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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: New Jersey Resident Claims RHONJ Brawl Was Staged!

By now you should be aware of the infamous brawl from the season five filming of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Johnny “The Greek” Karagiorgis was attacked by Joe Gorga, Chris and Jacqueline Laurita depending on who you’re asking. Bottom line, Johnny left bruised and bleeding after that fateful evening at Moxie Salon in Ridgewood, NJ.
A resident of Bergen County is telling us exclusively that this fight was premeditated all along! An eyewitness tells us, “I live in Bergen County, NJ where all the Real Housewives of New Jersey live. A close friend was visiting a shop in Ridgewood, NJ across the street from Moxie Salon where the finale episode was said to be filmed in three weeks. The store owner told my friend that she should come back in three weeks because the finale would be filming a huge fight that was to occur that night. It all happened.”
The Bergen County resident also tells us that Kim D was getting her hair blown out at Moxie Salon one day and was overheard telling someone on the phone that they would be filming at Portobello Restaurant in Oakland, NJ and was instructing the person on the other end of the call on who she was going to pick a fight with!
This is very interesting because Johnny is accusing Joe, the Lauritas and production of staging this fight and making him the victim. If true, it’s sick what Joe, Chris and Jacqueline would do to fulfill their contract and cash in that Bravo paycheck!
Do you believe the RHONJ brawl was staged and Johnny was plotted against?

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  • Give Theresa a spin off and cancel this horrible show already. Why is Jacqueline still on the show? Glad Asshley is off the show.

    • Same, would love to see the spinoff with T – and I’m not a totally single-minded fan of hers – just that when I re-watch season 4 I really enjoy watching T and J with their kids.

  • In my eyes and it should be in the eyes of a jury whether it was staged or not they beat up a man and that looney toon hit him with a spiked heel from her shoe. That was intentional. She should be locked up for what she did as should the others. If people had to jump in to help a man who was being held down that was intentional. Any Judge who believes those 3 scammers should be ashamed. Make them responsible for what they did then maybe looney toons will get that shitty smerk off of her botoxed face. JMO

  • Bravo listen up. I watch less and less of the housewives shows cause it’s really looking like the whole thing is staged. Wake up before you lose all your viewers!

  • I dont think its set up in that type of way. I think the problem is production knows theres going to be a problem but dont do anything about it. I think joey went to meet up with johnny and everything was cool but how do we know something else wasnt brought up in the process? It probably pissed him off and thats when he retaliated the first sight he saw johnny. Production of course knows of this because they are filming him and they know what is going on in the gorga household and someone probably brought him info he didnt like and that john probably was attempting to bring bryan when joey throught they cleared the air. Regardless the fight shouldve never happened. John couldve gone blind from that heel. Bravo wont ever stop a fight. This is money for them!

  • Im slowly stopping these shows. Im totally done with OC. Bitter mean, catty woman. Nothing diserable about it. Only reason I watch Jersey is Tresa. Brandi brought BH down to a new low which now fits in with the rest. Ny new ladies are great so far, but could do without drunken Ol ***** Sanja. Im embarrassed for her! Atlanta still has humor and thats why ratings are great. I really believe Bravo thinks it has to be constant fighting but most people enjoy good friends having a great time w a little petty gossip. Its just gotten out of hand. Too many ppl are being hurt emotionally and I dont care to contribute to this behavior anymore by watching so they make their money.

  • I think the only reason Johnny doesn’t want this thing aired (because, come on, he’s already done everything imaginable to get on the show), is because he DID make a remark about Nick and does not want that out there. Otherwise he’d be DEMANDING that “the brawl” be aired.

    And the only interest I have in these so-called “sources” anymore is trying to figure out which player the “source” is being told to spread gossip for and what’s in it for them.

    • Speaking of sources, who was the “source” who started the original rumor that Jennifer what’s-her-name was now a full-time HW (which it seems like EVERYBODY believed). That ALSO was quite obviously just another lie.

      Who could possibly benefit from a lie about there being a “new housewife?” Hmmmmmm…

    • Oh please, if I beat the crap out of everyone made a nasty comment about my child (who is on the spectrum), I would be locked up with no chance of parole. Jac and Chris should get better meds because it only gets worse!

      • It sounds like YOU think he said something about Nick, too.

        And I disagree with you. I don’t think most people, as a rule, are that cruel and insensitive, especially where children are concerned.

        • I think JTG is a real ASSHAT wanna be Housewive,( along with with wife) all caught up in Messy’s past, and bringing her down, along with his wife. But I don’t think he said anything about Nicholas, I have never seen him tweet anything about that child or any child.

          I do think he has said that Cracker Jac should stay off twitter and take care of her child, also that she and Lurker Chris are using their child for a story line, and that is disgusting. Even though I do not like this man at all, I do agree with him on that.

          • If that’s what he said, and everybody’s so “fine” with it, then why not just go ahead and air it?

            And if he tweeted that “Jac should stay off twitter and take care of her child,” then he DID talk about her child — so why do this guy’s new fan club 😀 keep insisting he didn’t?

            I also think that given a choice between Nick’s health and having a story line, Jacqueline would choose her son’s health. To suggest otherwise is pretty low. Make that REALLY low.

  • Whatever confidentiality agreement JTG may have signed probably did not include a clause where he agreed to get his brains bashed in. I truly believe that producers lured him there because everybody just wanted to talk it out. Bravo plays a dangerous game. One day somebody is going to get seriously hurt. Oh wait. Russell committed suicide, I forgot. Bravo is pro violence. Didn’t they just have another brawl on Married to Medicine? I believe that us a Bravo show if I am not mistaken.

    • Hi Mego the lying stipper

      I heard about Married to Medicine..not sure if it is a bravo franchise.

      Don’t forget, Mob wives is also within the franchise, and those women are beautiful but they are bruisers.

      • Hi Samel, I could be wrong, but I think married to Medicine is on bravo. You’re not missing much if you haven’t seen it. Same old stuff. Last week two of the doctors wife had a hair pulling fight during a birthday party for two of the doctors. I have read the black women doctors in Atlanta are trying to get the show off of the air. They say it makes all black female doctors look bad. Can’t blame them as I feel this is true.

  • Bravo would definitely stage a fight! Hello, how many lies were there last season. How about Melissa pretending to babysit for Tre during the Fabellini party when the day she really took the girls was taped in July and the Fabellini party was in October AFTER the fashion show. There were so many lies, i lost count. Bravo is in competition with Melissa Gorga for being crowned WORLD’S BIGGEST LIAR.’ . Something tells me Melissa is not going to let her title get snatched up though.

    Famewhores or not you don’t play with someones feeling of safety and violate them physically the way JoeyG, Jac and ChrisL did to Johnny. It infuriates me that he was allegedly held by security while they assaulted him. If you really think about how Johnny must have felt, powerless while they attacked him even with a stilleto heel as a weapon. Sick.

  • From the quote it doesn’t seem like they r referring to the salon fight. Aren’t they still shooting? I know Bravo is liberal with the timelines but it wldnt make sense for that to b the finale.

    Plus I doubt Bravo wanted them to physically attack a non castmember over who they have no control. Unless they think paying off JTG is worth the ratings. I can’t see the network being ok with possibly having their producers & writers dragged into court.

  • ….”because the finale would be filming a huge fight”

    Not to defend the set up rumor, but hasn’t every RHONJ final included a fight?

    You don’t have to be a “source” or “close friend” to predict that. Saying there will be a fight is as predictable as saying tje outfits will be too tight or animal print, lol.

  • If it’s true that Bravo was involved in a setup, then it will all come out now that the police are involved. At that point I think Bravo would pay JTG off so he wouldn’t press charges and the public won’t know just how fake this “reality” show is. Bravo will make sure they cover their own asses.

    • I don’t think once charges and counter charges are pressed, that the prosecutor will just go away because Bravo pays off JTG. There will be some sort of legal outcome, and if either parties wish to pursue it further, they can pursue a civil action. I think when it comes to violence, the complaintant cannot withdraw the charges. Maybe it depends on the state. I wonder why we never heard any more about the legal proceedings.

      • You’re right Mego, everything is in the hands of the courts. It is too late for anything to be dropped. Plus like you said, civil action. Like I said up thread. the 18th was closed doors so we won’t hear anything about what happened on the 18th for awhile.

        • I just read that the court hearing on April 18, was the pros. going to the grand jury about this or something like that. It’s a closed thing( like you said@ Brynn).

  • The Bergen Co. ‘source’ wasn’t even referring to the brawl… she was referring to the S5 Finale, which was a ‘fight’ between Kim D and Jennifer Dalton.

    Sorry, but you’re referencing the wrong episode, filming day and players.

    • Hi Laurie

      I reread the “story” how do you know? is there a schedule we have access to?

      I wonder how many fights are scheduled.

      • A couple of other bloggers had reported just the day before this story published that Kim D and Dalton fought at during S5 finale. It was a party at a salon I believe that Dalton was hosting.

        The story posted here is referencing the ‘brawl’ between cast members and JTG which was weeks ago and not the S5 finale… UNLESS they now intend to air this fight as the finale… which would probably make for a better cliffhanger than Kim D of course.

  • This has gone to court, I doubt it was staged. At least, I doubt it was staged by Bravo. Now, if they went rogue a la Jill Zarin to stage their own drama and “earn” more air time, that is possible.

    • Ummm when did it go to court? I have read that they have filed charges or whatever, but this is far from over.

      What makes you think Bravo didn’t ” stage” this? I think it is very possible that the Bravo producers set up JTG.

      • I remember reading that there was a court date set for April 18. That date has come and gone and no word on how it turned out. I was looking for some kind of story on it on one of the HWs blogs, but nothing.

        Yes, I do believe this could all be a pre-conceived idea and a Bravo set up.

        • Oh yes that’s right @Golden Rule. I read that also April 18, was some kind of court date. Hmm yes come and gone with no word.

          • From what I understand about the court date on the 18th it was a closed door hearing so we won’t hear anything about anytime soon.

          • April 18th was the date set for a Grand Jury to hear evidence about the charges against the Three Stooges. The grand jury decides if there is enough evidence to sustain the charges,

        • i live in jersey, they were supposed to go to court 4/18 nothing on tv or in papers about it. maybe it was postponed or a cover up

  • This is an odd story. The person giving third party information is not an actual eye witness. The close friend is.

    JPG stated that evening that he was charging Joe/Chris/Jacqueline and Bravo.

    So far, all is quiet on the Bravo front as to their involvement, where at the least, would be the filming of this violence.

    The next week,we hear,not a word about Bravo being charged, but JPG did press charges against the three stooges.

    100% believable that Bravo is that slimy and explains Andy Cohen’s assinine behavior in trying to ignore the presence of the brawl and criminal charges.

    Hmm..I am glad the eye witness shared this info. if it is true ..Bravo can go to hell and make sure to hold hands with Andy Cohen.

    If it is not true, that eye witness better have a good lawyer.

  • All I know is this guy was held back by production security while, Lurker Chris Fredo and Cracker Jac took freakin cheap shots at him. Sinks broken, place wrecked, and no one calls the cops?

    If Bravo set this up, they are in huge trouble.

    • Amen sista! But considering what they have been giving us to watch last 2 years, I put NOTHING past Bravo. Greedy little bastards.

  • If this is true, it’s risky business to use a court of law to perpetuate a fraud or file frivolous charges.

  • I believe it was producer induced and that JTG did not know it was part of the script. I also think it went way further than the producers anticipated. I hope the grand jury persues charges and JTG sues the crap out of them.

    • exactly what I was thinking msjulesaz… Exactly! They figured JTG would just role with it since he and penny have been so eager to be on the show and that it would never get to the police…. SURPRISE BRAVO….

    • ITA Mzjulesaz – that this staged situation ended up going way further than the producers or Joey etc thought by having a lawsuit filed. It will be interesting to see if they will air any of it or discuss it.

      Glad I have my Netflix subscription and will just read this site instead, no point in tuning in.

    • Exactly @just be nice! If my boss asked me to filter funds out of the company to a Swiss account and hide it and I do it, I’m guilty (and stupid).

      • @just be nice

        i get what ur saying and totally agree

        but we’re talking bout famewhores and ppl with no morals and standards that would sell their souls to the devil for a dollar

    • Penny and Johnny have been campaigning hard to get on RHNJ, if you are an average viewers who reads no blogs or just watch the show and never google any articles about the HW of NJ then you have no idea of who they are, but if you read blogs, follow twitter or read online articles, then you most certainly have heard about them.

      I understand Joey and Melissa having an issue with him but I find no excuse for Chris to putting himself and his wife in this situation and in the middele of this brawl.

    • That’s what I find so bizarre about this particular franchise in all of them for that matter. These women allow bravo TV to demean and have others verbally abuse them for a quick buck. I find that quite sad.

      Of course I still watch with baited breath, Lol

      • It’s because most of them are broke and trashy. They all jump at the tiny scraps being thrown at them like the vulgar bottom feeders they all are.

        Teresa is the only one making real money from the franchise and has a competent management team to guide her through Bravo’s murky waters.

        • I know, she got out there and became a sensation. And of course the fight was staged, but one person didn’t know they where the target (John the greek). He was setup and is the reason he said he was during much of the stories coming out from that night.

          • It would be something different if this staged drama would include everyone INCLUDING the person who’s the “target.” I think all of this fake drama with someone being genuinely surprised is going to lead to someone getting hurt for real, and then it’s gonna be a mess. These idiots needs to stop and think for a second about how they’re blindsight someone and “fake fight” while someone is being blindsighted; cause you know Bravo is going to leave the poor idiot, dumb enough to go alone with the set up holding the bag. And then what?

          • Yup. They totally set him up. And now he’s prolly under contract, since he agreed to be filmed, so he won’t be able to discuss/divulge much more info about MeHo and/or the show any longer.

        • Think before u back Teresa cause she back stabbed a lot of people in her book for a buck. Jacqueline is using her time without being paid to help other people and organizations. Melissa and kathie are trying to make their own mark all without bad mouthing other people to make a book more interesting when it is just a cook book. And Johnny well if he did what he is accused of he deserved everything he got. Who made him
          the town crier. Karma is a b**ch.

    • “A close friend?” Why is it never, I heard, I saw. I don’t know, but I don’t think the law would be involved if it was staged.

        • @Jose

          ITA johnny had no idea he was the target of this brutal staged setup fight.

          I can believe Joe Gorga Chris and Jac Laurita would agree to such a horrible thing their fame whores and desperate for money.

          I truly hope JTG takes all of em inc Bravo to the cleaners don’t get me wrong i don’t like JTG he and his wife are both fame whores and are dying to be on the show but i draw a line when it comes to violence

        • Jose, do you think or believe that is what happened to Teresa with PFS last season? Staged and she was not included, only made to appear that she was for extra drama? I do 🙂

        • Exactly. If it was staged, they are in even more trouble. I think Bravo picked the wrong town to bring their tomfoolery to.

      • mego the lying stripper,
        I agree with you. I’ve never seen a fight, but I was in Cafface they were filming (I wouldn’t spend a penny there). Production was staging the girls. They were asking them to re-enter into the scene and repeat what they said, with more emotion, angrier…etc…) Production was totally directing the scenes.

      • Lol mego I agree! It’s always sources and why do I have this dirty dirty feeling that Kim g is the source? Didn’t she do this exact same thing at last years finale? Had an apartment across the street watched everything happen then leaked to all the blogs.. Ms granny tail is behind this leak,

    • Bravo WILL NOT air this fight…mark my words. In the end Jax, Chris, and Joe will come out smelling like roses. Given the fact that Johnny pressed charges any edited footage of that fight on air will be a liability for bravo. Johnny and Penny have been a THORN on the side of andy in rgards to their constant desparation to be featured on the show. The campaign to get on the show has been on ongoing effort by Penny and Johnny. Bravo was going to gve them exacty what they asked for by giving the a famehngry edit portrayal. However, I believe they have heavily rediting the show now to avoid any further harrasment by johnny and his wife. Luckily for Jacqueline chris and gorga….the footage will be 86d from the coming season.

      Jax will be shown as the herion for autism, Caroline will be shown as the martriach that wants to rebuild and denouce her bully title (eyeroll), Melissa wll be shown as the hardworking recording artist who does no wrong and has sex with her poisned husband ten times a day, kathy (who cares), and Teresa will be the villian who has a secret cave under her house mapping out her evil plan to take over the franchise, while directing her body double to all the book signings and events she has to attend. I am sure they will say Teresa and the greeks have dinner every sunday amd Penny and T are bff’s.Melissa will be shown as the virgin bride who little joey found at a church fair holding an orphaned puppy. THe greek will act like he talks to teresa for hours every other day and she invites him over for coefee every morning lol. Caroline will act like the sage wise women who is perfect and always knows what others should say or do. Let the fake storylines, backstabbing, and dry tears begin….in is Jersey time.

      • Jojo
        very good profile on the upcoming season.

        But does Tre serve JTG Greek coffee she is a great host, but they’ll prob show she only served him Italian coffee

      • Great post JoJO, they will have their work cut out for them doing a positive portrayal of Caroline. I just re-watched the Napa trip and Caroline was truly predatory towards Teresa. T was trying to apologise, earnestly if bumblingly, and C used that vulnerability to rip her apart. There’s bitchery and then there’s downright evil. Caroline is streets ahead the worst out of any of them. I prefer Melissa to that spiteful angry piece of work. Can’t even call her Meatball as a joke, it is way too cute for that creature who takes every opportunity to indulge her need for hostile dominance.

      • ” kathy (who cares)” Hahahaha. That was perfection. Who gives a rats ass about that lady. Its a shame they brought her back. And they shouldnt have to air that disaster. I’m tired of violence being “cool” on tv these days. Its disgusting. Regardless if john is a famewhore or not!

      • In New York time if Teresa isn’t in on things happening then she is
        guilty of being stupid for being friends with people like kim D
        who is always in on things somewhere. Kim wants to take Melissa down so bad she can’t stand it so she has someone else blindside everyone by attacking other people. Also watch old shows before Teresa did her cookbook and she was a different person and if she is so innocent than why are they both up on 39 charges which includes liaring. No one is perfect and a lot have things they wish they never did but is called being human. I like them all including Teresa and joe but not kim. She is like people I have known likes to start trouble then sit back and watch the fire works. Don’t be such a hater.

    • If everybody knew except JTG, then it is awful.

      I believed that the guy went there thinking that the issues with Melissa and Joey Gorga had been solved and got ambushed.

      Joey started the confrontation and dumbass Chris and Jacko jumped to his rescue because they are troublemakers and they love the drama.

      • Obviously u r not a parent cause if u were u won’t say what u said. I am not a violent person but if someone accused me of using my child just for money and fame by saying he was mentally ill and he wasn’t I would tear them apart. If adults want to act like asses than fine but children are off limit. I would have been on him in a New York minute he would never said a word. You don’t talk about my children. He is disgusting and got everything he deserved. Picture yourself in their shoes and tell me if you honestly think they would use their child like that. It would take a really evil person to do that.