them will begin to piss her off. She wanted to be the traditional housewife and now the roles are reversed. From what she has portrayed on the show she wants to live a rich lifestyle and her husband bled all of his resources, as well as his parents, for her and it didn’t work out that way. I kind of feel bad for Joe Gorga because I truly believe he really does love her. It has to be so embarrassing for Joe G and Papa Gorga being old school Italians to have the world see how her fame/money hungry wannabe lifestyle is financially devastating them as well as breaking up their family. I truly hope that this family fued is mainly scripted and that no ones family breaks up, but from what I have seen this looks mostly real.

  • So in watching the preview for the trip to Lake George, Melissa and Joe are discussing Teresa’s “Army” that is coming after them. This is the same “Army of Idiots” that Kathy refers to on Twitter. Once again, proof that these people are so bloody mad at Teresa because they think she is behind this site, Tweeties, Stoopidhousewives, Famewhorgas and Faux Reality Entertainment. The truth is coming at them from all sides and they think it can only be Teresa. It stands to reason that the things coming out MUST be the TRUTH because otherwise why would they be so quick to think someone close to them was behind it? The idiots can not even see that it is all right there hiding in the open to find. The Gorga’s have made so many enemies. They were foolish to ever step foot on reality TV. WE ARE NOT TERESA! WE CAN NOT STAND YOU ON YOUR OWN MERIT ALONE!

    • The Gorga’s didn’t make enemies, they are too insignificant for that.
      But they can’t stand the fact that people just don’t care about them)

      • They live in a small town. Plus Melissa’s background is.. questionable. I think when Mel married Joe she, “came up,” so to speak and alienated herself from the people that she used to know. You know how bitter people can be when you get success. Teresa (like her or not) gained fame and then her family came on to knock her back to reality (which, IMO, is a really fucked up reality.) It’s only their comeuppance that people they used to know have not so positive things to say about them. It’s exactly what they deserve.

        • Vee,

          I agree. T’s “family” came on the show season three and were very, very nasty to and about Teresa, her husband, and her children. If that “family” now receives the same treatment from some other new person or people to join the cast, then well, that’s just fair.

  • I can’t stand Joe Giudice, but I am on his side here.

    I’ve done more then 15 years of martial arts training in my live, and I know WHAT Joe could have done to J.Gorga. He controlled the situation. But the only attack move from Joe was a punch in the ribs,and for the rest of the fight he was just trying to restrain J.Gorga and hold him down.

    I didn’t care for Melissa, but now I clearly can’t stand her, what a low life!!!
    She was literally trying to scratch Joe’s eyes out!

    Teresa did the smartest thing-called security. Melissa got lucky that T didn’t get into the fight with her. We know she could kick Melissa’s ass in a second.

    I guess now we’ll have to hear Gorga’s crying about the fight for several episodes? Blah…

    • JoeGu could have hurt Slojo but he was a better man by not beating the crap out of him. JoeGu showed himself to be the better man right there. Slojo should be glad and thanking God. He even got to put JoeGu balls in his mouth.

  • This beat down was past due. Go Guidice!
    Melissa has the right SIL. If I were Teresa, I would have beat that ass SINCE. And my brother’s, too. I’m not in the gym for no reason.

  • Lol! Gorga tumbled back like he ran into a brick wall!! Anyone notice that Melissa swung at Teresa? It seemed like Tre was about to attack Melissa for hitting her husband.

  • All BS aside, I just want to say thanks to Roxy. This is my favorite site. You have such a down to earth way about you. It is so great to have somewhere to come where we can see some common sense opinions.

  • Joe Gorga had better lookout because Momma Karma is going to come back and bitch slap him really really hard. Let’s fast forward 15 years from now when one or both his sons are slandering sweet Antonia. It’s going to break his heart.

  • So wait does Joe Gorga get molly-whopped twice in one season? This is one fight but didn’t JTG throw him into sinks at that hair salon event where Jac got involved?

    Not a good look homie…

    • That’s right! But we won’t ever see that, right…??

      Joey must have roid rage, I don’t get why a man his age, and a father, is acting this way.

    • that fight comes later , plus chris, poison joe and wacko are held over for the grand jury. that might last show of the season

  • What do you think Caroline and Jacqueline will say about it all?

    In my opinion it appears that Joe Gorga was in the wrong 100%. Both calling Teresa scum and charging Juicy. I’m wondering if they will see it that way too.

    • I doubt it. They’ll probably continue to just ignore it and focus on the positive things everybody BUT Teresa does the same way they have been doing in their blogs all season.

    • Hi Really! I’m sure we can all count on nutso Jax to suspend all logical thinking and still blame this blatant attack on Juicy. As for Chuckie doll, I think she may still reasonable enough to see which way the wind is blowing and not try to defend the indefensible. Eh, who cares what they have to say anyway???

      • i want to see how bravo is going to spin this story after sunday, do they all end up going home after this fight.

    • This will be all the Gudices fault. Teresa should not have pushed Slojo over the edge, and JoeGu should not be telling him to say he is sorry for calling Teresa scum or any name.

    • Caroline would say something about how hurt Joey was and that it was pent up anger and frustration and hurt. Because he, apparently, is the only one with feelings and no one else inclined in the feud feels that way either.

    • No they will prob defend gorga saying he was very hurt and he had years of frustration or some fuckin bullshit like that!!!!! If they call joe and Melissa out on this I will go to their blogs and personally apologise to both of them!!!!!!

  • My visual of Teresa after her brother called her scum:

    Standing there with a nail file doing her nails saying “Sorry, I can’t I have some scum under my nails I’m trying to get rid of and get your mouth off of my husbands balls you moron”

  • I understand melissa trying to protect and help her husband but its one thing i learned when men fight, dont EVER get involved!!! I’ve never been punched by a man but I know first hand how strong a man is and when they fight they can actually accidently hit you. That wouldnt be a pretty picture. Rich was there and teresa got security. I’m actually glad kathy, rosie, and melissa didnt get hurt in the process cause it wouldve been all bad. And i’m sure it would’ve been joe giudices fault, smh.

    Btw, i love all the “tags” joe gorga dumb, joe gorga angry, joe gorga bitch, LMAO

    • LOL – those tags are hilarious! There was a typo in one, ‘Joe Gorge gets ass kicked’ guess this article would still come up with most of those words.

  • Word to the wise . When it all come out Melissa is going to screw him up good . I believe it true she cheated on him . When the girl told her . She was just mad because Teresa didn’t get up or defend her. And it was her best friend say it . He got that ass beat . The only thing for him to do was to suck and bite his balls.

    • I think right now Melissa is trying to deviant from the main topic of the conversation that she cheated on Joey. She’s trying to put the spotlight on Teresa and why didn’t she leave the table or take up for Melissa? Melissa is good at projecting, or was good at projecting. Right now a lot of people are seeing her pattern. She throws out accusatons about Tree to the public but a lot of us have noticed the accusations are Melissa’s own faults or personality characteristics. Like when she started the show she was saying that Tree copies her and really it’s the other way around! Melissa is a stupid skank though because you can’t chit on someone and expect that person to always have your back!!! We see that when she yells “Teresa help ya brotha!”. The girl is delusional!

      • I agree. She used to be very good at deflecting. At the reunion when Teresa said she knew Joey in cancune days but wanted nothing to do with him (she was screwing his best friend) and immediately Melissa screams you said I married for money do you still believe that. Totally new subject. Or when in her talking head she calls Teresa a pathological liar. Um that’s exactly what the whole world says about Melissa. There is a frigan blog dedicated to just Melissa’s lies. She knows but she’s a faker

  • I like how Teresa threw Melissa off Joe but Melissa kept running back to hit him some more. Girl, please.

    • If it had been the bloated booze bag Jac-Ass, she would have taken off her spike high heel and bet him over the head with it.

  • The whole situation is pathetic. Considering what a scumbag Joe Giudice is, that’s got be the ultimate humiliation. I have to agree with Jeff Lewis. At some point associations like “sister” aren’t good enough to maintain a toxic relationship. Those two should just part ways.

  • I am so glad Joe Guidice kicked Joe Gorgas napoleon complex ass. He has been asking for this for a long long time. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be enough for him to shut his pie hole. If someone ever called me names lime that I would never accept an apology ever ! I haven’t spoken to my brother. For 5 years for things he has done when my Mom passed away. This was the 3rd time we went without speaking, I’m done & Teresa should be done too ! How much abuse should she tske from these limelight fame whores ? I would’ve diz-owned tjis little batard & his back stabbing whore wife after they joined the show behind her back !

        • True except Napoleon wasn’t on hsteroids. Melissa probably has to inject them for him while he whimpers how its Teresa’s fault he has to have big muscles. Melissa’s no stranger to a needle though

  • I think its funny how everybody on this site seems to think Joe Gorga got his ass kicked. You can’t tell by this little clip. Give me a break. You can’t tell who got the better of who is this clip & besides that who the hell cares? Seriously every last one of them are selfish & immature!!! I’m so sick of this franchise. I’m done.

      • My critera for the winner and loser….who gets knocked out of their shoes. Ah, and that would be…..drum roll….JOSEPHINE.

        Note to NYGirl, I can’t stop myself. It’s just too funny.

        • Also, who had to bite/grab Juicy’s privates…. Ummm, once again JOSEPHINE!!!

          Poor Mr. Gorga!!! As an old school, off the boat, Italian I can only imagine how ashamed of his youngest daughter Josephine he is He is as proud of TRE as he is ashamed of Josephine!!!!

          • I agree senior gorga must be horrified. It’s not everyday your only son puts your beloved son in laws testicles in his mouth without permission. Joey gorga and the rest are lucky Teresa didn’t jump in because I tend to believe she could have kicked everyone of there asses, in 6 inch heels no less. That girl doesn’t mess around.

        • I think that the fact that joey got knocked out of his shoes, had to bite Juicey’s nuts, had to have his wife scream to his sister to help him and also had 3-4 other people holding Juicey and still could not get free proves he got his ass kicked can only imagine what would of happened if no one else was there he’d also have a back eye, fat lip (wouldn’t have needed to pay to have them injected) and prob broken ribs!!!! Juicey could be facing jail time you think he’s not beefing up and getting strong In case he has to defend himself in there???

          • The whole thing from beginning to end is on famewhorgas and scripted! And dang it my last post was suppose to be right under skeeters “cya” but it didnt work out!!

    • You can absolutely tell who “won” the fight seeing as how the second Joey charged at Joe Guidice, he ended up in a headlock, missed the punch he was trying to throw, and resorted into balls sucking.

      • LOL “BALL SUCKING”. I wonder who has had more balls hit their chin WHORSEY or STUMP? Maybe Andie will ask that at the reunion.

      • I thought Juicy had him in a headlock.I know Juice is a black belt & has upper & lower body strength. I saw a picture of him doing the splitz when he was younger, the Chinese kind which is much harder. I think Juice could have snapped the midgets neck if he wanted too. I am amazed that he bit Juicy’s testicles & outraged that Melissa slapped Juicy, they were very hard slaps. Juicy protects & loves Tre & his girls, he loves his in-laws too. The fight was caused by the midget & I am going to be furious if Andy goes against Tre & Juicy.Teresa needs to cut ties with them, blood or no blood. No one that has any love for you, would say & do the hideous things they have done to Tre. One day the show will be over for him & her brother will see that he sold his soul & family for fame. I also am certain that he is a serious steroid abuser, & that was another example of his “roid rage”

    • @Stephanie

      I agree, this franchise is despicable. That being said, I can’t get enough!

      I think when a man has to resort to biting another man’s balls, chances are he may be getting his ass kicked.

    • I get what you are saying Stephanie, but it’s clear that Gorga lost, because Joe – all he got out was “Apol-” when Joey lunged at him. Joe’s intention was to demand an apology, so he won right there, by trying to verbally sort it out.

  • Josie’s problem is that his newly collagen injected mouth runs around writing checks that his bitch ass can’t cash! He started that and he got what he deserved. It’s so gross to see a family fighting though especially when things get physical…

  • Joe Gorga gets knocked to the floor his sneaker comes off! He would be done if it was one on one! I would love to see Melissa in a fight, smacking someone in the face. LMAO

    • I’d like to see Filomena Guidice step in because she’s a tough lil mama. She would take Melissa and the 2 shore trash sisters at the same time and win all without a hair out of place. I love that she punched the “prostituta’s”sister Lysa in the face at the christening. Put her in her proper place. I shouldn’t be condoning violence especially with the field I’m in but it’s actually refreshing seeing the real Joey Gorga do what was edited out at the christening and that is him starting the fight all on his own and juicy defending himself. Bravos insurance company and lawyers need to think very carefully about allowing Melissa back next season. They are violent and coax their other mouth pieces as Melissa said to join in on the blood baths. Hopefully Joey will be in a cell soon where he can’t try to hurt anyone

  • The Gorga’s (or shall I say Marco’s) continuing themes are, we can bash your marriage, but you can’t bash ours. We can say your spouse is a cheater, but don’t you dare say anything about mine. We can physically go after your significant other, but don’t you dare try to physically defend yourself. We can call you all sorts of names and make false allegations, but don’t you dare do the same. They are the biggest hypocrites on Reality TV and they should look at themeselves in the mirror and realize they are at fault for all that has happened. But then again, all they care about is fame and if this is how they had to achieve it, so be it. Congratulations Messy and Josie, you are officially the biggest douche bags on TV. Hope it was all worth it.

    • They would look at themselves in a mirror but I don’t think vampires have a reflection do they? lolol

    • I like your comment! The Gorga’s are delusional and yet they try to make Teresa the delusional one? Go figure! I guess that’s the way people who have their heads up their arse’s think! Richie needs to get the fudge off of TV there is nothing remotely attractive about that man! He seriously looks like he has a halloween mask on complete with ‘Bubba’ teeth!

    • But here is real kicker, Melissa defends their marriage on Andy, Wendy, etc. lately. Freakin hypocrite to the umph degree!

  • Yes WHORSEY FACE you and Stump hit rock bottom. You know this when your husband thinks he is tougher then he is and trie to play with the big boys and ends up gettin ghis ass kicked even after he has 3 women jump in to try and help his sorry ass.

  • Every scene with Joey Gorga and his nasty wife confirms why the Gorga parents want nothing to do with these two!
    The fight was another low point for these two who give lip service to “family first” and “respect”. Joey with his bum rush (LOL no way he got the upper hand) and nut clutching (such a low down dirty chick move) Joe Gorga while he had been put in a headlock for his own safety!
    Oh and then Melissa gets her licks in on Guidice – punching him in the face, going for his eyes and pulling his hair ALL BEFOFE she cries for Teresa to help her brother!!! At least Melissa got pushed into the wall of windows.

  • Melissa and her Cry Baby, sissy, husband are a disgrace. I love that Juicy finally kicked his ass. The little sissy needs to grow up, stop whining and and crying, like the little girl he is, and be respectful of his family, especially his father, who at the christening, told him, go cry to you’re Mama, (stop being a little Bitch)…Melissa is a Hooker, with a capital “HOOK”. UGH both are Pathetic.

  • This is by far my least favorite franchise. I think its time to cancel or at the very least recast. ALL OF THEM.

    Looking at the comments, everyone wants to vilify certain cast members. They are all guilty though.

    Teresa and Melissa are no better than one another. They are both scum.

    I miss the days of Danielle Staub.

    • I wish he would really unleash on his ass. If we had enough just watching what we do see, imagine how he feels in real life dealing with that shady ass wee man.

  • How anyone can STILL stand behind Melissa after this is BEYOND me. She is TRASH and Scum and taking her husband down with her. I am soo FLUSTERD at the fact Bravo wont go at her with her past as they do have with Teresa…Where was the phone call with Penny and “mike”??? I think I am DONE with Bravo…this is just SICK!

    • @gina I read somewhere that after the fight with gorga, laurita’s and johnny the Greek penny’s husband and the ensuing legal probs because of said fight bravo maybe decided not to show penny as the bad guy to save them from any more legal issues with the Greeks but hopefully the phone scene is still to come up. Fingers and toes crossed.

      • I saw on famewhorgas that she actually interviewed Bryan ” mike”. He said that is not him and he has forbidden them to even use his name. Thats why they supposedly call him “mike”. But he said that they tried to pass it off as a phone call from him with his name changed to hide his identity, and Mike’s phone call has probly been stricken from the show because of this.

  • I think it is funny how Melissa tells Tre to help her brother right after Gorga called her “scum.” Melissa should of told Gorga to not call his sister “scum.” They should of let Juicy whip Gorga maybe then he wouldn’t act like such a bitch to his sister…

  • From what I see Melissa has a perfect view as she’s gazing out the window toward Joe and Rosie outside and you see when he comes thru the door she is with her back to the corner ~ she knew he was coming long before Richie and said nothing but prepared herself for it. And yes, she is slapping and grabbing at Joe’s (Tre’s hubby) face, not trying to break anything up!!
    “He didn’t do anything!” ~ is she kidding he rushed someone and got his just desserts!

  • From what I see Melissa has a perfect view as she’s gazing out the window toward Joe and Rosie outside and you see when he comes thru the door she is with her back to the corner ~ she knew he was coming long before Richie and said nothing but prepared herself for it. And yes, she is slapping and grabbing at Joe’s (Tre’s hubby) face, not trying to break anything up!!
    “He didn’t do anything!” ~ is she kidding he rushed someone and got his just desserts!

  • From what I see Melissa has a perfect view as she’s gazing out the window toward Joe and Rosie outside and you see when he comes thru the door she is with her back to the corner ~ she knew he was coming long before Richie and said nothing but prepared herself for it. And yes, she is slapping and grabbing at Joe’s (Tre’s hubby) face, not trying to break anything up!!
    “He didn’t do anything!” ~ is she kidding he rushed someone and got his just desserts!

  • Melissa made sure she was in hubby’s vision trying to look hurt.

    So this is why Ass Gorga attended, so he could abuse Teresa then attack JG when Joe says, not attacks, he is gonna apologize to you.

    Apparently those are fighting words for Ass Gorga.

    I usually do not speak well of j.Giudice, but all this season he as been:

    – spending cute time with kids
    – spending time with Teresa
    – spending time with Rosie and laughing
    – standing up for wife, not expecting to fight

    I still think Ass Gorga knew what to say to Teresa to tear her down, and I also think Ass Gorga knew hubby would come to Teresa’s defense. Apparently that is what Ass Gorga does when someone defends their spouse.

    • And Juicy had the good sense to stop outside and let Teresa and Joey hash it out between themselves. (Unlike the other famewhores standing around for camera time…)

      • You can see Messy standing in the corner behind a wall with her arms folded. Then, she moves closer as Juicy comes through the door. She could not wait for this fight to happen. She is a piece of shit and Teresa needs to move on from these two assholes.

        • Totally agree Socal. As sad as it may be for Teresa/her parents, she still has a family to focus on and she should maybe cut her losses. I really don’t think its worth it anymore.

        • I so agree @socalsoccer
          That trash bag loved every minute of this. It’s all she’s wanted & I feel majority of the blame falls straight on her. Stupid whore

    • Hi guys, what I find amazing, is that at this moment, in real time all say they are “in a good place” (sorry I know someone said this phrase is annoying).

      How do you get over your brother calling you scum three times, Ass Gorga looked into the pain in Teresa’s eyes when he repeated himself.

      I wonder if Teresa actually gets to hear at least one apology from this brainwave?

      • Joey doesn’t know when to shut up! It ticked me off when he told Teresa, (I’m paraphrasing here), “Your scum and I’m going to start to call you scum!”. Then Teresa turned to leave he told her, “that’s right leave!”. Did he really expect Teresa to be ok with him telling her he was going to start calling her scum? Like, Teresa would say, “Ok, I’m fine with that name.”? He’s not to smart of a man. I feel sad for his kids to have a father who is verbally abusive to his own flesh and blood. A man who gets tossed around like a rag doll and has to resort to biting balls to save his arse! He is such a coward I can’t get over what a wuss he is! I really hope he’s not asked back next season because he’s a liability like Jaq is!

      • I don’t know how anyone can “be in a good place” with all of the crap that has happened. If they are in a good place, I think that only means they are tolerating one another. This has been going far longer than this HW show has been on the air.

          • I really don’t believe that they are all really ‘in a good place’. I think there is just way too much resentment and anger for that to be true not to mention all the passive or down right aggressive comments that are made in their blogs.

            I believe they are just saying it for a couple of reasons, Bravo wants them to appease the audience. I also think that Teresa and Joey know that their father’s health is very fragile and want to try to give him peace of mind before his time comes, even if it’s just an illusion.

      • I’m not sure I believe that Samael…I guess we have to wait & see. But MeHo trashes T in the press & in her blogs constantly & baby stumpy is still re-tweeting nasty tweets about T.
        Doesn’t sound good to me

        • They don’t seem to be in a good spot you can tell by their blogs, they are writing in the present tense that gives you the feeling that they are no where near “fixed”. I even noticed when reading Tamra’s blogs she was talking about a scene with Alexsis and said something like ” I don’t really want to go there we are in a good place now and don’t want to rehash the past but that was why I thought at the time of filming” these RHONJ women never say anything like that that would make us believe they are better now.

  • Violence is never the answer, guess ball bitter found out first hand lol! He needed his arse kicked long ago and I’m so glad it was Juicie who provided it!

  • Melissa Marco is such trash. If only she was just pulling and scratching but she tried to gouge out Juicy’s eyes! And then after they pull Joey off, she runs back over to Juicy to do who knows what.

    Joey was the one they needed to pull off Juicy. All the gang was doing was holding Juicy back so he couldn’t defend himself (just like they did to Johnny). And security had to intervene to get Joey off Juicy’s nuts.

    I took another look at the extended fight at the christening and it’s the same sh*t. Joey is the one who needs to be pulled off and kept from charging at Juicy (who is held back & kept calm by a small woman…).

    And is it just me or does he always have a crazed look in his eyes, like something isn’t right upstairs…

    • I read on another site that Joey is the type to start a fight in a group setting because he knows people will break it up. He doesn’t do one on one fighting because he knows he’ll get his shrimp butt kicked! I guess Joey has been that way since highschool!

      • I read that too! I believe it! He either goes after women(TRE) or a man in a large group, so he can be “held back”!

        • I read that too CSqD and the original whodat. First thing that came to mind was the movie Dazed and Confused when the nerd figured he would take on the bully in front of a crowd thinking it would immediately be broken up. Well, he thought wrong and got his ass really whooped. Oh, how I wish they all butted out and let ball biter really get schooled by Juicy.

  • LOL I bet if Joe Gorga had the chance he would Suck IT !!!! he’s a little on the fence sexually I feel …. LOL

      • I honestly don’t know where i heard this or read it somewhere but in the past pre married days, if swung both ways a couple of times.

        IMO i think he’s a double adaptor he takes it and gives it LOL.

        Plus the roids do make men highly sexual and aggressive

    • See on the fence is a little inaccurate.. I think he straddles that fence. This whole I’m a sexual man that wants to bang my wife all the time thing is doing way too much. We all know men like sex and think of it often but he takes it too far. Almost like he’s trying to convince himself and others that he is all about the p-word.

      • When he said that when he gets mad with his sister he has sex with his wife; and all that anger and frustration he has towards Teresa; calling her scum; and the jealousy he has for her husband tells me that Joe Gorgas is in love with his sister Teresa that’s what all this is about

      • Vee eother way you look at it p- word works both ways!!! LOL!!!

        Praussir-i found those comments especially the sex comment very desturbing!! I know Teresa and her parents were probly mordified when theh heard that comment!

    • And now that Joey had his lips injected and plumped he is all ready for you juicy lol. What a little bitch. St martins are probably trying to figure out how they are gonna market a book based on a traditional dominant Italian guy who also likes to wear women’s clothes and bite other men’s genitals. Btw that is literally legally sexual assault. Joey gorga should be on the sex offenders registry between putting juicy’a testicals in his mouth without permission and his previous rape case. I mean people end up on the list for peeing in public. Just something to consider Teresa and Juicy

  • Just cannot believe the nerve on this pathological liar. helps her hubby trash his sites, on tv no less, then has the audacity to ask for Teresa to help her brother? Un effing real.

    • U all do realize this Is fake reality tv Good God u all are so silly……lol they laugh all the way 2 the bank

    • She truly is my ex-SIL. Only thinks of herself all the time! Damn, it’s weird and beyond disturbing.

    • Michers

      what’s so funny is that shore whore called Tre a pathological liar and that there’s something wrong with her and that she’s jealous of her marriage, and i think she also called Tre self absorbed LMFAO.

      maybe she was looking at herself or watching a a clip and was confused.

      I mean is always been jealous of Tre and copies her every move.

      Who knows the bitch is just plain crazy

  • Don’t you love how instead of trying to get her husband off Joe she was using that opportunity to hit Joe Giudice. She even took Richies hands off Joe Giudice so she can hit him some more. And did I hear correctly that she called him a bastard? Real classy Melissa Marco.

      • He was trashed that’s why he came to her defense he has called her much worse than scum to his girlfriend

    • Giudice: “Come over here and suck it.” Lmaoooooo

      Melissa: “I’m done.” (What they didn’t let the viewers hear) “I thought you said you could beat him? What was that? He just served your ass breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And he was getting ready to put dessert in your mouth. And your sister let him do it.”

      • So I just asked my man, “If someone dove at you and put their mouth on your balls what would you do?” I think he thought I was talking about me because he said, “I’d let you finish then flip you over and give it to you good.” TMI I know, but it got me thinking maybe Joey was going for seduction. I mean who face dives into a dudes junk puts their mouth on it and doesn’t expect to ‘get it.’ I’m just saying we might need to cut him a break… He might have been trying to make love not war…

        • My friend has saw the clip and said “Dude a nasty f@ck, no one does that. Is he gay?”

          • I’ve never even heard of such bitch ass-ness (Thank you, Diddy) before… like seriously. I was in a few fights in my adolescence, and I never once tried to suck anyone’s titties. I mean what is this a fight or foreplay? Fricking tiny little pervert!

          • “I never once tried to suck anyone’s titties” hahahahahahah! You are killing me Vee! too funny!

          • I know they had just said that Joe cheats all the time. Let me guess, Gorga wanted them nasty Balls so he tried to eat em. Lol

          • My husband and C couple of his mates saw the clip . really wanted to them the clip and get their opinion.

            The laughed and says he’s dirty fighter actually he can’t fight they’ve never seen a man go for another mans balls that’s just not done.

            They went on to say not even girls fight that dirty.

            They made me show them the clip about 3 times they couldn’t stop laughing.

            Loved the fact that juicy said he bit my balls.

            Well the boys inc my husband said there’s no way they would let him get away with that they’d def take him on one on one when they got home where there’s no one to stop them.

            And def make him apologize to a women sis or sis for calling her scum .

            What’s really funny is my husband and his mates like this show and watch it with me.

            It’s good to have em watch with me but they don’t stop asking for coffee and now i have to make a extra popcorn, by more drinks chips.

            And an extra tray of lasagna lol

  • Then Joe has the nerve to say here they go making me be a bum like them. Really, did anyone see the first look last night? They were going at Teresa’s marriage hard. And they conveniently forget how they chimed in on the cheating accusations about Joe guidice and they even are the ones accusing him of doing it in this scene. Yet they are mad for Teresa hearing rumors, not starting them, just hearing them

    • I totally agree with you on that one. They attack her for being in the room when they are being talked about even though she didnt say anything then continually talk trash on her… And she’s the bad one?! Poor Tre….

    • I know Melissa, Joe, and Ritchie WENT IN. They didn’t go to the retreat looking to hash things out and move on. There is no way under Gods blue sky I would apologize or accept an apology of I was Teresa. None. Honestly I think that they should’ve waited until the season had aired, Teresa had seen everything, cause of they truly are in a better place, they’re moving past it when this airs. And another thing, once again Melissa better be glad she’s dealing with Teresa. Had I saw that cunt bitch slap my husbands face, I would’ve slapped hers right back. Point blank and the period. You do not break up a fight, by fighting. If Joe Giudice would’ve toasted her bun (be honest her husband started. He called his sister a nasty name and he charged his brother in law), it would’ve been just what the doctor ordered.

      • “Had I saw that cunt bitch slap my husbands face, I would’ve slapped hers right back.”

        Damn skippy! Lay a hand on my husband and I will pluck your eyes out of your skull with my perfectly manicured nails! And have you seen Tre’s arms lately? She would snap Meho like a twig.

        • Hello. We fight together in this house. All’s good in a fight won this way. A cheap whore like Melissa touching my man, would cause me to see red.

        • I know RHOAmbler
          On a different site they have stills of the fight. MeHo is attacking his face – scratching & squeezing while he is being held by 2 people.
          I would like to slap MeHo myself. As I have said before you can really tell that MeHo & baby stumpy are just low rent trash.

      • Andrea

        I honestly believe Melissa doesn’t want to make piece with Tre and Trs family. She happy with things how they are she’s full of shit and i don’t believe a word she says about wanting to be a family.

        stumpy only went to the retreat to get an apology and wanted Tre to own up that she’s been going after and starting the rumors about his shore whore.

        IMO the only one that wanted to make things better and hopefully stop all this crap was Rosie and maybe Kathy the rest IMO No way did they go to resolve things.

        It was very obvious on the bus shit you’re on your way to a retreat to hopefully make the situation between the family better and shore whore starts whispering in her pussy whipped husband ear that juicy is cheating on Tre then bitchy Richie chimes in saying they have no marriage.

        If stumpy was serious about making things better with Tre and her family and he’s stated that he’s not pussy whipped he would’ve shut down his wife and Richie then and there.

        C’Mon stumpy we all know that ur shore whore has u twisted around her pubic hairs oh sorry her little finger and that you’re pussy whipped just admit it already

        I had to laugh at the fact in his TH he said this has been building for ten yrs as tho he won the fight.

        He’s so lucky he had ALL these ppl pulling juicy off of him and yet still he got his ass kicked.

        There will come a time when it’ll be one on one with juicy and there’ll be no one to help you.

        Next to get his ass kicked will be bitchy Richie i really hope so.

        Melissa will ALWAYS be jealous of Tre there will never be peace in that family as long as shore whore is in the pic

        And lets face it stumpy will never leave her who’d have him.

    • Why don’t all u Ladies see If u can play with Teresa she need’s u all 2 stick up 4 her an her stupid hubby and whiny kid’s….LMFAO

      • oh hi Melissa

        you’re actually using your name what ran out of names to use.

        Thanks for coming and reading our blog/comments.

    • Can’t stop laughing over that one NYGirl! When I was little, I remember my Father telling me a story about a poker night he had been to with my Grandfather. Long story short, somebody said something and my Grandfather asked the gentleman to step outside to settle it. Well, my Father always told me that Gramps hit this guy so hard he knocked him out of his shoes!!!! I always thought how is that possible and he must just have been exaggerating! hahahahah! Now I know for certain Dad was telling the absolute truth! Thanks ball biting midget for proving me wrong.

  • I just can’t believe Melissa. She is too much, she says it that way so everyone will think ok here goes Teresa again not helping her brother.

    • Didn’t Joey just basically say that he was going to defend his wife and stick with his wife, not his sister? And, the same doesn’t apply to his sister? SHE should stick with blood and not have her own husband’s back?

      Plus she DID help her brother by getting security because otherwise, Joey would have gotten his ASS KICKED, even with four people trying to hold Juicy back.

      • Teresa replied to someone on twitter yesterday that when she was saying “stick with your sister” that was in regards to Jaquline not Melissa!

      • Always kinda thought gorilla Joe was a little funny……sucking balls…….
        His only defense. Fights like a ten year old……has to bit something to try and win…….laughing, I am still laughing and rewinding and laughing one more time. Bravo rules for plugging that piece. You go juicy Joe…….gorilla man needs another 1 on 1 and a mouth guard. I am gonna mail Juicy a cup to cover his jewels.

        Cannot wait for Sunday nite..

        • Geaux Juicy! Pahahahaha Joey & his skank should go crawl in a hole after that from embarrasment! Joe Gorga, you little twat, you just got served! Too bad Juicy didn’t knock the snot out of big toof Rich and Teresa shoulda went ahead and whipped trashy Melissa’s ass while they were at it!

        • I love it , Little Boy Joey is a FUNNY FUNNY GUY ,” Yes He is BIG TIME! He sucked Joe’s BALLS IN THE BIGGEST WAY !! Just like Joe {Teresa husband} had said he would an he did OMG I can’t hold back from LMAO, on this that’s just too funny !!

      • jerseygirl

        very good point you make.

        It’s ok for stumpy Gorga to stick for his wife and back her up regardless of how much she talks about Tre and just sits there and even participates when everyone else backstabs Tre, stumpy also hears the other women and bitchy Richie to talk smack about his ONLY sis and doesn’t say stop he even gets involved in the bashing.

        But of course shore whore and stumpy want Tre to back them up and defend them and go against her husband to protect her pathetic bitch of a brother…. Yeah right

        Again double standards.

        Yep if stumpy was my son Id be so proud of him and his shore whore.

        PPPHHLLEEZZ Give me a break

    • I watched the first look on bravo last night. Melissa, Joe, and Ritchie went in on Teresa’s marriage. Not on there are rumors or somethjng childish. They said flat out hurtful stuff. And now Melissa is crying for cause Gorga bitchass jumped and got her world shook. That’s his fault. He shouldn’t have charged Joe Giudice. He shouldn’t have trashed the hell out of his sister the way he did on that bus. It reminds me of what my mother says, “be careful of how you treat people. You never know who you’ll have to ask for help from.”

      • That First Look scene made me so angry.

        Melissa is a piece of sh*t! I love the way the camera caught her whispering such nasty things in Joey’s ear about Teresa and about Teresa’s marriage.

        Richie is a total a*shole too. That scene did him no favors.

        The only one who came out looking like a halfway decent person in that scene was Rosie. She was the only person who seemed sincere about trying to work things out at the retreat, and she really did look a little irritated about the fact that Melissa and Richie were making nasty comments about Teresa’s marriage. She even basically told them that what they were saying wasn’t cool.

        I did LMAO at the end with Joe Giudice, though. The way he told the story about Jac Daniels texting him, called her a “whack job” and asked “What is WRONG with this person?!” was hilarious (and so true). IMO, Jac still wants Joe to be friends with Teresa so she can have an “in” on Teresa’s personal business (so she can continue to give Radar Online stories and keep up with what is going on with the object of her OBSESSION: Teresa. Jac is a stone cold LUNATIC! I wish Teresa could take out a restraining order on her. That’s how obsessive, unhinged and scary I think that crazy b*tch Jac is).

        • And Kathy because she and Rosie did say not to talk about their marriage. Ritchie big horse teeth ass came back with they have no marriage. All of this in the first ten minutes of the episode. And Melissa want what? She’s said, I won’t discuss Teresa’s marriage on tv. Why? I’m glad they caught her doing it. It proves, once again, Teresa wasn’t lying. She does whisper nasty things about Teresa in dumb ass Joe ear. They all give him a pass cause they all know he’s stupid ass fuck. I don’t blame Teresa one bit. I would’ve walked out and let Joe slaughter that dumbass ungrateful spineless asshole.

          • I didn’t realize Kathy said that. Thanks. Good for her too, then.

            The problem with Joey and Melissa is that they have all these people just backing them up and telling them what they want to hear (the Manzo’s, the Laurita’s, the Wakile’s). Nobody is telling them that they play a BIG part in this whole mess too.

            Melissa is a true SNAKE.

          • Melissa is too cheap and dumb to be called a snake. A snake is cunning and sly like a fox, that bitch is too dumb and unoriginal to be considered cunning. The proper name for that whore has not yet been called, other than cunt. She’s a sorry no good blow job in the parking lot performing spineless cunt. She wants Teresa to stand up for her. I wouldn’t wipe my ass with her.

        • So happy joe giudice kicked ass- not a fan of violence but I can’t imagine crying in front of my hubby every nite And him seeingu be so hurt n not soon n e thing

          • I’m telling you now, my husband would’ve snapped A LONG DAMN TIME AGO and done a lot of touching. Yep you’re right. Imagine the position that Joe Giudice is in. He’s hearing someone he’s know his whole life bash the shit out of his wife and children. Say what the fuck you will about Joe Giudice, he does have his faults, but I think he’s the most authentic person on bravo. Caroline Manzo and her brood of tit babies, and Chris L. all agree that Joe is a great person, he just hates the cameras so he acts up. But what he did was no different from what anyone else would’ve done. He protected his family.

        • I agree. That fist look PROVES that they don’t want peace. They keep crying to Caroline and then completely flip. Talk about flipping switches Melissa…you are the one that goes from bitch to victim in seconds. I’m starting to have a little more respect for Rosie and Kathy because they may actually start to see the light. Melissa would love nothing more for Joe to hate his sister and for her to be victorious.

          • Rosie and Kathy would never see the good in Teresa. Kathy has always been jealous of Tre since they were young. Tre has always been the more prettier, popular one, and Kathy is far from it. Rosie may start to see things more clearly now, but I don’t think much of her. Every time I see her, I think of the reunion. That’s enough for me to never see the good in her.

        • Wow, Lola! I didn’t even see the first look, but I saw a bigger clip on StoopidHousewives.com. I laughed at Gorga getting his ass kicked! That little bitch deserved to get slaughtered. I have no remorse for him, and his whore wife is the most manipulative woman ever. Makes me mad, and I feel like body slamming her to the ground! Thank goodness she’s not my sister-in-law! My sister-in-law are cordial now that they live far from me, but can you imagine having a SIL who is like MeHo? My gosh… The horror! Slut MeHo would never take on Tre though! She’ll get crushed! HAHAHA! Oh, I would love to see that action.

          Teresa, you should have let your dumbass, punkass, crying little brother continue to get his ass beat! I would have just let my bro get what he deserved after how he spoke to Tre. My bro isn’t stupid or weak like Gorga though.

        • Hey Lola is so agree about MeHo!
          She is so transparent. IMO this is the true MeHo…instigating narcissistic psycho. I believe without a doubt they had to edit the shit out of her the last 2 seasons for her to get any fans. I don’t get how anyone can like this bitch. She is so blatantly obvious that she does NOT want to make-up with T.

        • I agree @Lola and @Andrea!! I wish they actually showed her whispering to blame on editing in future retractions, tho! No doubt that was Melissa’s voice.

          Hey, if they keep showing us half of the show in previews, they have to realize that viewership will go down. They’ve basically shown half of show!

          • Actually, I think this will be their highest rated show. So many people want to see Joe defend his wife from the verbal abuse. I just don’t understand how a brother can be so mean.

            I really feel sorry for that family.

        • I so AGREE with you “Lola” you are so 100% RIGHT about it all and yes I did see Messy-Mel right in her Husband’s EAR talking about Teresa and her Marriage , Could you see her at Home with Little Boy Joey TALKING ALL KINDA BS ABOUT TERESA AN TERESA’s whole FAMILY…. I so could in the biggest way !!!!!!!!

      • If my brother talked shit to me like that I would be encouraging my husband to beat his punk ass!

    • I think she knew Slojo would get his ass kicked. If Teresa had touched either of them she would have been said to be helping JoeGu beat her brother.

    • Did he really bit his balls or did he grab them, if he bit them I wouldn’t be able to live that down. Hell going for them I wouldn’t be able to either.

      • That was a total bitch move, going for his nuts. Please! If you’re going to fight, fight like a man. I’m surprised he didn’t scratch his face and pull his hair like some women do!

      • Didn’t we see Richie go grab for Juicys balls last season?

        Wonder what Juicy has that both those (men?) want to bite and/or grab???

      • “BUCK” Little Boy Joey really Really BIT Teresa’s Husband’s BALLS that’s no LIE THAT’S EXACTLY what happen for sure ..

    • He bit juicy’s nuts..lollollollololo…..I cannot stop laughing. Juicy joe you rule….
      Gorilla joe is a p.o.s……trouble making p.o.s.. I want an instant reply…..oh! I can play it 10 times ans L.M.F.A.Of. That was better than the table flipping. Oh I cannot wait for Sunday nite…….popcorn anyone?

      • bet juicy had levis on,thats why poison joe could do much damage to juicy’s balls. ho[e juicy went and got a rabies shot

    • I knew that Shady melissas colors would come out and shes writing a book lmao this is the book to tell how she p whipped her hubby to control him and get him to do what she wants but I just wonder will Caraline see will kathy finally be her family will they stick up for Teresa I would love to see Rosie get Melissa if everybody will show Melissas hubby that Melissa is the problem will he acknowledge that would be a no Melissa admits sexy life devoted wife just know shes a slut trouble makin scum she talks in front of her kids abiut Teresa and her daughter facial expressions show she dont like it and she loves her cousins too I wish Melissa would just get lost cant stand her!!! She is a hoe and Teresa hasnt done nothin to her!!! Melissas the scum not Teresa