RHONY Season Six To Revolve Mostly Around Aviva Drescher’s Feud With Carole Radziwill!

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Real Housewives of New York City is deep into filming of its sixth season, and it is being hyped up as “bigger and better”, full of excitement and drama. No doubt, producers are ensuring that people will tune in and that they will deliver a better product than last season’s monotonous borefest.

Sources are now telling Naughty But Nice Rob that the new season is fixated around a new fake, scripted, and staged feud between Aviva Drescher and Carole Radziwill! Apparently Aviva is ready to go cray-cray and unleash at Carole this season. Did anybody even see that coming?

“Everything about Carole is questions, from her real relationship with the Kennedy’s to her actual job at ABC News and if she even wrote her first book, or if a ghost writer did,” a source shares with the site.

Heather Thomson has remained friends with Carole and is in her corner, but is taking a backseat in the feud. The source reveals, “Unfortunately, Heather has decided to remain in Carole’s shadow, thus next season is all about Carole and Aviva.”

Old veterans Ramona, Sonja and Luann seem to be involved a lot less with the drama so far. We know it’s only a matter of time before Ramona amps it up and claims her spot back on the Pinot Grigio throne of RHONY!

As contrived as I expect this season to be, I am excited to see the new season! Will you be tuning in? Are you surprised that Aviva and Carole ended up enemies?



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Comments (43)

  1. Tana0819 says:

    I was very surprised to know that there will be a feud in season 6 between Carole Radziwell and for some reason a lot of people are calling her Caroline. Caroline and John F Kennedy Jr were her first cousins well, John was her first cousin and she became best friends with Caroline Bessette before they died in the plane crash, She’s worth 50 million dollars and I find her to be extremely entertaining, down to earth, funny and doesn’t take life so seriously and I think she admitted on tthe reunion last year that she wanted this as a life experience and what she made was great friends in Heather Thomson and I find those two and their friendship adorable. Now Aviva she has many many issues and was the lone holdout for a pay raise which I find baffling since she was extremely boring last season. Unfortunately, I guess she enjoys the drama as well or to make herself relevant to continue to stay on the show.

    • lifetimemovie says:

      John Jr. was the first cousin of Carole’s husband Anthony, whose mother was Jackie Kennedy’s sister, Lee.

  2. inflight says:

    Clutch my pearls, slap my face , can it really be true…..another fight between the
    housewives, say it isn’t so. How is this possible?

  3. Laram says:

    I also think Aviva is a bitch, even of she was BFF with Carole!

  4. Laram says:

    I was a fan of Caroline’s since an exposé in 1998, of her relationship with Anthony before his death–Vanity Fair. I’m a Kennedy junkie. I like her. Her stories are 100% real in my book!

  5. Afton says:

    Team Carole all the way. I despise Aviva.

  6. your blood type is pinot grigio says:

    no more ramona! please.

  7. fifismommy says:

    Zzzzz. Sounds totally boring. I’d rather have Jill back.

  8. HCATCKfan says:

    I love Heather and Carole so glad their back. Surprised Luann and Sonja are back. I also read that Sonja and Ramona are fighting. Either way I’ll watch. I watch them all minus Miami.

  9. windycitywondering2 says:

    Why are Aviva and Carole in a feud? What did I miss? I thought Aviva was gone – her father was the creepiest family member ever in the history of RH franchises. Guessing the vets will do their thing and the bad recasts will be doing something else. It sounds like must miss tv to me.

  10. Aloicious says:

    I can’t imagine that Carole would have used a ghost writer for her book. Her blogs are even written very well… unless those are ghost written as well? Hmmmm……….

    • pennyarcade says:

      Agreed. She’s able to write and articulate far better than any other Bravo housewife, I highly doubt she’s incapable of writing a book.

  11. Beachiest says:

    A friend of mine ran into her father, George, at a spot in South Beach. She looked at him because he seemed familiar. He immediately came over and introduced himself. As he was leaving, he handed her a card and asked her to call him if she wanted a squirting orgasm. With a father like that, I doubt seriously that Aviva is all that classy. These shows have taken a turn for the worst. If I wanted to see a fight, I would turn on the boxing channel.

  12. Maru the Cat says:

    I was hoping Sonja took up Carol’s offer to write a play for her, and seeing that come to life. Who needs another season long fight? Please tell me her over sexed Dad won’t be back, esp to fight Aviva’s fights. So gross.

  13. Dana says:

    Aviva makes the show because she’s real and doesn’t hold back

  14. Aunt Sadie says:

    Oh watch out Adiva! I still say the Princess has claws. She sat back to quietly last season reading the women. I route for anyone who will bring down Adiva!!!

  15. beverlyhillswhatathrill says:

    i actually hate heather the most! viv’es, and all her dumb abbrevs. she acts so superior all the time. girl you have a budget ass spanx.

  16. A2 says:

    I can’t wait for the new season of RHNY. I love Carole and Aviva. Very sad to hear they are fighting. Aviva does seem the more unreasonable of the two.

  17. Cajsa says:

    Carole Radziwell is the only housewife I ever heard of independently of Real Housewives. That is because of her career and her marriage. How that can be called into doubt is beyond me, but I will admit that Aviva manages to find the crazy anywhere she looks.

    • Gimme Pizza You Old Troll says:

      I’m wondering the same thing. I’m pretty sure if Carole wasn’t actually a journalist at ABC and something was fishy about her marriage, we would have heard about it.

    • lobo7 says:

      Love Carole, and though she doesn’t come from money, she is more top drawer than the others. A pleasure to watch and fun to laugh with.

  18. Glimmer88 says:

    I DESPISE Adiva and if it’s gonna be mostly about her I cannot watch the shit.

  19. Nisey78 says:

    ugh, why is Aviva even returning? She has issues and really nothing going on for herself besides her phobias. She’s boring to me and trying to start a rift with another housewife is really getting old. New script and new housewives please!

  20. NeNeFan says:

    Ramona will take her throne back. Don’t worry haha.

  21. Shipp says:

    Jeez, I hope Aviva doesn’t take her leg off and beat Carole senseless.

    Come on…I’m just saying what some of you are thinking.

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