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Hot Or Not: Joe Gorga Shows Off His Bod!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Gorga has been hitting the gym lately and wanted to show off his bod! Joe Gorga joined instagram and for his first photo he uploaded a shirtless picture and wrote, “Yo instagram what ya think about the buzzed head #FollowMe”

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Uh. Is it the buzzed head that he really wanted to show? What do you think of Joe’s “buzzed head?” Hot or not?

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  • maybe if you put another head on that body…………………maybe…….I don’t care for that look.
    but the more he ‘pumps up, there is a part of the anatomy that will be difficult to get pumped.

  • This photo is just more proof that he’s standing behind the closet door with a big stick of dynamite.

  • Looks like he is afraid Joe Gaudies will kick his ass again so he is spending a little more time in the gym . He is such a gross person so it is hard to see any good in him.

  • I feel everyone forgot Melissa insisting joe scream at his sister after the strippergate “do it, do it joe, say it to your sister!!” As they were pulling away and her contacting Danielle….WHY IS THIS NEVER BROUGHT UP..

    …everyone lets that slide yet if that was Teresa, we all know the en result

    • Cutie: I certainly remember that! It ranks right up there with some of MeGo’s other Mean-Girl behavior — but this article was about JoGo. He, however, has done enough stupid things (see my post above) to warrant the snarky comments made about him on here.

  • Pathetic that the Teresa stans here are saying Joe Gorga is on steroids or that he’s ugly, short and not hot. Who cares about height? He’s got a decent face and great body. Teresa’s fat, sloppy, jerk of a husband looks awful.

      • You might have a point Steff about the entire cast looking awful. None are what we would consider beautiful by normal standards. They are normal looking women who are uniquely pretty. They all have physical faults you can clearly see. Teresa’s hairline, Melissa’s forehead/chin/nose,lips, Kathy’s bulging eyes, caroline(not to be mean but she is an uglier version of dina). Jac was the only one who I did not notice any fault in the first season-she messed up her face with these surgeries. Even dina is not what you would consider to be a conventional beauty. The only housewives I would call beautiful comes from Miami.

    • looks who’s talking. you’re a stan yourself trying to defend Melissa’s dwarf of a husband. Teresa’s husband might have a fat stomach but at least he doesn’t wear a tampon like little miss joey gorga.

      • clearly you don’t know the meaning of a stan. I wouldn’t blindly support or criticize someone. The Teresa stans do that. I think Joe Gorga looks good but you Teresa stans are looking for anything possible to cut him down. So what he’s short? A lot of tall guys don’t have that his body or face.

        • stan is an obsessed fan. you do blindly support or criticize someone. you seem to be worshipping the gorgas. you don’t really read the comments do you? because if you did then you would’ve noticed that many Teresa fans do think joey’s body does look good in spite of his troll like behavior. so don’t go lumping everyone into one category.

          all fans on all sides cut someone they don’t like. so practice what you preach, boo!

        • Ry: He is short of a lot of things, namely, class; intelligence; empathy; kindness; foresight; consideration; personality; and money, just to name a few.

  • Heyyyyyy…..I go to Planet Fitness 3 times a week. They have a great facility, and caring staff. If he’s taking care of himself, good for him. Personally I have always been suspicious of a guy who wears a hat all the time. (Can’t see their eyes).
    But…..the family drama is something I won’t make judgements on, considering I have enough of my own to deal with.
    Always remember, your dogs love you!!!
    Goober’s mom.

  • I like the shaved head better than the hats he keeps wearing!
    If he was taller he would get my aproval!! Him and Tre’s husbands fighting like 2 puffed up smurfs!

  • Um yes he is hot! Teresa’s husband had a shirtless photo everyone here would be like “oh look how good he looks” yet the only reason why people here hatin’ on Joe is because of Melissa. People here wear their hatred proud and it’s embarrassing. He is fit, America needs to be fit and strong and he is inspiring to those no matter what their body type that fitness is key to a longer life.

    And I’m guessing everyone here passing judgement is 6 foot tall and perfect weight for their own bodytype. I THINK NOT. Stop being so hateful, you all don’t look good in that hatred look.

      • Juicy does not look juicy. Only Teresa would think he is juicy and that is fine. He was not bad looking when he was younger. I think that its cute that Teresa still thinks that joe giudice is juicy when clearly he is not “juicy” anymore.

    • “the only reason why people here hatin’ on Joe is because of Melissa”

      You’re wrong. I hate him and his crumb snatching stank ass Hooker equally.

    • Ummm….I doubt many people here would be drooling over a shirtless pic of Joe Giudice.

      Yes, Joe Giudice can be a crass, and he can be an ass. Despite that, there are those that sometimes find him funny (When he’s not being an ass, I do find him funny) and do sometimes like the fact that, unlike those other men, he’s not trying to hog the camera or be a “Housewife” and is always REAL (whether that be REAL bad or REAL ignorant or REAL funny).

      But ogling him without his shirt and complimenting him?


      Let’s not get ridiculous.

    • what the hell? what on earth are you talking about. there are many Teresa fans on here that agree that joey’s body looks good. it’s just his personality that is the problem and it’s a turn off. also, at least Teresa fans can give someone that is a troll a compliment. can Teresa haters do the same for joe guidice? I doubt it. so get off your high horse.

    • What The HELL!?!?: NO! Your observation is incorrect. Melissa is NOT the “only reason” people on here hate JoGo. He has the personality and behavior of a caveman and treats his children and sister terribly. Here are a few of the reasons (but not all) JoGo’s haters exist: He started an all-out brawl at his baby son’s christening (classless); called his young daughter a “cockblocker” in one episode; threw a party at his shore house with adults acting perverted and drinking right next to kids swimming in the pool while scaring the crap out of his small daughter by jumping into the pool practically ON her (she was in tears, but did he even notice? NO!); posted a video of his toddler son simulating masturbation (actually TOLD him to “do the move”) at a recent party. He is just too dumb for words.

    • Oh thank u thank u thank u. I was so astonished by the negativity – I was thinking ‘is everyone unevolved 14 yr olds’ well said and thanks again. You all sound like mean bullies and total bitches. And 15. Actually 11. Bug bye.

  • If he was 6′ tall with this body, maybe. But he’s 5’5″/5’4″, and a bulky short man is very unattractive.

    It’s also impossible for me to look at his face without thinking about him being a disgusting pervert obsessed with his junk and a childish attention whore. Anytime I see a picture of him I feel I need a shower.

  • Got to admit in last weeks episode when he was wearing the ball cap ..his eye looks amazing and he looked handsome .

  • Not my type. I like them long and lean. But he looks good You can tell he works out. Can’t take that away from him or his stripping wife. They both workout hard and take care of there bodys.
    Not liking the hair but when your going bald what else are you going to do.
    T also works out really hard. I’m trying so hard to get my arms to look like hers.She just looks fab!

  • Ha! He looks like a Neanderthal that suffered an accident in a tanning bead. Not only is he stumpy and hideous, he is beyond grotesque! We all know he’s balding and is an insecure little shrimp. His face is hideous on its own and his exhibitionist selfies reflect his insecurity. With reason though, he’s not much of a man. He would look better with a box over his 4 foot body. I can spare my Christmas tree box there Fredo and your skank can use a wash cloth to strip away her war paint.

  • I don’t find him attractive at all, but if he actually works hard at achieving that level of fitness, good for him.

  • I think he looks much better with his head shaved. I just do not like the short and stocky type, and I’ve never liked overly ripped short men.

  • He is not my type, but not gonna lie he does look much better. I could see how he would be attractive to others. I think he should stick with the shaved head.

  • NO AT ALL !! He is no kinda man or a father he really thinks that he is all that an Good-n-Plenty SORRY BUD NOT THIS TIME IN LIFE , My God Please Help Him !

  • Sorry ladies but I can’t help but like him. There is something about him I find endearing, go figure. And he does look great. However, I would not give 2 cents for his sorry wife!

  • No matter how many weights he lifts he is still a crying wuss opportunist of a son, husband, and brother. Useless. Here’s to selling his home at a loss! haha!

  • Is it just me, or does it look like he is holding on to his junk in the first picture? Hmmm…

  • awww…..itty bitty wittle joey gorga.

    LOL gorga you will never be a real man.

    my husband is a real man, he is 6 foot 4 and built like a linebacker. he would flick you away with his pinky finger. and never mind the intellectual assault he would lay down on your illiterate ass.

    hey, not all chicks are into big dudes and that’s cool, but i guarantee you any chick that likes big dudes will NOT find your puny ass attractive.

    now, go run along and play with your legos…..

    • So true! He is so tiny! I personally wouldn’t even acknowledge him as a dude because he is so far from my type. My bf is built like your hubs 🙂 love me a big man!

    • Wow ChupabigMeaniw

      Why do you sound so vicious? So what abt your husband. You sound like a kid – so unevolved. Nuf said

  • Lol so is this part of “show off your body” part of RHONJ? Where’s the others? I want to see carolwine in her bikini hehehe

  • Looks like hes been doing steroids. And let me just say I have disliked him from the very first episode. What a repulsive disgusting excuse for a human being. He should seek therapy for his Napoleon syndrome

    • He could just be doing HGH, which is a hormone produced in the pituitary gland and easy to buy. I don’t think it’s the same as a steroid, but it WOULD produce the type of results he has if he works out as well. I think you bulk up more with steroids.

  • VERY HOT! lol at the haters in this thread. He is a good looking man with a great body. You can see he works out very hard at the gym. He got all the looks in his family lol. His kids are going to be gorgeous too.

    • I happen to think that Teresa is very pretty so joey did not get all the look in the family. All the jersey kids are gorgeous (minus the manzo and Ashley). Victoria is a really beautiful young lady and joseph looks a little too much like his father for my liking but he’s not bad looking. You might think that joey got all the looks but I bet you he wished he had Teresa’s height and her thick hair. Joey seems to have a napoleon complex.

      • We disagree about that. I think Joe Gorga is good looking. I wasn’t talking about his personality, which I don’t always like. Teresa is nothing much to look at as far as I’m concerned. Kathy’s kids are good looking, I will agree on that.

  • I think this buzz cut looks SOOOO much better on him. He’d probably look o.k. if he shaved his head totally bald too. That’s a lot better than the knit cat burglar hats and bandannas he wears to try and cover up his receding hairline.

  • Well, let’s see, is this a husband/brother trying to stay a housewife?

    The shaving thing is so me, my fiancee loves my looks, J has a bit more muscle but I am taller and caucasian and I am nicer than J!

    As far as muscle mass goes, good..i remember reading a while ago that he uses steroid’s, a person posted this in a response…does he use steroids?

    If he does, alot of homicides are “roid rages”.

    Blech..go away Mr.Gorga..this is not househusbands!

    • I am honestly curious and no it’s no one of my business. But is your fiance a man? I can’t not imagine a straight man dedicating this much time to the Real HW’s.

        • jpg

          you are too funny, my fiance is beautiful and voluptuos Bonnie, she has her facinations and I have mine.

          can’t stop laughing!

          And really..does this mean you are a woman?

          • Hi jpg

            Thanks 🙂

            No, she has seen and read snippet’s,that I show her, but she is into Dr. Phil and The Hero (@the Rock) and she is starting to like MMA that I go crazy for.

            You would be surprised how many dude’s watch..

            Nice getting to know ya!

      • You know JPG, that is a question I have been itching to ask Samael for some time now. Thanks for asking it and Samael thanks for answering it.

        I suppose we all have our curiosities about one another and it’s nice to know we have a male here on this site who is passionate about the housewives like we are!
        Very fascinating 🙂

        • Me too lol. I just didn’t want to get offend anyone or have it come off the wrong way and get into it with anyone, because I would have never meant it in a bad way but there is always someone who takes offense to everything. I think the reason for me at least, that it is hard to believe a straight man would like these shows is because all the men I know can’t stand them, and constantly complain when I watch lol. My boyfriend will watch once in a while with me, but I can tell it is only because he is trying to be sweet. His eyes glaze over 5 minutes in and he zones out. Every once in a while he looks up again and says something hilarious that only a guy could notice and cracks me up. Anyway, Sam you are here and glad to hear your point of view, it gives all us ladies some different perspective. 🙂

        • Huh?! Samael has stated before hes engaged to a woman. And shes older than him too. Not that it matters but I remember details lol. I think its funny samael watches the show cause usually men cant stand this shot but i used to make my ex watch jersey with me last year LOOOOL. He hated it but I didnt care

          • Lol, oops I didn’t know he said that before. Not that it matters like you said, just curiosity 🙂

          • My husband watches Jerseylicious with me. He thinks those people are hysterical! He works 60 hours per week and he likes to watch shows stupid reality shows for a good laugh.

          • I love jerseylicious. tracy is a nutjob and the reunion was so explosive. Olivia is my favorite. I think she’s so cute and intelligent.

  • Trying to think of what cartoon character be reminds me of ? I can’t even look @ this pos, he makes me sick, doing what he has to his parents & his sister, all for the almighty dollar, sick bastard.

  • I suspect Joey Gorga is using performance enhancers. He’s definitely beefed up since he first came on the show. He’s a misogynist who is aggressive and has had rages that we’ve seen. If he is using steroids, he may be losing hair, which would explain why he shaved his head.

  • He is not my body type at all. I have always been attracted to tall and slender men.

    However, Joe DOES look good. He looks healthy and fit.

    For those of you that keep screeching about steroids, you obviously have NO CLUE about them and what they actually do to a body. If this was the result of steroids, there would be no point in using them. This body is lean muscle obviously obtained from an even mix of weight training and cardio.

    • He may still be using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) that aren’t classified as steroids. To get a body like his, it’s probably more than likely he is.

      • I wouldn’t doubt he may use supplements such as creatin, but honestly Joe is not that big. At all. He looks more so because of his body type (short and stocky) but I bet his arm, waist and even neck measurements would surprise most.

    • Jpg i agree with you. I think his body is but he still looks like a hard boiled egg. As far as the peformance enhancement i don’t think he is taking it just because ive seen gorillas take that and how huge they are at my gym…and they are HUGE. but sometimes I do wonder about his behavior and his violence and have did some research about steroids so than I do wonder if he takes it at times cause his behavior bewilders me sometimes. I dont care nor is it my business but I hope he doesnt because people do die from that shit and he needs to be around his children for a long time. But his body is hot. I just have to cover up his face with my thumb

  • He’s a douchebag, but I got to give him credit; his body does look good. That takes work and effort and it’s great when people take care of their body. Now as for the buzzed head…I am not feeling it, personally.

  • So, for a short, stubby man with short legs and short arms, he has a decent torso. His face is unattractive. He often looks swollen as though he’s retaining water.

    Personality is so much a part of attraction, though, so ultimately, he is repulsive to me.

  • Straight up- If I never watched RHONJ and didn’t know him from adam, IMO only, I think Slojo is nice looking…. NOW THOUGH- his actions make him ugly.

    The old saying of ‘what’s on the inside counts’ is ever so true…..

    • I will admit that he looks good. I like my man to be tall so joey doesn’t do it for me. I also like my man to be a man and joey gorga is clearly a child. But I will give him credit for keeping his body tight.

  • I can’t stand him either but he does look good….you gotta give him that. as for the shaved head, he does look better too…my hubby was balding and looking horrible and then he shaved his head and now looks so much better…is it a look I prefer no…but it certainly looks a a lot better….and he doesn’t look as old. That said I still can’t stand gorga…lol

    • I agree about the shaved head look. most men look good with shaved heads. it can be sexy.

    • Anita M I agree with your comments. My husband had such beautiful hair; thick hair like Stalin’s hair LOL 😀 And then the bald fairy hit him with bald stick at the ripe age of 28. Smh, once he started shaving it, he looked great. Holding on to scraps is not a good look LOL, it just makes you look older.

      So yeah, as much as I hate this guy, he actually looks good and believe me, these words are coming out with force.

    • Ok we “have to” give credit. Agreed. So congrats to the companies producing the steroids he IS OBVIOUSLY using. He looks like he’s either stacking 2-3 OR sinlply taking HGH.

  • Some guys just shouldn’t do the shaved head and sorry to say but he’s one of them. He def. no Pit Bull

  • I think Fredo looks good. He looks much better with that shit that was on top of his head buzzed off, and his body looks good, and you all know I can’t stand this dude, but I’m being honest here. I think he looks good.

  • Hell no! NOT HOT! Kay off the steroids! I can see why he’s always bitching. Didn’t realize he hardly has any hair. Did he purposely shave it off, or has it been that way? Maybe that’s why he wears hats and beanies all the time. I hope he’s not balding or on drugs. That can cause major hair loss, and the Gorgas have a lot of hair.

    • Okay, now I read it. LOL. I can’t understand why he would buzz off his hair. He’s always wearing hats and beanies to cover his head, so why shave it off? Not a good look!

      • Because he’s balding. He was taking medication to grow his hair last year. Bet he could no longer afford the medication. They are such frauds

    • LMAO Isabella! I LOL’ed at your comment: “That can cause major hair loss, and the Gorgas have a lot of hair.” GOLD!

    • Lol that shit may never grow back. And since when did planet fitness (9.99 a month!) allow steroid freaks to join and why would mr money bags be in a gym like this? FRAUDS

      • Hi Say, I agree with you all the way. One would think if you lived in a 3 million dollars house they would have their personal gym.

      • lmfao!!!!

        omg SPOT ON!

        6 million dollar house for sale @ rock bottom 3.5 million……

        faux marbel plywood sink bought on internet …no tax free shipping

        joe gorga instagraming his roided physique from planet fitness


        (im sure if they had a pool he wouldve taken a george costanza pose on diving board)

        wheres the lunk head alarm?

        • They are such FRAUDS!!! She claims her husband is this over the top very successful contractor yet she purchases a sink over the internet. There is no such thing as a successful contractor purchasing their sh*t over the internet.

          • And they have a gym membership at planet fitness! My sons go there because they can afford their own membership and work out with friends. They don’t allow heavy weight lifting, grunting, show offs like JOE GORGA this is strange lol

    • Joe gorga is totally hot and that’s all I know. I think he’s hottest guy on bravo. Yummmmmmy. I adore him. I love JG