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Kyle Richards Says There Is No Concern Regarding Her Marriage To Mauricio; Talks Cheating Rumors!

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It seems as if Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards marriage is the target of season 4 but despite all the rumors that her husband Mauricio cheated on her, Kyle says there is no concern regarding her marriage.

She tells Wetpaint, “There is no concern as far as my husband and me. Not at all. When we signed up for the show, to be honest, we knew and people told us these things could happen but we were naïve and thought, “Oh, that will never happen to us — we’re happy, we have no skeletons.” And when it happened we were really shocked and blind-sided.”

Kyle says this rumor was specifically hard and enough to react to saying, “We were completely like, Oh my God. And everyone’s like, “That’s part of the deal. That’s how it goes,” and I’m talking with my niece, like, “How do people deal with it?” She’s like, “You just have to live with that.” It’s torture and I think it’s unbelievable that people out there can live with themselves and look themselves in the mirror.”

Mauricio seems like an amazing father and even better husband. I never believed these rumors for a second but think people are trying to stir something and change the focus on someone else simply for the show. Thoughts on what Kyle had to say?

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  • Who cares if gopher face is cheating or not? I don’t. Kyle only sees what she wants to see. Then she flips her hair & does the splits. If she’s so worried, let her hire a private detective. She wouldn’t believe him either.

    • OMG!!! Wouldn’t that be something??? As much as she ticks me off, I cannot see her being a cheater.. but that comment made me LOL!

  • Then why is this like the 50th time she is addressing this? If you are not concerned, let it go sista!

    • Funny how you defend Brandi for yapping her mouth about being cheated on because “people ask her about LeAnn” and therefore she is entitled to answer it. Kyle has been asked about the whole cheating thing and she addresses it.

      I’m tired of hearing about the whole cheating thing, she knows he didn’t cheat (and I believe he didn’t.) She could just say “I already answered this, and I don’t feel the need to keep answering a repeated question.”

      • Uh huh. And this is funny how Jelly? I mean Mo didnt cheat right? So she is not in the same position as Brandi 😉
        If all is “good” on the home front, is she trying to convince us, or herself?

        • She’s trying to speak her truth Michers, you sound very Jelly too me. Like you just love to hear negative stuff about Kyle and her husband. In fact, you tear down a lot of the housewives, you must be sad and lonely and wish you were one of the housewives. We’d probably tear you down too. You get what you give.

          • Oh shut up! Nice name.. I guess you are one to fantasize about people being jelly of you perhaps? And I have defended Kyle on this the first hundred times it was out, but nice try french fry. Even though I do not care for her and what she acted like on a tv show 😉

      • I think we are all tired of the cheating thing. Kyle should not even address it with any of the tabloids. She is the one giving statements to Wetpaint (I don’t even know what Wetpaint is.)

      • Well, come on……Kyle doesn’t know if he cheated…..she may believe that he hasn’t but she doesn’t know. Neither do we.

      • Thank you! Brandi is Lisa’s servant. Until Lisa does something to really piss Brandi off, Brandi will remain Lisa’s loyal servant, something like Bernie and Adrienne. Brandi has come out in plenty mags. talking about Leanne this Leanne that, Eddie this, Eddie that, TONS! Now, when Kyle decides to defend herself, “Oh, she’s trying too hard to convince us” Get a grip people, don’t like her for whatever reason, but, leave her marriage out of it.

        • She is the one who keeps bringing up her marriage! If its not broke no need to fix it, and no need to constantly keep bringing it up, for us to comment about. That is what the site is about.
          You sound as if you have first hand info about Lisa and Brandi, and the other housewives, do you know these

        • JealousBiotches,
          This reply to your comment comes late so you probably won’t even see this but I’ll comment anyway regarding Adrienne’s loyalty to Bernie. I don’t know for the life of me why I was thinking really long and hard about the relationship between Adrienne and her Chef and why she hasn’t terminated his employment, but there I was thinking about the question, “Why is Adrienne so reluctant to fire her Chef?” I imagined myself wealthy and having a personal Chef. I imagined my friends and family members (husband) complaining of him and I imagined defending my Chef. I asked myself why I am reluctant to fire the Chef? Am I having an affair with him and that’s why I won’t fire him? Adrienne split with her husband and began dating and the Chef is still the Chef. So, most likely, there is no love affair. Then something dawned on me. The Chef lives in the house. He knows Everything. Every detail of Adrienne’s life is known to the Chef. So, I imagined my imaginary Chef knows every detail of my life and I really want to fire him but I can’t. I’m afraid my big mouth Chef may tell people everything about my private life. I don’t know what he knows about me but I do know he knows enough to cause my life to change with my friendships and my family relationships. I’m too afraid to fire my Chef.
          My point is, I think Adrienne is afraid of her Chef. I think she’s too afraid of the rumors he may spread about her. A gag order (I think that’s what it’s called)prevents the Chef from talking to media but I don’t think it stops him from telling other people who in turn, tell their friends.
          Bottom line, Adrienne isn’t protecting her Chef, she’s afraid of him. Let’s face it, her Chef is well known for saying horrible things about people on Twitter and Facebook and even the tabloids. No Doubt, if Adrienne pisses off her Chef (Terminating his employment will suffice)he will really gab his mouth off as if his lips were on steriods.
          I could be wrong but I think Adrienne is afraid of her Chef.

          • Yeah, I think your right. Adrienne and Chef definitely have a very suspicious relationship. I agree with all your comments, you definitely know the housewives behaviors.

          • You bet’cha! The chef and Adrienne might have a thing going… we’ll never know though but it is odd how they both stuck together with same stories when Adrienne claimed “abuse from Paul”. This bunch are suspicious characters… for sure. Thank you for responding.

  • I don’t think God could have put two people together as well as he did with Kyle and Mauricio. They communicate well with each other and frankly, as far as looks are concerned, they are a very good looking couple who compliment one another. I think they are a perfect couple.

    Brandi is obviously starting these rumors and Lisa is obviously pushing Brandi to get the rumor out there. You know something, looking back on the previous seasons, I have No Doubt, Lisa is the gossip magazines and blogs turn to for dirt, even if the dirt is a lie.

    • Yep, I agree. Kyle and Mauricio are the perfect couple and that pisses people off- that is why rumors and gossip surrounds them. Kyle might be a mean girl at times, but, show me one of the housewives who hasn’t been a mean girl at some point? Kyle and Mauricio are perfect and people just can’t stand a happy, good looking couple. They just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to hate!! Hate on people, Kyle and her husband know the truth and that aggravates you!TEAM Kyle

  • Does Kyle need to be in the spotlight constantly? Who even cares about this? She is trying way too hard to convince anyone he is not cheating.

    • I agree. She makes it look worse by continuing to bring it up. I never thought Maurice was that great to begin with and Kyle is just hateful. I haven’t missed seeing her on my TV.

    • Oh hey Socal! I just put a comment similar without reading LOL! Seriously, how many times is he going to address this? It has been popping up too much! Gee, I guess I know what storyline she is going with..gaining sympathy before the season even airs.

    • She’ll address it as long as she wishes. Brandi, Yo and Lisa address plenty and we readers are stuck with it because we follow the gossip blogs. Kyle should speak about it just like the other housewives address their issues.

  • The cheating stuff has come up because the people involved in the alleged cheating with him are writing a book and started contacting press. It’s not simply a Bravo-creation for this season. The timing of it is related to the people he supposedly cheated with.

  • Why, Why, Why does this rumor keep coming up? Kyle comes off as very jealous and/or insecure and territorial when it comes to her husband.

    • For her sake, I hope the rumors are not true. But usually where there is smoke, there is fire.

  • This is uncanny, I was just thinking this vey morning, that it is been awhile since we have heard anything about Kyle and Mauricio and those pesky cheating rumors. AND
    HERE IT IS, DA DA……. I guess they thought no one was talking about them any more.
    We get it, he says he doesn’t cheat, and you believe him. Good for both of you.
    Now you can say you are relevant …………..again.
    HMMMMM, no one brings this up, BUT Kyle. Soon you will be just like the Kardashian’s, regurgitating everything that happens in your life.

  • I don’t know if this is true but what I do know from personal experience is this.. Kyle is extremely jelly, believe me no woman is like that without cause… All reactions come from something happening to make u react in a certain way.. Remember in season 1 when a lady danced with him at the white party??? He was doing nothing to stop it and Kyle almost beat her up… Extreme over reaction if she wasn’t worried something else was going on ????!!! Just this girls opinion !!!

    • i understand what you are saying and agree to an extent. however i don’t think it necessarily has to mean he is cheating. Kyle was married before so who knows what happened there. maybe her ex cheated on her which left her with trust issues. There isn’t only one reason people are jealous.

    • I agree with you, jealous insecure women are not that way without cause. And there is something about him and the way he let that woman fawn all over him at the white party in season 1 that shows that he does not respect his wife and my even have cheated or cheats on her.

      • Mo is a bigtime cheater…he cheated with Camille, he cheats whenever he can! It’s in his blood and its a game with him.

  • Haters be jealous! They have no skeletons so that alone is and should be good enough for everyone. What ever someone thinks they dug up may have been put to rest long ago by the couple and is no ones business. Keep keeping it real Kyle!

  • I love Kyle to pieces!

    At the season finale, the kiss of death was Mauricio and Kyle making proclamations about their marriage without skeletons.

    Ears perked up, eyes began zooming for even a hint of slut behavior.

    If the job of a cast member was to “not comment” on rumors, then Brandi would be the first one fired.

    Kyle says she knows her marriage, good.

    What floored her is the Kyle haters eagerly bashing and inserting themselves into the marriage that both proclaimed on camera that there are no skeletons in the closet.

    Kyle has a reaction…and?

    Kyle has had time to purchase a designer spine and have it implanted by now…this schtick is nauseating.

    Hopefully by now, Kyle has thanked Brandi for the heads up about the Kyle haters rumors.

  • I think that she cheapen herself a little by addressing it. I am Team Kyle, but I wouldn’t have addressed it, just because its too much a personal issue. I don’t know, maybe she should’ve, but I don’t THINK that I would I’ve addressed it. I don’t think that she should have to address anything within her marriage.

    • You are right, but, if Kyle would’ve not addressed it, imagine the vultures saying, “then it must be true because she never said a word”… Kyle knows that in this type of business jealousy thrives well, you either address the gossip and let the believers and haters, hate, as long as she knows the truth. I too like Kyle, it appears that she does have a good marriage and family, people just love to tear that apart, and that’s the ugly truth.

  • I’m not saying that he cheats, but I am always suspect of any couple that works hard to prove that they are happy and in love. Kyle obviously has insecurities where he is concerned. What the basis for those are, are between the two of them.

  • I’m not Team Kyle or (Team Mo after last season), but I am Team Family, and they seem to have a great partnership and family, as well as real love and respect for one another. Even Lisa said she thought rumors were utter BS. Mauricio is going to be an easy target because he is charming, good looking, and in the people business. I’m sure there are many women who wish it were true! It is gross people want to tamper with a marriage and family.

    • Oh what, you are not going to trash Rox in this thread? Wow, you can comment without insulting the site owner. Good job!