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Kathy Wakile Lands A Desserts Cookbook Deal!


Another cookbook in the family! Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Kathy Wakile is the latest Housewife to land a book deal, and thank GOD she will not be dishing out advice or pretending to for some cash. Instead, she is going to be sharing her dessert recipes and making sure her fans have new ways to “indulge” in their life.

OK! Magazine reports, “Kathy will publish INDULGE: Delicious Little Desserts—75 Recipes that Keep Life Real Sweet with St. Martin’s Press. The book will be full of easy, ‘user-friendly’ recipes for families or just anyone having a craving.”

OK! quotes Kathy:

“Sometimes I see really skinny girls. They may look great, but they’re not happy. Have a cupcake, or I’ll make you some cookies, honey. Indulge. It’s not gonna kill you.”

Is that her way of preventing the comparisons to Teresa Giudice’s ‘Skinny Italian’ brand?

Kathy already has her Dolci Della Dea cannoli kit sold with QVC and her red velvet dessert cosmo, so this cookbook seems just right for her.

Congratulations to Kathy! Her desserts look deliciously amazing all the time. But I can’t get myself to support her husband.

Will you be purchasing her cookbook?

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  • What is with all the negativity. Congrats to kathy!!! Obviously someone seen something in her. And besides all the HW get some kind of sucess from having this platform from the show. Kuddos to all of them!!! Its is def a oppurtunity i wish i could have.

  • I don’t like Kathy she is very sneaky and fake. But everybody deserves to have something so Congrats on her book deal maybe she can change and repair her relationship with her cousin. As everyone has said at least its not a dumb book like Mellisa and Caroline write.

    • Agreed! I lost respect for her after her comments about her uncle. I was happy she apologized and hopefully they can work through their family issues.

      I am happy she is releasing her book and I wish her well.

      I also think both ladies can cook and if not I really don’t care. Just bought Teresa’s latesr book since it is perfect for the summer.

  • I’m happy happy happy, oh fishy one. I remember seeing all of the recipes that fishy had cut out in a cookbook she had. I wonder if she is going to fudge these same recipes up and call them her own. No thank you fishy don’t want anything from you. Just go away.

    • come to think of it illegally to publish something that has already been published without getting the authors peso.permission.

      Oh yeah she tweaks them so she says

  • Kathy should not be standing next to the poster of her cannoli kit. She is so touched up on that poster she is unrecognizable, she actually looks very pretty in it. I would never believe that the woman standing next to that poster is actually the woman IN the poster.

  • I forgot abt richie throwng her book in the garbage maybe I’ll go to kathys book signing and do tht in front of richie. Lol. Then no way will I even consider buying iit. Its sad cause I think there is more to kathy but now I’m not so sure. They had a dinner in napervill 2001 and only 25 pl came. They didn’t even fill the restaurant and it cost more to fly them thr and lodging then they made.same with josphine and messy. Huge failure.

  • I for one won’t buy her book, but I did buy Teresa’s and they are very good! Love the recipe for Joe’s Juicy balls so does Joe Gorga obviously!

    • @hwcrazygal I have all 4 also. Can’t STOP Laughing for real, that was absolutely hysterical.

    • GooD GOd! How can you even eat something that is named after that name calling fat, disgusting pig of a husband. Juicy makes me want to hurl

      • you should ask bitch boy joey gorga how they taste. he did munch on them when joe guidice was kicking his puny little ass.

  • The reason I won’t buy or support her book is because of how she got the deal for the book. I am sure Tre would have backed her. But her and her family did not have to come on the show and do what they have done to Tre and her family the last two years. How can we forget when her husband threw Tre’s book in the garbage.
    By the way Meho’s book is on pre-order on Amazon. Any takers? NOT!!

    • I agree. I also dislike that Kathy felt the need to seemingly insult women who are “skinny” either naturally or because they work at it. Why open your philosophy to potential buyers with a slam at the exact market you claim could benefit from your product? If a “skinny” girl needs to “indulge” i.e. try one of Kathy’s recipes to “be happy” then that is a negative way to convince us. I value my health and I don’t need to “indulge” in Kathy’s condescension to be happy.

      • she did slam skinny women but I think she was trying to slam Teresa’s skinny cookbook. whatever she tried to do it backfired. she just alienated half of her little skinny 5 fans.

        • rukidding

          I actually made a comment about her dig about skinny women coz Im thin.

          I eat like. a horse, just my genes i suppose.

          I made the comment coz if anyone EVER refers to so being overweight they get bashed verbally.

          So i was just pointing out that there is double standards and it sucks i hate the fact people automatically assume I don’t eat or i have an eating disorder.

          And Im certainly not a Kathy fan

        • I took it as a dig at Teresa’s cookbook too. Maybe it wasn’t, but when somebody is so passive aggressive by nature, most comments they make seem suspicious.

          She really screwed up. If she had acted like a real cousin to Teresa, I’m sure she would have a much better shot at being successful. She just alienated so many people for the last few years, and in my opinion, sealed the deal at the reunion.

          • lipojac

            were you commenting to my post?

            well maybe i do come from horse stock LOL

            BUT make no mistake Im certainly on Melissa fan or support in anyway

  • Good Luck Katfish! It is just to bad that you allowed your jealousy of your cousin to lead to some horrible choices when you came on the show. You have been slamming your cousin and her parents for nothing. Teresa told you the first season that you all could have worked together to make to most the most of your experience on the show but you went with Slojo and Messy and Sleazy Rich that Teresa was trying to hold you down. You were right when you said the pie was big enough for you all to get a slice. It is all in how you slice it. If you were to admit that you picked the wrong means to get your slice of the pie, some of the Tre Soliders may buy your book. Hi Sleazy Rich, we know you read this blog.

    • What is with the “WE” crap? If you don’t support Kathy, WHY ARE YOU ON HERE??? Go to Teresa’s blog and suck butt there!

      • hey lola you are not in charge in who can say what in a thread. you Teresa haters love going to the Teresa threads to bash her well Teresa fans can do the same. don’t like it? tough cookies.

      • STFU

        This is blog anyone can post their opinion.

        Who gives a shit if the post is about Kathy.

        If it were about Teresa all the Teresa haters would come in droves.

        By the way if you read the title of the whole blog it’s called all about the real HW.

        Is Kathy not a NJHW

        • They still are hating on her in this article, LOL and yes, its supposed to be about Kathy. They just cannot help themselves.

        • But I agree Summer, and I get your point. Hate when meanies come here and try to dictate to us… PFFFT…

          • michers

            what’s wrong with these people and yes even this blog is about Kathy they still have something hateful to say about Tre.

            I really think their obsession with Tre is just nuts.

            Maybe they really love her deep down inside LOL

    • Michers

      so true i also think the same thing as you just posted.

      And like you i will not and never could like bitchy Richie he’s just vulgar and sleazy, i can’t believe how if talks about and to women and hrs comments on underage girls is really sick YUCK

  • Now it makes sense!!! I thought for a minute she actually gave a shit about her cousin! Now we hear about a book.. what a coincidence. In the preview for Sunday, Kathy tried to seem like she was telling Stumpy that was not nice to call Teresa scum.. I should have known better to believe she was being authentic for a minute. Always a motive with these goons…

    • She tried to seem like she was saying something ? lol That actually make me laugh how do you try to seem like you are saying something… was she miming ? or just mouthing the words but nothing else was coming out …please do tell.

      • oh i think you know what michers means.

        If you’re trying to be funny you’re not

        *Michers good point yes i also thought or the better word would be sucked in that Kathy had a decent bone in her and actually thought it wrong of stumpy to call his sis a scum.

        But it’s all an act. She’s trying to get more fans so she can make book sales.

        She really is a snake.

        Good pick up michers

      • Ok ball buster. I think you get it- what I meant! Geeze.. She tried to come across/seem like she cared about Teresa, defending her for a minute. Then again with Kathy she often does have that look of her mouth trying to move and nothing comes out.

      • I know exactly what he/she was implying, although poorly phrased the point is not in making fun of his choice of words but in that Michers chooses to not believe an act that was clearly done with calculation of premeditation just because he/she refuses to se the obvious (blinded by hatred for Kathy… or more appropriately love for Teresa).

        Kathy didn’t try to say anything. She said it and its not the first time she has said she did not agree with Melissa or Joe or anybody else on the cast. Michers’ implication that Kathy only disagreed with Joe because she had a book deal coming up is ridiculous do we even know at that time the book deal was already in motion? No we do not. You know what they say about those who assume right ?

        Now Michers Why I gotta be a B???? lol

        • Not really. Kathy had how long to finally use her big girl words? She is related by blood. To me, her choosing to do that now tells me she just may very well had a motive- its her fault that some perceive her that way not mine. I actually complimented Kathy when I first saw the clip. I used to think there was hope the last 2 seasons because I thought I saw glimpses of a heart with here, more so than others on the show especially out of the “family”. I never had blind hatred for Kathy BUT I do not really like how she chose to remain on the show. I even felt bad for her because of her icky hubby! I guess overall I would say that I thought she would use her voice many other times when a group, not just JoeGo , was humiliating Teresa and/or trashing her. I hope that I am wrong and she was NOT only saying something now because of her dessert book. When has Kathy EVER stuck up for Teresa or said something against the majority on that show? It has nothing to do with assuming. It has to do with how Kathy has projected herself to the viewers.

          • michers, i concur. the minute kathy seemed to “side” with teresa was so fake to me. i knew she and her botzo sister are up to something – like a trashy dessert cookbook. no way i’m going to buy anything she puts out!

          • Thank you lipo!!
            At times I have been on the fence with Kathy. I wanted to like her. She just kept proving time and again every week why I cannot fully “like” her.Her husband just makes it worse. And the fact that she is the older cousin, and has allowed everyone to include herself, to bash Teresa for 2 seasons and say NOTHING makes me a little suspicious now.

          • @michers

            I really think Tre and Kathy genuinely dislike each other and have since long before RHONJ. I think their dislike for each other comes out even when “they’re trying to be nice”

            For me, I think they’re both going along with it because Bravo says they have to.

          • rhfan- you may be right, IDK. To me it seemed if that is the case, Kathy did not end up disliking Teresa on her own. And you can tell Rosie and Teresa still have family ties. I think , IMO, Richie talked too much and “hated” on Teresa for so long, Kathy started doing it. He is a twisted perv; I dont care what anyone says

    • Even tho she called out Josey for calling T scum, I couldn’t in good conscience buy her book after the years she has spent dissin T and allowing her creepazz husband to run his foul foul mouth. If Andy’s book is any barometer of the quality of St. Martin’s Press, forgedaboutit. His book was a painful read and I returned it to my daughter who gave it to me jokingly. And Carowhine’s book tanked, we know Messy’s will tank……………thanks T for giving us a chance but our hatred of you BACKFIRED.

    • September

      Looks like she has only a handful on here.

      Ry just called us tacky for liking Teresa and apparently we’re tacky for someone who doesn’t even no us personally.

      I find that very tacky and talk about double standards

  • That “quote” from OK magazine is something Kathy said on one of her talking head interviews! Wow! these tabloids are getting really messy with their “exclusives”

  • I just don’t get all of th Tree love. She’s unintelligent, can’t speak, has an oily/cheating husband that calls her awful names (probably because they are true), and has bratty children. Plus, she can’t dress herself in spite of going to fashion school. I have disliked her since the 1st season, throwing around tens of thousands of dollars in cash “because the economy is bad”. She’s an idiot.

    • The name calling was totally edited! Any intelligent person can tell that Bravo manipulates the viewers with their sloppy editing!!!!

        • Lisa

          Brains aren’t everything. In fact, in your case they’re nothing.

          by the way, everything you said about Teresa and her husband is exactly the same things you can say about Melissa and her bitch boy husband.

          • Love when ignorant fools act like Billy Bad asses on a gossip blog. How. Friggin’. Hilarious.

    • I don’t understand it either. I find all these women, including Teresa, to be quite tacky. Teresa is NO better or more likable than any of them.

    • Oh lisa are u mad that your sister horseyface is not doing so great with her fake singing career or that her d i c k sucking book is a failure???oh are u mad that she cant afford to pay you anymore for staying with those kids that love kicking each other in the head yeah just shut up cuz your stupid!!!love vicki

    • Hmmmmm, I can’t help but dissect your comment. First off, I believe that all of the NJ housewives are borderline slow, probably their IQ would have put them in special ed classes in the day. Also, I love how everyone accuses Joe Guidice of cheating with absolutely no proof whatsoever, but when Caroline ADMITTED that Al cheated on her that was, of course because it’s Bravo, swept under the rug. So Teresa can’t dress herself despite going to fashion school? Melissa can’t write a coherent sentence on her own on twitter, in her blog, on Facebook despite having gone to college (or so she says). Overspending when they don’t have it. Oh yea, Teresa is the only one who does that. I still see Melissa all over town in her borrowed Bently while I know people who have been in her house and have said it is virtually empty of furniture.

    • Oh, and one more thing Lisa. What is wrong with Teresa “throwing around tens of thousand of dollars in cash because as she said ‘because the economy is bad'”? That economic concept, in a very large nutshell is Ronald Regan’s trickle down economics. Giving the rich tax breaks to encourage them to spend so the economy will be stimulated which will eventually trickle down to the middle, and lower classes. The Regan Presidential terms (2) were some of the most prosperous in our country’s history Pretty much what Teresa was saying but unable to verbalize which is usually her case. You, however, like most people of lower-intelligence just resort to name calling when they don’t understand something (calling her an idiot).

      • I get what you’re saying and understand the concept. I think maybe Tre’s efforts would have been better received had they not been in severe debt at the time.

  • Good for Kathy…but if I was going to by a Dessert Cook Book from a Bravolebrity…it would Johnny Iuzzini’s.

  • Advice to Teresa – Give this loser book a half hearted shout out on twitter, and then ignore completely forevermore. Damn it with faint praise. It will tank.

    • Teresa doesn’t have to promote Kathy’s book. As I recall, Richie threw one of Teresa’s cookbooks in the trash (on camera). Teresa has some of the most lowlife relatives I have ever seen.

  • Kathy is a real baker and her desserts look amazing so good for her. There is no question that she can actually bake.

    • She’s a hairdresser. I doubt she bakes any better than anybody else. She just saw that Teresa made money from cookbooks, so she’s doing a cookbook too. UGH…

      • Well Tre was in fashion and loads her shopping cart up with Eggos and other heat n eat foods; her books sold. I guess a hairdresser might have a shot of selling a few books too.

        • Too bad the hairdresser decided to trash her cousin, aunt, and uncle on national TV just to get that book deal.

          #lowclass #loser

  • If Kathy totally focused on her baking talent from this point forward that’s a storyline I’d watch. I’d like to see Kat redeem herself and become successful in her own right.

    Bravo barely explored T’s home cookery, sadly she was far to busy defending the fact that she had a published cookbook.

    Teresa has made the most from her opportunity on the Housewives. Unfortunately the others have squandered theirs. JMO

  • Congrats, Kathy! Here’s hoping you make enough money to kick Richie to the curb and upgrade yourself to a good man.

  • I’m not crazy about Kathy, but she has the much more sense than Jac or Melissa. A dessert cook book makes sense for her. Good choice Kathy. I hope she leaves Richie at home when she does a book tour. He does not know how to conduct himself in respectable manner.

  • I’m so tired of these nobody, no talent housewives Hawking (spelling?) their goods and making money off of us fools who watch them. Although Kathy probably has some good recipes all I would see is a the giant fish and dessert would smell and taste like fish to me.

  • I can’t support this woman’s endeavors because of the shameless route she took to get it. That goes double for Melissa, Caroline and Jacqueline.

    • ITA! I don’t watch the show but the small clips here and at Famewhorgas. They make me sick to my stomach. Purchasing anything these evil women hustle would let evil into my home. Love Teresa’s books they ate wonderful! I have all 4 of them.

    • Heather and Marty- Y’all about summed it up. They were shameless and tried to destroy someone at their weakest. Sick.

  • Well, as a diabetic, I have no interest at all in her cookbook, but congratulations to her on opting for something that she actually has expertise in. She seems smart enough to know what she does not know and instead will focus on what she does know – baking.

    It’s the hubris of advice books coming from people whose lives are really a mess – Caroline Manzo and Melissa Gorga – that confound me. A happy marriage would include happy relationships with in-laws, so Melissa is a failure. Caroline has the gall to give advice on everything from marriage to child-rearing to family dynamics – while she has deficits in every single one of those categories. So, good for Kathy for not pretending she has anything useful to tell us on anything but cooking.

    • Hi Cajsa! I too am a diabetic so have no interest in her cookbook either. Her stuff does look tempting though! You are right. She at least is selling something she is truly talented and passionate about. Those other two clowns you mentioned writing books on advice? I just think how very arrogant of them! I hope Kathys book does well. Caroline and Melissa can go scratch! (Whatever that means!)

      • In the deep south (and I mean deep) where I come from we are fond of saying “go scratch your mad place and smell your finger”. I think “go scratch” has a similar meaning but then again I am FAR removed to Italian Americans living in New Jersey! Lol

      • cajsa

        My dad was a diabetic i used to make him sweets using equal, it’s not exactly the same a sugar but he had such a sweet tooth god love him rest his soul he passed away 3yrs ago due to his kidneys shutting down from his diabetes.

        So good for both of you for showing restraint. God bless you.

        Believe me it’s not worth it i was my dad suffer and I’ll never forget the day if passed i live it everyday if passed away in my arms oh Im getting emotional and cry everytime. on a daily basis

        Sending you both hugs

        • sandy

          just like you i have no idea what that saying means “go scratch”

          Never heard it before watch NJHW but i use it at times now lol

          • I’m assuming its a shortened version of “go scratch your ass” which I heard growing up.

  • I won’t support – she is selling her soul for fame and perhaps some fortune – Can’t respect that…maybe if she came on the show respecting and supporting her family – I could buy – but I will not support her methods, they disgust me!

  • Sorry, I have over 200 cookbooks, (mostly collectors)don’t need anymore of them ! But I do have all 4 of Teresa’s 🙂 Didn’t buy Carolines & won’t buy Melisas either, but if Teresa writes a new one I’ll support her 🙂

    • Omg you have classics? I’m fascinated. Wht I ur oldest book? Mine is 1876 a small book from italy. I’m really curious. I love the classics bc nobody cooks like tht anymore. Do u have any old cake receipes. I’m always looking for tose.

      • yep nothing beats old style cooking.

        but when you’re a working HW or not a HW it’s just quick and easy recipes like stir frys but even their very tasty and healthy

        • I agree. however whn i mske a cake its akl by scratch. im diabetic so i cant have much sugar and processed foods so i cook frm scratch. however my crock pot gets akot of use. lol

  • I think now that Kathy is well on her way to financial independence, she should run with any business venture she wants. No joke.

    I also believe it is time for Kathy to say:

    Thanks Teresa, I have been able to reach financial independence with your help.

    All Kathy had to do is crap on Teresa-on national TV
    Allow Jac to screech at Teresa – on national TV
    Call Teresa’s dad coward- on national TV

    Quit RHNJ and your business will flourish, then perhaps you can use your free time to apologize to Teresa and be her cheerleader.

    • and Danielle Staub made Teresa famous. Go back to season 1-Teresa only became a big hit once she flipped the table and started acting like an animal towards the provocative Staub. None of these women became famous for positive reasons. Let’s keep it real.

      • You fail to see the BIG DIFFERENCE. Kathy Wakile maligned to get on the show with Teresa, her own flesh and blood to “get a piece of the pie” all the while attempting to tear her down. IMO, she and her husband are both DISGUSTING. It doesn’t get any more real than that,

        • we don’t know everything behind the scenes or their family history before the show. Teresa must not be well-liked by certain members of her family for them to agree to this. It can’t be just “jealousy”-I’m sure there are more reasons but that’s not the topic of this thread.

          • You are right, Katfish said in a TH that Teresa was always the family favorite when growing up. She also said that Rich always paid attention to Teresa (when she was 16), and Teresa was the only cousin of age not in Katfish’s wedding. Like you wrote this is not the thread for that.


          • NO- Kathy is on the show because she AGREED to be on the show… and whether or not Andy likes them is meaningless. The bottom line is Andy picked both Kathy and Melissa to join the show because he knew there was a conflict with Teresa. The only two story lines Kathy has is (1) tear down Teresa and (2) follow Rosie around. Kathy has nothing to offer other than that. PERIOD! As long as the story line continues in the bash Teresa direction, Kathy will have a job. After that is over, IMO, she’ll be gone.

      • It was Teresa’s quirky, feisty personality that people are attracted to, along with her adorable, witty girls. These other women, especially Kathy, do not have the appeal Teresa, or her family have.

          • they’re little kids. they’re allowed to have fun. when they get to be the manzo’s and Ashley’s age then you can say something about that. for now they’re just acting like normal kids. get a grip..the way you are acting i’m sure you were not sunshine either.

  • Everything that she bakes can be found online for free. She herself says she googles recipes.

    • So she has to count on people wanting to buy something from HER to get the sales figures. I certainly didn’t buy Teresa’s books for the recipes. I wanted to support her and read her cute family stories.

  • Stock yo pantry with tuna everyone Katfish is writin a dessert cookbook! How to turn fish into dessert 101 by Katfish Wakile.

    @ Ugly Truth your right about her being so damn ugly I really enjoyed that she was a baker and her desserts were impressive but she left that by the wayside in order to take down Teresa. If only she had stayed true to her God given talent I more than likely would have have bought her book. Now not a chance in hell.

      • How is this riding Teresa’s coattails?

        She obviously is very good at baking and has been since long before RHONJ.

          • Emily. Thrwasnt areply button on Kathys Cannolis. My neighbor bought them frm QVC. When she got them I said let’s do a comparison of mine and hers bc I bake professionally part time. I make cakes big cakes like wedding cakes and monster cakes. Its my hobby for 30 years. S we did at a neighbor party. Mine won. Kathy were good but they didn’t taste fresh. However they were god and I told everyone her flavor was good but I personnelly think nothing beats fresh. But again at 45 dollars fo how much u get was expensive. As for a cookbook I’ve been baking for so long I stil do the old fashion think flour sugar etc…. I google receipes and I have my grandmothers old italy and sweden cookbooks when they were young. Those r classics. Kathy did say she googles receipes and tweak them so if thts the case why buy a book when I can do tht as well. I don’t buy other hws stuff bc I don’t have an interest however I do have all of tres because I do want to hep her pay of her bills. I help ayone in need and I felt she tol her story and I helped.

        • the only reason Kathy Wakile is even a name a few people recognize is because of Teresa, thus my “coat tails” comment, geez it’s no fun if you have to spell everything out to the Marcos! And a cookbook? so original, NOT!

          • Exactly. She would still be a hairdresser or whatever if not joining forces with Joe and Melissa Marco. And none of us would be suffering with the Marcos and Wakiles if Teresa was not the unexpected breakout star of RHONJ.

          • Lola

            what the hell does Teresas having Boobs got anything to do with the thread you were responding to or this post in general.

            Well the same could be said about all the housewives they’ve all had some sort of plastic surgery shit jax just had a neck lift and a tummy tuck.

            Look at the before pics of Melissa before she came on the show.

            Kathy had a nose job last season.

            And your point is?

        • just because something looks good doesn’t mean it taste good.

          As for riding on Teresa coat tail. Kathy wouldn’t have the opportunity to wright her book she got that opportunity to wright it coz she’s on the show.

          If fact all the HW wouldn’t have had chance if they weren’t on a tv show

        • Hey Lola- no shit! She addressed getting boob s on the show, and went for surgery on the show. Wow. You are a bright one, eh?
          And really- what the hell do boobs have to dow with this?

      • Regarding “coat tail riding”, all the HWs do it, in one way or another. None of these ladies would have their projects without Bravo. Regardless of how/why she came on the show, at least K is trying to capitlalize on what she has left of her 15 min.

        One more point about coat tails, I remember Tre being accused of riding Bethany’s coat tails. After the release of “Skinny Italian” many said Tre was trying to piggyback off of the success off SkinnyGirl. Andy asked B about on WWHL, her reply was something about imitation being the highest form of flattery, etc.

        Intentional or not, I notice her subsequent book titles are totally different.

        • I really hated that she had to use ” Skinny”, but I also really believe that Bravo forced that title. Aways though that. Then when Andy’s little BFF Beth got her panties bunched, it was a slightly different tune.

        • bethanny doesn’t own the word “skinny”. so anyone can use that on their cookbooks, drinks, whatever. I see the ironic side to it because two bravo housewives using “skinny” for their merchandize but I think people were smart enough to know the difference and it obviously didn’t hurt bethanny’s sales. the gorgas and wakiles are definitely riding on Teresa’s coat tails because bravo was her thing and the gorgas and wakiles were jealous and wanted a piece of the action to get famous and make money. you hear them say many times that they were mad that they weren’t invited to some of the bravo events. if it wasn’t for Teresa being on the show then the gorgas and wakiles wouldn’t have a chance because andy wouldn’t have known who they were. it’s because of Teresa that andy wanted them on the show. more drama means more views and money for andy.

  • I honestly wouldn’t buy anything from any of these housewives. Although, I’d love to eat at Villa Blanca or SUR. I just liked the housewives better when they weren’t shoving products down my throat.

    • bratman

      i agree i don’t and won’t buy anything from coz HW.

      I love Teresa but why buy a cook book when i can look it up on the internet or go to my local library.

      As for a self help book please if i need any help for my marriage or my mental state Id see a professional not take advise from people who clearly have major issues in their own life that they can’t work out like adults.

      No thanks to anything any of the HW plug

    • Yes, I’m sure all of these *women* can bake. The question is can Kathy — a woman — bake better than the rest of us? The containers of Cool Whip in her/Bravo’s rented industrial kitchen made me think that she’s not any more talented or original than the rest of us non-published *women*, and that her true talent is in the presentation of her desserts. Which is fine — but all that glitters isn’t necessarily gold. Proof is in the pudding — literally in this case.

      • for sure. if she was that talented all along, she would’ve sold her items to market basket or gotten into catering like martha stewart did!

        • Good point: Market Basket would’ve been the most logical “first step”, wouldn’t it — if she was serious about forging a career path b/4 her kids hit college tuition age. This is a Bravo deal, plain and simple. And haven’t we seen Kathy baking in her kitchen, reading the recipe off a box or bag or something? I can do that, too! If only I were related to Teresa…

          • She eggmits that she finds her recipies on the internet because she likes to try new things. I gotta pay somebody to do that for me?

          • Is it fair to say Teresa also was not serious about cooking and her cookbooks since to this day she still does not know how to cook ?

      • I agree, using cool whip does not impress me. I typically don’t buy cookbooks that list it as an ingredient in their recipes.

        • just because stumpy said to hurt her in the gym that she can’t cook it means it’s true right?!

          Please stop with the BS.

          Even stumpy admit if said it to hurt her.

          So if she can’t cook as you claim then who cooked for their neighbours when sandy hit NJ.

          Oh yeah it was Teresa the evil witch that cooked for her neighbours in her own home.

          And she didn’t even advertise or brag about it, it was the neighbours and the people that she helped that made it public.

          Then she was asked about it.

          She didn’t go and video herself and juicy and her kids with a home video and put it on social media like the Gorgas and Manzo’s.

    • I can bake, too! I keep all my recipe’s in my head! Come to think of it I should write a cookbook! Oh, wait, I don’t have a celebrity cousin I can piggyback off of to help me get a book deal! Darn! Plus, I don’t have a disgusting, ugly pig of a husband who thinks he’s hot! Crap! That Kathy is one lucky lady to have a cousin that helped her out like she did!

      • rhfan


        Nah mate it wasn’t meant for you don’t know how it got down here.

        I was responding to someone who said that Teresa can’t cook.

        Just makes me laugh coz her stumpy roid brother said she can’t cook all the Marco and Wakile trolls just on the band wagon and believe it coz they’ve got nothing else to say.

        How many times have i seen her cook on the show and other shows.

        Im just not gonna bother anymore:-):-):-)

  • I’d check out her book….a good reciepe is a good reciepe. Don’t be such weenies / haters!

    • I won’t be for the mere fact that her husband is a disgusting pig on Twitter and attacks women. No thanks.

    • It’s true, a good recipe is a good recipe. However, a good recipe can be found in many other places.

      There’s no reason to support this money-hungry, hateful woman who lacks even a shred of loyalty to family and her insensitive, foul mouthed husband with MY hard earned money just for the sake of a “good recipe”.

      I’d rather keep my principles intact and NOT support such disgusting people.

      • Cendi

        I said it in an earlier thread and so have others.

        You can find any recipe and a good one at that on the internet just Google what you want.

        I wouldn’t waste my money buying her book either i only support charities and decent hard working honest people and i haven’t seen her be or do anything that’s nice.

        Except pretend to be old school and holier than thou BS whilst stirring the shit in the background.

        But she sure did show who the real Kathy is at the reunion

      • Money hungry??? Teresa and Joe were 11 million in debt till some of you gullible people started helping them out!!! Sheeple, Sheeple, Sheeple.

  • I am sure her desserts are good they do look so yummy when they are on the show. I really have nothing against Kathy but I really do think that she and the Gorga’s should be kissing Tre’s a$$ if it was not for Teresa they would not have the so called fame that they are receiving.

  • The desserts in Teresa’s book will do for me. While there is room for everyone…books especially cookbooks are Teresa’s thing and my family would never try to do something I was already doing and succeeding in. Another jerk move from those folks considered her “family.” I doubt many people will buy it or Melissa’s book.

    Plus the book thing is getting really old, nobody can get any more creative??

    • stay tuned for the Gorga sex tape which will be stolen from their safe (blamed on Teresa) and available for purchase soon.

        • Emily

          Eww no thanks i wouldn’t to watch those two at it.

          they’ll probably be fighting over who looks at the camera the most lol

          YUCK now i can’t get that image outta my head roid boy and shore whore YUCK YUCK YUCK LOL

    • just my opinion i never said it was fact @gone.

      Like i said i seemed half assed to me i certainly wouldn’t accept that apology.

      By the way again IMO if she were truly sorry for what she said why didn’t she go to the senior Gorgas and apologize to them.

      Im sorry on a tv show to me isn’t a sincere apology.

  • St Martin’s Press also published Andy Cohen’s book and they’re behind Melissa Gorga’s book. Group deal?

      • Just wanted to add that this Bravo orchestrated book deal should solidly inform us that they have no intention of getting rid of the Wakiles or Gorgas on season 6.

        I don’t particularly (currently) dislike Kathy. Its her Husband that is overly vile.

        On the preview of the party bus to the retreat she looks embarrassed as if she knows she picked the wrong side and doesn’t know how to fix it.

        If she wholeheartedly apologized publicly to Teresa, she could be likable.
        I take that back… post separation from RItchie, she could be likable.

        • You are so right. It’s a sweet deal for Bravo and St Martin’s. Cohen’s book sales created the opportunity to expand with a Bravo partnership, and Bravo gets a cut from each venture. Win/Win — but only if people buy Gorga and Wakile’s books.

        • That’s the same thing I thought. Does this mean she is guaranteed for season if that’s the case ughhhhhhh. I’m over all of them. They need to recast

          • Jan

            like you i hope katfish and bitchy Richie won’t be signed on next season.

            But IMO i think they will be.

            I also believe or should say Im hoping she gets sick of all the fakeness, the backstabbing and BS from the shore whore and stumpy and starts defending Teresa.

            But i can’t ever forget she called her sick uncle a coward and her aunt a fucking liar.

            But that apology IMO was not sincere she apologized and regret it cause she showed her true colors

        • Richie La Douche doesn’t deserve airspace on my planet. I wouldn’t spend a cent of my hard earned $ to see it land in his disgusting pocket by buying Katfish’s book.

          • Lola


            juicy doesn’t have to go to jail for you not to see him on the show.

            They hardly show him and he’s not interested on being on camera at every opportunity.

            I think you’re mistaking Joe Guidice for joey Gorga and Richie.

          • Lola

            If juicy goes to jail he may have to share a cell with his bitch BIL or Chris Laurita.

            You seen to forget the charges on them for assault.

            This isn’t the first outburst we’ve seen from roid boy and Chris is as shady as they come

            Like you wish juicy goes to jail.

            I hope they throw the book at stumpy and shady and it’s about time we started hearing about Chris’under handed business dealing.

            All in time it’ll all come out. KARMA baby

            Remember that Estelle

        • I agree with you she is probably uncomfortable in the bus… maybe it has to do with the fact that she regrets what she said about her uncle and aunt. She apologized right away but she is still carrying the guilt this season. I doubt it has anything to do with your precious Teresa…sorry

          Really ? She is required to separate from her husband and the father of her children to gain your approval… You whom she has probably never met and could care less about? By all means I am sure she is running to the courthouse pronto, I am sure she doesn’t want to miss out on this wonderful offering lol

          • Her apology was half assed

            IMO she carries she carries that guilt coz she showed her true colors who she really is at the reunion that’s what she’s sorry about

          • If she does indeed regret what she said about her aunt and uncle then it has everything to do with Teresa; those are her parents!

          • So let me guess this straight how do you know it was half assed ? @summer

            and @sugarplump regret is the operative word here. Forgiveness is what usually follows.

    • I was thinking the same thing! But of course Melissa is going to be so happy for Kathy… In Melissa’s eyes that only applies to Teresa.

  • Nope, no thanks, no room on my shelf…Got all Teresa’s books.

    Kathy shouldn’t have been so damn ugly, or else I might have been interested….too bad she thought Melissa, Caro, & Wako were the better team…fool!!!!

    • Agreed! She appears to have a slightly better attitude towards Teresa this season but for me, it’s MUCH too late. And let’s not forget, she called Teresa fans “Army of Idiots.” I will NEVER support this snake.

      • ugly truth

        she only has a better attitude towards Tre this season coz she’s writing a cookbook and wants it to sell.

        Always has a ulterior motive i don’t trust the bitch not after the reunion she showed me the real Kathy now she’s regretting it and trying to redeem herself hell no girl Im not falling for that shit being around bitches like you and i know how you operate

        Don’t get fooled by her guys

    • Exactly. I would have bought Kathy’s book, and even Melissa’s book, if they had not been such evil witches to Teresa. But today, after what I have seen of them, I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.

      • Teresa must love you for your support.I sure hope she has personally reached out to you and thanked you.. maybe she sent you a fruit basket… nothing else could explain your devoted hatred of people you don’t know out of misguided loyalty to someone you don’t know who is probably portraying an image on reality tv for a check

        • gone

          Im sure Melissa is also grateful to you has she reached out to you or sent you a fruit basket or maybe a copy of her book.

          What’s the title….How to be a slut

          I can’t remember coz Im not interested in buying a book that’s written by a women who’s been married for 8yrs that gives advise on how to manipulate your husband with sex

          • Melissa would most likely send those shitty sprinkle cookies Summer instead of a fruit basket. LOL

          • Why would Melissa do that ? I am not a supporter ? I don’t hate Teresa or anybody else Melissa might have a problem with, she is welcome to if she would like to… idc either way and it certainly wont make me change my opinion of the show and its characters.

            Have you read the book ? How do u know its about manipulating your husband with sex ? By all means do tell

        • First of all, I don’t hate anybody. Why should I expend my energy on them? And it isn’t blind either. They put themselves out there for people to see the good AND the bad and form their own opinions. And not only from an edited show, but how they behave off camera as well. Also, some of us live in the area. How do you know who knows who?

          • Yes shes said it on national tv and to her mom that a way to keep your marriage and for your man to come home to you every night is to have lots of sex and please him in bed not my words her words go back a few episodes.

            As for reading her book it’s not out yet, and i have no intention on reading my marriage is just fine and if i ever do have martial problems I’ll go to a professional.

            And good for you not chaining your mind or opinion on any of the cast i never implied you should.

            However it does seen to me that you do favour Melissa but its only my opinion :-):-)

        • How are those auto tuned itune horrors working for Melissa? I have a cat that can sing better.

        • Jpg

          oh your back.

          Teresa is the second highest paid HW on the franchise.

          And yes she is grateful to the people and fans for buying her books.

          She’s paid back all her debts thanks to all her hard work and did it alone without riding anyones boat tails.

          So my lovelys the jokes on you LMFAO

          • Summer, I have to agree with you. JPG and Estelle are so embarrassingly juvenile. They think that thanking us for paying Teresa’s bills is such a funny joke (and yes, I have all of her books). Yes, isn’t that the point of all of these housewives prostituting themselves out with all of their “products”? Oh yea, I forgot, what little profits Kathy made from her cannoli’s and cosmos, and the money Melissa made from her “music” and Caroline from her book all went to charity. Only Teresa is working to pay her bills. What idiots JPG and Estelle are, but at least they find each other funny.

        • Limeobeanstein

          Exactly Melissa, Kathy Caroline and Kathy or should i just say the three saints LMFAO more like the three hags from hell, yes they donated the sales of their products that they were trying to sell to charity.

          Seriously can these people think for one min that their precious shore whore, katfish mafia momma, are not the saints they think they are.

          If they did donate their proceeds to charity id keep my mouth shut in fact id even praise them even tho i can’t stand them.

          But Jpg and Estelle and a couple of other on here just love to hate on Teresa never mind if she does anything good they’ll always find a way to spin it to make her look bad.

          • michers

            LMAO you’re probably right she or should i say they probably do have all FOUR of Tre cookbooks

          • You all keep paying the thieving liar’s bills. Have at it.

            I don’t need this shit for brains “cookbooks”. I had a grandmother. #ZING

            morons 😀

      • JPG is correct. Teresa is grateful to her fans. She dedicated her fourth cookbook to her fans and friends, she expresses in her Bravo blog how happy her “family [she] can choose” makes her i.e. fans and friends, she follows the most amount of fans of all the RHONJ cast members on Twitter and she consistently interacts with such fans on a positive note. She gives quality time with each person/group at signings. Isn’t this fairly typical from someone whose career depends on the limelight? I fail to see how anyone should be either shocked or angry that supporting a celebrity… you know… pays their bills… I’ve heard that Melissa, Caroline and Jac are very sweet when interacting with fans- do those fans believe they are doing anything other than “paying their bills” by buying their products? Get real.

    • Good! Maybe Teresa and Juicy can go buy some more material things with the $$$ all of you loyal fans shelled out.

  • Snoooooze. No, I won’t buy her cookbook or Melissa’s joke of a book. How did Caroline’s book do anyway? I haven’t heard anything about it?

  • Good for her! She’s the nicest one of the bunch. ALso, nothing is wrong with her legs and she looks fantastic!
    I hope she outsells all of the housewives!
    Teresa must be steaming. lol

    • Funniest review on amazon about Caroline’s book: “let me tell you something, a lot of trees died in vain for this book”. Lmao

    • Oh, stop Mrs. C….one of the nicest? Seriously? She called her Uncle a coward and her Aunt a f’n liar and never shuts her skanky husband up when he spews his hatred towards Teresa and other outrageous remarks. Good for her, but I’m not buying it. I’ll make my own deserts or buy them, thank you very much.

    • I doubt if Teresa is “steaming”. She has no reason to even care. It’s not like the few books that Kathy will sell will have any effect on Teresa. I doubt if she gives two shits about this dessert cookbook.

    • Mrs_C

      why would Teresa be seething she has four cookbooks published and on the best sellers list.

      You don’t make any sense

      • It’s obvious she’s seething just by reading most of the hateful comments on this page.

        And I wish people would stop picking on Richie. Personally, I think he’s funny. 🙂

        • Estelle

          Teresa is posting anything on this blog.

          However it’s been proven that the Marcos have posted and made comments and even attacked people on here and they continue to read this blog.

          As for Richie you ok with him making rude and extremely disgusting comments boot underage girls and women in general.

          Do you have a low self esteem of yourself, or do you just condone such despicable behaviour from a man (and i use the word man) very loosely who’s almost 50yrs yrs old to speak about and to women the want if does.

          If you do then IMO you’re also a disgrace to women and quiet frankly as your precious joey Marco would say SCUM

    • This woman is shady. She fronts as this nice, sweet woman, when in reality is scheming two-faced bitch. You will never convince me she is anything but the hard, hurtful, disrespectful woman that was shown at the last reunion.

      • Why do some people seem to not be able to recognize that she’s got a nasty side to her? I think she probably has some good qualities as well, but the way the Manzo boys and Gregg carried on with the “she’s like such a saint” bullshit was odd.

  • I suspect this is going to cause MAJOR drama on Teresa’s part. Teresa will of course slam this book as will her followers. Teresa can never be truely happy for anyone else and their successes.

    • Really? Teresa always tweets her fans to buy the other housewives products. From Kathy’s cannoli kits & velvet drink, to Melissa’s horrible songs on I-tune, to Andy’s book. So WTF are you talking about?

      • Teresa is supportive alright. Go buy my sister-in-law’s new song on iTunes.. .Melissa can’t sing…. I can sing too. Melissa gets a book deal for relationships here goes Teresa all of a sudden giving out her tips on a happy marriage. Countdown till she comes out with a skinny italian desert cookbook

        • Well, you know, Teresa DID start the cookbook train and a desert cookbook will complete the fabulicious series after ‘On the Grill”….

        • @gone

          As a matter of fact in an interview a couple actually while she was writing her 3rd book the reporter asked her if she’s planning to wright a desert cook book and her reply was my next book will be bout cooking on the grill and maybe I’ll wright a desert book you never no.

          that was over a yr ago before Kathy ever said anything bout writing a yr cook book.

          So maybe don’t you think Kathy got the idea from Teresa.

          Im happy for Kathy even tho she’s as boring as shit and a snake in the grass however i can be happy for people i don’t like

          Unlike all you Marco and Wakile fans can never be happy for Teresa and also find a away to or an excuse to blame her for everything and hate on her.

          So if Kathys book tanks i pretty sure you and the rest of the Marco Wakile fan club will somehow blame it on Teresa right?

          • No, I don’t think K got the idea from Tre. I remember Tre saying an all dessert cookbook would not sell. So Tre can’t say it was her idea.

          • In all honesty I could care less about any of the real housewives’ ventures. My hard earned dollars will go to someone with merit and experience in whatever it is the are talking about, Teresa is no chef, neither is Kathy and Caroline and Melissa are in no position to give anyone advice on marriage. I don’t blame anything on anyone i just point out the obvious based on the show. I do not go searching for hearsay and i take this show as it is presented period… for entertainment.

            Let me point out that deserts are obviously Kathy’s thing

        • Right, and it’s so funny when her friends call Kathy a fat ass and that she can’t fit through the gym door, and it’s also so funny when her husband refers to her sister in law as horsey face. Yes, she’s very supportive. She’s a gem!

          • Shiks, notice you said Teresa’s friends called Kathy a fat ass and her husband called Melissa horsey face. It wasn’t Teresa.

          • Sugar- does not matter. Everything is Teresa’s fault. I love how all is ok when Melissa, Stumpy, The Marco sisters, The Wakiles. Rosie, etc… can all do and say what they please , when they please about Teresa or anything concerning Teresa- its fine- they are allowed and there is a reason for it, LOL. Then these same people who believe that its ok, scream double standard and hypocrite on these damn threads when people favor Teresa…People who are friends with Teresa know the REAL Melissa, the real story so yes, they comment on those who hurt Teresa. She cannot control what other adults say. And saying something that is true, like someone having a fat ass- get over it! Yes, she had a fat ass! So its ok for them say negative things about Teresa but when its done to them I guess they don’t like it. Try taking it constantly from family friends for the last 2-3 years.

        • She had already mentioned her interest in deserts to Kathy when she and her disturbing husband Richie showed up at Teresa’s book signing. You remember the one where she accused Teresa or her mom, of stealing a recipe for a cookie that was featured in Teresa’s cookbook. Turned out, the cookie part of that recipe was not Teresa’s, but store bought, as stated in T’s recipe. All I remember is Kathy repeating, “oh, my mom’s cookies, oh, my mom’s… fill in the blank. She wont be getting a pass, or purchase from me.

    • Teresa has been supportive on social media of Kathys cannoli kit, so I am sure she will be fine. Obviously the Cannoli kit is a bust or she wouldn’t be swtiching ventures so soon.

    • I was actually wondering how Melissa will respond since she is writing a “real” book and cookbooks aren’t considered “real” to her. So Kathy should be offended by her comment about T’s cookbooks, Melissa’s snide comment now pertains to one of her “friends”.

    • Teresa has never ever slammed any of the dumb books that her idiot family and friends peddle. Her followers of course may, but that is not Teresa’s fault.

    • I thought Teresa encouraged her to write a dessert book. I’m a Teresa fan all the way, I don’t eat deserts bc of my stomach problems, I can eat fruit and granita. I think this is a natural evolve for Kathy.

      I hope she does well, it may help bring peace btw Teresa and her cousins.

      • No, Teresa pointed out that a lot of people are more conscious of eating healthy, and that she probably wouldn’t write a book that only had desert recipes.

        • Hey Chickensocks, I remember that episode. I was referring to an interview. I thought Teresa said, I hope she does write a desert book, bc she loves to bake.

          Maybe I was dreaming. Lol. In any case, hope Teresa goes forward with her own desert book, that does offer healthy alternatives, as opposed to butter, crisco, etc. I can only digest fruity stuff. I love tiramisu, tho!

          • Hey Laram, sorry, misunderstood. Not hard for me to do, unfortunately. Lol. Don’t think I saw that interview. Sounds like something T would say. She has always wished them well with their products. I think T would do a great job, she really seems to understand that market. Light refreshing deserts sound really good. I would buy it.

    • You should go up on the tread and see most of Teresa supporters are happy for Kathy. Not everything is an argument.

      • I don’t support people I don’t care for. Like my family always said, good personality goes a long way and someone that comes on a family members show to defame them doesn’t fit in with a good or good- hearted personality.

    • @Why, Teresa is the only in this cast who gives support to everyone. She has congratulated Katfish on her other efforts, Messy on her songs and book, Caroline on her efforts and Jacqaloon. She has done this when only Katfish has congratulated her on anything. Teresa has shown all of them support. They have not done the same.

        • And editing. Last time Teresa congratulated Melissa and Kathy after not speaking to her family, with production And twitter, she got slammed! But Jaq can text juicy per new episode!?

          I’m sure that Kathy, Rosie and Teresa text, including Melissa and Joey! C’mon. We may have been born at night, but not last night.

        • True, we don’t know about texts between family, but we have seen tweets, and Teresa has always been gracious to others and congratulated them on their new ventures.

          • Couldn’t agree more, Laram I think she is a good person, and strong as hell. she doesn’t sit home and cry about her troubles,(cough, Jax, cough), she rolls up her sleeves and gets to work. I gotta respect that.

    • Why are you buying in to this

      Sorry to burst your bubble but Teresa has NEVER slammed any of her cast member products.

      However her so called sis in law has slammed Teresa cook books.

      Teresa has always congratulated all of them on her twitter account and even asked her fans to buy their products.

      So please get your facts straight.

      • Yes, Teresa always congratulates them when they have something to promote. Not so much the other way around, though. Their silence screams of jealousy.

        BTW, anybody here with curly unmanageble hair (like me), should try Milania products. I was skeptical (having been let down one too many times by overpriced salon products), but I’m so happy with the results! My curly hair feels and looks great! If I couldn’t stand Teresa, I’d still be grateful for this 🙂

        • I can’t wait to order it! I’ve been wanting to since it came out. Moved to AZ, and thought the dry air would help, but the hard water has taken its toll! Good to hear your endorsement.

          I also use her cookbooks often!

  • Ain’t nobody buying this shit! That was mean, but true. At least I know that I wouldn’t. Kathy is one of my least favorite people in the cast. Snake in the grass… she disgusts me

      • And you have to be a Katfish fan. I highly doubt anyone is jealous of katfish. She’s hideous, fake, overweight, and has not done much with her life besides marry a liver lipped man with boobs.

        • LMFAO Steff! So funny, yet so true. That huge fish they had Xmas eve (season 3) looked like his twin brother!

          • LOL Vee, Steff and eggmitit. Great insights. Kathy is s snake in the grass. An underhanded instigator who can do with a bit of overt criticism. That book screams middle-aged woman without a proper job who has nothing better to do than hang out in suburbia and make congealing desserts. I hated the dessert table she once loaded up for Joe Gorga’s monkey-like attentions. Yuck. It looked like all sorts of bacterial compounds were lurking just beneath the surface. Much like Kathy’s aggression, always lurking just beneath the surface.

      • Really, so Teresa is the ONLY housewife who can write a cookbook. They are all Italian, Italians usually love to cook. Why is this such a stretch that Kathy would write a dessert cookbook? She’s on the show, get over it! It’s not called the Teresa Guidice Show!!! There was no problem with Caroline, Dina, and Jac all being on. No coattail issues there?? What’s they had to clear it by the Pope???? Good luck Kathy. Your husband is an idiot, your daughter had a brain tumor, you deserve something good in life.

        • Nowhere in my above statement did I promote Teresa’s cookbooks… I didn’t even mention her. I don’t like Kathy, I don’t have a sweet tooth, so I won’t buy her book. My money, my choice. I did acknowledge that my statement was mean, but I still don’t think it will sell well. From a marketing perspective it’s just not original.

        • Shiks, is this isn’t the Teresa show then why does the entire show revolve around her? It reminds me of the Brady Brunch when Jan yells, “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!!” I feel bored watching the show because it is so predictable that virtually anything of interest will center around Teresa.

          • It is predictable Heather, but who made it that way? The Jackholes who went on a hate spree for 2 seasons. I cannot believe they still behave this way. Im really disappointed that the same stale “everyone against Teresa” crap is going on. I hate when some come here and complain because Teresa did not do this! Her petty cast mates made things the way they are.

      • I’m not hateful or jealous! of what? I’ve accomplished everything in my personal life that I have set out to do! and I am not on a reality show so you don’t get to evaluate my personality because you do not know it! Just like I can like Teresa and you can like Kathy or whomever! It isn’t personal! Get a damn grip!

      • She sold her family out for a very little fame, a cannoli kit, and now a cookbook. I would never purchase anything from this woman.

      • ITA! They act like Teresa really cooks and writes books when it’s well know she does not even write her own blogs! LOL. Her own husband hates her and called a the C work on national tv! Sheeple will buy her fake books to keep her and her fat, lazy, hubby snug in that mansion they almost lost! All of you need to take a bow for getting them out of debt:)

        • you act like Melissa can sing and write. you do know Melissa can’t spell, right? she’s also a horrible wannabe singer. bitch boy joey gorga is illiterate so how in the world is he going to write a book? they will need 10 ghost writers to accomplish writing a single paragraph.

          Kathy can’t cook. those are Teresa’s mothers’ recipes and apparently Kathy likes buying storebought cookies and Melissa too.

        • you really want to talk about “ghetto” and “trash”? Melissa and joey stimulated a blow job on camera and in front of everyone. joey is always talking about his puny penis and rubbing it in people’s faces and there is even video of him fondling a transsexuals bare breasts and motorboating the boobs. he taught his cute little boy a masturbating gesture and recorded for everyone to see, he charged and attacked joe guidice, Melissa is a known thief, gold digger, and compulsive liar, rosie is a hoodrat and deranged animal, slimy Richie like’s to make comments about women’s bodies and about little teenage girls. the manzos are jerks themselves and mama manzo picks her own sons over her own daughter and has even called lauren fat and let’s not forget about drunk jac and her unstable ass.I have a long list to prove that the manzos, gorgas, lauritas and wakiles are trash.

        • wow Lola

          resorting to name calling people on a blog that you don’t even know
          “pure ghetto trailer trash”.

          So you’re also on here giving your opinion about your sainted Kathy.

          I suppose we can also consider you don’t”pure ghetto trailer trash” Seeing you’re on the same site making comments.

        • The only thing coming across as ghetto and trailer park, is you lola. #suziesunshine. And holy shit! Are YOU jealous of Teresa or what, LOL? My goodness your “blind hatred” and dedication you put in your comments all over this thread are almost like you are a scorned lover working out your anguish! Hi Jac 😉

    • Vee

      ITA she is a snake in the grass she pretends to be this peace maker and plays this innocent role but the majority of us on here and on other blogs can see through all her BS

      • I totally agree Summer. Katfish is the worst because of the reasons you stated above. She plays like she is so nice that you don’t actually see the knife coming at your back from her till it’s too late! lol!

        • kimoke


          Those people who condone her behaviour must me just as Coniving.

          Oh just plain old stupid and totally out of touch.

          • I agree with the out of touch thing! Attacking people you don’t know for commenting on someone who chooses to make their life public is a very far reach from sanity and reality. Now we’re ghetto trash? I’m sorry, but who is being downright nasty to strangers that they’ve never met and who is commenting on the personality of someone who has chosen to have their life filmed? I’ve never been nasty to someone on this site or any other, and trust me I never will be. Bless all of their hearts!

      • Exactly! People like Kathy are my least favorite kind of people! She throws the rock and hides her hand. She’s not sweet St. Kathy! This was proven in the season 4 reunion, that bitch got mean! If she wasn’t so passive aggressive I would probably be able to tolerate her! Caroline is not my favorite but I can tolerate her because she isn’t passive! I like to know exactly where I stand with people! You can never know with people like that!

        • Kathy is jealous of Teresa, always was & will always be. This isn’t something NEW, she’s likely been jealous of her cousin since childhood. I mean just by looks ALONE let alone the bodies & personalities. Kathy is ugly on the outside, she simply does the best she can with the help of makeup whereas Teresa never even needed makeup. Their husbands are EQUALLY gross people but as looks go, at least Juicy has a “look” some women like, Richie on the other hand is just not attractive AT ALL ugh their children are proof does anyone think Victoria is remotely cute? Her eyes slant DOWN the poor kid looks like she’s sad or crying even when she’s smiling. Look at Teresa’s kids, by far the prettiest of them all with Melissa’s coming in a very close second, of course, they have the Gorga blood. Personally, I feel (and this is just by observation) that Kathy has always been jealous of Teresa. Kathy is also very insecure in her own skin. Her nasty hubby doesn’t help either. WHO’S husband says he fantasizes about his wife’s cousins wife?!? (He said loud & clear in the stripping class that he fantasizes about Melissa!!!! GROSS!!) I’d like to see if Andy Cohen puts them on blast for that comment like he did with Joe Giudici’s phone call at the vineyard. Lets see if he asks Kathy how she felt when her husband said that. Ohhhh but he “was just kidding he’s a jokester” yeah yeah rrrright, pretty clever guise he has going. It’s exhausting when a family is jealous of you, I’ve been there, after years of that shit u are OVER IT, just like Teresa is over Kathy. She adores Rosie, of course, Rosie wasnt always a jealous manipulative cousin. They used to go out often before the girls married they’ve said. What’s it like when your cousin is getting so much more attention from all the guys?? You grow jealous & resentful, which is Kathy w/Teresa. The only thing I’m liking lately is Kathy’s CLEAR annoyance with Jacqueline & Melissathis season. If she continues this way I might acrually end up liking her! Before this season I just ignored her. Call them out & leave that gross husband behind & ill respect her.

        • Vee
          agree with all you said this name calling other bloggers and telling us to go on another blog coz this is a blog about Kathy is just too much, can’t help but laughter at their comments and really feel sorry for people who have so much hatred for people on this blog inc reality tv stars I’ve never stated that i hate any of the HW.

          I have said i don’t like them or their behaviour at the end of the day i don’t know there people personally so i give my OPINION. on how i ether don’t like or like their behaviour.

          I too don’t like resorting to name calling anyone on any blog exp i think I’ve recently told someone to STFU lol

  • Congrats to Kathy W … I think she is one of the sweetest of them all and her food always looks delicious ….

    • I’ll catch her book for 50 cent at good-will.
      Better yet that’s too much money to spent on her trashy husband.

      • Right next to Teresa’s cookbooks. And speaking of trashy husbands . . . Dating in Paterson, must have been tough!

    • I think she portrays herself as sweet, but her true character was shown at the last reunion.

      • I cannot stand the way katfish dresses her line backer body. Lady—- you don’t have a waist. Anyways, I am a baker and would not purchase this book in a million years. I hope this tanks, just like her cannoli kits.

          • Haha Her desserts look like stuff out of a betty Crocker cook book. I’d rather spend my money elsewhere. Kathy is a fatass and I hope this third attempt is an epic failure. Quite frankly, if I need dessert help or ideas I would rather go to the library and get French cook books. Kathy is a fake fat parrot. She needs to skip out on the desserts.

          • You are miserable, hateful, people with no lives to come on here and wish failure on her. Karma sucks, ya know?

          • Lola- get a grip. You are going hard all over this board for Kathy? Interesting. Especially with a hubby like Rich. Yes, please remind Kathy that karma does suck! After all she helped put her cousin through, it may come for her anytime now.

        • @Steff

          i used to own a bakery my ex husband was a pastry cook Shit husband great pastry cook lol.

          So i took some recipes off of his when we split but i had to work out calculate to make enough for about 10 people,

          I won’t be buying her book but if i see it in my bookstore or library I’ll have a glance.

          If i want a certain recipe i can just go to the internet free, easy and most recipes are great

    • yes, this should be congrats to Teresa because if it wasn’t for Teresa none of the gorgas and wakiles would be on the show trying to sell their useless crap. so credits all goes to Teresa.

  • Good for her. Her desserts always look really good. I can’t stand her so I won’t be buying it, but I might give it a glance on Amazon or something.

  • I do remember Teresa saying she wanted to make a dessert cookbook. Congrats to Kathy. Her desserts really do look good

      • I’m sure you’re real “happy” after you gorge yourself on all your cookies and cupcakes, Kathy. Have a salad, or I’ll make you one. Way to alienate your “skinny” market dumbass.

        • “Skinny girls aren’t happy. Skinny girls aren’t happy.” Repeat it to yourself as your morning mantra Kathy while scarfing down your pancakes and bacon. Meanwhile Twitchie can fantasize about MeGo and announce it to the world.

          • Btw Kathy I can not eat sugar. It makes me very sick. I’ve spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to find some relief. And I am not alone, but you are too busy peddling your ignorance to consider WHY some of us are skinny. I hope you never experience the annoyance, aggravation, and frustration that comes from such an illness.

          • I’m sure that quote from Kathy was something she actually said in a talking head on the show. Anyway, I do like Kathy – she seems ”real” compared to some of the others! Also, some of the comments on here regarding her weight are absolutely disgusting to read! I’m sure the people saying those things aren’t exactly supermodels themselves!

          • Katfish is just hitting on Monique’e running joke at skinny women are evil. Goodness it wasn’t personal toward you. Some skinny people do like unhappy.

          • For both of yyour posts,cableless: first send back those discs so some one else can watch them!. Second try splemda, the only thing I can’t do with tht or most other sweeteners is make jam or jelly. You can’t boil it at all but you can bake with it.I recomend purchasing @ Costco if you want to bake with it. Cost savings worth the membership price. And sugar is not why some people are fat and. Others are not.

          • This really pisses me off Im a very thin girl and Im very happy and i eat whatever i want just my genes i suppose.

            If anyone says anything bout overweight people they get crucified DOUBLE STANDARDS.

            Now can any of there famewhore hags and their husbands have an idea of their own i suppose not.

            They just keep riding Teresa boat coattail and copy her every move and thought and they say that Teresa is obsessed and jealous me them.

            So Melissa gonna say that katfish is not an author coz she writing a desert cookbook.

            Yeah love the under handed dig at Teresa cookbook skinny Italian have a seat bitch and thank Teresa coz if it wasn’t for her being on the show first you two backstabbing hags wouldn’t even have a platform to flog your crap and you certainly wouldn’t have the opportunity to write a cook book

          • @Summer:

            If anyone says anything bout overweight people they get crucified DOUBLE STANDARDS.

            Yes yes and yes. It’s total BULLSHIT.

          • scott, did you say Kathy seems “real”. she might be the most fakest person on the new jersey show. she’s just as manipulative, conniving, and backstabbing as Melissa but Kathy hides it very well and tries to come across as an innocent cousin that loves Teresa and her family so much. which is bullshit. Kathy schemed and clawed her way onto the show along with Melissa. I’m actually happy that Kathy got her book deal that’s the main reason she got on the show and she has to thank Teresa for that because if it wasn’t for Teresa Kathy’s happy ass wouldn’t be on the show.

        • Love the salad comment. I couldn’t agree more. In my opinion, she just doesn’t have the personality needed to push this in a book tour. Say what you will, but Teresa has personality to spare.

      • Why don’t YOU go away, over to Teresas blog if you are on here to hate! Teresa had her time to sell her cookbooks,and she doesn’t even cook! Let Kathy have hers!

        • Actually, lola, this blog is a perfect space for all who have an opinion. Stating an opinion does not automatically = spreading hate. You can agree and you can also disagree. Why do you believe Teresa cannot cook? She is a wife and a mother of four children. At least one of her parents (father) has chronic health issues relegating him quite frequently to the hospital, where I am sure his wife (Teresa’s mother) accompanies him. I don’t see Melissa writing any cookbooks yet I do not doubt that as a wife and the mother of three children (without the help of a nanny, chef, or even her extended family at times) that she is more than able to prepare a meal or many meals for either herself or her family. Let’s be real- you are accusing a cookbook author of not being able to cook based on zero evidence beyond hearsay pushed by aggressive cast members who dislike her and have ulterior motives when seemingly defaming her.

        • LOLA Kathy doesn’t cook!!! I mean have anyone one of us actually seen her cook her deserts? they’re already made and perfectly spread on the table. yeah, I call shenanigans.

          • never seen t cook either atleast not with out her mum, calm down people more than one house wife can have a book,also I think cathys comments were ment to be funny don’t take it so personal lol,im skinny I found it funny move on grow up its just a show

          • Jodie I’ll respond to your comment insofar as I saw her TH where she said this and it was condescending and patronizing. It wasn’t funny to me, and secondly you clearly are not as “skinny” as you claim if you haven’t been irritatingly hated on by someone with weight issues. Lastly, I reserve the right to say and feel and express whatever I choose without someone I’ve never met claiming I need to grow up. I believe that advice is better suited for you.

          • To Jodie: Are we watching the same show?!?!? I can’t even count the number of times I have seen Teresa cooking in the kitchen, subsequently followed by serving the food AND people actually eating it, ESP her children. Stumpy’s accusation was not only cruel but a LIE. The show has showed her cooking at both her houses AND her food being ingested. What woman raised by SUPER traditional Italian parents can’t cook at all??? Lol I don’t know ANY, of course she gets ALOT of help these days bc of her super busy schedule & travels so much, we all know her parents are her main “baby sitters” so they’re def cooking for her kids while she’s working. Your parents watching your children is also super Italian bc we would NEVER choose a nanny over our own parents. She also looked like she knows EXACTLY what she’s doing when cooking or making sausages etc. you can TELL when Teresa is out of her comfort zone or just has no clue what she’s doing. She’s a very traditional Italian girl, she’s probably teaching her daughters to cook as well when she can. Whomever believed Stumpy is an idiot. I recall one idiot saying ohhh now all of a sudden she’s cooking (on episode after Stumpy said she doesn’t even cook at the gym). Can people really be THAT STUPID?!?!?These episodes were filmed last winter!!! Hurricane Sandy was at the end of October/beg of November AND Teresa isn’t in the editing room nor does she have ANY say in which of the thousands of hours of taping will actually be included in the one hour episodes. I can’t imagine being THAT stupid, it must hurt. Yeah, suuuuure, a traditional ITALIAN MOTHER (with a sickly husband) goes over every single day to her daughters home to cook for her daughter, son in law and 4 grandchildren lmfaooo

          • as I said ladies don’t take it so personal,i could care less who does and doesent cook.mu point is that its ok for Teresa’s fans to slam everyone on the show and make comments but no one else is allow to say anything about Teresa and no one else is allowed success??? I love Teresa I think she is great but in liking her ur doesn’t mean I hate every other person on the show,just because she does.i really think a lot of you just take it way to serious and to far. and cable-less I have been hated on by people with weight issues and that’s ok I get it we all struggle with esteem issues my point was more that what cathy said WAS A JOKE ! and people that get all crazy and up set stupid should grown up its a tv show….

    • I agree. I really like Kathy and am glad she’s becoming successful in her own right. 🙂

      • Her desserts do look amazing. I thought that huge cannoli she made was fantastic. I would try her recipes. I’m glad she stuck with what she knows, making desserts, and didn’t go the “self-help” route like Caroline and Melissa. Go with what you know!

        • That large cannoli was purchased at a bakery. She said as much on that episode. The thing is, I was never overly impressed with her baking. She was shown clipping recipes out of magazines and off food packaging. I’m not above average in my baking skills, but could probably produce similar results, as I am sure many other housewives out there could.

          • I didn’t know she bought that large cannoli at a bakery Chickensocks so I retract my compliment. I just love desserts and sweets in general and when I saw that huge cannoli it made me excited! 🙂

          • Hey Sugar! It was a quick mention. It did look really nice though. She made the smaller cannoli that filled the large one though.

    • I loved her Canolli kit, will order more, but I will definitely purchase her dessert cookbook. Much more authentic than Tre’s books, whose recipes are someone else’s.

      • I’m sure Kathy has family recipes also that’s not stealing. Congrats Kathy. I Have all 4 of Teresa’s cook books. Your desserts look better than a professional bakery. Can’t stand Richy at all…disgusting…

      • And how do you know Teresa’s recipes are not hers and kathy is wiring her own?
        Come on give me a break. :/

      • Victoria

        OMG don’t tell me that you certainly haven’t used a family or a friends recipe and Teresa has never made it a secret that she’s used her moms and her mother in laws recipes.

        So you’re telling me that Kathy came up with all of these recipes on her own.

        yeah go ahead and believe that it must be nice living in never never land

        • Hey Summer! Oh, I really do hope that while Kathy is promoting this book next season that Bravo shows a flash back to her first season where she is organizing her recipes and they were all cut outs from the back of packages!!!! No thanks Kathy, I already have your book and its called “Best Recipes From the backs of Boxes, Bottles, Cans and Jars” by Ceil Dyer. BTW, I have used it many times and it’s great!

          • Kimoke

            yeah me too i hope they show her cutting out recipes she even said she gets them off the internet and tweaks em


            Teresa has NEVER said they were HER OWN RECIPES she always stated there family recipes.

        • I think they BOTH use their Mothers recipes. But, I don’t believe for one minute Teresa’s recipes are her own. I think they are mostly her Mothers.

          • Hi Lola, You are absolutely correct that they are T’s Mom’s recipes. I actually have her first cookbook and in it she states that she learned how to cook from her mother over the phone when she was first married. What I don’t understand is why this is even in question. She never said otherwise. In fact, it’s basically the premise of her entire book and a tribute to her mother.

      • Vic- do you think Kathy made up those recipes ????? HA! They are Nonna’s and whatever she googled online. She openly sated she googles recipes.

        • My family passes down recipes and I have learned to make many of them! There, I said it – I am a recipe thief!
          I am skinny, I am happy and I love cupcakes!
          Maybe bugeyes should shut her mouth, get her recipes together, work with whoever is assigned to put the book together and hope viewers will look past her behavior and buy her book.
          Hope she dedicates it to Teresa – because without Teresa NO ONE would know who she is!

          • @ windy me too, LOL. I finally have my Grandmother’s recipes. Italian. Delish. Love!!!!
            Kathy is such a fraud flip flopper. She may still prove me wrong and I hope she does, then again just 2 weeks ago she was trying to dictate to Teresa how/what to write in her blogs! Go scratch Kat.

          • @Windy

            well then we’re all recipe thieves coz I have some great hand me down recipes from my mum and grandmother, Plus i also share/swap recipes with my friends and other family members.

            So i suppose we’re all frauds lock us all up lol

      • Right, and you make all your foods from scratch and NEVER use other people’s recipes? Teresa has never claimed those recipes were her own. She has always said that it was her family’s recipes that were passed down. Where do you think Kathy learned to cook and bake? Her mom and using other people’s recipes then tweaking it to how she likes it.

      • That Cannoli kit was ridiculous, and extremely overpriced. As I pointed out above, clipping recipes out of magazines doesn’t show me any extraordinary skills. Teresa has said that her recipes are from family, so I guess I don’t get your point.

      • “My mother’s recipe…” said Kathy, while pointing at a page in Teresa’s cookbook that called for store-bought pizzelle cookies. I could never accept Kathy as an authentic baker if she has to insinuate that “her mother’s” recipes are precious artifacts no should make a dime off but Kathy. How many ways are there to reinvent the wheel? What Italian grandmother has a unique recipe that says, “So… just, like, get it at the store.” It was ridiculous then and Kathy should own up to it now instead of pretending she is someone like Gina DePalma, a highly educated and highly experienced pastry chef who has worked for Mario Batali and has written many dessert cookbooks.


    • Kathy is going to use all of T’s receipes and say they were hers. I can’t get over Kathy being an ass at T’s book signing.

          • What? Your kidding? T is always cooking on the show. Plus she tweets and has videos of her cooking. She won the meatball contest on one of the morning shows. She also won the cooking contest on the Retreat to Napa

        • Oh please and kathy is just taking every receipt online and putting her twist. They all copy of someone else. Lets not judge here

        • Ry

          According to Kathy their from the same part of Italy so the recipes would be the same maybe tweeked.

          And don’t forget Kathys mom and Teresas mom are sis in laws so Im sure they also exchanged recipes, as i do with my sis in law and other family members and friends.

          Just because Kathy said it’s her moms recipe doesn’t necessary mean her mom invented it to me it sounds like her mom also makes that dish the same way.

          If you remember Teresa said no it’s my mum’s recipe doesn’t Teresa is right also it just means that both women remember their mom making the same dish the same way that’s all

          • If I remember correctly, Kathy said, “My mother’s pizzelles.” Teresa said they were store bought pizzelles. So how could they be her mother’s? Nice try Kathy. Just like the “skinny girl” dig. Textbook passive agressive. She is an ass.

          • @eggmitit

            If I remember correctly, K’s comment about the pizzeles was in reference to a recipe in Tre’s cookbook. So, as Tre has said those are family recipes.

        • As admitted by them, there was very little communication growing up, due to the feud between the elder Gorgas, so I don’t see them getting together for an afternoon of cooking and sharing recipes.

          • Those recipes are probably all the same or very similar to all the ones used in the family and the village they came from. There may be a few tweaks here and there, but let’s face it they’re the same basic recipes. So, let’s stop pretending that either of them are super geniuses.

          • The village? They come from Sala Consilina. She makes generic Italian recipes. They are not indigenous to the region. Pizzelle recipes are make from Sicily to Milan.

          • Oh sit down! I am sick of you Trebotts, with your blind adoration for her lashing out at anyone who is doing the same things she did. They are ALL trying to make money while they can! Teresa did all but STEAL Bethanny F’s logo! She is not original and you all buy into it like she is some kind of gourmet chef!

          • @Jennifer

            Village, town, whatever.. It didn’t look like a city when they visited on the show, season 2.

            By “recipes” I was referring to all the recipes. For the record, while you might think the recipes are generic, each region, town, village has a particular way of making things.

            Thanks for making my point that Tre’s recipes are NOT original. As you said she makes “generic Italian” recipes. I guess her recipes could be anyone’s.

          • is Kathy original? she isn’t the first person to make a cannoli kit and she won’t be the last and many of her so called “deserts” that she doesn’t make are simple deserts that you can get on any cookbook and website.

        • Please explain to me if there is a giant rift in the family with Kathy’s mother and Teresa’s father not speaking and the relationship between Kathy, Rosie and Teresa being lukewarm at best then when exactly did Teresa “steal” from Kathy’s mother? Do you have proof of this? It’s kind of bizarre to claim that Teresa could, like a thief, take from those who weren’t very interested in being around her in the first place. When exactly were these relatives so eager to hand over patented unique recipes no one else had ever dreamed of in the history of the human race?

      • IKR! I don’t believe the “sugar and spice and everything nice” Kathy tries to portray. That was not a way to act at that book signing. “Oh!, my Moms, fill in the blank” B.S. as she was going through Teresa’s book. Bitch Please.

    • No, I will not be supporting and YES, I am very happy skinny bitch thank you very much! #twerkonthat

      • lipojac

        WTF is BOTZOLI
        i see it being referenced on her all the time.

        Im in Australia is it some sort of gross cartoon character i have never heard of it lol