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Why Is Brandi Glanville Being Forced To Move Out Of Her Home?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville is being forced to move out of her home that she shares with her two children Jake and Mason because of fans! Apparently fans noticed where the housewife lives due to being on Bravo’s hit show and have showed up to her home all throughout the day to meet her!

Brandi says, “I need a little more privacy. I had some people that are fans of the show and they were just coming up knocking on the door at all hours of the night. I need more security and maybe a gate for the safety of the children and myself.”

Brandi adds, “The kids will be at the same school. I would never pull them away from their friends.”

Brandi continued that the most important thing she can do as a single woman is protect her children and that’s why she needs the privacy!

Brandi says she’s been very stressed out looking for a home, “We have 20 days left to find a house, but of course, all the ones I like, I can’t afford. It’s hard because a lot of the houses I like don’t allow filming. You have to get that cleared with the landlord, so that’s been a little bit of an issue with the two houses I did try to get and really fell in love with. They didn’t want filming inside which I respect and understand, but my life has to be filmed.”

Moving sucks! I’m glad that Brandi will be able to probably afford a house she actually likes being that she’s probably earned a lot of money since appearing on RHOBH and from her book!

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  • Well I say kuddos to Brandi.. Brandi and her boys deserve a fresh new start.. I wish her all the luck and well wishes…

  • If eddie isn’t working why don’t the courts demand him to get one. Personnelly I think she should go back to court to insure he does. Here whr I live they take a look at why the ex is doing and whr their living and if the new wife has a job then its considered household income and support is adjusted. When my daughter got pregnant in college the boyfriend said he couldn’t pay support. Because he was fully supported by his parents. I fought for support from them. My daughter got support DRM them and of course they weren’t happy. All she wanted was help for daycare and diapers. His parents refused but the courts said they had to pay up. So how does Eddie get a pass in California?

  • I’m sure Brandi could buy a house now I mean she must be making more money now an the book she just had put out there an if she has too ask Eddie for some money cuz of the 2 boys I think he would give a little to help (Maybe) I hope the boys are ok , Knowing Brandi she will do what she has to do for her BOYS she is a Great mom so I wish her well and Good Luck with the New Home ???? .

  • Aussiegirl,

    I just want to give you a heart felt THANK YOU.
    You are a scholar and a gentle woman…..with a delightful sense of humor.

  • Her life HAS to be filmed??? No it doesn’t. She can go get a real job. Putting wants over needs is what the REALITY is here. I’ve grown to actually like Brandi, but come one…

    Shack up with your buddies, the Todd’s. They’ve got plenty of room until you find your new ‘stage’ to film at.

    • Um, she goes to work, she does her job, she gets paid for it. She has a real job. Why would she give that job up? It provides well for her children and herself (which, FTR, her ex husband refused to do and got away with under a legal loophole) and she is taking steps to ensure that any extra publicity and attention that may be brought to her kids because of her job is negated by moving to a more private, secure residence.

      Her job is real. It’s not fake. It comes attached with a certain amount of celebrity and some unwanted attention. She’s addressing that in the same way that others in her position do.

      End of.

  • The logic in some of these posts baffle me. I applaude you ladies who have the mental stamina left to try to put the post back on the tracks. clap clap clap.

  • Love Brandi or hate her but, as a Momma, if I felt that my children might be at risk i would be outta there in a heartbeat. And one can argue that she has put her children in the limelight due to her role in HW but her ex and his new wifey have done the same.
    Geeze folks, I wouldn’t even let my kids go across the street in a residential neighborhood until they were five-and even then I watched them.
    But cameras and crazy folks in LA?
    No brainer there.

  • Is Mauricio helping her find a home?? NOT!! Ha.

    Brandi no longer receives alimony due to California laws. You would think that a-hole would want his children safe when not in his care, though and shell out some money for a safer place to live. Lovely human specimen. Ugh. Good luck, Brandi!

  • I read the interview for this situation with Brandi and sons.

    She is dealing with a rent hike and some fans showed up at her doorstep!

    She wants a home in a gated neighbourhood, and her and the boys have moved seven times in four years.

    Brandi also explained that it is hard to find owners that will allow taping.

    I do have compassion for Brandi, both reason’s for having to move are out of her control.

    If is having financial issues, single parents (me) can relate.

    Does this mean that Eddie is a dead beat dad? And don’t forget taxes need to be paid.

    Just because her “net worth” is 5 million does not mean she has 5 million in her account.

    She is not homeless or broke, she never said she was, she is having a problem finding a home to rent.

    Who hasn’t.

    I do feel bad that this is move #8 for the boy’s in the past four years.

    • I might be remembering this wrong, but I seem to recall that one of her last moves was a need to downsize after Eddie went to court and asked to have his alimony or child support reduced. This was right after he bought the hugely expensive diamond engagement ring for Leann. Brandi had to pay him back money he’d already given her because of this. Stand-up guy, that Eddie. Hopefully she finds a good place for her and the kids.

      • I am not knowledgable in this area and have no personal experience so maybe someone can give me the info –Regarding child support – if the parents house, feed, take care of the kids 50 -50 through joint custody and share the responsibility, does each parent then just cover their own costs for the kids 50 percent of the time, or does one party still pay child support ( as in pay for their 50 percent and also help cover fees for the spouse too).

        In interviews Eddie says in addition to his care of joint custody he pays for the kids schooling, insurance, sports, (who knows if that is true- not me just refering to his interview last month) but I honestly don’t know how this works. I know Bethany and Jason are fighting over that same issue now – 50/50 joint custody, but does someone still pay for the other’s custody time.

        • It depends on the level of income of both parents.

          The kids have to be provided for at all times, being that Eddie is unemployed (as was Brandi probably when the divorce and custody were settled), and they share custody, then most likely neither has to pay child support, just the promised expenses. Otherwise if Eddie wasn’t paying court ordered child support he already would be in jail so I am assuming that neither has to pay the other.

          If Eddie was an A list celebrity and was making a lot of money, even if they were spliting custody 50%, then the wealthier parent would had to provide some form of child support to allow the kids to live the life they had grown accostumed to. Slade comes to mind, he was financially doing great when he got a child support order but as his circunstances changed, he had to request a modification and due to the medical condition of his son it took a while and that is why she fall in arrears so badly.

          It also depends on the state but in mine that is how it is done.

        • In my state if one parent has primary custody they have to a percentage for child support. If they have joint custody they make fifty percentage of the decisions such as school etc…. We also split all activity fees and one parent carriers insurance and pays are split fifty fifty. All parents have to carry life insurance made to.a trust for the kids. Bethanny is asking thy life insurance be carried by Jason and she is the primary beneficary which I call bs on. She is also.demanding he carry health insurance on her as well. well working in both life and health this is a huge red flag. They are not married so health insurance is all on her. The life insurance would be bryns not bethannys. Eddie hasn’t worked so.she doesn’t get why she should get. He should pay more but he’d rather be a.stay at however tht is how it works in my state ad in most states.

      • Also if he isn’t working, he doesn’t have to pay any child support! I was appalled at that. Florida and Washington state have much stronger laws for the kids benefit. There is still always a minimum payment per kid whether they are employed or not. Take it out of his unemployment or like I had done years ago, take it out of his new wife’s income. Also people saying for her to get another job…. The woman has a high school education. She can’t get much better than minimum wage unless she wants to work as a stripper. She even mentioned that in her book. If HW’s hadn’t opened up for her, she said that is what she’d probably be doing.

          • Ausiegirl

            I am a little full right now..had to eat crow on the Teresa story..leapt like supermand to all types of conclusions, investigated and found out I was every type of wrong possible 🙁

          • Dude. I’m totally out of the loop when it comes to rhonj. Don’t watch it, so you’re cool bananas with me!

  • I like Brandi but don’t like how she is always crying about her being broke. In all her pictures she is driving a nice car that isn’t cheap. To top it off, we all know all those expensive cars take the most expensive fuel grade. Maybe if she made little adjustments she wouldn’t be constantly crying about being poor.

  • I don’t understand the need to Attack Brandi for saying she has to move because of creepy people knocking on her door .

    • Vanessa and Casja

      I agree, for some reason people are reacting to this as if it is a “let’s hate on Brandi”.

      I do remember how Melissa hater’s reacted when she sold her home..not the same situation at all.

      This is situation is a single parent is taking care of business.

      She is protecting her children and moving..end of drama..what drama?

    • Oh Cajsa I wondered where you were. We miss your words of wisdom and articulate fair-minded comments. I said similar way the heck up above. It is vicious. Some of these posters I think would through a huge celebration party if Brandi died tomorrow. Man it is mean as hell tonight!

      • I can see why you like Brandi so much, you are just as dramatic as her. Who is talking about wishing she dies, there are two boys who need her, this is just about pinpointing to the fact that she embellishes everything for sport when it is much simpler to tell the truth

  • That’s what she says, but the real reason is probably because she is poor and can’t afford it anymore. Like MeHo.

    • I don’t think so. She made money from the book sales. She wants a larger house. She wants to able to film next years BH. She is getting all her little facial enhancements for it. Nice Fraxel Laser resurfacing and on her hands. I call BS on the Melasma since it was not confined to a certain area and I asked someone about it who is one of the best derms out there who uses the fraxel laser daily and it is confined to one area if it is for pigmentation issues, if the pigmentation issue is not pronouned or not isolated.

      • Jennifer you do realize that everyone skin is different and maybe Brandi skin problems is a lot worse than some. The treatment probably was needed for her type of skin I don’t think someone would have a freaking laser beem at the skin for the fun it . Her doctor probably told her she needed to do the laser treatment so she just listen to her doctor that what most people do they listen to what thier doctor reccomands for them .

        • Vanessa

          If the doctor prescribed laser instead of lotion..not professional.

          I think Brandi was given an option..lotion or quick fix.

          Laser treatment is not even an option for physicians to give to patients.

          Laser was Brandi’s choice. People have the right to choose…Dr. does not choose for the patient.

          • Apparently you can use the fraxel laser for the pigmenation issues. I had Melasma myself during pregnancy a bit afterwards. It usually fades, but I was prescribed a lotion.

            It is the patients who would opt for laser rather than lotion. I don’t think it is wrong she used the laser only it was used universally over her face, which I am told would not be for Melasma treatment. You are usually for several days post facial resurfacing. My mother had it done and she looked like Brandi for three days then two weeks later she looked gorgeous. Brandi went in for laser resurfacing. I tend to believe an expert in the field who told me it would not be so global in nature. IMO.

          • correction: a universal use of Fraxel Laser is more inline with facial resurfacing than isolated Melasma issues.

        • Vanesa,

          I asked the best derm out there and no one believes Brandi. It is totally fake, but please believe her if you want. When one of the best and professor of NYU Medical says you never use fraxel laser over the whole of the skin for isolated discolorations you usually should believe him because he has one of the patent to the Fraxel laser.

          • You asked one dermatologist about a procedure that is different that the one she said she had. Then wrote multiple posts about this random guy’s opinion on the treatment that is not what she had. Fascinating. Please do go on.

          • I knew it. it just didn’t make any sense.
            Instead of saying she had a chemical peel (which BTW produces great results after few days), she had to go ahead and take a picture of her burnt face and posted it online and then claim that it was because of her melasma when most certainly it was just because of vanity.
            This chick can’t tell the truth about the most simple things. She is getting to be as bad a liar as Kim Zolciak.

        • I am calling BS not on the use of Fraxel Laser. I never said that. Fraxel Laser is used for Melasma, but it is not used globally unless her hyper pigmentation is global. She has stated on twitter it was localized and her burn is global (full face) and from what I was told very inline with a facial resurfacing and the redness is normal with the use of Fraxel laser for resurfacing and that is what I am calling BS.

          I think she has Melasma to a degree, but I do believe she went with the Fraxel Laser to have facial resurfacing as a bonus.

          I never said Fraxel laser is not used. In fact, it is used for hyper pigmentation.

      • Jennifer, she has mentioned the melasma numerous times in the past. Ages ago. I seriously doubt she’s been planting the seeds for an excuse to have a year or so later.

        • Actually she did not. I know exactly when she did because it was picked on a story. She started talking in September about pigmentation issues. Not ages ago. As for isolated areas that is how fraxel laser is used for pigmentation issues on fair skin as I was told by one of the best in the field who uses fraxel lasers, so I will tend to believe him and since he was laughing at what Brandi said over anyone else. Thanks though.

          • These are my thoughts about the two situations…a couple of days ago she gets elective “surgery”..and today she says she cannot afford rent bump.

            To be fair to Brandi, there is a possibility that Bravo has this covered in their contract…after all didn’t hugh hefner pay for all surgeries for his bunnies?

            I am actually being serious about a single parent spending money on elective “surgery” then saying she cannot afford rent bump.

            Protecting her angels is number one, that would mean financially as well. I still think Brandi is in this situation financially, due to Eddie.

          • SHAPE: You also have amazing skin. What’s your skincare regimen?

            BG:” I get a spray tan every week. I also have issues like adult acne and Melasma (patches of skin discoloration) since I’ve had my kids, so I try everything—lasers, photo facials—and I wear hats all the time to protect myself from sun. ”

            This is from an interview Brandi did. She has said that since she had her kids, which are how old? – that she has dealt with it.

          • @Michers

            It’s obvious to me she had those children in the hopes of getting “melasma” so she could justify any future cosmetic treatments.

            OMG… everything is such a multilayered plot of deception to some people. Sometimes things are what they are. People get treatments, procedures, whatever. Some people deny getting them, others make up medical reasons for the cosmetic procedure, big deal.

            For the record, I think B is being honest about her treatments and the reason. If she wanted to hide the procedure, she would not have tweeted the pics. We all know about the vag redo, why hide the reason for the laser thing? Just saying…

          • @ rhfan- yeah I did not know it was a crime for her to have sex, move, repeat truths, drop the F bomb, and go to doctors for her skin! Shame on her, she is the frigging Devil, LOL!!

          • @rhfan she might have put them on twitter before the media got any pictures of her with a burned face/hands that way she would beat them to the punch before they could make up some crazy rumor. Either way, I don’t even care if she lied about it or was “misleading” people about the real reason she had it done. It’s is not a big deal and she has every right to keep a few things private. It’s her face and her money so whatever, and its not hurting anyone else so I don’t understand why some others are making it into such a big thing. Oh crazy shows, making us all crazy (well me at least 😉 )

  • How pathetic that some people think they can knock/go visit because they think they know them. Just because they are on TV and you get a peek inside their lives does NOT mean they are your new BFF or enemy (looking at you Lexy.) I would be extremely worried about my childrens safety as well as my own if strangers were able to knock on my door day or night.

    • People who knock on a door to visit someone they do not know is a psycho and the is just true. Come on there has to be common sense.

    • Especially if any of them were people who comment with such venom on here, LOL… I cannot even imagine.

        • She is Mary. Some one just likes to put her spin on thing which in her mind is the truth. And the rest of us are just dummies if we have a different opinion.

    • Sorry sweetie but my childrens safety will ALWAYS come first. Maybe Ms. Brandi needs to find a new line of work then because the last I checked being on a reality TV show is not a career. i don’t think that is something you can now major in college for.

      • Excuse me sweetie but she is looking for a safer place to live because some people have no boundries. Why should she look for a new line of work? RHOBH pays her bills and has opened new doors to financial independence. Why not ask Bethany, NeNe, Theresa, house flippers, matchmakers, fishermen, drunk quidos or some of the other people that have made realty tv a career. Your distaste for realty tv confuses me since you are here commenting on it.

      • Jen, she IS looking for a safer house. Thats the point. Have we really fallen this far as commenters that we theorize and speculate so much that miss forget the point of the original article this far down thread?

        • Geez…LOL! Weren’t we speculating yesterday on what Cynthia, Brandi and NeNe said to one another to make Brandi run on twitter to comment…”All in good fun…” to NeNe and Cynthia after she got riped on Twitter…Hmmm…We speculate all the time it is called having an opinion and I did back that up yesterday when you said that. It is the same in this scenario.

          • No, Jennifer, not all of us were doing that. Some of us were saying how ridiculous it was that something so little and petty , and no information whatsoever, turned into what it was becoming. My my, some of the theories and stories were quite colorful I may add! Again, based on no info, no facts, and their little tiny twitter comments may have been so far misconstrued that it is hysterical.

          • The point is you MISSED THE POINT IF THE ORIGINAL POST HERE ON AATRH! When I was posting about Nene /Brandi/Cynthia I was merely adding a theory. This thread turned into a bashing of Brandi for choosing a career /new home over the safety of her children. That is taking speculation to a strange level when clearly the original post was ABOUT Brandi wanting to keep her family safe. THAT is my point.

      • Oh wow, Jen. You must be, like, the greatest mother in the entire universe. I don’t know ANY other parent who wouldn’t put their child’s safety above all else. Presumably there will be an awards ceremony for you any day now…


        And just quietly, I’m assuming you’re safe on the job front. I’m taking a wild stab in the dark that reality tv networks aren’t beating down a path to your door anytime soon. So chill: your anonymity and the safety of your brood from millions of potential fans and crazies is probably well assured.

        Lol again.

        • Aussiegirl you got that right. Ask her anything and she knows. She is a bona fide genius! She knows everything under the sun about the law. Not sure if she is really an attorney or not. Way back she commented she just knew a lot about the law as she was always fascinated by it and reads up on it. Then she said she WAS an attorney! She also knows everything medical, she has a better grasp of the English language than anyone on here and loves correcting us, she is good friends with the top scientists in the world, and several very important people who have contributed immensely to her on their knowledge base. Oh and lest I forget, she has a *magical snaps back to shape vagina that is back to normal within hours of delivery! We all were privileged to hear all about her marvelous va-jay-jay!! The woman needs and deserves several awards. Best mother ever, smartest person ever, best and most knowledge of any attorney EVER and has the best and snappiest va-jay-jay ever! Blue ribbons and trophies!

    • Absolutely, this is her paying job. If her job requires inside home filming than she has to live somewhere that can take place.

      A thougt, I wonder if Mo is her real estate agent? HAHAHAHAHA.

  • “the houses I liked didn’t allow filming”? Hmm lets think about this for a quick second, keeping my kids in a safe enviroment or being filmed for HW’s, damn that is a tricky question.

    • Brandi said she’s looking for a gated community. Therefore safe enviroment, fans can’t get in to bother her children or her.

      I would think Bravo needs to film in housewives homes for several reasons. One of them being the talking heads interviews are filmed in their homes.

      • Its called her actually GETTING a job that doesn’t involve television like everyday people get.

        • For right now this is her job, like the others on the other franchises. It pays her bills and leads to other opportunities, so why would she give that up?

        • So, Kyle should do the same right?

          Shouldnt they all just leave the show then? This is beyond ridiculous.

        • I agree!!! She can’t have it both ways. If she wants her children to have privacy, she should not let them film in her house.

        • Actually incorrect use of the idiom, so sorry dear. You see if Brandi didn’t want to be in the public eye then should get a job in another medium. Once you are in the public eye you need to understand fans, paps and the like come with the territory. Oh and that is common sense. LOL!

          • She did not say anything about being in the public eye, but even though she puts herself out there to attain financial freedom does not mean that she should have to deal with strangers coming to her door. There has to be a privacy line drawn at some point- common sense would allow for that Im sure. Im also sure she has known for years what the being in the public eye means, it just should not be brought literally to her doorstep.

          • Some have NO sense at all. Obviously this is getting very personal with you , Jennifer, I have already made my apologies to you on the previous site, even called a truce, SO CALM DOWN.
            Why don’t you just allow people to voice their opinions, without
            the snarky attacks, its ok, there is room on here for everyone.
            Brandi, and all the wives aren’t worth getting stressed out or attacking another poster the way you do.

          • Actually, the term common sense is not an idiom. It describes a basic level of sound human judgement.

            In fact, Aristotle believed common sense existed outside the other five senses to guide and marry them. He believed it involved high level critical thinking and perception and referred to it as ‘sensus communis’.

            Actually, common sense has a long history of philosophical thought and study. It’s arguably embedded into the human psyche. Nothing to do with figures of speech.

          • Why do you laugh at peoples grammatical errors? Does it make you feel oh so superior? Why say anything at all.

          • The irony is that it wasn’t society gal using a grammatical error: she was actually using an example of bon mot, or a play on words. I thought it was witty. The only person who is mixed up about the attribution of ‘common sense’ was Jennifer, who thought it was an idiom. It’s not.

          • @aussigirl yeah I thought it was pretty apparent that it was a play on words. And btw, interesting fact on Aristotle, learn something new all the time on here 🙂

      • She has paychecks, she has admitted that she got paid 180K for this season of RHBH, she chrages 10K per presentation and her book is doing great so there is more money coming. Brandi can’t claim to be broke anymore and that would be an oxymoron being that she is spending so much many in her cosmetic procedures.

  • I thought she said for the last few months now that she had to look for a new house because the current house she was living in was a rental and the owners decided to sell it?

    • Did you ever think it’s a combination of both? The landlord wants to sell, and Brandi is looking for privacy and security for her children and herself.

      • @Michers & Shipp, thanks for some common sense on this thread! I’m thinking combo of both/landlord not liking the attention too! I was going to comment further up but thought “what’s the point? The same 4 Brandi haters will chew up this one too!” SO, THANK YOU!!!!

      • I agree @Shipp

        It probably is a combination of both.

        Damn you know I do not like Brandi at all, but seriously, I really do not see the big deal in some of this stuff.

      • Is it necessary to be rude? All I’m saying is that Brandi was on twitter saying how she had to find a new house because the landlord was selling the house she was living in and she just now is bringing up the privacy issue. There’s no reason to get your panties in a twist and be rude.

        • Let’s remember the whole point of Roxy’s blog is for all of us to comment, good or bad on the housewives – and what the housewives themselves throw into the public knowledge of housewives news whether through twitter, media interviews, fights, books…

          So if a housewive is twittering away about moving and posing for pictures in their garage for Paps (see Daily Mail web site) while they are packing up toys – people are going to comment and give an opinion. When Kyle tweets about her shop or clothes – the same, people comment and she gets ripped to shreds.

          Pretty simple – if Brandi doesn’t want anyone to know about her moving or the issues regarding it, or her plastic surgeries/procedures then she would not put it on display on twitter. The comments on the blog, good or bad, are in direct response to Brandi (or Lisa, Kim, Kyle) telling the world their business in words or pictures and with that comes the good and the bad. It is not like the posters are commenting on her move out of nowhere.

        • I didn’t read anyone being rude? Of course this blog is for all differences of opinions but it gets weary and not any fun when the same FEW people have to go over the top and get just flat out hateful. You seemed kind of rude telling whomever you are calling out for being rude by telling them not to get their panties in a twist. Geesh. Can’t we all just agree to disagree and get along? All but two of the Brandi haters I really like their comments and have no problem with them. These two seem like they are praying for Brandi’s death nightly that’s how extremely hateful they come across to me.

    • I agree with Shipp, and Im wondering of the landlord wanted her out because of the attention the property was getting with fans.

      • I agree. It probably is a combination of both. Landlord wants to sell the property and stalking fans are coming up knocking on her door. Yeh the haters on here are so brutal. The woman has two young children for godssakes! It does no use though to say anything. They just sit back and gleefully chortle at Brandi’s dilemma. You can bet they never had a stalker situation being single and with two little kids. I hope she has a taser at least!

    • She couldn’t say just that, she had to make a tragedy out of the situation.

      Her fans driving in hordes to her house and harrasing her while she tries to protect her little boys, aghhhh.

      This woman is just a drama queen to the maximum degree.

  • Brandi is moving I just don’t understand the hate people just love to hate on her. Everytime there is a story about Brandi here are the haters ripper her apart. No one sure feel unsafe in their home it’s good she is moving. And trying to find a good home for her and her boys why so much hate and nasty comments. At the end of day she is to human and desire her privacy so what if she on reality show. And sign up for this what she didn’t sign up for strangers coming to her door. And Lexy how is making she making the story more dramatic everyone all knew she had to move. She just saiding also has to move because of her fans are knocking on door. You seriously need to give it rest you literally find the smallest issues and blow it up get grip already. How is she embellishing the story she telling the truth about people coming to door

    • They rip on Kyle just as much and Adrienne, so please. I can cut and paste the hate for those two women. What is good for the goose is good for the gander and Brandi should learn that phrase because it so fits.

      • Yeah, I think you’re missing the part about how others discuss actual events that happen. There’s a couple of Brandi haters that ignore facts and have pretty wild imaginations. It’s like the asylum staff took everyone out for a day pass to use the internet at the library around here on some posts.

          • LOL! That and $4.95 will get you an iced mocha at Starbucks. You only wish you had actual facts. Please dearhearts you need to dream on about your Brandi fanatism. Sorry dears but you are two Brandi acolytes.

        • Ellen,

          Actually that is patently untrue, but please try to substantiate your facts because I can retort with the best and with facts on this blog. Everyone rips on everyone else and no my dear yours is not bathed in true. Sorry, but it is not.

          What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Sorry darling but it is so true.

          • @jennifer, you make a very valid, but don’t waste ur time…bg plays this game too well. She has easily managed to get the scorned single mother/woman votes down…she should consider getting into politics, she can spin, flirt, and sway opinion(s) w/ the best of them.

        • Ellen! LOL!! Good one! And guess who leads the band wagon?? They all need some Haldol or serequel to just chill and take away the bizarre hallucinations schizoid behavior!

      • Oh please. I don’t see all this type of hate directed to Kyle. You and Lexy are relentless and so vicious. Christ you are talking about a single woman with kids and with a high school education trying to survive. She needs to keep her kids safe and make money. What should she do instead? Strip? Find a sugar daddy? Let her ex have her children full time? Remember the saying, *There but by the grace of God go I. So you have a stellar education and a decent husband. You could be in her shoes so show some compassion.

    • But it’s okay for Adrienne and Kyle haters to rip them apart whenever there’s a story about them? If their haters can do that, then so can Brandi haters. You can’t have it both ways. All of them are fair game.

      • Ripping a mother apart because all she said was she has to move and why, is a bit much, wouldn’t you agree? No where in this story does it have to do with anything show related, drama related, HW related..

        • And you know michers, I just don’t see a bunch of folks ragging on Kyle and Adrienne. There may be more people because they are the least popular and most disliked on the show and none are extreme as a few on here.

    • Because in one article she says she is being kicked out, and now she is saying its for security reasons! I am glad she can now afford a bigger, better, place for her children, but I don’t think it warrants a headline. These are just staged, photo ops.

          • Aww they are not trolls, they are just posters that do not like Brandi, and whatever she does /says they have a peoblem with. Fine it’s their right.
            I do not like Brandi, at all, but I do not have a problem with everything she does/ says. Just about 75% of it. LOL.

          • Holly and Jenniffer, thanks

            It doesn’t bother me , some posters think that if they attack me personaly that I will get offended and stop posting against their beloved Brandi. It is not going to happen and it doesn’t matter if they call me a troll or whatever they want. Sooner or later they will realize that their stupid anthics do not work with me.

          • Ah Jennifer. A post having anything about Brandi wouldn’t be the same with out you. You are a troll! And lipojaq has been here awhile and I don’t see anyone here raging against Kyle like we have all been accused of doing. I could care less about her yet I am not constantly bringing her up and saying snarky and sarcastic exaggerated hateful stuff about a person on a reality show. You and a couple others are obsessed with Brandi! I call that trolling and fanatical! Most of the folks that don’t like Brandi aren’t vicious and constantly posting every other comment like you do either. It’s kind of creepy! So how come you can’t play nice? Why are you always such a meany?

          • @lipojaq that’s unecessary. Clearly we’re all fans of the show. Given some of us have more time to comment than others, but that doesn’t justify your labeling.

  • Wow, people really are crazy, aren’t they! How creepy is that for “fans” to be knocking on anybody’s door trying to meet them? These people need a better hobby, and perhaps therapy. And probably some of them are real sickos. Good for Brandi for leaving, but sad for her that this is the only way to stop the problem….

    • I don’t doubt that there are creeps everywhere, what I doubt is that this is the reason why she is moving. Why not just say that for two months she has been warned by her landord about vacating the property because he wants to sell it. She has said that much more than once on her TL. I also don’t think she intended to live in Encino forever and she now has the money to afford a much nicer place. All of it is positive, so I am not sure why she would go this route unless it is to continue with her plan of perpetual victim.

      • Because people can have two thoughts at once? She’s being forced to move which is a bummer but ok in a sense because this new issue is happening, so no reason for her to fight to stay in the place. Or, we could all follow your lead and put on our tin hats, and completely eschew common sense or any basic knowledge of human thought processes.

        • @ellen how is lexy avoiding common sense? Makes snese to me, and i dont care for tin (or any other metal) hats. By omitting a portion of her ” second ” thought, bg is spinning the issue in her favor; makes her look vulnerable/victimized PR 101.

      • But she wants her boys in their same school so she will probably stay in her current neighborhood. I don’t get how you see her as playing the perpetual victim Lexy. I just don’t see it. Believe me I have looked for it and given it a lot of thought because I like to disagree fairly for the most part. I simply don’t see it. sigh.

        • Is she moving because she is getting kicked out, or because of security reasons?? Why is there a for sale sign in her yard if her landlord is selling it???

  • She is moving to keep certain things private- why is that something to hate on? WOW. In any case, good for her. You never know what kind of peeps are walking around these days.

    • You are totally right – this is not something to hate on…it’s sort of a serious problem I wouldn’t wish on anyone…

        • Please if it were Kyle many here would be all over her and God forbid it was Adrienne then death to all. Hypocrisy at its finest. LOL!

          • Jennifer, not for a reason simply as MOVING and WHY 🙂 That is so lame.Is it that big of a deal? I think not. If its another gross story about Hoof and her sautéing sidekick, yeah , people will say something. If its another drama hypocrisy from Kyle, yeah, sure, comments galore.

          • Oh michers, if it was about Adrienne I’d find something shitful to say. Probably like “So she’s finally packing up her scales and horns and moving back to the firey pits of hell. Clearly Hades has been burning a little cooler without her these past 50 odd years”.

            But, you know me: I can’t stand the bitch.

          • LOL Aussie!!! Have you ever heard the saying “Heaven does not want me and Hell is afraid I will take over”… Thats for your buddy 😉

    • Im glad 4 brandi, i hope she will be able 2 keep the crazies away because they are out their {stakers} u cant take a chance now adays. I 4 one like brandi i dont hate on her yes shes stsrting 2 have a great life i say good 4 her am i jealous well sure i would 2 be in LA living the good life but im in ky so we have 2 go with the cards that were dealt us…….just be safe and be happy

      • Im happy for her as a woman, because I think now she is finally at 40 years old able to have some relief, regroup , and focus on her life and enjoy it.

    • I’m sure she probably has been looking for a place for awhile since being on the show has made her more of a celebrity. Since she seems to live within her means she is limited on what she can rent in her area. Also as she said, finding a rental that allows camera’s in needs to be a priority. Hopefully she’ll find something soon for her family.

    • Michers I agree. As ya’ll know I’m not really a fan of Brandi’s, I like her alright….but geez I don’t get the big deal she is just moving. If any of them had said that I wouldn’t think it is a big deal, even if they had(GASP!!!) given two different reasons for moving. And really who cares if she has said a white lie here and there about getting treatments done to her face(not saying I think she has lied, but I know others are) show me one housewife that has never told a lie to the viewers/media….nope that’s right they all lie lol.

  • She’ll wrangle her way into Lisa’s house before it is all over,she is another Cedric!Or maybe YoYo’s.Cant wait for them to realize what a mistake they made befriending her,will make for some good tv.

  • I have the same problem, fans turning up at my house, asking me for my autograph and even asking me for money!! ………….. Oh wait, no, they are Salesmen… nevermind!

  • Why does she only have 20 days to find a place? If she is moving by choice you would think she would find a place and then give notice where she is living at now! Hmmm…

  • Leann and Eddie should have bought brandi a home attached to a non disclosure agreement signed by all parties. Then Leann may have had a chance I’m he’ll of saving her career and her dignity. Haha

    • Buying Brandi a home is not Leanne’s responsibility. Brandi is a grown woman and can buy her own home.

    • LOL

      Bought her a house? That is not Leann’s responsibility and now Brandi is making good money so she can afford something of her own.

      • It kills me how everyone takes every word said on here soooooo seriously ! It was meant as a frickin JOKE. Damn !!!! yeah, she really meant that Leann should buy brandi a house.

    • @SayW…

      How dare you joke about Scary Rimes buying houses for people. This is serious business, LOL 😉

      • Her cheating husband should have bought her and his kids a home, period!
        He screwed around and he should have been made to pay!

  • For safety issues I totally agree! Her children’s lives are followed all the way to their games. Not safe, to many pervs these days.

    • It is the price one pays for a public life. The Kardasians have it worse, but Brandi loves to complain. A gated community will give her protection but if she wanted a private life then leaving the public eye nd not calling US, ROL and other pubs would a first start plus leaving BH.

      • At least it’s fans and not the kind that’s been following Faye. But with children I strongly believe being in the public eye you do need a safe home environment in a gated community.

        • It is the price of fame, but when fame is out of hand you get death threats as Faye did and that is criminal act. People are put out about Brandi but only you have correctly mentioned the horrid acts committed by rabid Brandi fans to Faye and I don’t like Faye one bit.

          • I don’t think it’s just “rabid Brandi fans”—I think everyone loathes Faye, no matter which other housewives you like/dislike. And it’s all brought on herself. She’s a disgusting beotch.

          • Definitely faye is a real piece of work isn’t she. I don’t understand where she comes off thinking she is such a lady. She’s posed nude so why does she judge? Hag.

      • @Jennifer

        I agree with you a totally private life would require B leaving the show. Unfortunately, she has people in her life that would continue to draw the media attention, so a private life is not totally up to her.

        If B is going to be in the public eye, she might as well get paid for it.

        • For a time I would agree with you, but that would end. I don’t agree with people coming to your house at all, but it is the price one pays to be in the public eye. If someone really wants it, then they should know the consequences.

          Who said she should not get paid? I didn’t say she shouldn’t. That was someone else. I only said that I have no sympathy because it is the bargain she made from the beginning. I don’t agree with psychos going there but it is part of the price of fame.

          I think we agree in principle on the Brandi issue in this blog.

          • I simply meant that if others in her life keep drawing media attn, then B should get paid for it. B leaving the show would take the “getting paid” out of it.

            You didn’t say she shouldn’t get paid. I said she’s going to be in the public eye, either willingly or by actions of others, so she might as well get paid.

            Yes, I think we agree on this one 🙂

    • But what is curious is that a couple of months ago she said several times on her twitter line that she had to move because her landord wanted to seelthe property so which is it?

        • @lipojaq

          I’m totally with you on that. First Lexi says that Brandi “knew this for months” as if she knows everything about Brandi, the she says “it was on Brandi’s Twitter”. That shows once again how obsessed she is with Brandi considering the fact she knows what she tweets.

          • We all r cray cray if we were not obsessed with this crap none of us would be watching or posting period, so we r all cray cray now aren’t we not just Lexy. Get a grip and lay off the girl.

      • Lexy,

        It was one twitter in March. This is actually when the event happened. ROL had a slow news day so they rehashed it. It is in Brandi’s TL back then because it was picked-up a long time ago.

        But, it could be for the sale because she is leasing the property. Brandi needs a good news day because the fraxel laser for Melasma would not have been all over her face as she demonstrated but targeted to the problemed area. Brandi just got outted for more plastic surgery. LOL!

    • There are a ton of gated communities (with security) in her area that rent homes – that would be the smartest choice. If she can’t find a place to film in a gated community -rented home – go with the gated community because safety trumps fame any day.

      There are many houses out here for rent right now because spring is the busiest time for moves – best of luck to her. Landlords who rent are often against agreeing to filming crews because they annoy the neighborhoods or there is a risk of property damage. Landlords usually want an additional daily filming fee to film on their property which Bravo and/or Brandi probably won’t pay. That is why Bravo usually films with people that own their home so they don’t have to deal with an outside party that would try and shake them down for money. Bravo can be quite cheap for a production company. With her new book money she should really try to buy in her area because prices are as low as they will get for the next 10 years now.

      • Just curious, does Kim own or rent her home? I was thinking she was renting it if so, does bravo or Kim have to pay filming fees?

        • She has rented in Westalke Village last season (about 20 minutes north of BH) but I think she bought this new house. Again it depends upon the landlord/owner, but many landlords are very savvy about filming out here and will hold out for a filming fee if someone rents. Sad to say it is a big business for TV, movies, reality shows and yes, the porn industry in LA/Valley/Ventura County. Agents walk our neighborhood and knock on doors to see if we will rent out our homes for filming and they are not always squeaky clean.

    • She chose to be om a reality show and expose herself to the public. Fame comes with a price. If she has a bestselling book, and makes a good salary on her show, she should be able to afford a house with security now.

  • I couldn’t care less or feel sorry for Brandi because she is having to move…if that’s the worst of her problems, then she’s doing pretty damn good!

    • A move was in her plans anyway and it has been for months. She has complained forever that her house was a mess and she couldn’t afford anything better so now she can finally do it, at leats this time she would allow Bravo cameras to film her house unlike last season.

      Everything has to be high drama with Brandi but it is a fact that she knew months ago that she needed to move because the landlord wants to sell the property, everything else is just probably decoration and embellishment on her part.

      • ACtually her lease is up since she didn’t want to accept a rent increase, so yeah, she probably has to move right away since he has found someone else.

        • See is that simple, she didn’t need to make up a dramatic story, she needs to move, her lease is up, she now has the money to do it, period.

          Why oh why this woman has to dramatize everything?

          • Why not make a “dramatic story” out of her move? That’s her job. She supposed to bring drama. I hope that she buys a house instead of renting so she can have a place to call her own and not worry about landlords. I like Brandi and find her the most entertaining BH housewife.

          • I see her house and its very easy to find if you r familiar with that area. It’s right on the road and I can see fans doing this. Y’all r just jealous of Brandi. Lay off she’s having a thought time. Have some forgiveness and compassion in your heart why don’t u?

      • Lexi, what is wrong with u, I have been reading comments that u have said all season and quiet frankly it makes me feel sorry for your mental health, I’m sure there are ways to get attention for yourself other than putting down someone else. You need a new hobby, get off your computer, whatever u use, it makes me sad for u, make a life for yourself, u will be happier for it.