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Details On Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes Possible Scripted Reality Show; Will Have A Crazy Ex-Wife!

It was reported weeks ago that Brandi Glanville’s ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and his wife LeAnn Rimes were shopping around for a possible scripted reality TV show based on their lives together. US weekly is now revealing the details on what the show will be about and whether Eddie’s kids will be featured!

Sources say, “They would play versions of themselves, kind of like on Curb Your Enthusiasm.” LeAnn and Eddie also plan on having the series be like their continued drama with Bravo Glanville so they will involve a crazy ex-wife! And what about Eddie’s children? Will they appear? The source adds, “Mason and Jake are not involved. If kids end up being on it, they would be played by actors not Eddie’s children. They’ve met with a few networks. Nothing is finalized yet, but they’re seeing where the show could go.”

If Eddie and LeAnn want to really make peace with Brandi then they should probably not even consider this! Thoughts on the series? Would you tune in?

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  • At first the story made me laugh. It’s too ridiculous to be true. Then I remembered that there are two (TWO!) reality series about people jumping in the water.

    so yeah, it could happen.

  • And am I the only one who finds that picture creepy? It’s like Leann is holding on for dear life staring down at Brandi.

    • And am I the only one who thinks Eddie needs to trou up? The dude is constantly wearing baggy shorts. He looks like a giant child. With stumpy legs and a fat arse. Wear. Pants.

  • Leann is truly embarrassing and twisted. I’ve never seen a homewrecker so hell-bent on trying to make everyone think the woman who’s family she ruined is the bad person. Excessive tweeting, vulgar language, making money off this or whatever people accuse Brandi of being just don’t compare to what Leann did.

    And so what if Brandi profits off Leann and Eddie drama? A little cash is the least she can get for the crap they’ve put her through. But for Leann to try to make money off of what they’ve done to her? So classless. You’d think everything she’s done would be enough but no, she just has to go on and on.

  • I think this is just a another rumor planted by Leanne and her people to get her some much need press after it was announce her label drop her and her album has been shelved . Leanne and Eddie behavior towards Brandi has been horrible what low budget tv network would actually give these two unlikeable people a show thier not funny and neither them can act Leann has single handed ruin any chance of a come back career with her twitter actions.

        • Vanessa. When did this happen that she was dropped and shelved? Last I heard the album was coming out at a later date. And that was within the past few days I heard this.

  • Srsly. This would not be a sitcom, it would be a shitcom. There’s nothing funny about flaunting your relationship that started by wrecking two marriages and trying to paint the injured party as ‘crazy’. Has she learned nothing from her experiences of doing this already in other types of media?

    No one wants to see that on their tv. And LeAnn Rimes is about as funny as a bag of cement. They are not Lucy and Desi. They are not even Statler and Waldorf.
    They are unfunny, unwanted pains in the arse who need to get their hand off it and wake the fuck up.

    • Hi Ausigirl

      very true…but we have seen worse on one in a decade thought that a reality show with millionaire’s would be the Bravo franchise is laughing money wise.

      • Hey sam! True. But that’s reality tv. A sitcom needs to at least be funny. And involves acting. Eddie might be ok, but ugh. LeAnn. Acting. Funny? And funny ‘haha’, not just funny ‘I think there’s something wrong with her’?

        • Hey Aussiegirl

          affairs/screwing around/cheating is never funny..if this actually goes through..which Hollyweird thrives on, that would be disgusting beyond belief.

          So far for me this is an ugly “sources” said routine, with direct intention to hurt Brandi.


          • Yep. I totally agree with you sam. But I don’t know if its such a ‘sources say’ thing. There was a story a while ago they were going to be shopping something around the networks starring themselves. I think we all just assumed at that stage it would be a reality show. Maybe more details have just come to light about it now.

            I could maybe see someone picking up a reality show about them (maybe) for the ‘perversity’ interest factor of it. You know, people might watch because they hate them so much in the same way they read stories in magazines about them, but it wouldn’t last.

            But I just cannot for the life of me see how you take two people so universally disliked and make them the stars of a sitcom – a genre where you need to like and identify with the protagonists – about their lives. What network is going to pick that up?

          • Yup it would be an ugly disgusting mess and this would hurt Brandi.

            That is why I feel this is another poke at Brandi.

            Remember the show Reba…about a mom of three children..became divorced cuz her hubby got his dental receptionist pregnant..and the premise was how strong “reba” was in dealing with this.

            So it is ugly that this is a possibility and hurtful to Brandi.

          • Totally, sam. But the only person who ever really ‘pokes’ at Brandi about this shit is LeAnn and her posse of supporters. It has been going on ever since she set her sights on Eddie. Granted, Brandi eventually bit back, but for a long, long time she shut up and took the abuse.

            I think the book and subsequent tour was her final release of everything that had built up over the years and may have been very cathartic for her. Because she seems to have been putting in behind her now and not riding to the bait anymore. LeAnn and her minions are still actively antagonising her on twitter though. And I wouldn’t be surprised if ultimately this was another attempt to do so.

          • Aussigirl

            I just educated myself on Brandi..geez I have always supported her ways of financing her life as a single parent.

            But what a kick in the chops.While in couples therapy..the two whores out themselves..

            I have always said anyone who took the job to out the “sources said” that person would be a millionaire.


      • I made the mistake of watching Married to Medicine last night and if somebody would had told me that they would find doctor’s wives who would be willing to embarras their husband on national TV and act like two teenage girl, I would have said that nobody would ever be willing to do that and guess what? There they are making an absolute fool of themselves and their husbands.

        • Mary- did you catch the poolside fight? OMG!!!! Yeah, I think Im dine with that mess.. its like another Housewife show! I died when the Mom hit the other one with her purse!( on the head)…

          • That fight was horrible and ugly, completely getto. I felt so bad for the husbands, you go to medical school and bust your behind off to become a doctor and make the terrible mistake of chosing one of these women for a wife.
            Not only that but such wife begs you to participate in a reality show with the promise to make you well known and bring potential clients, big money and then they show their asses like this.
            I swear that I was embarrased for those guys, their mothers have probably seen this joke of a show and what explanation can you possibly give? None.
            Can you imagine having your son, the apple of your eyes, the boy who went for years and years to college to become a doctor, and then this happens? If I was the mother , I swear I would be so mortified I wouldn’t want to speak to these women in a long while.

          • You know what bothers me the most about this show? How it is portraying black women of of successful husbands. This show could have been so much more! One showing pride and that it is all possible to rise above poverty and instead it shows total ghetto illiterate women fighting with fisticuffs flying no less!! Not much shocks me anymore. I am too old I guess and been around the block but this just appalled me. My family is every color in the rainbow and I have gotten three phone calls today from one grand daughter and two nieces who are part black and my grand daughter was in tears!!! She was so excited by this show at first! I am beyond pissed and disappointed that the women weren’t portrayed as more or less role models for our younger women of color. What an insult. Yeh yeh yeh I get it. It’s a reality show. It’s as bad as New Jersey andI am not watching it anymore and I told Vanessa, my grand daughter she isn’t either. She said, ‘I know grams! It made me feel so ashamed!’ Isn’t that a crying shame? Shame on Andy. He can be such a tool with his hatred of women. I wouldn’t be surprised if those husband ditch those low life wifes. Poor guys. There goes any dignity or prestige they were hoping to have. It is really bothersome to me. Sorry michers and Mary. Didn’t want to butt in (but I did anyway! LOL!) I just feel so upset and sad by this show. It could have been so good.

          • ITA! It’s a complete ghetto train wreck! I can’t believe that crap! I watched part of 1 episode and was done!

    • I don’t think any network would fall for this, I mean does Leann even have a fan base?

      I admit that I am curious as to how they would try to spin their cheating ways but that novelty probably will wear off within the first two episodes and then what?

  • Brandi has used both whores for profit her four year twitter war created…higher pay in RHBH and her book and book tour.

    This has been the favorite story for Brandi haters.

    I am not a Brandi fan but for this rumor to be regurgitated is disgusting.

    This is a “source” said routine intended to create crap…mission accomplished.

    Brandi knew that when she involved herself with twitter wars and exclusive interviews and no holds barred book….she knew she had to create thick skin, but she also knew that depending on the sperm donor for child support is futile..she worked the money machine, out of necessity to financially provide for her angels.

    p.s. this blog reports everything they know we want to read and are disappointed in it’s existence.

  • This Blog is obsessed with LeAnn Rimes! Why do you keep chronicling her every move? I assume because people keep responding..Jeeze!

    • Not really totojessie. This blog hardly ever mentions her. Leann has been mentioned in four other places I have looked at today so it just happens to be the latest news I guess. Obviously a slow news day!! LOL!!

  • Brandi has been used for profit before. Lisa used her story line to jump start VR, now others want a piece of the pie since she is a hot topic right now. I think she should get royalties from VR and this idiotic spin off, IF it’s true. I personally have had enough of the story line.

    • Speaking of VR, I’m watching the client list and guess what acting job crazy girl who dated Jax when he and Stassi broke up got? Bahaha so much for all those saying she was a liar! She’s actually pretty good. So much for those left behind still waitressing waiting on their big break. If they go another season VR will be their break and they not taken seriously.

  • Wow. I guess they’re just mad that Brandi has been telling the world what they’ve done to her. People who are cheated on deserve to have their stories heard.

    I always thought Eddie should have been in Magic Mike (along with some of my other favorite hunks like Shemar Moore and Mario Lopez). Guys like that are all about their looks and not acting ability lol

    • LOL!!! But considering what he has done, there is no way we could have him in a movie with Channing and Matthew 😉

        • Any of the 3 , thank you!!!! Wow, that sounds really bad! LOL But…. Yes, PLEASE!!!! Oh my!

        • I have 3 guys on my ‘list’. I call it my ‘holy trinity’. My husband is well aware of it. There’s Joe, of course, and Jason Momoa (who is actually at the top of the list: the man is to die for), and Chris Hemsworth (fellow Aussie who has been on the list since he hit the scene on a local soapie called ‘Home and Away’ waaaay back in the days before he went to Hollywood). These men may be more god than human. Most amazing specimens of manly manliness evaaah.

          Definitely a holy trinity.

  • It’s funny how there were NO paparazzi pics of Eddie and Brandi’s sons — even though one of them had a softball game while LeAnn was away in Puerto Rico — but the MINUTE she gets back, there are tons of paparazzi pics of them and LeAnn at Jake’s softball game. Once again, LeAnn exploits those children by inviting the paparazzi to their softball game.

    Doesn’t she ever stop and think about the possible harm she can be doing to those boys by constantly letting the paps know their whereabouts? Or is using them for photo-op’s to further her (FALSE) story about her “wonderful” family life with Eddie and his sons more important?

      • Mary what a shitty thing to say. You have just dissed everyone who likes Brandi on here with that remark. Why? I certainly won’t watch it. That was hateful mean and not at all necessary. Now you sound like a troll. WTF is wrong with you?

        • Ladies, let’s not attack each other….let’s build each other up please! Do I think LR is a whore….yes, duh! But let’s not be nasty to each other if we have different opinions. That makes my heart sad 🙁

          • Sorry, I know that no one asked for my opinion but it reminds me of what is that mean girls name? When I first started checking this website she said un godly things and everyone used to call her out? My old ass lady mind might fool me but I think her name was Samantha?

        • OMG, there you go with your theatrics again. You are exhausting.

          I meant it as in wouldn’t you be curious as to how these two cheaters try to spin their affair?

          Wouldn’t you watch it just to be able to defend your Brandi? Please, you are lying to yourself if you say you won’t, maybe no in prime time but probably in the reruns. Roxy will be blogging about it, 100% guaranteed, and you would surely have something to say about it. Now if you are not going to watch it for real, then that is fine. No need to be defensive at all being that we are talking about a show that probably will never see the green light.

  • I’d love for Eddie to get a huge part in a major blockbuster film for several reasons, 1. So that Brandi can get some decent child support for once. 2. I’d be reading the paper whilst eating popcorn about how totally bonkers with insecurity and breakdowns Leann ends up having! Alas, he’s a naff actor, so the chances of that happening isn’t very good 🙁

  • Good for them!! Brandi is making money off of them, so it is only fair they have their chance to get a tacky reality show too:)

    • I am now kinda curious as to what Eddie and Leann have to say about all the things that Brandi has put out there about us. I am sure that we will get to know a lot of things about Brandi as well.

      What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

      • You mean the truth about what Leaxitive and Ediot have done to Brandi?! So a married man and woman cheat on their spouses while 1(Brandi) is pregnant and Brandi did something wrong?? UMM, OK?!? Constantly tweeting pix of Brandi’s boys and making snide comments… Brandi had every right to tell HER truth! We already know the other 2’s truth…

        • Wait, what do you mean “curious as to what Eddie and Leann have to say about all the things Brandi put out there about US” US??!!! US????? Leaxitive, is that you?????

          • Calm down, I was speaking as if I was Leann and Eddie, as if we could heard their version of the story.

            I am not Leann and have never heard any of her songs as I am not a fan of country music. I have never heard of Eddie either and if it wasn’t because I watch Bravo shows, I would had never hear of Brandi.

          • @Mary, I sincerely apologize since you’re not her! I found it odd that “us” was used! I’ve been reading other comments and see that you’re not her. I try to be fair and I am sorry. Many apologies to you.

          • That’s okay. Sometimes I type to fast and have imaginary conversation with these characters in my head, LOL

            I know it is loony but oh well.

            For the record, out of these three, the one who is the lowest of the low for me is Eddie, he is a serial cheater with no care about any women feelings and Leann will find that out sooner or later. Leann for better or worse had to kids to answer to but Eddie did and he should had stopped and think how his behavior was affecting not only Brandi but mainly his boys. Leann is guilty but IMO the guiltiest of them all is Eddie.

            I could never condone cheaters, never. That is why no matter how funny or cute she thinks she is, I would never like Kim Zolciak.

  • I feel so sad for eddie and leann. I think we all need to bow down and pray. These people are SO SAD with their lives, that they have to make a mockery of the life of the woman they have ruined. Is that how miserable you guys are? Is this what god has brought to your life? Eddie has had the pleasure of fucking every hot chick in los angeles and cheating on his pregnant wife and marrying his mistress and live in a great house and make decent money. This is how miserable god has made you guys? Has god put you under a bridge and make you walk around the streets for a sandwich? Count your fucking blessings and be happy god hasnt taken everything from you guys for ruining and damaging someones LIFE! Leann i pray you never know how it feels how you have treated brandi or that your children NEVER go through what brandi has went through beecause its HORRIBLE! I didnt even read this article and wont and didnt want to even comment and my god i cannot stand brandis big mouth ass but i will defend her ass against these sick shits that act like brandi ran over their damn dog. I hope people continue to see how sick in the head squeeky eyes (leann and eddie) are and dont support these people. They don’t deserve it. I’m done with them. Done done done! God give me the strength to not curse his ass out on twitter or his bitch of a wife!

  • Brandi continuously slams them on RHOBH, twitter, and any media outlet that she can get time wiht, so I don’t see the difference in them doing the same. I find that Brandi feels it’s okay for her to do certain things, but it’s a different story when someone else does the same. I believe ALL parties (LeAnn, Eddie, & Brandi) are at fault, as the children are not as naieve as they’d like to think. I really feel sorry for the children.

    • I do feel for them, life hasn’t been fair to them and the three adults in their lives are more worried about their stupid little war than these boys mental health. Like doctor Phil says “Somebody has to be the hero”, it just seems that nobody is willing to take on that role.

  • A possible show title could be,

    Eddie & Leann:” A Desperate Need for Attention” or

    “This is the only job Eddie can get”

  • OMG she’s a crazy bitch! Let me play myself in a scripted show about my life so I can prove just how un-crazy I am! Right honey

  • We have already seen much of their trifling lives played out in social media and the tabloids …. Do me really need a rerun of something we don’t really care about?

  • Hopefully they get a lot of cash up front and Brandi gets the financial support to which she’s entitled. Then before the show is unceremoniously canceled, the world can see what most of us already know. Eddiot can’t act and LeMan is a washed up bitter hag who will never be happy.

    • If this crazy idea is true (which I doubt) and Leann gets cast as the major character and Eddie just as her husband, then he won’t get that much, but even if he did, unless Brandi gets a court order modifying the finacial arraigment they have, I doubt the kids or Brandi will see any of that money.

      • He is supposed to pay her child support whenever he works. He doesn’t have to pay as long as he is unemployed. I guess in Ca. support doesn’t have to be paid if the hubs isn’t working? I have lived in two states and both the ex paid or his new wife did out of her income. idk maybe it was written that way in their divorce settlement.

  • Leaxitive and Ediot need to go away! Think of the children and how they will feel!! Isn’t that what all the haters say about Brandi?! J/S!!!

    • But they (Brandi haters) will just say well we hate all three!! You know they will!! LOL!! I think it would be great for Brandi!! What is the expression something like, “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery?” I mean Leaxitive (I LOVE that btw) and Ediot are so obsessed with Brandi and this would just prove it! They will be the ones look like stupid asshats! I think it is hilarious. Brandi could milk the heck out of this! Granted, in a sick kind of way!


    And now excuse me while I rinse the little bit of vomit I just did in my mouth.

  • I don’t think that how they decide to make money, should affect their ‘relationship’ with Brandi. She is making a lot of money now using them as a storyline so why should she get mad if they get their piece of the pie.
    Sidenote: Leeanne’s face reminds of characters from the Planet of the Apes, honestly look at her mouth!

      • I do not believe a single production company worth anything in Hollywood would back it. Leanne doesn’t have a universal fan base now due to her past.

    • I despise Brandi for the liar she is, but that doesn’t mean that I give these two a pass for their crass behavior. Eddie and Leann having a TV show has no purpose and I just can’t believe that any jnetwork would be interested. To me they are just throwing the idea out there to see if any network would be interested and I just hope that nobody will take the bait.

      • I don’t think they are throwing that idea out there. Just like I don’t think that Leann was ever considered for or considering being on RHBH. Slow news day.

        • Gotcha! , so it hasn’t been confirmed yet? I thought it was a possibility but maybe you are right and it is just one of those rumor mills that we love so much, lol

    • You are right–I can see the ape in her mouth LOL. And she’s always gotta be cluthing onto eddie. Sickening. I cannot wait until he leaves her for another woman (after he’s spent all her $$) so she can see just how Brandi felt.

    • I said the same thing…

      At first I would have NEVER had an interest but good or bad Brandi made the relevant and now she will make them rich as usual because of her mouth…

      Good job Brandi, as you can see neither of you will get the last laugh….

    • You are right, as awful as this crazy project sounds, maybe Leann and Eddie just want to put out there their version of the story, so far we have only heard Brandi’s side of the story, which with her tendencies I am sure have been embellished or even made up in some cases.

      The show might tank, but it will be interesting to hear/see what Leann and Eddie trying to spin their cheating ways and it would also be interesting how they portray the treesomes and all kind of crazy behavior like the slashing of the tires and the vag surgery. Just saying.

  • Will Leann be portrayed as the washed up country singing ,laxative addicted , pyscho , homewrecking tramp that she is?

    • She has to be if its based on their real life haha

      It’s funny they would not allow Brandi’s kids to be around while the show was filming even tho they would not be on camera but these two idiots want to make a tv show based on these two kids effed up home life and all the fighting…. This show would just cause those kids trouble at school and make their parents relationship even more strained. Leann is already trying to get them to pick between her and their own mother.

      Nothing Leann does surprises me anymore

      • Exactly. Kids can’t be on Brandi’s reality show but can be portrayed on a scripted reality show? Good god.

      • If it was reality TV, she probably would play herself, LOL

        Being scripted, probably they will have to cast actors. I wonder who would play who.

        I mean it is disgusting that these trio has managed to make money out of the affair and the one who will end up paying the price are the little boys but at this point if Brandi is getting money out of it via her book, then I guess I can’t judge these other two lowlives for trying to get their slice of the pie as well.