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PHOTOS: Joanna Krupa Photographed While Sunbathing Nude In Her Own Backyard


Well, it’s nothing we have not seen before!

Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa probably had the day off from filming season three, because she took to her backyard for some naked sunbathing! While the RHOM cameras probably weren’t there, the paparazzi’s were!

Romain and Joanna relaxed in their Miami home’s pool, and obviously, in the comfort of her own home, Joanna freed her girls to avoid tan lines. Little did she know (or did she?) that the paparazzi were enjoying the show and taking photos!

See the censored photos below:










It looks like Joanna caught the paps at the end given the look on her face! These two definitely have the bodies, though. It could’ve been like, Mama Elsa.

Photos: FameFlynet via Daily Mail

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  • I read your blog frequently although I rarely post. I think that posting these photos as part of your blog was wrong. You didn’t need to do that and it makes you just as bad as the people who took them. You could have written about it and maybe showed one from the back of Joanna or one of Romain but it is obvious by Joanna’s face she didn’t want them taken. If people keep putting the photos out there the papparazzi will keep taking them.

  • I’m not sure that they weren’t aware of it.

    LaLa land is full of wannabes.

  • .

    I thought the lived in a high rise? There isn’t
    any backyard on their condo on the high rise.

    On the sixth photo, does it looka as if her implant is denting in on the side?

  • Why are people even commenting that it is legal to be topless in your own backyard? Is anyone saying it isn’t legal? I’m quite sure the fact that her tatas are being shown doesn’t bother Joanna in the least. Remember the completely see through top she wore out to dinner? Paps got a photo of that too. IIRC, she was smiling.

    As far as the privacy issue goes, I remember years ago, Jennifer Aniston won a lawsuit against paps that took topless photos of her in her yard without her knowledge. It was a civil suit which I’m sure if Joanna has the desire she could do the same. It’s basically a crapshoot if she’d win or not however and it would also depend on the circumstances.

    If someone is in front of a window at night in a lit room changing their clothes, it’s not illegal to look or even take pictures from, for instance, the public street. It’s the same here. A backyard is only as private as it is. If someone is standing on their deck next door and has a line of sight into the backyard, there’s nothing to stop someone from taking a picture except maybe their own scruples. The incident with Aniston, the photographer had to come onto her property to get over her high fence to take the photo. If there was a hole in the fence looking into Joanna’s backyard from the sidewalk, it’s up to Joanna to cover the hole. Heck, for all we know she may have pulled a Leann Rimes.

  • I think they totally knew what was going on! The pix are eye level like there were right in the yard with them. And I don’t think either one of them really care. Haha I wouldn’t if my hubby and I looked that good

  • Many of those who sunbathe do sunbathe topless for the very reason on no tan lines….. Very common & very legal in your own back yard……

  • If I looked like that, I’d go topless too! She has a great body. I dont agree with paps taking photos like that. Meanwhile I’d resemble bread dough if I went out in just swimsuit bottoms. Oh and what’s his face looks like he packing some lumber.

  • Very nice bod! But i feel bad for them that they cant even enjoy a day together sun bathing. While i think some of her photoshoots are staged i think this one is not. You can tell from the pixels in the pictures and can only imagine how far these assholes were. I’m sick of these paps. I watched a video of kim k coming back home from paris and the paps were surrounding her like a dog. She went to sit in the car and one of the bastards on the other side opened the door to take pix! As much as i dont like Kim i could tell she was very pissed. She called him a fu++ing idiot too. The girl is pregnant!! Thank god im not a celeb thats all i can say!

  • Just wondering…but did they move? I thought they lived in a high-rise in Miami??? Just curious about their backyard???

  • You call these “censored” photos?? Even creepy Perez Hilton had more censorship on those boobies than this.

    • Classy blog with no boundaries about how women are portrayed, or referred to. Nice and sexist. As a result many posters just spew more hate bc it’s a reflection of the posts. I’m glad ppl seem to see this as a trashy post. I think I’ll move over to RT. I’m over this one. When Rox did it herself I liked it better.

      • I agree with you. After I saw the hate fest about the rumors that Lisa V. was plotting against Kyle..and it was based totally on rumor and tabloid garbage…it managed to incite so much rage. I have seen a trend here lately. I haven’t commented until now since to say so.

        • Thank you CryWolf. I was feeling in the minority and it’s been bothering me how easily we are provoked to trash each other. I see this all in a new light lately. I enjoy light distraction. Not dark hatred and sexist comments that bring women down.

          • Please pearl clutchers. Most of the housewives are running around with their asses and boobs hanging out, and their cooch almost exposed. Now you see a couple of nips, big deal.

            That said, if the picture was of Caroline Manzo topless I’d have to poke my eyes out with a sharp stick.

          • Excuse me Shipp… pearl clutcher I am not. My comment was about the way in which the format for this blog has shifted. Your comment is off base.

          • I see it all differently now as well. After Kim B.’s PR guy said he was paid to put out stories about her it made me take a good long look at the beast I was feeding. Then I started looking at everything else there after. There is always an agenda. Summer has commenced, school is out & my boy is home with me. Lots to do and its putting it all in perspective. See ya on the flipside!

          • Whoa, my comment was not off base.

            My response was to this blog, concerning Joanna’s exposed tat tat’s. I certainly am entitled to my opinion, along with everyone else here.

            End of story.

  • I cannot stand JoAnna, but she does not deserve this. Particularly as she was sunbathing in the privacy of her own home. A better story would have been to leave the photos out and actually write about this gross invasion of her privacy.

    • I guess I should all that it is ridiculous, this obsession and prudishness we have with nudity. Whether she is nude or not reflects nothing on her character whatsoever but it does reflect poorly on those who are shocked or gleeful that she feels free to go topless in her own damn home.

      She’s still a mean drunk, but this is ridiculous.

  • I am going to be real quick…because, I MUST go to the gym.


  • It’s a total violation of privacy! It’s their back yard, they aren’t on a public topless beach.

    Silver lining- she has an AMAZE BALLS body!!!

  • Joanna looks beautiful. It wouldn’t suprise me if they called the photographers themselves. It happens more than you think…

  • If Joanna wants to sunbathe nude in her backyard, I don’t see what the problem is. It’s not like she has kids. The paparazzi should have left them alone. They went too far! Even though she is a celebrity… The paparazzi should still respect her by NOT taking nude photos of her. I would wanna sue them, but I don’t think that would even work.

  • Lol @ Romain with his tongue sticking out. Invasion of privacy! The price one pays for reality tv, comes with the territory.

    • Sorry, but I disagree. She was in her own backyard. If she was on the beach somewhere, then fair enough, but this is a total invasion of privacy.

      OT. Roman is so hot.

  • I so agree with you Honnie. I don’t think they should be posted here on this site either. The woman is past beautiful but still if she wanted to be exposed naked she would get paid to do so. Unbelievable that this Is legal disgusted.

    • I agree, not all of the photos should be posted here. There should be some decorum. The one that shows the frontal nudity should be taken down. Let there be some sort of boundaries.

    • I think she knew that the Paparazzi was there, and if not she had to be a fool not to realize that she was “famous” and that people would be trying to get pics of her fully naked.

      • there are many “famous” actors that sun bathe topless and that doesn’t make it right for sleazy paparazzi’s to hide, sneak, and invade someone’s privacy. where there is a will, there is a way for these roaches with cameras to take pics of celebs in compromising positions.

  • This really chaps my ass. Their backyard — their privacy — was totally invaded and violated. I find this unacceptable and truly wonder why no laws exist for photographers taking photos of private property?