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PHOTOS: Teresa Giudice Celebrates Gabriella’s First Communion!


Teresa Giudice of Real Housewives of New Jersey celebrated her second-oldest daughter’s first Holy Communion on Saturday! The religious event was celebrated on the same day that Joe and Melissa Gorga’s daughter Antonia also got her first Holy Communion, so how did the family split the parties?

Teresa Giudice took to her web site to share the event with her fans. Teresa writes:

It’s First Communions season! Last weekend was my goddaughter and niece Olivia’s First Communion, and this weekend it was both Gabriella’s and my niece Antonia’s. Of course we wish we were able to go to Antonia’s just like my brother and Melissa wished they could come to Gabriella’s, but we belong to different parishes and couldn’t control the dates. What can you do? My poor parents of course hussled to make it to both. I’m so glad they could. Grandparents are so important!

You know I love to go all out for parties, especially once-in-a-lifetime events like Audriana’s christening, but Gabriella was the focus of our day and she’s not about over-the-top stuff. She wanted something really simple with just close family and friends. After the church ceremony, we went to a restaurant that was decorated with blue, green and white. I had face painters and balloon artists and tons of kids activities and Gabriella was able to be herself and run around. I even let her get her face painted while she was in her beautiful dress! But that’s how she is and I want her to be true to herself. After the party when we were walking in the parking lot, she said to me, “Mama, thank you for my party. It was the best day ever!” She’s so sweet and considerate, I almost cried. I love all my girls, and I love Gabriella.

Here are some photos from her special day. Thank you all for your kind wishes! We appreciate them more than you know! xx

PS– A huge thank you to Michael Todd for taking such great photos! His website is

I love how Gabriella has her own personality and is artsy, athletic and stands out from the rest of her sisters who seem to be much more girly!

The odd thing about this all is that the other Housewives all attended Antonia’s party and it seems that none, not even Kathy, even stopped by Teresa’s. So much for everyone being happy and back together again, right? I mean, these were Teresa’s friends for many years before Melissa came into the show.

Check out the rest of the photos below:


GabCommunion2  GabCommunion4



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  • Just saying how about we not bash people! How about we just be happy for both Teresa and Joe on their beautiful children’s day. I teach Sunday School, I know the hours upon hours of time it takes to get these children ready for their days. Perhaps Teresa and Melissa had different visions of their daughters communion days. And for the reason they each chose to have separate parties. Instead of flaming the flames that are still at ember stage, let’s celebrate the fact these two special girls made their First Holy Communions. Your either going to like Melissa and Teresa or your not but don’t bash a religious event that takes two years to achieve. And if your parish is anything like mine, you have 6 weeks of in the church practice. And then you have room in a pew for 13 people, so you have to pick carefully who is at each part of it. Between church and parties it is hard. This is a huge event in the life of a Roman Catholic and I am proud of both girls who made theirs.

  • what is truly sad about this whole thing is… the reason for these parties. to be able to receive the body of Christ in the shape of a wafer. A picture, twitter, family war takes away from the reason and both girls deserve to have the support of their mutual dysfunctional family! Who know this could be Joe’s last party for a while before jail time. Plus Melissa as a God parent should step down for being an asshole good for nothing C*&T! Church same ceremony, I can see. Both my nephew and my daughter had the same day for their Bar/Bat Mitzvahs but parties 1 week a part so families aren’t torn between where to go for fear of hurting one of the children. SELFISH for no reason and the families and friends are put in strange positions to choose. How many times to have hear read and see this bullshit how these sister in-laws are trying for the children’s sake! what a bunch of bullshit! tsk-tsk! Then I wonder if they give a speech to their children about good Friday or the sprit of Christmas correctly. sounds like sacrilege to me! Gabriella looked appropriate and I am glad she had a day for herself , it is hard to be a middle child. She is so quiet compared to the others, you hardly notice her. I am team Gabriella!!!

  • Ok…so two or so days ok Melissa says in a mag interview the following:

    “Gabriella is making hers at the same time, same church!” she said. “We’re both having parties at the same time, so unfortunately, we’re not going to each other’s parties.”

    “Joe’s parents are coming to both, yes,” she told Us. “They’re going to come to both of our parties. It’s not because we’re not getting along. It’s not that!”

    In fact, Melissa hinted to Us that things between she and Teresa have been steadily improving.

    “I’m gonna make sure I go over, and see Gabriella and give her a hug and a kiss before,” she said. “Hopefully we can get the girls to get a couple pictures together.”

    Now why couldn’t she do that (especially since that’s her Goddaughter) Where was she at the church that she couldn’t go over and take some pics with her Goddaughter niece and perhaps even some family pics with Teresa’s family and the mutual grandparents. Someone here is not telling all that is…and I’m taking a guess that it’s Melissa. Why wouldn’t she have pics…if they were all there together…why not? Question of the Day…could someone please answer for me.

    • I’m far from a Melissa fan, but lets be fair here, everyone is ragging on her for not having a picture with her Goddaughter when Teresa doesn’t have a picture with her niece either!!

      • My point was..if they were at the same church it shouldn’t have been to hard to get together to take a picture. Since Melissa said she wanted to get some pics why didn’t that happen. They were apparently at the same place. Who didn’t want that to happen? I’m just asking the question.

        • Teresa said on twitter that they belong to the same church, but had different communion times or something. So maybe they just didn’t cross paths.

          • Hi Michelle

            your right most of the time you belong to the same church and the ceremony are at different times i know this as ourfamily church has communion on the same day and can have up to three different masses at different times

            i believe this is what happened in this case the girls did their communion on the same day but different time

  • Both girls looked beautiful. However, Antonia looked more like a bride. Gabriella’s dress is what communion attire should look like.

  • Gabriella is the prettiest and sweetest of all the girls on all of the real housewife shows.

  • Yikes, why did Teresa say that they belonged to different Parishes ^^, and then it’s deleted now on her website?

    • Interesting. Odd that she deleted it.

      As I said previously, I don’t get why either of these Ladies has to justify why they chose to celebrate in the way they did. I really was hoping they would just congratulate each other and move on.

    • She probably wanted to give both and easy way out or she just made a dumb mistake, Teresa has been known for those too.

  • I’m curious if Teresa and Melissa really do go to the same church like Melissa said on twitter or a different church like Teresa wrote on her website. It would be interesting to see who was lying. Although lol we know exactly who is lying. The one who said they didn’t do it is always the one who did. Right Melissa?

  • On a side note, I see Tre gave a shout out to the photographer. I don’t see the complaints from anyone the way some people complained when Mel did it. Just saying…

    • So what she gave a shout ot to the photgrapher, I could care less. I don’t care that Messy did her shouts ( and her sister did too) out to all the people she did and sold her daughters photos to the online rags.

        • I got it @ rhfan, 😉 We are on the same page about this.

          I just didn’t want to see ” headache” start, when there isn’t one. 🙂

  • Sounds as if they had a great party! The pics are great they all look so happy. I’m glad the day was fun and special for both girls.

    • I haven’t read that rumor.. They are done filming. All the ladies have said this.

    • I do wonder if Melissa transform her daughter’s first communion into a filming event and that is why all the other ladies were there?

      I surely hope not, it is one thing to have your daughter’s party comp for all it is worth but to use it as a filming event after what happened at the last Christening would not be wise.

      • Messy said on twitter it was not filmed for Bravo.. I really think people need to stop with this bullshit.

        I think the other ladies were just there because they were invited period.

        • That is good to know.

          Of course they were there because they were invited and I also think that Teresa didn’t invite Caroline and Jacko, after all like she said it was just for family. I am sure that if Antonia didn’t have her communion on the same day she would had been invited and maybe Kathy as well.

          Each of the girls had the party that their own personality fits into.

          I am still leery about hiring a photographer to take pictures and release to the gossip rags though, that doesn’t sit well with me. Sort of reminds me of one of the antics of Pimpmomager Kris K, LOL

  • I don’t understand why Melissa or Teresa published photos of their daughter’s communions. This should be a private family matter, but then again these 2 are both famewhores. It’s ridiculous for Teresa stans to attack Melissa but defend Teresa on this topic.

  • I wish i had a dvd of all the dirty looks gabriella has given to people these past few years. Her one liners and dirty looks get me all the damn time and i really hope they show more of her in the next season. I adore her!!!

  • Good for Teresa for letting her daughter pick what she wanted. Gabriella is a more simple and quiet girl so it was nice the party was catered to her. Next year I could see Milania pick a more frilly dress like Antonia. Do all of you remember Teresa had to let Milania wear her fancy dress to her birthday party at the pizzeria.

  • There goes Teresa clearing up the “misunderstanding’s”. Wow, I am learning alot about Teresa.

    This specific story is about her family,why would she want anything negative anywhere near her angels.

    Good to see Grampa with children, grandparents are so important to children no matter what age the children..granparents are in a special category.

    Wow..the girls are beautiful and so independent of each other and have their own personalities..that takes special parenting to be able to let your light shine..speaking as a #10 of 10.


    • Wow Samael! Ten kids! God bless your mama. My mom is number thirteen of thirteen and my granpa is number twelve of nineteen. All by the same parents too! Gotta love those Catholics!!! LOL! I raised one of my grand children since birth. That child is my heart. She is married now and for the first time since I was sixteen I have an empty nest!

      • Hi Sandy

        yup, my mom rocked, she had a wonderful sense of humor and made each of us feel like we were part einstein/leanardo da vinci/stephan hawking

        She was the first to claim my heart..really miss her.

        We (children) figured out that my mom was pregnant for the first 20 years of her marriage!


  • Seriously people are commenting and comparing the parties of two little girls. Come on. They are children this should not be a story.

    • I know I don’t like this at all. Believe me I can’t stand Messy and Fredo not one damn bit, but I can not hate on them giving their daughter a beautiful Communion dress and party. They did for their daughter want she and they wanted.

    • You can thank Meho for all this comparing. She came full force on Teresa’s show to do and allow just that.

  • Love that Gabriella had the day that she wanted, just like Antonia had the day she wanted. Both girls looked beautiful, both dresses were beautiful. Both familes are beautiful. Iam not going to hate on these families for giving their children the dresses/ parties that they wanted.

    God Bless Gabriella and Antonia on making their First Holy Communion.

    • Oh and BTW, I love Teresa’s statement, it would have been nice if Messy would have made some kind of statement, but well, ya know….

    • I want to commend you holy because on all these posts it seems like you are the only one taking an objective viewpoint and speaking as an adult. Antiona is more girly like her mom and probably loved that dress and looked as though she was having a blast at her party. While Gabriella is more reserved and had a low key good old fashioned time. Her dress fit her personality which is not over the top.

      People are taking this way too far about these parties that two very different little girls wanted for their day.

      • Thank You SweetPea 🙂

        I agree Antonia is girly like her mother. I’m sure she loved being a princess for the day. I saw her photos she was loving her party, dancing twirling around all smiles.

        Gabriella’s dress is gorgeous as well, and I agree fits her personality perfectly, low key, classic Gabriella has a classic look to her. In her photos she is having a great time all smiles running around.

        Both girls look so happy.

    • I agree! Those two little sweethearts are not only beautiful they are precious! Both of them are so sweet and innocent. I also say God Bless on their First Communion! Looks like they both had wonderful days and were happy!

    • I agree both girls were absolutely beautiful and both parties reflected their personalities. God bles both of these beautiful girls.

  • I think the biggest POS is kathy. She should of attended both. She has no excuse especially since she says she’s old school and its about respect. Where is the respect with these events. She is family and she knows better. I’m 100% italian and we don’t do tht shit. It shows me the housewives of NJ is not really the lovey dovey tht Bravo is trying to portray. Tre doesn’t need these ladies and I think its just too late and the viewers are seeing through this BS.

      • And on top of that…remember when Teresa told Kathy she was “done done done” with her?

        • Well Gimme, Missy said at reunion ” NEVER”, blah blah …and was moving because she feared her nieces would maybe at some time ” bully” Antonia- so gross.

          • michers you are so sweet. You always worry you are pissing off or offending someone! I think it’s awesome. Too bad about half of them are too rude to even give a sh^#… You are the kindest person on this site. Just wanted to tell ya sugah!

          • I know you weren’t, Michers. It’s hard to tell “tone” when typing. And Sandy – I hope you were not referring to me because I have not been back here since I posted my last note.

          • Ok good Gimme 🙂 All is well… I know about the tone! Gets me sometimes also 🙂 Ehh, its not that serious though 🙂

    • paula, while I dislike the one whose hubby calls her Fish, I have to say I think out of all castmembers and family, Kathy was the ONLY one to tweet nice messages for both girls making Communion.

    • Paula, I am the same as you 100% Italian and you are so right. Blood is suppose to be thicker then water!! I know Fredo is her cousin too but, she should showed up and made an appearance. I also agree with the lovey dovey crap. I do think Gabriella looked classy. Antonia is also a beautiful little girl, I personally think her dress was over the top but if that’s what she wanted God bless her.

      • I am glad Kathy didn’t showed up, after her disgusting behavior at the reunion and after the horrible scene that her sister Rosie had, if I was Teresa I would be done with that whole side of the family and just keep it civilized for filming but that is it.

        Who needs somebody like Kathy around, Mr. Gorga was there and he is delicate, did he really needed a person like Kathy who called him a F^&ing liar? I don’t think so.

    • Hi Paula

      what does POS. Mean lol

      this season her catch phrase should be i pretend to be old school but in reality Im an evil witch lol

      • pOS means piece of shit. i didnt knoe Kathy tweeted the girls congratulations. I’m 100% italian and even if you don’t get along you show up with your gift because these type of events are so important and your there for the child. Like I said on another thread I showed up for my niece and they showed up as well while we both had separate parties. I don’t usually blog much but this upset me because they are family.

        • Hi Paula

          thanks for the explanation of POS in not very savvy with abbreviations actually very limited my knowledge so thanks mate

          Also Italian catholic (although not practiced in a while ie attended church) however i still have very strong faith.

          And like you our family and friends all always turn up even to just Congrats our kids and give em a present even what not invited as they no we just can’t afford to invite everyone even tho it would be nice.

          Kathy has absolutely no sense of family maybe she’s been hanging round Melwhore and Caro too much.

          As for her opening cr we’re old school we believe in respect what a load of crap she called her aunt and uncle horrible names where’s the respect in that and did she ever apologize to them

  • I always thought Gabriella was the prettiest and I loved it when they were all on the ship and she went to hit Caroline. Even little kids can’t stand Caroline.

    • ITA! I think Gabriella is the prettiest of them all and they are all quiet pretty.

    • LOL. Hahaha! I still remember how she hit Caroline! I was shocked to see it because Gabriella is always the sweet, quiet one so I laughed when she did that. They are all beautiful, but Gabriella is the prettiest ons. She has Juicy’s look, and reminds me of a mini me of Juicy’s mother.

      I love how beautiful they all look! 🙂 This communion looks more private and intimate like how real families should be. Doesn’t scream ‘PARTY, PARTY, PARTY! Look at my daughter, but LOOK AT ME MORE’ type of event. Yes, MeHo… I’m talking about you.

      Teresa and MeHo are both wearing the same colors, but Tre looks way more beautiful in her dress. It fits her right, and she always looks like Teresa. 🙂 MeHo is always transforming herself more and more, and looks nothing like before.

  • Look at audriana with her hand on her hips. Because she was born on screen, she has a special place in my heart. I knew that gabriella’s was going to be more low key cause that is the type of girl she is; she must get that from juicy. I can’t wait to see pictures of milania’s because we all know that it is going to be over the top-just like milania.

    • All four girls have different personalities but little Gaby is the most quiet and we hardly see her.

      See also looks alot like Joe

  • I think both antonia and gabriella looked beautiful in the communion photos. However, I did feel like antonia’s dress looked more like a wedding gown but she did look pretty. Gabriella’s dress looked more like a communion dress to me….and i think she looked like a little angel. Very traditional. The fact that none of the other housewives went to support gabriella is no surprise to me. IT is a reflection on how toxic the cast has become. I think it was the best thing that could happen as gabriella ended up being only surrounded by ppl who truly care and love her and her family.

  • Now, why isn’t this event being marked as sponsored like Antonia’s was? Teresa plugged her photographer..

    • kinda seems like that photog has a long relationshp with Tre as on his website she is feaured. I think teresa paid for everything at the party and probably only got a break on the pic. WHile Antonia’s party was ENTIRLEy sponsered. From little antonia’s hair, dress, the dj and entertainment etc…..Melissa got everything free.Her photographer actually sold the pictures to major media outlets. SO much for an intimate communion for ur only daughter. Glad Teresa chose to put up her pics on her OWN personal website. I don’t care if these reality stars sell their photos or get free shiit. BUt some things should be sacred.

      • Advertising doesn’t mean you got it for free. You get your house painted, they put a sign in your yard, it doesn’t mean you didn’t pay for the paint job.

      • TmC. It is sacred! First communion I mean. I believe it is one of the sacraments. I am not positive but pretty sure it is and that is a huge deal. That’s why we always celebrated them afterwards with a party for the child. We always had (family and close friends) a big dinner after church at whomever’s child was the celebrant. Sometimes a pot luck sometimes the person hosting did everything. I live in Florida so we did big outdoor BBQ’s so the kids could run around and the adults could party! Most Catholics like their alcohol! LOL! We always had a great time as did the kids of course. We also gave gifts. Mostly of the religious type. A necklace with a cross, a childs bible, a crucifix for their room to hang on the wall above their bed etc. So the whole day was about the importance of first communion. I remember my own and my God it was a million years ago! I felt really special because it meant I got to go up during mass with all the adults and receive communion! LOL!

        • Hi Sandy

          that’s what i was excited bout as well going up with the adults and receiving communion lol

          Im half Italian and we do make a big deal bout sacred occasions and usually have a party afterwards some have it at home and others have it either catered for at a hall or they have it at a hall but they do the cooking, other do make a big deal and have a reception as tho it’s a wedding i hate those ones there an absolute snooze fest.

          I loved my communion as i said i had it with my 3 1st cousins coz that’s what we wanted we all felt special and all felt it was our day.

          And bout the presents yeah there usually a bible a cross for your room and a saint pendant etc

    • There is a difference when your family event is sponsored for everything, the water, the restaurant, the flowers, the dress, the pictures, the food, the canapés, the parents’ outfits, the bar, the disc jockey, etc.

      I have no doubt or whatsoever that if Teresa wanted to receive everything for free all she needed to do was lift her finger and companies would had been fighting over comping her party, she after all is the star of the franchise, but she decided to make this a small family affair, so if she got the pictures comped, then good for her, at least she didn’t transform her daughter’s first communion into a circus just to have everything for free.

      • Hi Lexy

        i was just bout to post a similar thread to your bout Tre if she really wanted to she could’ve had everything for free if not at a discounted price but she chose not to and in with Gabys choice and keep it as it should be a sacred family and close friend celebration

  • When I look at gabriella in her dress….i just had an instant smile. I think out of all of Teresa’s girls gabriella is my favorite. THe cool thing about teresa daughters is the fact that they each have their own personalities and it shines through in what thy say, wear, what sports they play etc. When I think of gabriella i think of soccer and art, with GIa is dance, with Miliana it is performing arts, when I think of little gabriella she is all about her dollies. I think out of all of the nJ kids teresa’s kids will go far and when I see them onscreen they are truly fun to watch. We all saw them grow up and it is cool to see all of their milestones on camera and off.

    • I agree, Teresa is a good mother, she doesn’t make it all about her, she let’s each and every one of her daughters shine with their own personality and doesn’t try to change them just to make the viewers pretend they are perfect. I guess that is one of the reasons why the Guidice’s girls are so likeable, because they are who they are, they are real, they do not need to be perfect, they just need to be them.

      • ITA with all the above comments By the way i can’t believe how grown ur Gia looks she’s a lovely young lady not a little girl and the other three have also grown up so much Audrianna is now all grown i remember the Italy trip when the girls were so young and Audrianna was a baby. Gia is a spitting image me Tre and so is Gia Gaby looks like Joe and Audrianna is a mix me both but more like her mom these girls are gorgeous and very smart.

        I love the way they all have different personalities and Tre doesn’t try to make them like her.

        She’s a great mom she encourages their sports and hobby choices and is always their for em always puts the kids first a very good mom,although sometimes she needs to maybe discipline them when they get really checky or say inappropriate things. But other than that her kids are normal healthy happy children that love each other

        i just keep thinking me the song Gia wrote and sang at her bday to her mom and uncle it broke my heart still does when i think bout it just goes to show how sensitive her kids are and how much they love and respect family

        • Sorry i meant to say Milania and this auto correct on my ph is driving me crazy it keeps substituting the word of for me and in too quick to press the enter key so sorry folks hope you can understand what Im trying to say Milan:-):-)

  • Well she said she did leave it up to Gabrialla. Smart girl didn’t want the trash at her event.

  • Not sureprised the others didn’t come; honestly I am happy they didn’t go they are all fake let them go with melissa; shows what they are all about anyway. They aren’t family they made that clear last year; you can kiss and make up but U never foget when someone stabs you CAROLINE, KATHY, JACASS

    • I’m not surprised they didn’t come either. Keep in mind that both Gia and Grabrella are a bit older and are probably aware of how the other ladies talked about their family last season. They may not want to be associated with the other women or even the show at this point. Who could blame them? Nene kind of let the cat out of the bag during her one on one where she said they could body language, and things aren’t as they seem…. Code for Teresa told me those bitches still aren’t on her level and its a front to get along. It’s reported today that Teresa’s parents won’t even speak to Kathy. And who’d want their kids around Jacqueline? I agree they were not missed. It was beautiful with the family that loves and adores her, instead of those that judge her and her family.

    • They might think that they ditched Teresa and showed her who is the boss, but I for once am happy they did not make it. These four ladies wouldn’t do anything without a camera around, and Teresa doesn’t need this fake friends, she has real family and friends and all the love she needs right there. I am sure she was relief that those clowns couldn’t make it.

    • Candida

      i totally agree im glad that frog eyed two bitch Kathy and her gross husband didn’t go to it, would’ve been fake anyway.

      Kathy is really now showing her true colour GREEN with envy and how can she even face her aunt and uncle after what she said bout em total Scrag/scrubber

      sh belongs with Melwhore,sower face Caro and drunken wacko Jacko.

      You know the saying misery loves company and their all miserable jealous bitches that’s why they get along so well

  • Love the way Gabreilla celebrated her Communion party…..I love how Tre made it about Gabriella and what Gabriella wanted Tre made it happen….. that right there is good parenting! Gabriella’s dress was so pretty fancy and simple and not over the top which IMO how a First Holy Communion dress should be. Congrats to Gabriella!!

    • I couldn’t agree more…. I think more people can identify with Gabriella’s First Holy Communion celebration than ‘over the top’ ones. Good to see T’s dad smiling in the photo too!

      • In Melissa’s defense, that is her only daughter so of course she would go all out. Also maybe Antonia wanted a lavish party.

        • Well Im the only girl in my family and i had a celebration just like Gabys with a similar dress my parents couldn’t
          afford a lavish do.

          Like i said in an earlier thread i had it with my three other 1st cousins and we had a ball we celebrated with all our family
          and very close friends.

          Im glad my parents taught me the value of money and that i can’t have the best of everything. Even tho they wanted to give me the best as well they couldn’t so i associated everything i got and everything they did for me till this very day as an adult i still appreciate everything even if it’s just a card which i keep all my cards. And i don’t expect anything.

          Every parent wants the very best for their child but if you can’t afford it just do something you can and it still can be fun.

          I truly hope Antonia won’t grow up a spoilt girl/women and want and expect things
          from ppl or marry for money. She’s a gorgeous child hope she stays that way

  • Loved Gabriella’s hair. Very classy look all the way around. The grandparents looked genuinely happy with her. I’m sure the kids had a wonderful time!

    • This is what a family religious celebration look like to me, family and few good friends enjoying each other’s company, not cameras around, no famewhore friends, all about Gabrielle. I love it.

    • I agree! More intimate and authentic 🙂 I m going to be a biatch and say I noticed a difference in the facial expressions of Nonno Gorga in this pic compared to the the one with Stumpy. Gabriella has to be the ONLY child probably across all franchises that has not been into the cameras and veered away from lime light, God bless her! She must have the patience of a saint! Im not saying anything bad or negative about ANY other kids, I just think its interesting to see!

      • I have to say Michers…I noticed the same thing. I am happy that Teresa let Gabriella be herself. She seems to be such a sweet little girl with such interesting interests. I think they must have had such a good time. Teresa said that Gabby just wanted family and close friends and with that said…I think she had the party she wanted. Love the pictures…so real and they look like they had a blast. So great that her grandparents could be at both parties. I think (despite not wanting to say this) Teresa does get to do this 2 more times…Melissa (ugh) only has the one daughter. She wanted to make it a huge affair with lots of promos and freebees…ok whatever. She did what she wanted. I’m glad Teresa was gracious and acknowledged her niece. I’m wondering if Melissa did at all with Gabriella. Hope so.

        • ITA Michers and Lysal.

          Gaby is such a beautiful little girl and she looked stunning not over the top,and so different from her sis. Even looks different from them the other 3 look alot like Tre but Gaby look like Joe.

          Im glad Tre did what Gaby wanted and made it a fun kids party but she always does except for the christening lol her parties are always kids friendly i love that she doesn’t make it bout her.

          So nice she acknowledged Antonia and the other kids.

          God bless the Sr Gorgas having to go from one ceremony to another then from one party to another don’t forget Gorga Sr is ill gee grandparents are great

          • By the way i can’t believe how grown ur Gia looks she’s a young lady not a little girl and the other three have also grown ur so much look at Adrienna how big she is remember the Italy trip they were so young and Audrianna was a baby. Time flies

      • I agree too! I also noticed the expressions on the Gorgas faces and I thought I was just be sensitive to their situation and over compensating but, if you guys notice too I am not the only one then….yea I guess I’m not a nut!

      • Gabriella is such a pretty little girl. I love the way Audrianna is posing in the picture. Teresa had the right kind of celebration.

      • Her tolerance is actually pretty low. She stormed out of the beach house that one time because Milania was being annoying lol