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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Melissa Gorga Spotted Attending Court!

Last week it was reported that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga was pulled over and received over 5 citations! Melissa was in a bentley when a cop noticed she was speeding. She then got cited for speeding, not having proof of insurance, not having car registration, not having her child in a safety seat and having unclear license plates.

It looks like the report was true because Melissa Gorga attended court today! A few New Jersey residents gave AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE information telling us they spotted Melissa at Boonton Court! That’s not all! Another New Jersey resident tweeted “@Juliameadee: Can’t believe I saw Melissa at boonton court today!”

This is not going to look good on her record! More to the story soon…

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  • I didn’t have to pay two tickets by just telling the
    police officer the truth. I was speeding because I was sick to my stomach. Believe me, it was terrible, and the only thing he said was leave my car on the road, and he will call an ambulance. I always send my police dept monies, but this young officer should have followed me home.

    I went to court and went to the person that takes care of people representing themselves. She called the officer and he agreed with me. No ticket.

    The other ticket I received in upstate NY, and I was
    speeding. I had my Mom and my English Mastiff in my
    car coming from Cornell Vet Hospital. The doctors told me my beautiful dog that no one wanted that I rescued, was dying. The officer was very kind, but since I received the ticket in Upstate NY, I had to go back. My case was dismissed. My boy lived another
    1.5 year with only one kidney with a tremendous struvite stone in it. I believe in miracles.

  • And she’s a “great mom?” YEA FREAKIN RIGHT! That child was NOT WEARING A SEAT BELT AND HER ASS GOT CAUGHT! The first thing ANY NORMAL PARENT would do, is PUT THEIR CHILD IN A SEAT BELT BEFORE GOING TO THEIR DESTINATION! All this long faced witch worries about is HERSELF! She was too busy trying to been seen in a damn car that her ass doesn’t own, nor could never afford, that’s why she wasn’t worrying about her child wearing a seatbelt!!! This is the REAL Melissa folks! That bitch is not fooling me one bit!

  • Jennifer;

    Do your “partners” know you post here?

    You sound more like a law school drop out than a seasoned litigator.

    Too much to say and not enough to do.

    With a magic vagina to boot.

    Go back to work litigating.

    If you truly are a lawyer, you obviously need to prove what a great lawyer you are to SOMEONE, and how great you are ALL THE TIME..and on a gossip board.

    Lawyers are a dime a dozen, and the ones worth their weight in salt don’t get hung up on proving themselves on gossip boards.

    You’re REALLY killing your profession (or proving the rumors and jokes about it) single handedly.

    • Girl, we’ve had legit bad ass lawyers come and prove her a fool. Didn’t matter. She didn’t miss a step. I’m waiting for her to pop on with her alias name and cuss us all to hell and back. Happens every time.

  • Where the hell is the trailer for NJ?? I FINALLY saw a 30 second promo on Bravo today…not that awful ‘planting a tree’ promo but one with actual footage from the season…all I really caught was Kathy crying about something, Jacqueline screaming into a phone at Teresa and Teresa standing over Melissa, screaming in her face…I’ve looked on Bravo, Youtube and they haven’t put anything up yet!

    • Rb they played a teaser of actual show footage on The night OC airs.. Monday or Tuesday (forget) they also played the teaser during the queen of ver whatever special they did and wwhl that night. I bet it’s online somewhere.

      • @Say What??

        Thats the teaser @RB is talking about, it’s not really an actual trailer.

    • Isaw the same teaser @ RB Monday, but nothing since..They are still showing the weird promo and now that little teaser, but nothing more.I’m thinking they will be pooping up with an actual trailer real soon as the season will start in a month.

      • The promo of the planting seeds is so ridiculous lol remember all the cast blogs last year about planting seeds. I honestly believe they get storylines and ideas from viewers on the Internet. If that’s the case we should see Melissa exposed this season and less of Caroline’s breast feeding

  • She was found GUILTY of the following charges:

    Failing to have proper safety restraint on child
    Failing to have Vehicle Inspected
    Failure to properly display license plates

    She did ask that the charges be dropped, but apparently she got into some sort of verbal exchange with the officer who pulled her over so the judge would not dismiss the charges.

    She was let off the insurance and registration charges for showing proof of having both.

  • Jennifer, your need to feel superior is taxing. You sucked the life out of this thread. Please get the hell over yourself.

      • Is this thread real life, LOL? Holy S- balls!!!! I come here to escape the professionalism, policies, procedures and what not..This used to be my venting and giggle ground.. sigh…Sorry to get off topic!

        • It’s Tom foolery, that’s what it is! I’m just gonna start picking random stories and post all over it and argue with myself. Maybe I’ll talk about the label on my mattress and how I’m tearing it off and no one can do shit about it because I’ve googled all the mattress tag laws and then I’ll argue with myself about why I shouldnt tear it off and spout “proven facts” and call everyone darling and dear.

          I hear Mrs Tom Foolery goes back to work in a week. The end is near!

    • Say What??? Love you my dear stalker!

      Hey I know you have a mental impairment that makes you weak minded but you do know how to scroll on an iPad, smart phone or PC, right? If you do that you fly right by my posts. Just a little FYI my dear stalker. Love you!

  • Just saw on Twitter that she was found guilty (the child restaint) plus 2 other.

    • You mean Faux Realty Blogger? That is the one with the exclusive on April 30th. It might be true but that woman or man or whoever it is has been proved to be a liar.

      • Yes, I totally agree Jennifer. Faux is a fraud. These days I am not so sure about Fame either. They both seemed to become big JTG/Brian advocates around the same time & Fame seems to trying to turn Teresa’s fans against her by posting opinion as fact.

  • It just goes to show how ignorant she is. Now all the other stuff is fine if you’re busy switching between your rented cars and you forget to put your insurance and registration, but to not take the time to make sure your child is safe, is just ignorant. She might as well have put her child on her lap like britney spears did..oh wait..let me not give mel some ideas on how to become relevant in the media and pop world…ignorant cookie melster!

  • If this were Teresa the cast would be posting about it on Twitter and would be slamming her publicly.

  • Was Antonia buckled up/car seat/booster on the episode of missing the bus 1st day of school?

    The only person Melissa takes care of is Melissa. 🙁

  • “This is not going to look good on her record! More to the story soon…”

    Which record Rox? The ass selling, impersonating a singer or the shoplifting charge?

    • The impersonating a singer should be a federal offense with mandatory jail time! And I want to file assault charges for my ears

      • And for the record I’m hiring Lola fana as my lawyer and payin her with photos of The Rock!

    • I have to wonder just how much Melissa’s….singing “career” has put her and Joey Marco in debt. Remember that awful couple from The Hills (can’t remember their names) that went broke from sinking $2 million into the chick recording “music” LOL

      • LOL Heidi and Spencer!!! Who in the hell let that girl sing- EEEEK. Ahh, no wonder the Housewives think they can sing.

  • Rumor has it that It was baby Joey (3yrs old) who was not in a car seat and only buckled in the back seat. Born to be a mommy! Oh but we should all be impressed because Melissa Marco Gorga was in a borrowed Bentley. Thoroughly unimpressed

    • @ Portishead

      Seriously ? Baby Joey!!?? Holy Shit, I hope this rumor is not true, not that it would be ok, if it were Gino or Antonia, but the baby??

          • A seatbelt wouldn’t do shit for a 3 year old in an accident. He would be ejected from the vehicle. Jpg you usually have a fair argument… There is no defense a d no excuse for this situation . Nothing excuses it, nothing!

        • Yes, three is still a baby. Most kids switch to a booster seat from a car seat at 4 and then are to stay in the booster until around 12 depending on height and weight.

          Their necks are not strong enough to take the impact.

        • Jpg read the story I posted above about the grandpa who didn’t use a booster seat for his grand kid

          • Shit happens. People who are in complete compliance with all laws get killed everyday. You’re story didn’t impress me.

        • Three years old is a baby. If this is the issue, then she should have had him in his car seat.

          Was it a mistake? Yes. She should have known better. Now she does.

          • Oh gee thanks Jennifer. No idea how we would have continued without your legal input. Fucktard

          • LOL! Say What??? It is official you have become my stalker. It is so funny, Say What??? My own personal middle aged stalker.

            One that was not a legal opinion. Two I was commenting on the rumors that came down now.

            Name calling my dear stalker so beneath you. I know your middle aged but are you a fatty too? Hmmmm. I bet. Say What??? My rolly Polly stalker. Love you!!!

          • Cheese and rice what the heck happened with you guys today? lol

            But, we can all agree you both think Mego is bad, bad, bad, yes? Come on guys…Hug it out ;o)

          • Crywolf, this is what crazy does. She takes over entire threads spewing her fake legal garbage to the point no one else can enjoy the blog. It went on the entire time BH was airing. No one bothers to comment to her anymore because of it. Sometimes innocent people wander through and walk unknowingly into it and I feel bad for them.. I shouldn’t have have bothered saying anything at all, I know better than to yank her chain. I just couldn’t resist after scrolling through 14 straight comments of her posting non stop to herself. Lol

            I’m backing away with caution 😀

          • Do your “partners” know you post here?

            You sound like a law school drop out.

            Too much to say and not enough to do.

            With a magic vagina to boot.

            Go back to work litigating.

            If you truly are a lawyer, you obviously need to prove what a great lawyer you are to SOMEONE, and how great you are ALL THE TIME..and on a gossip board.

            Lawyers are a dime a dozen, and the ones worth their weight in salt don’t get hung up on proving themselves on gossip boards.

            You’re REALLY killing your profession (or proving the rumors and jokes about it) single handedly.

          • Jennifer
            Are you kidding me?? It was a mistake? Now she knows?? What??? This chica has 3 young children she damn well should have known better, she gets NO PASS from me! She was very very irresponsible, she put her child at risk, NO EXCUSE FOR THAT EVER!!

          • @Say What, I see you’re being referred to as “middle aged”(I wasn’t aware that was an insult lol) which led me to think of a couple of things… 1) by the time one SUPPOSEDLY finishes law school and then practices for 14 yrs (cough B.S. cough) wouldn’t that person be late 30’s early 40’s? Which would be middle aged unless you live to 100?!
            2) only somebody very YOUNG or immature would think “middle aged” was a dig at a person! Especially some high powered partner at the best law firm in the world, with the best degree in the world….

          • I thought that as well. I’m 37 I thought that was middle aged. But according to the insult queen ((who also claims I’m a fat ass lol) 37 must not be middle aged because that would make her damn near elderly. To be honest, no elderly lawyer would feel the need to impress people on a gossip blog. Elderly usually do the opposite and have no filter. So who knows! I just know for certain someone here isn’t playing with a full deck of cards and its not me!

          • OMG, you guys are so right. I went to law school right after college. Passed the NY bar on my first try. (Not trying to brag, just trying to give you a timeline) I am 34 years old and have been practicing for 9 years. Therefore, if she went to law school right after college as well and is 14 years post bar, she would minimum be 39 years old.

            Caught in her own lies, again.

          • Geeze, thanks alot say What! Now we are going to get linked to death about middle aged, along with frigging reports that show what the EXACT age is middle aged and how people that are middle age only make certain opinions and comments, LMAO!

          • Lol!!! So basically she is using age to try to insult me and I’m actually younger than she is.

            And lol @ Michers. She’s already moved on to other threads to insult me and others with her legal knowledge. We are safe!

          • @ Say What- there is never any guarantees for safety honey child, LOL!!!!! This was a poop cloud that exploded-everywhere. Cant say it has not been funny as hell at times reading the comments 🙂 No matter which thread I go to..OMG..

          • I fear I may have sent her over the edge with the poop in a jar comment. I was picturing her face and the thousands of posts she would punish me with. But I couldn’t resist.

  • Antonia would probably still have to be in booster seat even at her age. I know it’s that way in CA. Most states have adopted that law. Seems silly for someone at 60lbs still sitting in a booster seat.

    • my grand daughter was 5, still needed a booster seat,she was tiny for her age. what about 4 yr old,that might be overweight,but small in size, better be safe than sorry later

    • jpg, the only serious violation to me is speeding and her child was not in a safety seat.

    • It does not say the child wasn’t restrained, just not in a safety seat. It could have been for Antonia for all you know. Different states have different regulations for height and weight. And Speeding could be 7 over. I don’t find this to be that big of news.

      • The law in NJ for child safety seats is the child must meet both requirements must 8 yrs and 80 pds for the child not to have use a car seat or booster seat…..

        • Exactly. Now I realize the law is the law, but I don’t see a whole lot of people trying to strap their 6-8 year child in a booster seat.

          • I work for a pd, my son is over 80lbs and will turn 7 the end of May and he still is required to use a booster seat.

          • It’s the law though, and not doing this is irresponsible/ dangerous.

            I honestly can not beleive that Messy did this, when AATRH, first reported this the other day, I was like Hell No, I don’t beleive it.

          • I do!!!!! How guilty would I feel god forbid something happen to my kid b/c I didn’t follow the LAW!!

          • In California this has been the law for years and everyone I see at elementary school, hundreds of under 8 year old picked daily, all have back seats full of car and booster seats. (Yes, that means through 3rd grade!)

            I realize if people do not have young kids now, or no kids, this law seems extreme, but at least here the fines are huge when caught, cops will pull you over in a heartbeat and its the norm for all parents across the board. Is this a newer law for the state of NJ. If so, I will say it does take a few years for parents to abide by the older kids policy and realize cops aren’t messin around anymore on this violation.

          • Exactly Happy Day. Every mother of school age children I know obeys this to the letter of the law.

        • Yes, and if it was Antonia, I’m pretty sure she is just 7, and no way is she 80 pds.

        • Not that this excuses her, but in my town if your child’s supposed to be in a booster seat and you get pulled over the officer can write you a citation with the option of bringing proof to court to show you bought a booster seat to comply. Obviously this would only apply the first time and is completely up to the officer.

          Either way, it’s irresponsible to not have your kids restrained properly. I said on the last thread that there is a case going on in my state now where a grandfather didn’t have his grandchild in a booster seat and was in a bad accident. The kid was ejected from the vehicle and died.. Grandpa is on trial for man slaughter…. He killed his own grandchild for thinking booster seats were no big deal. There is a reason it’s the law and any parent who wouldn’t take their kids life seriously enough to use a booster seat is a shitty parent!

      • I agree with jpg. Most of her citations are no big deal (not having reg & ins in car, and unclear plates). And who knows how many mph she was over limit.

        And like I said in the initial post on this, I think Antonia is 8 years old. Whether or not she’s 80 lbs who knows, but Melissa probably couldn’t prove age or weight on the spot. Unless she happens to carry a photo ID of her kid with a DOB on it or a scale in the car.

        My guess is that cop had a quota to meet for citing 5 violations in one go instead of nailing her for the big ones like speeding and improper child restraints. (I had one guy ticket me because I didn’t give him proof of insurance right away. I dug it up eventually but technically you need to produce it immediately.)

        • @ jersey girl

          I said the same thing in my post above^^. The only thing that bothers me is not having her child( we don’t know which one it was yet, btw., we are just assumimg it was Antonia, although I’m pretty sure it would not have been the baby)) in a safety seat, it’s the law, and she should have had that child in a seat seat, no matter who it was.

          • I don’t know how to start a new comment on here but if anyone is really curious if she did receive these tickets its all public record u can Opra the tickets…just saying

          • Christine,

            Are you sure? I mean OPRA is not as expansive as that. In fact, OPRA has an exception for DMV records. The actual exception is 2 of P.L.1997, c.188 (C.39:2-3.4). That is within the OPRA section. It deals with privacy. In the exception you must fit the exception to have the DMV which holds the custodial record produce it. What exception would a private citizen have for getting DMV records to comply with the exception on a pending ticket or post?

          • yes i’m positive, you are not opra DMV records, u are opra at the boonton municipal court, everything is public record, think about all the ambulance chasers who request all accident reports from pds nothing on a accident report can be redacted NOTHING…. also anytime in NJ u get a ticket, u get a million mailers at home from lawyers saying they can help u… where do u think they get this from the courts…

          • Christina,

            OPRA has every record and I never said they didn’t. I don’t dispute it. What I said was private citizen may not be able to get their hands on it because they do not fit into the exceptions under 2 of P.L.1997, c.188. Attorneys fit under the exception because they are providing a public interest/service. They are actual fit right into the exception. We are talking about people not providing a public service. What exception under the above title do they fit under and that is from OPRA. I know OPRA very well. The privacy issues of OPRA were a big concern because prior to OPRA believe it or not it was much more liberal.

          • Additionally OPRA is a culled formed system. They work with the agency that has the actual housed data. OPRA is just the one stop show to get info from any State agency. That is why you must look at the DMV exception with OPRA.

          • when u are requesting something from OPRA u do not need to tell them what its for, that is against opra laws, u can request whatever u want, how do u think they put everyhing in the newspaper, here in NJ when u read the newspaper they have a section it states the town and and person who was arrested in their town, it states the time, what they were arrested for and a little senairo yes there are exceptions no juvenile and no domestic dispute can be released, to be honest even with jacko, u can opra the call the pd went on to her house and get the report, NJ is opra king…..

          • Christina,

            You are right but when you go after DMV records you must comply with 2 of P.L.1997, c.188. It is actually within the OPRA itself. You can look it up. It is right there. I sat on the committee dealing with privacy for OPRA in NJ that is the only reason I know it well. You see DMV records are considered highly sensitive. The request does not work way for DMV records. It is right there. Please you can look it up.

            DMV records from OPRA or even not from OPRA require compliance with 2 of P.L.1997, c.188. I agree you will see in local paper name and address of people dealing with crimes and I have seen DUIs but there has been recent legislation against that because it is a traffic violation in NJ at least with the first one.

            Traffic violations are non-arrest. There is a very big difference.

          • Also you cannot request everything you want. OPRA has a stated exceptions. And you can be denied access to OPRA.

          • I think i’m going to a ride up to boonton and request the tickets so I can prove u wrong. U should google opra cases in NJ and see how much some towns have to pay b/c they would not release records that were OPRAed, I agree somethings are not able to OPRA like I said before juvenile and domestic disputes. Traffic tickets are able to be opraed, u request that from the municpal court, which now I think I’m on a mission. by the way i do all opra and discovery for work and have been to all the classes in AC where the Leaugue of Municpalities is held every year in Nov. look it up

        • And i will tell u another thing only way someone is getting off from a dwi is they blew under .08 or the officer creditals aren’t up to date, so they win on a technicallity, u remind me of the lawyers on the Chun case where the hell did that get them, except it just back up all the courts…

          • BS u are arrested on dwi’s yes it a 39 charge and not a 2c charge, and i’m sorry to tell u yes everything including both 2c and 39 are releaseable except for juveniles and domestic which i have stated, and cases that are still being investigated… DRUGS are a 2c charge and those arrested are listed in the newspaper so u FAIL your wrong

          • Well you’re better than me Christina , I don’t even believe she’s a lawyer… Lol

          • Me either, Say What. Or if she is, she literally just became one. I’ve never met a lawyer (well, a good one) who thought themselves an expert on as many things as she claims to be).

          • I think she may work with lawyers or have some connection. Bit I’ve never in my life come across an actual lawyer that behaves this way.. And she’s wrong on so much stuff. Like this Melissa stuff, not knowing how to make sure an ex gets a shitty lawyer in a divorce, not knowing that leaving the marital home puts you at a disadvantage in divorce etc.. She pretends to know things then when you prove her wrong she goes bat shit crazy posting numerous things proving she’s right.. Then insults the person who proved her wrong.. When that fails, typically a new person pops up and attacks , curses, insults and degrades the person she was arguing with. That is not the behavior of a well educated lawyer. 😀

          • @Say What, as usual ITA!!!! As usual this thread is exhausting!!!! If someone has to constantly tell/prove/brag about their intelligence/wealth/beauty it’s usually because they have none of those things!!!! J/S!!!! Hope you’re doing well! I’ve stayed away due to the boredom I feel from repetitive drivel!

          • Indigo,

            Sorry dear been practicing forever. I know you are not an attorney. As for NJ I know the law and the legislative rules which I provided in another posts which was NJ Legis and was the current bill placed into law. It was link dear heart.

          • Say what???

            I have practiced for 14 years. NY and NJ then I got CA. But active in NJ and NY. Sorry my bar ticket is valid and active. Been a partner for 6 years. Think what you like but few people in the country know 34 and 33 act better than me. That gives you a clue that you can find me if you like.

          • Christina,

            DUI is NJSA 39:4-50 Driving While Intoxicated, DWI, DUI, Drunk Driving. It is NOT a misdemeanor it is a traffic violation. That is the actual statute.

          • Christina,

            You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about with DUI which same as DWI in NJ. It is a traffic violation. You are not arrested. Do you know what constitutes arrest? It is not a criminal charge. NJSA 39:4-50 Driving While Intoxicated, DWI, DUI, Drunk Driving.

            This one I know beyond any reasonable doubt because has a pro bono case I had an indigent with two DUIs on record. One within 10 years of the second and it was moving up the charge. I knocked the DUI out.

            DUI first offense in NJ is NOT a criminal charge. NJSA 39:4-50 Driving While Intoxicated, DWI, DUI, Drunk Driving

          • Say What???

            LOL! Well educated attorney? AS if you would know. I graduated from top 10 law school. Actual in the top 5 and was in the top 5% of my class. I even teach CLE courses in NJ and NY on Securities transactions dealing with esoteric derivatives. LOL! I am not well educated. That is so funny. Please make me laugh a little more.

          • LOL! Christina I have actual done more than one DUI case in Bergen county. I can tell you first of all DUI is the easiest to chip away at. You are supposing there is a breathalyzer test done. Not always and usually never if there is an accident. When there is an accident police protocol in NJ is to bring the driver even if mildly injured to the hospital. The law in NJ is you cannot not submit to a breathalyzer test, but that is not true to urine or blood screening. If you would like the case law and the statute I can supply it. NJ is exception to must rules. I know this beyond any doubt because I argued this case for my client. That is why I know DUI in NJ backwards and forwards.

          • You have never heard of State v. Dyal. That is suppression of extracted blood without patient consent. There are many ways to attack a DUI case very successful and have it dismissed.

          • Who21223,

            I just don’t remember your handle are so funny. This thread was actually about something important and it was about OPRA and what could and could not be gleaned from it. OPRA has an exception to it on DMV that anyone that has tried to access it who is not part of the exception knows and especially goes to DMV. She fails to mention you need a driver’s number to even find Melissa’s information. You are can be fined or worse if you use the material for publications purposes as a lay person. Driving extracts may not even be in public interest for an newspaper with someone like Melissa. The point was a real one.

            Unlike you I like to talk about and issue logically. I ask if someone knows a section of the law when they talk about a database I know very well. So, I ask them about it. They do not look it up or skirt over it, then I know they don’t know what they are talking about or are misinformed.

          • Indigo,

            Did I say I was an expert in traffic violations? No I did not. In fact, I said I didn’t know that in the above thread. Do I know DUI issues? Oh yes I do. Because I had a pro bono case with an individual who had two DUIs. This area I know. I was successful in getting my client off. I am proud of that. I know the relevant law and it was a NJ case.

            New attorney. LOL! 14 years post admission to both NY and NJ, CA I did in 2002 but I am not active as of this year in CA. I am active in NY and NJ.

            I am specialist in securities law and corporate law. Those two areas as I stated I have specific expertise.

            However, if anyone is a Good attorney they know other areas. You know other areas because it interests you. You know other areas because you work on community service projects. You know other areas because do pro bono work and most attorneys do that or like in NJ you are required to do it. Good attorneys know many areas to a degree, but their specific area in-depth. You must not know any good attorneys by your logic, Indigo. LOL!

          • It is not a criminal arrest. It is a traffic violation arrest. It is not the same thing. There is no rap sheet for it. It is only on your DMV history in NJ. That is fact. Or did you think DWI in NJ is a crime? Sorry NJ and I think Kansas are the two hold out states.

          • Where do you think an arrest in NJ for traffic violations go? You will only find them in DMV records because it is not criminal.

            Current case law and the judiciary have successfully challenged release of traffic violations to newspapers as not in public interest. If you want case law I have it. NJLJ has already written about it recently. NJ.com does report on traffic violations but as I said that is changing.

          • Say What???

            Are you missing your antidepressants today? I think you are. LOL! Please, if I wish to comment I will. Sorry my dear. Oh and It took me all of a few minutes. Go comment again on Porscha you have done 20 there.

          • Girl stop with the Tom foolery.. I posted 3 times on the porsha thread.. All different conversations. You’re so crazy you don’t even SEE the Tom foolery you’ve created here! You made 14 posts arguing with YOURSELF … No one has replied to you.. Maybe the voices in your head need some sauce.

            I pronounce you and your google law degree GUILTY of TOM FOOLERY!

          • Say what???

            On Porscha thread LOL! I should count them for you more than three just on Bethenny you went ape shit. LOL! Oh and dear one each post is different it expounds on a topic. It is not the same post over and over.

            I love you my stalker!!! Just got back to your millionth post on Porscha or Bethenny. Or just say how much you love Brandi and hate Kyle. Bye bye!

          • Say what???

            When you get a professional degree like a JD, PhD, or MD let me know. Until then please stop acting like an jealous child. It is so unbecoming of you. Ciao my lovely stalker!!

          • @fake attorney Jennifer, you’re so full of crap. If you’re who/what you say you are, you would be confident enough in what you know to not have to prove anything to anyone! We don’t care… BTW we can all google info just like you do, however, we don’t have to prove things to people to feel good about ourselves. BTW all of you’re so called credentials sound so generic and manufactured!

          • Jennifer I guess the people are right about you on here there is something wrong with you, YOU ARE ARRESTED IF YOU ARE CHARGED WITH DWI!!!!!!! And since you are such a great attorney what discovery would u receive from the pd to defend your client idiot???? The IR, the AR (arrest report) johns law(where someone has to babysit u), all alcotest creditals, tow sheet, officers alcotest card, officers alcotest card who changes the simulator solution. You better stay in corportate law b/c u have no idea. And for anyone who beleieves her go on NJ State police website, look up any town UCR’s (uniform crime report) this report is sent in to NJSP every month by all pd, it catergorizes all the pd arrests and guess what DWI is on the list, NJSP actually consider dwi higher than drug arrests, so Jennifer if i were your parents i would ask for your tutiton of law school be reimbursed….

          • I have never heard anyone admitted in NY refer to it as a “bar ticket.” If you are admitted to the bar in any given state you are licensed to practice, and you should have known know that. 14 years post bar is not ancient (I am currently 9), and more than recent enough to be well versed in the terminology. And if you don’t believe I’m an attorney, I could really care less. I don’t need 400 posts trying to prove anything to you.

            I think it’s time to stop impersonating one of the real lawyers you probably work for and just own up to it. Hope they don’t find out.

      • JPG, OMG! If this was Tre you would be all over it!!! RIGHT??? Let me guess You need proof because it’s the Messy shore skank meHo!!! GMAB!!!

        • No. There is proof. I’m sure all of this is on record in NJ. I’m saying that her getting some traffic infractions is no big deal. It’s not like she was driving drunk or with someone else’s license for god sake. 😀

          • Nope, just putting her one (or more) of her kids’ lives at risk by not putting them in a child safe seat. Mother of the year. Disgusting.

          • Your right JPG-she endangered her own child’s life 🙂 Yeah I guess, maybe that may not be as bad as Joe Gi? Nah.. Meho effed up!

          • Are you kidding? I have NEVER not put my children into car seats. Wow. Nice to see you really care about children.

  • I wonder if her rachet sisters are there with her. Probably represent her sister and threated the judge if she gets fine.

  • Oohhh.. I heard she put a stilleto through another strippers head!!Big fight over botox, boobs and bankruptcy! *endsarcasm*
    😉 😉

  • Geez that’s very fast turn around time in NJ. I had to go to traffic court (I’m a speeder, but I’ve had the lead removed from my foot, lol) last year and my court date was nearly 3 months after my ticket.

    • I think I agree with this. I wonder if this was for something else. So many things the Gorgas are getting in trouble for!

    • I believe the tickets were beginning of April and no one knew about it until last week. Still tho, one month for court? I live in small city and we get three months like you.

  • Hmm..not sure still..stupid huh?

    two people “seeing her” could have something to do with her butt head hubby.

    I am going to wait and see, and read from reliable newspapers that report facts.

    Child services would be involved if this were true right?

    oh well..will wait.

    • negative that DYFS would have been called if she didn’t have them in a child seat…she probably did have court but it most likely was for her to plea guilty or not guily, which surprises me b/c u can just call the court and plead not guilty and then they send u a new court date

      • Thanks for the info Christina 🙂

        always like learning new stuff, wow, so cool that you can just call in your plea..is that available in NJ only?

        It does make me angry if this is true, that she didn’t bother to seatbelt her angels.

        But will wait.

        • Unless NJ changed in the last few years, if you wish to dispute the claim you must appear personally on the stated court date.

          I have never handled tickets in years for a family member but that was the rule. If they changed it to plea for an alternative date as a write in or electronic then that is possible.

          • No that is not what I thought you said. If you want to contest a citation in NJ you must have a court date. This likely was her court date.

            You wish to contest a citation you must schedule a court date that is true, but you must appear in person. Unless that changed the in person that would be interesting. I haven’t heard that. Again, I haven’t gone in for a ticket in over 10 years as an attorney for a family member, but I don’t think that changed.

            Are you sure?

          • Oh Christina you did not dare to challenge the local legal eagle. Duck and cover girl, duck and cover!

      • Or you can handle it immediately and go into court. If she had to show proof of having a child seat she could have that ticket waived. She likely had proof of reg and insurance as well. All or most of the citations are fixable. I forgot what she originally stopped for but she could easily come in with the proof.

        But she was seen in court, so she is there for a reason. If the citations are true than likely she wanted to handle it immediately. Possibly she did not want the bad press. She likely hopes for all or most of the charges to be dropped.

        • Not true at all about going to court with a child seat and then they throw the ticket away, pls it doesn’t work like that, maybe u are referring to not having car insurance yes u come to court with your insu card but most likely your ticket of driving without insurance will be dropped but bet u they downgrade it to failure to produce ins. card at the time of stop……To be honest its really no big deal about her tickets, morally she took a chance with her kid not getting hurt. She should be more worried about her husband charges being sent to grand jury….

          • Christine,

            Are you saying you cannot dismiss a ticket with proof? That is news to me because within the actual legislation there is leeway for that exact effect. In fact, the new legislation says exactly that, if one can show proof of having a child seat and it is the first offense they will dismiss the fine.

            The failure to producer you are absolutely correct, but if you appear in court 7/10 it will be dropped and you won’t get a failure to produce. At an over $500 ticket and possible increases to insurance you usually get a fleabag attorney who does traffic violations and DUIs. They normally can have it dismissed.

        • For some reason I can not reply under your comment, u would have to go to trial, what proof are u going to show about not having your kid in a car seat, the officer says u didn’t b/c u received a ticket, bringing a car seat to court proves what???? that u own one, well thats great but u didn’t have your kid in it the TIME OF THE STOP!!!

          • Christina,

            The legislation in NJ actually has a one off on it and it is an en banc trial. You don’t get a petite jury for a car seat or have the right one. The NJ legislation actual has that leeway in it for production of the car seat to show you do have one. The officer is not anyone put the individual that wrote the ticket the legislation is what governs. You see the legislation is not made to be retaliatory it is made to be punitive to make people comply, so the discretion is within the prosecutor and judges ability. The actual statute grants them that ability.

            The defense is you did not know your child was of the size required for the child seat and you are in possession of one. Traffic violations are strict liability but they do have mitigating factors.

            It is municipal court, so the discretion is very large. I have seen it in NJ.


          • Then you didn’t know you can defend against tickets. NJ has too many signs on the Turnpike to negate that there is a lot of money for attorneys in defending against traffic violations. LOL!

          • and there is no defense for stupidity it, driving is a privilege not a right, so it is your responsibilty to know all the laws of driving and if u don’t u will be corrected by receiving a ticket, being stupid is not a excuse, sorry but that will not fly…..

          • Christina,

            I am a licensed attorney in NJ and NY for 14 years. I know how to read legislation and I was a great litigator. I don’t do traffic violations but I know what I am talking about with the courts and in NJ and NY I know them very well.

          • Christina,

            Sorry there is a defense for anything. There would not be a legal system without it. I know that beyond any doubt. The actual legislation allows for it, so whether or not you like it is a possibility. I don’t defend Melissa, and a good mother would have the car seat, but she does have a defense.

            Is stupidity a defense? No. And ignorance of the law is not a defense either and it is strict liability but the legislation itself allows its own ability to be mitigated.

          • Thats great Jennifer, have u been out of practice for awhile????? And no offense to you but I deal w lawyers everyday for my job, i’m not a cop but i handle all discovery and gotta tell u lawyers think they know everything but they don’t….just saying..

          • Christina,

            I don’t negate your work with the PD for 13 years as an officer. I don’t negate it at all. However, it would be specious of us to deny that traffic tickets in NJ do not have defenses. You even said below exactly what I said above there are many attorneys that represent clients for tickets.

          • Christina,

            I have never been out of practice. I am currently active. I am a partner in a NY law firm with offices in NJ as well. I am a senior partner. I am on my last week of maternity leave.

            I am not a criminal attorney. I do corporate and securities work.

            I am not trying to minimize what you are saying. I agree with you. But, to say there is no defenses that is without merit. I am sorry.

          • jennifer i mean she has no defense with the car seat ticket, yes u in your field will say she does b/c honestyly u want her money…. but there is no JUDGE that will overturn this ticket unless the OFFICER drops it, come on Jennifer tell these people really how it works…..

          • congrats on your baby jennifer and would to debate with u some more esp. with the grand jury case…

          • Christina,

            Then you should tell that to Bergen, Essex, Monmouth, Summit and Ocean county judges because they do it very frequently. The cop has some say but even with DUIs which are still traffic violations in the state of NJ the prosecutor is the negotiator.

            And, as I stated I don’t do traffic or DMV and I never has unless it was for a family member and it has been a long time. But, I do know many attorneys who do and I know several municipal judges. Most of the time they want you to just come into the court. Even if the police officer is angry the prosecutor will deal with him/her. And most of the time the officer never shows anyway.

            In fact, I take back the punitive statement I made. The court is never looking to be retaliatory or punitive they really want people to comply with the law and being punitive or retaliatory defeats that purpose.

          • Christina,

            I am not trying to be offensive. I just want to say that likely she will get a slap on the wrist. It is no offense to NJ if she gets a slap on the wrist because it happens the same everywhere.

            On GJ case, well unless we are talking about 33 or 34 Act or insider trading issues, then you are definitely have me. I haven’t done criminal non-securities related for years.

          • Oh dear, Christina, you have really done it now. Worse than knocking a hornets nest out of a tree. You dared question the blogs resident know it all on all things legal. Run girl run!

    • So you come here and read everyday yet you think Rox would post a story from an unreliable source. Rox gets an exclusive and you are going to say you will wait and see from “reliable” news sources. Hate to break it to you but the NY times will not be doing a story on Melissa Gorga’s tickets. This is your news source for info like this on the Housewives Sam.

      • HI Cry Wolf

        yup you understand me correct..this was not a slam …this is me not reacting to “seeing”
        and actually there are NJ news papers that report Bravolebrity screw ups.


        • New jersey papers, like? Are they publishing articles about Jacqueline’s near break in? Her lawsuit? The charges regarding the case with JTG? Funny. I google her and New Jersey news and all I get is gossip rags and bloggers.

          • i live in jersey, read the police blotter, they report what happens, in the town or city,crime has happened in, i live in toms river, so won’t read about melissa in my local paper, but if i lived in her county,it would be in her police blotter

          • All I get from the blotter is stuff like this “a 50-year-old Franklin Lakes resident was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated”. No names. Obviously nothing to do with Gorga, just an example of how things are written there. Bergen.com has the comings and goings of the housewives but no important stuff that isn’t already out there. I get there are other places to get info..not really my point. My point is, why would a person come here and comment/read daily/hourly if they don’t believe the writers here are reliable when they publish an exclusive?

  • Well, I guess the story was true.

    Like I said I don’t care that she was driving a Bentley, no proof of insurance, etc. big deal, she probably just picked up the ” bororowed car” or whatever. The speeding, meh, could be that the cop was shooting radar and she really wasn’t going that fast, (that has happened to me). The one that gets me, is not having her child in a safety seat..Shame on her!

    • LOL.

      I wonder what has happened with her musical career, any songs as of lately? her latest song was a flop and I don’t check on her twitter so is she still doing presentations or is she in a promotional tour?

      • Still showing up at liquor store and bars like the superstar she thinks she is. LMAO

        • I hope you’re just trying to scare us. I admit I laughed. Now take it back , pleeeeeease!

        • Are you for real? After so many failed songs, why in the world does she still thinks that her singing career is going anywhere?

  • So I guess it is true that she got some traffic violations?

    I don’t think this will be part of her story line, the cameras would be there is it was such.

    • Now we know it might be true. If the past report was true on the lack of proper use of a child seat, then that is surprising. I don’t know a single mother who forgets a child seat. That would be very bad parenting if that citation is true.

    • she brought proof of insurance, reg with her so those were dropped, but not speeding ticket or babyseat charge also no currrant inspection sticker speeding will points points on her license othes will be fines

  • Screw MeHo. Karma, baby!

    Jodi Arias Trial 9:30 A.M. Pacific Time. I hope she gets charged with first degree murder by Friday. Go, Martinez!