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Jason Hoppy Asking For Joint Custody But Bethenny Still Refuses!

And so the drama continues between former couple Jason Hoppy and Bethenny Frankel. The two have been at it regarding custody of their daughter. Both requested sole custody but Jason has changed his mind willing to share joint custody. Only problem is, Bethenny isn’t feeling it!

Sources tell Radar, “Jason has come a long way since he filed for divorce and requested sole custody of Bryn, just as Bethenny did when she initially filed. Jason doesn’t want to cut Bethenny out of his daughter’s life, and he recognizes that Bryn needs her mommy. Jason is agreeable to joint custody of Bryn, but Bethenny is absolutely balking. She wants sole custody of Bryn, period. No compromises. It makes no sense because Jason is a very active father and plans to be a huge part of his daughter’s life.”

The source continues, “Bethenny is absolutely flummoxed that her lawyer, Allan Mayefsky, who successfully brokered Katie Holmes sole custody deal of daughter, Suri, with Tom Cruise, has been unable to get the same results so far in her case. Bethenny expects the same result in her case, but Jason will fight her on it.”

Honestly I find this whole situation just sad. I don’t understand why Bethenny is making things more complicated. The consequences of divorce is dealing with the custody but if Jason wants joint custody Bethenny should appreciate that! Do you think Bethenny should get sole custody?

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  • She wants complete and total custody in order to cut him out of her life, just as her mother did with her. I did not ever really care for her, still don’t, and everyone should have seen all of this coming from the very beginning. Jason served his purpose and now she’s done because she doesn’t need him now and doesn’t want to have any say at all. I don’t understand what loving parent would cut the other loving parent, out of their child’s life? She is a nasty person.

  • This woman is such a b!tch…it’s unbelievable! There is no reason why she should deny him joint custody. He is Bryn’s father after all and she needs him in her life. Bethanny is selfish because she’s not putting her daughter first. Why would you ever want your child to grow up without her father!? Ughhh!! Women like this really piss me off.

  • I saw a very different marriage than a lot of you did. I saw Bethenny offer Jason anything he wanted so he would feel less resentful of her financial success. He admitted that it bothered him that she was so successful, she offered to finance any ambition he had, but he didn’t have that kind of ambition – no real desire to have anything more than a job. That made him a resentful and very mean man.

    He called her broken as though he was normal and she was crazy. He did it often. We all saw it, but because Bethenny was open and honest about her anxieties, people accepted his perception. But seriously, what is normal about a man who admits he doesn’t really have any sort of ambitious dreams or a man who has not outgrown his high school life and always wants to return to childhood instead of moving fully into adulthood with new friends and less dependence on his parents.

    • this is how I see it too Cajsa. Jason knew what he was getting into with Bethenny, personality-wise,and family-wise.

    • I saw the same show you saw.

      Jason was so awful at times, his comments were so underhanded and always pointing at her lack of family as it that was somehow Bethenny’s fault.

      I don’t want to be unfair to Jason because he seems to love Bryn but there were a lot of red flags along the way and I am sure that they played a big role in their separation.

      First it was the modification of the prenup, then it was the passive aggresive comments. I guess Jason was okay with Bethenny while she was succesful but after she became mega succesful, he resented not only her success but also felt upset that this success didn’t happen for him, but he was never a go getter, he never wanted to take a risk on anything.

      Bethenny offered to make him CEO of her company, Jason refused.
      Bethenny offered to fund his own company, something he was passionate about, Jason said he didn’t know what he was passionate about.
      Bethenny offered to fund his time off work so he could figure out what his real passion was, Jason didn’t want to take time off from work.

      Bethenny wanted Jason to find his real proffesional passion in life because she thought that if he did, then he would be fulfilled and happy, but Jason instead of doing that, all he did was whined, be indecisive and throw in her face that she was stressing him and giving him an inferiority complex. There was no winning with him, he refused to go to any kind of therapy or couples counseling.

      As I said, Jason is probably an excellent father, but that doesn’t mean that he was an excellent husband. I guess they finally realized that their differences were too much and called it quits, the demise of the marriage was not all Bethenny’s fault.

      • Exactly. And Jason was the most hateful kind of arguer, the one that walks away and does silent treatment, sulking until he gets an apology whether he deserves one or not.

        The first time he said, “I’m done” and walked away, I knew he was a shit of a husband.

        • I agree! Jason said a lot of mean hateful things to Bethanny. I’m sure, as in most divorces, they both played a role in the demise of their marriage.

          I have no doubt that they will work out their differences & be able to figure out a custody situation that works for both of them & especially Brynn.

        • I don’t know about the silent treatment, it seems like Jason was very aware of the public image he wanted to portray and would never argue with Bethenny when the cameras were around, but sometimes he let split few things, those things were enough to let me understand that he was not the knight in shining armor that he had portray himself to be.
          Behind cameras it was all a different matter, he would throw his awful digs abotu things that Bethenny couldn’t argue about, like shoved in her face her broke up family and how his family was perfect and so that made him a better human being than her.

          This is why I am not sure that the Hoppys were the ones overinvolved as much as I saw it as Jason using his parents against Bethenny and to show her how unnormal she was.

          One thing for sure, when Jason fought, he fought dirty, he knew exactly what buttons to push and I knew that he told her that Bryn would grow to hate her , that was the end.

  • What do you expect when Bethenny is besties with a wealthy man who is ALSO putting his ex spouse thru the wringer in court. Bethenny loves playing hardball even with her kid apparently. it’s just sad. Jason should fight her skinny ass all the way in court. I would be afraid to have her raise a child of mine (shudder)

  • Honestly, if my soon to be spouse was a control freak, like Bethenny, I would not agree to ANY arrangement in which she had sole discretion on the terms of visitation. I don’t care what the arrangement is called.

    I know many people whose anger toward the spouse comes into play when determining visits, etc. I think divorcing parents should dictate the terms of visitation in the agreement and stick to it. I would not want my time with my kids dictated by the mood of a bitter ex.

  • Bethanny clearly missed “how to share” in kindergarten. I hope for the sake of their kid, Dad ends up with at least joint custody. She seems too flighty to have full custody.

    • If Bethenny moves to Cali to do her show. Where does rhat leave Jason when he wants to see his daughter.
      That’s the one thing no one is talking about.

        • She has stated that her show will be taped in NYC way back in August when she received the news that her talk show has been picked up, that was five months before she announce her separation.

          • Dear Aham aka Say what??

            December 23 – Bethany announced divorce
            December 30 – announced taping talk show in NYC not Cali

          • I read an article way back in August when the green light was given for her show were Bethenny announced that her show will be produced and taped in NYC.
            Even Ellen told Bethenny during their interview that she knew how hard Bethenny fought to have the show in NYC and not LA.

          • Mary

            Maybe I have missed your point. Bethany wanting to do the show in NYC is a good thing even if she wanted to do this in August.

            Good move on her part, even better now cuz she does not have to scramble to move the show cuz of the divorce.

            Please let me know what the actual issue is

            Thanks 🙂

          • OH snap! Say what- does that mean she was already planning on leaving way before he even knew she was wanting to leave,and premeditated all the moves she has been making? ( In re to the ahem, LOL)

    • I agree.

      I used to love Bethenny. All of that started to change when I saw the nasty comments she made about Jason’s hometown and the people in it. I was also turned off in a MAJOR way when I saw how cold she was to Jason’s parents. I mean, a person could not ask for 2 nicer people to have as in-laws. It’s like Bethenny resented them for wanting to spend time with their granddaughter. Also, the way she reacted at her birthday party and her constant complaints about people thinking Jason was a nice guy made me think that she was a bit unhinged, and it never showed on RHONY because we only got Bethenny in doses. A full show with Bethenny showed me a very ugly and a bit of an unstable side to her.

      I’m no longer a fan. I hope Jason at least gets joint custody (I would be happy if he got sole custody to be honest, but I doubt very seriously that this will happen.).

      • Lola, I completely agree with you!! I used to be such a huge fan of hers. But, something has changed for me. I can’t even put my finger on it, because I am sure ROL isn’t completely accurate, but there has to be a ring of truth to their stories. The controlling Bethenny was so and completely obvious once she got her spin off and she started making real money.

        When Bethenny started shitting all over Jason’s parents I couldn’t believe it!! They welcomed her with open arms and did balked at it constantly. She needs to grow up.

    • Let’s be honest here, Bethenny and Jason love their daughter but if we are going to talk about ulterior motives then I will have to sya that Jason is the one who wins the most if he gets primary custody.
      Primary custody means legal residence and it probably means that whoever gets that gets to keep the apartment.
      Jason klnows that Bethenny’s money bought that apartmet and that he will receive a lot of child support if he gets primary custody as oppose as Bethenny who would receive probably a nominal fee.
      Everybody talks about Jason as if he was the guy in shining armor, he was not. His passive aggresive digs were more awful than anything Bethenny ever said to him and the way he used his parents to remind her of the “not normal” ways of her childhood were right down cruel at times.
      The fact that he was way more cautious than her and wouldn’t show that side of his personality, except for few times, doesn’t mean that Bethenny is the ugly monster and Jason is the pure driven snow little angel. He could give as good if not better as what he got.

      • Mary, with all due respect are you really saying that Jason’s motive behind custody is the apartment? Are you serious? If so, that has got to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. While Jason sure as shit threw a passive aggressive dig here and there, Bethenny was so completely controlling, she was the one who was unable to bend. EVER. She wore the proverbial pants in the relationship, lets be honest. She wasn’t willing to bend regarding seeing his parents, remember. She wasn’t willing to let him have his man cave bc she HAD to have a big closet to hold all her shit. SHE was the one who threw a hissy at a birthday party. Boo f*cking hoo. Seriously.

        While I do think they both were at fault for several things, I think it is completely unfair to insinuate Bethenny isn’t at fault.

        And regarding him “throwing” his typical childhood and family in her face….Umm, that typical family is what she claimed to want for her child. He has a healthy relationship with his parents and family. While I felt badly that she didn’t, she wasn’t willing to even TRY with them.

        • I am saying that I was never able to see the wonderful Jason that you are speaking about after he whinned and whinned for Bethenny to modify the prenup. The original prenup gave him absolutely no money in any present or future endevors of SGC (this was at request of her partner Mr. kanbar) but Bethenny modified the prenup and gave him a large sum in case of divorce.
          Jason might look like he has the best intentions but when it comes to money he is not playing.
          He knows that very little of his money was put in the down payment of that apartment, yet he is fighting for it.

          I would say that an investement of three years could turn into a 5M apartment and 5M settlement , possibly even more, not a bad deal at all.

          • I don’t know about Mary but in one of the first episodes of BEA last season, Bethenny and Jason are having an argument and part of the discussion was that Jason having signed the prenup felt unprotected and that is why he was lashing at Bethenny, Bethenny as a gesture to show him that she cared about how he felt agreed to modify the prenup and give him a lump sum thinking that this would make him happy but Jason was still bickering about it, there has also been numerous online articles about the prenup modification.

            “The prenup was modified after the couple got married, but Skinnygirl is and always will be Bethenny’s, and Jason waived any rights to it.”


            Bethenny didn’t have to modify anything, but Jason whine about it and then after she modified it, he still kept whining.

      • What??? Seriously, you think Jason is only asking for joint custody to get his hands on the apartment? And you act like Jason was some poor bum before he hit the jackpot with Bethany…. That’s is so far from the truth it’s laughable. Jason has never given anyone any reason to believe that he doesn’t love his daughter…. His requests are far more reasonable than Bethany’s but Jason is considered the bad guy in this dog and pony show?

        • If Jason had any properties to his name that has never been made public, he told Bethenny of the show that his apartment was a one bedroom apartment that was smaller than even the first apartment that Bethenny had during the first season of RHNY season 1.

          He is a pharmaceutical representative and even if he had a 6 figure salary that doesn’t even begin to compare to the millions that Bethenny has made. He has a realtor license but nobody has ever found one property that he has sold or bought, he used to be a personal trainer according to Jill so beside his job as a pharm rep. I am not sure why was his main source of income.

        • Jason had no money prior to marrying Bethenny. He as a pharm rep and recent. He was also a personal trainer. He had a NYC real estate license but never sold any property.

  • Anyways…

    This is still a “sources said” routine.

    Not sure why ROL wants to portray Bethany or Jason as a bitch. Maybe it is because both have refused interview’s or refuse to make a comment to ROL.

    I am not Bethany’s travel agent, but she is on vacation right now.

    ROL sucks dirt..

    • I am not so sure about that statement though, Radar of Lies has never said a word against Jason but they are always slamming Bethenny with their made up lies.
      I am not sure what their purpose is and Bethenny and Jason seem to be letting their lawyers handle almost everything and so far they are doing it smoothly and it is obvious that they both want to be present in the life of their child.

      • Hi Lexy

        Thanks, I agree with you, I included Jason because the divorce has not been “finalized” (?) so I assume ROL will soon include Jason in their fairy tales.


    • Radar online will post any story they are given by the confirmed sources. If Bethany goes to radar and sources a feel good story about herself they will print it.. If Bethany feeds them a dirty story about Jason they will print it. This story is obviously leaked by Jason’s side.

  • They may have both requested primary custody, but maybe Jason is willing to agree on joint custody. Apparently Bethany is not. It’s not unusual at all for people to ask for the moon and the stars and settle on the opposite. Personally, I think it’s great that both parents want custody of their child! Unless one of the parents is totally unfit, I don’t see anything unreasonable about sharing custody. I am pretty certain if Tom Cruise wanted permanent or even joint custody of Suri he would have moved Heaven and Earth to get it. I think Bethenny is not thinking clearly if she really is using that situation as a measuring stick for what is going on in her divorce. I think Tom and Katie kept their case private for the most part. I wish other celebrities would follow suit as well.

    • There could be joint custody with one of the parents having primary custody for tax purposes and legal residence purposes, the distribution of time could be as spli as 51-49% of the time.

      Bethenny works but Jason works too, so far besides the make up articles from Radar Online I think Bethenny and Jason have handled their divorce well, they haven’t bash the other and by the looks of it they are already sharing their time with Bryn equally, but it sounds more salacious for a headline to imply that Bethenny wants sole custody when it is obvious that in her petitions she has stated that all she is looking for is primary custody.

      • While I agree that ROL can dictate how the article is perceived with the headline, I still think Bethenny is acting like a baby because she isn’t getting her way. I don’t even know why!! There is something about her now that doesn’t sit well with me anymore. And I used to be such a HUGE fan of hers. I guess I still somewhat am, but there is something different about her. It is like the fame went to her head.

        • Again I’m with you. She wants to cut Jason completely put of her life because she’s set in her ways and wants to make all the decisions . I will say the thought of giving up one of my kids at that age for days at a time would have killed me. But knowing she was with her father who loved her so much I would have adjusted knowing it was in her best interest. Bethany is thinking solely about herself and her own feelings instead Of what’s best for her daughter. She is hurting herself, courts look down on any parent who’s fighting to keep one parent out of the kids life without a damn good reason. I hope this story is just tabloid trash, but I have a feeling it’s true

        • Well I start by the premise that this whole article is a lie, Radar Online is lying about sole custody and this is not about getting her way. I do not know one person who will happily hand her daughter for somebody else to raise.

          Let’s see if Bethenny would had given Jason custody without any kind of fight if there would not be the same posters calling her a bad and selfish mother who doesn’t want to raise her daughter.

          I know that if I was in the same circusntance I would be the first one asking for primary custody, even if the judge determines share custody, at leasti would try to get primary first.

          • Jason has just as much right to his child as Bethany …. He is asking for joint custody not primary custody so why would Bethany fight that if she’s not being vindictive and selfish?

          • Jason is not asking for joint custody he has asked for primary custody himself. In order for this story to be true there would need to be a modification of his divorce petition and that would be probably posted by Radar Online itself, the word of an “inside source” can’t change the divorce petition.

        • ITA! Fact is that Bethanny used to have a huge fan base and every Bethanny story was followed by 90% of positive comments. Now on the housewives blogs the vast majority of the fans have lost repect for Bethanny and if you look at sites like Daily Mail or People nearly 10% of the comments are negative about Bethanny – a big turn around.

          Speaking as a past fan and loyal viewer of her reality series, this is a PR nightmare for Bethanny. While she still has some hard core fans who post multiple comments, overall her support has plummeted and it is a bad sign for her new show. Of course, things can always turn around, and sharing custody with Jason would help her gain respect again instead of fighting him tooth and nail – but it is very hard to regain a fan base once they have bolted.

          • Bethanny obviously can file whatever she wants – my point is if you look at any story from this site to tea, to Daily Mail, Radar, People and so on, 90% of the comments are scathing now about Bethanny when before the majority of comments were positive.

            The truth of the matter is her actions with the divorce and custody battle, whether she is justified or not, has destroyed her fan base because to the majority of her both past fans and critics she comes across as selfish and self indulgent.

          • Happy Day,

            I agree on the blogs she has received a beating, but not so on the larger social media sites like Twitter and FB. Those sorry for this but it is true are the ones that count. Her Twitter responses are very good.

      • “Could” be is the key. 51%-49% isn’t necessarily how it would be. A close friend of mine has primary custody of his daughter and the mother sees the daughter maybe 10% of the time. He has final say over where she lives so if he wanted he could move his daughter wherever he wanted without having to get permission from the mother. That’s a very major thing. He even has it set up to where he’s the only one who can pull the daughter out of school because he doesn’t trust the mother so he has to alert the school if the mother is coming to pick up the child.

        But I really have to wonder, if this claim (which has been claimed multiple times) is really a lie and a pretty damaging lie as far as PR goes, why hasn’t Bethenny released a simple statement saying it’s not true? It’s not just your run of the mill stupid rumor you would just ignore and laugh about.

        • Bethenny has said that she will never acknowledge the trash that Radar Online publishes and dignify them with any comments , she has said this on her twitter.
          That is why Radar is so hard on her.

          • B may not want to acknowledge ROL but she should thank them for keeping her in the public eye. Of the sites I look at, ROL is the only one that really speaks about her. Their stories spur the posts on blogs like this one.

            Since ending her show on Bravo, the majority of the stories about her have been negative.. The Skinnygirl lawsuit, the dropping of her cocktail by WholeFoods and now the divorce. Even if the divorce stories seem not to favor her, they do illicit sympathy, for her, in some people. I am sure, just like she did before her divorce, that she’ll soon be using all media to promote herself and her talk show. All these celebs do. So no, I put no stock in what she, or any celeb, says about not “acknowledging” ROL or any other media outlet.

        • Thius is Bethenny’s answer to this article in her twitter, he will never addressed it directly.

          Bethenny Frankel?@Bethenny6h
          “Are you believing everything (much less anything) you read in the rags? Tisk tisk. We’ve been down this road together & u know better.”

      • You say custodial parent. Joint custody negates primary custody but you can have one as the custodial parent.

  • It took two to make it, takes two to raise it. He’s not a baby daddy he’s a loving father who wants to be involved. With her schedule sharing custody would be the appropriate thing to do. Who better to help with Bryn then her Father?

        • Bethenny doesn’t always work from home. I doubt if they will set up a studio in her home for her talk show. She will spend a lot of time away from Bryn, as what happens with a lot of working mothers, having Jason being with Bryn instead of the nanny would probably be a good thing for everyone.

          • That is why she researched so much about this and asked so many insider of the talk show business about their schedule, even when she was married to Jason.

            The Wendy Williams producers told her that on a regular day she has to be in the studio from 9 to 1 even though the show is just one hour and on Thursdays they film back to back so she needed to be there from 9 to 3, with Fridays off. Bethenny commented on how wonderful that schedule was because she would still be able to pick up Bryn from school and spend the rest of the day with her.

            Jason also has a job, probably 9-5 so if you look at the schedules and only at that, I would say Bethenny is the one who will have more time with Bryn than Jason.

          • @Mary: For the most part, except they said Wendy is there from 7:30 to 1:00 but when she does a double she doesn’t get out until 4:00. Either way, Bethenny does a LOT more than just the talk show and we really don’t know what Jason’s schedule is like and if it is flexible or not. To me, it seems as if Jason has much more down time than Bethenny – from how it appeared on the show. My point was never who had more time for the child, it was just that Jason should be able to spend time with Bryn instead of the nanny when Bethenny was working.

        • My question is , he is a good father, just as much as she is a mother to Bryn and he wants to be a part of raising her as much as possible, so what the problem is? I don’t care of she works from home, not home, or no working at all.Has nothing to do with him wanting custody. With all the crying and therapy she has done because of how she grew up, why would she not want better for Bryn?

          • Primary custody means that Jason will be involved in Bryn’s life as much as Bethenny is, but one of them has to have the primary residence and the right to claim Bryn for tax purposes and that is what they both want, to have primary custody, not to shut the other parent out of Bryn’s life.

  • Bethany is selfish enough not to consider the best interest of the child. She is looking out her.

  • All I can say is this. I used to like Bethenny. Loved watching both of her shows. Loved seeing her have a baby and get married. But since then she’s turned into this evil, awful shrew of a person. She wanted complete control of her marriage and business and when Jason spoke up, she threw a hissy. And she’s continuing to do so. Regardless of whether the article is 100% accurate it has a ring of truth. And she has lost any admiration i had for her. Jason is a good father. She should take the stick out if her ass and try and work things out like an adult.

    • Jason is a good father and Bethenny is a good mother, they most likely will sahre legal custody and one of them will be the primary parent with ample visitations to the other, sharing custody would be ideal but realistically less that 20% of divorcing couples ever reach that kind of agreement.

      Bethenny had her moments and she never pretended to be perfect but Jason also had his moments, the difference is that he was in denial and never wanted to acknowledge the root of all his resentments.

      • The labels mean nothing. It is the arrangements that matter. I legally had primary custody of my son, yet visitation was at my discretion. I basically had sole custody with a primary custody label on it. Then I know someone else who had primary custody but had to share the kids equally. She basically had joint custody with a primary custody label on it. Its all in the details of the arrangements.

        • I agree, my cousin has primary custody and yet she and her ex use to split the time 50% when he was single. Later on he remarried and now it is more like a 60-40% but not because of any change in the arrangement but just because he doesn’t have the same amount of time as before and more and more cancels dates and so on.

          If Jason gets primary custody, Bethenny will still be part of her life and viceversa. Sole custody is much different with only one of the parents having most of the right and the other one being almost inexistant.

      • Maybe I am reading your comment wrong…but reading between the lines are you saying Jason was resentful so much, that the marriage was never going to make it? I agree that Bethenny admitted she wasn’t perfect, but I also think she wanted to make all the decisions. ALL OF THEM. Look at what happened in their new apartment regarding the men’s den vs. her dream closet. Who won? She won. I don’t know why but now I just don’t like her. I think Jason was standing his ground, she threw hissy and decided it was over. I am so curious if the separation was mutual.

        I think Bryn is very lucky to have such great parents. I do. Maybe I am naïve, but I just wish people who were married remained respectful of one another if the marriage doesn’t work out. I know I am naïve regarding that. I just thought Bethenny was better than that. I really think Jason is trying and she is not.

        • So far they both have been respectful to one another, Bethenny has never used the press to bash Jason and Jason , well , this “inside sources” do not do any favors in the matter.

          I think Bryn is lucky and will have the best of both worlds.

          • What? Bethany has never used the press to trash Jason… Aren’t you the same person who claims radar online was fed this story by Jason? How can you say for certain Bethany or Jason either one isn’t behind half the stories that have come out. I get it, you love Bethany.. But she’s no saint and you can’t turn her into one lol

          • Because Bethenny would have to be dumb or stupid to put articles against her and all articles from Radar Online are against Bethenny, you couldn;t find one article in favor of Bethenny or against Jason, not one.

        • Jason was resentful of Bethenny’s financial success and the fact that it didn’t happen for him ,he didn’t know how to deal with his conflicting emotions and instead of trying to figure out the root of his resentment and anger towards her he decided to throw his passive aggresive comments and refuse any kind of counseling.

    • I’ts her business, she’s supposed to have complete control..She did not start this business with Jason. He came into her life when the business was already flourishing. Most women are in control of their least the ones that would admit it..I suppose you are not married..Also, I have never met a woman that wants to share custody of a child..

      • I agree with this 100%. Her business was well and going and was going to be a huge success with Jason or without him.

        As far as custody, they might end up spliting it but I do not blame Bethenny one bit for asking to be the primary parent, I know that if I was in her situation that is exactly what I would do.

    • I feel exactly the same way. Used to really like Bethenny.In her last few episodes, showed her fighting with Jason during a therapy session. I felt she totally acted selfish & controlling and did her best to make Jason look bad on TV. He wouldn’t have it & he walked away. Her money has made her far ruthless. In later years, her daughter will echo the same relationship with Bethenny as she has with HER mother if kept away from Jason. NO relationship at all. Let Bryn have share custody with her Father.

    • I agree srt. I use to love Bethany now I can’t stand her. She should be happy To work joint custody Jason is a good father and the courts will come down harder on her for trying to cut him out of her life. He may end up being the primary parent with the stunts she’s pulling.

      • The courts have seen it all and they know the legal terminology better than us, enough to know that primary custody doesn’t mean that Jason in banned from Bryn’s life at all.

        Sharing custody would be wonderful and can be worked into the primary custody agreement but one of the parents has to be the primary custodial parent, the court will determine if it is Bethenny or Jason but regarless of who it is, the other parent will still be a very important and present part of Bryn’s life.

        • Not of the story is true and Bethany’s trying to keep Jason out of her life… Sounds like Jason wants joint custody. I highly doubt he wants to be primary parent. He just wants equal visitation and Bethany has a problem with that if the story is true. If Bethany goes toward and pushes to exclude Jason from equal visitation she will find herself in a position she will regret because the courts will look down on her for trying to exclude a fit parent.

          • Radar Online has been the first to make public Bethenny’s divorce petition and also Jason, they are both requesting primary custody, not sole custody.
            The judge knows that primary custody and sole custody are very different so I don’t think it will play against Bethenny to ask for primary custody.

      • In NYC family court? Not likely. Bethenny will at the least get joint custody. This is a 1st department and unless she is a huge druggie or destitute or both she will have at least joint custody.

    • Thank You Srt_3 for saying exactly what I’ve been thinking since I heard about the breakup. Bethenny lost ALL respect from me. When is this nasty woman going to realize that she is literally making the same mistake with Bryn that her Mother made with her, and, in the end Bryn will end up, in therapy, and…in all likely hood grow up to have the same relationship with Bethenny that Bethenny has with her own Mother…NONE! She is making the mistake of a lifetime by cutting Jason out of the picture. Bryn will hate her for it. I only hope that Jason has a team of attorneys crafty enough to demonstrate to the Judge that rules this case that Bethenny isn’t thinking about what’s best for Bryn, she’s thinking about what’s best for Bethenny. I will never watch another program that she is on. She should be ashamed of herself.

  • Radar of Lies.

    This article is total BS

    I hope that this is not team Jason acting as “inside sources”

    It is a joke because Radar of Lies were one of the first one to publish the content of the divorce petition and Bethenny has never requested to have sole custody and neither has Jason.

    they both have requested primary custody which is completely different as it gives both parents the opportunity to be present in the child’s life.

    • No one knows. The proceedings are sealed in NY, especially NYC 1st department. This is all hearsay. However, would one parent want sole custody of the child? Yes. It always for more liberties. However, it is now customary to have joint custody.

      • well, it might not be public but TMZ and Radar of Lies where the first ones to make public the divorce petition from Bethenny and Jason and in their petitions both have requested primary custody and not sole custody.

        • Lexy,

          That is because one side leaked it and the filing of the petition is not sealed but the issues are. Family law matters in NY are sealed.

    • You are being far too generous and giving Jason Hoppy the benefit of the doubt. I don’t.

      He is obviously feeding information to Radar Online, it is not a coincidence that 100% of their articles are against Bethenny and always citing an “inside source”, the other alternative would be Radar just making up the stories out of nothing and that is kind of far fetched. Now I am not saying that this is Jason himself doing it, but it could be one of his well meaning friends.

    • I like Bethenny and I’m sorry her marriage didn’t work out. I also don’t believe she is making things more complicated for no reason. Divorce and custody issues are complex and that’s what she and Jason have to deal with now. Thankfully they have lawyers who can sort it out and they can focus on being good parents.

      I do think Bethenny should get primary custody and they can share legal custody.

      • I have not heard anything about legal custody so I am sure that this is something that they both will share willingly.
        As far as physical custody I agree with you, but even in the event that Bethenny gets primary custody I am sure that a very open and ample visitations for Jason will be in place.

      • Due to Bethenny’s work schedule and career it would make sense to share custody of Brynn. I don’t get these people; what ever happened to what is in the best interest of their child? Obviously they are both loving parents and the child deserves to spend equal time with them. It’s sad when two people who were just like the rest of us before reality television intruded are now acting like divas. Bethenny is no Katie Holmes and jason is no Tom Cruise. We don’t know why Katie got sole custody but I have a sneaking suspicion that it had to do with religion. There is no comparison. They both need to grow up in order to be good parents and they both need to stop duking it out in public.