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Ramona Singer Devastated That Her Daughter, Avery, Is Moving Away For College This Fall!


Ramona Singer’s daughter Avery has just graduated from high school, and to celebrate, Ramona and Mario took her on a vacation to Africa where they left the city’s cell phones for some fresh air and a “spiritual” experience with nature!

Some might think a high school graduate would have leaned more towards Paris, or a Caribbean getaway but Ramona wanted something different and special for Avery before she leaves the nest and heads to college at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ramona tells Radar Online, “Avery is my only child and she is graduating from high school and going into college and that is a major transition for her.”

“And it’s going to be a major transition for me because she is on her way growing up and separating herself from us and I wanted to create a really beautiful memory and do something really different,” explains Ramona.

Ramona reveals that Avery has always wanted to go to Africa, and their trip was full of fun but also a lot of giving back. “Avery is big on helping children,” Ramona tells the site. “And I’m involved with the Empower Africa Foundation, so we went to some of the schools and to an orphanage that was built in one area. We are involved in helping to raise money. We wanted to see where the money goes.”

The Real Housewives of New York City star raves about how Avery was very happy and had a lot of fun playing with the African children and singing and dancing with them! “Avery has a very special soul,” gushes Ramona. “I’m very proud of her. She is very grounded. She’s bright and outgoing and she has a big heart.”

With Avery moving to college, Ramona is sad to see her only child move away for the first time. She dishes, “I have so many emotions going through me. I’m excited for her and happy and sad and confused. I feel a huge loss. Sometimes, this overwhelming emotion comes that feels like my heart is being ripped out.”

“Women don’t talk about how gut-wrenching and heart-wrenching it is when your child goes off to college. It is devastating for every woman,” adds Ramona. In the end, though, Ramona knows that this is something that has to happen, saying, “It’s going to be very difficult, but I have to let go. She has to grow.”

Nothing a few glasses of Pinot Grigio the first few weeks can’t fix! Avery seems like a sensible young lady and she will be fine. Thoughts on what Ramona had to say? Do you think this will show a new side of her on RHONY?

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  • The rest of this headline should read “…Meanwhile, daughter Avery totally stoked to finally be free of crazy-eyed mother’s lunatic clutches. Looks forward to possibly meeting a boy for first time in life who doesn’t fear being molested by said mother’s drunken old slag of a best friend, toaster oven obsessed fuckwitimeansocialite, Sonja Morgan.”

    • LOL

      I love me some Ramona, but she IS, indeed, NUTS (in a totally functional way. But she’s a LOON who makes me laugh, as opposed to alternately irritating the f*ck out of me and scaring me, like Jac-Ass Laurita)!

  • lol My brothers and I got a car and luggage. They said see you Christmas lol. She changed my room around before it was cold

    • LOL, I got luggage too for a graduation gift! An Oscar De La Renta luggage set. I thought I was the sh** way back then, lol.

    • Haha, that’s funny. My dad made me listen to Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone”, while driving me to first year of college. Of course, I saw him wipe his eyes dry as I watched him leave my dorm room. Lol

    • My super-controlling and overprotective Father signed a form putting me on curfew until I turned 18, which was basically at the end of the 1st semester (My birthday’s at the end of November). I started school when I was 4 years old. So, I ended up starting college at 17. If a student started college before 18, my school gave parents the option of having the student be placed under curfew until they turned 18.

      This meant, every night around midnight, someone from the dorm administration would call my room and ask, “Lola, are you in your room?”

      After about a month, my ROOMMATE (one of my best friends since I was 11 years old) was answering and saying, “Yes, I’m in.”


      • Omg! That’s funny!! @Lola. I had an early December bday but oldest of class and always got along best with older ones, except my BF, who was in November and almost 2 yrs younger.

        • Look at you robbing the cradle, Laram! 😉 I don’t judge. I’ve dated my fair share of younger men too. 2 years is nothing. I haven’t gone younger than 7 years….but on the right day, I probably would. 😉

          If you’ve got an early December birthday, you must be a fellow Sagittarius, like me! Whoo Hoo!

          • You gys are too funny! I graduated hs at sixteen! My mom lied about my age to get me started in Kindergarten at four! LOL! She figured since I talked early and was reading out loud out of the newspaper to my dad at three, she would do the same thing her mom did to her! Plus she had three more within three years and eight months after I was born! Can you imagine? Four little ones at home? No wonder she couldn’t wait to get me off and running! I loved school in those early years! Wow I left home for good by sixteen too never to return. It was understood in my house you were out by eighteen. With my own three, the first two left for college like Avery at eighteen. My yoiungest is twenty and is in her third year and has been living at home up until two weeks ago. She is married and moved to Canada with her husband and will finish school via computer courses for her Bachelors. Sigh…. I could’ve had her and her hubs with me forever and would have loved it. But a week after she left, I rented my home out in the states and moved to South America! So I am having my first big lifetime adventure and it is awesome! Life can be better after kids leave whether single or married imo. I guess it is all about perspective.

  • Congrats to Avery. She always seemed to have a good head on her shoulders and very grounded (based on her air time on the show). Good luck to her. I’m glad that she turned out so well given the fact that her mom is always out for a night on the town drinking her Pinot. Caroline and Wacky Jacky should’ve pushed their children. Wacky Jacky pushed her daughter away and Caroline can’t let hers go. Nene’s son just made stupid mistakes (stealing razors from Walmart, really?) and I hope he’s learned from them and becoming more responsible now since he’s a father. Kyle’s oldest graduated from college so hopefully she laid the ground work for her younger siblings. I read a few months ago that Tammy’s daughter, Lindsey (RHOC) was arrested for DUI. What happened here? Why isn’t she in college?

  • Why does such a pleasant story get turned into let’s bash other people’s kids? Get a life of your own and quit ripping everyone!

  • leave it to ramona to get all dramatic and over-wrought. “heart-wrenching” “gut-wrenching”?? the kid is only going off to another state, not to the moon. sure, a mother feels nostalgic when her child(ren) assume adult lives, but I was happy and excited for mine as each one left for school in another state. of course, ramona doesn’t have the “fewer dishes and laundry loads” bright side to look at, but it’s not as if avery won’t be coming home during breaks and summer. and, as two of my three moved back home for a little while after college, she might have that to look forward to also.

    • IMHO, I absolutely agree with Ramona. I have an only child(I got very sick right after she was born and couldn’t have anymore babies) and I already get anxiety thinking of her going away to college. I know if she chooses to I will support her as it is her life and she can make her own choices. That will not make my anxiety any less…. She is my ONLY angel! My world will be turned upside down BUT I will support her in her decisions as she grows and matures. Though I pray she stays close…

  • Congratulations Avery, Romona you have from the looks and sounds of this, reared a gorgeous and generous young woman, kudos to you.

  • I agree. im wondering if luanns daughter will be going. isnt she a senior this year also? i think kyles older daughter goes and kims. with the way kim spends from atlanta thr may not be any money to send Brielle. i wonder why the Al and Carolyn didnt insist on it and I was actually surprised Chris and Jacaloon didn’t put Ashley in art school the kid has talent. Idk many other wives with kids ready for college.

    • We live near Kim & Kroy. Brielle is a junior this year – so she’s got 2 more school years to go.

      Georgia has the HOPE scholarship. Assuming that Brielle has at least a 3.0 in her core classes she’ll have all but 10% of her tuition paid for in the state of Georgia.

      From everything I’ve seen about Brielle she’s a little bratty but every other kid up here is as well (INCLUDING MY OWN) but she isn’t ever in any real trouble or anything like that.

      She’ll be able to go to college if she wants. I would worry much less about the money and hope she has the grades to go wherever she wants(because my daughters 3.6/2050 SAT and 30 hours of AP/IB approved hours aren’t good enough to get into UGA).

  • Ramona is very in love with her daughter and is dedicated to giving her and teaching her important life skills.

    Since the beginning of Ramona, I have known her dedication to her little one.

    Avery has always pointed out inappropriate “mom” behavior accompanied with the eye roll…or Oh god mom!

    The sweetest time was when Ramona brought Avery and her buds for hair/mani/pedi…of course Ramona embarrassed a Avery, but her buds love Ramona.

    Avery was such a big girl when she was Ramona’s maid of honor at Ramona’s vow renewal.

    I loved the parties Ramona threw Avery..skies the limit!

    I also remember Ramona blurting out to LuAnne “how can you send your daughter away” one season when everyone was getting their kids ready for school.

    I feel so bad for Ramona,proud mom and missing daughter at the same time.

    Ramona the mom did awesome!

    Congrats Avery!

  • The young adults on the RH franchises have not always turned out so well or have stayed out of the drama and twitter wars, like RHNJ Manzo kids, Ashley, Nene’s son with his arrests records….- so on this one I have to give Ramona some credit. Avery has been in the spotlight through all her teen years, 7 years running, and has avoided the drama and charted a successful future for herself.

    Ashley was forced off the show kicking and screaming be her mama and Chris and Lauren would have never gone to college out of state and give up their beloved screen time. That Avery choose to leave the show and go to college out of state speaks volumes.

    • I agree with you. So many of them are just hot messes. Ramona maybe crazy but she did raise ber daughter right and i respect her for that! And look st danielles daughter, shes already modeling and she doesnt act crazy like jackholes daughter.

    • I know! I think she will do well- seems like a smart young lady. I can only imagine, as a Mother , what this feels like. My time is around the corner and I am not handling the idea well. I have already tried bribery to stay close, LOL! I hope and pray my hubby gets to stay here for a few more years, and my oldest picks school not too far 🙁 I am so worried already that he will start school here , and then we have to move ….waaaaaaa…

      • @Michers, I’m with you. My oldest and only daughter is going to be a junior, and I can’t believe it as I still flashback daily to seeing and feeling my little girl in my mind and heart.