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Porsha Stewart Accused Of Cheating With Ralo Wonder! Plus, Is His Fiance Joining RHOA?


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart has a divorce that just keeps getting worse and worse. Now, the youngest Atlanta housewife is being accused of having cheated with NASCAR team owner and media mogul Ralo Wonder while she was still married to Kordell!

FreddyO reports that Porsha and Ralo were keeping a side relationship that Kordell got wind of, but was not able to prove in the end. A disgruntled ex-employee of Ralo’s now, is trying to come forward with text messages that prove Porsha and Ralo were up to no good while she was still married to Kordell!

The site adds, “The associate is threatening to go to the media if he’s not paid money that he claims is owed to him.”

That’s not all, however! Ralo is also engaged to a woman named Crystal Mocahantas. So not only would Porsha have been cheating if this rumor is true, but so was Ralo. Funky Dineva, who gets all the tea about Atlanta, reports that “the streets or Atlanta are buzzing about Crystal Mocahantas being the latest addition to The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Crystal with Ralo pictured below:


Now that would be an interesting cast addition if the rumors were to be true, which we honestly think are either completely unfounded, or a plot from Crystal’s camp to create buzz to get herself on the show.

Porsha just doesn’t strike as the cheating type, and on the show she appeared to be very in love with Kordell and making that marriage expand into a family with kids. She’s also not the brightest, so acting is probably out of the equation here.

Thoughts on this allegation? Do you believe Porsha cheated with Ralo?

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  • Kinda sounds like blackmail to me and I hope if it is blackmail they take legal action against this person. Don’t know if its true or not but Porsha seemed so inlove with Kordell and the way he was treating her (like a princess) would be kind of hard to believe but anything is possible these days. BTW Crystal is really pretty and I love the fact that they add newer and younger girls into the mix! Loves it!!!

  • For a smear to work, it has to conform to the perceived character of the person being smeared. This smear is so dumb it must come from Kordell.

  • I don’t think Porsha cheated at all. She did nothing but show her love for that jerk unfortunatly. I hope she finds true love

  • This is just the most ridiculous attempt of a smear campaign I have ever smelled. Whomever dreamt this one up, be Kordell, Bravo, or Crystsl’s camp, they must think we the viewers are idiots ! Stop the BS and just get back to what it is SUPPOSED to be… Reality ?

  • Ralo and Mocahontas are such interesting names.

    Porsha doesn’t strike me as the cheating type, but one never knows what goes on behind closed doors. I wonder who decided to make this connection between Porsha and Ralo and if they did so out of thin air or used some type of possibly platonic (or NOT) friendship between them (Porsha and Ralo, that is) to do it.

    Is this coming from Kordell (to make him look like less of an a*shole for the poor way he handled his divorce filing and actions afterward)?

    Or is this coming from BRAVO (to build hype for the next season of RHOA)?

    • Lol Lola-girl!
      Ralo made me want to ask if his best friend’s name is Lamont?

      Kordell is a bitch and is true bitch fashion, she’s slinging trash. Porshia was to be his shield from the rumors surrounding his attraction to penises (or peni plural?, not his own!

      • LOL at Ralo and Lamont!! I’m now hearing the theme music from “Sanford and Son” in my head.

        Mocahontas makes me think of Pocahontas.

        • Naw girl… she Mocha-hontas…. that’s a chocolate dipped hood rat with that good Indian hair weave name if there ever was one!

  • Kordell and his “queen” antics. He really is doing the most. I swear he goes HAM like Jacqueline Laurita during a divorce. I mean, let her go. Now I are why Porsha ain’t trying to leave without that damn house. Raise your hand if you blame her now.

    • HAHA! Love the comment Andrea, I agree with you 100%. Kordell really is doing THE most! Porsha should be grateful that she found out how he was earlier into the marriage rather than later with kids and all.

  • I think that Porsha isn’t as innocent as she tries to make herself out to be. The ex video booty model more than likely hooked up with him and rumors got back to Kordell. I’ve always wondered why Kordell just up and divorced her without a reason.

    • she was in one video with a no name and she did nothing wrong in the video, she didn’t appear naked or doing bad things. Kenya was in a video too with Jay-Z. Just because you star in a video doesn’t make you a bad person. I know a lot of video models. And have you not been reading the reports?!?! Kordell was even acting on social media that he was trying to reconcile with her and take her “away.” Yeah, ok. I’m not gonna call him gay cause honestly I have never heard of him and i’m not a football fan but from what I observed he was a straight out DoucheLORD who was controlling and wanted things his way, when his wife wanted a career he dipped out. That’s not a man, that’s a coward that leaves his wife over dumb KAKA. He will be punished one day that’s for sure!!

  • I don’t believe it. I think it’s Kordell’s camp planting rumors, trying to drag Porsha’s name through the mud. Trying to steer people away from the gay rumors (which I think is the real reason he married her).

  • Sorry, but I don’t buy it!!! Porsha did NOT cheat on Kordell. He’s grasping at straws, that’s all. She appeared to live for him, to make him happy. There’s NO WAY SHE cheated on him. She wouldn’t even go with the other girls to see a stripper. puhleaseeeeeeeeeee. I hope Porsha takes that biatch for all he’s got for doing that to her!

    • Could this be kordell doing maybe he leak the story. In hopes of the public being on his side since everyone is clearly supporting Porsha.

      • YES!

        I smell Kordell all over of this!

        BUT IT ISN’T GOING TO WORK! I think sometimes people with a big ego and “celebrity status” put out stories or statements that are completely fabricated. Do they think we are mindless robots that can’t see through the BS? However, in some cases ie Lohan,Bynes, Rimes, etc- I believe they believe their own myth. The words that come out of their mouth is out right crazy sometimes but in their head it makes all the sense in the world.

      • Wow Jessica I was gonna say the same thing and for some reason I am feeling some way kordell is involved. Good catch!

  • Don’t believe Porsha cheated. I think this is Bravo Spin so they can bring more drama stories for Atlanta show.

    • I don’t believe Porsha cheated but I wouldn’t blame her if she had. Kordell was too controlling. And aren’t there rumors that he cheated on her?

  • I have a hard time believing this because she seemed to be all about her marriage and pleasing her husband. It’s all she ever talked about! But then again, everything is a possibility. You just never know with some people.

    • Porsha is a Fraud and hit the lottery for a few years now, needs to resend back to where she came from…..using her grandfather’s legacy to get ahead. Just like she was using Kordell’s legacy to smooch with as she says “some of the elite women in Atl, playerswives”. Well from the look of things, Basketball, Football, and Baseball wives are all a hot ghetto mess. So, please, Porsha is not miss perfect as she wants everyone to think…the image of her standing up at the Reunion and singing the church song just makes me lol evertime I think of it.

      • Preach @Free Kroy! I’ve been saying this all along throughout the entire season. I never believed her innocent act at all. She had so much sympathy from viewers throughout the season because of Big Bad Wolf Kordell and terrible terrible Kenya…LOL…I hope this is true. This would make for a very interesting storyline and if this other chick that Ralo is engaged to is joining RHOA next season, it’s on!

    • I dont either. And really?How many times does someone try to blackmail someone with money? Oldest trick in the book! And says publicly, Im gonna snitch on you and fabricate a story so you pay me, LOL? ( basically) Kordell is trying to keep everyone from thinking he is an A*hole and or gay.