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Did Alexis & Jim Bellino Try To Scam Their House Decorator?

Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino has been accused of treating people poorly, and she along with her husband have faced rumors of being scam artists. A new report fuels these accusations. Allegedly, the Bellinos refused to pay their new home decorator and she had to sue in order to get them to pay up!

Real Mr. Housewife reports that the Bellinos asked a female decorator to do their home free of service, compensated only with publicity from the show. The decorated agreed, asking that they only pay for fabric and furniture used.

Real Mr. Housewife reports, “One day, when she was leaving, our source tells us a contractor was waiting outside and said to the decorator ‘good luck getting paid if she was working for them. He allegedly also said Jim and Alexis had not paid him. The decorator supposedly ignored him and continued working for them.”

The source adds that “a few weeks later, when the decorator gave them a bill, they kept telling her they would pay her ‘tomorrow.’ She finally did get a check- but our source tell us the check BOUNCED!”

The decorator then took the Bellinos to court in order to force them to pay, and there was a judgement in her favor.

Are you surprised by this story? Do the Bellinos strike you as this type of people?

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  • I have intimate knowledge of the situation with the decorator–I know her. The facts presented here are not all true. The decorator wasn’t asked to work for publicity, for example. She won a small claims judgment based on breach of contract by the Bellinos, but the case was transferred to a higher court. It’s still in litigation.

  • Heather Dubrow sold her house in December 2012 for $16.45 million dollars. They paid $3 million for the parcel and $7 million to build. It was posted on stalker, the official real estate blogs for celebrities.

    Terry’s brother was broke, when he died. He was kicked out of Quiet Riot and didn’t have any money to give his brother. Plastic surgeons make lots of money, if Terry invested well they can definitely afford their lifestyle.

  • This story sounds suspiciously similar to the one about Taylor and Russell. Wasn’t there also a contractor involved, who had said essentially the same thing to an interior designer, about “good luck getting paid?” I think it’s a fabrication made up by the same jealous B!TCHES (Heather, Tamra, Gretchen)that made up the blatant lie about some Nordstrom employees who had a Facebook page dedicated to the slights committed by the Bellino’s. I’m still searching for that page…

  • Jim use to do loans off Craigslist. Alexis was not asked to do any more tv news”anchoring” and they could afford her clothesline. Their so holy!

  • they are aweful people that are scam artists however they live a way better life than me so i guess they are doing it right. i cant even think of asking a decorator to come over until i save a bunch of $$ and they just got their house done for free? man i wish i could live like that they may be bucking the system but they are doing it right and enjoying life while i work to get by…. whose smarter

  • I think it is funny how she talked about them opening up this amazing million dollar Skyzone and it was the first of their kind on the West Coast as if it was all their idea. Skyzone is a FRANCHISE that anyone can be part of. We have a one here in Portland Oregon. Fun place but they are all over and not some genius idea that Jim and Alexis came up with on their own.

  • Jim is disgusting. He treats her terribly, speaks down to her and is negative and nasty. Just horrible. She really is not the brightest, and might look the part, but when it comes down to it, he is bored with her stupidity. Her tv gigs made me cringe, found it difficult to watch because she was so bad. He has a very ugly personality…

  • i’m curious as to why there was a contractor waiting outside? seems fishy. does anyone know what jim did for a living? how on earth did they make their money and can afford their many cars that alexis bragged about.

  • Come on guys: why should Jim-Bob Bellino have to pay decorators? He has so many other expenses to think of first!

    Those shiny, matching tracksuits don’t pay for themselves you know…

  • Jim Bellino is so slimy and shady. I wouldn’t be surprised if this were true. Not paying for people for services is some Zolciak ish right there lol

  • Knowing Alexis an her husband Chinie Chin they didn’t pay for nothing they are so shady it’s sad and it’s so true how Alexis as well as her husband Jim are the Nasty people and they Treat people so poorly

  • I have as much faith in Jim and Alexis being who they try to have us believe as I do in a chocolate teapot.

    • and that sums it up. I would never doubt they would scam anyone, ever! Jim’s record of that speaks for itself, just with E-Bay alone!

      • They live in Dana Point. It’s not as expensive as Newport Coast where Heather lives. The furnishings would cost a crap load of money. They are scamming people as always.

        • What does that have to do with the price of rice in China?

          Seriously, why do I care if they Bellino’s home is in a less wealthy area than Heathers? This REALLY IS HIGH SCHOOL.

          • Crywolf, I hate to go off topic, but I have to ask, are you ok? You don’t seem like your usual self around here today! And believe me, I don’t care if we have differing opinions, as we do about Alexis, but you just do not seem yourself. Just checking 🙂 Just have fun while you are here! Its a blog 🙂 Trust me, I have days when I see some comments and get all icky, but try to find humor 🙂 In any case, I hope you are all good!!

          • Their house was foreclosed on when they lived in Newport Coast. My point is that they live beyond their means. I live in the same area, and Jim is a known con man.

        • I used to live there too.. Do you know why Heather sold her house, she put that pool in not to long ago. Did she and her hubby live beyond their means as well? Personally I am getting sick of all the housewives. Don’t get me wrong I still watch, but all of the girls on all the franchises seem to all be so trashy, super backstabbing , users , that all have way to much Botox , ect, they just all seem really mean, and disloyal to all there ” friends”. You know??

          • I’ve wondered wether or not they were the benefactors when Terry’s brother died who was the lead singer in Quiet Riot. The money they have is not made by a bit part actress and plastic surgeon, however, the money they DO have would be someting a metal icon would have made. Speculation of course on my part but why else display the records etc? If anyone knows for a fact I’d love to know for sure.

          • I agree. I personally think that’s one of the reasons that Heather is so jealous of Alexis. She probably knew that her own lifestyle was WAY beyond what she and Terry could actually afford. (Maybe that’s the reason why Terry quit speaking to her for 2wks, until she agreed to be on RHOC–they badly needed the $$). I also found it interesting that in spite of all of her “wealth,” her girls were photographed in Target dresses at Christmas time. That doesn’t seem to go along with living in a 12 million dollar house on “Billionaire’s Row.”

  • I’m tired of hearing from random sources that can’t be named.Honestly there’s a great chance this is true. But if I were that decorator I would have no problem coming out and identifying myself if what I was saying was the truth

    • If it is true that there is a lawsuit, he would not have to come forward, the papers will do the speaking for themselves.

      • Idk if youre trying to argue a point or not. I agree, it maybe isn’t true. I’m saying if someone remains anonymous i find it hard to believe

  • Alexis and Tamra have a bust up in the next episode and all of a sudden stories trashing Alexis and Jim appear…hmmm, nice try Tamra.

    • Tamra is skanky white trash. She has way too much Botox injected into her forehead. She can barely open her eyes.

      • LOL socal! I love it when you talk so highly of her! Well, I have not given up on her yet, but the season is still young!

        • LOL Mich, you always catch me talking badly about her. If she can get through a whole season without throwing someone under the bus, I might change my mind. It will be a miracle if it happens.

          • Hehe! Well I like her and I doubt that will happen. She is a good Bravo employee 😉 Hey, no one is perfect Socal!

  • Of course it’s true. Jim is a con man and a fraud. Keep praying to Jesus Bellino’s; it’s all you have.

  • I feel like Jim would. For some reason he seems a little sneaky with the finances and almost like he hides them and controls them from Alexis.

  • This wouldn’t surprise me. Please send a link of this information. Do I see them as doing this? Yes. That’s how they roll, but I figured they probably changed by now. They’ve been in the public eye for a few years now so get it together. This story would be more believable if there was proof shown.

  • Everytime a housewife is sued for whatever reason the court documents are front and center on the web. Since this has already been resolved I can assume it happened a while ago.

    I don’t put anything past anyone but show me the paperwork, then I’ll believe it.

    • I agree.

      If there is a lawsuit then most certainly the documents will be posted online in no time and we will find out how much do they owe.

      No wonder Alexis had to come back to RHOC, she does need the money and this will probably help to pay her bills.

      • I agree. I can’t imagine they would pull such a stunt, knowing that EVERYONE would find out. Especially nasty little rat-faced Tamra.

  • I read somewhere that Alexis begged to be back on this show and BRAVO gave in and shes…….back. Maybe it is because she needed the money and thus far does not offer a storyline – God lov em.

    • I heard the same thing. She and that husband really needed the money, so she begged to go back. I don’t see any other source of income , has anyone ever seen Jim actually go to work somewhere? To an office, or anywhere that would be considered an actual job? I haven’t , until that Skyzone thing they have going. And who the hell knows where they got the money to start that? I don’t think someone like Jim will ever change. He’s a scammer, it’s a way of life for him.