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Ashlee Holmes Calls Out Gia Giudice!

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How sad is it when a 12 year old is more mature than a 21 year old? It rarely happens but in Ashlee Holmes case, it’s obvious that Gia is the more stable and mature one.  Jacqueline Laurita’s troubled daughter Ashlee Holmes decided to go on twitter on Sunday to call out Gia for getting involved in her own family drama with her uncle. As most of you know, Gia texted for her mother on Sunday’s episode advising her mother to go on a play date with Melissa, Antonia, and Milania.

Ashlee Holmes had something to say about this and tweeted, “I’m sorry….. and people gave ME shit for getting involved when I was 19??? Okay lol.. just checking #RHONJ”

Ashlee, sweetie, no one “cared” that you had an opinion about a middle aged woman that your mother was fighting with. They cared that a 19 year old decided to put her hands on that woman. This is Gia’s uncle and cousins. Not a friend her mother is bickering with. Completely different situations and I hope one day Ashlee/Ashley or whatever her face is will keep her mouth shut! Thoughts on Ashley calling out Gia Giudice?

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  • Ashley needs to grow up. She still has no clue that pulling someone’s hair out was wrong! Gia is still a child and wants her family back together. She has done nothing wrong. On the other hand you jumped into your mother’s fight.

  • Gia and the other children in all the families have crossed the child boundaries of handling the grown up peoples business. I use the word grown ups loosely like they all are. tsk, tsk! On all of them Jaq spawn stalking a 12 year old is just gross, doesn’t she live with a relative on the east coast? Therefore she getting info straight from the horses mouth.

  • She makes a valid point. How is this “calling out” Gia? To me, she’s calling out viewers, not Gia.

    And I agree. Back down, Gia. You are a child and this is adult business. I feel sorry for you that your mother is too stupid to realize this.

  • If people could step outside the irrational hate they have for her mother and her. (Im not a fan of either, but I dont despise them) and Read her tweet, she didnt mention Gia at all. Yes WE all know what she is referring to but she didnt “call out” Gia. Just because someone states an opinion, its not “calling them out”. She may be in her 20’s but she’s about the same maturity as Gia.

  • Ashley is a very sad case. This was another sad attempt to get her mother’s love by persecuting a perceived enemy. It’s the same as when she went after Danielle – she wants positive attention from her mom and this is how she thinks she can earn it. The sad thing is that Jaq sees Ashley as a rival, not a daughter, plus Ashley knows too much. If I were Teresa, I’d tell Ashley to stay off Twitter where her daughter is concerned. She has no business talking about a pre-adolescent about anything. Grow the f up, Ashlee!

    • I never thought about it that way. It does seem like she is trying to get her mother’s approval by going after people for her mom. From experience, this won’t work. Not that I would assault someone for my mom, but I get it. That said, I don’t much care for her anyway. lol

  • BOTH of them, Ash and Gia, were wrong to get involved… but moreso–their mothers were wrong for making them privy to adult issues and conversations and for allowing them to be around during adult situations. I think Teresa should have stopped Gia from making inappropriate comments 2 seasons ago. Now, Milania is making the comments and imitating Melissa in a way to mock her auntie. This breeds disrespect and once it’s gone, it’s gone! When I was growing up, if I would have made comments about adult business, my mother would have put me in my place and that likely would have been after I got a slap on my lips! Then, she would have told me to go in another room somewhere and behave like a child should and stay out of grown folks’ business! Obviously, Teresa and Jacqueline weren’t students of that school! So many times I wanted to shake Teresa and say “What are you thinking?” Gia took the letter from Antonia out to her Dad in the garage in order to be a part of the grown up situation. And what does Juicy Joe do? He indulges in smack talking about his in-laws to his 11 year old daughter! Unbelievable! Where are the morals?

  • What is she just turning ten? Another problem female for the future. Gia gas more maturity in her little finger than Ashley has in her whole brain…….drugs and alcohol play the roll.


  • Ashlee I get your issue but you need to find a small factory job, get a regular income and benefits like GROWN woman do! You can go to school on off hours if you want. Lauren is lazy to live with mom in her 20s when she is not a full time student! Stop allowing this parents! RESPONSIBILITY is needed in life. Get roommates is cash is an issue. Apts/trailers/renting rooms are not to be ashamed of.
    Gia is a horrible BRAT. Her attitude and comments were out of line and I hope Theresa gets her under control once Juicy Joe goes to jail. THIS is what we deal with in schools! Whose fault is that? Some parents crack down but many blame others.

  • I don’t agree with Ashlee calling a little kid out but she has a point. T and Joe seem to involve there kids with there stupid family drama. Gia is not mature enough to understand everything that has happened with her parents and aunt and uncle. T needs to stop talking about Melissa and Joey in front of her kids. To see in previews the little bratty one climbing a stripper pole saying I’m Melissa is wrong. For Joe to call Melissa names in front of the bratty one was wrong. I’m sorry but Ts kids are rude. They treat there kids like they are all friends. All of them including Gia are to young and immature to be told about any issues they have. I’m sure most of you won’t agree but it didn’t seem like Melissa bad mouth T in front of her kids. Her daughter didn’t understand why she can’t see her cousins. Miliana knew why and that’s 100% wrong tp involve your young kids. When gia was deciding what to send Melissa in that text made me sick. Why is your child responding for you in text. It’s gross. But anyways I recall seeing anytime Ashlee got involved everyone was pist cause a kid was getting involved buy cause its Ts kids its ok. I hope Joe goes to jail next month Ts gonna be fucked cause she will have to deal witj everything on her own. Well she basically does that now but she won’t have to pay his way for a few years. Hopefully.

    • Joey and Melissa have bad mouthed the giudices in front of their kids. Also I would agree about gia knowing too much about what is going on if she wasn’t involved in social media. Kids and adults discuss her family issue on her twitter/instagram. Even if Teresa/juicy do not involve her, she is not stupid, she knows what’s going on. She can read magazines, go online and they sure as hell discuss everything on twitter/instagram. As for hoping Juicy goes to jail, that is an awful thing to hope. Do you also hope that chris go to jail for defunding his company to sustain his lifestyle? No matter how you feel about a person, that is not something you should hope for. Even if juicy goes to jail, Teresa will be fine and will handle everything. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same thing about Jac.

    • Again, people need to stop acting like 12 year olds are too stupid/immature/incapable of understanding what’s going on around them. Teresa doesn’t have to involve Gia in the drama for her to know. She probably hears about it from her peers at school, she reads about it online and in magazines. She also reads about it straight from Melissa’s and Joey’s twitter. If Melissa cares how she looks in front of her kids, perhaps she and Joey should refrain from tweeting/retweeting shit about Teresa on twitter when they know Gia is following them.

      I absolutely agree with you that Teresa and Joe shouldn’t call Melissa and Joey names in front of the younger children.

      • How many tabloids alone in the last year featured Mel on the cover with some horrible quote about Teresa – yeah I think those are all over stores and grocery aisles. Gia is not in a cocoon- she sees with her own eyes Mel trashing her family in public. I guess because Gia is a kid she is not allowed to feel awful about this or resent her aunt. Please- get real people.

    • Ashley is an idiot, the viewers’ problem with her is that she violently attacked a grown woman at a country club over an issue that did not concern her dumb teenage ass. Ashley comparing Gia’s rudeness to her asinine behaviour is stupid; but that is no surprise because Ashley is stupid.

      I absolutely agree with you with regard to Gia’s involvement in grown up business. Her mother should be the one sending texts not Gia, Gia is a child. Teresa should have taken the phone from her daughter and sent the text herself instead of acting like a childish moron. Both her and Melissa are ridiculous individuals and both behave so silly.

      But to be fair to Teresa I think her daughter’s rudeness and lack of adult-child boundaries with regards to Melissa, has more to do with her backwards illiterate, stupid, moronic buffoon of a husband. Her problem is that she never correct the stupid shit that leave his idiotic mouth in the presence of their children.

  • Dear Ashlee/Ashley

    When life is in your face, deal with it in a mature and responsible manner. When you have solved all your problem’s be happy and mind your own business.

    Technically Ash is of adult age and is equating herself to an 12 year old.

    Instead of making this about Ash..Ash needs to wonder why a 12 year old is so in tune with issues of adults, perhaps it is because the adults keep exploding around her.

    Ash clean up your own back yard….do not wander and shame on you for using a 12 year old to spew.

  • So, As-lee/As-ly you physical assault an older woman. AND, you verbally assault a minor! ClapClapClap (Danielle style) way to go Jacqueline, you must be so proud!

  • This is girl…there’s no words for her. She’s (IMO) by and far the WORST housewife “kid” ever (and that’s saying a lot for anyone who has seen some of the kids from the first few seasons of OC).

    There’s no comparison…she went above and beyond out of her way to involve herself in her mother’s issues in an argument with a friend. OVERBOARD. The girl started a hate page on FB. Gia shows more maturity at her age than Ashley/Ashlee does at her present age.

    I think she’s a little jealous because the Giudice children have always gotten a lot of attention from the show, while she’s always gotten negative attention from the show.

    I think Albie Jr. said it best last season when he said “Ashley thinks she’s Kesha and life is a music video” (or something along those lines).

    • By OC, if you mean those 2 little brats who got drunk while in the limo with their parents (who didn’t know what they were doing??) & arriving all together at the party with them 3 sheets to the wind? or fat (& way past baby weight time) entitled Brianna who dictates who’s allowed in her mom Vicki’s home?, I know what you’re saying.

      But Jaq’s idiocy aside, at 21 you can not keep hanging it on your mother and have to start living for yourself. If she watched the reunion where Jaq started reciting like a little school girl reading off a script, all of Joe Juicy’s indiscretions, that ALONE should make her distance herself & take her mother with a grain of salt.

  • Omg JacLaurita needs to silence the lamb! Doesn’t Ashlee see the serious issues her parents are dealing with and want to keep neutral so Jac can try to salvage her reputation so she can work and make money? No she’s a selfish brat that now feels a 12yr old should be held to the same standards as her! Clearly nothing has changed.

  • #1 its over a playdate and not her getting in an altercation causing criminal charges.
    #2 Gia is more mature about the situation
    #3 she is just a child and people on bravo commentinf that this little girl needs to be slapped should be slapped!
    she is getting bashed on bravo some have even been removed. But I have a 12 year old and all kids mature differently, for example Ashley rook a very long time and still is working on it, and Gia has been exposed to it along with all the other kids when Joe and Melissa decided to start the fight at the christening. Yes the Gudices say things about Gorgas that they shouldnt in front of kids, Joe more than Teresa, as she trys not to, but Melissa and Joe have called her parents every name in the book and they have had their hand in these kids, especialy Gia, forming a negative opinion on them as well.

    • Thats right I forgot at the Christening Joe Gorga called his sister garbage and to get the hell out of there while Mewhore’s sister chimed in all the while Gia was standing there. Then dumba** Mewhore wants to know why these kids don’t like her and have no respect for her. Its not Teresa’s fault they see it with their own eyes. From what BRAVO shows Teresa basically always has her kids by her side where MEWHORE’s kids must be off with a babysitter somewhere because these 2 would rather go bar hopping then spend time with their children. I don’t even remember seeing her own kids at baby joey’s Christening where the hell were they?

  • A**LEE since you like picking on young girl I really don’t feel bad for telling you that you should also get your neck done like your mother did. Its fat and saggy just like you!!! 🙂

  • I often feel sorry for Ashlee. Sure, she is an entitled, spoiled and lazy little girl who has let every opportunity to advance herself slip through her fingers, but look at what her mother did to her. She exploited her conflicts and family drama for the camera, failing in her first duty to protect her daughter. Ashlee’s reputation is forever damaged by her mother agreeing to film family confrontations and conflicts with her daughter – all in ways that make her daughter look immature, ungrateful and spoiled (at best).

    And Ashlee may be all those things, but most kids don’t get publicly branded that way in their teens and then have to go out into the world and make a life for themselves.

    OF course, Ashlee is in the wrong here. Gia’s involvement with her family drama is not the same kind of involvement that Ashlee had. She is not texting threats, pulling hair or any of the other ridiculous things Ashlee did with Danielle. What Gia did she did in front of her mother and Teresa insisted on seeing it before sending. It was not behind her mother’s back – and Ashlee’s was.

    As to Gia being too aware of the family conflict. Really? Kids know whether they are told or not. My siblings were all married by the time I was four and I was aware of all the sibling rivalries even though they were out of the house, married and raising their own kids. No one had to tell me that my brother’s did not get along even though they both came to family events and interacted together. I could feel it in the over-politeness. Children see and understand far more than people think and they don’t have to have it spelled out.

    And frankly, today’s children are more aware than kids a generation ago. That’s okay, in my book. Kids are smarter and more competent than we think. We have a romanticized view of childhood and have extended childhood in America. I am happy with that, but it is somewhat ahistorical.

    A century ago, kids Gia’s age were working full-time jobs. That was not a good thing. I don’t want to go back to that kind of Dickensian world, but children are not infants. Exactly fifty years ago, children marched for civil rights. 800 years ago children went to war. In some parts of the world, children serve as soldiers today. These are not good things, but when I read that Gia is too young or should be sheltered from family drama, I think that is unrealistic given her age and her obvious intellect.

    There’s a continuum of childhood from the infant to the teen and she’s on the upper end of that continuum. She’s also one smart cookie. And funny. She was obviously trolling her mom, taking full advantage of being in front of the cameras in the store to push some boundaries.

    Teresa seems to be the kind of parent who takes her children in stride, treating them all as individuals. For example, Gabriella is camera shy and she’s not pushed to be on film. Milania loves to be on camera so there she is. She does not try to make Gabriella more outgoing or make Milania more demure. She is brilliant at letting her children develop their own distinctive personalities and respecting them as individuals. She sees Gia’s maturity and responds to it. I like that.

    • Great post I tried to find the right words but you said it best. Bravo comments were so out of line! Yes children all develop differently.

      As for Melissa and her fans that claim she doesn’t talk in front of her kids… please! Her kids are too young to have a conversation directly about it but they certainly say plenty in front of them. I gaurantee you her sisters don’t hold back and Joey G certainly doesn’t hold back on name calling of T in front of Antonia!

    • Wow! That was incredibly insightful, and accurate. It’s really refreshing to read such a thoughtful comment on this subject. More than any of the HW shows his one feels personal to me. It’s easy to understand the emotional reactions the show evokes.

    • Cajsa: Your astute comments are sensitive yet insightful and I (as well as other readers) appreciate them because they represent reality. I have two children, one who is the age of Ashley when she was being filmed at home as a teen, and the other who is about her age now. If either of them were exposed publicly the way Ashley has been (by Jac), it would have no doubt damaged their psyche causing harm that would take years to overcome.

      Ashley’s actions are specifically characteristic of the saying, “You are a product of your environment,” the environment her mother provided during her impressionable teen years – years when she should have been taught the lessons necessary to go out into the world and become her own person. With help, Ashley may be able to overcome her inability to fully mature and recognize her own self-worth, but she needs direction and the support of those around her to achieve this end.

      You are right, Cajsa, I mostly only feel pity for Ashley because at the time she needed her mother most, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually (notice I didn’t say physically, because Jac was usually around), she was abandoned, in full view of the camera.

  • Is she that much of an immature petty little drama queen that she actually tweeted this? made a public comment? Are you for real? WOW. She is her Mother’s child!!!!!!

    • I think that Ashlee and her mother have mental problems. I also think that Jacqueline is unstable. Seriously, you can tell and a lot of that behavior has drizzle down to her daughter. I think poor Chris feels bad for her and always has. She really needs help. Somebody help her I wouldn’t be surprise if she has a history with drugs or depression when she was younger. Get help Jacqueline.

      • People I know who stopped watching the show still say the same thing: Jac is sick, she needs help etc.. and none of them know each other! So something is really off with her for so many to say same thing.

      • Bernedette I use to cringe when Jaco allowed Caro and her grown babies talk about Aslee. I would have said something to all of them.Like they were so successful NOT!!!

      • I know Deb! I cannot believe that Jac, being her own person and all, would allow those people to treat her daughter so badly! Then again, she was no prize winning mother either.

  • OK she is 12 you are 21!!!! Is she hitting the Bailey’s bottle with her mom now??? I totally agree nobody gave a rats a** about you Ashlee. The only people talking sh*t about you on NAtional TV would be your MOM,AUNTIE LARGE MARGE & her bubbie sucking kids.

  • Ashlee needs to grow up & shut up may e go back to Cali and take her family w her and NOT come back to TV ever!

  • One, I understand Ashlee’s frustration only in that Theresa has been caught redhanded lying and manipulating beyond the scope of normalcy. She is a pathological liar and puts on a happy, happy, happy front while she messes with people’s lives. Also, Theresa is meaner and more cruel than all of them, so Ashlee is just tired of it. Joe and Theresa have cruelly and mocked and denigrated others to their children and their children are obviously comfortable doing the same.Melissa and Joey do a better job at boundaries with the kids.

    • WTH does this rant have to do with this? Because really… she is how old commenting about Gia? And you think its ok, LOL? Dont forget, Ashlee assaulted Danielle Staub and was in trouble legally. Teresa was ONLY one on that show to not talk shit about Ashlee.

      • Hey its MissVegas, I haven’t been on this site for a while, I always have loved what you say!! Just Curious, where or what happened to the person known as Shipp?? I thought you were all friends also! I kinda went away when I didn’t see Shipp anymore!,Just Curious, what did I Miss and what is up! I think I know the Troll that maybe was messing with Shipp……is that person still here???

      • Hey Miss V! Shipp is still around! There are still some negative nancies around but I dont think anyone has pooped on Shipp lately!

    • The fact that Ashlee is so involved in this nonsense shows how immature she is – anyone her age should be on her own – not being supported by parents or grandparents – and NOT so consumed by her mother’s “stuff” – get a life girl and GROW UP

  • I’ve always said Gia is more mature than Lauren (who by the way is a year older than me) and now I see Ashley. You know I felt for her because jackass is a terrible mom but it doesn’t give her a pass to attack. A 12 year old. What the hell is her problem it had nothing to do with her!

  • Here we go…like daughter like mother lol….may be she wants tobe a housewives lol to replace Her mother ? Jac or to replace her “Aunty” caro ? LOL

  • I think that Gia is mature but I do agree with you about her being too grown. In her defense, she is a child and we hope will grow out of it. Ashley and the manzo kids are adults but are immature, slackers, whiny brats too involved in their parents’ business. What is their excuse?

  • I remember when I was 11/12 years old. My grandma passed away. My mom has 9 other brothers and sisters. It was shortly after that the family dynamics changed. Lets just say there was no will and fighting over who get what. Long story short the family was different where a couple of my moms brothers stop speaking with a lot of them and basically stop coming to family events. As a kid I notice it and asked my mother about it. She did not sugar coat it and explained to me. I glad she did it made me realize that it was not me or my cousin. It was adult problem and when they work it out (which they did) I knew that everything would be fine again.

  • Ashlee is an idiot. Gia just suggested for both of them to go on the play date. What is wrong with that?*

    • Helping two adults try and resolve their issues IS mature.

      Yes, she’s whiny. Absolutely typical for the age.

      That’s your thrill? Putting down a kid? Jesus, what a class act you must be.

  • Gia is a child and if anyone should be blame is her mother. Ashley irrelevant grown ass should mind her business I see she took after her JacUpAss mother.

  • The only thing gia did was state the obvious TRUTH. If melissa wanted to take milania she shouldve gave tre an invite. Regardless of the situation. Gia didnt send a nasty text and teresa was asking her daughter for an opinion. And gia gave her onr back, so the F what??? I think asslee is pissed she never had a great relationship with her mother growing up. Gia isnt an idiot and has not said anything rude and just stating FACTS. maybe if joe and melissa were adults they wouldve reached out to their nieces but they did not. They just told their mom that she was “dead” to them. Very mature

  • GIA is a child! Not a loser adult that’s already graduated from high school that has nothing better to do than eat cheetos and aspire to be an artist, even though there drawings are 5th grade level at best. Bloop!

  • GIA is a child! Not a loser adult that’s already graduated from high school that has nothing better to do than eat cheetos and aspire to be an artist, even though there drawings are 5th grade level at best. Bloop!

  • LOL…you must really be running out of topics to write about if this is what you decided to go with.

      • Of course you do this is why we come to your site because we can find it all 🙂

        Thanx Roxanne!

          • actually HowNowBrownCow

            you’re an asshole to everyone here and now you disrespected the Blogger that allows you to post here. there was no reason to go there with roxy. she did nothing to you. you just proved you’re just an ignorant troll that gets off on pissing people off. I got news for you. that isn’t a talent. any idiot can be a troll. so if you have a problem with this site and Roxy then you can just get the hell out of here and go back to hiding under a bridge you disgusting troll.

        • How is she “kind of a bitch”? Because you don’t like to read what she blogged about? This is America, I’m sure nobody is forcing you to read it. Also at least she doesn’t erase a comment because it doesn’t agree with what she wrote like some of these bloggers do.

      • Sorry to question your journalistic integrity of what you write about, Rox. It didn’t really bother me…I just thought it funny that’s all. And while it wasn’t really important to write about I understand why you went with it…to get the Teresa backers to respond.

        • Hi Rosa S

          I have been reading your posts, cuz you seem to be annoyed by the names we choose or the stories on this blog..

          Are you fact finding because you are new to this blog…or is this a “funny” way to participate on the blog.

          You seem to want to find things to bitch about, we seem to be interfering with your perfect life where nothing is funny.


    • Sorry, but I think it’s a very relevant topic for Roxi to be blogging about. It is relevant to the episode that just aired.

      I’m actually lol’ing at you for being so obnoxious!

      • Not only is it relevant to the theme of this site, given that Ass-ly, her nutty mom and fruit cake grandmother Bonnie Gripes-A-Lot blocked most of the twitter universe, not everyone is aware of the nonsense they tweet.

        I think of this like a public service.

      • So my critiquing the subject matter of an article is really obnoxious? I guess what someone thinks is obnoxious might also be seen as constructive criticism. I wasn’t saying that Roxanne can’t or shouldn’t have any article she wants. Unfortunately the same people who probably support Roxanne’s freedom to print what she wants (which she definitely has every right) don’t feel Ashlee has the same right to tweet what she feels like.

        • rosa

          did roxy ask for your so called constructive criticism? no she did not. by you accusing roxy of writing this article to get “Teresa backers to respond” clearly showed me and I hope many other people that it isn’t really the article itself you had a problem with. it’s the fact that it will make Teresa look good but if it was an article bashing Teresa or her daughter then you would be fine with it, right? this is a blog about the housewives and their families. if you are looking for hard hitting news then you’re in the wrong place. what the hell did you expect? it’s a reality show not CNN.

      • None. But if I ran one I wouldn’t get all high and mighty if someone expressed their opinion about one of my articles. I thought this was some place you could express your opinions…I guess I was wrong…I assume you can only be here if you agree with the majority.

        • and roxy expressed her opinion and defended herself. she has a right to do that. you’re very lucky she didn’t ban you. if you were on any other site and you insulted a blogger that way. I can assure you the blogger would drop the ban hammer on you with a quickness. roxy isn’t like that at all and that is why anyone can come here and express themselves. whether or not you’re a Teresa fan.

  • I can’t stand this ugly pig. Never liked her. She’s as bad as her mother. Leave Gia alone. She is a child and you are suppose to be an adult. What trash you are. Go back to CA and stay there, including your comments, tweets, and opinions. Loser!

  • Well lets compare….Ashley chose to use social media to harass and threaten, then used violence to solve an issue with an unrelated foe of her mothers. Gia, on the other hand (whether you agree with T’s parenting or not) chose to handle the situation with a pretty mature text and closed the “circle” with a definitive plan. She solved a problem with a simple text and didn’t insult anyone in the process. Got it Ashlee?

    • Asslee – 20 something Gia-12 – I’ll bet almost anything that when Gia is Asslee’s age she will be 1)a college graduate and 2) on her way to being pretty successful! Theresa is a really terrific role model for her girls and they will thrive once they get out of their college years –

  • What grow woman “calls out” a 12 year old. Ashlee is ridiculous and needs to grow up.

    And Gia shouldn’t be involved but that’s her MOTHER’S fault. Not her fault. Gia was trying to send a text because her childish mother didn’t know how to properly respond without fighting. Ashlee physically attacked someone. Big difference.

  • Ashley, people gave you shit because you are a loser just like your drunk mother. You look like a moon faced potato that wears those knit beanies. Ashley is pathetic and I see that she’s moving along swiftly to become the next jacodrunk. Gia is a 12 year old, I remember when I was her age I could understand. But hey, at least gia isn’t a loser like her.

  • I though Gia was incredibly brilliant in this episode and even more mature than Ashlee is to this day … And Ashlee is about twice her age. Good job Gia.

  • Like mother, like daughter! Always sticking her nose in someone else’s business. Nobody cares about your opinion, Ashlee, so shut it. You are irrelevant and are just looking for attention.

  • Like mother, like daughter! Always sticking her nose in someone else’s business. Nobody cares about your opinion, Ashlee, so STFU. You are irrelevant and are just looking for attention.

  • As if this ultimate failure in life has any room to talk. How mature to bash a 12-year-old. How much you want to bet Messy Mel won’t call Asshole out. As a matter of fact, she probably put her up to it.

    • Hey, don’t give MeHo any ideas! 🙂 MeHo never has their back! She only cares about herself, but she may read this and pretend to care. I don’t think she would wanna say anything though. Knowing she’s Jac’s daughter.

  • Ashlee still doesn’t have a job and her boyfriend broke up with her. Now she’s back in NJ for yet another extended “visit”. No doubt she’s just thirsty for some attention since the premier was coming up. She’ll suck off Mama all summer for some free mani/pedis and a couple free trips to the shore. What a beauty 😉

      • Maybe Jac and Chris can teach her how to scam a charity for some summer spending money.

    • omg, she was so obsessed with that guy. what will she blog about now? that was her only topic! And now she doesn’t have a place to live because she was taking a page from mommy’s playbook and sponging off her guy. She went through about 4 different apartments in LA but she couldn’t pay her bills or get along with roommates.

  • People gave Ashlee shit for not being a willing participant in her own life. All she had to do was go to school, be a good student and be respectful and she was not capable.

    • Agree! Now I have seen it all. Jac’s daughter had no job is a useless 20-something who takes on a kid. We’ve seen how much Gia suffered last year with her family torn apart, it’s the adults in her life who are letting her down and making her grow up too fast. Agree this is a family issue so different from the Ash situation.

  • I thought that people were upset with her VIOLENT behavior on national tv. Also they were disgusted by her treatment of parents and her entitled attitude. Me personally, I disliked her recreational in unapologetic use of drugs and underage drinking. Like she’s got soooo much going AGAINST her at this point Gia could literally say “Give it up, you loose, I win.”

    • Amen! Ashlee, shut the FCUK UP, and stop talking about Gia. What a loser! Always has to stoop as low as her mother. Like mother, like daughter!

      Even Gia’s more mature than this trash box. If Gia was Ashlee’s age… I bet she would shut Ashlee up… If ya know what I mean! 🙂 Jk. Lol.

    • Yup, you are right on!
      Missed ya all!!!
      I have been having a lot of stuff going on so I have been of line for awhile……I miss you and everyone! I am seeing a lot of people I miss! It’s Great!!

  • HA! They all get involved in Teresa’s business. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a show…Their lives are too damn boring.

  • Does this girl have a job? She acts exactly like her mother; they are a messed up family.

  • Ugh!!! Go Away, and take your crazy mom with you!!!! Someone pease tell Andy that he missed the mark by having the nut job Lauritas back!!!!

      • Sshhh – Bravo is hiding the Laurita’s fraud bankruptcy for 10 million plus, Susan G. Koman lawsuit for stealing, $300,000 in overdue taxes owed to the state of NJ, house in possible foreclosure and probably the assault charges for attacking the Greek dude eventually. The Lauritas are perfect says Bravo editing!

  • I didn’t think it was fair for Ashley to try and compare her and Gia’s situation but I took issue with Gia’s behavior on this episode. I get that she is old enough to understand what’s going on w/the family and is effected by it. However, I think Teresa involves her in the drama too much. When I was 12, my mother didn’t ask me for advice on how to deal w/a sibling. That was “grown folks business.” But to each his own….

    • I bet you didn’t call your mom by her given name either. When Gia called her mom “Teresa” in that store……not a good parent child boundary.

      • That was a joke… I call my mom by her first name when we are playing…

        Lighten up, this was the first time I can actually see that Tre and Gia really have a close relationship. I have two teenage girls and for her to come out and tell her mom she likes a boy is huge. My daughters can’t date until 16 but my oldest would never come and tell me that…

        • I call my mum by her name “Lilly love” and my daughter will say mum, mum,mum and when I dont respond she calls me Tracy I don’t find it offensive

          Tre and Gia remindedme of me and my family

          Love love love Tre

      • While in theory it’s true that children shouldn’t call their parents by their first names. But I think that most children try it out. I chose, like my parents did, to not give it any power by making it an issue and the phase didn’t last long.

        We only get to see snippets of their interactions so it’s not really fair to judge.

        • I tried calling my mom by her real name once. just to see how it felt. it felt awkward and I preferred to call her mom. it really depends on the parents. some parents find it disrespectful for their child to call them by name and some parents don’t care. it’s really up to Teresa if she thought it was rude and her reaction made it clear to me that she didn’t care and she even giggled. so it’s really a non-issue.

          as for Ashley, she needs to shut up. she just proved to everyone that she’s still immature.

      • I called my mom by her first name for years and it was all in fun and she thought it was funny. I am a decent human being and my mother was the best mother in the workd We ha the best relationship God rest her soul. That has nothing to do with “good parent child boundary”! People pick on the most ridiculous things.

      • I used to call my mom by her given name in crowded places because if I called out, “Mom!” half a dozen women turned around.

        • that is so funny StayS. if I called her MOM in a crowded place she wouldn’t answer me and say “I don’t know you”. all joking

    • All Gia did was help her Mom by texting for her since she can text at the speed of light. We the viewers are not in their shoes. But it speaks volume whwn an 11 year old doesn’t trust her uncle’s wife. Notice not once did Tre speak ill of Melissa.

  • She’s lucky that I refuse to make fun of looks so I will just tell her and her stupid knit hats to shut up. That’s Gia’s family she is talking about and she is old enough now to have mature conversations with her parents about family issues.

    Ashley- you got involved in your mom’s drama that had nothing to do with you! You didn’t just talk to your mom and help her send a text like Gia did, you pulled someone’s hair and got sued!!!

    Check yourself pa-lease!

    • You read my mind on the “looks” comment. She should just keep quiet. She can’t tho. She get it from her mama, lol!

    • Even worse – she had real criminal charges by the police and courts for assault. Yeah, that is comparable to tweeting about a play date with your cousins – totally!

      Ashley is so messed up, lost and desperate for attention I honestly do feel sorry for Ashley and hope she can turn her life around.

  • Wow , she really does take after her crazy mother . What a nutcase !! I wonder if she was drunk tweeting like her alcoholic mom does all the time.

    • Three generations of certifiable nuts!!! Ashlee is just trying to stay relevant by calling out a 12yr old SMH!

      • I agree. Ashlee/Ashley/As*hole is a nasty peice of work. She will never grow up because she’s a spoiled brat whho feels entitled to everything without working for anything. She needs to stay out of everyone’s business and she should be joined by her mother and Aunt Caroline too.

      • SHAME, SHAME. Picking on a kid with her history. They are all crazy, but people like to watch crazies. They are so in love with their fame!

      • wonder if ashley will bop man on his head with her heels.like mother,like daughter

    • Maybe she seems to forget that she has been on the show since she was 16 and she wasn’t able to help her mouth either.

    • wow is right there is something absolutely off kilter with Ashley. I really hope she seeks help from a professional and no I am not being snarky.

      • Neither does the nut! Ugly Ashley is very much like her mother and. Her criminal father.

    • Yup, your right! She is as Nutty as her Mother! And probably as Fame Hungry Too! Lol!

    • Yea Ashley was wrong for calling out the lil 12 year old girl Gia but no one seems to be looking at the bigger picture. Children need to stay in a child’s place but the way Gia act is no one but her moms fault. She says at ever she wants in front of those kids. And you guys can say well Gia can do this and that because its her family but that’s bs because the lil girl wasn’t thinking about family when she called her aunt a stripper and just saying negative things about her auntie and uncle . People should look at the bigger picture just because someone is 12 doesn’t make then innocent.