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Teresa Giudice Says She Gets Blamed For Everything And Responds To Melissa’s Jab About Her Not Being An Author!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star wasn’t very pleased watching Sunday’s episode and she made it known on her Bravo blog. Teresa says that it’s sad she gets blamed for everything and responds to her sister-in-law accusing her of not being a real author because she writes cookbooks

“I’m thinking of writing a new book about my life (since apparently writing four cookbooks doesn’t count…). I’m going to call it 50 Shades of Black & Blue.

In it, my own family members and friends I’ve had for 10 years turn on me. They hate me and hate on me like it’s their full time job. They sit around every day talking about me non-stop, even when I’m not there. They talk and talk and talk some more about how obsessed I am with them. They bang their hands and wave napkins and cackle about how crazy I am.

Meanwhile across town, people with cute 1950s names — Penny, Jan — that own salons come up to me saying they want to carry Milania Hair Care. Of course, I listen. Then they start talking trash about my sister-in-law. Of course, I stop listening. I get up and leave. Doesn’t matter though, because I am invisible now.

My family hears about the rumors and blames me. I am to blame for everything: when their ex-bosses and ex-boyfriends talk about them, when their friends stop liking them, when their house and records and books don’t sell. It is all my fault. Along with eclipses and the economy.

It does hurt that my family always assumes the worst of me. It hurts when they call me names. It hurts when I see tabloids with the “inside scoop” on my parents, my in-laws, and my marriage. But what can I do? Nothing because it’s only fiction. Right?

My most recent book Fabulicious! On the Grill is definitely nonfiction and full of fun. And real words, not just recipes. Here’s the one I used tonight when I couldn’t stand watching TV anymore. If you want more, pick up a copy at your local bookstore or Amazon”

Teresa adds,

“All of my books are fun actually. When I first did Skinny Italian I wanted to make sure it was more than just recipes, that it was full of stories and food facts and history too. My favorite thing is when people come up to me and tell me they read my books cover to cover. I tell about how Joe and I met (when I was a baby!), how we’ve stayed married 13 years (lots of sex, lots of good homemade food!), how I learned to cook, my kitchen explosions, how I got my name, which pasta was known for strangling priests, how my parents and in-laws met in Italy. I tell you which foods you can (and can’t!) use in the bathtub, which food will put you in the mood (watermelon is like the Viagra of fruit! I give a recipe for Watermelon Granita in Fabulicious: On the Grill. You’re welcome.), and Joe chimes in with his own “Juciy Bits from Joe” about making wine and what “Manzo” really means.

I know most of you know this already, but it sounds like some of my own family members haven’t read my books, so here’s a quick summary:

Skinny Italian ( is all about the cornerstones of healthy, authentic, Italian cuisine. I teach you how to make six different tomato sauces from scratch, how to choose and use the right olive oil, and how to love food, love eating, and still love your body afterward. It includes full nutritional information for each recipe.

Fabulicious: Teresa’s Italian Family Cookbook ( is all about preparing, serving, and eating meals with the ones you love. My girls even take over the book and write one of the chapters!

Each recipe in Fabulicious! Fast & Fit: Teresa’s Low-Fat, Super-Easy Italian Recipes ( uses 10 easy-to-find, inexpensive ingredients or less or can go from start-to-stove in 15 minutes. Everything is heart-healthy and includes full nutritional information.

And with Fabulicious! On The Grill: Teresa’s Smoking Hot Backyard Recipes, I bring my signature cooking style — easy, no-fuss Italian cooking — to the grill with 70 new recipes (including more than one “happy ending.”)

I hope you all had a great 4th of July! I enjoyed it with my family at the shore. We’re all so thankful that we live in this wonderful country, and a special thank you to all the veterans and service men and women and their families for helping keep it that way!”

I don’t know how Teresa does it…that’s all I’m going to say!

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  • These shows need not be taken so seriously. Right before this season, all the tabloids showed the Gorga, Giudice, Manzo and Wakile families posing together and having reunited. It blows my mind that people believe all this stuff. Who lives like this? This is all scripted.

  • Dayumm….I have been happily and securely married for 30+ years but I am not presumptious enough to.believe I and I alone have the magic secret to help ANYONE else do the same because EVERY couple, every marriage goes through such different trials and hardships…..what would Melissa do.if her physicality changed due to a horrific life changinging event, or if some MAJOR hardship came along that tumbled their life upside down that couldn’t be solved by sex or whining and wheedling until you get what you want….a sick child, a disabled spouse, an ill spouse who.may not recover and YOU HAVE the strength, the breadwinner, the ENTIRE support system.for EVERYONE until.your life gets back on track….somehow I think she won’t address those “marital issues” in her “marital advice book”

  • I doubt Teresa writes her own blog and books. I mean on the show she can’t even put a grammatical sentence together. She always makes grammar mistakes when she’s in the show and legit can’t say a sentence without saying “um”, so I doubt she could write a blog that is grammatically correct and that is that creative (“1950’s names”). Also did you see that episode where she was typing an email and then Rosie calls? She typed with one finger, which means it would take forever to write this blog and the multiple cook books.

  • Am I the only one that found it disturbing when Josephine said that he makes love to his wife when he’s frustrated with his sister. Sicko!!

  • This played out storyline/family feud is so boring and played out. I now hate them all and just took this show off my DVR last night. How can you all be so passionate about crap that’s so stupid? Half of it is made up and the other half just sucks. Who cares? This show hasn’t been good for a couple seasons now and I can’t watch anymore. Tre is mad at her brother because he loves his “stranger” wife. Joe Gorga is mad is daddy doesn’t love him enough. Melissa hates Tre because she just can’t stop throwing digs. Jac has lost her damn mind. Caroline got boring because she didn’t like the backlash last season. The Wakilis desperately need a storyline/ life. Did I miss anything here? That about sums up the last two seasons.

  • Team Super T! Tre tells Joey Marco she heard rumors that Mel is a gold digger – he betrays her confidence. Tre tells Mel that the bald guy says you used to dance for him. Joey Marco screams at Tre shame on you. Tre keeps her mouth shut when she hears that Mel is a cheater and everyone is mad at her. Tre cannot win. Not with this crowd. As much this is her only family they are just not worth it. I would rather be alone.

  • Wait. Wait a minute. Dud Teresa just name sex as the main reason her marriage has lasted for 13 years?

    Funny when Melissa credited sex as main component of her marriage, she was a gold digging whore.

    Crickets now that Teresa said it? Lmao 😀

    • that’s because Melissa is a gold digger!! she’s a shady, selfish, lying, schemer with a history of using her sex to get what she wants. what’s the matter jpg are you and Melissa jealous that nobody has a problem with Teresa using “sex”. well, if Melissa wasn’t such a conniving backstabbing bitch then maybe nobody would have a problem with her.

      was there crickets with you Melissa fans when she was seen on camera talking about Teresa with her fake friends? but when Teresa does it there’s a problem?? yeah don’t be hypocrite!!

      • Hey, rukidding?, maybe JPG should read all the archives on this site, as well as Famewhorgas archives with evidential proof of the Melissa/Marcos machine before suggesting or insisting wants proof?

        Rukidding, I enjoy your posts.

        • thanks Laram! I enjoy your posts as well.

          jpg and Estelle can’t handle the truth even when the evidence is right in front of their faces. they’re in huge denial it’s actually quite sad.

    • Melissa was called a gold digging whore because she is one, not because she has sex on the daily with her husband. Get it straight.

        • At least Teresa knows her limits and isn’t trying to put out a book with details on how she keeps her man happy with her sexual exploits in their bedroom. She simply said they have a lot of sex and spared us the gory details.

    • Well when Teresa has people coming out of the wood work like WHorsey Face does claiming what a dirty skank shore whore she was and still is then we will call Teresa a gold digging whore also.But from what I’ve been seeing WHORSEY Face is the only HW besides the other horse looking b*tch Gretchen that has made plenty of enemies throughout the years that can’t wait to expose what a skank they are

    • Jpg, respectfully, the reason Teresa mentions sex in her 13 year marriage is because of Melissa’s comments during this episode where she said Teresa should read her book for tips because she needed the help.

      It was insensitive. As well as hypocritical because how many times have we heard Melissa say that she never comments on others relationships. Teresa is not claiming that Sex is the key to her relationship. She is making it clear that she has it; meaning sex. Sex is not the key to a successful relationship. Just ask Brandi Glanville.

    • She did not say it was the only component jpg.. unlike Melissa. See, she knows what EVERY guy wants because Stumpy told her- he ejumaketed her 😉

  • My fiance hates the RHONJ, but I am a regular viewer, since the beginning. With that said, he saw a few segments of Teresa’s girls and the adorable things they said and totally said that he would watch a show if it were the girls! They need a spin off! I am team Teresa all the way. She makes the show and all of the other “ladies” revolve around her. Boo and shame on the family members who are on the show, I would never do this to my one and only brother! Of course Melissa is going to blame her for everything, without that, they would have no storyline.

  • Teresa is the true smart one on this shoe. What kind of books did she write? Cook books, one’s that stand or fall on the quality of the recipes and the charisma of the cook. She is smart enough to know that anyone writing an advice book needs a degree of self-reflection and self-awareness that neither Melissa nor Caroline are capable of.

    We all fool ourselves. We see events through our eyes and in our eyes, we are usually in the right – even if we sometimes know we are in the wrong, we understand why we did it and excuse ourselves. We have an absolute need to think we are good people. All of us, even Melissa.

    However, to be able to write an advice book, we need to be able to step back and look at a situation and ask ourselves how someone else would see it. Neither Caroline nor Melissa seem able to do that. Melissa seems unable to recognize that people actually exist when they are outside her field of vision, something most people realize in pre-school.

    Consider Melissa’s conversation with her best friends. It’s clear she has not seen them in a long time (dropping them for fame or richer friends) and is only interested in seeing them in order to brag about her book. She asks them no questions, seems uninterested in their reaction and is oblivious to their mixed feelings. Why? Because they don’t matter to her.

    And that is why Melissa has no business writing an advice book about anything. Now, I am not going to claim that Teresa is some master of self-reflection and inner knowledge, but she’s not writing an advice book. She lacks the hubris.

  • I just don’t understand why Teresa does have the hair on her forehead removed to change her hairline because she is would be a very attractive woman. Rita Hayworth did it all those years ago and so have many other actresses and models.

    • She is comfortable in her own skin. She understands that what God gave you, is a reflection of your heritage. She is proud of who she is, unlike the other women on RHONJ.

  • Teresa had that deer caught in headlights look on her face at the restaurant during “Cheatergate” of “OMG!! I gotta call my accountant to see how much more debt I have to pay off to still put up with this b.s. cause she knows like everything else it’s gonna be her fault that Jan turned on Melissa. : ) lol
    Regarding Melissa… Kim D. said this too fell in her lap, but she was stirring the pot by saying “Listen everyone to what Jan has to say.” I do question why Melissa is friendly with Kim D. Yes, Kim D isn’t gossiping, but she is always “egging” on anyone that has dirt on Melissa too. I felt really bad for Teresa in that clip, and especially in the other clip of Jennifer telling Teresa that she told Melissa that she was present and said nothing. Talk about throwing your friend under the bus. I’m not really liking Jennifer’s “character” too much. I would have got up and walked away from her saying #1 you’ll never get the listing after you embarrassed them by saying those negative things in a negative way on national T.V. hence lowering their chances of selling anytime soon let alone getting Top $$. #2 Was pulling a “Jacqueline” (calling someone out from here-say a.k.a. “Strippergate”) worth the potential commission on Melissa’s house?
    You know when someone’s lying because they fumble their words and get all flustered with body motions? Well when Jennifer told Melissa about what Jan said, Melissa replied by saying Jan just had lunch “on me”…not “with me” regarding her cheating on Joe. She looked/sounded really nervous. Just my opinion because obviously I wasn’t there, but wasn’t there a story out like 6months ago that Joe G. allegedly punched Melissa in the face down the shore years ago because he caught Melissa and her ex Bryan messing around on the boardwalk or in a car? Now would probably be a good time to either come forward with proof that she didn’t cheat or leave the show so her children aren’t subject to harassment/embarrassment at school. Just my intuition combined with Jan’s conviction and Melissa’s un-easiness regarding this storyline kind of tell the truth. I do not see Joe G. standing by his wife like he says if he did find those rumors to be true. I hope for the children’s sake it’s not true because they are going to have a broken family compounded by it being smeared across the world wide web.

  • I am team Teresa……but Dear Teresa, please don’t wear you hair like this ever again!!!

    • Agree, not a good hairstyle. But, Tre can wear almost any color cloths and look fantastic.

      Speaking of color….anyone notice Mama Meatballs green dress in her talking heads? She really looks like a Christmas pagent with the red hair and green dress.

  • I am definitly team TERESA!! If there was no Teresa there would be no show. There is no one else who could bring in the viewers. Melissa and Joe need to use some smarts and realize that not everything is Teresa’s fault. She wouldn’t have time for a life if she was doing everything they accuse her of.
    I love watching Teresa and her family interact. They are so entertaining and normal. The kids are adorable and each so different except Melania who is her mother’s carbon copy. You Go Teresa!!!

  • I love, love, love her response. I can’t wait for next week. I can’t stand the way Joe Gorga Marco talks to his sister. Finally Joe Giudice snaps!!! Maybe this fight is what brings them together. I do have a question though.

    If now everything is all peaches and cream, how come you never see Teresa out with any of the cast?

  • Did anyone else also find this disturbing: JoeGo stating that when he is mad at his sister, he has sex with his wife???? Talk about making a viewer dry heave…

    • RIGHT?! People are always going on and on about Teresa’s “unhealthy obsession” with her brother. I have seen no such proof of that other than her just wanting peace and for her lying tramp of a sil to butt out of her relationship with his family.

      Joe Gorga says wierd things regarding Tre all the time. Remember when they were seeing the therapist last year and he told Teresa that she looked “sexy”? The way he hates Juicy Joe is the way a jealous lover acts.

      He calls her scum. My god. My brother would rip someone to shreds if they spoke of me that way in his presence. My brother sent me this message on facebook last night.

      “Love your pics your such a good moma – Love u sis”

      I wish Teresa had a brother like mine. She deserves peace. If you are reading this Tre & company… get out of this contract girl. Your fans will follow you.

    • Thanks for reminding me Michers. Great, now I’ve got THAT mental picture in my head.

      Wonder what Frued would say about little Miss Josephine Gorga’s statement.

    • That was sooooo gross!!!!!! UGH! I was like wt?!?! ewwwwwwwwwww!!!! Speaks VOLUMES!!!!

    • Ewww ewww ewww!!! I am reading recaps and viewers opinions this season, so no this is the first I am hearing this. Why on earth would he say such a thing on camera?!

      Joey has some major power struggles going on.

      • He totally said it ! He is YUCK. Let me guess- he will tweet that it was editing LOL.. But of course, its only editing’s fault when its NOT Teresa…

    • Think about his sister and then go bang his wife? Ew! I had to replay that to make sure I heard it right. What the hell?

      • If my husband ever said something that twisted I seriously don’t know how he’d ever be able to explain that one away! Ts brother somehow just out-creeped Rich Wakile – too big teeth and all!!

    • michers

      stumpy is one sick Perv , yes that’s. very disturbing, the guy is Def not normal.

      Is it just me but kinda boards on incest YUCK!!!!

  • Theresa, you are the only sane one left on this show and I am advocating for Bravo to give the Giudices a spin off and can the rest of RHONJ. I think your parents see what’s going on and are disgusted with your brother and rightly so. He is acting like an ass and unfortunately, your sister-in-law is a compulsive. lying nut job.

    I think your true friend has always been Dina and that continues to be the case. Caroline has personal family problems that she needs to address before doling out anymore advice to anyone else and Jacqueline is suffering from a mental illness. You cannot impose any logic on someone who is sick like that. Break off that friendship, wish them well and move on.

    No relationship is perfect. You and Joe have a pretty typical marriage with its ups and downs. I personally love Juicy Joe – have said it before and I’ll say it again, as a gay woman I don’t find him offensive (well, except for the c word thing Juicy. That was bad.)

    Loved your blog. You don’t need to do anything except keep writing great cookbooks (you are good at it, stick to it) and your food and wine products. If Milania haircare is doing great, stick to that too. That Gabriella is a mystery girl. Gia, Audriana and Milania are all out there but lets give Gabriella a shot!

  • Love Teresa and I love the way she tries to always speak the truth and ignore the hate. That is why she is the STAR of the show, and why she will always rise to the top.

    • Exactly Camm. None of us ever said Teresa was perfect but the other crazy nuts on that show really emphasize her good points. She always speaks her mind but she doesn’t go out of her way to be hurtful to people. I still don’t believe T set up Melissa regarding the whole stripper business. The other people on the show are so busy trying to be right that they don’t realize how horrible they look in the process.

  • After this last episode it is obvious that the only ones are obsessed are the ones talking crap about Teresa. Every single scene someone had to bring up her name. My god Teresa ears must be constantly burning from the amount they talk crap about her. Melissa is running out of things to blame Teresa for so she clutching the pubes on Joe to stay relevant!

    • The reason all these hags and their girly husband constantly talk about Tre when she’s not there is coz they have no relevance no storyline so to keep themselves on the show and to get air time is to bash Tre.

      If Tre wasn’t on the show there would be on NJHW at least with this cast their all boring they have no life they don’t work and frankly I’ve not seen any of them hang out with friends real friends like Tre does.

      The lunch Melwhore had with her so called bff was either staged or jam just wants air time, and what a great friend she is it’s so obvious she can’t stand Melwhore and thinks she’s full of shit the eye roll said it all not to mention how she backstabbed Melissa.

      But of course Tre was to get the blame AGAIN!!!

  • Melissa could gain 50 pounds, Joey & Melissa would blame Teresa!
    Melissa breaks a nail, Joey & Melissa blame Teresa!
    Melissa’s period could be late, Joey & Melissa blame Teresa!
    If Melissa’s meatloaf burns, Joey & Melissa would blame Teresa!
    Melissa’s sink gets broken, Joey & Melissa blame Teresa!

    I’m so over Melissa’s & Joeys bull-shit.

    • Wait until next week before you’re done. That preview of Joey calling Teresa scum and the way Melissa was looking was beyond disgusting. I hate her ugly ass face. But when Joe Giudice came back in there saying Joe apologize. Why did Gorga charge him?

        • Gees Louise

          I love it juicy kicks the shit out him.

          Melissa gets on her knees and begs Tre to stop talking bout her, it seems so easy for Melwhore to be on her knees it was part of her job lol

          Then stumpy starts crying like a little bitch. IT’S PRICELESS.

          the only part i don’t like is it really hurts Tre that her bro and hubby get into it and she cries i feel so sorry for her but her stumpy brother deserved an ass whopping and more

          I don’t like violence but he really does deserve it hopefully this will make him think twice bout calling his sis disgusting names whether on tv or not

      • Joey knew Teresa had told her husband the hateful things he had said to her and that Juicy was coming in there to kick his ass, which he deserved. I think he charged at him in an attempt to look like he was the bad ass. Joey is just plain mean. I’m so over him. I have no sympathy for him anymore and I did (somewhat) at one time.

  • I think it is upsetting for her to watch every episode, her old friends and her family members continue to BLAME Teresa for what is coming out of JANS mouth, who is MELISSAS friend!!!!!!!! Melissa the only person you need to do damage control with is your “BFF” Jan, not Teresa. You should be ashamed of yourself that these people are running to your family and telling YOUR dirty secrets. That’s not Teresas fault, it’s your fault. And I find it hilarious that everyone is bashing jan, saying jan did it for camera time?! Didn’t Melissa do the same thing? Stab her family in the back to get on the show? Maybe Jan is only taking a few notes out of Melissas book. It was easy for Melissa to do that but now Jan can’t? And Teresa and Kim have to be the ones to “shut it down?” No, Melissa should be the one to shut it down, that was her best friend of 8 years, she should be the one to shut it down and do damage control for tarnishing her name. It’s quite exhausting to watch these people, for SIX episodes now constantly talk about Teresa. I really hope she leaves after this season and let these goons figure out what to do after she leaves.

    • They’re not blaming her for what Jan said, they’re blaming her for allowing Jan to film with her (they will never say that though because then it takes away from the whole “reality” of this). They are not understanding why Teresa would surround herself with Melissa’s friend. Teresa said Caroline and Jac were her friends first but if they jumped ship then “bye bye” in and earlier season, so Teresa was just as annoyed in the past when they started filming with Melissa and Kathy more. I know Jan isn’t a full time HW or anything, but HWs literally don’t need to film together for the show to work. S2 Danielle only saw Teresa and Jac 2 times I think, and Caroline just at the sit down, she really didn’t film with them and in my opinion, S2 was the best season of this series.

      I’m totally team Teresa in everything, I know she gets a bad rep, but I also do see why Melissa would get annoyed with her for filming with her friend. Teresa didn’t ask Jan to say anything about Melissa, didn’t provoke her, but the fact of the matter is, Teresa chooses who films with her (besides the other full time HWs) so for her to choose Jan is a slap in the face to Melissa. I know Teresa said it was a business meeting (which is great!) but since they never showed the business aspect, it only looked like a Melissa bashing session (oh editing). My point is, Teresa did not say anything negative about Melissa and shouldn’t be blamed for that, but she allowed someone who she wasnt really friends with to film with her. There was no need to have a business meeting on camera either, especially if she wasn’t sure on her terms with Melissa.

      • Bravo asked these girls to film together and BRAVO gave them the talking points for the lunch discussion.

        Melissa — you are on Bravo’s payroll. You KNOW how this works already. You KNOW it was a producer-induced conversation/grouping.

        The jig is up. We know we’re all being manipulated for storyline. If Bravo wasn’t filming, the Gorgas and Guidices would not be in each other’s universes right now – nor would Jac and Tre.

      • Here is the thing Rebecca. Put yourself in Teresa’s shoes. Do you really think that Teresa wants to spend her air time talking about Melissa? No. Teresa wants to talk about Milania Hair products. Teresa can be incredibly naive sometimes. She went into this most likely seeing s business opportunity to talk salon and shop while showcasing her product. Out comes the Melissa talk, and she leaves the table. Which was not shown.

        Why would Teresa know that Jan was going to back stab her own friend? If this was a well known secret around town that Jan was pissed at Melissa, why didn’t Melissa know?

        Here is a thought. You have a BEST friend that sits with you one minute praising your marriage and then runs over to your SIL on camera and says that you cheated. Hmm. Something seems off here. Is anyone with me?

        This all seems a little too convenient. For Melissa anyway..

        Am I the only one here that thinks Melissa is behind her OWN secrets coming to light? She makes such a big deal of these things. If I were never a stripper and someone says I was, I would disprove it and move on. But no, she focuses on Teresa and screams Victim. She then wins herself some fans. Sells some songs. Gets a book deal. If someone said I cheated on my husband, and I hadn’t. I would disprove it, and move on. A strong marriage does not need defending. No one on earth could convince my husband I had cheated on him. I am home with him and my son 24/7. So all of this talk about Teresa trying to destroy her family is hogwash. Everyone knows where Joe Gorga stands and Teresa knows this more than anyone. The only one whom has anything to gain from these “secrets” coming out, is Melissa. It gives her a platform to brag even more about her relationship, it gives her validation for hating her evil SIL and it once again makes her a victim. She then gets to sell some books, steals some more fans and gets more attention. It is last season all over again. I am not buying into this. Melissa knew Jan was going to do this. She did not even seem that shocked that Jan had stabbed her in the back. It immediately became about Teresa. Something stinks and its not just Kathy Wakile.

        • Didn’t any of you notice Jan’s eyeroll when Melissa announced that she had a book deal and what the book was about!?! Jan could give a rat’s ass about Melissa and you could read her like a book. Now, why was she even there to lunch with Melissa is anyone’s guess. Bravo put her up to both lunches!

          • yep i agree Bravo put both lunches in progress we all know the Bravo tactics by now.

            Jam was secretly laughing at Melwhore and her brother”perfect marriage” the eye roll said it all

          • I may not like Melissa but jen flip flopping for whatever the reason may be, is total bullshit. Totally not cool to spill your friends business, even if its Melissa the horse whisperer!!!!!!!!

        • I totally agree with your Teresa being naive comment (I never really thought about Melissa spilling her own secrets to keep herself relevant) but I was just making the point that they are twisting Teresa’s intentions (business) to make her look like she set up this gossip session, but Teresa could have just said no to the on camera business meeting knowing Jan was close (or so she thought) with Melissa. Teresa, IMO, was asking for trouble by sitting down with these girls. And the comment below, I agree Teresa is a good employee to Bravo, its just sometimes too good, and it annoys me that they paint her to be this evil person when shes not.

        • Crywolf, you have a point. For someone that has no rhythm, Melissa certainly had the stripper dance down pat on last nights show. Things that make you go, hmm.

      • By now you should know that Teresa is a good employee. They tell her to sit there with these girls and she does it. We already know the truth in that scene. Teresa came with Kim and Jennifer. Penny and Jan saw them and sat with them. Heather said that Teresa got up when they started talking about Melissa. Bravo edited to make it look like Teresa was there the entire time.

        • sky

          i totally agree Tre a an obedient employee she does whatever she’s told sometimes to her own detriment.

          Yes Bravo did cut out or edit the scene when Tre got up and walked away to make it look that she just sat there.

          Maybe they didn’t anticipate the the other girls inc Tre would say what really happened

          Kim D has her own Facebook and twitter account so she can say anything without Bravo interfering haha

    • Is it just me who doesn’t understand how Melissa even blames Teresa for something HER friend Jan is saying!ummmm, how does Melissa figure it Teresa’s fault! Who does that!!!

      Like I said, Melissa will do anything to have a storyline; and that is Teresa …and Melissa LOVES bashing Teresa!

      Note To Melissa: You never fooled me from the first moment you and your trashy husband better known as the treacherous brother came on television!

      Now, others are opening up their closed eyes to you!

      • Team Fair

        If Melissa gets a cold she’ll find a way to blame Teresa.

        The bitch is so jealous of Tre and is so evil.

        I really can’t understand such jealously or hatred

    • Lol @ “taking a few notes from Melissa’s book.” Isn’t that what Messy says in the opening credits, “take a page from MY book”. Well, well, well, it seems like someone took her suggestion. Bazinga!

      • I was replying to the horse whisperer’s comment. BTW, love that name. I was cracking up!

  • Teresa is cute, Teresa does say the truth, but I truly can tell when Teresa runs her thoughts by people to get the right words to get across her point.

    This is the blog that is helped by friends, Teresa’s thoughts fine tuned by her buds.

    This is not a slam, but she herself projects herself as a bubble head who seems to be taken by surprise that she know’s something.

    To live Teresa’s life, she needs that kind of support, otherwise she would be slammed to crap.

    -Her family is crapping on her
    – Her in-law’s are crapping on her
    – her friends are crapping on her

    People in her corner:

    – her Angels
    – her husband
    – her fans
    – her friends

    Teresa gets her own digs in she is no angel, in the jabbing back…”back” being the key point.

    Yes Teresa please take this opportunity to sell your cook books. cute.

    And smart business woman, this is when to push the product that she created.

    • I’m so sick of hearing someone else write Teresa blogs…news flash ppl….SOME TIMES PPL ARE BETTER AT EXPRESSING THEIR FEELINGS THRU WRITTEN WORDS ..I am one of those ppl so I know.

      • Hi Mel

        chill out…or get your facts straight.

        Jennifer did tell us that Teresa runs her words by friends.

        I know as well…back off..take a chill pill and re-read my post.

        I will not accept slam for something I did not post in my response.

        • They ALL I run their blogs past friends! Do you really think they dont???? The only reason people focus on Tre is because they think she is stupid based on how she speaks. I think Melissa is stupid based on and she speaks! She most definitely has an editor. She did bot write her book alone EITHER. So lets move past the obvious. If I were a celebrity I would never let anything be put to print or make a public statement via magazines, blogs or otherwise without an editor. This is a given. Everyone needs to get over it. The woman is smart enough to keep her distance from social media and have someone else handle it. Since when should common sense be criticized? Because that is what it is to have things proof read; common sense. Does this show dumb people down so much that common sense is now over rated?

          • Hi CryWolf

            Yeah, M needs a number of things, she needs to be introduced to honest first.

            I was not slamming T, my name is not, you know who.

            I would get a kick out of having an assistant…no more dishes to wash, don’t have to do laundry..etc..that would be the life!


          • Me too Crywolf. I hate it when Im pissed at the show and Im trying to get my point out and I have a gazillion typos, LOL

          • Right! And Jaqueline must have had a little help with her last blog too, using a grown-up word such as “salacious”. Bless her little pilled out heart.

      • ITA. Ex. grew up with a girl with parents not formally educated, she was an honor student. She speaks to her family in the dialect but uses the kings english with all her friends. Her family is a traditional too.

        • Nothing gets into any of their blogs unless approved/edited by Bravo. End of story.

          Kim D. on the other hand, hahahahahaha, Facebook. She can say whatever she wants. I like it.

      • Mel

        Samuel was just repeating a blog that was written yesterday and a poster posted a link to Heathers twitter account stating that Tre had phoned Heather to read and get her opinion on the blog.

        he wasn’t bashing Tre at all just pointing out that Tre does ask Heather opinion when she writes her blogs, which Heather confirmed it’s not a bad thing.

        Im sure or if not most do it.

        Samuel wasn’t saying that Heather writes Tre blog she’s just a sounding board for Tre when she writes her blogs that’s all

        • auto correct

          *Im sure all if not most do it

          By the way don’t know how my thread came all the way done here lol

      • Wow OK Mel ALL CAPS!!! if you express yourself better through written words its scary to think how you express yourself in life after reading your words

    • Samael, sorry hun but, you’re reaching. You’re also all sorts of bold for accusing someone you don’t know of not writing their own blogs. Listen, it’s a petty blog, not peer reviewed article or dissertation for med school; a blog. The owner of was 19 when she started this one so cool it. Unless you’re a fly on the wall of the giudice household you might want to slow your roll on the ASSumptions.

      This blog was soooo on point! Way to go, Teresa for preachin’, hunty!!

      • Hi CarryOn

        As I said before, this is not an accusation, this is a state of a fact that was told to us by Jennifer Dalton, Teresa’s bff..

        Someone else is ASSuming.

        I actually know the wording of an accusation and the wording of fact.


  • Love this blog 🙂 Good for you for speaking on certain things! Its a shame she has to still defend herself from close friends and family.

  • Teresa why would you stoop that low. Teresa is on the NYTimes BESTSELLERS List. Melissa is trying to sell her worthless soul for one trip to a place where Teresa has been four times. Everybody is over Melissa and Joe Gorga, at least until next week. I haven’t been this excited for an episode of New Jersey housewives since the table flipping scene. Giudice looks like he punched his brother in law. And Melissa was screaming “PLEASE DONT HURT HIM.” Lmaoooooo

    • The best part of the scene is when Gorga & gets tossed & Melissa is caught up in it too! Joe Gorga is worthless the things that he says to his sister are unbelievable. Joe Giudice did what I’m sure Teresa’s dad wished he could still do, knock some sense into that crying, whiny bitch Joey!

      • If he talks to his sister that way he must really talk to his own mother like dirt too but he keeps glorifying that whore.

        • Agree with all three of you. They are all scum. Joe Gorga (Marco) talks to Teresa in the worst way! He calls her garbage, scum, shit, bitch, every name you could think of. He yells and curses at his parents. That’s one thing I cannot stand! He’s supposed to be a man, right? Cursing and degrading your parents is beyond disgusting. They have done so much for that spoiled, rotten kid, and he treats them worse than his own kids. If I cursed at my parents that way… They would have beaten me. Doesn’t matter how old you are. You should give your parents respect dammit!

        • In all honesty I was disgusted the two times Juicy used a vulgar name towards Teresa on air and I don’t know anyone on here that condones that. But what commenters have also said they have seen Joe treat Teresa with love and devotion, he is real and not fake and they give him some credit for that and the amount of time he spend with his kids.

          But in return I am also disgusted Joey Gorga calls his daughter a cockblocker, calls Teresa scum, garbage and bitch to her face, that he admitted he tells his wife to stop being a bitch and shut up and that he treats her as a sex object instead of a respected partner and mother. And don’t even get me started on Richie– all the sexual comments he makes about underage girls, the comments about his wife’s private parts and the obscene and vulgar attacks he does almost exclusively to other women daily on twitter. However, I also believe Joe and Rich, like Juicy, truly love their wives.

          While Al does not call Caroline names he sure treats her like crap, especially in the episode last night and I felt bad for Caroline.

          I think all the men in NJ need a big wake up call on how to treat women, stop all the sexual references and learn more respect, period. Besides Slade on OC, they are all the most sexist and disrespectful men in the franchise.

          • Interesting you say that happy day. I also was very upset when Joe Gorga called his daughter a cockblocker. He calls his sister garbage and scum on a regular basis. calls his sister and wife a bitch.

            I already “told” Juicy that I think the c word was completely unacceptable. Juicy is gruff with his girls but I have never heard him call them names.

          • Happy day
            Agree with all you just said.

            The Marco fans think we’re blinded by Tre and juicy well we’re not if they do so say something that we find uncalled for or offensive we’ll call em out on it.

            However the VERY few Marco fans on this site ALWAYS make up excuses, lies, put a spin on things, turn the story around. or claim they have fact, they would never call out Melissa stumpy and the rest of the cast on anything wrong they’ve done.

      • Now I understand why Theresa’s father hangs out with juicy joe instead of his own son. Because joe gudice is a man, and joe gorga is a whiny sissie!

    • They are a weapon formed against Teresa and no weapon formed against Teresa is going to prosper, you’d think someone like messy calling on Jesus would know this verse.

      Messy is just digging a hole, you know that other Bible verse, it goes something like this–when you dig a hole for someone else don’t forget to dig one for yourself.

      Messy really should stop the Teresa hatefest, you can see straight through Messy and she is black and ugly inside.

      Why O’why does she insist on insulting Teresa endeavors and achievements?

      Messy and her garden troll spouse are going to set their gasoline drawers on fire one of these days. I mean she is out to destroy Teresa and Teresa’s well-built empire.

      Next week–I can’t wait for Juicy to kick poisons arse.

  • Thats right Teresa you used your SUPER T powers once again and made WHORSEY FACE’S BFF talk shit about her skank ass. There should really be a comic book written about you because you have more power and control over peoples mouths and minds like no other super hero EVER!!!

    • I agree!

      What we have to remember is this blog is for all the viewers that just watch the show and maybe go to Bravo to read the blogs. All of us who have seen the horrid tweets by Melissa and the Marco sisters the last 3 years, the exposés of all the bankruptcies, thefts and shady loans, the Mel and Joe lies by simply comparing past blogs and episodes…We know from seeing it with our own eyes beyond the Bravo edits how unethical people like Melissa and Jacqueline really are but Bravo continues to cover their criminal pasts and present (no mention of Mel’s shoplifting and arrest for no car seat for the kids, Jac’s Bankrupcy fraud and theft case.)

      This is why it has to be said. Good job Teresa!

      • Teresa’s blog is “heaven” compared to what Melissa can ever put in her hell-ish blogs…just eggmit it!

    • Theresa, you are the only sane one left on this show and I am advocating for Bravo to give the Giudices a spin off and can the rest of RHONJ. I think your parents see what’s going on and are disgusted with your brother and rightly so. He is acting like an ass and unfortunately, your sister-in-law is a compulsive. lying nut job.

      I think your true friend has always been Dina and that continues to be the case. Caroline has personal family problems that she needs to address before doling out anymore advice to anyone else and Jacqueline is suffering from a mental illness. You cannot impose any logic on someone who is sick like that. Break off that friendship, wish them well and move on.

      No relationship is perfect. You and Joe have a pretty typical marriage with its ups and downs. I personally love Juicy Joe – have said it before and I’ll say it again, as a gay woman I don’t find him offensive (well, except for the c word thing Juicy. That was bad.)

      Loved your blog. You don’t need to do anything except keep writing great cookbooks (you are good at it, stick to it) and your food and wine products. If Milania haircare is doing great, stick to that too. That Gabriella is a mystery girl. Gia, Audriana and Milania are all out there but lets give Gabriella a shot!

      • agreed. with all the above posts

        As for Gabriella i adore her she is the quite one but she has a great personality one of her own. All the Guidice girls are just adorable

        Also love juicy

        Team Teresa all the way. You go girl.

        Melissa will have egg on her face when her book flops but then again as we all know and Tre knows as well she’ll get the blame me course.

        Teresa should wash her hands from this toxic lot inc her brother be cordial to him but don’t go out of your way to please him and Tre has nothing to apologize for however stumpy has has alot to apologize for so do the rest me the hags inc sleaze ball Richie YUCK just wright or saying his name makes my skin crawl Eww.

    • TEAM TERESA all the way .. I hope Joe Guidice gives baby boy Joe Gorga the beat down of his life for the way he treats Teresa…will love watching the next episode for that … I really do not know what keeps Teresa from bitch slapping that bitch Melissa… she is foul and ugly and is proving to be the person ruining the Gorga family…..Ughhhh

    • teresa, when you brother married “the devil” that was the start. you seemed to have formed friendships with jackaloon (no matter how lunatic she is) and carowhine (even if she denies and retracts, although she claims to always tell the truth which is baloney as her blubbers and her pig of a daughter) but when the devil came, that all went down the drain.

    • Team Theresa too. Your family is hurting you and it’s time to walk away. You want to mend things, but they need to meet you half way. You have more than tried. Leave it alone, take care of your children, parents, and your husband. I’m Italian and I understand family is everything and you don’t want your parents to feel the pain, but sometimes there is just nothing left to say or do. Some words can never be taken back. I think you’ve done your best. Move forward.

      • Maybe T and Joey do get to a better place. Still doesn’t mean that the senior Gorgas will accept Joey and his icky wife. I think they know a lot of things about her and even T won’t be able to get them to come around.

    • I hope Bravo posts my comment to the Hooker:

      Don’t you hate when you’re on a show and someone you trusts comes on to bash you? You poor thing. Good thing you have a trustworthy friend like Jacqueline who will never betray you by repeating things you told her in confidence

      • NYGirl, wouldn’t that make for a hell of a reunion! Then Juicy could spill everyone’s secrets before he introduces DANIELLE. Everyone (with the exception of T & Juicy, as they have nothing to hide) would be shitting pills!!!!!!! T & Juicy can then smile, get up and walk off the set. Whaddya think?

    • This episode was hard to watch! Bashing Theresa again. And Melissa; OMG .. If she can sing, so can I .. And I can’t sing. Who does she think she is? She comes across as the most beautiful and talented person on the planet. And now a book? Are you kidding me? She will do anything for attention. I hope it flops!

      • frankie

        LOL good comment.

        I mean shit if that bitch can make and sell a couple of shitty song well so can i.

        I sound like a cat being strangled but with all the auto correct and turn they can make me sound like a professional lol

        Her book will Def flat line maybe her very few fans may buy her book i bet ya anything she and stumpy will buy the rest so she can make it on the best sellers book chart believe me this famewhore would do anything to compete with Tre