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Kenya Moore Says RHOA Is “A TV Show”, Drama With Porsha Is “Not That Deep”


While Kenya Moore stampeded onto Real Housewives of Atlanta, stallion booty and all, many laughed at her and called her crazy, but Kenya might be having the last laugh. Although her antics on screen made America judge her, Kenya views RHOA as just a “tv show” and the drama with Porsha Stewart is not “that deep” to her!

While at the premiere of the film Peeples, Kenya spoke with HipHollywood who asked her about Porsha’s divorce, and if she has been there for her despite their drama. Kenya answers, “As a woman, absolutely. I never want to see anyone in pain. It’s a TV show. I don’t hate anyone. I don’t hate her [Porsha]. I know we’ve had our differences but it’s really not that deep.”

Kenya continues that she believes in love and just wants people to make it. Kenya wishes Porsha well because she would like the same treatment in return. Watch the entire clip below:

The interesting thing of this all is how the Housewives are more free to talk about the show and the fact that it’s a television show, and not just a “fly on the wall” peek into how their lives would normally unfold. Thoughts on what Kenya had to say regarding Porsha?

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  • tresa

    Even if it IS a TV show, it does not give her the right to outright lie by saying she was the 1st black woman to win MS USA and she so wasn’t. She’s wacko for sure. I bet she’s like a cat waiting for her chance to sue Bravo!!

  • Pookie

    Kenya continues to be bat shit crazy. I believe family members and friends had a sit down with her and told her how unstable and crazy she looked, and THEY were embarrassed. In hindsight, you can come off as diplomatic as you want, but you know your antics were despicable. I know she got more than she bargained for and she can’t feel good about her portrayal. I wonder if she feels the same way about Phaedra, seeing that she doesn’t HATE anyone. Girl, get your life!!!!

  • MochaQueen

    Just rename the show The Totally UnReal Housewives

  • NeNeFan

    Hmm no offence, but her hair is really awful in that clip..

  • lipojaq

    i’m one of the few who likes kenya more than porscha..

    • Glimmer88

      I started liking her too when I saw that (IMO ) she is doing all this over the top shit for the show. I think she’s a very intelligent person and can be “normal” if she wants to be LOL. Like the fishnet scene–I don’t think she would ever do that in regular life, of course she just did that for the show, like she did alot of things. I did enjoy her crazy behavior–I thought it was fun to watch. Porsha, OTOH, is DUMB. Sorry, but she is. I mean, I don’t really dislike her, but I wasn’t a big fan. I can’t stand to watch these women in their talking heads and otherwise, telling us how great they are, etc, and they are really SO stupid–like Porsha, and Alexis and a few others.

      • Skeeter

        I love their misuse of words when they want us to think they are smart – and only end up making an ass of themselves lolol.

      • introvertedwanderer

        I also think that Kenya is very intelligent, and a lot of the stuff that she says does make sense, but might get overshadowed because of her behavior on the show. It was the same thing with Danielle from RHoNJ. She could be over the top on many occasions, but a lot of things she said did make sense.

  • CryWolf


  • Mellie Khunt from Carteret

    Kenya is full of shit. She’s jealous of Porsha.

  • l Vehos

    This attitude is why Kenya rented her house and hired a fake boyfriend. The other ladies make their home in Atlanta. Their families are there and their business is there. Alot of what we watch might be put on and somewhat fake, but I think Porsha was pretty real and I think she is hurting and embarrassed by Kordell and was hurt by Kenya. Kenyas comment, to me, shows that her whole existence on the show is fake.

    • Nah-Nah

      Fake…. ya think? No, not Krazy Kenya. Whoever said that she looks like she rolled out of a tent, ITA! What’s up with that nasty hair?

  • Gimme Pizza You Old Troll

    Did she just roll out of a tent?

    • CaTface

      Lol, I was thinking something along those lines as well.

  • nina

    I actually tried liking her, but her twirling and fan drama at the reunion were over the top,she seemed like she was on something. I hope she tones it down for next season, but I do think Phaedra did swindle her out of fees for her Donkey Booty video, that Phaedra is sneaky and sly.

  • It’s not just a TV show to the people she has slandered on the show.

  • Mia

    This confirms what I have realized early on. These shows are greatly staged for max drama. They stem from the basics of the person then it is elaborated upon. I rememeber seeing a clip a couple of seasons ago of the OC housewives. They were all laughing and joking about how they were fighting. It was on Gretchens phone that filmed. It was removed from the web quickly. It is a TV show I would let them BS about me for the kind of money they earn not to mention ops. Are you kidding me.

  • Just me

    Twirl yourself back into your land of make believe. You do not exist in my world.

    • Vixen

      For a red carpet event, it looks like she just rolled out of bed. Her weave is so tired looking. Ugh!

  • September24

    This goes to show that the franchise started out as glimpse into the world of wealthy housewives. Now it’s catfights, drama, yelling, and what can you bring to the table. Sad!

    • lipojaq

      not only what you bring to the table, but when you flip a table (Teresa)…if you danced on a table (M….. or J………) or why you are still on the table (Caro and kids).

  • Flowers

    Kenya is a dramatic freak and I have no interest in what she has to say. She’s a weirdo.

    • kiwimofo

      no interest in what she has to say? but you read the article and commented lol

      • TEAM FAIR

        I know —– RIGHT! A comment; but, you want to be negative about someone you do not like! — REALLY! Why waste your time?

      • CryWolf

        Correction. Flowers could have commented with HipHollywood. But instead Flowers chose to comment on Jose’s piece on AATRH. Simple truth is that many of us are fans of this site and enjoy sharing our opinions of these “characters” here where we respect the opinions of the Bloggers. Kenya is a shade or hue. This site is the canvas we choose. There are many other colors to choose from. Kenya is replaceable.

        • Nah-Nah

          You got that right!

    • yvonnef

      ….but you read the artical about her? ??? Look, I think she is crazy….all the way to the bank…..we laugh, yell, talk about her behaviour ….which is what bravo wants. I watch her becuz I enjoy watching train wrecks ……I wish they would include Married To Medicine. Here