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Fashion Queens Star Miss Lawrence Exposes Kandi, Says She Doesn’t Take Rejection Well & Didn’t Pay Him!

Kandi should really put an end to working musically with cast mates from Real Housewives of Atlanta! After claims that Kim did not pay “Don’t Be Tardy For The Party” fees, now Miss Lawrence, star of Fashion Queens, is opening up about how Kandi has yet to pay him for their song “Closet Freak”, which Miss Lawrence co-wrote.

Miss Lawrence also reveals that their relationship souring was due in part to him rejecting a management deal proposal from Kandi’s entertainment company, Kandi Koated Entertainment. The deal on the table was not good enough for Miss Lawrence and he claims Kandi did not take rejection well!

He opens up to The Jasmine Brand, explaining the situation:

I think Kandi developed ill feelings because I declined her offer to be signed to Kandi Koated Entertainment and I declined because it wasn’t really a fair contract. It was just more beneficial for Kandi than it was me. There was this thing called a three sixty deal. The three sixty deal is where the label gets a percentage of every single thing that artist does, which is fine, those are relevant, but what are you gonna give as the label? If you’re not giving anything then why am I gonna give you a percentage of everything that I do so with three sixty deals the artist is usually given a really big signing bonus. The artist is completely developed by the label. It wasn’t much developing that I needed. Miss Lawrence was already Miss Lawrence before I even met Kandi.

Miss Lawrence explains why the deal was not fair, and then says Kandi did not handle his reaction maturely:

I don’t think that that’s fair so we disagreed and that’s all it boils down to, but then after that one thing I think it really boils down to is Kandi doesn’t take rejection well and once I decided not to go through with the contract I explained it to her. I said I don’t think that it’s fair and I’m gonna decline the offer. I co-wrote “Closet Freak” as well, so why am I gonna give you a percentage of everything? It’s not making any sense.

Their collaboration, “Closet Freak” was then taken down and he did not receive any money from the song! However, Miss Lawrence does not hold any ill feelings about the money because she still does well for himself. He concludes:

I live in a fabulous penthouse. I drive a nice car and I refuse to become a starving artist because a label wants a huge percentage of all of my money. That is not gonna happen; so then I walked away from it and then later on a year or two later I find out that “Closet Freak” has been taken down and mind you I haven’t gotten a dime from “Closet Freak,” which I am entitled to a percent of the publishing. I haven’t gotten a dime from it. I’m also entitled to a certain percentage as the artist who recorded the song. I haven’t gotten a dime from that either, but I let it go. I’m like okay well whatever, I’m gonna let her have that because I didn’t miss a beat anyway. I’m fine. I’m gonna still eat my caviar honey and feel nothing. It’s no tea. I don’t eat caviar for real, but you understand what I’m saying.

Kandi has stated that Closet Freak did not sell many copies and that he didn’t get paid because any revenue obtained was used to cover the producer’s fees and studio time fees.

Do you agree with Miss Lawrence regarding Kandi? Are his feelings for not liking Kandi valid? Check out the rest of Jasmine Brand‘s interview with Miss Lawrence on her site! They talk Andy Cohen, Fashion Queens, etc.

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  • I love fashion and Dwight are hilarious. I think ms.lawrence is beautiful. Kandi is so far up Phaedras behind she can’t think straight.Phaedra has taught her how to be a crook like her.Kandi needs to watch these men around her daughter she’s a bad influence as a mother.she’s money hungry and man crazy.

  • What’s hilarious is how Lawrence is the only one talking about the situation. Kandi never refers to him. They only time she says something is in response to the nonsense Lawrence does. He can’t spend 5 minutes on camera without talking about Kandi. He’s so obsessed. Kandi may not take rejection well. Who knows? We certainly don’t since Kandi never talks about it.

  • Sorry, as unpopular as it may be, I’ve gotta say I’m Team Kim here…I can’t bring myself to say that I’m “Team” Lawrence tho.

    Let’s face it: “Miss” Lawrence could have been given the best and biggest pop hit in the world and I don’t think it would have gone too far. I get disgusted everytime I see Lawrence on TV…he’s a camera whore…I LOVE my gays but ATL really needs to back off with the Miss Lawrences and Dwights.

    As for Kim, I agree with whoever said that Kandi benefited quite a bit from TFTP. It gave her dead music career a boost and made her look like she was a super producer and got her a spin-off. This TFTP issue has been going on since the filming of Season 3, which was shot during the spring/summer of 2010. The fact she decided to sue Kim the same time her show is premiering and they are filming the reunion and getting ready to figure out whose coming back for another season felt odd to me and Kandi’s explanation of it all doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

    • I don’t know that Kandi’s writing or producing career was dead prior to RHOA. We don’t always know or see that side of the industry. I believe on one episode she had Neyo at the studio and this is when he was hot. Although she hasn’t won any Grammys lately not sure she needed Kim for a career boost. I just don’t know.

      • Well I am pretty sure she did. Her two solo projects prior to RHOA flopped and although she was still writing for big names, her songs weren’t being released as singles anymore.

  • I have felt Kandi’s new show is about her, not the talent she is trying to develop. They are just a means for her to hopefully make money off of their future career earnings. I don’t know how much Bravo pays her and the others, but you know she is not going to use her own money.

    Kandi can write but I very much dislike her voice. I also am not a fan of her sex toys and talk. I still believe some matters are private.

  • Technically, even though the deal didn’t go through, if Lawrence co-wrote it he does deserve a percentage of the earnings from the song’s profits. That suprises me that they didn’t try and get him to sign his rights over the song to her company. Fair is fair, if she can sue Kim then he could sue her.

  • Ms Lawrence is honestly the male version of Sheree and the most annoying disrespectful gay male I have ever seen I cant stand him at all now hes up Kenya’s ass for some screen time on RHOA ughhh

    • Right…and now since he’s all up Kenya…he’s talking about Sheree….they are all fighting for screen time in ATL

  • Ms Lawrence is a light bulbed head whiner. Grow some balls boy and stop acting like a little bioootch. That’s business. If you were to go to a major label, what do you think they would offer you? Stop acting like you’re Whitney Houston ready and be gracious she even spent time with your two faced ass. You are a bitter hater. You keep talkin bout Kandy doesn’t take rejection well, but you keep her name in your STANK BREATH MOUTH. Shut it up Loser and keep twirling on that pathetic show. Dress for that Punk!

    • @Say What??

      Agreed! Signing bonuses are standard in the music business.

      Also those 360 deals are to avoided. Those deals benefit the record label and not the artist.

      • If that is the type of deal that caused artists like TLC and Toni Braxton to sell millions of records and still be broke then I don’t blame him for not signing. However it costs money to make a record and if nothing came out of his pocket I doubt he’s owed anything.

  • I worked for a major music label a few years ago. Lawrence could ask for an audit, but he would have to pay for it, and if the song didn’t make much it wouldn’t be worth it. And did they actually sign any type of agmt? This is all so messed up. So did he sing the song? Sounds like someone else did.

    Record labels end up taking so much, the only way artists used to make money was by touring. Not sure if those 360 deals cover that too, but with the increasing greed in the business, they probably take a cut there too.

    • Yes, kandi made it clear she had a contract ahead of time with Lawrence. This isn’t the first time Lawrence has complained. Kandi spoke out and said why should Lawrence make money if she paid for everything, all studio time, all advertising, and she had to pay for his travel getting him around to promote the song. I doubt kandi made much profit. Kandi didn’t pay any of those expenses with Kim.. Kim covered those expenses. So it appears kandi is playing both sides of the fence with Kim and Lawrence… She can’t have it both ways which screams something is off here.

      • Thanks Say What?? Good for Kandi, I’m glad she had an agmt in place for this song at least. You’re right, she put money into it up front, recording, mastering costs and promotional costs, she has every right to recoup those costs.

        I thought Lawrence had a great voice, I hope he does something with it.

    • What?? Are you seriously accusing me of being a friend of Kim’s and miss Lawrence? Or a I mistaken?

  • Oh pleezzze Girl! You are SO out of your league.
    And….Honeychild…you run your mouth WAY too much! You few moments of dubious fame are fleeting and you will reap the rewards of talking about the people that you work for.

    • But, Kandi didn’t incur any losses since Bravo covered all her expenses. The one who lost big was JoDee Messina. Bravo paid JoDee virtually nothing, then Kandi duped her into a phony collaboration knowing full well it would never be released. Coming Up: Kandi is getting ready to pull the Marvin Sapp song off iTunes also.

  • Kandi is not as smart as she claims. She complained she didn’t have her paperwork in order with Kim.. The truth is kandi was paid for work she did with Kim,,, Kim did all the promoting with bravo and got her own performances etc to get the song out there. She put money into her song to promote it, kandi didn’t put a dime into it!

    With Lawrence, kandi wanted to make a point and get him signed to her label which means kandi does all the promoting and pays for getting the song out there..the only thing kandi did with Lawrence first song was get him on wwhl.. She didn’t want to put the money out to promote the song…. Which left Lawrence making NOTHING on the song he did.. All the work he put in and he got NOTHING. Kim was smart about her business and kandi wants all the credit and all the money… When she didn’t put the money into Kim’s song to make it what it is. Kandi remixed the song and used auto tune in the studio.. She deserved to be paid for that and she WAS!
    People don’t like Kim so they believe what kandi says about the song even when it’s not true.

    Lawrence proved it. That’s also why nene wouldn’t take kandi side over the song at the reunion.

    • kandi is conducting what is call business. Thats what that is called. if you sale something for a dollar and you get a penny, thats = nothing! Sell 1 mil and you may get a coke. One song that sucks doesnt a singer make!

    • Do you think that he was or is a Kandi’s first project? Do you know that almost 90% of the industry is signed to 360 deals? That includes Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nikki Manj, Lil Wayne-everybody. Very few artist make money off of the sell of records anymore. With technology and digital downloads, record sells dropped by half (add to the mix crappy artist thinking that they’re the next best thing), so companies started signing the 360 deals which gives them the cut of touring, movies and tv, and merchandising. It was a business deal, why he was smart not to take, he’s still in the same place he started on the sidelines complaining. Does he think he’ll get a better deal somewhere else? It was reported that Stevie J is getting 90% of Joseline when she comes out, and he takes a nominal amount of her appearance fees. As far as the original housewhore, I’m not sure if you remember this or not, but Kandi got Kim plenty of promotion. If you read the urban blogs, Kandi introduced that ungrateful slut to many industry insiders, who laughed at Kim. Dallas Austin refreshed Atlanta’s memory of Kim’s lack of talent and he went on the radio in Atlanta blasting her for not performing live, and even having Kandi stand beside her on stage and sing the song with her. Kandi let Kim come on your with her (tour bus from hell, where she almost got the shit choked out of her, anybody remember?). Bravo got her other gigs (performing the song while promoting the show). I’m not sure where you got your information, but we’ve watched Andy messy ass ask every year for three years now about payment on Tardy for the Party. Kim admitted that the song, at that time, had ,are $80,000 (which is a complete failure by industry standards), and she paid Kandi $5,000. We watched alot ofit play out on the show, including the orginial song. The song Kandi made, is not the song that Brielle wrote, just the same title (how many different songs titled I Love You, Baby, Finally, etc). Pay the woman for her services Kim, Lawerence continue to wait on Clive Davis to come get you-NOT. Bottom line, Kim is ungrateful, and Lawerence is bitter just like his two crushes- Kenya and Sheree. They should all four move in together- all untalented, ungrateful, nobodies that are living the delusional state of being thinking that someone owes them something.

      • I’m confused on why people keep saying Brielle wrote the song, I thought it was a country song that no one heard of but was already out there and Kandi remixed it?

        • Ahh tardy for the party was an old old song. Brille Re-wrote the song and kandi and Kim took it in the studio.. I’m sure kandi reworked the entire song but Braille being a kid and kandi being a friend of that kid… Probably allowed Braille to believe her version of the song is what they used, lol

          Truly tho, have you heard the song? There isn’t much in it at all. It’s all music with Kim’s voice enhanced saying “don’t be tardy for the party” pretty much all it is!

          • I actually haven’t heard it all I heard is the few parts they play on housewives which I did assume was how the whole song went.

            Kandi was smart to make it like a club track where the beat is more important than the lyrics……because Kim can’t sing.

      • Kim may have made 80k on the song but once business is taken care of,. Like paying kandi, paying for studio time, advertisement , plus bravo gets a fee for everything the girls promote on the show. (even kandis sex toy line, she is payimg bravo for those scenes)all the other crap that goes into it. Including all the travel promoting the song etc Kim is lucky of she made as much as she paid kandi.

        I’m not trying to take anything away from kandis talent. No one can dispute her talent. But the whole Kim deal is shady and kandi is not innocent or a victim in that situation.

        As for Lawrence, all these artist you named above. You think they didn’t get a signing bonus? Lawrence made nothing, not a penny on the one song… I didn’t personally like his song but he can sing and all the work he put into it and he didn’t make a dime? … Would you then turn around and sign a contract like that with no bonus knowing you would be contracted to basically work for free for a year or longer before your music made enough to pay you something? It’s a bit much And I don’t blame him.

        • Well, we don’t know that he wasn’t offered a signing bonus- which is basically a pay day loan- and everybody knows that the interest on a payday loan is predatory. But at the end of the day, what does an advance do? They were reporting that despite raking in $30 million last year and having a successful tour, Rihanna was nearly broke because she had to make them payments on her advance received from production company. So had he gotten the advance, he would worse off, he wouldn’t have a song, but he’d have a big ass bill with Kandi, which equals Phadrea suing him and winning AGAIN.

          • Lmao @ payday loan. I have no idea how the advance works. But the story above says Lawrence wanted a signing bonus and kandi said no so he didn’t sign at all. Rihanna , that poor girl was ROBBED it wasn’t about an advance on that. She signed a dumb dumb contract where she was working her ass off on all these shows and was actually coming out negative after each show. How the hell does hat work with 40 million in profits? That’s some shady shit and shows music industry just robs these artists blind.

            This poor girl worked her ass off and come to find out she was owing money out after each concert instead of making profits and she did four tours this way. Robbed her blind! Kim nor Lawrence is no Rihanna tho!


          • Watch TLC and Toni Braxton’s behind the music, also watch any given episode of TVOne’s Unsung. Bobby Womack said when you go get a record deal, talk some Vaseline, cause they’re gonna fuck you– and everybody knows that Bobby Womack wrote his own stuff and could sang. The record companies gives these unknown unproven artist hundreds of thousands of dollars and the collect 30 and 40% interest, while charging other fees. The record business is really as crooked at Wall Street.

          • That’s really shitty because without the labels these artist have no chance of making it, but with the labels they are working for prison wages. 30 cents an hour lol

    • How do you know all of this….was the contract/agreement printed somewhere…

      • This was directed to @say what….you are doing a lot of assuming…

        • I’m not assuming though. It’s all been said by kandi, Kim or Lawrence. I didn’t read anyone’s contract I just have the memory of an elephant! Lol I remember the RV tour, I remember Lawrence complaining in previous interviews that he didn’t make a dime, I remember kandis interview where she came back at Lawrence because she had to pay for everything. I also Remember Kim and hiring Dallas Austin, and him being a douche bag on MySpace ( Ya it was that long ago lol) I just remember everything.

          • Uhh…ok…lol…seriously, I didn’t take Kim or Lawrence serious….thought Kandi was doing a one-time thing for both…she didn’t write a contract for Kim due to their friendship….after getting cheated, decided she wouldn’t do that again….friendship or not…..remember Lawrence only complaining AFTER Kandi said at a reunion that Kim didn’t step up and clear the matter…

            Anyway, that’s why the music industry is so cut throat….you really need a good entertainment attorney and your talent to negotiate with the record company….

            Both Kim and Lawrence ought to thank Kandi…..Kim can’t sing to save her life and without Kandi and auto tune…she would only be heard in her shower…no one would have done what Kandi did….

  • Totally w/Kandi on this! Ummm Miss Lawrence, honey nobody bought that horrible track on iTunes! Therefore there was no money to give him. He’s always throwing shade at Kandi & Phaedra. I’m sorry but his incredibly cringe worthy show Fashion Queens just needs to stop already. He’s so obnoxious, it’s sickening.

    • No one bought it because kandi had him locked into an agreement… It was not promoted because kandi didn’t want to put any money into promoting the song. She thought putting him on wwhl would do it… Kim put a lot of her own money and time into promoting her song and that’s why it was a hit.

      • Kandi didnt want to put any money into it because it sucked and he simply can’t sing!! OK? He can’t sing. Why would someone of her status put her name on a pc of crap & call it a song just because the he/she thinks he’s fine? Really! Saying it doewsnt make it so! Learn that and you’ll go far!

          • Say what, he really and truly cannot sing. I mean his tone is alright, he can hold a note, but he ain’t no damn Luther. Hell, he ain’t even on Usher and Chris Brown level. He’s a broke down cheap impersonation of Sylvester.

          • Andrea from Alabama,
            I think Lawrence has a nice voice, but NOBODY, and I MEAN NOBODY will ever come close to Luther (well, except Marvin Gaye). Usher is awesome too, but I think Lawrence can hold his own with Chris Brown.

          • No one is a Luther!!

            i don’t know much about singing talent. But Lawrence did not suck like kim. He had a good voice, And my opinion of Usher is he is a faker! He never ever sings anything live, it’s all Melissa gorga style and he blames it on his dancing… Even the music awards show he doesn’t sing live. He was a dance prodigy the label built into a sex symbol. Lawrence probably DOES have a better voice than him lol

          • Oh yes, he sings better than both Kim and Melissa, but so does Porsha, but she’s not gonna get a record deal, and if she does it’ll be a 360, like what was offered to Lawerence- unless she secures some funding from hammer head. Now I don’t attend church in Atlanta, but if its anything like other towns and cities in the south, go to any baptist church, and you will hear Luther reincarnated. You will hear Sam Cook live in person. You will hear, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding. Believe it or not, there are still talented people alive. For whatever reason. People who CAN sing, don’t get record contracts. Talking bout an oxymoron.

          • Andrea stop it right now, don’t give that hammer head mother fucker any ideas… Lmao watch they will end up like the gorgas going broke promoting porsha singing career. DEAD

            I agree that baptist churches are alive with Luther and Houston voices. But talent doesn’t seem to be what people are interested in. They want the full package, dancing , looks, skinny, market appeal and kandi has shown us, that voice doesn’t matter a bit! The days of real musical voices that become legends is over. Shame!

      • I really thought it was a joke….Lawrence saw that Kandi helped Kim with her dream of making a country song…and he wanted to do the same….Lawrence really could not have thought that this song was going to make him a star….seriously…this was like fulfilling a task on your bucket list…

    • Excuse you I bought it, it’s on my phone and I think it’s entertaining ass hell so don’t pull nobody bought it.

  • Kandi doesn’t take rejection well but he’s the one whining about it….go buy a new dress Lawrence….

    You didn’t like the contract offered… You rejected it….it’s over…

    • I know, Kandi never even mentioned it again so I don’t understand how shes the one not taking it well.

  • Kandi keeps having problems with every song she’s made since being on this show. Lawrence, Kim and then whoever from her show claiming that Kandi never called him or returned his calls etc.

    • Makes you wonder right? Everyone hated Kim so they took kandi side without realizing kandi was WRONG. kandi was paid for remixing the song and her auto tune abilities. Kim used her own money to promote her song and get gigs to make it a hit… Kandi didn’t realize that and thought Lawrence would just come out the fate with no money put into promotion and be a hit….

      I think we are seeing a side of kandi we didn’t see in the past

  • This show is a ripoff of E’s fashion police. If they’re going to have a show on fashion, they should at least pick people who actually knows a thing or two about fashion.

    • @nicole…how right you are….they are dressed horribly….and the actual woman…looks like a man as well….with a lisp….

      I can’t do it…Andy/Bravo missed the mark on this one….

      • When it was just Lawrence and Derrick dishing on style and throwing shade it was entertaining. I don’t like the current format with a formal host controlling them. Derrick and Lawrence did better without her! I like the show because they focus more on brown girl style, hair , trends. Fashion police doesn’t do that. I just wish they would dump the third wheel

  • he needs to go away he’s annoying and trying to gain fame by trashing people… Who says he’s a fashion QUEEN anyway he looks ridiculous not many people was trying to hear a song about closet freaks anyway! lol

  • Smart on Lawerence part. Most deals today are 360 deals and they have their hands in everything. Lawrence said on Fashion Queens that Kandi is very aggressive business wise, and after she was screwed by Kim who could blame her? She’s got to protect her bottom line. Can’t blame her for trying. Oh well, where he wasn’t a starving artist, are plenty willing and ready to sign on the dotted line. Maybe Porsha will fall for it.

    • Don’t forget that kandi put NO MONEY into promoting Kim’s song or advertising it, yet she wanted a cut of the profits after Kim spent her own money promoting it, Lawrence didn’t make a penny off his song because kandi had to promote it and pay out of her own pocket after locking him into a tight deal… Then she didn’t want to put out the money that Kim spent making her song popular.

      • I think that studio time at her house and production fees are enough money someone whose only talent is laying on her back for a married man. I think Kandi didn’t initially go after Kim because they were friends and she values friendship, unlike both Kim and Lawerence. Lawrence is as fake as a $2.00 broad and we’ve seen him exercise that for years. As long as Sheree was a housewife, he couldn’t “throw enough shade” at Nene. Now that Sheree is gone, and he has a new bitter single housewife to mimic, up Nenes ass he goes. Lets face it, Lawerence has a nice voice, but its nothing you can’t hear in any southern baptist church in America. Wasn’t nobody checking for him of Kim, they should be very grateful to Kandi. I remember when she came on the show Dallas Austin said in a radio interview Kim was a user who didn’t like to pay people and she was using Kandi to fulfil her dream of being a singer. Kandi took that bullshit that Brielle wrote, flipped it, slapped it, and made it relevant. Got Kim the gig on Miami and took her on a tour. That’s enough money and promotion.

        • I agree about Lawrence. Except I would say with him it’s not about friendship.. He is for sale, whoever offers him air time or will bennifit him the most is the side he rolls with.

          Kandi said herself on the show she did Kim’s song to prove a point that anyone can be a singer .. And to prove Dallas Austin is not all he claims to be. Kandi worked straight magic in her studio. No one can say otherwise. The proof is in Kim’s god awful country song. I know you have heard that shit! Lol but… Kandi bennifited from working with Kim too. You can dislike Kim but kandi working her magic gave her a career boost. It made kandi look like a friggin magician in the studio and jump started her career back up. The proof of that is in the spin off kandi has doing the same thing she did for Kim. So kandi has bennifited . Also that Miami performance? Kim was signed on to do that performance without kandi. Kim did all her own promoting with her own people and paid for it all herself. That’s why I think kandi lawsuit is a straight stunt! She was paid for what she did, plus it boosted her image, career and highlighted her talent to viewers which resulted in a spin off.

          Kandi decided she wanted the money Kim made on her song after she realized how much Kim made so she tried to protect herself with Lawrence… But kandi wasn’t willing to put the money into Lawrence song the way Kim put money into hers. All kandi did was get Lawrence on wwhl

          • Say What?,
            I always agree with you. I like Kandi, and agree that working with Kim on the show boosted her career tremendously. It even afforded her the spin off “The Kandi Factory”.

            Kandi’s making bank (as she should). The whole Tardy for the Party debacle is over a few thousand bucks. BOTH of them, and BRAVO benefited.

        • I agree with Andrea From Alabama ! Also Kim probably knew the original version of the song wouldn’t sell. Kandi rewrote the song. Even Kim has admitted it. I don’t think she charged Kim any fee for studio time or to use her tour bus. I think Kandi really wanted to believe that Kim would be a real friend to her. As for Miss Lawrence, he can sing, but his image doesn’t appeal to the masses. He also jumps from housewife to housewife. First Sheree> Kandi>Kenya. Kandi recently tweeted that she watched a few episodes of Fashion Queens to support Derek and Lawrence , but all Lawrence does is speak badly about her. If he is over it, then why does he keep taking jabs at Kandi? Hopefully, Kandi has learned her lesson.

          • And Kandi drew the crowd. And they had real dates, at least Kandi did. Kim went along, because she was probably contractually obligated, and on plainer the whole way. Kim ain’t bought shit into anything that she’s ever done. At least Lawerence could do Kandi’s hair and pay her with those services. What can Kim do? And don’t say nursing. A) nobody is going to her for nursing; B) everybody knows that LPN is an associated degree and they don’t give out associates degrees at UCONN- so she lied about that. She was probably a CNA.

          • What? Kandi did not draw that Miami crowd. Those queens were there for Kim. I have no doubt the rest of that tour was all kandis and bravo agreed to find it if she allowed Kim to open for her and paid for the RV which was to end in Miami. You don’t have to be a fan of Kim’s to see the truth. I’m not defending Kim or kandi I’m just speaking what I know. So don’t take it personal.

            Whatever degree Kim has, Lpn, rn, gold digging, nursing assistant doesn’t matter, she posted her license onlie for everyone to see. Don’t think she claimed anything there.

            Kandi was paid for what she did for Kim, I didn’t realize cast mates needed to be a bennifit to kandi to be relevant. I’m sure if Kim knew that was the only thing holding her back she would run out and get a cosmetology license 😀

  • her response makes perfect sense to me – wasn’t there any sort of contract? if not – he isn’t much of a business man – no complaints then!

    • For starters she is a he and should be addressed as so. for GOD sakes! Arent people confused enough as it is! Calling a MAN Miss, or SHE is just wrong! And to publize it is even more so! Its a man that dresses up as a woman. That does not mean he becomes a She.! It means he’s gay. Plus, he’s wrong! What does HE know about the business? Nothing! Just because he says he’s fine doesnt make it true!!
      Im on Kandi’s side. These cast mates are taking advantage of her. They can’t sing but think they can so everyone else will think so too! not!

      • I don’t think they were necessarily taking advantage of her but neither Kim nor Lawrence would have ever gotten a contract or anyone to produce their songs besides Kandi. Kim can’t sing AT ALL! Her voice is terrible and the only reason the song sounds decent is Kandi auto tuned it and produced it so she doesn’t really need to sing it she talks it. Lawrence can actually sing but his image is not one for mass appeal that other record labels would go for. Bottom line is like her contract or not Kandi was doing them a favor…..Why would Lawrence think he should get a signing bonus….really??

        • Because a signing bonus is ALL he would have been paid until his music made it. All the performances marketing etc would have came from kandi pocket and went into kandi pocket to cover expenses which is fair. All artists get a signing bonus because they are working pretty much for free for a long ass time. Lawrence was not asking for anything unusual here. Kandi refusing a signing bonus basically tells Lawrence she didn’t believe in him and who wants to contract themselves with someone who doesn’t believe in the, and won’t put the money into the music that it takes.

          I’m not a fan of Lawrence’s. I actually like kandi. But I’m on his side with this, I’m also on Kim’s side with her song.

          • I agree no signing bonus means she didn’t believe in him enough to give him money ahead of time and I don’t blame her. He can sing better than Kim but hes not amazing and his persona would be a hard sell for mass appeal. the best he could have hoped for would be the same success as Tardy for the party and I doubt he would have even gotten that. Kandi would have never made back the money from the signing bonus.

            I think that he just needs to accept that was her offer and if he didn’t want to take it because she didn’t believe in him enough for a signing bonus then thats what it is. Walk away and don’t complain about it. He is the one that was rejected by her not offering him what he wanted but hes acting like he rejected Kandi and shes upset about it. She never even mentioned his song or the deal after they originally recorded it.

          • The problem is that at the time Kandi started working with them, neither Kim or Lawrence are even remotely desirable to another label (Kim now at least has Tardy for the Party under her and a following). It was essentially a favor to them. Neither of them would deserve a signing bonus because what was truly in it for Kandi? She was the one taking a risk on them. It worked on for Tardy for the Party but Lawrence’s song was a bust. If she gave him a signing bonus, she’d essentially just be giving away money to him for the favor SHE did. If anything, Lawrence was a bigger risk because Kim had the fame of the show behind her and had a much wider appeal. Lawrence is very narrow in who he can appeal to. I’ll give Kim one thing, at least she never claimed that she was a hot commodity. The way Lawrence is speaking, you’d think he was in demand and had many other offers.

      • If he wants to be referred to as a She it isn’t really your problem. I think Lawrence was pretty fair in this interview. It is interesting to see things from the other side.

      • I dislike Miss Lawrence. She is a vindictive, small-minded, petty person.

        However, good manners demand that we address people as they ask to be addressed, so she is she. Gender is not the same as sex. She might be biologically male, but if she identifies with the female gender, that is not for you to gainsay her.

        • Hi cajsa! I don’t like Miss Lawrence much either. She is pretty snide too.
          However like you it is out of respect toward another human being to address them as they like to be addressed. Otherwise it’s just rude.

        • Hi cajsa! I don’t like Miss Lawrence much either. She is pretty snide too.
          However like you it is out of respect toward another human being to address them as they like to be addressed. Otherwise it’s just rude.

      • FYI…If a guy dresses in women’s clothes does not necessarily mean he’s gay… He’s a cross dresser. A lot of cross dressing men are straight with families and have no attraction to other males.

      • What decade are you living in? Calling a man a miss is wrong according to who? You?