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RHOA Reunion Part One Recap: Phaedra Vs. Kenya!

The first part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion aired and it made me cringe to say the least. Given that Kenya was the resident crazy this season, she earned the coveted seat next to Andy Cohen after only her first season. The first part was mostly about her – and her annoying fan.

She flicked that thing every time she needed a gimmick, much like her entire presence on this show, to shield her from the truth. There are times when Kenya is funny and you can’t help but laugh with her, and the reunion was not one of those times.

On to the reunion, before Kenya made the show about herself, Kandi and NeNe had a brief exchange. It started with the dinner in Hollywood that the girls were late to and NeNe did not allow them to enter. Kandi and NeNe discussed how they always have this weird relationship where NeNe says things about Kandi that are negative, but nobody knows why. Kandi reveals that NeNe said something bad about her on the radio once about her relationship with AJ.

It seems that Kandi likes to keep the show separate from her real life unless she’s actually friends with you. She felt that she didn’t play with NeNe like that, and that NeNe should have stayed inside the show’s boundaries, and when she didn’t, that’s when she got a “new” Kandi. NeNe at least owns up to what she says about Kandi.

Then the Kenya Show begins. Andy plays a montage of Kenya and Porsha’s rocky interactions and it all started when Porsha accidentally referred to Kenya as Miss America instead of Miss USA. Kenya says that Porsha did that purposely to be a bitch, despite Porsha having corrected herself right after. Here goes Kenya making herself the victim.

Kenya also reacted poorly to Porsha at first because she felt that Porsha was questioning her too much about her personal life, such as her marriage status and whether she had kids or not. Obviously this hit a nerve with Kenya because it made her realize that she had neither – which she was so desperately thirsty for! Porsha asks why she only took offense when she asked Kenya about this, and Kenya, having no answer just flicked her crutch, that annoying fan, and fanned herself with no response.

Andy asks Kenya if it was really necessary to escort Porsha out by two security guards at the costume party, and that if by asking her to be Halle Berry from BAPS, she was trying to ridicule her. NeNe and Cynthia think so! Porsha calls Kenya aggressive and once again, the fan. Kenya tries to act like she can dish it and take it, but she really can not.

Next – the God forsaken donkey booty ordeal. Kill me. I pray that we never have to hear of this ever again after the reunion.

The stupid donkey and stallion booty battle continues. Kenya is called out by Andy on being a copy cat and she denies copying the idea. Kenya states that she simply filled the distribution deal she secured for Phaedra. Because she’s a “beauty brand” (Girl, explain the ashy feet and terrible skin then!) it made more sense for her to make a workout video anyway.

They get into a dispute about who’s is selling more on Amazon and honestly, who cares? Kenya is a copy cat plain and simple. Plus, they are both only selling these because of RHOA viewers who will order it. Neither woman is a fitness guru. Get over it. Next.

The ladies are going at it at this point, and Kenya says Phaedra is too overweight to make a fitness video anyway. Haha! Except you weren’t saying this when you wanted to produce her video! Even if you said that as a business move, keep your story straight all the way so you don’t look even more crazy. Phaedra retaliates that at least her booty wasn’t fake (like her Atlanta house, and her relationship with Walter) and bought in Mexico.

Kenya says that at least her heart is real. NOTICE: She didn’t even deny being Silicone Barbie. Their long back-and-forth concludes with Phaedra telling Kenya that if she is going to come for her she will need more than just a little fan. Kenya’s reply? Phaedra will be picking her teeth up from the ground, pregnant and all. Disgusting and not cute.

I was very impressed with Phaedra in this situation. She read Kenya like this morning’s paper and held her own. It must be that lawyer in her. Kenya came off just crazy. There really is no other word. And that fan?! I’m glad Kandi called her out and asked her to flick it with her left hand. It was funny the first time or two, but I would have probably just yanked it from her after the second time and made sure it was gone with the wind.

Other moments included Cynthia being put on the spotlight for her new persona on the show. She was more in control and outspoken this season and says it’s because she had gone through issues in past seasons with Peter, finances, etc. Cynthia also says she can’t win if she’s too nice and quiet, or a little more feisty. True. I liked Cynthia a lot more this season so I think she should keep it this way!

Sad and awkward moment: Porsha defending her husband and praising him for how he stood up for his wife at the costume party. It must be so humiliating for her that he filed for divorce behind her back a few days after this and is now being a complete douche in the divorce process. She’s going to be so much better off now, and I hope she is back next season!
LOL moment: Phaedra right out of the gate throwing that shade, saying all the Housewives were females, but not ladies! Also, Phaedra saying she likes seeing oversized penises and celebrating bodies, male or female. LMAO!
The first part, I believe only set us up for an even better second and third part! I am hoping for less Kenya and more NeNe next week. Kenya saying that she made Porsha and Phaedra relevant to the show was just beyond ridiculous. Next week, Kim comes back and she hashes it out with Kandi! We will also see the reconciliation begin with NeNe.
Let’s discuss! What did you think of Kenya’s latest performance?

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  • I usually don’t comment on these blogs, but why on earth are people getting so fired up over Kenya Moore????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has fans but so many people find a problem with her and disregard all the BS the other ladies do and I for the life of me just don’t understand why. RHOA has NEVER been classy. It has never showed women (particularly women of color) in a good light. NONE OF THESE REALITY SHOWS DO. Kenya is nowhere near bad as those hoes you see on Bad Girls Club. Now that’s straight up embarrassment right there. NONE of these women are role models. They are just cooning for a check. That’s it folks! Wake up!

    Kenya is coming back next season because thanks to her craziness, she saved this almost dead franchise. The others are getting TIRED. Their storylines are becoming DRY. I for one would like to see Kenya find a man that’s right for her (heard she is dating a guy now that has RICH). Good for her. Hopefully they’ll have REAL chemistry this time cause Walter was FUGLY. LOL.

    As far as Phaedra is concerned, on some of the other blogs I read, people can see right through her lies. Phaedra has skeletons all over Atlanta. She’s just a lawyer and because of that, people REFUSE to believe she has a VERY SHADY past. Wait till Part 2 of the reunion when Nene exposes her for the fake phony fraud she is. The ONLY thing people think they know about Kenya is that she supposedly ASKED Walter to play her boyfriend. How do we even know that is 100% true? We don’t!

    When it comes to Porsha, she was irrelevant most of the season. No one was talking about Porsha this much until Kordell was SMART enough to file for divorce. Good for him! I wasn’t a fan of his, but I can’t say I blame the guy. I mean seriously everytime his wife speaks I cringe. Ugh! She’s not that pretty either. She looks like Arsenio Hall with makeup. So I disagree with this post. I don’t recall Kenya ever saying she was the first black anything…she just said she won “Miss USA.”

  • I detest Kenya: she’s a horror. I honestly believe she’s gay, but I can’t imagine anyone straight or gay wanting to get close to such an an attractive person. She’s got a really ugly, tiny, mean soul. And she’s got class with a capital K.

    I love it when she tells us she’s a lady, then dishes Walter for filth: no erection, no taking advantage of her. Please! I thought if I’d heard her start in on him one more time I’d throw something at the tv. Methinks the lady doth protest too mucg, and I hope Walter sues her ass off.

  • Kenya needs to realize that people are laughing at her and not with her. how can anyone take her serious as a professional woman when she acts so immature . kenya is arrogant, narcissistic, shallow, rude, vicious, extremely catty and just a horrible awful person and she has some nerve to call Phaedra the devil?! lol the bitch is crazy and if Phaedra is the devil then that makes Kenya the devil’s spawn.

    as for the stupid fan. if I was kandi I would’ve snatched that freakin fan and stomped on it. it was very rude that she kept on snapping it in kandi’s face and kandi asked her to use her other hand and she ignored her request. Kenya is relying too much on gimmicks. soon she’s gonna run out and she’s going to have to actually use talent to make a name for herself. being the show’s villain is not going to last long.

    as for Kenya acting all high and mighty over Phaedra calling her crazy was ridiculous. how dare she try to use that to attack Phaedra and say she was insulting people that are mentally ill. is the bitch crazy? she’s also very hypocritical because doesn’t she make fun of Phaedra’s weight? there are many women and little girls that are Phaedra’s size. so according to Kenya’s own words that must mean Kenya is insulting all overweight females and the fans of the show. she should really think before she speaks. the woman is dumb as hell.

    • I agree with emerging you said. In addition to the crazy, Kenya came into the show with a masquerade of lies. At the reunion, the ladies called her out about all her lies, and she had nothing to say but snap her fan.

      1. That she was the first black Miss USA and is a piece of history, like the Obamas….lol – loved when Portia tanked that lie with Carole Gist

      2. Walter-gate: She knew that she was coming on a show where everyone else was coupled up and instead of her to own it like Brandi did in Beverly Hills, she came up with this whole fake boyfriend. That blew up epically in her face over the course of the whole season and is obviously a sore point for her. When Walter did not support her life any longer, she started saying that he was gay, stalking her, obsessed with her, and other direct character assassinations. So for her to sit there and play the victim card was completely incredulous and none of the ladies were buying it.

      3. Multimillion dollar movie producer: I love when the truth of this came to light. Even on IMDb, she has no major movies listed for her production company. But she always touts herself as this multimillion dollar producer. Phaedra called her out on that lie with the ‘straight to DVD’ comment.

      4. Donkey Booty: She stole that idea plain and simple. Even though there was no copyright on it, she took that distribution opportunity and ran with it. I’m glad that the ladies supported that she was a biter. Even though Kenya keeps saying that her video is outselling the Phaedra on Amazon, there is no real way to prove this so it is probably just another lie. She kept saying because of her extensive producer experience, her video would be far superior and do better. But they are both still in the same zone, and probably have a similar amount of sales. I personally thought that the Donkey setting was more beautiful than Kenya’s ugly background.

      5. BAPS vs Dandrige: Kenny completely overreacted in kicking out Porscha from the party. I thought that having Porscha come as that was derogatory, mean, and intentionally spiteful. The other ladies agreed. Kenya was shocked when they all showed solidarity and walked out. That would have ruined her event completely so she had to swallow her pride and let Porshca back in. The question is, not at this party is over, how is Kenya going to pay the bills? I’m sure within a few months we will hear a story of somebody suing her for not paying the bills.

      Even though this first episode was very Kenya-centric, I loved it and can’t wait for the next episode. I’m not looking forward to seeing Kim, but I am looking forward to getting to the root of other issues with the other girls. I can’t wait to see Kenya’s face when all the men join the reunion, and she is the only one without a man. She’ll have to cut her face with her fan then. Rumor has it that she is now dating some millionaire, I’m not sure if this is true or not, I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

      • I would love to see Porsha insult you in your home. Accept a diamond and gold necklace from you as an agreement to play a certain part and wear a certain costume and then play you by not wearing the costume. There was a scene that called for that costume. I don’t think BAPS is offensive. Not any less offensive than My Fair Lady or the Lady in Red.

    • I think you invest FAR too much time on Kenya. Whatever you feel about her, Bravo is paying HER not you. You sound just like the person you accuse Kenya of being and do you know Phaedra? You seem to really go hard for her. LOL. I wonder if she’d do the same to you. She certainly doesn’t care about friendship from what I’ve heard and read (“Lies Of A Real Housewife”, blogs, beefs with Nene, Kenya, Cynthia, etc) For you to be so worked up over Kenya saying Phaedra is fat speaks volumes. It is a WELL KNOWN FACT that AMERICAN WOMEN are EXTREMELY OVERWEIGHT. I’ve NEVER seen a person make a workout video that looks like Phaedra. NEVER. Kenya may have had some lypo, but I’ve NEVER seen her fat either, even back in the 90s.

  • I’m from Toronto, and I’m black. Considering that Canada is in North America, I am technically an African Anerican. Also, people in Canada use slang, just like everyone else in the world.

    • Well, I’m Black and my nationality is Canadian, and I do use slang, just not the slang familiar to the RHOA ladies.

    • There are black people all over the world who do not identify themselves with Africa. For example the aboriginals in Australia. Insisting on using the word African is really not important. I’m pretty sure you don’t cook African meals regularly and listen to African music. Her roots are in Canada. And if you told me you were African-American I would think you were American and upon finding out that you were Canadian I would think you was a liar. South Americans don’t call themselves Americans… just saying.

      • Praussie: the reason that Australian Aboriginal people do not identify themselves with Africa is because, as their name suggests, they are the aboriginal, or indigineous people of the continent that is Australia. They have lived in Australia for what the most recent historical research suggests is at least 60,000 years and probably travelled from the SouthAsia Pacfic region before then.

        It’s not really relevant to use them as a frame of reference in this case, I wouldn’t have thought.

  • I loved the reunion and I love Kenya. I feel like porsha looked stupid because she kept attacking Kenya with so obviously researched and rehearsed lines. She spent so much time on finding out how to make Kenya look stupid that her husband went on and divorced her!

    I said before that Phaedra has no right to call Kenya fake when her DVD cover is SO fake!

    Anyways the reunion was funny but it was ALL about Kenya! Literally only the Kandi/Nene part was not about Kenya for 5 minutes.. I think next week will be quite dramatic! Cant wait to see Kim’s receipts!

    • I completely understood Kenya ignoring Porsha, she’s been biting at her heels all season long. The only reason she keeps going after Kenya is because she knows Kenya doesn’t have back-up. She had nothing to say to Cynthia when Cynthia asked her for her help with the pageant and then thought better of it. Phaedra called her stupid in her confessionals. Has Kenya said anything other than Porsha is young and stupid? NeNe called her stupid on WWHL, and Porsha just makes it a habit to focus squarely on Kenya. Last night, Kenya wasn’t having it, but she did engage with Phaedra because regardless of their differences, she does recognize that Phaedra is a grown woman.

      • I didn’t realize that but I so agree with you! Porsha recognizes now that viewers don’t like Kenya that much, so she will just do it to make herself seem more liked when frankly.. Porsha looks sad and stupid. Especially with the age comments. It shows how immature you are if your only argument is to attack someone’s age, and not their character.

        I don’t think anyone genuinely likes Porsha- they just like how she goes after Kenya.

        • She has the sympathy factor now that she’s estranged from her husband. I can’t stand her. She’s all bark, and no substance.

      • I agree! You seem to be one of the SMART posters on this blog. Porsha wants to be Kenya. I personally believe she wants to sleep with Kenya…that’s just my two cents. LOL

    • Agreed! It is the Kenya show now and these hoes will have to deal! LOL! I was actually impressed by Kenya’s resume. Phaedra tried to drag her but I can’t wait till she pulls out texts between her and Apollo. PERFECT! That is the ultimate shut down right there. That is how you piss someone off cause there are so many rumors surrounding that odd couple. You watch…Phaedra’s karma is coming and when it does, everybody and their mama is going to be so shocked because for some reason, people act like just because you have a certification that you are a GOOD person. There are crooked cops out here and crooked lawyers…just because Phaedra is on this show is NO exception. Nene is going to expose her in Part 2.

  • Lol Kenya came on the show to make herself relevant and to secure herself a returning housewife. She is out there that’s for sure, but does make me laugh. I disagree with almost everything, if not everything she does. Seriously, is she really that deranged? None the less, I can not take this woman seriously and take her as a joke.

    • I guess that is the main reason why I find Kenya amusing, because I see her as a character and not a real person, I understand or would like to believe that she is just playing a role to secure her spot, sometimes she overkills it with the theatrics but she sure has injected new life to the franchise, Kim who?

    • I think all the Kenya haters are being played by Kenya. She made a storyline for Bravo and is laughing all the way to the bank. Why do ppl fall for the storylines?

      • Exactly Praussie! These haters have NO LIVES. They really don’t and it’s sad they get so bent out of shape off a HIGHLY edited and partially scripted reality show. It’s CRAZY.

        This “rukidding” poster DEFINITELY wants to eat Kenya’s pussy…I can FEEL it cause everytime I do visit this blog I always see that username dogging Kenya…doesn’t matter if Kenya does something positive. Oh and Porsha’s ONLY existence on the show involved picking fights with Kenya and NO I don’t believe Porsha is pretty. Like I said before, she looks just like Arsenio Hall, just with makeup and a WEAVE. Most of what you see on Kenya is her REAL hair. No doubt!

  • The only ladies with any common sense and/or decorum seem to be Cynthia and Kandi. No one is perfect, but at least these two ladies seem to have a good bit of ‘home training.’ And Nene has surprised me this season – she seems to have calmed down a good bit from earlier seasons and I can’t hate her hustle.

    But I could do without the other three – Porsha, Phaedra and Kenya. I don’t mind a little drama, but they act worse than my neices who are all below age 10. With the sideways comments and inflated sense of self – just plain nasty.

    • Kandi can behave but make no mistake, she is not a lady either.

      Her trashy sex conversations are disgusting and the way she put up with Kim’s anthics for so long while pointing at other’s minimal flaws made her a hypocrite. She finally opened her eyes about wig and finally sued her but for years she put up with that like if Kim was her massa.

      • I agree with you to some degree about Kandi. I never understood how Kandi could highlight little things with the other women, but constantly backtrack when Kim treated her like much less than a friend – multiple times. She let Kim get over on her big time, and I can’t understand why. I guess better late than never.

  • Haha I’m pregnant right now too, and that comment made me think WTH? Who says that kind of thing?!? Kenya lost her mind.

  • Watched with my mom and we were laughing the whole time. I loved the shade by Phadrea…she shit Kenya down. The comment Kenya made about knocking out Phaderas teeth preggo and all was the low point for me. But I believe Kenya would have a sore awakening if she were to try, cause all those hormones Phadera has courseing through her body she would probably rip the child to shreds. Hell I got into a argument with my bf the other day and puched him in his chest so hard it left a bruise. I apologized but, these hormones are no joke ok.

  • I will no longer watch realty shows with cast members that clearly have emotional and/or mental issues. I do not hang out with people like that, why would I waste time watching them on tv. If Kenya is back for next season I will not watch anymore.

  • OMG Kenya was ridiculous! That fan was just hilarious. I was like Nene; I just sat and laughed the whole time.
    This woman is crazy, but she sure does make the show more entertaining.

    Cynthia has got to be one of the prettiest housewives of them all. She’s just stunning. 🙂

    • Nene would not had been laughing if she was sitting next to Kenya.
      Kenya is a loon but she sure is reality TV gold, nobody could act this crazy and make such a fool of herself if she didn’t have it in her.
      Cinthya is gorgeous, she is really a very beautiful woman.

  • Phaedra making a crack about not everyone being ladies was hilarious because she’s never acted like a lady. I’m tired of her facade of being a Southern Belle and after watching the sneak peek of part 2, what she did to Nene was horrible.

    • Well, let’s take it for what it is, none of these women are ladies 100% ofthe time, some of them hold it together longer than others. If they were ladies , they would not be participating in any HW reality show.

    • Collegegirl, I agree. That’s why they are on Housewives. As for what Phaedra did to Nene, beyond shady!

    • Her crack about being a proper christian girl and dressing half nude… what is that about?

  • GeesLouise: Southern comments about language are clearly regional, not racial. And I was explaining to the poster whose tone truly never merited a response that I wasn’t being condescending, just stating a fact about dialect that is ‘regional’ and in some cases, certainly more predominant amongst African-Americans. I do think these ladies are rather unsavory in their retorts and it’s unnecessary.

    • GeesLouise: I agree, FTR.

      And Alicia: what a crock of shit. You were being condescending then and you are being condescending now. ‘Certainly more predominant amongst African-Americans’ my arse.


    • I’m African-American and from the south, and let me let you, most people speak that way be they black or white. it has nothing to do with them being from the ghetto, as I have never been in the ghetto and wouldn’t know what the hell to do if I was. Your post was extremely condescensing, and all the housewives throw shade. Just on ATL there are jokes behind them to try to lessen the bite of the insult. On BH, or OC they just say it outright(Brandi and Tamra), so white people throw shade just as well. The fact that you stated you are Canadian and black and not African American just leads me to believe that you think you’re better than full bloodied AA, and everything you said after that was out bull.

        Just post your opinions, if you have one, and please be respectful of the other people and their opinions.

        Well said, Sweet Pea, page, chapter and verse.

      • Give a person a break. Alicia is Canadian. You can’t expect her to know all about the United States. You guys need to stop acting like the housewives attacking one another. As for Aussiegirl… stop instigating.

        • How is it instigating to address somebody and call them out? This is a discussion forum!

          And FTR: I’m Australian. I live in Australia. But funnily enough, I have a basic knowledge about quite a few cultures other than my own. Something about being travelled, culturally aware, informed, intelligent and not living in a bubble. Oh yeah: and interested in the world outside my own experience, not judgemental or prejudicial and open to new things. You know, like most people these days. And I assume like yourself too, praussie. Because I usually agree with just about everything you say.

          But srsly, you’ve got me wrong on this one. I am not angry at Alicia at all. And I’m not worried if she doesn’t like my swearing, or if you don’t. I didn’t like her attitude and what she was implying (whether she realised it or not) about people’s intelligence and value through the language they use. It was judgemental and condescending, and she made it worse when she continued on by attributing it specifically to ‘African Americans’. It’s just ignorant as far as I’m concerned.

    • Have to agree with Sweet Pea. My step father is from New Orleans (I don’t know how you get more southern than that) and he is of French and Polish ancestry. His entire family speaks with a regional dialect that is shared by both African American and Caucasians the same.

    • Furthermore, Alicia, I just find your comments to be distasteful overall. “I am Canadian and Black, not African-“American”. So are implying that Black Canadians are more intelligent, or of a better class because they are not African-“Americans”?

      I’m sorry but the RHOA don’t have terrible English and they really don’t talk in Ebonics. Of course, they all use slang. But, you hardly hear any of them saying “I ain’t gunna go to dah event” or “I ain’t tellin you no moh shut de do'”.

      Get a grip sweetheart!

      • I’m implying no such thing, but Blacks aren’t a monolithic group. We aren’t, and the same goes for any other race!

        And I do have problems understanding what some of the ladies are saying every now and then, thankfully, captions help.

      • OH MY GOSH!!!! SHE’S NOT AMERICAN! Therefore she’s not AFRICAN-AMERICAN. She’s black and Canadian. Get over it.

    • Wow @alicia. I’m also from Canada but I am Columbian. I just can’t believe that you would even speak this way of African Americans, being that you are African Canadian ?????? It’s really sad and you sound very ignorant to be frank. Your speaking as if your way of speaking is impeccable. Girlfriend you should definitely take a look in that mirror of yours and recognize. You sound like Kenya lol

    • I get that (my minor happened to be Anthropology and I was required to take a linguistics course)… that’s the point I was trying to make. My bf is white and from California and Wyoming. He’s lived in the south for about 6 years now and still doesn’t understand certain things or he may find them funny. Just like I think it’s funny that most ppl I’ve met from Cali use “hella” to describe something (i.e. that party was hella cool… idk why, but it’s just an observation I’ve made).

      Anyway, he knows it’s a regional thing and not bc I’m “uneducated” or “ghetto.” Which I’m neither btw. More like that Jason Aldean song “She’s Country.”

      Bottom line, I do agree it can be difficult to understand certain sayings if you aren’t used to them. I just think you made an invalid comment.

      • I may have expressed my original comments inartfully, but cadence and dialect are regional and no, I don’t think there’s a correlation between dialect and intelligence. The only HW I truly consider uneducated is Porsha, and I don’t see how anyone can argue that she isn’t. The others are intelligent and certainly possess different strengths, but that doesn’t mean that at certain times, I’m not scratching my head trying to figure out what it is that they’re saying. I also don’t think Kenya meshes well with the other ladies. Some posters claim it’s because she’s “crazy,” but I’m not seeing a whole bunch of rational, level-headed women on my screen. Just one’s who are a bit scrappier and excel at put-downs for sport. Kenya was clearly out of her element at the reunion. I don’t know that she will ever be a good fit with the ATL set, but she certainly made this season for me.

        Thanks for your response.

          • Nah….STFU all day, every day, inside out, and throughout the year. Stop blurring the friggin’ lines by projecting and getting offended that a group of reality stars were called dumb, uncultured, low rent fucktards.

          • Ewe…thought you didn’t do slang with all your “friggin” big words? LOL

      • I think everybody needs to read the original post and not just accept what was being said about her. Sad.

    • Alica.. you have been outed..own it

      You type ignorant words and continue to do so..stop doing this..reading your posts prove to me that you are not better than anyone.

      Using racially charged words is ignorant having it pointed out and continuing to be ignorant, is stupid.

      Do you want to be stupid and ignroant?

      You are not being charged with murder, you are being called biggie.

      • WTH? Outed as what? I’ve reiterated that since I’m Canadian, I’m not familiar with all of the slangs the ladies use — had no idea what “shade” meant till RHOA, and stated that dialect is REGIONAL. I never implied that “I” was superior to anyone else nor inferior to anyone else. My observations were about the WOMEN on the show. And PORSHA is dumb all “265” days of the year, no matter how relevant she attempts to make herself by nipping at Kenya’s heels. I’m entitled to my observations, and you’re entitled to yours.

  • This reunion was one of the best in recent memory. I felt something had been missing from all of them since Jersey’s third season reunion.

  • I think this was the FUNNIEST reunion ever out of all the cities. In my opinion the reunions can get so dark and sad (NJ) that it’s not funny to watch. My hubby and I were laughing the whole time. The reunion was a trip and I loved it.

    Best Dressed: Cynthia
    Least Favorite dressed: Phadrea
    Funniest One liners: Phadrea
    I think all the ladies came prepared to defend themselves. It also seemed like something finally clicked with Andy to be fair with his questioning.

    • Haha! I laughed so much during this reunion. Probably laughed more than 5 times. Even my bf laughed a few times and he usually tells me to change the damn channel because he can’t stand watching the housewives, but he stuck it out with me through half of it. 🙂

      Cynthia dressed very beautifully, and she always has that divine face! Always refreshed.
      Loved Kenya’s dress & hair.
      Kandi looked youthful!
      Phaedra looked the most boring, but she did make me laugh.
      Nene made me giggle, and I just loooove watching her reactions! Hehe.
      Porsha looked so beautiful and handled herself well with Kenya so kudos to her! 🙂

      • Nene’s face expressions are priceless. I enojoy that very much because you can almost tell what she is thinking and she was very amused that this was going down.

        If Bravo could had spared us from trashbox hooker , this reunion would had been perfect.

      • Yep she won the battle but lost the war.
        Divorce court next. And you give kudos to that?

    • I agree Shadonna!

      I have to add one thing:

      Most restraint: Kandi for not ripping that fan out of Ken-yazy’s hand.

      I would have ripped that fan out of her hand and thrown it across the studio. Just saying…

  • I think the comment that Kenya made about kicking Phaedra’s teeth being pregnant and all was DISGUSTING too…just saying….

    • ITA.
      I liked the show to some degree,some comments were funny.
      Porsha really put Kenya in her place about being 1st black Miss USA winner.

      Kenya was really supid. But I was done with her when she openely treathened bodily harm on a pregnant woman. Done,done,done.
      Hope she is gone next season.

    • Well, that just shows that Kenya was losing it but most important was that everytime Phaedra mentioned the fake boyfriend, it completely deflated Kenya.

      • Yes! You are right on the money. I forgot about that. This is why she needs to learn not to run her mouth off at people so much. Because when they bite back at something that actually stings her, she REALLY gets stung and just has nothing to come back with.

        • Aussiegirl Kenya was attacked first. Granted she didn’t know how to come back. But defending a spoilt brat is way too much.

    • Doesn’t Kenya know that physical threats to do harm are illegal; and she threatened an attorney with 14 yrs on he GA BAR. Georgia BAR association would love to have Ms. Kenya come across any docket in their state. This woman should bridle her tongue. I hope Phaedra shows her how she working with her 14 years on the bar. Kenya needs to hang out more with real women instead of gay mean. She’s uses their terms often, we’ve heard that term before and “I use the term attorney lightly’ from Ms. whoever he is with the red lipstick regarding Phaedra’s law degree.

  • There was a donkey there with rehearsed lines in the company of other women. I stopped reading the blog because it was far from neutral. I don’t converse in the language of shade and many of the other expressions some of these ladies engage in. I think Kenya’s a bit too literate, intelligent, and educated for this bunch, and doesn’t go gutter with aplomp.

        • Oh nothing. Just that you were talking about the type of language you converse in. I wondered if ‘aplomp’ was part of it. ‘P’ and ‘B’ are really nowhere near each other on the keypad.

          But it’s cool. I guess it goes to show that we all make mistakes. Even those of us who are too above conversing in the ‘language of shade’ and other such colloquialisms and vulgarity.

          • Listen, honey. I’m Black and Canadian. I’m not African-‘American’. Therefore, I don’t do ghetto talk, the lingo, the Ebonics or Southern phrases and sayings. It’s not in my frame of reference. I think the back-forth’s on the show are ridiculous and these women would be better served not resorting cheap shots and I truly had no idea what “shade” meant before watching RHOA. Your pointing out a spelling error because I typed “p” instead of “b” is ridiculous and anal.

          • Love, I’m white and Australian and even I know what throwing shade means.

            And I think the irony of what I was pointing out to you with your condescending tone about language use and subsequent misuse of the word ‘aplomb’ was completely lost on you. So we’ll just let that one go straight through to the keeper, shall we?

          • I don’t know what you are behind your keyboard, nor do I care to know, but this post speaks for itself: “Kenya…you are fucking crazy, and you need a good, hard slap across the tits.

            Stick your stupid fan up your stallion booty and twirl off into the ether, you goddamned lunatic.”

            Is this some kind of battle of responses? You initially responded to “me” and made it about me, instead of sticking to the topic at hand. Do you belabor everything to death? Reminds me of Porsha, barking away in her high-pitched voice like nails on chalkboard.

            Pity mods are available to police your posts.

          • Oh, and “Aussiegirl” I’m making a correction just for you:

            ~Pity mods *aren’t* available to police your posts.~

            Wanted to avoid another round of your insipid responses to a silly spelling error.

          • And I AM African-‘American’ and don’t do ghetto talk (not even from the ghetto… *gasp*). I am, however, from the south and know ppl from various races who “do” southern phrases and Ebonics. It really bums me out when ppl unnecessarily bring race into things. Just stating my opinion… even though no one asked for it lol.

          • Holy shit. You have certainly got a bee in your bonnet, haven’t you?

            I called you out because I thought the tone of your first post was condescending. You implied that just because certain people use colloquialisms like ‘shade’ and ‘other expressions’ that they had a substandard intellect. You qualified this further by saying that you believed Kenya was better than women who used such language and more intelligent than them and that those women were in somehow connected to the ‘gutter’ because they used language you didn’t and were in your opinion, less educated than Kenya for that reason.

            The implication you made there was of course, that you felt you were more intelligent and better educated than people who use language colloquially – especially when you said you didn’t ‘converse in the language of shade’ or other expressions these ladies used.

            Well, a lot of us use colloquial language. And we aren’t from the gutter. And we are very well educated. And we also know what shade means.

            We also know what ‘aplomb’ means, and how to spell it, btw.

            And as for my post on Kenya, it’s written in a language you don’t converse in, so you probably don’t understand it. But that’s okay. It is also using something called humour, which I see you don’t have a very good sense of either.

            I suggest you wind your neck in actually. If you are going to post your opinion in a public forum, be prepared to have it challenged. Especially if your tone is condescending and you are standing up for a mad bitch like Kenya.

            Fire down, lady. Fire down…

          • Aussiegirl you are my new favorite person! Love that last comment… (the extremely long one). Very well written.

    • Well if she is she didn’t showed it last night.

      I think that is part of her problem, she underestimated the other women and throught her scrapiness would put her on top but she got her ass handed to her in a silver platter and as much as I think Kenya looniness is reality TV gold, the fact remains that last night was not her best night, mainly because the other ladies threw the PC out the door and decided to take her to task.

      • Porsha was just looking to be relevant and I don’t recall many questions directed to her, so Kenya rightfully ignored her. Kenya realized that Porsha targeted her for more camera time, and she’s such a ditz, she wasn’t worth her time. I don’t know that Kenya would have won the argument with Phaedra, but she should have come to the reunion with a little dirt on Phaedra. Telling a gutter rat that they cut to the bone kinda makes them feel good. That’s what Kenya doesn’t get about some of these women.

        • Disagree Alicia. Porsha handle herself well, and Kenya looked like an ignorant fool not answering the questions. They are things the viewers wanted to know also, so maybe we could figure out of she is a fool who made mistakes, or if she really is that desperate that she allows herself to keep being ignorant! Kenya can dish , but she cannot take anything. She is too inauthentic and she should not start things she can clearly not finish.

          • Porsha kept interrupting while Andy was asking Kenya questions, she has no self-control and she’s annoying as hell. She was obviously fixated over Kenya questioning how she didn’t know the difference between Miss USA and Miss America. Kenya knew Porsha would be barking away, and she never took the bait. What she said about Porsha having no relevance outside of her on the show was true.

            When Kenya insults the other women, it’s about situations and conversations that actually occurred not irrational claims of “jealousy” “ashiness” “urban bloggers” or “Mexican booty implants”. I think those insults are ridiculous, and it becomes a show about who can invent preposterous sh*t and have the audience eat it up. It reminds me of high school taunts by a clique of mean-girls. Kenya would fit in better on any of the other housewives’ franchises, save for Jersey, and maybe Miami, but she’s a bit too evolved and educated for the Atlanta set.

          • Alicia, Im sorry, did you miss all the episodes with Kenya? No self control: Kenya. Cannot hold an adult conversation without insulting, degrading, and twirling: Kenya. Cannot have a real relationship: Kenya. If I were Porsha I would like answers also! Kenya came back to ATL with fake guns blazing! There is no substance and nothing worth bragging about with her. She was asked legit questions, and failed to answer them because she cannot even do that genuinely. She resorted to her juvenile behavior.

          • Kenya was not being quiet because she was holding her tongue or exercising more class than the others. Kenya had no choice but to remain quiet because she was shut down. She looked like a fool. If you notice, even Nene and Cynthia who kind of took up for Kenya throughout the entire season just sat there and let Kenya drown. Why, because they watched the season back and realized what a freaking nut job Kenya is.
            I’m sorry I do believe that Porsha knows there is a difference between Miss USA and Miss America. It was an honest mistake when she called her by the wrong title. I honestly believe it had nothing to do with insulting Kenya or trying to make her feel stupid or whatever excuses everyone is coming up with. It was a freaking mistake. Kenya took that and ran with it because the only true achievement she has ever accomplished in her life is her beauty queen title.

          • Porsha attempted to do her homework that’s why she was able to handle Kenya.. I’m sure she saw how much of a ditz she is tried to redeem herself. Was sooo pathetic to watch.. First off she didn’t even know the difference of usa paegent or miss america. Then attempted to call out Kenya about not giving credit to Carole Gist was silly. She obviously studied the show and was prepared on what to say. I’m not even convinced she can read. Sorry but girl its so busy trying to call out Kenya and her marriage fell apart. Maybe the next year will be better for her all 265 days.

        • Alicia I don’t find anything funny about foul language. Thanks for sticking up for respect. Aussiegirl… you’re just mad correction.. angry; because someone called you out on your language. Then you went on to put that person down. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I won’t be reading this blog any longer if people stick up for gutter language.

          • No. I’m not. I called her out in the first place because she was completely out of line and absolutely patronsing to anybody who uses colloquial language. She inferred things about the intellect and value of people based on the type of language they use and implied that she was superior to people who do so. That type of condescension is something I find ridiculous, especially in light of the fact that she obviously thought the word ‘aplomb’ was actually ‘aplomp’.

            Furthermore, as she went on she continued to become more patronising and just plain rude and judgemental about an entire group of people based on her limited preconceptions of them, and managed to offend a whole lot of people with some very ignorant views and comments.

            This is an open forum. If you want to say something, by all means: go right ahead. But be prepared to be open to criticism if what you say is unpopular or just plain ignorant.

            And if I choose to swear, I choose to swear. It’s my prerogative. It says nothing more about me than I have a wide a colourful vocabulary. And I use it the way I choose to.

            Fuck, fuck, fuckitty fuck.

          • Thanks, Praussie.

            Though, I originally commented on the women on RHOA, and somehow that invited a slew of attacks on my being culturally insensitive. I actually embrace diversity and come from a very racially-diverse background, I’m also bilingual and very well traveled. However, I didn’t think many of the rude and hostile posters deserved more insight because they were unhinged…and their reactions and interpretations were laughable. I usually don’t post all that much on the All About Truth blogs, but I’ve posted on countless message boards, and I know that a *mob mentality* is often pervasive on message boards. I just find it ironic that the posters who judged me as narrow-minded, proceeded to “repeatedly” demonstrate just how narrow-minded, condescending, and judgmental they are themselves! ::swosh:: Fanning myself, Kenya-style, refusing to answer the rabid dog who continually interrupted her at the reunion. 😉

    • Kenya doesn’t have to go to the gutter, she is the gutter. Making a physical threat against a pregnant woman was just so tacky and classless. I had so much second hand embarrassment for her.

      • Really! And that was coming from the crowned one who : twirls while “acting”, makes a horrid song, rolls around on the beach when someone tries to rationalize as an adult with her, and had a fake boyfriend-’nuff said!

      • Oh please so what she’s pregnant. Kenya wasn’t really going to fight her. LOL hahahahaha

    • That’s Kenya’s problem….she thinks she is too good for the other women….how wrong she is….

      BTW….what is the language of shade….

    • Alicia you must be Kenya or Lawrence because no way and actual fan would be that stupid.

  • Kenya…you are fucking crazy, and you need a good, hard slap across the tits.

    Stick your stupid fan up your stallion booty and twirl off into the ether, you goddamned lunatic.

    • Oh she is horrid! Just when you think you have seen it all right? I thought just MAYBE she would show us a better side last night- HAHA.
      I have to say, Im proud of Porsha for dealing with Crazy the way she did, I felt she asked legit questions and I wish Kenya could have been grown enough to provide answers. Phaedra did well last night also, and even though she annoyed me at times, she is funny and can handle Crazy well, LOL
      I love how Cynthia and Nene got to sit there chuckling the whole time, LOL
      And Kandi just looks like she is wondering what the hell is going on…

      • Absolutely. 100% michers. Yet again, Kenya does nothing but make a damned fool of herself. And Cynthia and Nene are priceless. I think Nene is just grateful there’s no bullshite going down this time with her in the centre of it! She probably can’t believe her luck that this mad bitch has blown into town with a bug up her arse and a screw loose looking to kick in the teeth of pregnant women.

        I’d like to see her try and get all up in Phaedra’s grill, btw. Something tells me that little lady packs quite the punch.

    • Disagree….she needs a good ass kicking all the way around….She can try and call you out but when you get back with her….she can’t respond….Kandi should have knocked that fan out of her hand….

      Portia held her own last night and shut the disgraced beauty queen down…..

      So NeNe can call you out but she is just stating her opinion….but it’s not cool for others to state their opinions….someone should have called her out on that tired ass helmet hair she wears… That bang piece is dead….you can’t curl it any other ways…it’s time for a new style….that one is hideous….I cringe when I see her hair…

  • My thoughts on the reunion:

    I lost count of the number of times Kenya had to pick up her face last night. I love how Kenya tried to change the subject whenever someone shut her down or makes her look like the fool that she is. She came up with the lamest, dishonest excuse ever on Twitter when Porsha made her look stupid in reference to Carole Gist. I also find it interesting that Kenya gets offended when someone thinks she was Miss America, which is the pageant that Vanessa Williams won and be actually remember, yet she’s always name dropping Vanessa.

    I love how when Nene throws shade at everyone, she’s just speaking her opinion, but when shade is thrown at her, people are haters. Okay, Nene. Gurl. Stop.

    Let’s be real, people are only buying Phaedra’s workout DVD to look at Apollo.

    • I agree with you on Kenya and her behavior. She certainly throws a lot of shade, but she seems to get offended, and doesn’t explain her way out of things. It’s just gibberish. I do, however, enjoy watching her. Even though she can be too much… Kenya is still entertaining, but her cray cray needs to tone down a bit.

      About Phaedra’s workout DVD comment… LMAO! Maybe they bought it because of Apollo, or maybe they are huge fans of Phaedra and needs to lose some weight. Who knows? If it works for some, thats great! I would never buy her dvd. Either dvd. It’s a waste of money & time. I just hit the gym, or use my treadmill at home. You’ll get better results, people. 🙂

    • Vanessa William lost her crown. So officially she was not Miss Anything. As for Carole Gist, yes she was the first African American but Kenya was the first “chocolate” African American. 😉

  • I’m glad they shut her ass up and does anyone know about the black miss america or usa porsha was talking about to kenya? Literally my mouth dropped when porsha dropped that bomb that kenya never brings up that girl. I might have to do some research. And yes kenya did copy the idea. “donkey booty, stallion booty?” is this not copying an idea? Phaedra doesnt own shit but phaedras concept was about working around the booty. As retaliation for the deal not going through kenya stole the idea and ran with it also just becauss she bought her booty from mexico and her jugs from the next door neighbor. It was still the same idea and it was copying. Get over it and own it kenya. And i am very disapointed that kenya had to literally go there and pretty much attack phaedra and say she’ll knock out phaedras teeth, pregnancy and all. Really? Kenya has stooped to another low to attack an 8 month old woman. Learn to use your words. If you can’t take the heat……………

    • P.s. For kenya wanting to say porsha is really ditzy she came up with some cleaver shit to say to kenya. Plz stop fanning your face before your contacts dry up! Hahahahaha

    • That was awful but it was also a sign that Kenya knew she was loosing this battle. I wish Phaedra wouldn’t had talken the bait but oh well.

    • It is true. Carol Gist was the first black Miss America. She was crowned in 1990. So Kenya did not pave the way for anyone.

      • I agree Ejj..

        Also, I looked up Miss Gist and she was also from Detroit. So, I think it is especially odd that Ken-yazy doesn’t acknowledge Miss Gis, since they’re from the same city. Maybe there’s some history there??

    • Carole Gist was the FIRST African American Woman to be crowned
      MISS USA. Porsha isn’t ditzy, Kenya won’t let her speak, and when she does , those are Kenya’s word she puts in Porsha’s mouth.

    • of course, we knew about the 1st Miss Black USA. She didn’t sell her behind on the cover of magazines. Ms Gist did what Miss USA winners do. Kenya claimed to adorn Vanessa Williams so much then slammed the role of Ms. America on the reunion show. This females needs some serious counseling; before she implodes.

    • I think Kenya made a deal. She wanted to be compensated for it. Phaedra was a cheapskate. So Kenya took HER OWN DEAL and did something with it. In my eyes, Phaedra was the copy cat. I know that sounds weird, but she stole Kenya’s idea as to how to work out the work out. Get it?

  • OMG THAT DAMN FAN! Lol, I could barely concentrate on anything anyone was saying because I was so irritated with that thing, I guess it worked out for her if that was purpose. At least this was more entertaining that BHs reunion, next week looks good 🙂

    • OMG, wasn’t it?

      the RHBH needed a Phaedra, someone not afraid to call them out in all their hypocresies, half lies and double standards. I love the RHOA reunion, they get down with it.

      • Agree, I think my favorite HW franchise is Atlanta now. I just started watching it this season, so I only saw two shows with Kim. I didn’t like her off the bat, but I like all the ladies and enjoy how they fight with a southern flair. Maybe when the new lady joins the RHBH next season she’ll put some of those women in their place. They need new HW on that show and RHOC are boring. I like RHW of Vancover, such a gorgeous place. But who was missing last night and would get that fan a fanin WALTER…..please surprise us BRAVO!

  • Kenya is seriously overdoing it w the fan… I hate that she makes everything that is said about her, a major assault on a whole population ie comments about her skin is attacking people who suffer from acne; comments about her sanity is attacking people w mental illness. Yet she can call Phaedra overweight and talk about her BMI. I take offense to that bc many healthy African American women struggle with that dang BMI chart , including myself. So I could take her comments as insensitive. Everything about Kenya is a contradiction. GTHOH !!! Her antics tonight just confirms her instability. All of her storylines were made for tv, the overstated career ( including false claims of being the 1st black ms USA), her fake relationship w Walter , her fake cancer scare and this over the top personality. So over her ugh

    • good point as well. everyone is in the wrong! Attacking appearances has NEVER sit well with me from ANY hw. Ive already cut down some franchises soon i’ll stop watching all.

        • Yes, Kenya was too much. I couldn’t stand it – had to put her on mute. Even if you don’t like Pheadra, she held her own and kept it kinda classy.

          Did I hear Kenya threaten to knock pheadra’s teeth out – even when pregnant?? Now i am done with the show.

          • Cora, yes you heard that right! And there it is folks- crazy is still crazy even at e reunion with a fan blocking her face. She is a liability and she needs to go. Im done with her antics. I ca laugh with the best of them, but she honestly deserves no more attention.

          • As a mother and pregnant w/ my second I’m disgusted Kenya threatens a pregnant woman. I’m surprised nobody else is as upset by this. That statement right there was the most vile thing she could have said. No wonder psycho don’t have kids. Any normal woman wouldnt say that.

          • Cora,

            Seriously, what is wrong with this woman, Kenya, she is either
            all in(a friendship) or she is ready to take someone or something out, if they don’t go along with her and her wishes.
            Kenya has been marketing her Miss USA ‘brand’ for 20 + years, time to move on and create something NEW for herself.
            This is the 21st century, after all.

    • You just did what you accuse Kenya of doing. You took what she said about Phaedra and made it about the entire AA female population. Huh?

  • Ok, you HATE Kenya and you love Phaedra. This whole blog was one-sided…(I actually like Kenya, she brings life to this show) Btw, ANYONE can have ashy feet and bad skin, it doesn’t mean you’re physically attractive or ugly.

    I started reading ur blogs bc, I too, am team Teresa and don’t like how other blog sites gang up on her! I guess I’ll just come here to read RHONJ blogs bc those are the only ones I can agree w u on. Lol

    • You don’t have to agree!
      The comments section is for you to share what you think even if it’s not the same as mine or Roxanne’s opinion 🙂

    • good point helen, nobody has perfect everything; from the supermodels to celebrities to the bloggers and posters. acne is a horrible horrible thing in trying to control. Joanna K. covered some breakouts as well during her season and gasp shes in the beauty/fashion whatever who cares what its called industry as well. There’s giving out helpful tips/critique and then there’s being …………….

    • I dislike both of them at some time or another but I have to give this first round to Phaedra, she own Kenya’s ass last night and she was on point and precise like a knife.
      I love the fact that she told her some harsh truths and never raised her voice.
      I think Phaedra is fake 99% of the time but I have to give her credit where credit is due and last night she had a brilliant performance.

      • I have to agree. I’ve never been a fan of Phaedra, but she has a gift for reading people without breaking a sweat. I watched the reunion at my friend’s house last night. She never watched the show so when she expressed how foolish Kenya was coming off, I tend to think the assessment is honest.

        • Oh and my friend was dieing last night when she saw clips of Phaedra’s exercise video. What the what! No one wants to look like that.

    • i like kenya too. she’s funny. phaedra is trying too hard to be funny and what is most disgusting is phaedra’s snout. it seems that she has dentures coz her lips are sucked in doing that infamous pout!

      • I agree with you. I like Kenya. And to anyone saying Kenya is messed or ugly looking cause of bumps on her face FU! It’s called acne and everybody deals with it in there life. It’s wrong people are crucified Kenya just for having acne. It’s messed up to put down people physical looks. How old is everyone here? Mostly at the adult age right? Then how come most are acting like they are in high school. Don’t judge someone by looks or by acne. A person can become ugly if they are horrible on the inside. Phaedra I just can’t stand her. She is fake. She is 2 faced to everyone on the show except for Kandi. I thought Kandi was really smart when she came onto the show but not anymore since she hired Phaedra as her lawyer. Why Phaedra. You have tons of money to hire a really good lawyer. Smh can’t wait to see when Nene goes off on Phaedra for trying to get close to her half sister right when she joined the show trying to dig up dirt. Shady phae phae

        • Sorry, you can’t pull the don’t judge people by their looks when you are dealing with Kenya because her looks is all she brings to the table and how she judges other women.

          Miss USA = beauty contest only, no talent or other elements are judged which is why most people think Miss America is a more prestigious title. Kenya thinks Miss USA is more prestigious because she thinks looks only is more important than looks plus talent.

          So, yes, 99% of the time, judging people on their looks is shallow, but Kenya demands that people be judged on their looks because she thinks that puts her ahead. When she is claiming to be a beauty brand and to be better than the other women because of her looks then her ugly skin is a factor.

        • Kenya is the one who thinks that beauty is everything so why can’t she be talked about….

          That’s all she says….I’m beautiful…she’s cute….not beautiful and she really should visit a good dermatologist….it’s seems that stress causes her breakouts….so she should stop playing victim….stop acting crazy and act like she has some sense……her face will thank her….

    • I agree Helen. Porsha is nothing but a spoil brat and now she looks seriously stupid for her tag line that her life is perfect. She never had any sympathy for Kenya and laughed at anything she could about Kenya. She ridiculed Kenya about her age and lack of love life. Don’t like Porsha. She needs to grow up. I thought she was 21 not 31. She acts like a teenager…sorry no insult to teenagers. Porsha act your age, not your shoe size.

    • That fan needs to go, why is it Kenya is always talking her color ??? When I see this show I do not see the color of their skin I see Kandi the singer, Nene the actor and mouth, Prosha the young lady wanting love and kids and will settle for anything to get it, Phaerda has to many irons in the fire and is not keeping a tight rope on her man, and 4gets what she saies bc she talks to much but I love her, Kenya is wants everyone to think she is all that and more and all she is, is a exMs USA and making them look bad,all she wants to do is talk about color of peoples skin and Walter being gay..