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Love Majewski Fired From Mob Wives!

Well that didn’t take long and I’m not very surprised! Love Majewski appeared on season 3 of Mob Wives and has officially been fired from the hit show! That’s not all-she wasn’t even able to attend the reunion taping!

Love tweeted,

“YES this was a difficult week&it sucks to watch this little weasel lie about me&not b able2defend myself but this week was also a blessing!  YES a blessing! 4the 1st time since I started MW I can see ppl for who they really are&I am blessed to have some amazing REAL friends! I appreciate everyone’s support but please don’t blame @VH1 they did NOT fire me,I enjoyed working with @vh1,I was let go by left/right. Thank You all for the tremendous support I can’t wait until we are hear discussing my new project. I want to work on something REAL.”

So now that Love has been “let go” she is claiming that the show isn’t “real?” I wasn’t crazy about Love and I’m still not so I don’t care too much that she’s been fired. Thoughts on Love getting the boot? Will you miss her? Do you think she should have been allowed to attend the reunion?

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  • Lets get it together ladies. This show is not about anything ghetto at all. It’s about the MOB. The behaviors seen on the show are MOB ways. If you don’t like it, go watch Disney Wives.

    Where u find the MOB, u find violence. Violence and
    more violence. The violence is only in-bred; its not for outsiders or all of you mature, grown-up girls out there.

    In my crew, there was always a bro with Love’s temperament. Able to come completely unhinged when u pinched him.

    Carla is the outsider, as I figure she was never as
    connected to the MOB as the others, ie., the main theme of the show is women who are daughters of “made-guys”(criminals) AND married to criminals.
    Carla, Drita, and Love fall short there. But, I think Drita and Love grew up with Karen,Renee, and
    Ramona (and, Jenn).

    These women were born into the MOB scene.

    Stop thinking they are are ghetto and you might get it! They come from a place that you and I don’t know. They have different rules and come from a place extra-ordinary. Not normal, but extra-ordinary. Stop judging them by your standards, ghetto or not.

    At the Reunion, Ramona and Karen did address Carla
    about her racism. I never heard any racist remarks
    from Carla, but who knows. I’m sorry that Love is gone. In a world lacking authenticity (reality TV), I could count on Love being REAL. Scary wasn’t it girls. Just to show u what a 50 yr old has in her bag. Unfortunately, Love is gone. And, while I read the numerous posts against Love…what
    kind of show can they come up with next season.

    The show’s producers and editors promoted the fight
    between Love and Carla, better than any other fight,
    in any other season. And, then they fire Love, for a
    fight, albeit a sucker punch (my favorite shot), that was second-rate compared to what they have previously aired. Love is really a sweet little girl with alot of rage that comes from neural conditions following her accident (if u believe the Doc) or from deep emotional issues.

    Everyone on the show needs to see a counselor for that matter. Including their pets.

  • Love is a BITCH! It was even hard to watch that ugly thing! Just let it go and be happy she’s not on MW any more! She doesn’t deserve it. If she gets her own show there is now way it will last!

  • Love is a BITCH! It was even hard to watch that ugly thing! Just let it go and be happy she’s not on MW any more! She doesn’t deserve it. If she gets her own show there is now way it will last!

  • I liked Love in the beginning because she doesn’t take crap, but she takes it to a whole other LEVEL!!! She needs to be institutionalized! With her history what the hell was Vh1 even thinking of bringing her on?! Hope Carla pressed charges. Not that I like her either, but that was BS what Love did.

  • If they wanted someone fake, they should’ve hired an actress? Not recruited the real deal… Sorry chica… (get on another show different network, so that I can enjoy my reality tv again)………REALITY TV SHOULD BE JUST THAT, REAL……not fake actresses. and everyone is different… Love is like most everyone in my neighborhood in CALI, she don’t take no sht! period… When someone steps up with that BS that Carla was poppin, then she needs to be prepared to get popped. That’s how this game works… and just because Love handled things differently than Carla or Renee, etc would’ve doesn’t make her any less. She’s real, just like Drita and Ramona. Also like Evelyn and Tammi from Basketball wives… the real deal.. not the fake actresses. People shouldn’t be shocked to get different reactions from different people. that’s life…. the show was wrong to remove her.. period

  • Tell Love she is definitely missed! It was wrong to remove her from the show. Wrong.. She brought drama and the read deal to the show. And she kept it real. If you talk the talk then u gotta walk the walk. That’s how I grew up back in the day. Keep mouth shut if you ain’t prepared to go the distance. Period. Carla thinks everyone is playing around or that life is a game. The stuff that comes outta her mouth, is bananas and she needs to learn to keep it shut if she can’t back it up. It’s as simple as that. I grew up with chics like Love, who know the game. Carla would’ve gotten jacked every single day of her life if she grew up where I grew up running that mouth. She should’ve gotten popped on stage because she was still running her mouth, like she’s big and bad. I was hoping Ramona would’ve busted her in the head. I used to like Carla, until she started acting like a studio gangster. And why remove Love for her actions when you didn’t remove Drita, she was almost the same way. Except Drita was smart enough to know her limits when it came down to Love. Drita, Karen and Ramona, etc, understand the game and how it’s played, which is why they stepped aside for Love. Doesn’t make them punks just lets me know they know how this sht works. We stepped aside for certain people too. And also Carla was still acting like she had an excuse for Drita not to fight. Drita ain’t no fool and she knows her tough limits. She’ll go after Ramona, and the others but she ain’t touching Love. Not to mention, why would she fight for her? Unless she was pimpin her out? I don’t get it. That’s Carla’s mentality. She’s a punk.

  • My issue with this decision, are these shows are supposed to be reality shows. About real people and real things that happen. Well let me tell you for some of us, in our backgrounds, it don’t get no realer than Love. She was like the homie’s I grew up with and looked up too. So to remove her because she’s so real, just ticks me off. All my childhood friends in my hometown in CALI could relate to her and the things she said and did. Because that was just everyday business for us in my neighborhood.

    Another wrong move the show did, is why fan the flames of the fire on that sit down instead of pulling Love aside and saying, Love, GIVE TV AND US, A FAKE REACTION AND RESPONSE AND NOT A REAL ONE, OR ELSE YOU’LL BE RELEASED. Why constantly film it and
    Focus the show around it and us viewers. Why build it up? Did you think Love was playing around? People like me knew she was keeping it real. Then they portrayed her as being crazy, that was wrong too. She’s normal in my neighborhood. WE looked up and respected chics like her. The show did her wrong. Period. They almost helped set Carla up and then put the full blame on Love. Sad…..

    Even on Basketball wives, why not get rid of Tammy or Evelyn, those broads were jacking B’s up all over the set… Yet they’re still there… Strange….

  • Love is trash. what does one do with trash? it is thrown out to the curb. that is where love
    belongs; in the gutter with the rest of the trash. good riddance.

  • So glad she’s gone. I didn’t like her in the first place. And what she did to Carla on the finale was ridiculous. Not that it would’ve made a difference but she could’ve atleast waited for Carla to get adjusted b4 she hit her. Carla had no idea that was gonna happen. Like I sad, it probably wouldn’t have made a difference, but Carla didn’t even see it coming. It was WRONG!

    Peace out Love, don’t let the door hit u in the fat ass on the way out!

  • Glad Love is gone…crazy & wild & finally I think Karen has seen how dangerous Love can really be. Even all the other girls know that too. All Love really wanted to do was go to that party because she knew Carla would be there for Drita & she could get revenge. For what? Carla has no beef with this woman (she doesn’t even know her). All I can say is glad she is gone. No matter what fighting goes on between these women, they have all managed to make peace or at lease learned not to go near each other until things can be resolved amongst one another. Glad to see Renee actually trying to help Carla. Even after what went down between them, Renee showed real class. Love better watch her back, if she’s smart she’d keep her mouth shut & go away quietly, you don’t mess with those girls……

  • love is to crazy to be around these girls someone will end up dead, and for what angel wings that weren’t earned.

  • Bye, Bye Love! So long psychopath, I’ll be back now Love’s goodbye! I’ll be back now that Love Is Gone! LOL! I try. lol
    Now that Love is gone, I will watch next season. Love is what, forty? Can you imagine a forty year old woman talking about stabbing people? Love is an immature, violent, street trash piece of shhhhhhhh!t.
    What the hell kind of name is Love? Who names their kid, Love?

    • I Agree If Love is so tough then she should have squared up with Carla…..She’s a piece of trash all i heard the whole season was love bashing and saying things about carla , and as soon as carla lashes back Ramona, Karen And He-man (love) wanna fight, LOVE you are trash i would love to square up with you trust me your not so tough. out of all the women their all talk especially KAREN & RAMONA Drita is the only one who back’s it up all while not being a bully !

  • LOVE is a hot tranny mess. I am so glad she was fired, she is a stupid “comare babbo”. She is a walking time bomb that needs to be put away for ever. Lock the bitch up and throw away the key. Good Ridden’s Love!!!

  • Love is a sick bitch and an ugly one. Carla should press charges against her, and not let Love get away with what she did. I don’t care about who said what about who. You should have respect and act like a lady when your out in public and on TV. I don’t know who the hell Love thinks she is but she is NOT the show and I am glad she is gone, this mentally unstable lunatic. She deserves everything she gets, what goes around comes around. Trashy skank !! She does not belong with these ladies on Mob Wives — good riddance!! Karen and Ramona are a joke, they should have stood up for Carla but they have No Class and only think of themselves.

  • Glad that trashy psycho skank is out!! She never fit in with the rest of the ladies. She was scum and needs to be institutionalized.

  • They are middle aged women who obviously aren’t educated enough to debate like adults, but instead fight & act like fighting is cool! For f’s sakes all we know about this love “lady” is that she beats people up, and stabs her boyfriends! Then we got the gaggy pleasure of watching her horseshoe herself into sexy lingerie for her weird looking boyfriend with Big Ang! This season has been disappointment. I’ll probably watch next season just long enough to see if Dritas hubby is going to be featured. Oh….who thought It was funny when Renee said something about being tougher then Carla?? She looks like a fragile old lady….too funny! I won’t even miss Love!! She had No story line & when she fought Carla after talking about what a fighter she was she ends up pulling her hair like a 1st grader! Oooh….what a scrapper! Drita can fight Love is all bark!

  • Great reief, I like this show. I will continue to have the Mob Wives on speed dial, Love is crazy, beyond crazy. I didn’t want this show to stoop to the low level of Mob Wives Chicago with scripted violence at this level.

  • Well ive been a fan of the show since it started. Obviously we will never know their true real life past through a reality show. We can only judge what we see. Carla and big ang are my favorites because they never try to act tough like all of the other ladies. Really though i dont mind all of them except karen. I can not stand her and her ghetto talking ways. Your fathers a rat! And if that was me um yea probably wouldnt show my face on a reality show. None of it makes sense to me but of course i always love the drama like any girl but i dont think mobwives should go on. I hope u ladies go on with ur lives and for god sakes enough waiting for ur men to get out of prison. Life is too short that goes out to everyone who is reading too.

  • Tenisha, I think you suffer from the same mental condition Love does! You’re either delusional or Love herself trying to clean up her mess!!! That whole “I noticed when Carla was pointing fingers and was edited” remind me of when Love’s insane ass, claimed Carla’s father in-law stole her logo…the both of you are psychotic and need mental help especially with hallucination.

  • Really??
    I tell you i haven’t liked Love from day one, She watches to many movies I think, and lives in Goodfella’s Land. What Grown woman acts the way she does??
    I can’t say that I have a friend of mine who constantly gets into fights and I tell her the sae thing. GROW UP.
    Even if she said something under her breath no one heard GROW Up.
    I don’t have tv right now.
    But if what others have said and she had her cast on at one point and off the next. My guess is she had something hidding in the cast. Especially since she wasn’t suppose to be there to begin with.
    It is all shady.
    These women need to grow up. and start setting examples for the children. BEcause even though they aren’t watching them now. One day their kids are going to see their mothers antic’s and think it’s ok.

    For Cryin out loud. GROW UP for your childrens sake

  • I think she made up all those lies about Carla supposedly telling lies about her to create drama and make herself look tough and it backfired in her face. Won’t miss that psycho.

  • Here is my opinion.
    Now i have come to like love. She seemed very cool. Now as time progressed i have seen her fascination with carla grow and grow. Now i dont follkw carla on twitter but i do follow love. Now, at dritas party love knew what she was going to do, as she has stated that to the girls there. Even renee noticed love was turning into someone else, i mean this girls eyes were rolling to the back of her head. She also came on with a cast, now i have had a cast and when.did this cast come off? And my question is did she carry a weapon in that cast?? Is this the real reason why love was fired? We have seen every season a fight break come love is being fired? In my opinion last years fight was far worse-drita vs karen and ramona. NOW- IF carla had called love a spec, how come karen didnt defend love and agree with love? How come ramona didnt agree with love? How come in the car love didnt say “well carla called me a spec!” love turned it around and was trying to say she was protecting everyone. Well i thought you were going after her for your own benefit? Lies. Lies lies LIES. please dont sit here and tell me it was well deserved. Love is in her 40s. Grow up. You dont need to act like a thug. You’re a mother. Trust me men dont like this stupid thug ghetto mentality

    • I agree that Love at first seemed entertaining but that quickly faded. And I agree that grown men don’t like thug women who brawl at bars. But Love is not a mother. She’s never even been married since she stabs, poisons & beats her men. I don’t know how any sane man would want to date her & introduce her to his family! Carla is a mother & I don’t think she wanted to fight. She didn’t go to the party dressed for a fight. I don’t always like how Carla acts but she didn’t deserve that crazy hair pulling from Love.

    • Exactly! Love and her followers are so delusional you can’t edit everything. If Carla did call Love a racial slur Karen would’ve said that Love was in the right for attacking her

  • Love just bragged about stabbing people & acted all tough that it turned people off. Carla’s mouth did move & she gestured with her right hand when Love asked her about something on her phone. However, I don’t think anything could justify her reaching out to pull Carla’s hair. And that’s all she did do. All that talk & she didn’t beat Carla down. As for Carla’s hand bleeding, I do wonder how it was cut because Love kept fumbling with something in her purse the entire time she walked towards the table. I also would like to remind people that she did say that she replayed the “confrontation” 100 times in her mind and how she would beat her. What almost 50 year old woman does THAT, stab people & still fight in bars! She was too obsessed with Carla & if I were Carla I would file a restraining order.

    • I said the same thing. My theory was love hid a blade or knife in her “cast” and then when she had carla all to herself when big ang and drita left, she attacked carla by pulling her hair and then attempting to stab carla probably. Love’s fans on twitter are so stupid and they are blaming jenn graziano about her leaving the show LOL

      • Mylia, good theory about the knife. She would do something that ratchet. I still can’t believe Love has fans. She’s an overweight, 50 years old, psychotic & extremely violent. Who would admire that?!? As for blaming Jenn G., I’m sure all the bigwigs were involved in the firing. The woman is too volatile & a huge liability. If people get hurt because of her, the lawsuits would be endless. I’m sure her #s didn’t balance out the potential liability & got rid of her.

  • Bunch of freaking animals. .glad love is gone hopefully she gets the HELP she needs..sick animal w form out the mouth..

  • I knew she would be trouble from the day she started the show. I “LOVE” how some of these ladies think they’re untouchable. They feel like NOBODY can bring them down. I grew up in Bayonne, right over the bridge, and hung out in Staten Island for a period, and was always in New York. I know how it is to fight your way through situations, as I did many times. When you know you’re a good fighter, and you can hold your own you don’t go around talking about it. You just have the confidence that nobody will try to hurt you, or they’ll be in for a big surprise 🙂 I think MOST of these women are all bark and NO BITE :)) SEE YA LOVE !!! You had no place on this show anyway. I wish you would have taken Karen and Ramona wit ya, lmfao!!!!!

  • Good riddance! Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you… of course in Love’s case she’d hit the door back!

  • Glad she’s gone, couldn’t stand her big fat loud mouth, her violent tendencies and bragging about stabbing people, seriously, what a bully.

    • Lol seriously the constant bragging about stabbing people. It was annoying the one time i wanna murder someone is when im pmsing lol love is a whole other level

  • love is a punk ass bitch, her “cast” was on when she attacked carla and suddenly in the car she’s talking to karen and there’s no cast. I think whatever was on her hand was there for a reason. probably to get the most out of her cheap shot.

    • I’m so glad you mentioned the cast. I thought I was crazy. YES!!! She wanted to use it to get a harder shot in. Sure you can win a fight, when you have leverage. Without a weapon, I’m willing to bet she ain’t sh*t. So you stab people, yeah and…….. all that proves is that you need medication. because you’re a psycho b*tch, not that you’re so tough. So glad they ditched her. However, I’m aggrivated that VH1 let it go that far. Carla had to get hurt for them to fie that fat, sloppy, crazy, ugly opportunist.

  • Regardless if it’s fake or not, scripted or not, or even set up or not, the point is, Love said all those horrible things during her one on ones. Not just about Carla, but about everyone. Saying how you stabbed people, beat the crap out of others, and basically ‘demanded’ her respect is not winning over any viewers.

    Honey, respect is earned, not given. Of course the producers would let her go! The viewers didn’t like her. Look at her polls against the other girls. LOW! Big Ang was only supposed to be a supporting guest, the viewers loved her, she got popular, and now she was promoted to series regular AND got her own spin-off. It’s all about numbers and viewers and if this lunatic is bringing down viewers bc of her antics, then she certainly has to go.

    While Carla is no angel, she handles herself better in the one on ones, and IMHO, that’s what it’s all about. The things you say in your personal interviews. You can’t fake that. You said.

    Bye Bye Love. Thank God

  • Love can cry all she wants on twitter..They didn’t show this they edited that..Wtf ever.. All I know is that all season I have heard her run her whack mouth I stabbed this one, I’ll kill that one, I’ll get this one. Obsess ( in my opinion) about Carla to the point that if I were Carla, I would have been freakin scared for myself and my family as I watched the episodes. Obviously left and right productions / just jenn productions, and I’m sorry I think VH1 said to themselves enough is enough, especially after the finale episode they got rid of her cra cra ass.

  • Love is pretty pathetic, she waited for Ang and Drita to leave because she’s a bully. They made the whole season be about the other women obsessing over Carla and talking about her nonstop.

    • I didn’t see it that way. Ang and Drita have both been warning Carla about Love for weeks. The minute she gets there the both leave her alone in with 4 people they KNOW don’t like her. I found that seriously suspect.

      • What’s really sad is that these are grown women with children, and they’re acting worse than high school kids. I mean, who the hell fights and acts like this?!?

        • thank you!! What gets me is, they actually act like/ think THEY are gangsters. LMAO!!!! No, you’re grown women, who have witnessed this lifestyle first hand, not lived it. None of them ever went around “wacking” people. So, Be women already. I think Carla is the classiest one of them all. Karen and Ramona think they’re Goodfellas, lol! It’s good for a few laughs, but that’s ridiculous. Be a mom and a woman already, and get over yourselves. Why do you think EVERYONE loves Big Ang??? She carries herself in a more mature way. She has class, and self respect. Take notes girls, and one day you MAY have a few fans who actually like you too.

      • I am glad Love is gone. I think angst was made up or exaggerated to secure a spot next seasons but….I have to say I found that suspect as well. Edited makes it seems like that was something we should pay attn to

      • It would be suspect if they dipped out and didn’t tell her but Big Ang went to her and told her where they were going.

  • Too bad we couldn’t have waited to see her ass get kicked first. She was nothing but a liability for this otherwise enjoyable show.

  • I can’t understand how anyone can support Love. She straight up sucker punched Carla. In all the other fights on this show there has been a build up to the fight, she literally sat down and was hit. They weren’t arguing at that point.

    I’m sure the show could have been heavily edited, but in the car Love mouthed off about how Carla insulted Karen and Karen’s face was like WTF, Carla didn’t say that.

    Even if Carla was talking crap about Love on Twitter who cares, are they 14? Either clap back on Twitter or stfu.

    I left twitter b/c I thought it was pointless but there is literally nothing anyone could post that condones what Love did.

    Unless Carla attacked Love first and it was edited out, there is no excuse.

    • Carla called her a racial slur to her face and they edited it out so the audience wouldn’t hear it.

      • How do you know this for a #fact? Why just cause Love says this it’s true?

        I’m just askin not looking for an arugement.I’m just curious.

        • Love said it was a racial slur. When I watched the footage of the fight I noticed that the audio was there. Right before Love hits Carla you can see Carla pointing and speaking to Love but there is no sound when there was sound seconds before. I have to ask why cut the audio of Carla speaking? What would be the point of that? If they bleeped it out that would be one thing but to cut the whole audio is suspicious to me.

          • I saw it, and didn’t notice what you say you saw, but I will watch again.

            Sorry I don’t beleive Love.
            I have seen her tweet( something like) this before the finale episode aired( about something being edited etc. So maybe she was putting something out there for her fans to go on?

          • No…I noticed almost from the beginning something was off. Carla kept saying that she didn’t know her and had never met her but they had a pretty big blowup on Twitter in the summer. I believe the blowup happened before they were taping. I also n

          • I also noticed that Carla deletes her tweets and then acts innocent afterwards. I like Love and if I hadn’t seen what’s been happening on Twitter I would believe how Love is protrayed on the show. But seeing how Carla and Derek…especially Derek attack Love on Twitter like he does makes me question just how real the show is. Carla’s been caught in one too many lies for me to believe anything out of her mouth. I don’t agree with all the violence either. I think as an adult you should be able to sit down and talk it out but this show has had a major brawl every season…it’s a little hypocritical to fire Love for a slap when all the punches and tackles didn’t result is any disciplinary action.

          • How was the audio off? Because I distinctly remember Love holding a phone adn saying I wanted to ask you about and then came the sucker punch! I swear there is something in the kool aid Love is serving! Stop drinking it!

          • There is a break in Carla’s audio. She is pointing at Love and you can’t hear her voice..all you hear is background noise. And FYI…I don’t drink Kool-Aid

          • Funny Karen seemed to think there was no reason for love to hit Carla!! And said NOTHING about a racial slur. Love is a liar. She also said Carla called the cops, I didn’t see any cops

          • Exactly KathyR

            Karen never said one thing about Carla saying anything to provoke Love, and I do beleive Karen would have said something right then and there!

            I call BS on Love, period!

          • I don’t recall this happening, all I remember is a sucker punch! And Carla is no idiot. She wouldn’t say that on television!

      • Ok wait so they sit down and Carla out of the blue calls Love a racial slur?

        Even if she did, if Carla didn’t touch her there was no reason to attack her.

        I’ve fortunately never been called a slur before (I’m black), however if I ever am, it does not give me the right to bash the other person’s head in. I’m sure I’d want to and in my mind they would deserve it but it would be wrong.

        Plus Love had all season to talk to Carla. Never had Love even mentioned a one on one sit down. Love did exactly what she accused Carla of, just talking about her behind her back.

        • I totally agree with u Pandabear. People usually use racial slurs to get a rise out of the person their arguing with and if u react that meAns the other person got the best of u and got the reaction they were after. Best to just bitch slap them in ur head only and be the better person..

        • I TOTALLY agree! If I b*itch smacked everyone I’d spend lots of time in jail. I’ve rewatched it numerous times and see nothing coming out like that. I think Love was looking for a reason and more “ratings” my personal opinion.

      • I call bullshit. So the claim is that a racial slur was passed and that justifies the ridiculous hair pulling palooza? How original? Love has no real excuse for her own crappy behavior so now puts forth an accusation of racial slurs from the person she’s attacked. Its the second cheap shot made surrounding this incident. This is still a very racist society and to cheapen real racial bias and oppression with this ridiculous rationalisation of thug antics is sick.

        • You are right it does not justify; my point was , somewhere along the way, ( sorry off track!) that this “fight” was unnecessary, but Carla was not innocent. I dont like what Love did, but when you are dealing with a crazy person, you should watch yourself, especially when you are a Mother. And although it was unnecessary, everyone involved in the show to include production knew from jump this would most likely happen at some point. Ratings greed? Money greed? Who knows?

  • Glad Love is gone She is physco
    she needs major help I also think That Karen set Carla Up if you noticed all this occured when Drita went out side Because Karen knew this would not of happened if Drita was there

  • The woman was psychotic..In every scene she was in all she talked about was how she would beat someone up..grown woman acting like schoolyard bully..couldn’t deal with her anymore

  • Love isnt a main person on the show, so no she shouldnt be at the reunion regardless of what happened.. there’s fights on other ‘reality tv’ shows on VH1 & MTV and they dont have the outsiders at the reunion, even if they are paid as extra’s or ‘friends of main characters’, no her violent self should not be at the reunion, she’s a grown woman well into her 40’s she should NEVER behave that way, totally uncalled for no matter what words are thrown, fists should never be.. what a disgrace, she should be ashamed of herself, schoolyard crap from the 70’s doesnt cut it in 2013, Love my dear, grow up

  • This show took a dark turn last night. Love has too many voices in her head, spreads gossip, and for some reason all the girls cater to her. So glad she is gone.

  • Arrivederci Psycho bitch from hell. Do yourself a huge favor, “Love”, and seek psychological counseling…you my dear have some DEEP ROOTED ISSUES and ANGER.

  • I glad shes gone. She def has some mental issues and needs to seek serious help from a team of therapist. But does anyone know why exactly she was fired??

  • I heard about this yesterday, and considering the title of the show and how it kicked off, Im surprised they fired her. Violence should not have been tolerated from the first episode ever! Carla is not innocent, none of them are. The only one who has not been violent on that show is Bigg Ang. The show has to be fake somewhere along the way because they all have known Love for over 20 years- Jenn knew what she was doing putting Love on the show. I don’t think its fair that Carla has caused so much trouble for many on the show, but Love putting hands on her was wrong. So per usual, Carla gets to run her mouth and say nasty things and will continue to do so. Look at the hypocrisy, LOL!!! Carla has put her hands on people, picked up a knife, called Renee druggie, junkie, Drita was super violent until this season.. GMAFB.

      • I agree, the Karen, Ramona, Drita fight was worse.

        In Drita’s defense, she was backed up against the rail, two on one and Ramona put her hand in Drita’s face. I think I would have taken a swing at R too

        Just sayin 😉

    • I agree Carla should’t speak of Love etc on Twitter or in blogs, just drop it – everything has gone too far. It is sickening, I don’t have any female friends that act this way.

      • I agree with u Carla needs to shut her mouth and let it go, it’s done. especially since she can’t back it up. she doesn’t realize, that people in life are different. they’re not all going to handle things the way she would. with her mouth. I used to act this way and everyone I grew up with acted this way. but it wasn’t really an act, it was just our way of life. no time for talk. or u might just get popped. I’m older now and have changed but there are times when i get it poppin with people because they just can’t be disrespectful off jump. When I’m around certain people, I act a different way. Calm, relaxed, etc. but that’s just an act. Being older now, only certain things set me off, it used to be everything. lol. but now it’s easier to control in order to pretend to fit in… then when i get home or around people I know. I can be myself. Love is real, and all of my homie’s knew there wasn’t gonna be no talking and arguing.. just someone getting popped! I love the fighting on reality tv.. it’s the best part. for me. not boring. the show is mob wives, not happy fantasy land.

    • right it doesn’t make sense. I don’t think love was fired for pulling Carla’s hair. if that was the case then all their asses would’ve been fired. maybe Carla had something to do with it. maybe she convinced the producer to fire her. I’m just guessing because none of this makes sense. love was the only reason why I was slightly interested in the show. the show has gotten pretty boring. I miss the arguments and the fights.

      • I think she had a knife or some type of weapon in her fake cast and that’s why they let her go. After the incident she was waving her hand around like everything was okay. You don’t do your hand like that when you have broken bones!!! So I think she made that story up about punching a wall to give her a reason to wear the cast in order to cover up a weapon

      • I have to agree with u. She kept it lively and with the fights. Drita used to hold it down like that but she must’ve gotten warned by the show to tone down the violence because she was on this new thing… and it almost seemed hard for her to maintain. like it was fake, because she’s not like that. I also think the show built this whole confrontation up in order to get ratings, and spliced and cut it till it was set up like a Tyson vs Holifield fight. then they made Love the scapegoat and now they’re hands are clean. Think about it. they never had to show any part of that disagreement. But on every episode those two ladies never filmed together, yet the show made sure they showed all the violent comments that were being said. and carla’s responses? Why do this, if you don’t expect a huge fight to pop off? or ratings to go up… I grew with chics like Love and WE all knew she was going to fight. There’s no need to talk about BS, just pop the Beaoootch in the head and let her know, keep ur name outta her mouth and problem solved. that’s how we do… the show used love and played into her ways for ratings then tossed her our when Carla threatened to quit… Carla is boring.. and fake, and this is supposed to be reality tv… REAL… True enough love and carla should’ve met and could’ve met off camera and squashed it, but the show wanted this meeting LIVE… and they got it.

    • totally agree…. she talked the talk but couldn’t walk the walk. and where i come from if u can’t then u better keep ur mouth shut. i personally think carla threatened to quit unless they got rid of love. like how they did it in jersey, the ladies threatened to quit so they dumped off that one housewife. the show used love they knew her ways and how she deals with things, yet every week they built this thing up better than a Los Vegas Tyson boxing match! those two never filmed together, yet they USED all of their violent and fight starting comments in every friggin episode, having us viewers practically drooling for the final show down… they could’ve cut it all out and left it alone but they refused to ignore the ratings buzz. this show is nothing but violence and if people want a nice, happy go lucky show, then turn the channel, i think there’s a happy show somewhere. Then they cut the film in a way to portray her as crazy to help go along with the future confrontation. She kept it real and many people have never met a person like LOVE. but i have, everyone in my hometown in CALI, gets down like that. or gets outta the way. smile. there were times I had to get outta the way. and did like Drita and the others did and kept my mouth shut. hahahah. or got popped! this is reality tv, not a film, but i personally think they warned drita to stop the violence and just let Love roll with hers because they were cutting her anyway. Nene used to fight, Evelyn goes nuts and tammi is bananas.. yet they’re still filming. why get rid of Love? because i hate to admit it, she does represent a lot of women I know and I can relate to her actions and ways. She don’t play.. and if u step up then be prepared to go the distance…

  • Thank God they got rid of her. She ruined the show for me and I barely watched this season. I had to tune in last night to see what the ending would be like and I was disgusted by her behavior. Carla has never even met this woman and she goes after her like a lunatic. She looked like she was on drugs from the moment she came into that party. Carla didn’t even get to say a word and she went at her like a rabid animal. Ughhh!!!

  • Glad someone stepped up and fired her before it became any worse. There is no need for violence. Love needs to seek help for her temper.

    • She said things like “I didn’t follow the script” and basically say the entire show was fake. She also tweeted Andy Cohen yesterday and the RHOA’s saying something like “at least something good will be on TV to watch tonight” RHOA reunion and Mob wives finale were both on at 8pm last night.

      • The whole show can’t be fake, Lee really just got out and Junior betrayed Renee’s father. I would like Love to give more details about what exactly is fake.

        • Thank you!! The good parts of this show are the real life occurances. Of course we know situations are set up by production, they called out Jenn Graziano on it in Season 1 reunion.

          And with the Love defense, I don’t care what Carla said about Love on Twitter, if you respond physically to an insult or something on Twitter you are a punk and an idiot because you can’t think of a good comeback.

          These women need to learn to read the house down. In my opinion thats waaayyyy more entertaining than seeing a fist fight.

        • I also believe that some of it is fake too. I believe they warned drita to cut out her violence this season or else….. and that’s why she’s acting all fake and weird… I know chics like drita from back in the day and now, u don’t suddenly start the “happy/smiley” game unless ur money is being threatened… period. i think they warned her and so she;s playing the game, just watching her, it’s hard for me because she seems, off, like fake. i still think the show used love for ratings, because why show any of her and carla’s comments? threats? or anything… they cut everything else and prepped this final showdown for their season finale blow out fight. they knew Love would bust her in the head, heck I knew Love wasn’t going to do no talking. women like her don’t talk to solve problems, we bust u upside ur head, then ur problem with ur big mouth is solved. the show ramped this up and used her and dumped her off when carla threatened to walk. remember on jersey they dumped off that one when the other ladies threatened to walk? who knows tho? but i believe they are forced to act a certain way… and if they want THEY CHECKS, they bet get to acting…. hip hop wives is scripted too. fake.not all of it. but some. they stop them from expressing the real deal….

  • It’s too bad, I really thought I was going to like her but geez she was obsessed with Carla! I don’t know if she was making up stuff, or if people were feeding her bullshit about Carla. The whole logo thing leads me to believe Love tended to fabricate stories. I’m not a huge fan of Carla, but I have to admit she will stand her ground as shown in season 1 and 2. And when attacked by Love she did not back down even though everyone told her love was a bit of a psycho. Love and her vulgar fans did this, and now they are blaming Carla. Saying she called the cops, did anyone see cops last night? If they want to blame someone all they need to do is look in a mirror.

    • Not that I’m disputing your opinion, Im not, LOL, but there are things in real life that occurred prior to Love joining, from Carla and her BF that Love used to hook up with. He fed Carla gossip and nasty things to publicly tweet about Love. Its a shame that Jenn Graziano only used her to to showcase the temper and take no shit attitude because she is involved with other things in her life. Everyone else on the show has had their other sides of their life put out except for Love- wonder why? The logo thing , I leaned toward believing Love because 1- Carla and Joe’s story has changed several times. 2- Love had her Veritas line advertised with that long before Joe’s dad on her website, long before she knew she would be on the show.

      • Yes! Love has a makeup company that she started years ago and has done the makeup for a couple of celebrities, she took in numerous Sandy victims and helped them out. They made her whole storyline about her being mad at Carla but did not show why. It just mad me question whether its all fake.

        • I agree… they cut and spliced the crap outta the Love and Carla showdown for ratings and finale.. period. they didn’t have to show any of it, yet on every single episode they showed the comments, threats, etc and heck those two never even filmed together….. why? so save it for the finale@! they used them both, had carla thinking that Love was like Renee and the others instead of letting her really know, Love is worse than Drita, and also feeding Love crap that would set her off…. why show us viewers??? why not the good HAPPY GO LUCKY THINGS she did? or was doing? She had another side they refused to delve into. she was lonely and wanted love…. why not headline that? they let her say it once and never again. but showed all her negative… or anger..she has a short fuse… heck most do… but she was also lonely, they could’ve helped her find love….. but WAIT, TOO BORING NOT GOOD FOR RATINGS…..

      • You know the people that I go to for tattoos have angel wings too, I bet they stole the image from Love as well!

        • Pertaining to this instance Valerie not your tatoo shop. The point was Carla was trying to make it look one way, Love was trying to prove they jacked it, their stories changed several times.

          • I dont think he stole it per se, I think it was an unfortunate coincidence and Love probably took it that way because of Carla. Unless, she saw it on Love’s website and took it? Who knows.

        • Wasn’t this guys shop opened prior toLove/Carla feud?

          Even if it wasn’t, why would your soon to be ex-father in law, whose son is in prison, name his business using a name that will “get back” at his daughter in law’s boyfriend’s ex girlfriend?

          Why would Carla ask her father in law to do that? That doesn’t make sense. There are toooo many dots to connect and too many other angel wings in the world for Love to be offended by this coincidence.

      • TOTALLY AGREE….. and once if u remember Love touched on being lonely and wanting love and a man… but they cut that stuff out real quick… guess it was too boring to watch her look for love and get into that…. the show did her wrong… and not sure why Renee or any of the others aren’t standing up for her… although karen did seem ticked that Love was gone and so did ramona.. renee made the one comment like, hey that’s what happens wrong time wrong place.

  • There is a lot of editing in these episodes. I don’t think I’ll be wayching the show anymore after what happened on Twitter this weekend. Shameful all around.

      • Basically they muted Carla’s audio so you couldn’t hear what she was saying. I’ve heard the reason Love hit her was because Carla called her a racial slur. It looks like the management egged Love on about Carla and used her for ratings. To keep her from telling the truth, they fired her and banned her from the reunion.

          • It all came out on Twitter. Jen and Renee both stated that Jenn had nothing to do with her firing but she was fired by Just Jenn productions.

          • Yes! After all the crap that Love’s been hearing from people she trusted to have her disrespect her like that to her face…I can’t say I wouldn’t react violently if someone called me the N- word.

          • Sal- If I tell you then I have to make you disappear, LOL
            Its my “word on the street” connection 😉

          • @Michers

            That particular slur refers to people of Hispanic descent. Love is Polish. So that doesn’t make sense??

          • Wth? If ur mixed or not? They’re usually the most beautiful people! I’ve watched that episode numerous times and don’t see anything like that come out. Love is just. Crazy. Remember sticks and stones may break my bones but words will NOT hurt me!!! Get help Love! !

          • i herd carla called luv a polock.slang slur. if i was luv i would of got a cast put on with brass knuckles inside to really knock all her teeth out,break her jaw ,break her eye socket . to bad there wern’t any curbs around she would of got a curb bite 2 finish her off . then let me hear u reapeat that slur carla.. go ahead try to chirp now kriket.. crushed u like the bug u r… lmao.. see us polish peps can be crazy. provoke us and u will see how we r.

        • Oh please! Don’t believe everything you hear! If that was the case why didn’t she say that Karen in the car? Or why didn’t Karen say that in the bathroom when she spoke to Carla? Love took a cheap shot, PERIOD! I find it amusing that someone who is so tough demanding her respect blah blah blah has to jump at somebody when they think they are coming in for a talk.

          • This is all a little hard to follow, but that is a good point, why didn’t Love bring that up to Karen in the car?

          • But everyone warned Carla about Love and she always responded by talking alot of sh**. I’m not saying she deserved it, but you don’t poke a crazy bear. Production probably showed Love the video of Carla talking all that crap.

          • I doubt nothing when it comes to Carla. She has proven that she will hit below the belt with her words.

        • You could hear very clearly what Carla said.She said”I just want to ask you about” and then bam Love attacked her. I am shocked about your support for Love. Carla is very cold but she didn’t deserve that. I just read an interview Love gave when she started on mob wives and talked about how wonderful it was and it was the only real reality tv show on the air. Now she is tweeting that the show is fake. She is really sick and needs help. The show did the only responsible thing is firing her so they did not exacerbate her mental issues. The majority of comments on Love’s firing are positive. We are all glad she is gone.

    • I can’t believe this woman has fans. Sure, Carla does talk a lot of crap, but Love is completely psychotic. She’s all about stabbing people and WTH was that reference to bath salts? LMAO! She needs to seek help.

      • A.- Drita had fans when all she did was act mad and violent since season 1! People actually liked when she said she would eat Ramona or her face off or whatever…

        • I like Drita to a certain point. Her violent nature is a big turn off and I actually think she needs to grow up as well and quit acting so tough. It really gets old, but this season she was more calm, so hopefully she’s doing something about her anger.

          • I agree 100%. I’m all for being a tough city girl but ya know you guys are all adults its annoying the comments they made about beating girls up and fighting its really immature for women in their 40s. And i have to say thats one thing carla doesnt do is sit there and talk about how she wants to beat people up.


        • Difference is, Drita actually has some likeable redeeming qualities! Love does NOT to say the very least. All this crap that y’all say Love is spewing on twitter is classic sour grapes! She thought by coming in and being all gangsta bitch against the weakest link, mind you, that she would be guaranteed a spot! Maybe she thought it worked for Ramona so… but again the difference is Ramona had a storyline outside of her hate for Drita. Love was literally a one hit wonder with her song about Carla on repeat in every damn scene!

          • You are right about that Valerie.. but something just does not add up here… Maybe the reunion will provide answers but thats not for 2 more weeks. I wonder if anyone will be able to speak any truth there.

          • Valerie, very true. Drita’s tough girl crap was irritating at times, but you didn’t see complete lack of empathy. Love crossed the line into criminal behavior (as opposed to cat-fights) and psycopathy. The most disturbing was the look on Love’s face when she was talking with Karen before the incident with Carla. We see Love with a weird look in her eye, almost evil, when she is talking about what she is going to do to Carla and that she is ‘waiting’. The girl needs a psychiatric evaluation and a Priest!

  • No. She’s a loose cannon. I’m no fan of Carla; however, Love seems to have no self-control. Who knows how many people would’ve attacked at the reunion.


  • Glad she is gone. She was mentally unstable and promotes violence as a way to solve issues. See ya.

    • I so agree! I’m not a fan of any of the mobwives honestly but Carla really never talked about Love she began to defend herself when Love constantly talked bad about her. & Then she hits her when they finally are face to face. She Love is a Loser. lol

      • Carla has been bashing Love on Twitter since last summer. She even mad fun of the fact that Love had a miscarriage. Carla is no innocent victim and the management used Love for ratings even going so far to name one of the episodes after Love’s episode on I Married A Mobster.

        • I follow Carla on twitter & i never heard her talk about Love until they were filming & Love started going after her. When was the date of the tweet about miscarriage? I want to look it up.

          • Carla, Derek and Toni had a twitter fight last June and Carla had plenty to say. She then deleted her tweets but if you look up her boyfriends tweets, you’ll find them. Carla also deleted her tweet about Love’s miscarriage but another blogger has a screenshot of it.

          • Tenisha, Carla is infamous for tweeting and deleting! I saw that war, she was very unladylike and her BF likes to have tweet wars with women!
            @ Annapolis some cast members still have screenshots of exchanges with Carla I think. I know Love has this on her twitter as well. Karen even had some of Carla being a biznitch. Carla also was screenshotted making gay slurs to someone, not sure if he has the shots still , but his name is Mike Granata . Joe Ferragamo, her ex, even was taken back by that one, and apologized to the guy for Carla’s nastiness.

          • 100% truth that she did tweet that and if I could post it here I would. I blogged about the incident and confirmed with the father of the 5mth fetus that she suffered a miscarriage.

    • Point being words are words but when you stab someone your insane. Defend love all you want just makes me question what you consider evil.

    • Wake up people! Show may not be scripted but it’s cleverly edited. The crafty & deceptive editing is managed by producers & directors & their sole mission is RATINGS! So each episode is edited with that in mind. They film hundreds & hundreds of hours of these “characters” & the magic of each episode is created in an editing bay under the guise of studio brass. Their 15 minutes are nearly up anyway. Karen & Ramona should concentrate more on their kids instead of marrying a criminal & perfecting their ghetto dialect. So glad Drita backed off of her “Rap” career. Sorry seeing a 40+ woman cussing every other word isn’t cool, it’s pathetic & desperate. Rene is just a mess & has had too much work done! Oy! They all look haggard & as if they’ve traveled a lot of bad road! The one who made out best on show & (hasn’t even appeared on it), is DRod! He hit the girlfriend jackpot going from Love to Carla! But it just proves what a low life he is when he tweets about Love, “he did her & dumped her”. And what does it say about Carla? She bashes Love but dates her sloppy seconds? I feel badly for all these women’s kids. They all claim their kids are thee most important things however their actions do nothing to support their claims. They’re all so wrapped up in themselves & keeping their 15 minutes that the kids get pushed aside. These women are far too self absorbed to put anyone but themselves first, even their kids.

        • She got let go (fired) by a left right hook. Good riddance, Love is trash. She doesn’t get any respect, she just want’s people to be afraid of her, but feat does not equal respect.

          • It amazes me how this lunatic claims she demands respect when she doesn’t even respect herself!! No self-respecting Woman would act the way she does! Good-riddance to bad rubbish!

    • Can somone please explain y love got fired when this fight wasnt nearly as bad as the karen drita fight season 1

    • Im glad shes gone the girl was bonkers, always chriping on carla and carla didnt even know her……good riddence i say

    • Agreed. People that unstable shouldn’t be around normal non violent individuals. It’s probably so expensive to insure such a loon.

    • Love tried to land a big score on MW. by being a psychotic animal.She had an entire season threatening to killCarla,someone she never met.Then simply ambushed her the 1st chane she got.No career,no big score just the door psyho.