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PHOTOS: Mercedes Javid Flaunts Her Bikini Bod

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Shahs of Sunset star Mercedes Javid headed to Santa Monica this past weekend to get her tan on at the beach as she played with the water and showed off her curves.

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Mercedes, 40, has made it clear that she is not ashamed of her body one time telling In Touch that “skinny is not appealing to me. If I were to admire another woman’s body type, it would probably be someone who is very curvaceous and slender in the right places. I think men tend to like it better.”

I think it’s great that Mercedes has enough confidence. Thoughts on Mercedes flaunting her bikini bod? Hot or not?

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  • You’re right. I am in my mid age and prefer women to be a little chubby but pleasing. What matters most is Mercedes self confidence. How could other people love if you don’t love or admire first your self. Very nice Mercedes! Love you baby!

  • I think we use word “overweight” very loosely, because we don’t want to admit to the problem. I insist that MJ is obese. Not morbidly obese yet, but obese. Overweight is 5-10, at most 20 extra lbs.

    When I look at MJ, I don’t see “curvy”, I see DM, HTN, early osteoarthritis, fatty liver changes,some forms of cancer, etc. Plus her heavy drinking.

    And to reply to some other comments, and as a medical professional I have to say that % of people with REAL thyroid problems among obese people is very small. It’s just a very popular excuse now.
    My Mom has serious thyroid condition, it’s much more serious then just extra weight, trust me.

    And I am not promoting anorexia, I lost all my weight with healthy eating and exercise. NO starving, NO “magic” pills. And I did it after 35.
    I am still around 150 lbs, but with a lot of muscles and low % of fat. And very active.

    I admit I was obese. And it was all my fault.
    What scared me the most was my blood pressure, it became high. And I admit it’s a lot of work to be healthy. But I am happy that I am healthy now.

    I never put people down for the way they look. I don’t promote skinny or any other specific looks. But we have to admit we have a big problem with obesity.

  • I say good for her for rocking the bikini and being comfortable. But booo for the “I don’t like skinny” comments. You can lift yourself up without putting others down.

  • A lot of curvier women have more confidence
    Than skinnier women do. I am curvy and have more confidence than my skinny in shape friends. But I would never wear a bikini! My husband rather have me curvy than skinny that’s for sure . To each is own but I’ve heard only only dogs like bones.

  • That is not what you call CURVY. I am sick and tired of girls with huge ass muffin tops attempting to make themselves feel better by calling themselves curvy. Mercedes is a beautiful person but she needs to dress for her body. Also she needs to change her diet up. I wouldn’t be surprised if she will need a bypass in a few years because her arteries must be disgusting.

  • It’s hilarious how she thinks it’s cool to comment on men liking curvier women but I bet she would flip out if someone said men prefer very skinny women. It’s offensive both ways.

    Anyway, MJ isn’t THAT big but she has horrible style. She’s one of those girls who thinks that it’s more important to be able to squeeze into a certain size than just wear the size you look best in. The string looks like it’s about to snap off and she’s going to flash us all. I certainly couldn’t wear a bikini top like that without fear they’d pop out and I’m not even “fat,” just large chested. But I know better than to wear that kind of top that makes it look like I’m poorly supported.

  • I think she looks beautiful and glad she has the courage to be who she wants to be. I am absolutely shocked at some of the women’s responses on here.
    Calling some one fat is still acceptable if she was disfigured we would say how brave of her yes sometimes being over weight is sometimes due to laziness but sometimes it’s not. She may take meds that increased her weight case in point steroids. Or thyroid disease and a number of things.why is this still okay for us to ridicule the overweight and it’s okay I may ridicule a housewives blog or her obvious aversion to truth but not her appearance.

    • Mate: she eats too much and drinks too much. She is likely unhealthy and medically overweight. I’m not passing judgement on her. It’s up to her how she lives her life. I couldn’t care less. I don’t think she looks bad at all. She looks okay, but yeah: she does seem overweight for her height. And if she’s comfortable, then fine. What I’m saying is her lifestyle is unhealthy. And that’s not fine. People who eat unhealthily and lead unhealthy lifestyles have all kinds of health problems. And that is a huge shame. Because MJ is a good person who deserves a break.

      • And yes: I know I contradicted myself when I said I couldn’t care less about how she lived her life and them said its not fine to live an unhealthy lifestyle.

        Sue me.

        • No need to sue you lol and I agree she likes to get her drink on. I’m just saying if she’s happy with herself then let her wear what she wants. I am saying though women saying extremely cruel things about her is uncalled for. You don’t like her choice of clothing that’s fine but the name calling and ridiculing is uncalled for. You gave your opinion and was not cruel about it I respect that. I just think we should support people not ostracize (sp?) them. And I like your opening with mate, nice to hear and kind of you!

          • Oh god no! I would never condone ostracising somebody based in their weight! I just think MJ could take better care of her health.


      • you don’t know if she’s medical overweight. to me if you can’t see your feet or can’t bend over then you have a problem. clearly MJ can still function like everyone else. so she has a belly so that makes her obese? that is crazy. there are even “skinny” women with bellies.

        it’s just bizarre to me that women can be so critical of each other bodies. as women we shouldn’t do that. it’s bad enough we’re judged constantly by men and by society and now women want to dictate on what beauty and what curvy is?

        anyways, sorry for ranting to you for a bit aussiegirl. I do agree with you that MJ leads an unhealthy lifestyle, I think she has drinking and drug problems and that can affect a person mentally and physically.

        • It’s cool rukidding! 🙂 when I said medically overweight I just meant she seems heavy for her height. I know BMI isn’t the most accurate indicator of healthy weight range, but it’s generally a reasonably accurate starring point. But I’m sure as shit no doctor, so don’t be taking no prescriptions from me!

          But yeah. MJ could lead a healthier lifestyle. So could all of the people on that show, frankly. WTF: Gigi?

      • I agree Aussie. She’s not healthy. The important thing is, no matter the size, that you are taking care of your body so that you can live a long healthy life. From what we’ve seen, MJ often drinks more calories than most people consume in food for a day. There’s nothing wrong with curves, as long as you take care of yourself.

  • let’s be honest, that’s not a flattering bathing suit for her body type. If she’s comfortable with how she looks, good for her. Hopefully she has sorted out the drinking and pill popping issues she allegedly has though.

  • Good on her for wearing a bikini. I wouldn’t and I’m not uncomfortable with my weight: I just don’t like the idea of letting it all hang out anymore!

    That said, I don’t know about MJ. I think she does care about her looks way too much. She has very low self esteem, is constantly harassed by her mother about how bad a person she is and she is always in a full face of make up with false eyelashes.

    I couldn’t care less about weight, but I guarantee you she is not just ‘naturally curvy’. MJ is is overweight, and I would be willing to bet it’s because she leads such an unhealthy lifestyle. She drinks like a fish and eats a huge amount of food (I’m not joking: all the people on this show chow down on portion sizes I believe could feed a small child for a day) and is about 5″3.

    For real. I’m not being judgemental. Like I said: I couldn’t give a fark about weight. As long as a person is healthy and happy then who gives a shit? But do I reckon MJ is healthy and happy? GTFO I do.

    • yeah MJ does live an unhealthy lifestyle, she drinks a lot and allegedly takes pills. she does have low self esteem. I like that she doesn’t care how she looks in a bikini. you have to truly have big balls to wear one in public. she just doesn’t care. I love that about her. I think she is curvy, she has nice big boobs, she has hips and juicy butt and nice thick thighs but she can lose a few pounds in the stomach area but I really don’t think she’s overweight. MJ is right there are plenty of men that like curvy women and I think MJ is sexy. she’s a sloppy drunk but when she’s sober she’s sexy.

  • Fat does equal curvy. This woman is fat. Glad you think you have it going on but the majority of us don’t. Quit making people look at your lazy ass in a bikini. Rude.

    • She is severely overweight, actually obese. That’s not curvy and not healthy. Trust me, I’ve been there. I lost over 85 lbs in 2 years.
      As a former athlete I could not believe I gained all that weight, but life isn’t easy, and it happened.

      Keeping all that weight off is also a lot of work and discipline, as much work as losing it. I still workout 5 times a week and eat very healthy. And I know that I’ll have to do it for the rest of my life.

      MJ is lazy, she also needs to stop drinking if she wants to lose weight. Actually she needs to cut down her drinking anyway. She has a problem.

      • Congrats on your weight loss. I’ve always been thin, but getting into my 30s my metabolism decided to slow down, so I too must watch what I put in my mouth and make sure I move more.

        I’m sorry, but I’m sick of this “Love your body!” “Big is beautiful!”. I agree to the point that no, you don’t have to be stick thin, but healthy.

        If you are obese, Do NOT love your body and Do NOT think it is beautiful.

        Get healthy!

      • You are right about the alcohol. If someone is drinking everyday, it really puts the weight on. It’s easy to put on weight, but difficult to take it off.

      • MJ isn’t obese. everyone has there own idea on what obese is. could she lose some weight, YES. is she morbidly obsess, NO!! she might not be curvy to you because clearly you have issues but to many people with normal views on weight she is curvy and to many men she is sexy. I agree MJ is lazy and she does a lot of unhealthy things to her body. she has low self esteem and maybe and hopefully in the future she can work on her mental health and then she can work on her body.

        regardless what her problem is. she is still beautiful and it’s up to her to change.

        • She may not be morbidly obese (though I wouldn’t be surprised if she was due to BMI and other factors) but she is by no means healthy.

          I don’t care “what some men find sexy”. Alot of men find anorexics skinny, doesn’t mean you should become one. The issue is health. And this woman has entirely too much fat to be considered any kind of healthy.

          It’s not mean it’s true.

          • I agree with all of you guys here & there. Everyone makes great points. I think the points all stand on their own but I just wanted to throw some personal observation into the mix.

            I am working out like a beast these days. I have lost a heap of weight and I am not bold enough to admit to how much. But I like to look at fitness models for inspiration because It gives me a visual goal. Its not everyones preference of what to look like, but its mine. I came across a pic of Jessica Simpson during filming Dukes Of Hazard and told my husband THAT was my goal. He told me no way, he said TOO SKINNY. I was SHOCKED. I know he has always been a fan of curves but Jessica in that movie was a knock out (in my opinion). He was adament that she was too skinny and I still dont understand it. But I guess we really do all have our idea of perfect. Rukidding upthread says Marilyn had the perfect body. Some may like MJ. I personally think MJ should take her size into consideration when thinking about the future and how the extra weight will effect joints, organs and disease. The statistics on how obesity effects ones chances of diabtetes, cancer and other illness is sobering. I speak having been sobered.

          • Crywolf, congrats. on the weight loss! I remember seeing that picture of Jessica in that movie, and she looked fantastic. Keep working hard and you will be happy with the results.

  • Yes, applause for her confidence and I actually think the bikini looks nice on her, especially the color. She pulls it off because she carries her weight very well – evenly distributed and curvy. But she doesn’t look like a healthy 40 year old. She looks medically overweight. I’d be shocked if her doctor hasn’t already told her she needs to lose a few pounds.

  • she NEEDS a suit that fits…. its great she is happy with her body but in these pictures and on the show she looks terrible because she wears clothes 2 sizes too small….. and that is NOT flattering on anyone whether you are a size 2 or size 22

  • it is not healthy to be over weight…. embrace it all you want – it is not healthy… those are not curves – they are rolls. Yes she is beautiful but we need to promote healthy life styles.

    • There is such an intense focus on fat and health. Multiple studies have proven that being slightly overweight and active is actually healthier than slim and inactive. Why don’t people focus on thin people who smoke?? – like Stassi from Vanderpump Rules. Because the issue of fat is normally dressed up as a health concern when it’s really an aesthetic one.

      • Most scientists concur that obesity kills more people annually than cigarettes. Granted more and more people are quitting smoking and not starting to begin with.

        Not gonna lie. Obese people piss me off. They raise all of our healthcare premiums and cost the US billions a year. All because they’re too lazy to eat healthy and exercise. Plus they have millions of other fat women egging them on telling them how “beautiful ” they are. No. It’s on the opposite spectrum of anorexia. It’s not ok, not healthy and SO easy to avoid.

        • wow, jpg..I always knew you were mean but I had no idea that you were this disgusting. are you seriously using premiums as an excuse to discriminate fat people? that is a cop-out and you know it. you discriminate because you have a fear of getting fat yourself. you have a problem.
          so it’s only fat people that raise premiums? I’m sure “skinny” or “slender” people like yourself raise them also. there are many people of all shapes and sizes that do unhealthy things to their bodies and go in and out of hospitals. “slender” people like yourself eat junk food too, drink caffeine, smoke cigarettes, drink liquer, and “active” people are also a risk because what happens when you push her body to hard? you get heat strokes, broken limbs, sprains, heart attacks, etc. so spare me that ignorant crap about fat people and premiums.

          one thing you’re right about is that being overweight can be unhealthy just like being too skinny can be unhealthy too but I didn’t hear you say anorexic people raises premiums, now did you? they’re in and out of hospitals as much as over weight people. if it’s so easy for fat people to lose weight then why isn’t it easy for anorexic people to eat? because it’s easier said than done. it’s a mental thing that you clearly don’t understand.

          • But it is fairly easy to lose the weight. Eating in moderation and exercising is the answer. Obesity is now officially a disease in this country, according to an article published on CNN just last week.

            It’s not really that big of a problem anywhere else. As someone who grew up in Europe, I can tell you that I have never seen anything like it than here in the states. I agree with you that being too skinny is not good either; there is always a happy medium.

            @JPG – I agree with your comment 100%. It’s not mean; it’s just the truth.

          • It’s not mean, it’s honest. Since when is obesity a disease? It’s not (except in RARE cases) it’s a lifestyle choice. I have no fear of getting fat as I take the proper measures not to do so. Eat less, move more. Simple and effective.

            Besides all that, do some actual research before you just start spewing random ailments or injuries that in no way can match medical issues that arise from obesity.

          • no it isn’t fairly easy to lose weight either. I don’t know if you’ve ever been on a diet but it isn’t easy. I’ve been an over eater and I’ve been anorexic as well and I can tell you it’s not easy to try to eat healthy and get your body in shape. for some people it is easy but for many people it’s hard and it usually takes years for some people to finally get in shape. it’s all about metabolism, self esteem, motivation and the will power to work out and eat right. it is extremely hard to get on diet when you have low self esteem and if you have high metabolism it’s easier and quicker for that person to lose weight than someone with low metabolism. that is why there are tons of weighloss programs because obviously some people need more help than others.

            really annoys me when people think it’s so easy to lose weight and easy for anorexic to just eat. it’s not. there wouldn’t be programs for these problems if it was so easy.

            there’s addictions for everything and food is also an addiction and to assume that you can just quit at a drop of a hat is ridiculous.

          • Uh. rukidding… it isn’t easy to START to lose weight, because it takes effort to make changes in ones lifestyle! Haven’t we mocked Lauren Manzo enough on this site for being incredibly lazy and unwilling to make the necessary changes to lose weight?

            The whole “love your body” movement has taken a really wrong turn. Accepting your body for it’s natural shape is wonderful. Accepting your shape regardless of the state of your health is NOT.

        • I agree with every word of your comment. Obesity is just as bad as anorexia; there is underweight and overweight and neither end of the spectrum are good.

          • @jpg – agreed, it is NOT a disease, but I guess now they have officially declared is as one. Just absolutely ridiculous and irresponsible if you ask me. Nowhere else would it be considered as such because people actually take responsibility for themselves and strive to live healthy lifestyles. Way too many excuses is what the real problem is here.

          • anything that is an addiction is considered a disease? not your kind of disease but it is someone’s disease. something that is harming them, making them sick and need help to cure it. the originalA you said something about not seeing this problem in Europe and I agree. in some countries obesity isn’t an issue but in some places it is. in America it’s huge because we’re obsessed with food. there is a fastfood in every corner and new restaurants popping up everyday. it’s kinda weird because we’re also obsessed with looks and plastic surgery. you’re either anorexic here because you are trying to look like kate moss or you’re overweight and over eat because of low self esteem because you can’t look like kate moss.

            just like in some countries drugs are more rampant than in other countries and violence is higher is some places than others, or plastic surgery is huge in one country than another. what I do know is that no country is innocent. all countries have their problems and obesity and anorexia is one of America’s problems.

          • There are also grocery stores. Where you can purchase all the healthy food you want. If you really want to add to it, walk to the grocery store. Simple things.

            I will not subscribe to the excuse that obesity is a disease. It’s not. It is a choice.

        • A health professional friend of mine claims that smoking, of all the vices, is the single worst thing you can do to your body.

          I believe that overeating can be an addiction i.e. to continue to (and therefore compulsively) partake in a negative activity/substance, despite the negative consequences.

          Are there seriously millions of women in America encouraging obesity? I think fat and shame are so linked. Maybe millions in countries of starving, brown people where fat is a sign of health and wealth.

          Other instances that should therefore also be shunned by the health system:

          * Injured perpetrators of speeding, texting whilst driving, driving under the influence.
          * Skin cancer – should’ve slapped on that sunscreen.
          * Lung cancer – except in the case of secondary smoke ingestion, of course.
          * Accidental, self-inflicted gun shot wounds.
          * Heart attacks by joggers (it is well known enough by now that jogging is responsible for a large number of heart attacks).
          * Pregnancy – it’s a choice isn’t it?
          * Injuries from participation in voluntary, high-risk activities e.g. sky-diving.
          * Cancer treatment should only be partially funded due to the link between stress and cancer. Why didn’t they meditate, breathed slower or something?

          Years ago, I read an article warning against moralising health issues and it changed my mind.

          There is enough money in world to look after everyone but there is not enough for everyone to have their own private jet. There is not a scarcity of resources in the world but rather an unfair distribution of it. Everyday, governments prop up destructive industries like corn syrup, transfats and bailing out multi-billion dollar banks.

      • My brother in law has steadily gained weight over the last 20 years. He is 43 and weighed 350lbs last year. He was having all kinds of health issues; the doctor told him to lose weight, or her would surely die sooner than later. He finally listened, and started walking every day. He only has healthy food in the fridge and excerises. He has lost 90 lbs in a year; it has gotten easier for him because, he feels so much better. He has a long way to go, but he is doing it the healthy way, not the Lapband way.

  • If it were anyone else, I’d say good for her — but that girl is one hot mess. My favorite person who has curves and class is Sofia Loren – she carries herself like a godess.

  • I would not have her confidence if I were there. I admire her for that. Yes, she is overweight, but she is beautiful. Confidence gives more beauty than shape any day of the week.

    • I agree! I love how confident Mercedes is. Whether she’s at the beach, or at a party… She wears what her clothes with confidence, and for that I admire! If I were curvy like her, I wouldn’t have the balls to wear a two piece to the beach.

      Mercedes is a good person deep inside. She has inner beauty which shines through in her appearance.

  • A very tiny percentage of women look like the girls you see on runways. Marilyn Monroe was a size 14. If she is comfortable in her skin, I applaud her. Good for you, MJ!

    • And a large percentage of women in this country (I think more than 60%) are overweight & 1/2 of those women are obese. I think that’s a much bigger problem than the tiny percentage of stick figures on the runway.

    • I wish people would quit perpetuating this lie.

      ” Marilyn Monroe’s measurements were 5 ft. 5.5 inches tall; 35 inch bust; 22 inch waist (approximately 2-3 inches less than the average American woman in the 1950s and 12 inches less than average today); and 35 inch hips, with a bra size of 36D. Her weight fluctuated a bit through her career, usually rising in times of depression and falling back to her normal thereafter, but her dressmaker listed her as 118 pounds and the Hollywood studios tended to list her between 115-120 lbs.”

      So yeah, Marilyn Monroe was by no means fat, or even chubby.

      • A 22 inch waist? I did not know she was that small. I think Marilyn Monroe always looked good.

        • She was a beautiful woman. But I’m sick of “bigger” gals making her their martyr. Granted she Def had the hourglass figure, but she was extremely thin.

          I consider myself very slender and I’m nowhere near Marilyn.

          • a martyr? bit of a stretch, eh. bigger gals admire her because compared to the other Hollywood starlets in those times Marilyn was bigger. she was curvy and voluptuous. that is what made her famous. she had boobs and a butt and yes even a little belly and many times she would suck it in for pics. many women did that. you can tell in the pics. even to this day there are jerkoffs that think 120 is big. I don’t think she was either but she definitely wasn’t thin. Marilyn’s body was perfect.

          • She was not bigger than the other Hollywood starlets except for her chest.

            If you don’t consider a 22 inch waist thin, take a tape measure and do a circle with 22 inches. Not even being a smart ass.

            Marilyn was EXTREMELY thin.

      • Amen to that jpg! A size 14 in Marilyn Monroe’s days is more like a size 6 today so the “big girl” battle cry that Marilyn was a size 14 is misleading.

  • Sorry, I might get blasted for this comment, but those are not curves. Those are rolls of fat. She is a chubby woman. Curvy women are women like Sofia Vergara, Beyonce, Shakira, etc. They are curvy, fit and healthy.

    I’m not saying she should not be happy in her own skin; good for her if she is! I just think she should have chosen a better swimsuit to go with her body type.

    • On the other hand, so much of what we call curvy isn’t e.g. Gisele Bunchen has been called voluptuous.

      As Calista Flockhart pointed out ages ago in an interview, if it wasn’t for breast implants, there would be many more actresses being blasted for their weight, as she was at the time. So, I’ve tried doing that and she’s correct. The ‘new curvy’ is just thinness with implants. Very few women can naturally achieve the full bust and slenderness at the same time. Hence breast and butt implants and liposuction.

  • That bikini top is waaay to small. She’d look much better in better fitting bra. But she also needs to lose some weight.

  • MJ looks gross. She doesn’t have curves, she has fat. She needs to wear a more flattering bathing suit. Just because you claim to be comfortable in your own body, doesn’t mean you need to look sloppy.

  • I have to say, if she’s confident in that suit, then let her rock it. I wish the US was more like Europe, where women are more embraced for being confident and loving themselves and their bodies instead of being scrutinized up and down. I also cannot believe she is 40 – her face alone easily looks 30.

  • Curvaceous is cool when the curves are toned (like in you have to exercise and eat right) and the outfit accentuates the woman’s figure. Just saying.

  • I totally admire her confidence. I gained 30lbs in the last 4 years, and am still only at 145lbs and I’m 5’8″. I won’t even go out in my swim suit, and am probably the palest girl in texas now. 🙂

    It takes a lot of confidence to not worry about how you look and put it all out there. Good for her!

  • She can wear a two piece if she wants but personally I find the vintage 50 style bathing suites are much more flattering on us girls with some curves.

    Personally, I don’t think her weight is the issue. It’s that she is a sloppy, puking in public drunk that makes her look like a slob.

  • Bless her for embracing her curves, but it is also important to be healthy, and have a
    healthy life style.
    I admire her confidence and her bold, brave in your face bikini wearing attitude.

  • Good for her. If she likes the way she looks in the swimsuit who cares what others think. She’s living her life, and I think MJ is beautiful.

  • I appreciate women with curves too that aren’t overweight. Sorry but she needs a better swimsuit. I know I’ll be the minority here but in these pictures I don’t see curves. Curvy does not equal fat. If you want to see the best example of curves, google Monica bellucci. She is a goddess!!!!! Anyway, glad she had fun!

    • I agree. So often people mistakenly refer to overweight women as “curvy”. Mercedes is chubby, and if she wants to rock that bikini, well more power to her. However, she is NOT curvy. Examples of curvy women are Monica Belluci, Sofia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor, they all have hourglass figures.
      Maybe it sounds nicer to say curvy instead of overweight??? I don’t know.
      Either way, she is a coonfident woman! Good for her.

      • Curvy implies curves, regardless of weight. Plenty of plus-sized women are curvy because they have defined waists and hourglass shapes. Curvy is not a weight, it is a shape.

          • It is a shape. But it’s not bumpy with rolls of fat.

            Personally, I think she’s pretty, though obviously she could be in better shape. If she’s happy, whatever. But the word curvy is being used pretty liberally here.

          • But when you think about the word curvy, Mercedes most definitely fits that definition. She is literally more rounder in shape whilst thinner girls are literally more angular. I think the opposition to the application of the word curvy on her is more to do with personal aesthetic preference as opposed to actual incorrect application of the word.

        • you’re absolutely correct rhoambler. it shocks me that people equate curvy to meaning flat stomachs. curvy means an hourglass shape, a woman with hips, a little more junk in her trunk. MJ is chubby but with curves. she has a waist, big juicy boobs and thighs. that is curvy!! but because she has a belly that means she isn’t curvy? that doesn’t make sense at all. people’s perception on what’s curvy or not and what’s fat or not is weird. in many cases people would say MJ’s body is “healthy” or that’s she a BBW. those are terms to describe someone with something more to hold onto beautiful.

          • I am sure who would call her body healthy. I agree that people have different perceptions and preferences but this woman is clearly overweight. I do not see much of a waist on her. Lisa vanderpump has more of an hourglass figure than this lady. But anyway, like I said perfect examples of hourglass figures include Monica Bellucci, Sophia Loren, and so on. Whatever floats your boat though.

  • I like everything about her look except for the top!! Those poor spaghetti straps are about to bust trying to hold up all that boobage. If she got a top that looked more comfy and secure, I’d be fine with it.

  • She could find a one peice that would make her look wayyy better. Much slimmer than the pics show. But if she’s comfortable with it that’s fine. (( NOW—I would not say the same thing about a 300 pound woman in a bikini. )) There’s just so far you should go……
    I am thinner than she is and I wouldnt be caught dead in a bikini, but that’s just me.

    • “I don’t give a damn what men find attractive. It’s unfortunate what we find pleasing to the touch and pleasing to the eye is seldom the same.”

    • Holy untrue generalizations, Batman!

      There are many, many men out there that prefer plus sized women. Different strokes for different folks.

      • My sis is part of the BBW dating site (big beautiful women) I know a few people that are on dating sites. Hands down, My sis can have 2 dates a night if she chooses. I have never seen someone get so much male interest or attn. Too many great looking successful men to choose from. She has become of serial dater lol

    • Maybe she just wanted to go to the beach, not be the object of some judgmental douche’s sexual appraisal.

    • Madison how clueless that you are. men do like flat stomachs and tones bodies but there are also non shallow men that love bodies like MJ’s. don’t go assuming that everyone loves your type because everyone is different and everyone has different tastes.

  • Oh my. Gotta admire her confidence.

    I do think she generally should wear clothes that flatter her body type. There are plenty of full figured women that work it and look amazing while doing so.

  • I Love her. She is so beautiful and only has a little extra flesh. Look at some of the others all bones not pretty . She also has natural breast which make problems for all of us over 40.

  • I know there will be a slew of people who will respond to this with crude comments about how she is fat and shouldn’t be wearing that. If she is comfortable with her body, then good for her. Different cultures find beauty in different things, and she is correct that men, as they get more mature, like more curves. I, personally, wouldn’t have the balls to wear a bikini with my curves, but the more women who rebel against the unrealistic norms that society dictates, the more women will realize that our beauty isn’t just based on a size.

      • I think she looks good and you know why its because of all the confidence she has..wish I had as much as do love curves but they love confidence more..I will say that she either needs a bigger top or better support her bubbies look like there smothered lol

    • I agree with all on this stream from rukidding to rhorambler, etc. I admire and live her confidence. There are many priceless paintings and sculptures throughout history that embrace her body type as a muse!!

      Love her confidence!

  • I think she’s an inspiration.. she’s got curves, she embraces them and I think its beautiful !! She could work on the attitude (well what they’ve showed us on the show), but for rocking a bikini bod, go for it Mercedes !!!

    • She does not have curves she has rolls she is fat, not that fat but still overweight. Fat is not a good thing that should be embraced anymore than being underweight is.

      Now I will say something nice; she looks younger than 40 in the face, she looks younger that she is and attractive.

      • Amelia
        MJ isn’t huge!! she is fat and beautiful but she isn’t ridiculously huge and she doesn’t need a crane to help her out of her home. her size is what many women look like. I’ve seen “skinny” women with rolls as well. unbelievable you would judge her for that. you really need to research that fat doesn’t necessary mean unhealthy.

        there’s a professional athlete by the name of Holly Mangold, she’s a weightlifter and Olympian and weighs over 3OO lbs. she was on the Rachel Ray show a few years ago to compare her health to a “skinny” woman and guess who was healthier? yup, Holly Mangold.

        I’m not saying MJ is healthy because she isn’t. she drinks too much, eats unhealthy food and she has been accused of taking drugs. but why do we see women with her body shape and right away accuse them of being unhealthy when there are just as unhealthy “skinny” people as well?

        regardless how or why is she fat shouldn’t be an issue. she is cool with her own skin. cool enough to wear a bikini that many women smaller than her don’t have the balls to do. she’s also sexy, she has curves and big butt and big boobs and man men find that hot.

        • Holly Mangold is also fat, she may be an Olympian but still fat. And while she may have been healthier than an unhealthy skinny women she is still overweight and overweight is not ideal for good healthy ask any doctor out there.

          I never said MJ was huge she is not huge, I said she is “not that fat but still overweight”. She does not have curves, she has big boobs and while I prefer an ample behind myself hers is just unshapely because she lacks muscle tone; she is just lumps and bumps and rolls.

          And if she was skinny and was that lumpy and lacking in muscle tone she would still look horrible and be unhealthy. If she exercised and toned her body and lost a little weight she may look curvy but now she just looks fat.

          • yes, holly mangold is fat but she is healthy. she is extremely athletic. she was a football player and you know how hard coaches work out the football players and she is a professional lifter now and they also workout. regardless of her size she is still healthy and a lot more active then the average person. when Rachel ray had her on the show she had a doctor to examine holly and the “skinny” volunteer and scanned their bodies. the “skinny” woman was actually the one that was unhealthy because she had too much fat around her heart and holly didn’t. how do you explain that? hmm…just like I said. being “fat” doesn’t neccessary mean unhealthy. it pisses me off that right away people judge fat people and right away assume they’re lazy and eat too much. when it can actually be other reasons as to why they’re big. just like it’s wrong to assume a skinny person is anorexic and that they should “eat a cheeseburger”. it’s wrong to judge and assume.

          • Neither Holly Mangold nor Mercedes Javid is healthy. Holly may appear healthy when compared to an unhealthy skinny person (there are a lot of really unhealthy skinny people) but put her next to an active, fit slender woman and she would not be thought of as healthy.

            I am not going to praise Mercedes Javid for being a sloppy unhealthy fat woman, simply because she has confidence. There is way too much glorifying of fat people these days because no one wants to be insulting, and I am not going to do it.

            Obesity is an epidemic which is sweeping this country causing a wide range of diseases and death. It would be irresponsible of me to cheer that poor lifestyle choice on, just as it would be irresponsible of be to cheer on anorexia.

      • I agrees, I never would have thought she was 40 going by her face. She is very pretty. Now, about the bikini body. Guess what, after see her pictures, at the age of 52, I think I have a bikini body!!!!!! Difference is, I’d never wear one again, cause what she call curves, I call my blubber!

    • IMO that top is way too small and is only bulging out her rolls even more and the bottom you almost can’t even tell its there because of all the extra skin hanging down. Did anyone ever see NORBIT?

  • No offence hun but that suit does not show off your curves. Not a flattering look, you can look sexy and curvy without cutting off your blood supply. Get a stylist.

    • THIS. I’m all for wearing what you like but she looks messy as hell in that suit. But she ALWAYS does this. It’s like she has no clue how to dress and half the time she’s in things that are 2 sizes too small. The number of what you are buying doesn’t matter as long as it FITS.

      • EXACTLY!! She always looks like 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag. She probably wouldn’t even look that big if she just wore clothes that fit her.Its almost like she wants to believe she is a size 2 and if she wears that size someone else will believe it too.

        • It drives me crazy when people do that! And you see size 6 girls doing the same thing…trying to squeeze into a 0 like that makes you smaller when it just makes you look bigger.

          Even when MJ had that one piece she wore during the show, she looked awful. No sense of style whatsoever. All those dresses…ugh.

    • Well said Aunt Sadie. She is bringing attention to problem areas. Stick to a one piece suit and you’ll still feel sexy.

    • Get a reality check, she’s happy so that’s not her problem, its people like you. You must be perfect if you can go around saying mean and unessisary. Haven’t you learned to live and let live, people put up with you so return the favor. No one is perfect and that’s what makes us unique, embrace everyone for variety is the spice of life. Many men love curvacious women. GROW UP!