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Ana Quincoces Attempts To Explain Why She Is No Longer A Full Time Housewife On RHOM!

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Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Miami will return this August and Lisa Hochstein, Lea Black, Adriana de Moura, Joanna Krupa, and Alexia Echevarria will all be returning as full-time housewives. However Marysol Patton and Ana Quincoces are getting smaller roles on the hit show and are officially labeled ‘friends of the housewives.’ Ana took to twitter to explain why she no longer is a full-time housewife saying,

“Good morning tweeps! Thank you for all the tweets, emails, and FB messages sharing your disappointment about my “recurring role”. I wish I could give you guys the explanation you deserve.Unfortinately, it would not be appropriate to do so right now. As the season progresses some things will become very clear and you may even have one of Oprah’s classic “Aha moments”. In the meantime, tune in to #RHOM- judging from the trailer, it’s gonna be one crazy season! Love you guys- your loyalty and support truly mean the world to me!!!”

Sounds juicy! Something defiantly happened. Are you upset Ana and Marysol will have smaller roles? Will you be tuning in to RHOM this season? If you haven’t watched the trailer, check it out below!

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  • I’m so upset that Ana has been demoted! So frustrating! I really did like her a lot and the Reunion was just spiced up thanks to her!

  • I dislike her greatly! Hearing that she & Marysol Patton were not coing back as full time housewives was the best news I heard fro this series so far!

  • Ana was reduced to a “recurring role” because she was BORING until that fail of an attack on Lea at the reunion. Marysol is even worse, as she has a lot of personal life baggage that she refuses to air in public. I still think the producers are making a mistake by only having 5 official housewives this upcoming season, and only having 2 Latinas.

    • Yes, who says less is more, it’s better when there’s 7 wives, since the viewer has more to identify with.

  • I wanna know how much Mama Elsa will be on the show – I hope every episode. I LOVED her comic relief – these shows need it.

  • Yeah, I didn’t like Ana’s ageist angle of fighting either but these housewives fight dirty!

    • Srsly, it’s rude it’s almost like being racist or prejudice, I found it intolerable and disgusting lea’s not that old, it was one of Ana”s only fighting tools but it’s like calling someone a white bitch or black bitch don’t involve there race or lea’s age! Her age has nothing to do with it

      • Granted I do find some old people annoying but what can you do! (haha I’ve seen 70-80 year old cruizy gay men in sex clubs! Eek!)

  • I hated Karent AND Ana. I’m glad to see them both go. This cast is really good and MIA is one of the best Housewives shows. This is the aspirational lifestyle we like to see, like BH.

  • Nooooo. Keep marysol. She’s just right…light drama where it’s not too stressful for the viewer. Although I like Lisa, I find her extremely boring almost like she’s putting on for the camera.

  • It does sound interesting. I wasn’t a fan of Karent and have to admit I won’t miss her but I did enjoy both Ana and Marysol. I will wait to see how limited their time is, Marysol lacked story line last season and she tends to hold back so I understand the choice to limit her. As far as Ana, last season was her fist, so I felt we were just getting to know her and she had a bit of a slow start but I liked her.

  • I find Marysol, her victim and voice so annoying. I’m glad her role’s been reduced. She reminds me of Kim from RHBH, always a bit zoned out looking, sounding and acting. I found Ana infuriating and perplexing. No wonder they’re friends.

    I think Ana is a very attractive woman. Why people don’t go on about her looks, I don’t know. I also think that she waaay overshares with her daughters. Be a parent, not a cool friend!! She also doesn’t seem to display enough intelligence to be a lawyer, from my experience with lawyers.

    I got first turned off Ana with the whole Karent/Rodolfo/flirting thing. She can’t let go of her ex-husband Robert, is dating Mark and text flirting with Rodolfo?? And then she got all snarky with Karent??? I always believed that she was jealous because Karent was in a relationship with a man that she desired.

    Also, I wished she would stop sticking up for Marysol. Sink or swim as they say. Do some therapy and find out why the compulsive caretaking.

    Ana was also pretty mean to Lea at the reunion. What did Lea ever do to her? Or is it a Marysol thing again?

    Ana = nastiness without a reason.

    • 100% agree. I think I could have liked Ana but the thing with Karent was just ridiculous. She was often just down right mean and nasty without being entertaining with it.

      • Yeah, I think I wanted to like Ana also. Here was a smart, attractive woman but her reasoning in situations baffled me.

    • I didn’t really like Ana, but if you remember she wasn’t text flirting with Rodolfo. He was dating his co star Ana behind Karent’s back and Karent thought it was Ana so she blamed her for it.

      • I thought she admitted that Rodolfo was texting her, but he was also apparently texting his costar Ana, when he and Karent were talking about it, aka, Karent busted him on it. Karent automatically assumed it was Ana (on this show) since she had already let K know that he was texting her.

    • Ana and marisol are boring, it makes it worse when your mom is more popular than you are/marisol. Yes Ana, was very nasty at the reunion, she was an ageist, going after lea’s age, no one on these shows anyone are getting any younger…

    • Plus the whole Ana thing with the ex husband not signing the papers was so drawn out and became like a bad Julia Roberts movie

    • She was not text flirting with Rodoldo. She got flirting texts from him, texts she found inexplicable. However, now that we know that girl he was kissing in the photo was also named Ana, I think the likely explanation is he was tweeting her by mistake.

      • When you say texts do you really mean tweets? ‘Cos if they were texts then how did he get her number? And surely her twitter account has her picture on it? And if he was conducting an affair with his co-star Ana surely at times whilst conversing, he would have alluded to the private tweets going back and forth and they would have figured out he was tweeting the wrong Ana. I never did get my head around the Ana/Rodolfo flirting thing.

        • She got text messages from him that were flirtatious. She thought he was flirting with her. He denied it. Karent said she saw texts from an Ana. Turns out that there was an Ana he was dating on the sly.

          And I meant texts. Perhaps his phone did not associate a photo, perhaps it was old or he never bothered. Anyway, Ana said she got texts, she showed one. He denied, it makes perfect sense that he accidentally sent to the wrong Ana – as they would be next to each other in his contact list.

          • Thanks for answering the question, Casja. But if it’s texting involved, surely phone numbers are required for this?? I am not familiar with Twitter. I thought private tweets could be sent between a small group of people?? Are these private tweets called texts? Anyhoo, it was never addressed on the show how the exchange of numbers (if required) occurred PLUS even if Rodolfo was mistakenly tweeting/texting/facebooking her, I was under the impression that she reciprocated??

    • Totally agree. And what’s up with her dress? I mean, if she wanted her boobs out so much why did she wear anything at all? ????

  • I can’t believe Adrianna and Lea are not getting along after what Adrianna said at the reunion how she would never go against Lea because she helped her in her most difficult times they seemed to have a genuine friendship.

      • I really liked Joanna until she blocked me on Twitter for no reason
        (I tweeted how I was loling at what she said about Adriana on WWHL)

    • Lea spread false lies about Adriana’s marriage. Adriana is clearly going to address the marriage license on the show, but it seems like Lea was very sneaky and backhanded and gave the info to Joanna to use. Is that a friend? No.

      From the trailers, Adriana seems quite hurt and Lea looks like she messed up.

    • Ana was quiet up until the reunion probably so that she could get a permanent role and it didn’t work out

      • I LOVED how hard Ana brought it to that POS Leah BAGAWK Black. She is a gross woman who defends the lowest criminal scum there is. Ana is a lawyer, and don’t you forget it!

    • Dan I have a feeling Ana has been dealt a shitty hand this season due to Lea Black and her her husbands underhanded threats and lies. Lea was visibly shaken to the core that the truth about her was beginning to come out at the reunion. A quick hysterical call to her husband during a break and we all were disappointed to see a completely heavily edited and disjointed version of what really went down. Lea is evil and cross her and she has her husbands power and money to ruin people. I loath Lea Black. She will be up to no good this season too the nasty POS.

  • I am shocked they kept Alexia over Ana. You would think that Alexia would be needing some privacy to deal with her sons. She hardly participated last season. Ana was way more interesting and part of the story.

    • I thought the same thing in regards to Alexia. The way her oldest son is behaving is atrocious. You would think all her time and energy would be focused on getting his ass in line, not filming a tv show.

    • Remember on realitytea they are saying that Ana is going through a foreclosure right now and will be losing the house.

    • I was shocked that Alexia was chosen over Ana too. Alexia came across as mean spirited, especially at the reunion.