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VIDEO: Joe Gorga Encourages His Toddler To Make Inappropriate Gestures

Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Joe Gorga is not one to be shy about sex, but is it too much when he imposes this on his little son Joey? Joe tweeted the following clip of his son dancing at a party and encouraging him to make masturbation gestures for everyone to see.

Joe said:

Click the link to see the video! Nobody tries to stop Joey except for Lysa (Melissa’s sister) and then finally Melissa steps in. This was also at a Communion party, no less!

Some things might be cute if a baby does them, but do you think Joe should have posted this to his Twitter followers?

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  • We have to remember that the show is always in a state of edit and we don’t always get the real story.

    I notice all these negative comments on here about the Real Housewives of New Jersey, but I can almost guarantee that each and every one of these people who made negative comments have their faces and ears glued to the television each and every Sunday night so they don’t miss any of the debauchery! LOL

    Can we not just enjoy the show and leave the negativity at home? GEEEEEEEZ!!!

  • He is the most Gross out person and Father that’s on Bravo . He really needs to stand up an Try being a real Father for the First Time in his nasty life.

  • Whoops. There are no boys in T’s immediate family. Maybe he will be arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior. Bravo Andy, have you seen this video? He does represent your network. Where is your shame????

  • JoecGorga is a brain- dead monster. Not content with destroying his sister at the command of his stripper wife, he humiliates and insults his parents and nieces and nephews on national t.v. Now, he is going after his own child. He needs to be in a mental institution.

  • We all know that the gorgas think they are so happy in fact Melissa “wrote” a book about her secrets to a happy marriage with a picture of her favorite person herself. Joe is always trying to hump anything! How else could have taught his offspring?? The sad case is someone showed him this act! Then videotaped it. Idiots!

  • The funny part out of all of this is rich wakile still trying to talk shit about rox on twitter. Lmao. Hey dick wakile!!!! Glad you read this site and see how much we hate you!!!!

  • Between the poor judgement, over-sexualization, and violence that the Gorga’s have allowed to be shown on TV (who know’s what goes on in that house that we do not see.) I don’t know how the 3 Gorga children will ever have any playdates. I would not let any of my kids near that pre-foreclosed, devoid of any furniture, house of horrors without an entire armed security team.

  • Anyone who finds this video funny/cute is a pervert. I find it disgusting and appalling that a parent would encourage their son to do this. There is nothing funny about a baby simulating masturbation. It makes my stomach turn.

  • Very disturbing! What does Joe Gorga think will be the ramifications of encouraging his son to mimic sex acts? It’s bad enough he taped it but to make it public? What is wrong with this man?! This has NOTHING to do with Teresa! Teresa’s behavior in Napa was embarrassing but she is an adult! I just don’t get it.

    • If this behavior continues in the future, his son could also be looking at criminal sex offenses like his father is rumored to have been charged with.

  • Omg, are they going to have problems with this behavior when the little one goes to pre-school! I don’t blame the child, he’s doing whatever he can to please people. If he gets laughs when doing it, all the more reason for him to do it! Like Pavlov’s dog, right? It’s sad.

    Has anyone else noticed Antonia’s smile? Yes, she is a beautiful little girl. I can’t help but wonder about her, though. Usually, when people smile the eyes are involved and don’t get all squinty. Squinty eyes when smiling signals a half-smile, one that isn’t genuine. I think she’s learned how to do this from her mom (master the fake smile). And this isn’t the first time I’ve seen her do it. Also sad.

  • Sorry if someone posted this upthread, but Richie is talking smack again about Roxy and Joe Gorga retweeted it! They are so disgusting.

    • I don’t get that. Roxy is not nasty or vicious. Why is he obsessed with her? SH can get really nasty, but I don’t hear about him badmouthing her. Maybe he’s angry because his wife smells like fish, his SIL is more manly than he is and his big bucked teeth get in the way when he wants to whistle at the ladies.

  • To jpg and the rest of the trolls on this board who don’t understand the gravity of Joe Gorga posting this video for the world to see, my suggestion to you is get off this gossip rag and go do some research.

    You guys are apparently not parents, or parents of boys. Trust me, as a mother of a boy I can tell you that this “dance” was not some silly little dance that he made up. He was taught that. What’s even more sickening is that he was encouraged to do it.

    This article is not about comparing notes about what you feel about how she dresses her children or some of their inappropriate behavior. THIS VIDEO IS OVERTLY SEXUAL, IT’S ENCOURAGED BY HIS DAD AND HIS DAD POSTED IT AND IS VOID OF UNDERSTANDING HOW DISGUSTING IT IS.

    You human posers make me sick. Shame on you.

    • Agreed! This situation is not about Team Teresa vs Team Melissa.

      What shocks me the most shocking is that the video and his comment are still up. Does he not realize how inappropriate it is? If not, is there no one around him who cares enough about little Joey to tell him to take it down?

      • @ jerseygirl

        So agree, and bascially said the exact same thing in my post above^^^.

        Another thing Tricky Dicky Wakile posts on twitter about Rox putting this article up, bitching about it.. Well Asshat( Tricky Dicky), Rox( actually wasn’t it Jose that wrote this) anyway.. Rox isn’t the only blogger that has written about this, SH has, Fame has and somehow mentioned Wetpaint has also, besides since Fredo posted this video on twitter, twitter has been going crazy about it. So really Tricky Dicky back off Rox. Then you have Lysa Simpson and Fredo Rt’ing Tricky Dicky tweet, what idiots!

        I don’t care what anyone says, Fredo posting that video on twitter was all kinds of wrong. He never ever should have done that, and the fact thats it’s still up it crazy!

        I seriously can not beleive that this family thinks thats ok.

      • Jersey, I agree that this shouldn’t be a tit for tat discussion on which Joe is more disgusting and which wife is more enabling.

        I thought the video was in very poor taste and it’s beyond me why anyone would teach and encourage their child to make obscene gestures.

      • It will officially be May 9th in a few min. Another day that Melissa allowed a pornographic video of her son to be downloaded by perverts. Born to be a mommy, indeed.

  • Can you imagine the number of sex tapes Joe and Melissa have made? He clearly loves video. I bet he uses them as blackmail if she ever threatens to leave him – he is that gross.

    • I need a big ol’ bottle of BRAIN BLEACH after the mere thought of sex tapes involving that horny little gnome and his trashbox wife.


  • I know everyone has their opinions, but what’s up with this, ‘WELL TERESA’S KIDS DID THIS SO THAT MAKES IT OK FOR JOE AND MELISSA’S KIDS TO DO THAT!’ mentality.
    I get Teresa has done stuff too and she’s not completely innocent, but this isn’t about her, Caroline, Jacqueline, or the other one.
    This is about a little boy being encouraged to think it’s cute to behave inappropriately by his father and them posting it online for the whole world to see.

  • Clearly the big baby is Joe Sr. He was encouraging while his aunt and mother were trying to stop. I have a feeling Melissa is going to have her hands full in about 15 years

    • I do give Melissa and lysa a little credit trying to stop him but they didn’t try hard enough. how hard is it to stop a 3 year old from making hand gestures? it didn’t help that daddy douchebag was egging him on.

      it’s not the end of the world but it definitely doesn’t make joey gorga look good at all and it’s a slap to the face of Teresa haters that like to accuse of Teresa of being inappropriate when her own brother and Melissa are just as inappropriate. also joey is just teaching his son bad habits. once a child learns something it’s hard for them to stop. so now little baby joey is going to be doing that stupid hand gesture for a long time. good job daddy.

      • All that credit went out the window when they remained silent while Joe posted it. They need to tell him to take it down and publicly admonish him for it.

        • that’s true LMAO. I didn’t think about that. I would be pissed if my spouse uploaded a pic or video that would be embarrassing.

  • Off the subject but is Antonia wearing a “My mom rocks” shirt. HAHA . . . How self indulged is this girl? I understand the sayings on the shirt. I had some for my kids like “My brother is awesome” or “My grampa Rules” but nothing ever about myself. HAHA.

    • Well you know that is how Missy rolls- always lovin thy self !! Anything that praises her is all good. But only her.

    • That’s similar to the Christmas card where Melissa placed HERSELF in front while her children and Joey were like the background players in HER Christmas card.

      She’s a total narcissist.

      I also don’t see a real and deep connection between Melissa and her kids. It’s like they are props and accessories to her. It’s also like she, like a typical narcissist, sees them as extensions of HERSELF (“Antonia is JUST like her Mommy.”).

      My mother would have never even THOUGHT to buy me a “My MOMMY Rocks” t-shirt. She would have gotten me a shirt telling me that I rock.

      But then again, my Mom always placed me in a carseat and thought of my needs and my safety before her OWN.

      • LOL Lola!!!! From the minute she hit the show, it was her being in love with herself. There are many pictures of her and the fam, and she ALWAYS places herself front and center! One pic almost looked like she was about to push Antonia out of the way! And I agree- most of us moms place our children before anything, especially ourselves.

        • Well, we see what we are looking for.
          After reading many posts here about the positioning of family I took a second look at my family photos.
          Speaking only for my family, we tend to put the person who looks the most focused in the front. That would include my dog and my cats. No particular order.
          You might be reading too much into the family photos?

  • This thread has absolutely nothing to do with Teresa and all about Fredo posting a video of his son on twitter that should have never to cyber space, period, the freakin moron that he is!
    I love it when a thread is about something that these ASHATS do Cracker Jac, Lurker Chris with their shady BK, messed up financials, exposing their special needs child, or Messy getting busted for not having for child in a child saftey seat when stopped for speeding. Or Fredo and Lurker Chris and Cracker Jac losing their shit and fighting at a Bravo filming event and beating up a guy.
    The Teresa haters come on and twist what these ASSHATS do into bashing Teresa, and or her fans..Freakin hysterical!

    Face it these ASSHATS F- Up, they are not perfect, far from it.

    • I know! I especially love that this is a gossip blog and they get their panties all bunched up trying to school people here talking about a HW show! Meanwhile, they are clogged and need a laxative due to hating Teresa so much while worshipping the fools the post videos like this one being discussed. Comical.

  • This video is wrong and disturbing regaurdless if you’re Team Melissa or Team Teresa.

    As far as people assuming poster “JPG” is Joe Gorga -please stop, because you’re giving him too much credit. We all know Joe Gorga is illiterate.

    • Thank You. I SERIOUSLY do NOT think Joey Gorga can read, and I’m not trying to be ugly or funny when I say that. He ALWAYS has to have everything read to him anytime he’s asked to read something onscreen.

      • He can’t be too illiterate , he got into a text war with joe giudice. Lol maybe just a limited education and lacking in critical thinking. Brain damage from steroids?

        • I wouldn’t be surprised if Melissa or someone else (like one of her witchy sisters) texted and tweeted for him.

          But maybe he CAN read? I’d bet that he can’t read very well, though.

          • True , we all know one of the Marco sisters were running his twitter account at some point. So who knows lol

  • this blog is so f@$*^& up with so much stupid hate it’s out of control. I mean it’s the basis of picking sides here. People excuse the things Teresa has done in the past and focus in on the negative other people do. Everyone is guilty of being an idiot and a douchebag, EVEN TERESA!

    I find it hard to believe Teresa even cares what any of you think. Or any of the housewives. All she wants from her fans is your money to help her bank account grow larger. Enough with the delusion that is the lemmings that follow Teresa.

    The love and devotion for Teresa here is sick.

    • ohhh…you’re so tough. you’re being very hypocritical for someone trying to attack Teresa fans and trying to scold us about a reality show. you’re doing exactly what every one else is doing. you’re in a reality show blog ranting about a reality star. yeah, you can just stop now because you’re not making sense at all.

      clearly you’re not one of her fans and that is why you are only complaining about Teresa and nobody else in the new jersey cast. what’s the matter your feelings hurt because people are finally seeing the gorgas for the scumbags that they are? well, too bad, so sad.

      • of course you agree Estelle. if it’s anything against Teresa you agree. you and this “what the hell? person should really practice what you two are preaching because you like to come in the new jersey threads to bash Teresa all the time. if you and this “what the hell person” believe that Teresa doesn’t care about her fans then what makes you two think she cares about her haters!!?

        NEWAFLASH! she doesn’t care about the haters at all!! just something to think about before you, what the hell or any other obsessed Teresa hater post another Teresa inspired hate rant.

        • The only haters I see around here are Teresa’s fans. And since Teresa is the Queen of Hate, I’m sure she thinks you’re all doing a very nice job.

          • I disagree…I’d say Teresa is the Queen of Flighty, Caroline is the Queen of Mean, Jacqueline is the Queen of Crazy, Melissa is the Queen of Fake and Kathy is the Queen of…..Fish? Canoli Kits?

        • And anything anti- everyone else on the cast, you agree with. Let her have her opinions.

          • gimme pizza, give me a freakin break. who isn’t allowing anyone to have their opinions. did you not read what the hell’s rant about people having their own opinions? he/she is mad because people are defending Teresa and she’s basically scolding us and telling us to stop. she doesn’t want to allow Teresa fans to have their own opinions!!

            so direct your “let her have her opinions” directed to that lunatic.

    • Oh please. Teresa is in a 3 way tie as my favorite Housewife ever. However, I’m not blind…it’s clear she’s not 100% truthful all the time and possibly does some shady things behind the scenes. The reason Teresa fans are so passionate about defending her and pointing out the other women’s flaws is for the exact point you made: EVERYONE is GUILTY of being an idiot and douche bag. Yet episode after episode, we have to watch the Manzos, Lauritas, Marcos and Wakiles painted in the best light possible, asked the easiest and lightest questions on WWHL and reunions, as well as watch every drama and issue Tre has in life drawn out on the show, while the other women are also going through issues of infidelity, financial issues, bankruptcy, foreclosure, etc. and it’s kept off screen.

      As far as finding it hard to believe Teresa cares what her fans think, I beg to differ. I don’t see any of the other housewives constantly posting pictures of her fans on her web site, shouting out and thanking her fans in her blogs and Twitter and staying at book signings for hours later than she’s supposed to so that everyone gets their book signed.

      I’ve received at least 5 personal “thank you” tweets from Teresa on Twitter for voting for her on the Seacrest poll or complimenting her on Twitter.

      What’s sick is the other 4 women who can’t for the life of them get their ventures to be successful and it drives them crazy enough to destroy families. THEY should care more and be more appreciate of the few fans they have.

      • I agree RB. The hypocrisy is so wrong that I can forgive Teresa anything she does to these women short of murder(lol) Seriously, they all lie and have problems but why is Teresa the bad person when all are guilty of the same thing? Also Teresa appreciate her fans and the haters. Her fans buy her products and haters buy the magazines that trash her. Being on magazines and other media outlets mean exposure, which mean people know her name, which mean more business opportunities for her. She even thanked her fans on her new book. Teresa is smart because she is thankful for her fans(and shows it) and knows not to bite the hand that feed her.

        • Yeah, let’s remember, Wacko Jacko is the one on Twitter, constantly telling the viewers to “get a life”, calling us “losers”, “pathetic”, “desperate”…all while interjecting in the midst of her insults how she has the most perfect best life that ever was given to a human, has a pen right about a million dollar contract and has SOOOO many exciting and amazing business ventures that she’ll be announcing “any day now”…it’s been 2 years Jacq!! When’s the day coming?!?!

      • She already won the true poll, the ryan Seacrest poll for favorite housewife.

    • Love how you took the time to find this blog, read it and finally tell us we’re sick. Ok What The Hell?1? Go away now, dont let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

    • I think it’s that video that is sick.

      Also, if you read the comments, you will see some posters here say that they don’t like Teresa, or you will see them acknowledge things that Teresa and her husband, Joe, have done wrong.

      So, either refrain from coming to this site if the comments irritate you so much or build a bridge and get the hell over it.

  • Oh my god! This man is either masturbating in front of his kids or exposing himself to them. Plus who in their right mind posts this video online for all to see? Poor Antonia, what a father she has!

  • WHAT AN ASS! If Teresa did something so aweful, IT WOULD BE WORLD WAR III!!!!!!

  • Ok when Miliania was on the stripper pole I said tht was wronv and it was. But posters were saying its cute and maybe Gia taught her how to do it. That didn’t get a whole post of people saying TG’s kids should be taken away. Now if they want to teach their child tht, all well and fine but don’t have them on tspe doing it.

    I said all of tht to say this is wrong also, not the dance move cause like another poster said it was on the Hangover movie, and I did laugh, but do not teach your kids these moves and then tape them doing it. It will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

    I know this because my family has a video of myself and my cousins dancing to some song and I’m, as we would call it today twerking, I was maybe 10 at the time. And I hate, hate the fact that it’s even on video, with. my family cheering me on.

    So I understand parents teaching kids moves they think are funny, but to post it online for everyone to see is dumb and now you have evryone and their mother questioning your parenting skills.

    • I think people are taking it too far by saying that the kids should be taken away from Melissa/joey. Like I said, its kinda cute in the beginning of the video. Kids do/say stuff that we think is cute/funny and I’m sure that most parents have videos of their parents doing or say inappropriate things on tape. Its the fact that they posted it online is where the gorgas went wrong, especially since it is a bit sexual in nature. That tape should never have seen the light of day, unless it is something for the parents and kids to laugh at when they get older.

    • I agree with you, SweetPea. I guess if you’re going to have him do that on camera, at least keep it within your family home videos, don’t put it out there for the world to see/criticize.

  • I don’t know, nor do I care, If Melissa was a stripper. Or if they have an open marriage.
    Do I think they lie? Hell yes. Do I think Tre and Co. lie? Hell yes!
    But to put a young child on any social media making an obscene gesture is just asking for it.
    Shame on BRAVO. You guys suck.

    • Bravo did not do it, Joe Gorga did after Communion party Sunday. I think it is still on his twitter. All proud of it and shit.

      • Guilt by association.
        Do you really believe that Bravo had no hand in that?

        Bravo sites censor its visitors and edits the content. It’s kind of like being invited to dinner, given a seat, and then not allowed to eat.
        I just can’t believe that Bravo did not have some say-so. They OWN these folks.

        • No because they are done filming I thought and he used his own video camera and put on his twitter. I never heard of this being on Bravo website.

          • @ michers: I believe you believe that but I don’t for a minute.
            Bravo is in this to make money and I believe, however tacidly, Bravo either set it up or put their stamp of approval on it.

  • This should have been reported to department of children services. People have been fined for less and children removed from by someone simply indicating child endangerment, neglect, and abuse. What a shame!

    • They’d have to go to Melissa’s sister’s Lysa’s house to get those kids because that’s where they seem to spend the majority of their time.

      I sometimes wonder if those kids are being raised by Lysa or Melissa.

  • They are the most vulgar parents and for them to encourage this proves they are horrible parents as well. Bloody eejits!

    • Hey irish 🙂 Just when you think you have seen it all, huh? And he is such a proud poppa putting it on his twitter.

  • I think Gorga has brain damage from all of the steroids he has taken. He & his famewhore wife have seriously low IQ’s. It’s really great to video your kid doing it; what a bunch of idiots,

  • Pig…this will NEVER be addressed on WWHL or a reunion, yet Teresa will be burned at the stake for Milania swinging around a pole and saying she’s Melissa…

  • really!!

    Joey and Melissa you are setting an extremely inappropriate path for your children to walk down, and they will carry on the genes of an alley cat to future generations of gorgas! Get some morals with the next paycheck from RHONJ.

  • some Teresa haters were offended that milania said “stripper” and some even said that joey gorga would never teach his kids something like that because he isn’t inappropriate. well, looky here..I guess he can be inappropriate after all.

    • I hope BRAVO keeps this video and airs it when they least expect it. It would be nice if Andy aired this on WWHL, and he asks them if this is appropriate. I wanna see what they would say. I just want Andy to stop kissing their ass so much.

      • Isabella Patricia: Wait…you are so offended because this video was taken and posted on the internet but now you want it to be broadcast on national television for even more people to see? Tell me where the rational, logical thinking is in that.

        • no, if you payed attention to what Isabella is saying. she would want this video on wwhl. a little segment tv show where andy interviews the housewives. she wants the video outed to expose Melissa and joey and have andy ask them about it.

          this video is already out there because of dear old proud pervy papa.

          so don’t try to twist Isabella’s words around. where is the rational logical thinking in doing that? you thought you were going to make this little video okay by doing that?

          • Wow rukidding? I don’t recall addressing you at all. I was asking Isabella a question but since you love to jump into things let me explain a few things for you. More people in America have access to TV than the internet. Only a small percentage of internet users read or comments on blogs of any kind. So, knowing those facts it stands to reason that showing this tape on even a “little segment tv show”, as you call it, will potentially allow even more undesirable people to view this atrocity and then seek it out on the internet. Is that what you want?

            Also, for you to imply that I was trying to justify this video in any fashion speaks volumes about you. If you had actually read and understood my comment you would have realized it was the exact opposite of your suggestion.

          • wow jewels I don’t recall asking for your permission to respond to your ridiculous post. you do know there is a reply button right? do you know what that is for? do you even know how this whole blog works? you leave a post and people can reply to your post whether they like it or not!!

    • OMG so true!
      This video is really disgusting. Not cute or funny at all. & then to post it for everyone to see??? I have said it before…I feel so bad for those kids.

  • When ‘Allan’ did this to baby ‘Carlos’ in The Hangover, everyone in the theater erupted with laughter.

    • really? oh gee well I guess that makes it okay. everyone should make their babies do offensive gestures since it made a theater full of people laugh.

        • HAHAHA! Have you read half of the comments on this freaking blog…talk about trashy. Writing so much shit on people you have never met before AND you’re only seeing a small percentage of what was filmed. I was kind of joking about The Hangover, but you’re just a huge bitch. PEACE.

          • It’s a tv show and you’re the one trying to act holier than thou. Get over yourself before you have a meltdown.

          • That is what the blog is for HowNow. What I disagree with are the personal insults to each other on here. If they did not act a fool, there would be less of the comments you like I presume.

  • Opinion’s are like a**holes, everyone has one…so at that:
    Something is way off base with this bunch- first we have lurker on camera talking about when he first ‘found himself’, then whack in a talking head talking about hiding all of cj’s socks….mini Joe talking last season about his daughter being a cock blocker and now a little fella’s father posting how some adult (obviously) showed him how to feign masturbating. The baby doesn’t know what he’s doing is NOT to be faulted, but these ‘adults’ are more than walking a fine line here…
    And to those who want to bitch when T took Gia bra shopping… nothing compared to putting a child and masturbating in the same sentence.
    Bravo you have hit an all time low.

  • Absolutely disgusting to teach a child that, this is funny,then to use it at a competition?

    I know I have said this recently, but isn’t this abuse/neglect, why would responsible parents put this in cyberspace for pedophiles to enjoy.

    This is how they parent…go ahead…blame it on Teresa.

    In the last year I am slowly learning factual ugly disgusting things about M and J…who cares right…they are actors, but when they encourage/teach their child this and then put it out in cyberspace to share with pedophiles, for me as a parent that looks/feels/sounds like abuse.

    Hopefully this disgusting duo don’t blame it on their culture/age/up bringing/religion!

    • This was ironically at a first communion party for one of Melissa’s friend’s daughters. LOL :\

      • Hi Jose

        Truly disgusting, can’t even imagine my brother teaching his son this and releasing it online!

        If this happened in our family,we would nail his ass criminally then take the boy away.

        blech..ptoie..ewwe..ugly people

  • They’re sick parents. Why would any adult think this is funny? It seems like they just use the kids for their own amusement.

  • I used to try and give him the benefit of the doubt but he has removed all hope of that. What a crappy role model.
    And where is Momma? Goofy (nice way of saying DUMB) Daddy is clearly an idiot. But Momma is supposed to have a degree….in education, no less! What’s HER excuse?
    As a Mom, and by no means am I claiming to be Mother-of-the-Year, would I let my kid do that without consequence, let alone allowing it on a social media.
    HWNJ reflects badly on New Jersey. That’s a shame because NJ is a beautiful state with intelligent people but you’d never know it by the way this show represents them.

  • I think it’s completely inappropriate for his young child to be making those movements. If people were quick to jump on Teresa’s Gia for being in dance and making certain movements…what must they think of this!

    Joe Gorga is a moron and absolutely thinks what he does and his behavior with regards to his sexuality and how he displays it is funny. It’s not it’s completely disgusting and I can’t even begin to imagine being married to an idiot like him. Melissa prob laughs at it at home along with the other adults there that are laughing in the background. I think it’s sick and even Melissa’s slight move to stop him wasn’t could tell that she wasn’t really upset.

    Just sick.

    • Joey’s obsession with sexuality, his children’s genitals (There must be some level of obsession if you post a pic of your child’s genitals online and comment about the size of those genitals), and his constant references to his sex life with Melissa REALLY are starting to make me if those allegations I heard about him are true.

      I don’t want to repeat them, and I chose to ignore them before.

      But this latest video reveals a disturbing pattern when it comes to just what the hell is going on in Joey Gorga’s head when it comes to sex.

      There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with that man, and there has to be something wrong with Melissa on some level too if she allowed him to post that video and leave it up for so long.

      • I agree Lola he is showing a pattern… It is not ok and it’s not “normal”

        When my kids were little I walked them to the corner bus stop every morning with other mothers and kids. For a week a little poodle dog was out there humping the light pole every single day and all the kids laughed hysterically and thought it was hilarious! The next week my young son who was 4 at the time jumped on the light pole and started humping it like the dog had done… He didn’t understand why people didn’t think he was hilarious too.. That is a kid doing something embarrassing, inappropriate and kind of funny.. But he was repeating a behavior he had seen.

        That’s why this is so disturbing to me,.. He has no idea the meaning behind what he’s doing. He’s either seen someone doing it or he has been taught! In either case the parents should be horrified and asking where he got this from… Instead they are proudly posting it to the media and showing it off proudly. This is not about pearl clutchers and prudes.. It’s about sexualizing a toddler.

  • Wow, how awesome that the adults in his life are actually teaching , encouraging, and are so pleased with this. But just keeping judging, lying and spewing hate about Teresa! This is not the first disgusting incident with the Gorgas and their children either. Im sure it will not be the last!

      • How was Tre teaching Milania how to pole dance? That ep hasn’t even played yet and you already know everything about it. Why don’t you just address the matter at hand and save your comments for when those things actually occur? You’d have a lot more credibility.

        • Everyone (including the Tre Huggers) in this thread bring up things that happened anywhere from 3 years ago to last week. So, yeah I’ll continue to say what I want and you can continue to pretend like you have some sort of power. Good luck with that 😀

          • so any child that climbs a pole is trying to be a stripper? if that is the case then every parent should be worried when they drop off their children at school and at the park because playgrounds have poles everywhere!!!

            you’re freakin unbelievable jpg and you know you’re wrong. that is a stupid argument. you just can’t get over the fact that your perfect joey gorga messed up big time and he was moronic enough to upload the video for everyone to see what an idiot he is.

          • As we will say what we want- applies to everyone not just you when you feel the need to hijack a comment you disagree with 🙂

          • Ya, I keep bringing up the naked photos of baby Joey that joe gorga posted online over a year ago… Talking about the size of the babies penis. It adds in to this, shows a patten of over sexualizing the kid and making him a pedophile target. It’s one thing to trash your own family on national tv it’s another to show the world your sexual abuse of your own child! It is not normal behavior for any adult man

          • @JPR and YOU constantly bring up the TRE bankruptcy but when its Messy and Fredo showing pix of their baby’s privates , that’s cool with you and shouldn’t be brought up??? Double standard much!!! LMAO!!! You’re one sick person!

            Nobody was ever allowed to take naked pix of my daughter, even those cute bathtub ones unless she was covered in bubbles! Oh, and those were ONLY from the shoulders up!


      • Milania didn’t learn pole dancing from her mom. she learned it from her dear Aunt Melissa and her mom’s ex-best friend Jacqueline.

      • Again JPG- watch the video and see who is actually teaching Milania to climb the pole, it’s Joe Gorga so I quit using that one if I were you.

      • JPG- none of us know the extent or what led up to that footage, so for me to comment for or against it is pointless at this time. Based on what I have seen though form the Gorga clan, is worse, IMO then what I have seen thus far to include calling your own minor children cockblockers. And the horrid display of a party at the shore- twice, to include Antonia nearly being jumped on and potentially drowned. And also Tarzan and Lipsyncer speaking ill of Teresa with the kids in the care and out front of their home.

      • When did you see Teresa teach Milania to pole dance? Teresa doesn’t want her daughters typing “LMFAO” or “LMAO” on Twitter (and recently scolded Gia for doing so).

        So, do you honestly think she is going to take the time to teach them to POLE dance or to drop them off at a pole dancing CLASS?!

        Get real!

        • I know right? The Teresa haters are so imaginative, LOL Meanwhile, the brother is really a pig who encourages gross behavior patterns!

      • Hi, jpg — more and more the vertical pole is being used for acrobatics and strength-flexibility exercises. It’s really, really cool!

          • oh look at jpg’s filthy comment. no wonder he/she approves of joey gorga’s perverted sense of humor.

            I guess garbage attracts maggots.

          • Why jpg, why? No need for that. Are you really that offended about being dumber than rocks? I doubt it.

          • Why did you just make it so easy to prove you are a disgusting pig? No wonder you think a father posting a video of his baby simulating masturbation is adorable. Animal.

          • See Mego, when the 2 on here don’t like others points that are made, they go for the nasty like that. Unbelievable. Thought we were past that point, guess I was wrong! You and I disagree on other threads, and you have never been ignorant to me 🙂 and I never to you , 🙂

  • I’m not mad that the video was made, I’m mad that they posted it online. Kids will do and say stuff that they shouldn’t and sure it can be cute and funny but they should never have put it online where phedophils will have access to it.

    • And Tre posting pics of her little girls in skanky adult outfits is just adorbs, right?

      • No. Some of the outfits that Teresa dress her girls in make me cringe. Beside being tacky, some of the outfits are inappropriate for their age (unless it is for dancing(gia), pagents(gabbi and milania). JPG, why don’t you just admit that they were wrong for posting the video? We won’t think that you love Melissa/joey any less.

        PS: There are certain people that I don’t respond to and you are one of them JPG. From now on, please refrain from responding to my comments.

        • Oh you people thinking you have control. It’s the internet. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there are people on it who think completely differently than you. So pathetic you can’t handle that. I already said it was distasteful above.

          “Right here,Cable-less. I find it distasteful. Never said the Gorgas were perfect. Guess you could compare it to Milania being trained to pole dance.”

          BTW, please refrain from thinking you have the right to tell ANYBODY what to do.

          • First of all, both milania and Antonia were dancing on the pole so I guess you assume that Antonia is being trained to pole dance also? Second of all, neither should have been dancing on the pole and milania was wrong for saying “I’m Melissa” when she was going up the pole and I stated that if you bothered to read my earlier comments.

            Of course the gorgas are not perfect and neither are the giudices. If you bothered to read any of my previous comments, you would realized that I have criticized every last person on this show for their actions, even the senior gorgas.

            This conversation is the reason why I don’t want you commenting to something that I directly post. Its not about control. You are commenting on something that I said so you are having a conversation with me. You don’t have to like what I said about joey but if you are going to comment on someone’s posts, you could at least have your facts straight.

            From reading your posts, it seems to me that you have a habit of jumping down anyone’s throat who dare saying anything bad about the gorgas or defend Teresa. You clearly don’t read all my comments because If you did, you would not have mentioned the milania incident because I already criticized her for that.

            This is your first post on the video:

            Cable-less ie. Netflix says:
            May 7, 2013 at 2:16 pm

            Where are the MeGo supporting tre haters now?


            michers says:

            May 7, 2013 at 4:02 pm

            Thinking of a reason to blame this on Teresa.

            jpg says:

            May 7, 2013 at 4:11 pm

            Right here. I find Cable-less. I find it distasteful. Never said the Gorgas were perfect. Guess you could compare it to Milania being trained to pole dance.

            I posted my comment at 1:25 pm and your first post was at 4:11 pm to a comment that was originally posted at 2:16 pm. My comment was the first one posted so I don’t know where you get the idea that I am as you stated “so pathetic” and “can’t handle that. I already said it was distasteful above.”

            You are responding to other people’s comment, not the other way around. Why do you assume that I read anything that you say? Beside, I don’t read all the posts all the time. Sometimes I just read the response to my posts, which is what I did today. I would not mind you responding to my posts if you were really responding to me and not to someone who you perceive to be a fan of Teresa.

            I don’t like what you say most of the time so I simply ignore you. If you don’t like what I say, feel free to ignore me. Its what mature adults do.

          • You have entirely too much time on your hands. No wonder you’re on here all the time. No life. Lmao.

      • jpg. you always come back to teresa,this video is out there now for rest of this child’s life.after what happened to those 3 girls in ohio, you think melissa and joe,would be more like normal people and protect the kids.

      • That video should be for the family ONLY. Imagine how many perverts are watching stuff like that. Would you want your kid featured for the public to see like that? Didn’t think so.

          • Hey jpg, long time. Happy to see you’re still holding your own.

            You know what I find most ironic? The commenters that are most up in arms and disgusted by this video are the ones that actually clicked the link to watch the video. And for some apparently one time wasn’t enough. Personally, reading the description was enough for me but I wonder if they realize what that says about them? Disturbing!

          • spare me jewels. the video is out on twitter for people to click on. so it makes you better that you didn’t click on it? you came in this blog to read about it. so no you’re not better than anyone and you just agreed with the commenters that you are trying to insult. you think a baby doing an inappropriate hand gesture is disturbing too.

            so I have no idea you are trying to befriend jpg who is a vile person. I wonder if you realize what that says about you!!

          • Hello michers: Every website that reported this story gave a pretty detailed description of what the video was about, including this one. No one needed to view it in order to know what was going on.

          • Hello Jewels: I did not know- I only read this blog 🙂 reading the headline, it could have been anything. I was not expecting what I saw. Knowing what JoeGo has been like on the show, I should have thought something nasty, but I was thinking more along the lines of flipping the bird or something.. not that its much better, but alt least not “sexual”.

          • jewels who the hell are you to tell anyone what to view? proud papa joey was the one that uploaded the video for the world to see not US!! he wanted everyone to see his son doing this inappropriate gesture. I was curious as to what the fuss was about because you can’t really envision with words. I chose to see it with my own eyes and judge for myself hoping it wasn’t a big deal but you know what it is a big deal. it was wrong of papa to teach his son that and do it at a party full of people and upload it for many strangers to view.

            if you have a problem with people clicking on the video then you take it up with joey!! that is his fault.

            so don’t you dare try to scold any one of us. you are in here just like the rest of us and reading all the new jersey news and watching the show. so get off your invisible high horse.

          • jpg: Sorry, I can be kind of blunt when it comes to sticking up for kids. But please, attitude is everything. You should know that.

  • HOW does a toddler know that gesture??? HOW?!?!?!?! Words cannot fully express the disgust I feel for Joe Gorga.

    He has no impulse control. He’s like a spoiled child who dances around for attention and expects everyone to applaud at all of his antics.

  • He is the dumbest man alive. He really does not get the fact that most people think he is truly disgusting and this video proves it.

  • This both disturbing and disgusting. There’s nothing funny or cute about a three year old simulating masturbation. Troll Gorga is a pig and one can only hope that his sons don’t grow up to be the same way.

      • Yep! You are a product of your environment … JoGo even states so in his tweet (Above): ” The apple doesn’t fall far from the tarzan tree.” There is no hope unless JoGos boys move out!

  • This baby( yes he just turned 3, so he is a baby still to me) has no idea what he is doing. He just thinks Daddy taught him a silly dance( move) and thinks he is being funny.

    It makes me sick the Fredo posted this on twitter. There are real sickos on there watching this little boy do this. I can’t beleive that Messy hasn’t had Fredo take this down, shame on both of them, seriously!!

    • This is the same baby who was buckled into a seatbelt instead of a car seat! Now everyone can visually see how small he is and how a seat belt would have done nothing for him

    • Right on! Lil’ baby’s just trying to get some of the attention he deserves from his daddy — but his parents aren’t around enough for him to get positive attention. Can’t blame the child here.

  • The first 2 seconds I thought Awww how cute the next move was disgusting for a small child to be doing while the adults laugh. Then they wonder why people think they are trash. And no its not Teresa’s fault either.

  • Wow… I didn’t click to view, the description is enough.

    When are these people going to realize that not everything should be made public. Disgusting!

    • Don’t. I thought it would be a quick gesture and horrified parents/people would pull him off the dance floor. But no. The kid is allowed to carry on giggling and gesturing for quite a while.

      • And the dj changes music and announces the kids name so everyone knows who it is.

          • Right here. I find Cable-less. I find it distasteful. Never said the Gorgas were perfect. Guess you could compare it to Milania being trained to pole dance.

          • JPG – That’s funny cause if you pause the clip as she is climbing up the pole, it’s Joe Gorga standing next to her egging her to go up it so I guess it’s Joe Gorga training her to do that too. HAHA – as she said – she’s Melissa. . .


      CHECK THIS OUT! A heroic man saved 3 teens who has been trapped in an old man’s home for nearly a decade! Praise God! I hate how the old man got away with keeping them trapped in his home after all these years. So evil! =( This man should get rewarded big time!

      I’m glad these women are finally okay. Even Amanda Berry who was shown as dead has been alive all this time!

        • Isabella they are already trying to get out of giving him reward money by saying the girl is the hero not him. Smh with all the police forces offering rewards then using loop holes to get out of it… Then they wonder why no one is willing to give tips…

      • This guy is the new sweet brown! Dude was just trying to eat his dinner.

        No white woman throws herself in a black mans arms unless she’s in trouble or homeless,… Lmao!!
        BBQ and salsa music!

        • “No white woman throws herself in a black mans arms unless she’s in trouble or homeless.”


          • Estelle: I get what you meant by your “Hmmmm.” I’m sure SW didn’t mean to sound racist, but that’s how it comes off.

          • Estelle is obviously not very bright. he/she was trying to start something with that hmmmm..

            if he/she read the news then he/she would know that quote came from the man that rescued those 3 girls in ohio.

          • I know it wasn’t supposed to be, but that WAS funny as hell.

            That man was hilarious!!

            If he got rid of his blowout and got some dentures, he could probably do standup!

          • He just did an interview with Anderson cooper for ac360 and its just as funny. Must watch!

          • That guy was really funny. His interview with Anderson Cooper was great. He really is a hero. Andy Cohen will probably try to get him to do a show on Bravo.

          • SocAl, forget Andy Cohen.. This guy MUST do tosh.o.. I will protest if he doesn’t lol

        • What that heck was that comment you just made about no “white” woman throwing her self in a black man arms, you BIGGOT!

          • I suggest you take a time out from your gossip blogs and watch some real news…take your Tom foolery someplace else!

          • I’m from Australia and even we have seen this interview. The guy himself made that remark so no racism there people calm the fuck down!!!

          • So sad that some of these people can repeat, almost verbatim, random scenes from HW series, but have no knowledge of the biggest news stories from the last 48 hours.

            Sad how ignorant to the real world some people are!

        • OMG, I seen that interview too, I live in Ohio and I am so glad that the girls escaped but I was laughing so hard when I went on You Tube to watch the whole interview that guy had. We could not stop laughing at work, especially when he said listening to salsa music, LMBO.

          • Steph, last night CNN removed his interview for inappropriate content over the white woman comment. A someone uploaded it to YouTube.. Today CNN had a change of heart and put it back online. Sooo funny! He is right up there with sweet brown and her cold pop.. And Antoine Dobsons hide yo wife hide yo husbands! Lol

  • Disgusting what he teaches his children and his daughter is watching believing this is how men are supposed to act.. And she will grow up and marry a man just like her father.. A PIG

    BUT this is nothing compared to the photos gorgaosted on Instagram , twitter, fb of baby Joey naked and peeling in a bush.. Talking about little Tarzan and the size of the babies penis. For all the pedophiles to look at. He should not be allowed around children, ever!

    • I can’t watch it. I tried to click it, but I need a Telly app which I can’t dl.

      Anyways, Joe Gorga is disgusting and embarrassing! Does he ever feel ashamed about anything he does? He and his wife are both gross! WHITE TRASH. MeHo gets offended when people say that about her and that Marco family, but they do act like trash.

      Where is CPS when you need them? Oy vey!

      • I wonder if the rumors are true about baby Joey. He looks nothing like Joe Gorga. He looks like Melissa ex boyfriend Brian Bowen I think. I know genes skip a generation but he just does not look like antonia and gino. SMH

        • I never believed baby Joey was Joe’s son. There has been so many rumors about him, and people from MeHo’s past said Baby Joey is that Greek guy’s kid or the other dude. Forgot his name. Sometimes siblings don’t look alike in the least bit, but baby Joey looks too far off from the rest. He looks nothing like Antonia or Gino. He is just too cute to be JoeHo’s kid, and I smile when I see him. The baby sure got his looks from his father, that’s for sure! Wouldn’t it be a shock if Bravo addressed this, and mention how he looks nothing like JoeHo? LOL. Maybe they’ll mention it when they’re gunning for MeHo. Haha! Jk. Bravo likes them too much.

        • I was thinking the same exact thing. Antonia looks like Joey and Gino looks like Melissa. Little Joe looks like neither.

          • Can everyone stop commenting on children’s paternity. Since I think that you guys are serious about that allegation, you should just keep it to yourself.

          • @Anonymous

            Who the hell are you to tell me what I should comment on?

            If you don’t like it, move it along.

          • @Ms. Torres, I am someone who realize that these children did not sign up to be on tv. Any disparaging comments made about any of these children is uncalled for and only make you look small.

          • Girl this is a GOSSIP BLOG not CNN … And they make the kids part of the show. If you don’t like what people are saying move on!

        • C’mon, that’s just silly. Do Teresa’s kids look alike? No. Neither do mine.

          This video being posted and the fact that it has been up for two days now so that every internet pedophile can add it to his collection leads me to be very concerned for the welfare of the children in this home. Especially since the mother did not go ballistic and demand that he take it down. Doesn’t matter now. The damage is done. These people are as sick as it gets. They need help, and the children need to stay with relatives until they get it.

          • Mego, the naked pictures of baby Joey are still online too… Cps seriously should be involved over joe gorga sexualizing his children

          • Its not silly when there’s people from Melissa’s past accusing her of cheating on Joey and then becoming pregnant right after. If it wasn’t for those accusations I wouldn’t think anything of it.

          • Its not silly when there’s people from Melissa’s past accusing her of cheating on Joey and then becoming pregnant right after. If it wasn’t for those accusations I wouldn’t think anything of it.

          • Ms Torres- I agree . I have seen pics of the ex and the resemblance is astonishing. I have also heard the rumors that go along with it. Now, while that may or may not be true, maybe its a coincidence they look so much alike…?

          • Michers & Torres I avoid commenting on the babies paternity because its not unusual for a kid to resemble distant family members and not their own parents. One of Teresa’s kids look nothing like her and joe but identical to joes mother. One of my sons look exactly like my uncle and doesn’t resemble me or my husband much. Plus, who knows if Joe knows that she’s cheated and has chosen to accept him as his own child. I’m sure that happens often. Of that is the case then it’s none of my business so I try to not comment at all. But it is interesting with so many people coming out and talking about it. Where there’s smoke..,

          • @Say What- I get it, I respect that. On the other hand, if I did not hear it so much, know that she is a liar with nasty past and see the pics, I would not comment 😉

          • It’s all the smoke that makes people believe there’s a fire. So I deffinetly get it. There are too many ppl talking for this to be nothing but rumors

        • I hate Melissa gorga: oh I think if his hair was a little longer, he would be a mini Antonia, they have identical faces. He is a cutie pie. But the older boy is not as soft in the face, maybe more like Melissa. I’m not saying she’s ugly, I think she’s well…very attractive. Just saying he’s already taking own an older look than that of a child. Was that Chris Laurita’s son in the back ground watching him dance?

      • and messy gets arrested for speeding, one of the little one in car,without babyseat or booster seat. guess teresa gets blamed for this too

    • I don’t think the pedophiles are going to be nearly as interested in this as they are to Teresa’s repeated references to her daughters “booty” and “boobies.”

      She might just as come right out and say, “HEY, EVERYBODY! CHECK OUT MY KID’S ASS!”

      And right on to everyone who thinks that teaching your child to pole dance like a stripper (or, “like her Aunt Melissa,” to quote Milania) is a lot worse than some kid making “seemingly” (as in, HE HAD NO IDEA WHAT HE WAS DOING) inappropriate gestures.

      I hope none of you who are clutching your pearls over this have kids. They do stuff like this all the time, and yes, it’s often hard to keep yourself from laughing when they do.

      • “…as they are to Teresa’s repeated references *IN* her daughter’s “booty” and “boobies.”*

        And she not only GRABBED Gia’s butt on national TV (about which Gia was thoroughly mortified and furious), but reached her hand inside her blouse to see if she “had anything there yet.”

        And then they all trooped downstairs to talk about it with Daddy.

        If that isn’t fodder for pedophiles, I don’t know what is.

      • Estelle,

        Please stop trying to deflect Joey and Melissa’s SERIOUS lapse in judgment in posting a video of their 3-year-old son simulating masturbation (while, like a narcissitic IDIOT, Joey tweeted and bragged about his son being a chip off the old block) by focusing on Teresa.

        You’re REALLY reaching this time.

        That video is disgusting and disturbing. I didn’t see Teresa coaching Milania to get up on a stripper pole. I also didn’t see Teresa tweeting a video of any of her daughters rubbing their private parts to simulate masturbation with an accompanying tweet about how they were “just like Mommy!”

        • Sorry, Moe, I thought it was funny. Especially considering that his aunt and mother (and others off camera) jumped in almost immediately to try to distract him away from what he was doing LOL.

          And who in the hell ELSE would have taught Milania to climb a stripper pole while proclaiming, “Look at me, I’m Melissa!” if not her stupid parents?

          Give me a break LOL.

          • Listen, Curly,

            Plenty of other people could have taught that to Milania.

            Maybe her stupid Uncle Joey or her stupid Aunt Melissa taught her that. Or maybe she learned it at her Mother’s stupid friend Jac’s house (while Jac and Teresa were still friends. I mean Jac and Melissa DO have experience when it comes to the exotic dancing. I’m not going to get into sleeping with men for money and gifts because that is not what this thrad is about.).

            A 3-year-old child simulating masturbation on a dance floor (at a reception following another child’s COMMUNION, no less) is anything BUT funny.

            And the fact that you say you find it funny just further proves what I suspected about you all along: you’re a TWISTED SICKO.

            Bye, Bitch, oops, I mean, Curly!

          • Sorry, the part of Curly has already been awarded to whodat2112. I think.

            And once again, Moe, once somebody starts blatantly lying is where I stop listening. So bye yourself, you stupid twat.

          • Maybe Melissa was on the pole right before Milania but that part is not in the clip and that is why Milania said that she is Melissa. Milania may have watched Melissa swinging on there and was imitating her right after. You can’t say that that is not a possibility because we will have to wait and see when the show airs. However, we can be sure that Joe Gorga not only taught baby Joey to do that but, encouraged it, told him to do it and then posted it for all to see. It would have not been seen on the show so this would have been a non-issue if his own father hadn’t done this like the ass that he is.

          • You would think it is funny. You are of the same ilk as the Gorgas and Marco hags. You are probably sitting in your FEMA trailer right now on your tenth pack of cigarettes eating beef Jerkey and drinking Boone’s farm while soaking your teeth and watching the Jerry Springer show.

        • Lola, this is ALL she does. You will get nowhere with exchanging comments with her. I could understand if she ever put forth a different point of view to remotely consider but no such luck. Her hatred of Teresa is just as disturbing as this video. So welcome to the Stooge Club sister, LOL!!!! Im not even going to address her comment about pedophiles….. Been there, done that. Twisted Sister.

          • Hey mich. I’m so bored with some people on this blog. It’s really going to suck with the NJHW starting in June.

          • I agree Re it’s going to suck. But I have this sneaky feeling someone besides Teresa is getting the bad edit this season. I’m holding out hope!

            P.s.. Lola don’t waste your energy. Arguing with Jennifer is more logical and that’s saying a lot lol

          • I know, I just couldn’t help myself, LOL! I won’t do that again. You are so right about her! ; )

          • Hopefully, Andy Cohen will give a bad edit (she does not need help with it)to Mel. Teresa has been bashed and she contines to persevere; her 4th cookbook just came out.

          • socal – I think Melissa will get a bad edit. Much like Teresa’s bad edit, it won’t matter if any of it’s true because it will be ratings gold! There will be hoards of people thrilled to bits to see her get her comeuppance and there will be hoards of people up in arms.

            Melissa is a polarizing figure on the show and the gossip surrounding her is as crazy as what they had on Danielle.

          • Correct. An active kid having fun swinging and hanging, like most active kids do! I know my brothers and I were forever doing this as kids, jumping and swinging on bars, poles, half doors, etc.. Grew up to be quite good athletes, too!

        • Well said, Lola! How anyone could turn this disgusting demonstration of behavior by Joe Marco into bashing Teresa is just sick. I cannot believe he taught his baby boy to do that, then had the audacity to tape it AND ignorance and sheer stupidity to post it on Twitter. He is a vile, stupid person.

          • I agree Jammy , I also cannot believe a person on here ACTUALLY thought this was funny. Nasty Biatch.

          • Jammy
            well said my sentiments exactly.

            This further proves what what low lives the Marco are.

            Its so laughable to bring up Tr

            to all the ladies and men don’t even bother wasting ur time arguing with these bloggers that repeat ly compare Tre to her cave man bro

            it’s just so discussing to post and teach a child such an act

      • I hate to say this. But you are an idiot.
        Milania said, I’m going on the pole, because it was right in front of her and she wanted to climb it. The “I’m Melissa” part was spliced in for titilation purposes. Kinda like when Nicholas said to Ashley, “I love you” when she was thrown out of the house. Sorry to say, my kids don’t do a jerk off dance at religious events or an other events. There is nothing funny about the of a three year old. You are just as bad as they are for defending such reprehensible behavior. Get an education before you speak.

        • Are you guys going to do what you did last season and blame EVERYTHING that makes Teresa look like a fool on editing?

          • WTH does your comment have to do with this video and again the actual proof that the Gorgas are disgusting and get their shits and gigs off their 3 year old child doing that? Are you still going to spout your mouth off with lies that you declare facts about Teresa?

          • So your major objection, SHEMP, to my remarks is that they’re not RELEVANT to this video? That’s all you’ve got? That speaks volumes.

            And I thought you’d finally gotten the clue, SHEMP, that you annoy the living crap out of me, so I’m going to have to ask you AGAIN to stop bothering me. There’s only so much STUPID I can take in one day.

          • What the hell are you talking about? Team Teresa is ALREADY crying over editing, and the season hasn’t even started yet LOL.

          • Hi Estelle, LOL!!!! You still crack me up- love it! Like I GAF about your clues and annoyances.. what speaks volumes is that you STILL come on here and do what you do! You deflect when the Gorgas are doing something wrong, again and throw your “insults”. You entertain yourself don’t you Sam? And Teresa has nothing to do with this. The Mother/Aunt were cracking up and did nothing to stop him. I did find in interesting that the Aunt was the first one to at least try before laughing , instead of his parents. Guess thats what happens when you are with her more than your own Mom and Dad.

          • @Estelle, I haven’t even commentend on the stupidity of this this video because of the sheer disgust it makes me feel about the Marco’s allowing their child to do that…. So keep my name out of it Ms. marco! Your delusion is laughable and kinda sad. You want to talk about people bothering the crap out of you when you spend your life trolling anything NJ related and posting your stupidity all over the blogs! What a sad life!!! Shouldn’t you betaking care of Messy’s kids… No wait a sec after your comments on thinking this video is humorous, I can’t decide who is more repulsive, you or Messy and Fredo Marco!!! Nevermind its a tie!!’ I will not debate w/ your delusional stupidity again! Troll away dear! Lmao!!

          • Hey @Whodat, LOL!! Isnt she a hot mess??? I see you are part of the Stooge Club- hehe!!

          • @Michers, Hot mess (minus the hot~triple the mess, lol) is an understatement!!!!! LMAO!!!!

            BTW, glad to be in in the club! Great company, great minds!!!! 😉 Like any of us GAF about delusional opinions!!! haha!

          • That you find the video funny tells all of us on this blog everything we need to know about your mind set and how to judge all of your future comments.

            I like to see both sides and consider different opinions, but you justifying Joe Gorga’s both coaching his son in that behavior and then going so much further in his parental misjudgment to share the video with the public frankly is appalling.

        • If you re-watch it and pause a few times, there is a time lapse, everyone is eating as she climbs up the pole and slides back down, cuts away and in the background while milania is facing away you hear ‘I’m Melissa’ and cuts back to her magically back up the pole while the food in the background is mysteriously gone. If it wasnt edited somehow, yes it is not appropriate for her to be saying those things because that would mean she heard it from some adult that should know better than to talk about that in front of her. If it was it is still bad in a way because I personally think Teresa should not let her children be filmed knowing how much hate milania and her girls have gotten, I wish she would try and protect them from that…Anyway, the editing thing is obvious for not just Teresa, Richie was also made to look worse with that whole disgusting fish comment, I’m sure there is other times I’m not doubting that they all have been shown in a bad light not just Teresa. However I do think Teresa got the worst the last few seasons. Can’t we at least all agree that these shows are not really that real?

        • Well, if you notice in the background you can hear his dad practically yelling, “Do the move, do the move!” … and then JoGo gets laughs all around from the idiots watching. However, some of that laughter was nervous laughter (as in What the hell are you doing, you fool?) In my opinion, JoGo’s kids, no doubt, see their mom and dad infrequently at best (personal appearances, “date nights,” etc.) so when their 3-yr-old has the chance to impress his daddy with “the move” he’s going to do it. No blame should be placed on this child (still almost a baby) for claiming some much-needed attention from his daddy.

          • *Wth are you doing, you fool?* referring to the communion partygoers asking that of JoGo.

        • Mego
          i would be horrified if my children did that an religious event or any event.

      • Estelle: But to record it and POST IT for the world to see is something else altogether. Yes, I agree with you the little boy is innocent — but the father is an ignoramus!

        The word that came out of Milania’s mouth while she was on the pole were edited in. True.

      • Estelle: But to record it and POST IT for the world to see is something else altogether. Yes, I agree with you the little boy is innocent — but the father is an ignoramus!

        The words that came out of Milania’s mouth while she was climbing on the pole in that bus were edited in. True.


        • You cannot compare two adults to a 3 year old.
          Did I cringe when Teresa did that. Yes.
          But, I’m disgusted that a father would put naked pictures up of his son and a video of the same son simulating masturbation.
          And, not to mention how the hell did a 3 year old learn this behavior. This isn’t being curious of a private part, this something that’s obviously been taught.
          If you think this is ok, there’s something seriously wrong with you.

          • Isn’t that illegal…ur not suppose to show naked pics of a child even ur own…something seriously wrong with that

          • It’s illegal to own, make and distribute pornography. It’s not illegal to post innocent photos of your kids. The majority of parents using Facebook would have to be arrested if that was the case.

            But anyway, that is totally tacky to teach a little boy to do that and encourage it in front of people. Weird.

          • Ellen

            Thank you for clearing this up legally, when I watched,my initial reaction was, M&J should be arrested.

            Then after I thought- shouldn’t family services be involved for sexualizing the baby?

          • It’s legal for parents to post pictures of toddlers with their butt and penis showing? My god… And we wonder why we have so many pedophiles. Parents are giving them material. Ugh

          • It’s not legal in some states. There was a case where a coach had a video of his children naked on his cell phone. Well, he accidently left it somewhere and someone found the video and the coach was charged. They found nothing else but that and they wife said it was perfectly innocent and private. Their kids were just being silly and they video taped it.


          • @styleeeyah: he was arrested on suspicion of child pornography, but the case was dismissed as it was deemed that they were innocent pics and not pornography. So it is still legal in that state to have innocent pics or videos of your kids. The content wasn’t considered to be sexual in nature, nor was it distributed or shared (with child pornography collectors)

            @say what?: That’s definitely a huge issue raging amongst mommy bloggers. Should parents ever post those types of pics of kids? The thing is, a pedophile could be sexualizing a fully-clothed kid in a fast-food commercial on TV. The material is all around them, parents aren’t “making” pedophiles.

            @samael: There’s nothing there to arrest on. It’s in bad taste, but not necessarily criminal, if it’s a one-off thing. If it was found that a dad was showing their child sexual material, and there was a larger pattern of exposure to sex, sexual content, sexual talk, pornography, etc., then a person moves into doing criminal acts.

            Either way….ewwww. Tasteless and bad parenting. Hopefully the mom throws a fit and that’s the end of it.

          • Ellen just for the record I never said parents are making pedophiles. Just that they are feeding the pedos material to use. But your right. They probably use all types of photos that normals rents look at as innocent. However, I personally have no family or friends who would post photos of their toddlers full naked butt and penis and speak of the child’s penis size. Parents posting innocent pictures are far different then what joe gorga did.. And the photos are still there.


          • This 3-yr-old learned it from his dad. Very obvious to see when you can hear JoeGo in the background saying, “Do the move, do the move.” Wow. I can’t believe he’s setting his son up to have no friends in pre-school. When the other parents see their kids simulate “the move,” little Joey will be banned from all birthday parties and play dates! lol WAKE UP STUPID PARENT!!

          • @saywhat?: I hear ya. I don’t think it’s normal to joke like that about penis size either. It’s certainly inviting creepy comments from others as well. But that’s the distinction: posting innocent pics vs sexualized pics or, innocent pics with their own parents’ sexualized comments. I think we can all agree that is bizarre and inappropriate.

        • @thissiteiscult-I don’t agree with your name but I have to agree that was pretty gross.
          Why you need the CAPS to make your point is lost on me.
          Her hubby is a piggy man. I don’t think that fact is lost with most posters. And Tre reaction to that was just so sad and desperate.
          I don’t even like tre much but even I had some compassion for her position.


          • @ust me: My apology to you for assuming too much. Being disabled myself, I should have known better.
            <3 WhoDat13

          • Yo justme how do you read our comments then? Seeing as how we dont type in caps? Having read your racist posts before, i have a hard time believing you or feeling sorry for you. #RACISMSUCKS&SODOYOU

        • Please, T was on an adult trip; with adults. They all were free to act out in ways they would not around children. Wasted thoughts and capitalized word count. What a ridiculous remark.

          • Jary…he called her a cunt!
            Maybe in your world that’s OK but it doesn’t work in mine.
            And I know Tre was not privvy to that comment at the time but she knew something was going on that was not in her best interests (to put it mildly) and she, instead of punching him in his goofy face, offered sexual options. Which, BTW, he rejected until she insisted.

          • Teresa’s brother has called her much worse. To them it’s probably normal… I still say editing was involved I’m that fiasco. Joe is a douchebag but I think producers did a lot of work on him

        • thissiteisacult

          are you kidding me!! did Teresa have sex with her husband in front of the cameras!! did you see any naked body parts!! were there any children around!? NOOOO!! so stop trying to use Teresa and her family as an excuse for joey and Melissa’s douchebag behavior. I don’t agree with the C word either but lets not act like Teresa is the only one that says or does things she shouldn’t. because clearly joey and Melissa are not innocent either.

          once again you’re trying to act offended when you have no business trying to. you’re not fooling anyone. especially someone that told me to suck joey guidice penis. you have a problem with milania saying “stripper” but it’s okay for joey gorga a.k.a douchebag to teach his little son to make a masturbating gesture in front of people and treat him like he is some trained little monkey. get your priorities straight.

          joey gorga just got busted in front of everyone and in front of the very few fans that he has. boo freakin hoo. deal with it!!

          • Again, they were adults on a trip with adults, Richie showing off his erections, Melissa squeezing T’s boobs, no kids around; consenting adults. Have you heard them intentionally say those things around their children, or call them cock blocker. What if Joe’s daughter asked what is a cock. Or his son stands up in daycare and perform that messed up lil dance in front of classmates, or presses that little bit of nothing against someone’s lil innocent daughter. So many little children reenact these behaviors with their cousins, friends, that how incest begins in the home. Baby I’ve been in the at risk youth industry for years, and this is most definitely how children begin acting out against other children, the sad thing is it’s child’s play to them, until someone go ballistic when they find them acting out sexually against their children, then the child becomes an offender and labeled, poor choice for these parents, whether it is on face book, youtube…anywhere

            While I’m responding. What’s more normal than a housewife having a discussion with their daughter about wearing a bra, and TAKING her to shop for the right, and then easing dad into the conversation…a family thing. That is being a normal housewife, mother, single mom, parents.

            Sorry their is no comparison to what these people have exposed on the net to T/Husband’s interaction on an adult trip. No saying I would like to see that kind of thing taken that far, but they all were consenting adults. Okay, sorry, I let my emotions take over.

            But have you ever had an innocent 7yr old boys asking for a hug and when you do he starts humping on your legs, or taking an opportunity to touch your breath, all because some careless sorry adults acting out these behavior in front of innocent statutory minds of children.

          • I could take exceptation to a little of your post but I’m not going to nit-pick.
            They ALL are jerks and have behaved badly.
            Tre’s kids say outrageous things to their parents. And the Gorga kids are no more less influenced.
            Tre and Joe fall from the same tree.

        • Lol calm down,…@thissiteisacult. Yes Teresa is a perv too must run in the family.

          • I am so sick of everytime Joey Marco and Melissa Marco does something stupid and nasty you people try to justify it by bringing Teresa in the middle of their BS and trying to make it about Teresa instead of putting the blame on the idiots Joey & Melissa!!! Unbelievable how you Joey & Melissa fans act just like the Marco’s and try to always make Teresa Giudice look bad instead of the ones that should look bad!!

          • I’m not a Joey and Melissa fan, I love Teresa. I was only responding to the person who was being super.crazy on my last message 😉 oh man, it’s rough on here today.

        • WTF does that have to do with putting a video of your three year old simulating masturbation on the internet so that every pedophile in the world can add it to his collection? You idiot.


      • Why don’t people get Teresa’s reasons for not wanting her family on the show. If Joe Gorga were in your family, would you want anyone to know? He is sooooooo gross!!!!

    • OMG I CAN’T EVEN READ THE STORY YET. Is that MeHo’s daughter wearing a “my mom rocks” tshirt at one of the kid’s birthdays?!!!! She is such a freaking narcissist. I guess it could be her birthday. It’s hard to say.

      • The photo is hilarious because she obviously set this up the way Teresa sets up all her bday cake pics. It’s obviously copycat behavior.. Shows Melissa’s receding hairline and has her daughter in that hilarious shirt..

        Soooo funny!

        • Has she had a nose job since the photo was taken? Mel looks a lot different now.

          • I’m sure she’s had a ton of work done and she’s obviously had hair implants or something . Word on the curb is her makeup artist is making Melissa look like him in drag. So Melissa looks like a drag queen. Lol

          • OMG Say What- that is hilarious, and I think you are on to something- he is ewww and they do almost resemble each other at times, LOL

    • And now we are getting a perfect example of how those idiots bully Teresa. If anyone calls them out on their disgusting behavior they start with the bullying. Look we what they are doing to rox! And they are constantly on here posting under fake names bad mouthing Teresa. Melissa, Joe, Kathy, Rich are all lying scum.

    • I just clicked on the video out of curiosity,,, that is disgusting.. I feel like pervert for even seeing that. eehhh