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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Romain Zago Talks Relationship With Joanna Krupa And Reveals What Housewives Won’t Be Invited To His Wedding!

AllAboutTRH had the opportunity to cover the Red Carpet for this years Miami Gala and had the chance to speak to Joanna Krupa’s fiance Romain Zago! Recently Romain took to his twitter to call out Joanna’s sister Marta Krupa for trying to destroy his relationship with Joanna. He wrote, “Hey FRIENDS, seems @MartaKrupa wants to destroy @Joannakrupa and I relationship…So far succeeding, do you guys agree?”

Romain is opening up to AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVELY on what led him to call out Marta telling us, “We have gone through many ups and downs and sometimes it’s hard for me. Marta doesn’t like to listen and I don’t like to listen so sometimes it makes us disconnect a little bit but she is a great girl and is still my family at the end of the day.”

Romain added, “Marta and I are a lot better now since that tweet and that’s why I erased it,” he laughed and continued, “I erased the tweet out of respect but I was mad. I’m a very emotional person and when I have something on my mind I tend to say it without thinking twice about the consequence.”

So now that Marta and Romain are in better terms, is anyone else trying to destroy Joanna and Romain’s relationship? Romain tells us, “People don’t like to see people happy and just like to gossip. A lot of people want to not see it work but we won’t let that happen. Our wedding is in June and Joanna is looking at locations next week.”

Romain reveals that some housewives will be invited while others won’t, “We’re inviting some housewives but not all. One thing’s for sure and that is that there is absolutely no chance that Adriana will be invited!”

Romain and Marta seem to fight and make up like brother and sister. Romain and Joanna seem very committed and will do anything to make there relationship work. Thoughts on Romain and Joanna heading to the alter? Are you surprised Adriana won’t be invited to the wedding?

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  • Marta does not live in Miami. She lives in Pennslyvania with her boyfriend. She was around in Miami last year for the show, that’s it. I’d suspect she’ll be on this season less. Given her boyfriend s dangerous job, it’s not surprising that she’d want to be supporting him at his races than trying to deal with Joanna’s dramas.

  • I hate to say it but i honestly don’t think the marriage will last.

    Marta really needs to grow up get a real job, support herself and get a place of her own, she’s told Joanna how she feels bout Romain now she should just shut up and concentrate on her own life

  • Wedding in June with no location set? This is the dumbest couple ever and this is no chance they will last.

    • Isn’t June the busiest month to book a wedding? It does seem odd that they are still looking for a location at this late date.

  • I don’t care who it is, non celeb, anyone. Being family doesn’t give you the right to interfere. Marta should not live with them, except on an emergency basis or a recent relocation while looking for her own place. Could be she is not now and is there to give her an excuse to be on tv. Joanna will always allow that to be a marriage of three people. Marta needs to butt out and let Joanna be happy or unhappy with Roman. Very surprised a guy tolerates this continually. A part of being an older sibling is refusing to continue to enable your younger ones behavior. Joanna needs to quit mothering this grown woman who appears to be a congenial but spoiled user.

  • They look good together but I don’t see it lasting. Both are too headstrong and impulsive. I personally could never do the fight/makeup/breakup/get back together BS again and again. I think if you spend that much time on a rollercoaster, you haven’t found the right partner.

  • Not trying to judge but really people? They argue this bad and then claim to be in a “better place” a few days later?