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PHOTOS: Tamra Barney’s Pre-Wedding Vegas Pool Party!


Tamra Barney took off for Las Vegas this weekend for her bachelorette party, which was also her fiance Eddie Judge’s bachelor party! In tow for the party were close friends including co-stars Heather and Terry Dubrow and Heather McDonald, along with Bravo’s camera crew to capture all the madness for Real Housewives of Orange County.

The couple partied it up at Venetian hotel’s Azure Luxury Pool, and sipped on Cuca Fresca Signature Caipirinhas. In between cocktails, the couple took to the stage to give shout outs to the crowd, and to show off Eddie’s custom underwear labelled “Tamra’s Toy” on the back side!

Wetpaint reports:

Our source on the scene tells us Eddie “wow’d the crowd when he came out with chains wrapped around his biceps and hot pants saying ‘Tamra’s Toy’ printed on the behind.” The couple kept the laughs and fun going with Eddie stuffing his shorts with a shirt and towel to “fill out his bathing suit.”

Check out the photos below:








Thoughts on the party? Are you excited to see Tamra tie the knot with Eddie on TV?

Photos: imaze.com via Wetpaint.com

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  • Lol it amazes me how many people don’t like tamara. And you all say she’s gross, she shouldn’t wear this etc. Lol I guarantee that you would want to look even remotely like that in your 40’s…& if you are in your 40’s, I guarantee you don’t look like her. She’s a very pretty lady, I don’t particularly care for some of the things she does. But there’s not a damn thing wrong with payless shoes lol I’ll just clear that up.

  • Ok the chick in the neon green needs a one piece! JS And I wonder if Eddie knows he looks gay in every picture????

  • There’s still time to RUN away Eddie, run run!! Or get on your bike and pedal away!!

  • 4th picture down, is that Tamras pinky toe sticking out of her shoe!!!! Ewwwwww! Haha

  • yes this is ridiculous. they have to be soo public about it bc they are “soooo happy” they have to share it w everyone. I am extremely happy in my marriage but I don’t flaunt it on tv and after my show has ended. Get a life!!! no one cares

  • The Palazzo has a few photos taken in the suite .on their facebook page … I can’t even describe what Tamara is wearing!

  • What’s with the silly wedges/heels at these pool parties, and Tamra needs to buy a pair that actually fit her! Get ya flip flops on and get ya hair wet, pffft.

  • Trash-tacular! Eddie is hot but an idiot. How degrading to parade himself like that. Tamra is disgusting.

  • Lol I was wondering where they would end up hosting an event…and it’s basically not even on the Vegas Daylife radar. Ha!

  • How is it that both Heather and Terry were able to attend? I thought Heather was so worried about her own husband looking after their kids when she was working for all of a week.

    • Hahaha, right! Did anyone else notice the two nannies running around the kitchen and in the elevator, while Heather talked about how hard handling 4 kids on your own is????? What a D-bag!

  • Eddie repulses me and Tamra can try to pretend she’s still 25 all she wants! Her old lady knees give her away!

    • Okay, I confess. I’m 52 and my knees look just as bad as Tamara’s do! I don’t own a gym, nor do I spend much time there, so I just figure this is what happens to our bodies, right! It must KILL her! I don’t give that marriage a year! Something about Eddie is creepy! And Tamara just seems so full of shit!

  • THis is such a farce. Its like Trampra wedding for sale!!! They didnt become engaged until Slade and Wretched turned down the deal. Now all the events are scheduled when someone willing to host for $$$$ bachelor events. The wedding wont take place until they find the largest bidder. Slide under your rock tramps no one cares about your fake happiness

  • Put it away, Tamra. Just because you can wear something doesn’t mean you should. Likewise about doing something on camera. Like your boyfriend. In the bath.

    And I’m noooooo prude. I just don’t want to see you doing it, soft porn style with your ‘toy’ in gold mesh, stripper heels or naked and in bubbles.




    Put your vag away, please.

  • Tamra works out all the time. Why is she wearing a cover up? Also, Eddie’s legs are huge. I wonder if he juices.

      • Those man boob’s are Trashy the Tyrant’s old implants, they didn’t want them to go to waste, so they recycled them into Eddie’s chest….imo. lol.

        I think Bravo must be running out of ideas. This is bad when a 45 year old
        @*&%$*^ is on her 3rd or 4th marriage , she should have the class and dignity to do it quietly and tastefully. You are not in your 20’s or 30’s.
        Tamra , you are almost 50! For F sakes cover up Trash we don’t want or need to see any of it, ugh.
        Bravo you are sinking to Trashy’s level.

  • No more weddings! Imo this marriage will never work and is not a fairy tale. Too many weddings and renewal vowels on the housewives it’s ruining it.

    • I agree that this relationship is bound to fail. He’ll find someone younger and leave her.

  • I just don’t see Eddie settling into instant family life. And if Tamra has a baby with him it will be to save the marriage. They are doomed.

  • Eddie secretly wants to be a Chippendale’s dancer. Trashy looks ridiculous with the her cheap cover up and even cheaper Payless shoes. Maybe she should have paid a little extra and gotten a pedicure. Heather’s suit and cover up is much better for someone who has had 4 kids. Keeping it classy as usual Trashy!

    • Trailer Park Tamra never disappoints LOL. Always trashy like a cheap hooker…..and why was Heather Long Boobs McDonald there? Is she friends with Trashy or maybe just some publicity? So random. Eddie will get tired of this old hooker and find someone younger!

      • Heather McDonald should keep her cover up on. I think she is friends with Trashy; I’ve read their tweets back and forth. Did you get a good look at her feet? Put some lotion on those hoofs!

        • Your comments are just so disappointing and judgmental. Certainly you are allowed to your opinion, and I have no great fondness for Tamara or Heather McDonald, but to bash their appearance – awful, leathery legs, cheap Payless shoes, long boobs, hoofs for feet – is so middle-school mean girl. You are constantly accusing Tamara of being trashy when your behavior is equally so. I’m sorry to sound preachy but it just gets to be too much. Enough already.

    • I think she is in her mid 40’s few seasons back she had her 40’s when she was still married to Simon.

      I wonder if this would be the engagement that lasts longer than the marriage.

    • She looks very old! That outfit is ridiculous …….trying so hard to look younger. It’s not working!

      • her legs look awful, I don’t know if it’s a lifetime of tanning turning them leathery or what but they look like a sh***y handbag.

          • Her legs ARE gross! And the nasty pinky toes hanging out on both feet YUCK! I am the same age as her and I don’t work out and I doubt she does either by the look of those arms and legs. She doesn’t look any better than me. Just sayin. Strange for someone in the “fitness business”. LOL.

    • Not only does she look old, BUT he looks like he has a sock in is suit. His he trying to prove that he has something there, it looks dumb that he wants to make every one look at his man hood (teeny weeny) and she has to make sure we thought she was sexy. BUT it did not work because they both look dumb..