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Wendy Williams Slams Teresa Giudice And Her Daughters! Says She Needs To Get Off Reality TV!

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Just a month ago Wendy Williams told Teresa Giudice to her face that Teresa is her favorite housewife. It seems like Wendy has a different opinion after watching Sunday’s episode of RHONJ because she now thinks its time that Teresa gets off of reality TV even bashing Teresa’s children!

On the episode we see Audriana and Gia run around a hair salon while Gia gives her mommy some tude. Pretty normal if you ask me considering Gia’s age but still not very acceptable. Wendy is now slamming Teresa and her kids saying the girls are not cute adding, “I don’t like to talk about people’s kids but watching Teresa and Joe’s daughters running around and mean mugging the camera, and talking sooo disrespectfully to Teresa…..Teresa, it’s time for you to get off of reality TV!”

And Wendy if Teresa left the show, you’d be the first one complaining! Do you agree with Wendy?

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  • It’s about time people started noticing the poor parenting skills of Teresa and the obnoxious bratty kids! Can any of you imagine talking to your parent like this? Teresa seems scared to death to discipline her kids. Not surprising, she’s scared of her husband too. They are both shady, dishonest shysters and have gotten what they deserve. Teresa, if you used half the energy you use fighting with your HW friends & direct that into creating decent respectful kids you, might be headed in a better direction. You & hubby got greedy & full of yourselves, combine that with your criminal mentality and it’s a disaster. I hope you turn your life around and show your family the right way to live.

  • Wendy needs to stop “throwing shade” at everyone. She’s so two faced. If she says that Teresa needs to get off Reality TV one more time, I’m going to scream. Teresa is doing what she has to do to provide for her family. If Wendy didn’t have a talk show, what would she do to make money? If her only avenue was to be on a reality show, you bet she would do it, but then again, hearing all the rumors about her husband cheating with interns, tranny’s, and making homemade sex videos, she probably wouldn’t, lol.

  • Yes. Only people who adore Teresa and are willing to kiss her ass 24/7 are allowed to comment or have an opinion on anything Teresa does. WRONG.

    Teresa signed her children up for this. She signed her parenting up for this. So if people want to comment, they have every right.

    • Nice bit of generalisation there dude. Have you read through all of the comments?

      Come off the grass.

      • No. I didn’t read every single comment. I don’t have to. I can pretty much guess with about 95% accuracy what the regular posters will write. They’ll all attack Wendy (even though they just HATE when anyone “attacks” Teresa)defend Teresa’s mediocre mothering and then all piss and moan about how DARE anyone QUESTION the mothering of a famewhore who CHOSE to put herself and her children on national tv.

        • I love you Jpg for writing what I was thinking!!those 95% are probably 2 people with different accounts, paid by T to defend her!!
          in every other blog/site there is almost no support for T… I only find it here!! strange!

          • do you even know how to count? I think there is more than two people that are Teresa fans. there’s over 100 an Teresa has fans on twitter, in this blog, some on bravo blogs and other blogs so all that adds up to thousands. there are also many anti Teresa blogs and those are probably the ones you are going to. oh don’t forget that she won a ryan seacrest contest where people can call up and vote for their favorite reality star and guess who won???!! TERESA!!

      • aussiegirl

        it really doesn’t surprise me that jpg thinks it’s okay to attack children. for some reason in his eyes only Teresa can be a bad parent and he looks over the other housewives parenting. he forgets the fact that Ashley pulled danielles hair and she went to court for that, he forgets that Melissa’s kids get rowdy and hit each other and have even hit their father joey and lets not forget that little video of papa joey encouraging his cute little boy to do a masturbation gesture. the wakiles kids talking crap about Teresa on twitter and the son taking his fathers car without permission and speeding. he seems to loose his memory when it comes to stuff like that.

        it’s funny how jpg wants to judge children when he acts like a brat himself. maybe he should’ve been raised better because his personality and manners are awful.

        • Well rukidding, (hilariously my iPhone just tried to change your name to ‘ruckus ding’ btw!), as you know I don’t even watch the show because I don’t like any of the NJ peeps. So I thought my opinion here was pretty unbiased. I was just saying that all the adults involved in the making of the show should think carefully about how the children are involved because ultimately Bravo will portray them the way they want, and that unlike adults children have no choice in being filmed.

          This doesn’t refer to any one family in particular, it refers to all parents of children on these shows really. Kids are kids, man. But one day they will grow up to be adults who might not be so cool with having had their lives manipulated and kind of exploited for tv. I guess it’s a balancing act.

          And when dickheads on blogs forget that they are just kids and do things like sling abuse at them for their looks, or use them as weapons to attack their parents just because they are sitting behind a keyboard, it’s fucking outrageous. Would you walk up to a mother and her child in public if you didn’t like the woman and say ‘your kid is ugly: it’s MY OPINION?’. Fuck off you would. Kids are off limits.

          And as for using someone’s parenting skills and children against them – from a highly edited tv show – to be judgemental and controversial ON A TALK SHOW?! Yeah, well you can fuck right off too sister.

          So that’s my opinion. And yeah: I’d say it to your face in public. Because that is just how I roll.

  • Teresa is so well known now that she is an easy way for WW to get attention. Can’t say I respect WW much & have always wondered what makes her think her opinion matters more than anyone else’s which is really – not at all. Teresa is the most interesting person on the show. Her oldest daughter Gia is most mature person on the show (as another site said it) while Mego comes across as a total phony & Caro’s kids seem to still be living of what jobs Daddy gives them, & none seem to be emotionally independent at all. Koma’s son i/m/o made Koma (Kathy) & Rich look foolish on the first season (despite being under age he said – you know I’m going to drink (at a party). So how much respect can he have for his parents? Pretty odd when the one WW is talking about not only has a daughter that’s more mature than CAroline’s 20+ year olds, but is the only interesting person (family) on the show. WW should MYOB I/M/O. :p

  • Question so you people have never liked someone but didn’t like some of there ways. That is human nature we all have flaws. Once again she is just giving her opinion which we all are in titled to or we would not be commenting on this subject.

    • question are you usually fake like wendy Williams? do you kiss the behinds of people that you say you don’t like? do you say “oh you’re my favorite” on your show and then on another show say “you need to get off the show!!” that’s called being two faced. wendy can have opinions and so can I. this is why we’re here right? to give our opinions about the subject?

  • You people are idiots, Teresa’s children are out of control they do need some discipline not the cameras. Why you all hating on Wendy she is just a personality who is doing what needs to be done to get her paper. We all have opinions she just gets paid to tell hers. Big B**CH came a long way but she is getting it done. as long as you hate it will work for. keep the hate coming and you will keep her paper coming.

    • why are you hating on Teresa’s kids? you think they’re out of control? what are they doing? are they robbing banks, getting into gangs? what??? all I see are kids being kids and gia being a typical preteen. get off your high horse. you don’t have to watch the show. nobody is forcing you. kids have the right to be on a show as much as adults and again you don’t know what type of discipline Teresa hands out. Teresa is a reality star personality doing what she thinks that needs to be done to get her paper as well!! wendy isn’t the only one with bills to pay.

    • I actually would like to know the answer to this question. I thought she looked like a contestant off Drag Race, so I looked her up, but it seems she’s a legit talkshow host over your way.

      America! Srsly? C’mon. You can do better than this…I’ve seen Ellen! You dish up some quali-Tay talk telly!!!!

  • I can’t believe everyone is defending Milania’s atrocious behavior. Children need discipline. Not cameras.

    • I think a child needs to be defended by crazy lunatics like wendy Williams. what is wrong with jerks like her that think it’s okay to judge a child? there is nothing atrocious about milania’s behavior. she’s acting exactly how a child is supposed to act. the adults on the show are the ones with the problem and the adults on the show and in this blog are the ones that have ATROCIOUS behaviors. at least milania’s excuse is adolescence what is everyone else’s excuse?

  • Teresa’s kids are out of control and have ZERO respect for anyone. It isn’t their fault but several years from now they will be making headlines for TMZ. Teresa tries to be more of a friend than a parent. Gia is getting fed up with her. Wendy is right though Tre should either get off TV or refuse to have the kids be filmed.

    • And you know this how? Because Bravo shows a small snippet of their lives? They film 6 months out of the year and their lives get edited down to a 45 minute show, obviously they’re going to show what’s interesting. Gia is also a preteen and at the age where she starts talking back to her parents, think here embarrassing and don’t want to listen to what they say.

    • Teresa’s kids will never turn out like a manzoid “reality viewer”!! I’ll put money down that they will be successful, adults! KIDS ARE OFF LIMITS FOR BASHING!!

      • Television does not care whether the kids are cute-ugly smart-stupid-whatever-you only get viewers when you have differences-and I mean Those are the only kids worth watching.children who are mean-greedy-silly-different.Those are the only kids worth watching-case in point-Honey Boo-Boo. I rest my case-thank you very much

    • I didn’t know you can predict the future, reality viewer.

      don’t make stupid comments like that when you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. what the hell is wrong with people like you?

  • Wendy is trash first of all. Second, When Lauren said that Teresa’s children are raised by wolves I guess she is talking about her “Cousin” ASSLee as well. tit for tat sweetie. No child is perfect. They should be kids and we’ve seen Teresa reprimand them before. During Season 3 Thanksgiving, and other episodes. 4 little girls is no joke. My best friend has 1 daughter and she’s a handful. It’s not easy so people need to lay off that bad mother crap. Gia can be dramatic but she’s freakin 12 come on. She’ll get over the “Im too cool for my mom” probably before ASSlee does.

  • Well, it’s a good thing that no one cares what Wendy Williams thinks. Wendy kisses Teresa’s ass every time she’s on the show then talks smack the moment she leaves.

  • I don’t like wendy! However, She makes snese! I never thought T’s children were cute! they are very disrespectful and Gia is UGLY the only good thing about her is her eyes!
    If T’s not going to leave the show then her children, and any other children, should be kept away from it !

    • Omg. Srsly? You are going to comment on the looks of a child and whether she is beautiful or not?

      WTF is wrong with you?

    • How mighty adult like of you that you feel the need to not only be ugly, but ugly about children. That speaks volumes.

    • Yes children should be shielded from disturbed adults who rate their attractiveness. Definitely.

    • Yes children should be shielded from disturbed adults who rate their attractiveness. Definitely.

    • sana: Ummm, children’s looks change so rapidly it’s kind of presumptuous of you to comment on someone (esp. a child) who could look different in six months. You must not have children or you wouldn’t talk like this.

      • You don’t have to have children to know that this comment is a complete dick move.

        It’s nonsense. Or, as sana might say ‘nonsnese’.

        Ain’t nobody got no time for that.

  • This Wendy chick needs to make up her mind already. Does she like Teresa or does she not? One day she’s her favorite and the next day she’s criticizing everything she does.
    I don’t think Teresa’s girls are bad. They are just kids for goodness sakes! You can’t call Teresa a bad parent based on what you see on TV once a week. I’m sure a lot of it is editing as well. They always show her kids running around and “talking back”, while Melissa’s are shown behaving perfectly. Please, as if!

  • (hit submit too soon) I’m also assuming Wendell didn’t see the youngest Gorga boy simulating mastrubation in the middle of a dance floor of a big party a few weeks ago. Poison Gorga seemed to think it was HILARIOUS and tweeted it to the world. Yet Wendell criticizes Teresa? SMH

  • Anyone who saw Wendell kissing Leann Rimes’ ass last week should know that Wendell plays however she thinks she should in order to get ratings. Just a couple weeks ago she told Teresa, on camera and to her face, that she was her favorite housewife. The side-eye Tre gave her was HILARIOUS. I can’t imagine Wendell’s show lasting much longer. She’s a POS.

  • Surely there is a bit of Bravo editing to portray these kids the way they want. They would have hundreds of hours of footage to pick from, yet they probably choose the moments where the kids are being a little bit cheeky or silly or pre-teen attitudey and edit it together.

    That is actually fairly exploitative. Kids don’t really get a choice in how they are ‘portrayed’ whereas adults do. In years down the track who knows how the littlest ones may respond to seeing how they were portrayed on tv – especially since we can be fairly certain Bravo’s manipulated the editing to craft their personalities to be the way they want them portrayed. In all reality, they are probably just kids being kids. Viewers just don’t get to see the time in between.

    So yeah, all of the adults involved in the situation – the producers and the parents – have a responsibility here first and foremost to their children. I don’t know how much the kids are actually featured on the show, but maybe it’s something they should consider revising if there is too much focus on the children. It’s not the healthiest environment for children to be a part of.

    • I so agree Aussiegirl
      Do people really think that Bravo is going to show T’s kids being well-behaved? No of course not! They have & still continue to try to paint Teresa & Joe to be awful human beings.
      I do not think kids should be on these shows but I will say her kids do make me giggle.
      No ones kids are perfect & no parents are…give me a break.

    • Hey Aussiegirl

      From the land of Duh…right?
      The contract to include the children must be a doozy with Bravo franchise.

      Now these angel’s have heard this and read about it and we will see first hand how editing affects the actual innocent children.

      Who created the contract and signed the contract’s for the children, “responsible adults”.

      Yes this exploitation is part of the angel’s life now. This also makes me think of how some child actor or actress react to being treated like royalty for the camera 24/7…and then as adult’s reality sucks for them and some child actor’s succeed.

      These angel’s now have that for six months out of the year.

      Once again reality has little to do with staged situation’s,and the Bravo franchise.

      I would think this is even harder for children to pretend over and over and shocker, they react like a normal kid.

      WW suck’s crap at am alarming rate, as she is aware of this as well.

      • Exactly. All the adults concerned are party to how the kids are portrayed. If it comes across poorly, then they all have a responsibility to look out for them.

        I’m not trying to judge anyone’s parenting skills here, I don’t even know how the kids come across. I’m just saying that there would definitely be editing involved by production to manipulate the way the cast is portrayed – kids included – and the responsibility for allowing the kids to be involved ultimately lies with their parents.

        So maybe they should consider the long term benefits to the children in exposing them to what is potentially an exploitative environment. And to be clear, I’m not singling out any particular family. I think that’s such bullshit, and this interviewer ( who btw, we don’t get on the tv over here so I don’t know anything about) should know better. She must know how a) tv editing works and b) that as a parent all kids have their moments and obviously the footage viewrs are being shown capitalises on that. Judgemental bitch.

        No. In my view, what it really comes down to is this: Adults have a choice, kids don’t really. The adults should be very careful about the choices they make on their kids’ behalf now. I have a feeling they will come to regret it later.

      • She just signed a major contract through 2017 for her syndicated show. She is in 54 countries. Yes, I heard it on her interview with Howard Stern…oops. I don’t think she is going anywhere soon.

  • The last thing I want to see on this forum is that man Wendy Williams, if Teresa needs to get off reality tv she needs to get off tv too. I guess it is okay for Messy and her children and everyone elses child to be on tv. That is some shitty shit to me and I done gone and got irate now.

  • I am the only girl of three boys and the oldest, we were cocky, smart-mouthed, shitty, fresh–you name it we did it. Mom was literally a saint, she was to good for us and I miss her so much tears have welled up in my eyes. I always got an F in conduct but got A’s in all my academic classes and my Dad never punished me because I was the smartest in the class.

    • I’m the oldest over three bros also! Yep! Im the only wife who can throw and play football with the boys and husbands in neighborhood, while cooking dinner later with other wives/moms on Thanksgiving. Proud if it!!

      • Hi Laram & RahRah! Three bros. for me, too! Baseball, basketball, football, hockey, skiing, you name it I played it …. it was the only way I could get recognized in my family (sad but true ‘cuz they were allstars). So if you can’t beat’em, join ’em, right? Since boys run in my family I had to have a couple and expose them to even more sports! Great for everyone’s health.

  • what we don’t have anything better to do today than read some new stupid shit WW said, that beyotch can go back to NJ. This WW is ugly inside and out. I am not impressed by her and do not care for her type. I really do not like this woman and would never watch her show. Reformed druggies really piss me off when they become holier than thou, chile please, stfu.

  • Can someone tell this overweight man to be please shut up? All his does is talk shit but when he comes face to face with the person, he is licking their ass.

  • the most shocking thing about this is that ANYONE actually gives a shit what wendy williams has to say anymore. she’s never accurate, she’s two-three-four-faced, and i’m convinced she’s back on the pipe.
    she’s off my radar–i can’t believe people still watch her.

    • Thank you because I surely don’t care and I wouldn’t be her friend if she lived across the street from me.

    • stalina: Agreed. The one and only time I watched her for one segment of her show it was quite obvious that she spoke out of at least 3 mouths! haha

  • This tranny is the fakest hoe I’ve ever seen. Step off Wendy, mind your own damn business.

  • It’s all business – Wendy wants Tre on her show and Tre won’t bite. The more Wendy trashes her, she hopes she’ll come on. Personally, I never watch Wendy – in my book she’s on the level of Jerry S.

    • I agree Nonna. It’s a PR ploy. Don’t you wonder what she is whispering in ears of guests after she just questioned or slammed their character. Oprah, Wendy is not!

  • When I see children misbehaving, it’s a reflection of their parents. Gia and Milania have always acted like brats at least on tv, while the other 2 daughters seem relatively normal. I don’t like most of what comes out of Gia but especially Milania’s mouths. People laugh when Milania tells Teresa to shut up? Children shouldn’t be encouraged to behave that way. I’m with Wendy-Teresa’s kids would be better off if they weren’t on camera. I’ll say it again-it’s WRONG for any of these kids to be involved so heavily in the show. Cameos are fine.

      • I’d like to mention one of the Gorga boys smacking their Dad in the head.

        The boys kicking and smacking each other and banging on the piano, while the R.E. agent was showing the McMansion to buyers.

        And, as I mentioned above the Wakilie boy taking Daddy Bucky’s car for a joy ride.

        Should I go into Ashlee when she was a teen?

        • I forgot to mention fat ass foul mouth Lauren, and the other Manzo kids, when they were still teens. Obnoxious.

          • Shipp: Which backs up the argument that kids’ appearance on the show should be very limited.

    • I don’t laugh when Milania talks back to her sisters, or her parents. I laugh when she says things like…Nonno is a good little fellow, I like him…or I go for older men? What? Where does she get that?

      • Exactly! And I do have to admit I laugh at the bad too. But later in life we all look back and laugh at how hard some times were with our kids. I have tried it all. Its a trial and error, that all parenting is. But above all enjoy every minute, its gone before you know it.

    • I find gia and milania hilarious and sometimes I don’t agree with the way they talk to their parents but that is not my problem. Teresa and joe are the parents and they are the ones that have to deal with them. it’s not anyone’s job to tell them how to raise their kids. as long as the girls are safe, fed, clothed, have a roof over their heads then they’re fine with me. that is all that matters. it look to me like Teresa and joe have a close relationship with their children and especially with gia. i think it’s sweet and intelligent of them to be able to talk to her daughter and ask her questions. it’s pretty obvious that the girls are very much loved. gia is a normal 12 year old girl that gets embarrassed by her parents. who isn’t like that? when I was her age I was totally embarrassed of my whole family. I was too sensitive and shy but eventually I grew out of it. calling Teresa’s kids BRATS isn’t helping at all and people need to realize that gia does know how to read and use the internet. so saying hurtful things about her and her sisters will not be a very smart thing to do.

  • As long as these housewives continue to make appearances on Wendy’s show and smile in her face without calling her out, they can just expect more of the same BS.

    • You have a point there. However, by calling Wendy out they’d have to stand up to her, have their facts straight, and be able to discuss their points without losing their temper (emotions in check). Do we know any HW’s like this? lol

  • I gotta say if you put your children on a reality show or in the public eye they are not off limits. Should adults talk about kids, no, but as parents you don’t have to expose them to that.

    Ever since season 1 I was thinking that Milania is bad as heck, and I know kids like her. That’s how she is, this is supposed to be a reality show, all kids don’t quietly blend into the background. Some make their voices heard loud and clear.

    Honestly I’d watch just Teresa’s girls over any of the other kids on any other real housewives show. They don’t seem as staged as the other children.

  • This coming from the biggest back stabber out there! To her face she is all love and kindness but give her one hot minute when your back is turned and there she goes. Wendy Williams SUCKS

  • LBEL I think you are an evil, disgusting human being. Punishment especially that vicious does not work. It is completely driven by fear. There is a book you need to read called Peaceful Parent Happy Kids. You are screwing your kids up in the mean time. How is a little child going to trust a parent who leaves them in a barren room like they’re in prison or a state psychiatric hospital.

    I don’t care who gets offended by me saying what a horrible mother this person is. I am sickened by how you treat your child. By putting your little punishment stories on this site, you left yourself open to criticism. I hope you change or your children are able to escape you.

    • I will have you know that my older kids have had to endure the same punishments. No beatings, no yellings. They ALL know what is acceptable and what is not.

      My older children (in college) are well adjusted and always make the Deans list.

      I have never bought a car for my kids, a cell phone, nor have I paid for college. My kids know that these things are not freely given, but earned. My husband is a physician and I am a former high school teacher. I left teaching after 25 years to stay at home with the remaining children. We have college funds for all of our kids which they will receive upon graduating from college. My two oldest secured various scholarships and will leave college debt free and then receive that money to begin their lives on their own.

      My kids have saved for cars, cell phones, $100 jeans and such.

      We are to provide food, shelter, and clothing for our kids. All of my kids are told that they are loved more times a day than I can count.

      My kids know that there are consequences to their actions. If they make the CHOICE, they suffer the consequences.

      One of the problems with society today is that we are so worried about coddling our children and they grow up to be adults who expect everything to be handed to them and they are no consequences to their actions or bad choices. When teaching, if I had to call a parent due to a child’s behavior, more parents than not try to “cover” for their kid as opposed to having that student account for their behavior.

      I have read the book you mentioned. Not impressed.

      Funny if I’m so evil and disgusting how there is virtually no yelling in the house, my kids are on honor roll, I have two in college on scholarship, my two in high school are in NHS, and they all love bringing their friends to my house. They tell their friends (in front of me) that mom is strict but they would rather have a strict mom than one that lets them run wild.

      And before you go there, my oldest called me from a party when he was a senior to tell me that he drank a beer there. I went to pick him up (no yelling) and on the way home he said “I know, it was dumb” and then he handed me the keys to his car and cell phone without being asked. I told him that I loved him and was proud that he called me to get him.

      My kids can be complete idiots at times…deciding to WWF in the backyard until someone has a bloody lip. They are FAR from perfect but I know that I am raising respectful kids.

      Pretty evil, huh?

      • LBEL, like I replied to your original post, give yourself a pat on the back. What a breath of fresh air you are! Early intervention brings great rewards later on.

      • I think you’re doing fabulous, I applaud you. My kids are not perfect either but as a whole I think they’re pretty good kids. Their mouth seems to be more towards me periodically (hormonal girls) but never to other adults. They aren’t overly spoiled and expected to do chores but I still give them freedom (unless they are in trouble). I think I yell to much and probably say things I shouldn’t and I struggle with that. It makes me feel like a shitty parent from time to time. It can be stressful when you live 6 hours from family and you don’t have a lot of help, other than your hubby. I need to take a page from your book I think. 🙂

      • LBEL: You have done much of what is missing in today’s society, provide a solid foundation by disciplining your children while they are bombarded with electronic media and mixed messages causing them confusion. Children must always know they will be loved and have the support of their parents unconditionally, provided they are honest and (mostly) choose wisely. Yelling at our kids gets us nowhere (it shows a parent who is not in control of their emotions) and teaches the kids nothing.

        But in regard to Tre and her daughters, the challenge is being in front of cameras. The public would not want to watch how successful parenting is done, and Bravo would not market that type of show since, unfortunately, it would not have enough “fireworks” to attract a viewing audience.

      • I don’t agree woth what the person above said, you are doing fine. But I will say that we don’t see what Teresa does for discipline. At the same time I raise my kids with discipline and I have two that are very well behaved but I have another that is stubborn as can be and very independant. Kids are just different if all of yours came out like your senior that is great. We can only do our best but in the end they are all different. It doesn’t always work the way we think it should.

      • You are fantastic, LBEL.

        Thank you for doing your job as a PARENT and not being concerned about being their FRIEND.

        Keep on keepin’on! 😀

      • LBEL I find nothing wrong with how you discipline. as long as they’re not being abused. it seems like whatever you’re doing is working for you. but even though you give punishments it still doesn’t stop the normal “attitudes” that children like to have. kids will be kids and they will act out or do something or say things they shouldn’t. it’s normal. the way you were judged shouldn’t have happened because we don’t know what’s it like in your household. just like Teresa’s parenting shouldn’t be judged because we don’t see the entire footage and only get a snippet into their lives. it’s ridiculous that grown ass adults attack the little girls and make judgments about them just because they’re running around and “talk” back. the girls aren’t going to grow up to be serial killers for crying out loud. if they become adult brats then so be it. they’re Teresa’s kids and she and joe are the ones that have to deal with them and not us.

    • Did I miss something? I’m sorry it’s almost midnight on west coast, I thought you grounded her in her room LBEL. We’re you serious about only a sheet and mattress? I can’t see someone dismembering the room for a time out? Portishead, what did I miss?

      • Never mind, LBEL—I read on. I agree with choices. There is no yelling nor spanking here, either. My children feel loved and secure, and that’s even after a divorce and cross country move. Lots of laughter, and when there is tears, I’m available to discuss…but I don’t have many occurances of needing to discipline–except Xbox, phone time and computer…all were raised respectfully, and they act respectfully to others…knock on wood. College is coming soon!!

        • Just to clarify, there are no toys and such in my kid’s rooms. “Sheet and a mattress”…basically, no toys, books or anything taken into the room with her. 😉

  • i could care less what this woman has to say since her opinions on MANY things and people flip flop more than a fresh caught fish in the bottom of my boat!
    Guess you could say, just toss her back in and keep on fishin for a better catch (talk show host)

  • I really do not think Teresa will care too much with this ex hooker crackhead tranny has to say at this point. Wendy is more Melissa Marco’s type anyway. Wendy is the one of the last people on Earth that should be talking about anyone’s kids.

  • I always thought Wendy Williams was a camp drag sendup a la Brini Maxwell. I LOVE Brini Maxwell! She was much more entertaining when I thought she was camp.

    Wendy seems the epitome of the shallow entertainment interviewer – a huge fan of whomever is in front of her face in the moment but without any real convictions or opinions of her own that have not been approved and tested.

    As to the kids acting up in front of the cameras, good grief, she needs to realize there is a bit of Heisenberg effect happening. The fact that they are being filmed affects their behavior.

    • “The fact that they are being filmed affects their behavior.” I wish Jack-ass would realize that, and keep her little guy far away from the commotion of filming, cameras, and obnoxious family and friends.

  • OK..forget that its Wendell Willams for a minute.

    I am out numbered just like Tre (and a lot of other parents). Milania’s ‘sassyness’ may seem cute, but it wouldn’t cut it in my house!

    I have kids and yes, they do loose their minds BUT they are immediately punished as opposed to “asked” to be good. Example: “would you please sit still for a minute?” Also, there has been more than one time where we have left a store, salon or restaurant when any of my kids can’t behave properly. I don’t bribe them. Example: “If you are good, I will get you a toy”

    Funny thing is, I have been complemented numerous times by older people on how I handle my kids and CHASTISED by those in their 30’s and 40’s for being too tough!

    As a matter of fact, my 7 year old decided to tell me to shut up today and she is now sitting in her room that only contains a mattress and sheet. When she can be respectful, she can EARN back the goodies! (Toys, books, etc) Her siblings are having a grand old time in the pool and she is watching through the window.

    No one is a perfect parent, but if Milania is continued to act like this now, just think what Tre is in for in a few more years!!!

    • LBEL, you should pat yourself on the back for a job well done! Your daughter will be a better adult for it. We can laugh at T’s kids, but I would never let my 3 year old tell me “no, you zip it!”. I spent many hours in my room for my misdeeds as a kid, as my own did. Nipping it in the bud is the best remedy.

      • LBEL & eggmitit: Both of you are doing your parental jobs as you should, and that’s great. However, if you had to do the same things you stated above in front of a camera crew, would you? Would you risk being reported to CPS because your actions were misconstrued? And if you did, you DO know Bravo could just edit it out – it’s boring and wasting time on the episode – since Bravo gives you the edit THEY want you to have.

        It’s a different ballgame when the cameras are rolling. We do not know that Tre didn’t discipline her children. Bravo could’ve cut that part out.

        • Exactly. Parents on reality shows who are tough or stern or get impatient or yell or snap are treated like the devil. You’d have 10s of thousands of crazy reality show fans howling on twitter and bombarding the network and reporting you to CPS. You really can’t win, everyone has an opinion on how everyone else should be raising their kids, and whatever you did you’d be not just wrong but evil.

        • How are they going to be called by CPS, cameras or not? They aren’t beating them! Melissa threatening peppers down her sons mouth for back talking can cause major cardiac and metabolic reactions—that was on camera!

          • Not too many caught the hot pepper comment from Melissa. Hot pepper? That’s just ignorant.

            I am a Kiss fan and watched Gene Simmons show…those kids seem so well adjusted given who their father is!

            I get the editing thing, however, I think Milania is one of those kids who make you have to get the grey hair dyed!

          • I didn’t know Melissa threatened her son with peppers. if the camera actually showed her put the peppers in the child’s mouth then yeah cps would’ve been called. fans do report what they see on reality shows.

            I remember “teen moms” on mtv. there was a young mom that hit her baby daddy on camera and people called cps on her and she got arrested and had her child taken away. so it’s possible.

    • My youngest has wit^^ as I posted above, but he has respect. There is definitely a difference. @LBEL, my kids don’t or never did run in stores, salons, talk back to adults, are the kids everyone wants their kids to hang out with…bit I have honored each of their different styles of communication and creativity–wittiness and quickness and curiosity with my all, espescially my youngest who is more verbal.

      My motto was from Maria in Sound of Music…I will be firm and confident, but allow them to shine with mutual respect. Knock on wood its worked.

      I agree with you on many points!!!

  • Tres kids are cute and I get a good laugh out of Milania. Does she need to be reeled in a bit , yes !SHe also needs a good “i dont know who you think you’re talking to” and maybe even a good spanking as well if you ask me! With that said kids will be kids. They probably act out a little more because the cameras are around.I like to think that if Gia or Milania really disrespect her and T is offended she will do what she needs to as a MOm to let her girls know she isnt playing!

    • We ONLY see what Bravo WANTS us to see. You and I do not know or see how Tre or Joe disciplines their children. I doubt that Bravo would want us to! Bravo does not want us to see “normal” family interaction because it does not attract viewers. Please, you people who are so quick to judge the interactions between a parent and their kid based upon what you see on tv… a LOT of editing is involved here.

      Lol, Bravo sure has done its job because everyone here is talking about it. I choose to believe that Tre, coming from a traditional Italian background, disciplines her children just fine when the cameras are off.

      • Milania…I like Nonno. He’s a nice little fellow (I paraphrase). Ya gotta love that kid.

        • Milania: I go for older men. Omg. She’s hysterical. My youngest son is like her–out of the womb, never ceases to stump is or have spit out water drinking at dinner table. Quick wit and smart, rational as a tack.

  • How else would WW make big bucks…all talk show hosts like WW use both faces.

    What a piece of slime,Bravo rarely does the right thing,WW needs to be cut off…no more exclusive’s….Queen Lahtifa should be an option.

    Children should be off limit’s but,since episode one-the children are focused on and full exposure.On WWHL Ass cohen put “T”s daughter’s pic on screen for secret word drinking game.

    So this is what “T”meant when she told us about Bravo telling her that her family will be focused on this season.

    Better be a big pay cheque.

    The poor children are on 100% display.
    (Pun intended)

  • I saw this show when it aired. My immediate thoughts were STFU Wendy ! Remember people,.we only see tidbits of what actually goes on, on this show. We have no idea if or how Teresa reprimanded her children. And I will say this, If Teresa were to punish them on television, you can bet your ass everyone out there would be coming down on Teresa as a bad mother etc.! Her kids are no angels,but neither were mine. If my children spoke to me like that you can bet they would’ve been punished, maybe even a good swat on the behind, but nowadays you can’t do that for fear of going to jail for child abuse ! Well people, we’re just beginning to see what kind of adults these children are becoming,and for the most part its not pretty. So before you critize someones methods of child rearing, you need to check yours. While I think her lids could use some type of punishment or lesson teaching, its not my place to say how or when, therefore Wendy, I think you owe Teresa an apology.

    • I like your comment. Tre definately would be branded abad mother on tv if she disciplined them. However like you said if my girls spoke to me or acted the way her little ones do sometimes I would DEFinately check them then and there. I dont care if the cameras are there!

  • No, all kids avt like that at some point they just aren’t on national tv. I have 3 girls and I would get on to my kids for behaving like that but to what extent depends on the situation and the tv camera factor. You have to rmember it takes arleast 2-3 hours for a hair appt and their are four girls getting their hair done and they crammed all the good parts into 2-3 minutes what Teresa does or says in response isnt making the cut.

    • I can NOT stand Wendy she has no kids and I can NOT stand people who do not habe kids to pass judgement. They don’t know. Even other parents should not pass judgement by that alone. Its the relationship as a whole that matters.

      I can see that Teresa gives them room to be kids they need that, the playdate shows how she lets them play like kids play. Thats the fun part of parenting. If you had to be infront of a camera all the time its different. There is a way I tell my kids to be in public, but when you are in front of the camera all the time there would never be a time to truky be yourself and kids need that to be who they are. Its what shapes you as a person. Thats gotta be hard on them.

  • I gotta say what most of you won’t….Teresa’s kids are BRATS! She should be embarrassed! And NO that is not age appropriate behavior!

    • ALL kids are brats, I won’t say they aren’t and I am not afraid of saying that they did get out of line but, like I said in post below it takes 2-3 hours for a hair appt and they cram that segment into 2-3 minutes we don’t see Teresa getting onto them, and even if she does she isn’t going to get on to them the same way she would when in privacy of home. The kids know the cameras are rolling they probly take advantage. Its a lose lose situation. If she were to be too stern she can get slammed for that too but even more than not getting onto them. The only thing that truly matters i sthe relationship she has with her kids and thats it.

    • Very true. The Teresa stan defenders are crazy as always. There are plenty of well-mannered children who would never behave the way the Giudice brats do. You can see they are being raised as spoiled princesses and it’s not cute or appealing to me.

      • Put these “well-mannered” children you speak of in an ethnically-animated family and on a national tv show and we’ll see just how they “remember” their manners all the time.

        Tell me, are you around these well-mannered children for more than a couple days at a time? Or are you around them for a few hours at most?

        There is NO child that is constantly well-mannered. It would be abnormal and against the spontaneity involved in being a child if all of their actions were well-mannered. Shoot, I’d take my child to the pediatrician if they were that way!

        • So, is that teenage Wakilie bou well mannered?

          He did take Daddy Bucky’s gazillion dollar car out for a joy ride, on a learners permit, in bad weather, without permission. Dangerous.

          That seems ill mannered, to say the least, to me.

    • Here’s the “reality.” You have no idea if Teresa’s kids are brats because you don’t know them personally. These people are filmed for hundreds of hours to put together a series of 45 minute episodes. Teresa’s kids could be perfect angels 97% of the time, but you will never see that. Bravo is only interested in the other 3% because its “entertaining.” They do it to every housewife’s kid and these women end up having to defend their kids from people like you that think they know everything about their lives. It’s disgusting to see the backlash that these CHILDREN are receiving from ADULTS who think they know how a child that isn’t theirs “should” behave.

      • Put yourself in their shoes. You and your child are being filmed for several hours. Your kid is sweet and respectful and a generally a well rounded kid. Well naptime comes around and little Timmy starts getting sleepy and pops a little attitude, all kids do it at some point. You put him to sleep, he wakes up, and now little Timmy is well rested and back to being your little Angel. Several months later, you watch the show. All they show is little Timmy throwing a temper tantrum and leave out the rest where he was being good! All of a sudden you have people who didn’t see the other side of Timmy and don’t know a damn thing about him telling you what a brat he is and how bad of a mother you are! How would you feel to be in that situation, on the receiving end of rude comments from strangers who didn’t see the whole picture? It wouldn’t feel very nice, would it?

    • dallasmom, most of us won’t say they’re brats because we all remember what it was like to be a child and we were all brats. the way Teresa’s kids behave is no big freakin deal. they’re kids!!! Teresa is a good mom and obviously she isn’t embarrassed. she’s proud of her girls and loves them and allows them to be on film and yes it IS age appropriate behavior. don’t act like you never knew what’s it like to hit puberty. get off your high horse.

  • I really don’t like Wendy. They act like tre kids are the devils kids or something. She has 4 girls its a handful I bet. My mother just start having kids again (about 6 yrs ago. I’m 21) anyways she has 4 girls (she wanted a boy) & they are very close in age it’s a handful.

  • Wendy who? Lol like the other kids on the show are angels. The only one I’d agree with who does not need their child on reality tv is wacko jacko’s son.

  • They are kids, wtf is thd big deal?! When I was Milanias age I was all over the place and saying dumb things. Luckily i was lucky enough that my dad used to tape me and I look back at it and laugh. Gia is a tween and hormones are kicking in. Gabriella is very quiet. Milania is a diva. And audriana was quiet too. Why is she judging these KIDS?! smdh let them be kids. Thats one of the best parts of the show, teresas kids. They all have a different personality which is fun to watch. I think its hilarious that wendy is such a flip flopper and kisses teresas ass when nene has something to say about teresa but then a week after tells her to leave. Wendy why doesnt your big man ass leave since no one likes you anymore?!

    • Exactly you can say you would do this and that but kids are all different. You just don’t realize how much of a handful a kid like Malania is until you actually have one. I don’t care who you are and how many kids you have, I always said things like that until my 3rd daughter!! So it really takes one to know how it really is. I say if she was my first she would have been my last! LOL! But OMG she feels our life with joy, drama and everything in between. She brought my husband to tears at two months old, but truly a blessing.

      • Does Wendy not have any children of her own, kids she has raised herself? I’m asking because if she did she would know better.

        • Golden rule- after reading other comments on here I geuss she might have kids. I didn’t think she did. I honestly thought she was a man, like Rue Paul.

          • Wendy has a son. Thats why im so confused. I still think its in nasty taste of her to talk about the children. I think if it bothers wendall so much why doesnt she just shut it off?! Wendall must not be doing so well since she isnt on fox or BET anymore. She needs to have a few seats, if the seat is big enough for her ASS

  • I do think Milania is a little out of control. I think she is allowed to get away with too much because we all think she is funny. Gia is acting like a preteen. The other 2 seem very well behaved. That said, I love Tre and enjoy the girls. Cannot imagine her not being on tv.
    As for Wendy….who watches her? Not me!

    • Grammy8: I have a little Milania..She dances to the beat of her own drum, say whatever she feels and discipline don’t work..some of the children are born with their own mind..I have 2 others that are well-mannered and respectful..don’t know where this one came I do understand what Tre has to deal with and sympathize with her..

      • Grammy8 & jessie, I too have a little Milania, she is still little at 5’2″ but a grown adult in her 20’s, just got accepted into law school and well on her way to success. Her spunk is got her where she is today ………….. I just accepted her for what she was/is which!

        • LoveMyDoggie: I wish more people would do that… accept people for who THEY are and not judge them by their own or other people’s standards. That’s what makes the world go ’round, right? Congrats on your daughter’s success and to you, obviously a great mom! I have one son, 22, who was like Milania (still is at times, but that’s what makes him successful in the creative field he has chosen) and another who is the “dream” son everyone would want (honors student-athlete, just accepted to a dream Ivy League school, impeccable manners, tons of friends, etc.) and I raised them both the same way. Tre is doing a great job with her daughters, especially considering they are on tv.

    • Grammy, I can’t talk because I was Milania and my niece is her age, and her x2. There is a balance to what she hears, but there is still the input from school, tv, and radio, and you’d probably fall off your chair to hear the things they pick up from school. My niece was doing rhymes before they released from school for summer. My sister and I were riding in the car, and she starts out with. It stared innocently enough, then she let. When asked where she got the words from she said a classmate called another classmate those things.

  • Listen I have a five year old and she talks back sometimes so I can’t even imagine having 4 girls at different stages. I think Teresa is a fantastic FAB mom! Plus everyone has their own parenting style. Her kids are healthy, safe, well balanced, loved and beautiful. Plus they are spit fires and I love them. Wendy was right when she said “she doesn’t like to talk about other people’s children”. Worry about your own

    • Totally agree! When my sister was born, my brother was 4, I was 7 and my older sister was 10. It’s just like Teresa’s family. Looking at Tree and co, I realize, man, my mom must’ve been a living saint! And wow I can see older sis being like Gia rolling her eyes at our shenanigans lol

    • You’re right. Plus it’s not like she can snack Gia on national tv. CPS will be at her front door the next day and dumb ass Andy Cohen would crucify her himself. Plus everybody needs to get off Gia’s training bra. Who the fuck was an ideal child at any age, much less at 12? No we all fucking headaches going through puberty, add to that three other children, elderly parents with health problems, four weak bitches and a deranged brother trying to knock you off your throne, and a husband possible headed to jail. I think that Teresa is doing an exceptional job, as you said. I also don’t like when people talk about Gia being on social media. Ummmm, what’s the point? Their grown asses shouldn’t be following her. Teresa says she initially got to keep up with her dance troop. Teresa’s is better than me, I would’ve said: she got it cause I said she could, Caroline. Dog face SnAshlee is doing waaaaayy worse than Gia. We won’t even get started on the Manzo heirs. Those are all “adult children” and are fair game. Discuss how they curse in front of their mothers (at 30 in my own home with a hubby and kids I still haven’t been bold enough to try that one), they call them by their first names, get involve in their relationships. Gia isn’t doing anything that those other fuckers haven’t done, and they’re still doing it. So the Gia bashers should get with honesty and reality.

      Ok, my rant is over for a minute. I just hate when people talk about other people’s children like they’re children are perfect and pretend they’re perfect themselves. No. Wendy Williams son is still growing up, as Teresa’s children are. She never knows what he’ll experience out in the world. And if, God forbids, her son gets into trouble, should Teresa suggest she get off tv and not make a living to support herself and family?

    • The thing about it is this…yes Tre’s children say and do things that most kids do but shouldn’t do. The thing about it is, she’s on tv!!! if she tries to reprimand her children and its not what the public deems necessary or appropriate then that’s a whole different battle she will have to fight. One that may include CPS and her stupid brother and sister in law making up stories about how she beats her children. This woman is damn if she does and damned if she doesn’t. It’s really getting so aggravating how everyone is all on her back all the damn time! She can’t control what comes out of her kid’s mouths but I definitely understands why it seems as if she doesn’t do anything about it. She can’t! The freaking blogosphere would rip her a new one no matter what she did to chastise them!

      • All of you (^above^) are CORRECT! Don’t discuss kids – because when you have your own your karma awaits you! Tre, as a mother, knows RULE #1: you pick your battles. Otherwise, you’ll be fighting all the time. To all the people who deem themselves experts and criticize her: shut it.

      • I’ve always wondered if the kids act up more when the camera is there cuz they can get away with it. lol

  • Wendy . . . #reeeeellllllllaaaaaaaaxxxxxxx
    Teresa and her daughters are wonderful and make great Television. Period.

  • Here this big burley He-man looking bitch. She honestly looks more manly than Rosie, who looks more manly than any other actual man on the show. And somebody tell me again, who the hell is Wendy Williams to tell anybody to get off tv? This bitch. The former crack head should be really talking, and that’s enough talk about the woman’s kids. This empty bitch is just jealous. There are millions of things I could go on about Wendal Williams being jealous of. I didnt like that bitch for how she trashes all of the housewives, until they get on her show. She’s a joke. Notice that she rarely mentions black celebrities or have any on her show? Ever wonder why? The late great Whitney Houston served this bitch up COLD. Yes God, and there were no questions asked.

        • Nene Leakes damn sure did. When Leakes opened her re-done mouth, Wendall dropped them balls and flopped her big top heavy ass down.

          • Lol, Andrea. My husband is black, and every time Wendy is in tv or a clip, he says, oh shit up you male heifer.

            I don’t often comment on people’s Size..height, weight, but I agree with him–know it all hypocrite a lot of the time!

      • Omg, if they argue, who would win. I see them tearing up some drywall in Rosie’s apartment. Oh goodness. Bad idea. Both are too masculine and mouthy.

    • Andrea LOL don’t forget the flared nostrils!!:-D I can’t focus on her without being drawn to those babies!! Lmao they’re hideous!

  • ugh…i’m so sick of wendy now. she’s one of andy’s minions. because andy can’t say certain things, he gets his friends to. (although, in my opinion, teresa’s what’s keeping rhonj going.)

  • Wendy has had it out for Tre since day 1. She acts like Tre’s the damn devil on her show, but then when Tre is on, all the fakeness begins. She needs to get her family in order and stop trying to shell out advice, since it’s been long reported her husband has hit on an intern or two and allegedly picked up a tranny in Brooklyn. STFU Wendy.

    • It’s not so much, that Wendy has a thing against’s her PR that does. Wendy just goes with the info she is given. Her top PR girl is close with the Wakiles.

        • Who are you guys talking abou?? John’s niece?? Johnny the Greek. She’s actually BFF WITH DINA Manzo…sure M is close to Kathy but her closest pal IS Dina. If we are speaking about the same girl on Wendy’s team her name begins with an M.

      • DonnaLee (love your name, being from alabama) but if Teresa was the only housewife that Wendall was nasty to, then maybe I’d go with that. But look at how nasty she is to Nene (until Nene gets there), Kenya (until Kenya got there), Phadrea (until Phadrea got there), even the elegant and classy Ms. Cynthia Bailey Thomas went on record to say how nasty Wendell is, and so did Dina. She has a track record of being nasty to these women, as if she can talk.

        • I remember when Dina confronted her on her show for trashing her spin off. Wendy start squirming and it was hilarious.

          • No way Andrew!!!

            Oh my, I have to Google that gem ASAP! Good for Dina! I loathe that two faced wig LOL. She buttered up to Tre something savage too, the audacity this woman has! LOL.

            Saying she was her favourite housewife and that her kids were oh so adorable and lovely, how she respects Tre for being the only one not pawning her kids on the show. Rah rah rah.

            And to this Tre said really? I am? (Your favourite) She freakin reassured her the duplicitous biatch!

            This Wendell is all kinds of shady. If I was Tre I’d boycott going there or give her one helluva tongue lashing; embarrass the tart 😀

        • @Andrea from Alabama

          Oh, Ok…First, I have to get over you calling Wendy …Wendell! The sun has not set on that one just yet. Way to funny…TRUST!

          Now,I totally agree with you! I like Wendy; but, don’t do the two-faced situation; and Wendy does this all the time!

          When you are all up their business and calling them out; then own it when that person comes on your show and sits on the couch.

          Wendy did the same thing when LeAnn Rimes visited the show. We are know Wendy has gone on records how she feels about Ms. Rimes; however, that was not the case when LeAnn visited the show last week. So, I am going to have to call Wendy out on her BS! … BIG TIME!

          Also, Note To Wendy: Do not EVER make a comment regarding people children; especially a negative one because then you leave yourself open for people to speak about your mothering skills.

          Besides, I didn’t see her leaving radio when she was out on the corner buy coke or smoke crack. Did anyone tell her to leave radio and be a better mother? I don’t care if she is recovered or not, DO NOT SPEAK ABOUT PEOPLE CHILDREN! AT ALL!

          • My words to live by are ” don’t ever talk about someone else’s kids, because you never know what yours are going to do to embarrass you”. Too bad more people don’t follow that rule. Jac and Caroline berated Gia over the incident at the family games day, yet their kids have all been involved in some pretty nasty stuff, including physical violence. The only thing Gia did was call out her uncle, a grown man, for cheating. As for Wendy, why is she still even on TV?

          • Hannavas that’s the damn truth. I agree I NEVER EVER speak about people’s children or husbands, nor say what mine will or won’t do. And if they’re ever caught doing something I never blame others around them. You never know who’ll have to help you nor as you said, what your children are doing. Teresa’s cast mates and some of the other housewives, and adults in general needs to read what you just said.

          • and don’t forget she supports that lazy ass husband of hers too. She has some kind of nerve, who is she the morality police–another case of physician heal thyself before you start healing your patients!!

            You know I could go there but I am working on my salvation–however, I know it obvious I flunked today’s test.

          • @TeamFair

            ITA don’t speak badly of other peoples young children.

            I’ve always said it and i stand by it if you speak badly bout other ppls kids be prepared to be spoken bout your parenting and don’t crack the shits if ppl talk bout your kids.

            I mean we talking young kids here not adult children.

            I don’t like to speak badly of anyone’s kids coz god only knowns how my kids will turn out i pray they grow up to be good people me the community

          • Well said hannavas. They ought to shut up and not make big statements about other peoples kids. It’ll only turn back on to you and bite you up the ass.

            On a side note. Has everyone else observed that Teresa was THE ONLY PERSON including JOE GIUDICE that never ever berated, talked bad about, even mentioned in passing regarding any of the other housewives kids? That right there says a helluva lot.

            Caroline: Berated her daughter Lauren from season 1-5 and counting.
            Caroline: Berated Ashlee from season 1-3.
            Caroline: Berated Gia season 4.

            Jacqueline: Berated and made a mockery of her daughter Ashlee and allowed EVERY SINGLE OTHER PERSON ON THE SHOW TO DO THE SAME. Season 1-3
            Jacqueline: Berated Gia season 4.

            Chris Laurita: Berated Ashlee season 1-3
            Albie: Berated Ashlee season 1-3
            Albie: Berated his own sister Lauren.
            Chris: Berated Ashlee season 1-3
            Chris: Berated his own sister Lauren

            Teresa: NONE of the above
            Joe G: NONE of the above.

            Work out the math.

    • STFU Wendy. You just had Tree on and said “Now, as you know, you’re my favorite HW of NJ.” And Tree said, “I am?” knowing how much shit Wendy talks. Wendy needs to stop with the “get off reality tv” shtick. She says that about too many people.

        • My thoughts exactly pinkie, it’s Wendy that needs to get off TV – and perhaps have her own reality check at the same time.

      • I know huh?!!! I just wrote a post about that. The nerve that Wendy has. I hate it when a person says one thing to you and then turns around and says another. Make up your mind Wendy, pick a goddamn face and stick with it you Ttwo faced low life.

      • ITA with everyone about Wendy/wendal…lmfao…but..I don’t follow all the trades/blogs…but have heard rumors…so WTF…..what IS “Wendy” ?. Inquiring minds want to know! Surely someone has ans!!!

        Team Theresa!

    • Breanna

      Exactly what i was about to say. thanks for saving me the trouble of typing it:-):-):-)

      Wendy has never liked and always bagged Teresa

    • i never watch wendy, so glad i didn’t see her show. all of teresa’s fans should boycott that show. wendy also is friends with andy, teresa should be too sick or busy to go on that show again