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Kim Richards Threatening To Quit RHOBH Because Of The Bullying Going On With Kyle Richards!

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is the new target for season 4 of the hit show! It was reported that during filming last week, Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville confronted Kyle Richards about allegations that Mauricio Umansky has been cheating on her. Brandi maintained she had solid information to prove that Mauricio has been cheating on Kyle. Kyle became extremely upset, and refused to listen to the girls. She felt especially betrayed by Lisa because they had once been so close. AllAboutTRH later consulted with a very reliable source close to the show that told us the women did bring this up on camera, however, their accusations fell short and Mauricio is NOT cheating on Kyle.

But the drama seems to continue because Kim Richards is now threatening to quit the show mid season! Sources reveal to Radar,

“Kim has come a long way in her sobriety, and isn’t afraid to assert herself now. She demanded that the bullying Kyle was being subjected to stop, or else. Kim only did the show because Kyle wanted her to, and she needs the money. It’s not worth it to her though, to see her family getting raked through the coals for ratings. The sisters are contractually obligated to film this season. Kim doesn’t want Kyle to end up like Adrienne Maloof and how she was maligned on the show last season. Don’t mess with Kim, she isn’t the pushover she used to be.”

I think it’s great that Kim is supporting Kyle in any way that she can and am still shocked by Brandi and Lisa’s behavior. What they are doing is so Real Housewives of New Jersey and that’s just sad. Thoughts on Kim threatening to quit?

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  • Let her quit, she adds nothing. But she wont because the source even said “…and she needs the money”. So she needs to deal with it, but if she cant and doing the show is too much for her then she needs to quit and take care of herself.

  • Puleez, go ahead and quite already crackhead. No one will even miss your sloppy face.

  • They should bring on Courtney Love to tell off Brandi. That would be hilarious.

    • Courtney Love is the poster child for skank. I don’t think having her in your “corner” is anything to brag about. Leann is a complete lunatic and needs to be on meds. Oh, hey, just like Courtney. Must have met in rehab.

  • Kim is such a ditz. It was Vyle that outed her in S1 about being an alcoholic and also when Kim spilled the beans about how Vyle stole her house. Now she is going to quit because it has come out that Mo is cheating. That has also been known since S1 when Camille let the cat out of the bag and outed MO. This girl doesn’t have two brain cells to call her own. Please Kim leave talking vyle and Mo with you.

  • This is in response to Jessica. There was a book written called the House of Hilton. It is a fact that their mother..”big Kathy” had a very nasty reputation!! As a daughter..and mother, try as we may, our mothers do rub off on us. Good or bad. It’s just the way it is.. Nature vs.Nurture!!

  • Na Na Na Na….Na Na Na Na….Hey Hey Hey….GOODBYE !! And take you whiney ass sister with you !!

    • Bye bye Kim and Kyle BYE BYE KISSS. KISSS (fake Bevrly Hills Style Kisses) Take Yo BORING Butts down the road. I Think ANDY should Get RId of BRANDI too!!! FAYE would be a good replacement!

  • I wonder when cray cray faye will jump into the picture? As soon as she does….I’m done.

    • UGH!!!! I dont even want to know! Im hoping after last season that she will NOT be making anymore unnecessary appearances.

  • Well well well, isnt that the pot calling the kettle black. Look at what the Richards did to Brandi the first season she was on. Please, quit do us all a favor & take your sister with you.

    Kim is so broke that she won’t quit, she can’t afford to.

    • So true.
      Kim is a boring broke bitchard. Wish she would scurry out before the door hits her in the azz.

    • Stephanie I completely agree. Thats why I am not to invested with these 2. Kim is a tag a long just for the money even though Im sure most women do the shows for money but she adds nothing but annoyance IMO. And Kyle- ehh liked her somewhat season1. Tried to not let the trashing of Camille get too in the way but I just could not keep liking her after season 1. The first reunion sealed it. When I see her being “nice” I give her credit. But after I saw her true colors and how she operates I was over her!

    • What exactly did they do to brandi the slut? Hide a crutch behind a couch 2 feet away from her, or call her a slut pig? She said she is a slut herself and the crutch thing was a bad joke by someone who was on drugs at the time, so what, get over that shit already, there was no real harm done.

    • Steph

      i agree that the Richards sis can be mean and Kim needs the money but the same can be said bout Brandi

  • This isn’t the first time Kyle and Kim said they were targeted by the others. In the past, there were exaggerating. Can this source provide some direct quotes of what was actually said and what prompted the confrontation? There had to be something that spurned the “attack” right or wrong. If Yolanda was involved, we could say it had to do with her since both Kyle and Kim went at Yolanda guns blazing in the reunion. But aside from the Lisa/Kyle frenemies nonsense, we’ve heard nothing. What prompted this?

  • I can see why Kim would be upset but I really don’t think her threatening to quit will do any good. IMO I really don’t think BRAVO would give a rats a** if she did. She has been on the show from day 1 but is hardly ever in any scenes. I think some of the HW’s friends have been shown more then her.

  • JEALOUS BRANDI! Because her marriage went to hell, she doesn’t want anyone else to be happy in theirs.

    • THANK YOU!!,, this bish is sooo jealous and pathetic and i wish she would take her trashy and std ridden self somewhere else. Why andy? Why did you go and fuck rhbh for those of us who loved the she the way it was? Whats the point of making all the shows follow the same platform. Thanks andy. You fucker.

  • So what do you make of this tweet from Lisa?

    ?@LisaVanderpump 2h

    Tweeties,trust me,start by NOT believing a certain trashy website..then we can go from there,believe what you see not what some idiot writes

  • Why do you keep quoting Radar Online who has been known to outright make up stories? Sounds like you just repeat any and everything that is written elsewhere and don`t have any true info yourself.

    • Don’t like it? Don’t come on the site. And check the exclusive information. They get exclusives

    • Serjen,
      we quote everyone who has any type of housewife gossip. Our site is called, ‘All ABOUT The Real Housewives.’ We also get tons of exclusives as well as interviews as you can see on the top left. We support many other sites and add a taste of our opinion.


    • I think so too. And I would be more interested in knowing exactly what she did with literally hundreds of thousands of dollars, that she is now so broke.

    • I think so too. I hate to say that because I have a bit of a soft spot for Kim (even though I sometimes want to shake the sh*t out of her).

      I just don’t think she’s as clean and sober as she is claiming to be. I hope I’m wrong, but I fear that I’m not.

    • Andy Hi

      i posted a similar post above i didn’t read yours til now but i agree she’s def something not alcohol Im thinking maybe Xanax or something like it. I truly hope she’s clean but i truly doubt it

    • @BrandiGlanville: If bullying is giving a fellow housewife a heads up wen negative stories R coming out about her husband then color me confussed#IMAgirlsGirl
      I guess something must of happened…Brandi just tweeted this ^^^^

      • Brandi just because you r illiterate doesnt mean kyle is too. Kyle probably read all the same “stories” you did about HER HUSBAND. Get that through your weaved up head!! Again it’s HER HUSBAND so take your own advice and STFU.

        • hohoho you sure you want to try to accuse someone of being illiterate? the way you’ve been typing seems like you’ve dropped out of school at the 4th grade.

          all this STFU and crap is not making you look intelligent at all. do you actually think anyone is going to listen to you? wishful thinking.

          • Using my ipad thank u very much. ASSumptions dont make u seem any more intelligent. Cough*hypocrite* cough
            You obviously took the time to read and respond. How dumb does that make you look? #contradictmuch

          • Btw, STFU is brandi’s own fav saying, so know what ur referring to before u jump on me. Silly.

      • Hang On didn’t an article say Brandi had solid proof Im so confused.

        Are you giving Kyle a heads up on a story that’s coming out or do you have solid proof.

        This story is doing my head in i feel a migraine coming on OMG LOL

  • Oh Kyle, always the victim. I think she has been kind of phony from the get go so it’ll be interesting to see her finally take some heat. I think everyone’s opinion of her at the recent reunion was pretty accurate.

  • This doesn’t make sense. Why quit? Wouldn’t you want to be there to defend your sister? If your sister is willing to stay and she is the one being bullied, why would you leave?

    • Empty threat. She knows she cannot afford to go…Frankly I think she is lucky that she even got to come back.

  • Aren’t the same producers that did RHONJ doing RHOBH and we all know how that turned out. I don’t like all the fighting and craziness. I started watching these shows becuase it was a look into a different lifestyle if I wanted to see fighting and shanagians I would just call my own family.

  • I’m glad to see Kim backing her sister, as family should.

    While I appreciate Kim’s loyalty and liked her more last season than before, I don’t think she has the “juice” to hold any leverage at Bravo. Good Luck Kim, but don’t bluff too much, Bravo will call it.

  • Kim Will Not Quit The SHOW! and why would anyone want to see her go??? She is a real housewife ! She threw her addiction out to the world and is showing everyone how far she has come! If anything she is helping people to never give up and to learn from your mistakes. She is a great Mother, Sister, Aunt, Friend. She has come such a long way and she actually has made this show funny and entertaining to watch. Brandi keep living off of lisa…. No wonder your not married anymore, ZERO CLASS!

    • She’s a bully. She went to Adrienne and squealed. She told Brandi her daughters hated her. Who cares. No one heard what Brandi said because it was muted. She caused the problems there with Adrienne and Brandi. Shows you what burying the hatchet will do with Kim. She took the first opportunity to bury the hatchet in Brandi’s neck and if Adrienne was really her friend she would have kept her mouth shut. Then she cries and Kyle(boys name) runs to be by her side. Poor acting Kyle(boys name). I can’t stand the bitchard sisters and am really hoping they don’t return.

      • Actually I disagree. Kim is a true friend to Adrienne and Paul. She heard what Brandi said, knowing full well Brandi was no longer a friend to the Nassif’s.

        If I heard some wanna-be BH it-girl talking out of school, much less spilling very personal secrets about my friends, you bet your ass I would run to my friends and give them a heads up in a NY minute. It’s not squealing if you’re trying to protect someone. It’s honorable.

    • I do like Kim when she is sober, she is actually funny. It is a shame that she doesn’t have self accountability but in this case I am glad to see that she is being the older and protective sister that Kyle needs.

      • Kim is hilarious sober! I agree! LOL! I wonder seriously and not being mean because I have a soft spot for Kim. There is something about her that makes me want to take care of her like a little child. I seriously again not maliciously at all, think Kim is using. Whether or not it is prescription meds or illegal, she acts like she is on something a lot of the time. Not drunk or alcohol. Something. Like the old saying, something smells fishy in Denmark. Maybe it is just my suspicious mind and I hope so but she is “off” at times and as a nurse I recognize the symptoms and behavior. She has those symptoms and the behavior. Just saying my opinion, please don’t bash me.

        • Just when I can’t stand loopy Kim another episode, then there will be a scene like she made the giant fruit salad for a little party celebrate her daughter’s dance. Kim is so happy about the salad but in the end, she is left alone with her pathetic salad. Then I feel bad for Kim all over again and want to see her survive and thrive.

        • Sandy Hi

          as you know Im an recovering addict as you and who would know better than us.

          She’s def on something it’s not alcohol it’s prob Xanax or something like it hope Im wrong. But yeah i agree she’s not totally clean

    • True but Kim has been married at least twice if not more and she is single too. Could it have been her drinking problems that ended her marriages? And she did what mommy told her. Marry rich and have babies. Probably no wonder she isn’t married anymore. Zero class there too. At least be fair.

  • I like Kim, but really? Didn’t stop you from filming when Kyle was bullying you while you were suffering from addiction, or after when getting clean. Kyle has shown bad behavior all along and you jumped on board and bullied Brandi and Pam/Dana’s game night. There are so many other reasons to stop your involvement then this. Staying sober being the most important.

  • Can’t say that I’d miss her if she left but it’s great that she’s standing up for her sis!

  • Yes! Bye Kim. Don’t let the door hit you in your ass on the way out. Can’t stand that burnout. It’s a chore just listening to her try to put a word together.

    • Thank you Mellie! Works my damn nerves! Even since her so-called sobriety, she still seems out there when she speaks. She needs to get off this show and focus on her own well being.

  • I wondered who Brandi was going to target this season… Lisa is not my favorite, but I am surprised she is UPFRONT involved. Normally she is behind the scenes and lets Brandi do her dirty work.

    But, high five for Kim for sticking up for her nightmare of a sister.

    • Someone always gets “targeted” on every season , every franchise. Some get targeted for more than just one season! Not that I like people being targeted per se, but it is part of the reality show beast. For example, Brandi was targeted quite a bit and Kyle never really was and she herself helped target others at times.. so I guess it may be her turn to take one for the Bravo paycheck? I cannot take Kim seriously because she needs the money more than some others and half the time you never know what planet she speaks from. Everyone is fair game when it comes to “drama” and ratings. I noticed that Bravo ( and I may be wrong) waits until people are locked in contracts before the shit starts hitting the fan- then the shit hits the fan 🙂

      • It’s just more Bravo hypocrisy!! It was ok for Kyle to out Kim’s alcoholism on national tv. It was ok for Kyle to lie about talking shit about Camille S1. It was ok for the sisters to go after Brandi her first season. It’s just not ok if it pertains to them!! Sorry, life doesn’t work that way. Hello Bravo! Enough of this ridiculous bullshit..We the viewers aren’t that stupid. It seems not a day goes by that they try to insult the viewing audience!!
        For G-d sake Tamara’s getting a show. Yawn!!

      • Michers I agree w/ you except for the fact that Kyle and Mauricio have small children who could be affected by this. That’s not okay at all. And I would of thought Brandi who had been cheated on would be more compassionate to the situation. Imo this just proved Brandis character and her morals and loyalty lies in the bravo check. I officially don’t like Brandi now. She isn’t real at all. She’s just motivated by fame and money and if that means hurting someone and their kids so be it I guess. I truly thought she’d be someone to advocate for the women and children in a situation that caused her so much pain. But it looks like pleasing bravo and creating good drama is more appealing to her.
        As for Lisa I’m extremely disgusted w/ her. I see her fot what she is now and its definitly not what I thought she was.
        I don’t like Kyle and I think she deserves a bit of shit imo but this crossed a line because this could affect not only her marriage but her children’s and what they hear at school. And anybody w/ a decent bone in their body wouldn’t want children to go thru that. Especially since Lisa was so close to Kyle and obviously had an established relationship w/ her and her kids.

        • Since this is all speculation at this point, it’s possible that Brandi is reaching out in a kind supportive way being she has experience in this arena. ( we haven’t actually seen the episode) I think this is what Bravo loves…We are handed a snippet of info.. true? False? Who knows? But, we sure do pounce. Lol. As far as Kyle goes or anyone actually. We reap what we sow! No love lost when it comes to Kyle!! I agree about the kids though..they didn’t sign up for this!!

          • Yah I really should have posted if this turns out to be ture lol. Thats what I was thinking and meant but it came out wrong lol. I don’t hate or even dislike Kyle. I’m just kinda like meh w/ her. But the idea of all this pisses me off because of her kids. If Brandi and Lisa did do this and they did it while filming that shows their true intentions to me. This is something that should be spoken about privately and w/out cameras. I actually tweeeted something about it and Lisa dm’d me lol. I was quite shocked.

        • LJ- new thread up with tweets about this.
          They all have kids and some how some way they will be affected by their Mothers doing a reality show, rumors or not.

      • @Michers i agree that’s Bravo for ya and that’s what happens when you sign up for reality tv

    • I knew since the reunion that it would be Kyle. Kim and Taylor are fragile and the trio would had been perceived as too mean spitrited to go after them, so Kyle was the perfect target.

  • Oh please! That Radar article is so biased as is this article, that its clear Kyle is paying you both. We don’t KNOW a single thing because the episodes haven’t aired. We don’t know how it went down. And I am truly shocked that, even if true, kyle is complained about being bullied. well now, is the shoe on the other foot? We all know Kyle is the biggest manipulative bully in the whole Housewives franchise series. If she can’t take it, don’t dish it out. Karma well deserved maybe. Her and Kim are both heartless bullies as was Adrienne. No one has been more maligned than Brandi. Is the money from the bully sisters that important to you, allabouttrh and radar?

    • Right in. This (incredibly slanted) story keeps getting dragged through here; they won’t let it go. And no one has seen an episode or has filmed proof. Lots of passionate people here shouting for Brandi’s head on a platter though. Guess these sites are getting the readers they want with a whole lot of nothing. All conjecture.

      • LOL , I was thinking the same thing. She’s so irrelevant to the show , who cares. Funny how it was ok when it was Brandi on the recieving end , never heard her threaten to quit. Kyle can dish it out but she obviously can’t take it.

        • Your exactly right. You see the reason why Kyle is up in arms is the old saying “one does protest to much”. Someone actually touched the third rail of this show that Camille in the first season knew and hinted about. Maurio does cheat on Kyle and Kyle knows it. Lets get this straight everybody, Kyle isnt’ all that. All those pretty women and all those women who have money seeing this handsome guy, who’s to say that he hasn’t slept with the wives of the people he sell houses to. Or even models and such (hell Brandi may know one of the women). He could have hit on Camille and may or may not have had sex and that is why she knows for sure.

          Women will talk to their friends and believe it or not Beverly Hills is a small place. Kyle tries to display a good marriage and she and he are in love but she’s wanting another child (which is a classic move thinking that having another child will keep the man, which it won’t).

          You remember what Kyles house looked like first season, it looked more like a pole barn renovated into living conditions with a pool outside. Mauricio wasn’t making big money at all and second season they got the house that they showed in first season to Kim. But when he sold Lisa’s house he got a good check and bought that car for Kyle and his daughter. And then he went out on his own and started the “Agency” and was hoping along with Kyle to have his own spin-off. But what happened was they went with Lisa’s spinoff and that was when you heard all the dirt coming out on Lisa and Lisa finding out it was coming from Kyle and people associated with Kyle.

          Kyle doesn’t like that she is getting the bad edit and Bravo hated that they where getting dictated from Kyle about people she wanted on the show and such.

          • It’s interesting to go back and watch past seasons. The Dinner Party from Hell episode is a classic example. At the time I coudnt stand Camille and was disgusted by Allison Dubois…watched it at the end of S2 with a completely different perspective. I believe the Medium was right on the money about Kyle, her marriage as well as Maurico. I believe Kyle works very hard at presenting her life/marriage in the most positive life. Is it what it seems? Probably not..let’s face it, Kyle, Kim and Kathy were not raised with the best role model. I’m sure their mother wore off on all of them.

          • Buck – you are right about Kyle. She thinks she is so tough, yet has others speak for her and cries constantly! If you are a happy person you don’t cry about everything your idiot sister does.
            Kyle clings to Maurice is came unglued when a drunk girl hit on him at their white party. Who does that but someone with NO self esteem and who is worried about her marriage.

        • Brandi would never quit, what else does she have?

          Brandi would do anything and anyone to stay on this show.

          • Guess that is Kim’s problem also then. Why else would she stay after being outed by her own sister and embarrassing her whole family?

          • Oh Michers always desperate to defend Brandi. Kim doesn’t go all sobbing about being broke and woe is me like the cry baby Brandi. I am sure if Bravo asked her to have sex on camera so they could film it she totally would

          • Oh hell no Jelly- I know you did not say that to me with the way YOU of all people get with Kyle… Girl, bye

        • GOOD RIDDANCE! Don’t let the back door hit your dingbat behind, Kim. Good grief, she’s never around anyway & bores the hell out of me with her boo-hoo, I’m such a victim crap.

          Is this the same Kim that is constantly fighting with Kyle? Bye, bye Kimmie…YOU WON’T BE MISSED. Lol…who will know or care that you’re gone? I certainly won’t.

      • Andrew is right and Kim has worked hard to get where she is now. But I wish Kyle would have Kim’s back.

          • There is no way Brandi will get canned she brings the drama, and is willing to say and do anything.

            Now back to the subject Im glad Kim is sticking up for Kyle why do most ppl always bring up the fact that Kyle outed Kim as an alcoholic it was very obvious. And as a recovering addict almost 7yrs yay we can be so frustrating and mean, and deceitful. I honestly don’t think Kyle meant to out Kim out they got into a heated argument as sis do at times she had enough of Kim antics forgot the cameras were rolling and blurted it out she’s said and posted it on her her blog that is the most regrettable thing she done, Kim has forgiven her we should to same with Brandi and the bathroom scandal Kyle has forgiven her so lets move on. My point is i hate it when one HW is attacked it’s her sis she should stick up for her

      • Brandi at least brings something to the show and she’s not a snake like the shit stirring squealing snake sisters. Can’t understand why Brandi didn’t call Kim out about causing the problems between her and whats her face oh yeah adrienne. Kim is a squealor and Kyle (boys name) is a snake.

        • What is it she brings?

          All I see is nastiness and dirty fighting? No thanks, I have New Jersey for that.

        • Brandi is a snake, she has her ears perked to any possible gossip about the castmates she doesn’t like so she can throw that out there at any given moment. If she doesn’t find any juicy gossip, she just makes up stuff, all to be relevant.

          • Yep. All she brings to the show is bitterness. Beverly Hills actually had wealthy women, with lifestyles to envy. Brandi is a 45 year old living in a damn apartment. She should be shuffled to New Jersey with the other brokies.

          • I’m sick of Brandi. What does she bring to the show? She doesn’t have a lavish lifestyle, and all she does is try to tear families apart. She’s just a used up Hollywood skank whose husband dumped her.

          • Yes Yes YES Lexi you said it so right! Brandi is Not Relavent , she doesn’t even have a job! All the other housewives have jobs, Relavent things going on . BRANDI IS A FEMALE CEDRIC! Lisa better watch out I see that snake Brandi shivering in posing as a “friend” I believe she would bang Ken,bump up the insurance policy and pull the lug nuts off your BENTLEy so you have a accident , hopefully die, so she can take your place. BRANDI IS EVIL! Watch out that snake is out to get you,I wish they would kick her off is is so irrelevant!

        • Mellie Khunt from Carteret (weird name). What is it with the Kyle (boys name) thing? I’m just really effing curious!!!!

          • EJJ

            LOL she writes it in every post that has to do with Kyle i have no idea it’s actually a Unisex name as is Taylor, Peta etc is a Unisex name

        • Brandi’s not shit-stirring? What show are you watching? She was the antagonist to Kim the minute she opened her mouth from her first episode. She back stabbed her “friend” Adrienne after Adrienne gave her the entry point on to the show in the first place.

          Brandi is the ONLY one with no true ties to Beverly Hills. Just a (likely) Valley girl who happened to have influential friends to use to get on a reality TV show and f-up the lives of people who she’s envious of.

          • I agree!

            Brandi is the producers puppet. She’ll step over anyone and do whatever it takes to stay on the show for that paycheck. She is the only one that really needs the money. (Taylor has her new bo to sponge off and Kim gets 25K a month from an ex so she doesn’t need the money, before anyone throws that in)

          • Brandi just happened to sleep with Eddie who gave her ass status….she is trailer trash….

          • brandi was the antagonist? you need to ask yourself what have you been watching? because ever since brandi step foot on bravo kyle and kim have been acting like jealous bitches to her. she did not get a warm welcome at all. all of the ladies have issues and have their own flaws but at least brandi isn’t a fake and owns up to her own mess. fake people like kyle, kim , Adrienne and faye hide behind their money, designer dresses and handbags and they’re really good at denying and deflecting.

          • Rukidding, seriously…are YOU kidding? You accuse me of seeming like i’ve “dropped out of school in 4th grade” and yet this is your level of grammar?

            *sorry to everyone else for this lame back and forth, but sometimes you gotta’ set a bish straight.

        • Mellie she is a snake because shes the one that brought the “proof” to kyle. I think in all honesty its none of her damn business whether or not mauricio is cheating or not. And even if kyle does know well thats her business?! I dont get a high off of someone elses misery, even melwhore. There comes a time when you need to draw a line and for you to go searching for drama..well, lets all say brandi, what comes around does go around. So be careful!!!

      • Brandi is pushing it if this is true. She seemed so fun and wild at first but now she just seems to be a bitter mess. Why make cheating allegations on camera knowing how painful it was for her to go thru that herself?!? Im no Richards fan but still… I have a feeling Lisa’s role in this is greatly exaggerated. Well I hope.

        • These ladies are so fake — last month Brandi was tweeting how her and Kyle had no issues this last season (her beef was with Skanky Faye), that her and Kyle and Camille were doing some film acting together and the ladies went out to dinner a few times together. Kyle congratulated Lisa on the DWTS show, encouraged her twitter followers to vote for Lisa and then Kim and Kyle went to support Lisa on the show and Lisa thanked them.

          But then the camera’s start rolling and now it is all about attack mode to ensure certain HWs have big roles on the show and keep bringing the drama. It is just so scummy and tawdry.

          What bothers me the most is whatever Kyle and Brandi’s orginal issues were Kyle was always supportive and very sympathetic of Brandi’s issues regarding her divorce, cheating and criticizing LeAnn, so why does Brandi have to go for the kill on the marriage stuff – pick another poison. Lisa and Brandi actually treat Shana (Vanderpump Rules) way, way better than Kyle and Shana cheated on Brandi for nearly a year with Eddie for goodness sake! Lisa even has Shana as one of her main pics on her twitter-page and that was real life hurting/screwing over Brandi, but Lisa forgives and forgets that while the knife is continually out for Kyle. ??? Crazy!

          Good for Kim for defending her sister – Kim owes her in my book after starting the Game night Brandi fight and telling Adrienne what Brandi said at Mauricio business launch party which caused another scene. Kim’s timing usually sucks so maybe sobriety is helping her make more mature choices.

          • Happy day I do agree with you. Kyle said on WWHL that she was glad Brandi joined the show, and then the cameras come and this bull. I’m beginning to think that the producers of the shows want to create the false drama that not only breaks up friendships, but families as well. I don’t think that I could be apart of one these shows. Andy wants to give these bitches minimum pay and cause maximum damage.

          • Why don’t we watch what happens on the show before we judge? All of this is based on rumors. I wouldn’t be surprised if Andy doesn’t tell Radar Online things just to try and stir interest in a franchise that is wanning….

          • I’m with the martini person, wasn’t it in Radar online ? Who really knows what’s happened or is happening. I thought that the spin off went to Lisa, because it was her other business. If Kyle had got the spin off it would be about Kyle’s husband, and he’s not a housewife.

        • DaniO

          I agree Brandi can be fun and free and i love that bout her if she wasn’t so nasty and bring up such personal issues bout the other HW i think she’d be my fav.

          Im not saying Kyle is my fav or Brandi is my fav i don’t like any of these hw on any of these shows they all can be very two faced and mean.

          But i really don’t understand why Brandi is on BHHW she’s not wealthy, she’s not a business women, and she’s no longer married to a celeb not that Eddie was much me a celeb lol

      • That would be great, but it won’t happen. Andy is probably pleased that they found somebody willing to personify such a trashy behavior and get the others railed up. That’s all that matters to Andy.

      • The only reason Kim is on the show is because she is broke. She needs the money, period. I do like Kim when she is sober; hopefully she will stand up for herself when it come to Kyle.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Kim is annoying and doesn’t add anything to the show and Kyle is the chief “bully” since season two. She is a nasty piece of work along with her like-minded friend Faye and after what they did to Brandi and at times, Lisa, I don’t blame Brandi and Lisa for retaliating. I would not miss either of the Richard’s sisters.