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Ramona Singer Cries And Begs Restaurant To Accomodate Avery’s Graduation Party!


We know a mama bear will do anything for her little baby, but…what happened was Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer’s daughter Avery is done with high school and Ramona just wanted everything to be purple and perfect for her little princess!

Ramona had booked Cognac East for a Sunday afternoon party for 10, celebrating Avery’s high school graduation. Ramona came in Friday to check up on everything and make sure it was going off without a hitch, except she learned the restaurant was not opened during the day yet!

The New York Post reports, “When she learned Avery’s celebration would have to be postponed, Ramona burst into tears and began pleading with chef Florian Hugo.” An eyewitness added that Ramona just cried in front of everyone!

The restaurant agreed to host Ramona and Avery at another of their restaurants but Ramona would not budge, because this restaurant had a purple private dining room! And Avery’s favorite color is purple! “This is my only child graduating high school. I got so crazed, I said, ‘You have to help me,’” confirms Ramona.

Ramona’s tantrum paid off, though, because according to the site, “After much begging by Singer, the restaurant agreed to open up just for Avery,” and after having to schedule some staff for the day time, the party went on just fine.

Are you surprised Ramona would pull this stunt? I’m not! But on the flip side, the restaurant hostess had messed up the reservations! She should have known the restaurant doesn’t even open during the day yet.

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  • Avery used to look like her father. Now she is starting to look like her mother.

  • The employee that made the error needs to be fired or at least demoted, and the party should have been comp’ted. Crying to get them to honor the reservation may be a little extreme but is very understandable. Imagine the frustration alone, let alone thee fact that like there not being enough room at home it would be almost impossible to find another venue, and what you might find would not be as special. Ramona cried. She could have taken out a full page ad in the Times and maligned the restaurant and been totally justified. Sure way to tank a business, they may have problems trying to sell their private room facilities from this attempt to smear Mrs Singer. Remember she is well known and not just from this TV show. Dangerous move on their part to allow this to reach the public.

  • Not surprised at all that Romona would cause a scene to get what she wanted. Why was afternoon so important? Why not just move the time to when they opened? Couldnt be more than a few hours. And Avery has grown up into a beautiful young lady. I just hope she dont act like her mother.

  • I totally agree with the comment above by Tori. If the restaurant made the mistake, of which obviously they did, then ramona went ahead & made the plans for not only her, her family, but for 10 other people. Why should they have to change their plans because the restaurant made a mistake? She shouldn’t have had to beg. And why is it a big deal for renting a simple room at a restaurant in the 1st place? Some people on this site make the biggest deal out of something that’s not a big deal at all. She could have rented a whole ball room in a hotel with hundreds of people & media etc…like a lot of other “celebrities”… But she didnt, just a private room in a restaurant just like a normal person would!!!

    • I wonder if people think renting a private room is some big expense lol. It’s usually just a very small fee less than $100 and then a guaranteed gratuity percentage so you don’t screw over the waiter’s tip for taking care of a big group. Probably the most normal party a housewife has held.

  • I don’t see what the issue is. They booked her at that time so whoever booked her made the mistake. That’s not her fault. She wanted that room so of course she begged them to let her use it and she shouldn’t have even had to beg. They should honor their mistake.

    And I don’t see why it’s an issue that Ramona rented a room in a restaurant for a graduation party. That’s what they are for lol. My mom rented a room at my favorite restaurant for both my high school and college graduation. She probably would have cried too if they messed up the reservation.

  • Well why did they book her in the first place if the restaurant wasnt even open? So then that would make it the restaurants fault. And its quite disgusting they even leaked the story to the post. How sad!

    • Do you live in Manhattan? Home space is most always too small to host anybody………

  • Although Ramona is one of my least like HW’s, I grudgingly am on her side on this issue. The restaurant screwed up not Ramona. Doesn’t the manager look at the reservations ahead of time in order to make sure they are adequately staffed and all? Why wasn’t this mistake caught? Thank goodness she did go in a day early to make sure all was going smooth! Can you imagine showing up with your party of ten and the joint ain’t even open??

  • Why are people bashing Ramona for this? From the story, it sounds like she already booked the event and then came to check up on the progress and the restaurant made an error.

    I would be pissed off too!

  • I am not going to be critical of Ramona because there is nothing worse than planning an event and being told at the last moment that there is a problem. Last year I planned a dinner for my son’s college graduation in La Jolla. As I was driving down from LA, I get a call asking if I am still having the event. Thankful that my BFF was with me and was able to handle the call. Had to bypass my spa treatments at the resort and head directly to the restaurant to do menu planning again as they lost all the paperwork. It did work out to my benefit as we had about $4500 in food and beverage and they only charged me $1500 to compensate for my frustration.

    • So sorry your day was ruined. Really, planned for $4500 in food/bev? And you had to miss a spa day over it? Apparently you have a really hard, hard life.

  • How is this a stunt? It sounds like the restaurant messed up. This isn’t Ramona’s fault. I think many people would get upset by the mistake the restaurant made.

  • Regardless of her reaction the restaurant should have accomodated her since they made the mistake. I’d rather have someone beg and cry then be vile, nasty, etc.

  • If they booked it and didn’t tell her until she came in to check right before the party, I don’t blame her. If they could not accommodate, then they had not business making the booking.

  • Well at least Ramona went with her strengths.

    What a bone head, she claims to do anything for daughter, couldn’t be bothered to see if venue is OPEN!!!

    I wonder what the menu will be, as the chef is honored for his dishes, that have cognac as the ingredient?

    And, hmm…either the teens are going to sneek in big mac’s or a special menu will be prepared for Avery (who is gorgeous and intelligent) as the specialty of this restaurant is french food.

    Oh well, I too would climb the highest mountain for my angel, but would check weather before starting!


    • Hmmm..the restaurant’s fault….okay..it’s her child,her responsibility to ask question’s and she is paying for this shin dig…but she is to clueless to include the information of

      time event starts and ends….right!!!

      Why is it okay for this parent to not have to use her complete brain?

      • Hmph..my shoes tast digusting…I just read the whole story in the new york post…apparently a hostess did take the reservations for the afternoon..even though the new restaurant is closed in the afternoon.

        Shoe leather doesn’t taste very good, perhaps ketchup will help.

        Apparently Ramona did use 100% of her brain..and did have a “tantrum” her words.

        Still don’t know what the menu would be for the teen’s, as this chef is renowned for his menu prepared with cognac.

        Perhaps I should go back to my old habits of reading the actual article before mouthing off…will eat foot less


  • Can’t stand her!!!! I WILL NOT watch NY this year, not worth my time, maybe I’ll be more entertained watching paint dry….,

  • When I read this and having trouble reading the lighter prints. People who cant see it it get so frustrating. Ilove reading it all the time but it very hard on me not able to see it. Can anybody use like color print instead lighter like that. I apperciated it. 😀

  • IF this is true, that’s just pathetic. Who would beg like that for a damn party cuz of the purple room? These celebs and faux-celebs need to get a life and some perspective on what’s really important.