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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Karent Sierra Said She Wasn’t Fired From RHOM Plus Reveals Who She Is Still Close With!

AllAboutTRH had the opportunity to speak to Karent Sierra at Lea Black’s 2013 Miami Gala and Karent gives us the details on why she isn’t returning to season 3’s Real Housewives of Miami!

Karent tells AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVELY, “I am not returning. I am just going to be moving on to other TV projects.”

I asked Karent specifically if she was fired and she says, “I was not fired. If you noticed, I started filming ‘The Doctors’ show in January and I’m truly happy. I’m not just doing The Doctors show I’m also going to castings for films.”

Karen also told us who she’s still closest with from the show! “I’m still very close with Lisa, Joanna and Lea. I don’t really see Adriana and I have nothing against her. I never see Alexia either. I have no problems with Adriana or Marysol and will leave it at that.”

Karent flaunted her new boyfriend at the red carpet and looked a lot happier. When talking about her ex Rodolfo she said, “Rodolfo wasn’t very popular with the viewers on Bravo but you know what, I don’t wish him bad. I just wish him well and it obviously wasn’t meant to be.”

Thoughts on Karent talking about her departure from the show? Will you miss her?

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  • The other housewives were right, she was trying too hard to get in pictures, and clinging onto the wealthier, most known people. She acted “classy” because she’s CUNNING and knows that if she doesn’t say anything back and just smiles, she won’t be giving ammunition to the enemy. But she was very fake nevertheless. The way she jumped on Thomas Kramer lap and asked for picture, not caring that there was an 80 years old lady sitting and hitting the old lady with her feet in the air, she was so desperate for that picture that couldn’t even mind others.At Lea’s gala also jumping in front of cameras photo bombing other people’s pictures and doing so at every opportunity she could get her hands on. Despicable, false, fake woman, and her relationship was definitely fake, she knew she was being cheated on but was too desperate to show the guy off to care. Hope I never see her face on tv again, and that she gets sacked from that other program too, definitely not watching that if she’s in it. Why are the producers putting up with that fame hungry media whore, maybe they’re getting discounts on their veneers haha can’t be for her personality and if you take off the fake hair she k just looks like an old woman, and have you seen ask the cellulite on the beach? Aaargh put her away, good riddance, thank you God

  • She was my fave… smart… gorgeous and always kept it classy. The other ladies where so mean to her …. super bummed your not on the show anymore karent

    • Were we watching the same show? She’s a dreadful fame hungry wannabe. She would step on her dead grandmother to get ahead. She as genuine as her dress is long!

  • Karent is possibly the second most beautiful women on that show. Alexia looks all washed out compared to her and since Karent is educated it is easy to assume that is another reason she’s jealous. My girlfriend who lives in Miami said that Marisol is the one who turned all the women against Karent from the beginning.

    Karent will probably become the most famous of all those NON-Wives.

  • She is Stunning , I was upset to hear she wasn’t coming back , I liked her a lot and upbeat attitude. I thought she gave OC’s Alexis & ATL ‘s Cynthia a run for their money as the most beautiful Housewife lol .

  • I saw Karent on The Doctors and it was a very nice story. She fixed up that lady’s teeth and you can tell she loves her job as a dentist. I like Karent, but I agree she was trying too hard and being fake with some details of her life on RHOM. I hope she has a real, nice bf one as she deserves one. LOL she carefully said she has “no problem with Adriana or Marysol” but all she said about Alexia is “I never see Alexia” lol.

  • She’s wonderful and so positive. I’m so glad she’s happier and her guy is hot! Get it, gurl!

    • me too. I will miss her. I hate it when reality TV keeps the bully’s and fires the normal girls.

  • I can’t stand this woman. Everything about her is fake. The dress is too small and the new “boyfriend” looks disgusted. Does he have a name? Another fake relationship for the cameras?

  • I may be one of the minorities here but I loved Karent. I though she was a meek person. As far as Rodolpho, she was engaged to him prior the show and they broke up and got back together again. Even Karent’s parents knew of him so why people say she was lying about him is beyond me. Maybe he was cheating on her behind her back and who hasn’t been cheated on and lied to in a relationship may cast the first stone. I loved Karent and glad to see her doing well. Wish her all the best in her life. She is better off without the drama. Keep smiling girl!

  • She is a beautiful woman. I don’t care for her too much though as I don’t know if she is genuine. So much of the time I didn’t trust her. Was her boyfriend Rodolfo even for real? I mean if he really was I feel terrible for her as he was a real cheater and a cad. She did some things that were down right calculating and sneaky and then spun it to look all innocent. She loved to manipulate Joanna. She did it at Lisa’s party. First running to Marysol about the fur. There was absolute no reason to do that but to start something. And worse Karent got all that mess started up with Joe Francis and Joanna also. She is a bit shady.

  • She’s awesome! I still don’t understand what everyone’s problem was with her, ESPECIALLY Alexia.

    • i agree on that. she was sweet. at that time she was going through a lot – her dad’s illness. and with the bitches like alexia condemning her, her only defense is to smile. what can you do with a bitch like alexia but just ignore her and smile your heart’s out!

  • I really won’t miss her. For me, she didn’t add much to the show. I thought she seemed pretty fake, most of the time.

    Karent stating that Rodolpho wasn’t very popular with viewers but she wished him well, was strange. Who says that? I didn’t like Rodolpho, but saying he wasn’t popular makes it seem like she’s trying to justify her breakup to the “fans”. Comments like this are what made me think she was fake.

    • I agree. Comments like that made me think she was fake too. She’s a dentist to the celebrities, not a celebrity dentist.