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PHOTO: Tamra Judge’s Wedding Ring! Plus, Jeweler Robbed At Gunpoint Just Days After Wedding!


Tamra Judge (she changed her name!) married Eddie over the weekend in Orange County and now we can see what her wedding ring looks like! The Dish by Bravo reveals the exclusive images of the bride and groom’s wedding bands, but the jeweler is not relishing in the same post-wedding bliss as the couple!

Below are the gorgeous rings, designed by Brian Hassine of Nuggets & Carats:


Tamra’s $35,000 ring is nicknamed “The Condo”. The “white- and rose-gold ring weighs over 5 carats total and is set with 368 diamonds. The sparkler was created in 8 separate parts and has a removable center wedding band; it is finished with an antique hand engraving and is initialed with the words “T and E,” which is hidden within the diamond basket,” reports The Dish.

But just two days after her weekend, “her wedding ring designer Brian Hassine was robbed at gunpoint at his store, Nuggets & Carats, in Mission Viejo,” a source told InTouch magazine.

Tamra had borrowed roughly $250,000 worth of jewelry for her wedding from Brian, but it’s not known whether that was taken in the robbery.

The new wife took to her Facebook immediately to express her concern, saying:

My friend Brian owner of Nuggets & carats jewelry store. ( designer of our wedding rings) was just robbed at gun point By three african-American men. They took everything in his store.
Thank GOD he was not hurt.
I hope they catch these guys and lock them up!!!!

I haven’t heard if the beautiful jewelry I borrowed for my wedding was taken in the robbery yet.

I’m SO sorry Brian and I hope mentally you are okay, I couldn’t imagine what went through your head.

How awful! Hopefully they catch these thieves and give them the punishment they deserve. Like InTouch said, hopefully this is not an omen of some sort for the marriage.

Do you like Tamra and Eddie’s wedding ring bling?

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  • Hi. Eddies ring is set with black diamonds and onyx in white gold…
    as to the idiotic racist comments..tamra wasnonly relaying what i told her so she could help maybe catch the bad guys..if anyone has a problem with i apologize and will next time say three scumbags robbed me…

    • Summer


      thanks for clarifying Eddies ring.

      As for the racist comment. i honestly took it as a description to narrow down the search, but she should’ve said three AA men wearing .., approx 6″2 and approx 200pounds that would have given a better description and sound not so racist to ppl

      • We only had height and weight on one..he was holding us hostage at gunpoint in the back..we thought he was gonna kill us because he only had sunglasses on…the other two were croutched down out front breaking all the glass so we could only see a bit on our monitors..eyewitnesses saw them jumping into car and sorry but skin color was all they could say..three guys jumping in car doors for a getaway.this is more about your hypersensitivity…

  • Mrs. Hugebitch is a Profiler from way back, in the days when she was married to Simon.
    It was the end of the season party, Retch receives her Harley motorcycle from Jeff.
    Slimey walks in wearing white pants and white sandals, Trashy Hugebitch does the once over, up and down look at Slimey,and made a very derogatory remark, that Andy Cohen would not appreciate.

  • Aussiegirl

    I love that her new name is also an apt description of what she does with everyone who crosses her path. The only better person she could have married would have been a guy with the surname Hugebitch.

    • Gimme Pizza You Old Troll

      Bahahah! Though I don’t agree with you 100%, that was hilarious and very witty.

      • Aussiegirl

        Don’t get me wrong: watching her be Mrs Tamra Hugebitch is half the fun of the show.

        • MaryO

          high-five aussiegirl

        • socalsoccer

          We can call her hugebitch; I’ve got no problem with it.

  • Lapband Lauren

    I loveeeee her rings!!!

  • Julie

    I knew she would never settle for her Costco ring lmao—- seriously though, I hope the jeweler is okay.

  • Whitegirl1

    Stating the race without a complete disruption is just way to much.

    • RabbleRouser

      I assume you meant description, granted a full description would be more helpful but if we are going to split hairs that race was mentioned, why not also add gender?

      • Whitegirl1

        Lol!! Yes I meant description. My point is why tell us they’re black and not give a complete description including gender? evidentially they need help to locate the persons involved right? Without this complete information I find her reasoning suspect, and I have to wonder what type of person she really is point blank! I would also like to say lets be real if it was white guys they wouldn’t list race, and if they did they would say the white kids, if black they would say the thugs.

        • RabbleRouser

          On the crime stoppers website and other news sources, they give a full description. There is should also be surveillance camera’s of the act since the owner says he watched it from the back room (I don’t know why it hasn’t been released yet).

          As much as I can’t stand Tamra, I honestly don’t think there is anything suspect about her mentioning race. I think she was honestly trying to help a ‘friend’ and gave the details she had at the time.

          Don’t get me wrong, I think she says a ton of ignorant things but in this instant, I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

        • What Had Happened…

          @whitegirl…totally agree

  • BleedingEyes

    i don’t understand it . i mean if she had said three white guys no peep.. so what if they were black.. she’s just stating facts she knows.. people need to get over color

    • What Had Happened…

      She wasn’t there so she is stating hearsay…

      What she said was inappropriate….

      • What Had Happened…

        @bleeding eyes…it’s real easy for a person to say “get over color”….try being a person of color….

        • Laram

          I agree. I’m white, my husband isn’t, and it always irks me when race or color is used for non-whites. Unless they have a sketch, eyewitness of at large criminals then, and even then bc a sketch is obvious, it’s insulting to list color.

          • RabbleRouser

            Why should color get a sanction when it comes to a description of suspects but not gender if beyond stating those facts, it’s otherwise non descriptive?

            It seems like a double standard, especially when it’s not offensive to state if the assailant is white.

    • Chemobrain

      My daughter sees colors and shapes. We had one of our cars almost stolen, but she saw them and called 911. One black boy and one white boy. This was about 2 or 3 AM and told police exactly what they were wearing. An hour
      later the black boy came back and was watching
      across the street…(Son, you picked the wrong house.) She called the police again and told the
      police the black boy came back and described
      different clothes, colors and hoodie he had put on down to his sneakers. The police already found his phone on my property.
      His father told the police to arrest him. Case closed, my daughter testified. They even asked her if she’d like to be a detective.My daughter is white so don’t fall for the “white people wouldn’t see differences”

      • Chemobrain

        Yes, she also testifified against the white boy also.

    • IF they were white, she would have said three men. Their race would not have been pointed out or made an issue. Why can I assume that? Because that is how people talk and how papers USED TO write and report.

      And yes, it is a problem since African American does not identify them individually in any way or assist in any way in apprehending them. More salient information would be what they wore, height, weight, age.

      • A2

        I agree. This Tamra is turning out to be a racist, not just an interfering, hypocritical, inconsistent, raging bitch.

      • What Had Happened…

        Thank you@cajsa…you get it….and you’re not assuming…that’s real…

      • RabbleRouser

        So assuming what you are saying is 100% correct (I have read and heard plenty of crime reports that state if the race of the person is white, but I digress)..what you are saying is, that if race is not mentioned, it assumed that the person is white. So at the end of the day, race is still noted except that it is implied instead of explicitly stated.


    She’s getting a lot of hassle on FB for stating the race of the robbers.

    • RabbleRouser

      I think that shows just how some folks take the ‘political correctness’ stance too far; similarity how some self appointed advocates did not the FACT that the ‘accused’ Boston Bombers addressed.

      To be quite frank, I live a few miles from Mission Viejo and in the 5+ plus years that I have lived here, I probably count with my hands the number of AA men/women/children I have seen. So assuming the suspects are from the area, noting their race would significantly narrow down the list of potential suspects.

      • RabbleRouser

        *similarity how some self appointed advocates did not the FACT that the ‘accused’ Boston Bombers where/are Muslim and from Chechnya addressed.

      • What Had Happened…

        I lived in Mission Viejo for 13 years and yes, AA men/women/children live there so it’s not unusual to see them out and about…smh….wow

        • RabbleRouser

          I wouldn’t use the word “unusual” per say, but there only about 1000 AA people there in a population of about 100k; so there is definitely a notable difference in the racial make up of the city.

          I don’t really understand your ‘smh wow’ comment. AA make up about 1% of the population there, I would hardly call that racially diverse.

      • What Had Happened…

        How would the list of potential suspects been narrowed down if it was stated that it was “whites” who robbed the jeweler…

        • RabbleRouser

          Assuming they were from there…they would have about 80k to choose from the about 100k of the people that live there.

    • What Had Happened…

      And she should….

      • RabbleRouser

        Why do you feel that way?

        • What Had Happened…

          What way…and more importantly, why do you feel the way you do…

          • RabbleRouser

            Why do you feel that she should be getting blasted for mentioning the race of the people who did this?

            To answer your question, I feel the way I do because I am not offended by race, the same way..I am not offended by gender, age, hair color, eye color ect.

    • Aunt Sadie

      I bet if they were 3 surfer dudes wearing president masks that’s how she would of described them, or 3 middle eastern or American Indians. I don’t see it being racial, just stating what was told to her.

      • RabbleRouser

        I loved that movie 🙂

        Honestly, being familiar with the area and surrounding cities my guess it the guys who did it are jarheads.

        News reports say they left behind DNA (I am also guessing they might have left prints, since in their haste they also forgot a bunch of rings in the getaway car they boosted). If these guys are in the system, it won’t be long until they are found.

  • Isabella Patricia

    Eddie’s ring looks pretty cool. Very simple though. Tamra said in one of the earlier episodes that she wanted to get Eddie black diamonds, but those look like black onyx… Maybe even a black spinel.

    • Aunt Sadie

      I do like Eddie’s ring, and I think onyx.

      • Laram

        I love Eddie’s ring. Tamra’s is gorgeous, but I agree—too much bling for me.

        • Summer

          I love lots of bling Im a bling girl through and through so i do like her ring.

          I wish my ring was 5ct my ring is just over a ct with two tapered baggets on either side and my wedding band has diamonds all around it.

          If she likes it well good for her she’s the one that has to wear it.

          However like the other ladies stated above me i also think Eddies ring is onyx but it’s very nice

          • Christal

            I believe the wider parts of Eddie’s band are onyx, but if you look at the narrow parts, there are what look like 3 small black diamonds in a row.

    • Chemobrain

      Jewelers have plenty of cameras and insurance.

  • Aunt Sadie

    Too much bling for me!

    • Gimme Pizza You Old Troll

      I agree. Too much bling, but damn it’s gorgeous. I love simple wedding rings, but hey, if you have the money – go for it! I really think it’s pretty.

    • Free Kroy

      Why did she have to say African American??? That added nothing to the discription at all.

      • Christal

        Because they WERE African Americans or black or people of color, however you’d prefer to call them…