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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Albie Manzo Talks Opening New Restaurant And What To Expect On Season 5 Of RHONJ!

AllAboutTRH had the opportunity to interview RHONJ star Caroline Manzo’s son Albie Manzo at his grand opening of Little Town NJ and he opened up about why he decided to open a restaurant and what we can expect on season 5’s New Jersey! He also talks about whether his mother is happier with things this season!

AllAboutTRH: What gave you guys the idea to open a restaurant?
Albie Manzo: It wasn’t so much an idea. I just think if an opportunity like that came up we would jump on it and when the Little Town opportunity came up, I thought they have an amazing team and are amazing guys so it was kind of like a no-brainer. It all made sense. With all that’s going on with BLK and how fast it’s growing and how much work it really takes, for us to want to do something else it would have to be something absolutely amazing and that’s what we got.

Did your experience with the Brownstone help with your decision to go into this venture?
It definitely made it more comfortable. I mean, I think with the Brownstone we grew up in restaurants and we’re used to the whole vibe of it. It doesn’t scare us, so it just all kind of made sense.

Is it ever hard working with your brother?
It’s like we’re the same person. Between this and BLK and living together we don’t mind it.

Many ladies want to know if you’re single?
I am single.

Is it weird that your ex works with Lauren?
No, not at all. Lindsey is an amazing person. We keep in touch. She’s extremely supportive. It’s not like we broke up on bad terms. We broke up because I had to work. The hardest thing about me is I have to be the worst person to date. I come off selfish to an extent when really I’m just trying to establish myself and it takes time. You can’t always be the best boyfriend in the world when that’s going on, which kind of sucks because I like to have an amazing relationship, and I love to be with someone I know I’m going to be with forever. Will see what happens after all of this.

Is Lauren happier now?
I couldn’t be more proud of Lauren. I think Lauren definitely had a self-image issue and she did what she wanted to do to take care of it and now that she has, she’s become really strong and a very successful independent woman. I couldn’t be more proud of her.

How much are you involved in season 5?
It all depends. I mean we film the same amount every year. What makes it, makes it. We’re not camera whores or anything.

Is your mom happier with how she is this season since she hated how she was last season?
I don’t know. It all depends. Because at the end of the day it’s really the mercy of a lot of different things. Editing being one of them, because we don’t have control over that. I mean, sometimes you look great and sometimes you don’t look great. The greatest thing about my mom is she’s always herself so when she’s pissed she’s going to let you know. She doesn’t have that PR rep personality or does any damage control.

What can we expect on season 5?
It’s a roller coaster. It’s probably the weirdest season. Lots of unexpected things happen. I think we all signed up for this and we’re making the best out of it. We love doing it and as long as they are going to keep it consistent with what’s really going on, I love doing it.


Are you looking forward to season 5? Thoughts on what Albie had to say?

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  • Truthfully who cares? He is not a housewife, does not belong on the show and is boooring, go away Albie Chris and Lauren, WE do not care!

  • Too busy for a girlfriend? I ain’t buying it. And he shouldn’t be selling it.

    Somethings fishy.

  • Maybe Albie meant his mother didn’t have PR people like Melissa! Or even Jax, they have a boat load of problems.

  • Sorry, but this was really painful to read. I cannot stand the ever loving camera fame whore family. Albie goes from dropping out of law school to pursue selling sludge water, and now him and his other lazy ass brother stick their name on a restaurant…please! He clearly doesn’t remember his Mama saying you could never blame editing. Get a life Manzo kids, you are all pathetic!

  • This guy is a self-congratulatory grinning douche. So he broke up with his girlfriend because he had to work. What about all the people just out of uni establishing themselves in careers that actually require a bit of mental effort (as opposed to selling water or putting your name on a restaurant someone else will run), who manage to still have relationships? It’s not like anyone would object to hime breaking up with her (girl dodged a bullet), it is just he is sooooo precious about it. Oooh I have to work…I’m soooo special and my career is sooooo important and amazing – guess what buddy, you’re not a medical intern or anything! Man up! And going on about Lauren’s “self-image issue” – he certainly contributed to it with his snipey comments about how her future kids would be heavy too and so on. Always so smug because he was supposedly the “good-looking” one of the family – well the guy has decent set of teeth but that’s about it. And how his sweet old mother doesn’t do damage control, errrr, lately she has been all about PR and damage control, trying to flog that book! This guy is full of it and boring as batshit to boot.

  • His girlfriend broke up with him because he had to work?? That’s a bunch of BS….most people work in this life. Albie, think of a better reason she broke up with you.

    • You dont remember mama meatballs telling him to break up with lindsay because he needs to work? I found that awful. Any busy person can work hard and also have a love life, just learn to balance it out and find a partner who can umderstand and respect the decision that you cant hang out with her every single day. It seems like at the end of the day he took moms advice and dumped the poor girl. Hopefully he doesnt end up 40 and on millionaire matchmaker again. I hope he snaps out of it soon. Plus i like that he says him and his brother are like one. They’re relationship is hilarious. Plus i like it cause it makes lauren jealous 🙂

      • LAPBAND

        i wrote a similar post earlier up sorry didn’t read yours til now.

        Doubt he’d be on million dollar match maker if has to work to make money lol

  • “Roller coaster” and “the unexpected” seems to be the Manzo/Laurita/Marcos new tagline for S5. Replacing “Read between the lines” which they all used for S4…which didnt work out well for them.
    This is hands down the WORST family on TV. This child, his disgusting slob brother and their forever gloomy and unhappy sister are just the worst. Did he really just say his mom doesnt do damage control?? Give me a break…thats all shes been doing the past 2 months as she tries to hawk her book – which is now out 3 weeks and still not on the New York Times Bestsellers list. Its called kharma…which is why this restaurant will prob be open for about 6 months.
    I also love how now they all pull the “editing card”…remember the Clown back in Season 2, having a fit when Danielle brought up the word editing, saying “Anyone who uses the word editing…thats a cop out. You can blame editing on maybe 1% of what you see. What you see is me.” Yes CaroLIE we SEE YOU and ur pitiful family.

  • season 5 sounds more boring than season 4. I’ll check it out but doubt I’ll watch every episode…Bravo dropped the ball by not making some housewife casting changes

  • Sure, BLK keeps him so busy he has time to open a restaurant? Who is he fooling? He will spend his life going from job to job, trying to be a big shot without ever really working. Why don’t these children realize you need to get a real job and work your way up? Losers……..

  • One word on all these little getting along stories FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They can be civil but nothing more than that if i were Teresa I would be civil but as far as liking them Hell NO!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do want the families to be together I think no matter what family is Family and you love them one way or the other because it is what you do

  • This guy is pathetic. He goes from trying to get into law school to riding his mama’s coat tails to make a living. Hope he and Big Mama thanked Teresa on their hands and knees for their success because without her they would not be relivent to this show. Nobody was interested in their throwing of the ham across the kitchen or having Big Mama tie their shoes and wipe their a**’s

    • Jen

      i think it was Chris that tried getting into law school but if has a learning disability.

      Anyway both boys are mommas boys ARE


      • Summer68 It was Albie trying to get into law school. I remember that talk that mommy caroline had with him, I think on season 3.

      • Yes they are def. momma boys. “learning dis.” AKA failed to many classes because he had to film with Big Mamma Meatball on the HW’s. LOL

  • The only reason Lauren had self esteem issues is because no one told her to STFU! They all caved and catered to her.

    And no, editing does not make Caro look bad. She said it’s not editing at a reunion show. Her words Albie. Suck it up.

  • Could someone please find this guys balls? Check his mama’s purse, Lauren’s rolls or Stumpy Gorga’s back hair. Freaking sissy.

  • Sounds to me like this season’s events don’t go exactly the way Albie and the rest of the Manzos and Lauritas wanted it to go… It must be weird for them to film without those shady producers from last season and have the cast members all on the same playing field for once. Weird. Real weird.

    I’m sorry, I know you and people like Albie, but I can’t stomach any of the Manzo’s and Lauritas. They’re dirty. Caroline talks such a big game about being herself, blah, blah, blah. If that was true, then she would have NEVER tried to bury the hatchet with Teresa. She wouldn’t be trying to save her image by befriending her now, taking pics together at events, acting like they’re civil. That’s fake. I think she said herself that she would never try to be Tre’s friend again b/c that wouldn’t be authentic.

    • And she said she would “never blame Editing” Sounds to be she is blaming editing from last season.

    • Is Albie still too busy to date? This makes me laugh every time. Look around at other 30 year olds, they date and raise kids, go to school, start businesses,care for ederly parents etc..this guy is certainly no catch, Lindsy was lucky to get away.

      • I remember his mommy said that if shouldn’t be dating if should be concentrating on work.

        Looks like Vic 30yr baby took mommy advise he’s such a momma boy .

        Lindsey darling you’re sooo much better without him imagine having crazy Caro as ur monster in law she’ll prob in on your honeymoon stay in the same room as him and give Albie instructions on how to make love

  • WTF?? Is it’s ” A Roller Coaster” the tag line they are suppose to use for this season or what? It seems all of them have said this Geeze!

    What’s the consistant part Albie dear? The fights, the talking behind the backs? Umm your Mother and crazy Aunt involving them selves in Teresas family issues and making them worse?

    • @HCannoli

      I know “roller coaster” is the buzzword for the season. I think it was on the Bravo press packet for approved language, along with “surprising” and “expect the unexpected”.

      Kudos to Bravo for getting all the cast and the hangers on to stick to the script, LOL

      • All the housewives and people on the show get media training by Bravo and are also sent “media talking points” and are coached to use these words and sound bites in all interviews to promote a consistent message for the new season. It is standard pr/promotion. That is why every housewife/cast member keeps saying the same phrases to promote season 5 : “it is a roller coaster, it is unexpected, rebuilding relationships, trying to get along.”

        Remember last season it was, “it will be an explosive season,” and “viewers will need to read between the lines.” Scripted reality by Bravo.

        • LOL – I had forgotten how we were all told to ‘read between the lines’ last season! When we did and we all still came to the same conclusion (they were all gunning for Teresa) – there were no big mysteries, just the same old ugliness.

      • This season the main phrases and words are ROLLER COASTER and UNEXPECTED. Last year it was READ BETWEEN THE LINES. OK……To sum this season up the Manzoids are still famewhores.

      • It seemed like last season all the women (except Teresa) got together so they would all be on the same page. I was getting sick of the whole “planting seeds” thing. And we never got to see what seeds were planted, did we?

  • This season better be “unexpected” bc if its what I’m expecting it to be (Melissa and Teresa fighting, Jac crying, Caroline trying to be tough, and Kathy sitting there doing absolutely nothing) I wont be watching

    • The owners are Michael Sinensky and Sean McGarr who teamed up with Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Chris and Albie Manzo. He didn’t open up that restaurant, the owners did. They where there to promote the business pure and simple.

      • Bingo Buck Henry! The ‘boys’ have no financial responsibility regarding the business – and that came straight from their mouths! Pure PR!

        • So Albie & Chris will just do appearances at the restaurant, but won’t be hosts or managers there? He mentions how Blk water is getting busier, so it doesn’t sound like they would have much to devote to this place.

        • @Buck Henry

          right on, no financial investment only promotion and i think they’ve contributed a couple of recipes