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Is Bravo Desperate To Have Bethenny Come Back To The Real Housewives?

Former RHONY star Bethenny Frankel was first to leave the Real Housewives and be super successful and now Bravo is desperate to have Bethenny come back to the Real Housewives!

A friend of Bethenny’s tell Naughty but Nice Rob,

“Bethenny is the biggest star the franchise has ever created. She is double the size star of Teresa Giudice or Andy Cohen– of course the producers want her back. She will always be grateful to Bravo, but she knows when the party is over. Housewives haven’t produced a stand out star since Teresa and Lisa Vanderpump. Now there are so many of them around every corner, it is no longer special. She is 100% focused on her new talk show and being a great mom. She has no plans to return to Bravo, but never say never!”

I don’t think Bethenny will ever return unless all else fails and she is no longer on other networks! Would you like to see Bethenny return?

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  • Bethenny shouldn’t do any show while her divorce is still ongoing. If she does, she should keep it in NYC so Jason doesn’t start complaining about distance
    with the baby,and then he would cry he needs money to fly and see Bryn, etc. Hopefully, Bethenny made a settlement now…then ongoing with the divorce.

    Did he ever get out of the huge apt in NYC? If any of you have bad inlaws, you will understand.

    • Bethenny is filming her show in NYC and she has said so since last August when they were not even separated and she still had hopes that her marriage would work. As far as Jason getting out of the apartment, even if I hate the idea, he is just probably following his divorce lawyer advice and will stay there until the divorce decree is signed, sealed and delivered.

  • Frankly, I think Bethenny has become to big a star to do well in a HW show. When the balance of power is too much with one person, you get a poor show.

  • I remember Bethenny saying how toxic the HW series have become. I guess not so toxic that “her friends” won’t use the HW series & Bravo to get some headlines and attention for B and her talk show.

    Poor B, all that money and no media attention. Good thing her “friends” are willing to go public. After all, B loves her “privacy” 😉

    • Right? Especially her BFF on here that is on almost every comment fighting for her…. As soon as its quiet, we do not have to hear about her, sure enough a story pops out..

      • You mean like you are with your comments slamming her without knowing wth you are talking about? I don’t like even reading your negative bulls*it.

    • That is why I don’t believe for a second on this “source”, seems to me like Bethenny was having a little bit of banter with Andy on Tweeter and joking about being mention in the RHOA reunion and Rob Shuter took it from there. I mean Rob has invented so many “news” about Bethenny that it wouldn’t surprise me if he did just that.

  • Besides the fact that this is a “sources/friend” said routine. So totally believable…not!

    I am so happy that Bethany Frankle is no longer on any reality show. She was horrible and for some reason behaved as if she was going to fix herself on this reality show.

    She was a mess emotionally and physically.

    At the moment I respect her for how both Bethany and Jason are dealing with their divorce and Bryn.

    Awesome decision if this was ever offered to Bethany, good single parent decision to say no.

    Good for Bethany, good for Jason and good for Bryn!

    • I also like the way they are dealing with their divorce, it is the best for Bryn.

      I disagree with you about Bethenny though. I appreciated the fact that she never insulted my intelligence (like so many other HW) and showed me on screen her realself and not the sugar coated version of the person she wanted to portray. She could had edited herself to be this whole awesome and succesful women, yet he let us see all the contradictions and conflicting feelings that make her such a complex and interesting character.

      • Hi mary, thanks

        The part of Bethany I did not like 100% is the fact that she did not seem to appreciate the life she said minimum 10 times while she was on RHNY..she continually said I want a partner, I want a baby.

        When that dream came true…she morphed into finding fault with her life partner and was angry that Jason had the audacity to have a normal life that quite a few humans do not have the luxury of having.

        Very few families have the pleasure of a physically/emotinally healthy childhood. This was the catalyst for Bethany.

        I am speaking about Bethany’s distaste for Jasons parent’s wanting to spend time with her and then Bryn.

        • She wanted a partner and she wanted a baby, but reality is rarely what we dream about.

          She had her baby and she adores her.

          Jason was her rock and was supportive to her only the very few months of their marriage, after Bethenny scored the big hit with Beam , Jason did a lot of things that IMO are questionable:
          1) He biatched, moaned and complained about the prenup because it protected all the assests(present and future) of SGC and Jason didn’t like that. Bethenny modified that to give him a settlement in case of divorce but I can only assume that this is what started creating all kinds of conflict between them, after all if you plan to stay married forever why would you be so vehement about changing the prenup.
          2) Jason and his passive aggresive digs drove me crazy so I just can’t imagine who they drove Bethenny crazy. Bethenny wanted to talk about it and Jason would not agree that he was resentful of her, until one of the episodes when he finally told her that he resented her financial success and the fact that it didn’t happen for him.
          Jason thought he was perfect and Bethenny was damaged, he wanted her to do all the change, but he also needed to change. He treated Bethenny as if he wanted her to become part of his family (with mom and dad included) instead of building a new family with her and Bryn.

          I don’t blame Jason, he is a guy with pretty conservative views about gender roles and about financial roles, they were not suited for each other and probably should had never gotten married, but I have never bought this BS about Bethenny being the evil witch and Jason being the poor and innocent lamb stranded in the woods of Hazelton and kidnapped by evil Bethenny.

          They are divorcing but seem to be focus on Bryn and have the best intention to share custody and try to make the best of it (so it seems) so that is always a good start)

          • Thanks mary,

            It is true each are better people while they are not in each other’ lives.

            I think for these two people the divorce was the best result for Bryn.

          • When did Jason “bitch, moan, and complain” about the prenup? You are entitled to your opinions, of course, but you are not entitled to make up your own facts. And please do not try to rewrite history, it’s offensive. Bethenny is the one who diagnosed herself as damaged, not Jason.

            As for family, it is not mutually exclusive to bring her into his family and create their own family at the same time. Only the damaged would view it as an either-or proposition.

          • If you have watched her show BEA second season you will not be asking this question as it was discussed between Bethenny and Jason. Bethenny thought that when she agree to sign the modification of the prenup that would make him happy and more secure but he still wasn’t happy and kept complaining that he was unprotected. There are many online articles about the prenup being modified, all it takes ia a google search.

      • Bethenny is a manipulative, dishonest, self-absorbed twat. This type is a dime a dozen in NYC. I can appreciate that she may seem novel at a safe distance, but in real life this type is toxic. There’s a reason she has no friends.

        As for her being honest, that is a charade. It’s part of the manipulative shtick. She fabricated incidents for the show (the lost at sea crap, for one) and tried to make the public dislike her husband. I am sure she is reeling at the fact that the shtick didn’t work with most of the viewing audience.

        • Do you think it didn’t work? I am confused as it seems that Bravo HW value fame as in terms of money, and by far Bethenny is the one who had make the most money (not like others that already had a great deal of money and just increased it a little bit).

          Let’s not talk about incident because after we have seen other shows were HW make up lawsuits , even if she made up the incident at sea (which I think was very real even if she overreacted) than in no way gets nowhere close to someone milking a non existant lawsuit for camera time.

  • If Bethenny was such a big star and such a huge success, her people wouldn’t be putting out this kind of talk to get fans wanting her back on Real Housewives. It would be a step back for her so if this is meant to get chatter going for her to get back on the show then it really shows that things are not going well for Bethenny after all. Bethenny was around longer than Teresa and Lisa. Give them time and they will surpass her 10 fold.

    • It is not her people, it is Rob Shuter who is nothing but an a&^hole, he could had gotten this report out of a question that a viewer asked Andy Cohen during WWHL when they asked him “Could you please bring Bethenny back” and Andy said he was working hard on it and that he would give Bethenny a call”

      I don’t believe anything that joke of a reporter says, especially after the Huff Post let him go for being so unproffesional and kept posting things without base.

    • I agree CryWolf. You have all this money , a talk show- why the hell would you go backwards? I dod have to say that it kind of sickens me how Mandy Cohen always kisses her ass… they all hang together I think, him, Cooper, Bethenny, Ripa.. BLECH
      Teresa may not have the money Beth does, but I think she has much success! NeNe may have acting jobs now, but I think Teresa is involved in way more products than other HW’s.

    • Rob reports for HuffPo. She is not PR machine. There was been talk of her coming back to NY to save the franchise since last year and there was been talk of her in BH as well. It is not Bethenny’s team it is Bravo. Bethenny has the largest HW following on twitter and FB, so she can rally the fans if she would comeback, so they are feel this out.

      • Im not sure about FB, but NeNe is not too far behind on twitter; she also has over 1 million followers.

    • Right on, CryWolf. And this “friend” of Bethenny is clearly one of her assistants, since she has no other friends. She is testing the waters probably because the producers of her talk show are anxious that she will tank. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if they just decide not to go forward with it and buy out her contract.

  • RHONY has sucked since Bethenny and Jill are no longer on it…I think most people, love or hate them, would enjoy them back on the show. I don’t think it will ever happen though.

  • Anyone watch Married to Medicine? I caught episode 2 and part of 3 yesterday. It’s basically Real Housewives of Atlanta, but they are either doctors or married to one. I was hoping it would have more class but nope, starts off with cat fighting and nonsense from the get go. Bravo really needs to find something else to produce as these shows are getting old fast.

  • This ‘friend’ is as deluded as Bethenny. She was ghastly enough the first time round. Vile, narcissistic and full of inner hatred. She has a lot of emotional issues she needs to work out and hopefully soon so they don’t affect Bryn. I hope she stays far away.

  • This has absolutely nothing at the subject and hand….but one of my best buddies….my furry friend, Julian, of 10 years, just died. In my lap. I just had to tell someone so I choise you guys.
    I am heart-broken.
    Feel free to edit me because I know this has nothing to do with HW.

    • Oh whodat13! I am so so sorry for the loss of your furrie loved one. Go ahead and have a good cry! Julian I am sure gave you lots of love and you him. When a beloved pet passes it is so very painful. I will light a candle right now on my kitchen table for him and for you. Remember the joy and the love you gave each other and what a good life he had with you being loved. My thoughts are with you and prayers for your loss. Sincerely, Sandy Boyer

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. I know how hard that is. It’s truly like losing a member of your family. God Bless you.

    • I’m sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine the pain you are going through right now. ~**HUGS**~

    • Dear whodat13

      I am so sorry that you are in pain, thank you for sharing, there are no rules and type whenever you want.

      take care

    • whodat, so very sorry for you. I’m also an animal lover and they become so much apart of the family. We had to out our 14 year old dog down just 3 weeks ago. I feel you’re pain.

      • Whodat, God love and bless you and your furry little friend. As painful as it is, know that your little pal is at peace.

        Remember the happiness, not the sadness. The joy…. it will come again, just in a different way.

    • Sorry to hear about this, I know that our pets become part of our family and the pain is just the same. My most sincere condolences.

    • I’m sorry to hear the loss of your fury friend. I hope you let out a long good cry. Cry for months if you have to. I hope you’re okay, and know that your fury frend loved you very much. They are a real family member, and gives us the most love and warmth. I love my dog so much, and I would be miserable if anything happened to him. Try to remember all the great memories you’ve had with your loved one, and I will pray for you right now.

      Take care, sweetheart! R.I.P. Julian.

    • I am so sorry – thinking of you – hang in there and your blog happy gals are with you!

    • I’m so very sorry, Whodat. Take comfort in knowing Julian died in the arms of his best friend and surrounded by love.

    • So sorry 🙁 It really is losing a member of the fam. I feel your sadness who dat. Sending you hugs.

    • So sorry about Julian, but you were there with him, so he wasn’t alone. Wonder if you are from New Orleans, I’m from Louisiana & your handle is very well known in South Louisiana. Get better mon ami( my friend) love trisibebe

    • Jason was horrible to her as well, and in the most passive aggresive way, not even upfront.

      But this is not about Bethenny andher ex-husband, after all they are divorcing for a reason, this is about Bethenny being good reality TV material and she definitely is.

      RHNY was never the same after she left and now is in need of some shake up. Andy might be dying for her to return but I doubt Bethenny will fall for it, Bethenny already got all she needed from reality TV.

      • After that disaster of a show, Bethenny is not good reality tv at all. Bethenny has a history of running through people. She’s the type with whom familiarity breeds contempt. Her lack of close friends is testament to this. Unfortunately for her, the viewing public has for the most part also found her contemptuous.

        • jar, love this comment! It is very valid pertaining to Bethenny! Although her spinoff tried to show another side of her, I think it was an epic fail. I liked her on HW. Thought she was much needed humor at times. But it was like beating a dead horse on another show with her family history, her issues- just ruined it for me. Then people in the media started pointing out things that made me see her differently. The whole “lost at sea”plot was ridiculous. Who wants to keep tuning in for more years of the same old same old? Not me!

  • I, for one, loved Bethenny on the show. She’s quick and smart. BUT, I feel she shouldn’t take any shows
    for now and stay low due to her divorce. Jason seems
    to just look for loop holes to hurt her. His way:
    Fighting for custody for Bryn and then alimony.

    Jason: Look for your own job!

    • Jason would levae this marriage being a rich guy, not too bad for someone who was married only for two years. Bethenny was really clever to have him sign a prenup. After all Bethenny’s patrimony is not only hers but also Bryn’s.

    • Bethenny doesn’t strike me as smart at all- cunning, yes, but not smart. She doesn’t have an education, which is not determinative, but for her background she is a slacker at best. She is nothing more than a hustler. She jumped from one scheme to the next looking for a pay day. She has never stuck with any profession (other than publicity whore). Sure, she hit pay dirt with Bravo, but that was pure luck. No intelligence was exercised.

      • To say Bethanny doesn’t have an education is stupid on your part. It’s easy to perform a google search but you must be too lazy or not care enough about the subject matter, yet hate enough to post a comment. After reading your hateful asinine venom I actually typed in her name and what? OMG a ton of info came up, like the fact that she did RHONY to promote a book she had actually written on her own, and has since wrote 4 more..all by herself, no ghostwriters. She also attended 2 universities including Boston College and the National Gourmet Institute for Healthy and Culinary Arts in New York City. This chick has worked hard for her money and had a ton of ideas that she saw to fruition. What have you done but leave an ignorant comment without checking your facts? Can’t stand idiots.

        • Btw, I am not the type to leave negative comments, and reading back what I wrote I was kind of horrified. Then I re-read what you wrote (LOL) and I don’t know how you do it. I just can’t be that hateful and negative so casually. To each his own I guess.

      • She has a bachelot degree from NYU and also a degree from the Culinary Institute , so I am not sure what do you mean that she doesn’t have an education.
        There was no luck on her product, she tapped a market that was undertapped and worked really hard to make her idea happen, it didn’t come from the tooth fairy , she worked her ass off to make it happen.

    • I agree. Honestly by season 2 of her show, I wasn’t liking her so much. If she had been able to end after 1 I think more people would have “liked” her, and been supportive during the divorce. I just could watch her anymore.

  • I think it would be a good move on her part to join the cast if only for a season. It would help promote her talk show (which she’s moved to NYC) and perhaps help her get more sympathy, since more people seem to favor Jason in their divorce.

    • The public opinion has no bearing on her divorce, luckily for Bethenny she was smart enough to have a prenup and protect her assests but still Jason will get out of that marriage with much more money than if he would have a 9-5 job his whole life.

      • Mary, although you think that, I feel it most certainly will have a bearing! Everyone is so tuned into social media and the public eye these days, it definitely will have a bearing! Alot of people already did not like Beth anymore; this speedy pregnancy/wedding/baby/divorce really put the nail in her “public” coffin.

  • I’m sorry bit did this person ACTUALLY just write something like “she would love to see her got to RHBH if she ever moves to LA bc she’d love for Bethenny to give her own dosis of reality to Brandi, Lisa and Yolanda”?!?!?

    Bethanny Frankly is the manipulstive, lying, sd absorbed, social climbersinthe HISTORY of this franchise!!!! I loved the “woe is me I am poor, look at me living in my UES teeny apt meanwhile she grew up in an affluent family & BOTH her parents had MONEY. They just had zero respect for her bc shed hop from man to man searching like a piranha for that one guy that would be her idiotic sugar daddy. When she couldn’t quite lock that down due to her disgusting respiration, I WILL give her some credit for realizing she would have to make that $$ on her own. Then all of a sudden she was the MAN of the house. Poor Jason…SHE IS VERY DEMENTED. Just run as far as u can Jason.

    • Wow you really had it in you for this girl! Anyways I think now Beth does not need the money so she won’t do housewives but if she ever did, she will beg and cry until Bravo hires her.

      • I think if Bethenny did go back to housewives it wouldn’t be for the money but for the attention. She thrives on it. I don’t think she would be happy to have all the money in the world but be under the radar and not splashed all over TV and magazines.

        I’m not bashing her, I don’t have strong feelings for Bethenny one way or the other. This is just the truth of how I see her.

        • This is why I like Bethenny so much, she has a great sense of humor, after one of her fans tweeted her about a viewer asking for her to come back to Bravo and Andy saying that he will work on that ASAP, Bethenny tweeted that she will be bacl only if she gets to go to Atlanta (just because she was having so much fun at the reunion)

          Of course Bethenny has never hidden that Atlanta is her favorite and she doesn’t miss an episode if she can, but I thought it was funny as a joke.

          When she said that, Andy’s reply was “DONE”, I hope he knows Bethenny is just kidding, LOL

    • Excuse me, Bethenny is demented as a fox, she has parlayed her reality TV time in a multimillion empire, she is the only one who has made enough money out of it to live confortably her whole life and that is an accomplishments that none of the other HW can flaunt.

  • I would love to see Bethenny return but not to RHNY. I would love to see her got to RHBH if she ever moves to LA. I would love for Bethenny to give her own dosis of reality to Brandi, Lisa and Yolanda.

    But whoever this source is (even though I have the feeling that Rob Shuter as usually is just making it up as he hates Bethenny with passion and is always making up crap about her),

    Bethenny and anybody with eyes and good reason can see that the party is over, these franchises are going lower and lower and ratings are slipping and slipping.

    Bravo needs to look deeply and realize that their consumer market is not the same target as VH1, but more and more they are completely missing the boat.

      • OMG. I don’t want Bethenny to go backwards and do reality TV again but I would love for her to be part of RHBH. She is quick on her feet, she is witty, she is very well spoken and she would not let anybody get one over her.

        She could be the perfect counterpart for Lisa and Yolanda’s machination and Brandi? LOL , she would had her in a corner sucking her thumbs in 5 seconds flat so I would love that.

        I don’t think it will happen though as she has a talk show to worry about, maybe next year.

        • jill and kyle are both backstabbing friends, and bethenny won’t tolerate or even befriend that ugly person kyle, who is the resident evil of rhobh

          • Actually Kyle and Bethany are friends and have had many play dates together, they have known each other for years.

            I can’t remember if Bethany used to work for Kyle or not.

          • Bethenny loves Kyle, sorry dear but that is a fact. They are real friends for 20 years. You need to know Beth’s history and Bethenny hates women acting too loose like Brandi. She made fun of Sonja for it and Sonja was always upfront.

          • Sameal,

            Bethenny used to work for Kathy Hilton as assistant/nanny/babysitter for Paris and Nicky.

      • Marehoop,

        I would love if. I wouldn’t want Bethenny back in NY. I would rather she went to BH. She wanted to move to west coast and to BH. She would bring real biting wit to BH and eviscerate Brandi.

        However, that response is the one she gave when she left NY. She knows when the party is over. I do not think this is new and I like how there is no mention of Brandi.

    • i would love her to stump that passsive-agressive kyle. kyle’s shady and evil tactics are no match to bethenny

      • LOL! Sorry dear you don’t read Bethenny’s twitter because she supports Kyle and she is friends with Kyle for 20 years. She would destroy Brandi and she already thinks Lisa is a snob and has said as much on twitter.