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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Karent Was Not Asked Back To RHOM! Who’s In & Who’s Out For Season Three?

The Real Housewives of Miami have started to film for the third season of the show and speculation is starting, as is tradition once a franchise begins shooting a new season. We know that Karent Sierra is no longer on the show, but what was the real story behind that? Rumors of Ana and Marysol’s involvement have also began after they did not attend the Bravo Upfront event earlier this week.

We got the real story from a reliable show inside person regarding the cast changes for season three! We are told from a very reliable source, “The Real Housewives of Miami cast had too many women featured on the show last season. The ratings were not so spectacular so the network [Bravo] wanted to make sure they kept only the power players who would draw in ratings.”

So what changes were made? Our source shares, Karent was not given an offer to come back to the show as much as she has been saying she left because she wanted to avoid the drama and focus on other projects. If anyone needed to stay on the show, it was Karent and she would be willing to do basically anything on camera as long as she stayed on.” This makes sense considering that whenever a fan tweets Karent saying they will miss her, she manually RT’s them and mentions @PurveyorsOfPop, the show’s producers!

Missing at the Bravo Upfronts were Ana Quincoces and Marysol Patton, which sparked rumors that the ladies would be downgraded to “friends of the Housewives” or “part-time Housewives”. Our source says, Marysol is not an official Housewife this season and viewers will find out why when the show airs.”

As for Ana, we are told that she has definitely been asked back and she will be on season three. Her negotiations are still up in the air right now. Our source shares, Ana did not attend the Bravo Upfront party because she had a major photo shoot that day. Bravo had booked her a flight to NYC that she had to cancel at the last minute.”

We are told Ana is extremely busy with her cooking career and is unsure of how much filming she will be able to do this season. Although her season three status is unknown right now, producers have been filming her at home with her daughters as well as with some of the other Housewives around Miami! She has been asked back and will appear on season three. To what extent? Nobody knows just yet!

As for the other women on the show? Our insider continues, Joanna is beautiful and she is a known name which is great for the show. Bravo has allowed her to work within different TV networks so she is also returning. She and Romain bring that sexiness to the show and their wedding planning this year is something Bravo’s audience is interested in. Lisa is also returning to the show and so are Adriana and Lea.”

And as for Alexia, who has been part-time and full-time in seasons past, our insider says, Alexia is for sure coming back as a full-time Housewife once again. She is a Miami girl through and through and that is why she is good on the show.”

So there you go! This is the state of RHOM’s third season and the cast. Why do you think Karent was not asked back to the show? Are you pleased with the changes? If Mama Elsa does not appear on season three I will be very upset!

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  • I have decided that even though I loved Lea and would love to see her again, i will not be watching this season because they axed Karent. I loved Karent on the show and hate the other mean girls. Don’t like Ana, Alexis, Adriana. All mean crazy sh** stirrers. So Goodbye to the Miami show for me. Good luck Lea and Lisa and Joanna watch out for those knives. 🙂

  • Why is everyone crazy over Mama Elsa?? She’s disgusting ! Who wants to look or listen to that again this season ?!?!!! This show is the worse of them all !!!

  • Is there something in the water in Miami? For woman as educated as Karent & Ana, neither has no common sense or street smarts. To be Karent’s age and chasing after that guy who had to swallow hard every time she brought up having a child. And Ana crying over her louse of an ex husband who has totally moved on years ago is ridiculous.
    Those 2 are super boring and I’m actually embarassed for them acting so stupid

  • I just adore little Lisa; she is so sweet and bubbly and her heart is in the right place.

  • I hate Ana. That’s really all I have to say about her. Well I also don’t like Joanna either.

    I love Lea and Lisa!

  • I don’t agree that Miami had too many housewives. IMO, 7 is the magic number, and I wish all the franchises would have 7 cast members. I think 5 is way too few, 6 is acceptable but 7 to me is just right.

    I can understand why Karent was not asked back, but I don’t believe she was “willing to do anything on camera”. To me she was the opposite and that’s probably why she’s NOT being asked back. IMO she was too nice and didn’t belong on the show anyway.

    I hope it’s true that Marysol has been downgraded as she was so boring and annoying about not talking about her scandals.

    I hope Bravo adds at least 1 new Latina woman to the cast who is not Cuban. I think Bravo should really highlight the Latin flavor of Miami. Joanna, Lea and Lisa aren’t Latin but the rest of the cast should be. Miami is such a mix of people from all over the world, and it would be cool to see Latina women of all different ethnicities/nationalities on there.

  • Couldn’t be happier with this news! Bye bye phony Karent! And yes yes YESSSSS to Alexia coming back full time! She’s utterly fabulous! The other girls are all great. Can’t wait for season three! Although I’ll miss Mama Elsa so much! Can she be a new housewife? :p

  • I didn’t watch many episodes last season because, let’s face it, it was dead boring! I watched because of Mama Elsa, Adriana, Lea, and Krupa! Now that I’ve watched some of last season, I can’t stand Krupa which I used to love and was a huge fan of. She needs to go! Glad Karent is gone. It’s nice to see Alexia will be back. She’s very Miami, and I love how thick her accent is! Ana is booooring, and I can’t believe she’s coming back. Maybe her drama on the reunion secured her spot on the show.

    • In some ways, I loathe JoAnna Krupa more than any other housewife – even more than Adrienne and Jacqueline Laurita. Probably because she reminds me of my late brother-in-law and a crazy roommate I had who would, just like Krupa, sit at a party, muttering to themselves and whipping themselves into a frenzy of rage before going off on whoever happened to be close the moment they had reached peak rage.

      She is not just a drunk, she is a mean drunk. She is someone who sits and deliberately talks herself into a rage. She did that at Mynt, at the Lingerie Party and the Gala. At the Gala she had some provocation and a foil who would give as good as she got, so she ran off crying, but she didn’t know that when she tried to intimidate Adriana at the lingerie party. She incited that fight, she was gearing up the entire night. She followed Adriana and grabbed her to pull her back. She’s lucky she only got slapped.

      She, much more than the Countess, is a Thug in a Cocktail Dress. She is a cheap, trashy thug who brings nothing but a pretty face and vicious, violent anger.

      I see her and just see all the mean drunks I have known in my life, my brother-in-law, my former college roommate, one of my employers – and think how destructive and harmful they are. She is a destructive virago, full of hated and rage. I don’t want to see her until she’s two years sober and has completed intensive therapy to identify the source of her rage.

      I assume she has suffered some trauma or child abuse. People do not become like her if they have not been traumatized. I hope, for her sake, she gets of television and away from all the enablers and hits whatever nadir is needed to push her to rehab and therapy.

      • Oh cajsa once again you are so smart! I agree and somewhat disagree with you about Joanna. I haven’t drank since I got sober in my early twenties. Thirty years sober! I was so angry but I drank to keep the anger in and not let it out. People that abuse themselves with addictions usually have suffered a trauma or abuse in their past. I started drinking at age twelve to escape the hateful anger I felt towards a close parental relative who abuse me until I left home at sixteen. So quitting drinking at twnety three may not sound like I had much time to drink but boy oh boy I had eleven years of it! I would be long dead by now if I continued. I quit due to shame and fear. Looking back, I don’t have any idea how I managed to stay sober in those early years. Lots of supportive AA friends and a great sponser and lots of intensive therapy and a wonderful priest. I had to get rid of the anger as it was what was killing me. Anger never hurts whoever it is you are angry with. It hurts you! I can understand your loathing of her. I guess I like her because she supports her folks and her sister and has for years. She loves her family and doesn’t take any crap from Ramane. She is tough. I hate when she drinks too. Something bad happened to her of this I am certain. I got a soft spot for her. She is hiding something very painful and still pretty raw despite the time that has passed. I too hope she will get therapy and/or whatever type of help she needs. I know talking with my priest and confessing my sin of anger is what saved my very life and I had a wonderful priest that is still a dear friend of mine to this day. Peace Miss Cajsa! You rock woman and I love your comments!! <3

        • Sandy, I just want to congratulate you on 30 years of sobriety! You should be proud of yourself! Still can’t stand Joanna though 🙂

        • I wish I could hug you through the ether.

          Congrats on your years of sobriety. It takes courage. And yes, drinking often hides some trauma, a form of self-medication for people who can’t afford therapy.

          JoAnna has been told by the people who love her the most that she has a drinking problem and she is not listening. I admire than she supports her family, but it must not be at the expense of her sobriety. They are adults and she can let them swim on their own before she drowns herself.

        • Congratulations on 30 yrs of sobriety!That’s amazing,I have a lot of respect for you.I do agree with some of the other comments about Joanna though.Sh’s a mean drunk and really doesn’t bring anything positive to the show,IMO,just drama.But hey,that’s why I watch these shows!LOL Seriously though,thanks for sharing your story,I’m sure you inspire a lot of us.

  • ARE U F–KING ME? ALEXIS IS COMING BACK FULL TIME?!!? NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Why?!!?! She is the ultimate mean girl. If anything they shouldve had karent on the show over alexia. I think karent brought more to the table than alexia ever did. Very upset with that decision. Im curious as to why marysol is coming part time and “we’re going to find out?” hmm..the rest of the cast i like. I just dont like ana acting like a crazy wackadoo like at the reunion. The rest i like and cannot wait!

    • Oh I love Ana! She was edited so heavily at the reunion that the whole part one made no sense at all.!! I actually tweeted my one and only time ever attempting it and she answered me!! I didn’t get any inside info that she hadn’t already put out there to the media but it was sure fun for me to actually talk with her. I called Lea the Whacko from Waco and she loved it. I just find her so intelligent and with a great sense of humor and she doesn’t stand for any bs. She had so much dirt on Lea and they edited all of it out. Lea is as obnoxious as Jill ALMOST!! OOOOh I am sure there will be some good tea on here!

      Hmmmm. Karent. Wasn’t she the one that had a fake boyfriend or something? I don’t know. Something wasn’t true or right about her. At least that was the vibe I got from her.

      I love Marysol and her mama! Mama Elso is the bomb! I wonder if she is doing better. Didn’t she seem super frail at the end of the season? She had big bruises all over her arms like someone on long term steroids such as prednisone. Plus on the reunion she seemed so tired and frail. Like a little bird. I was concerned about her but we haven’t heard anything. No news is good news right?

      I really enjoy the rest of the cast except as I said at the beginning, the villianess Lea.
      Joanna is just a stunner but ooooo when she drinks she is another person! Her sister is pretty blah. Doesn’t add a darn thing. I missed half of the second season so dont know why there is so much bashing of Alexis. This poor gal her son critically injured and almost die! Now she is devoting her life to him? I think if she was a bit bitchy she should get a hall pass on this! Anyway. would someone FAIRLY and OBJECYABLY fill me in on why all the animosity towards her? Someone like Cajsa, Lola Folana Michers, Lipojaq, srt_3, and a whole whole bunch more of you that I love and trust on here because you are so smart and sensible and give good comments. Just because your name isn’t there please don’t feel slighted. I have a old and forgetful brain especially with names!

      Love Lisa, think she is sweet and hope she gets pregnanat and we can all share in it. Think I got them all. I know this is too long but it’s my second fav and I am dying to see what’ll happen or whats happened since that reunion. Peace out!

      • In regard to Ana and Lea and that folder at the reunion. It was so edited because what I heard is that Lea’s husband the famous attorney was going to sue over this and any information that comes about the charity that they run every year. Then Lea made comment about Ana and mortgages at the bank she worked. One, Ana was involved in one bank that was in trouble for giving loans to people and essentially doing mortgage fraud and she was really in on it. Lea Black and her charity supposedly the money is going to other places and things than family. It’s going to fill her and his pockets and also being used to fill other politicians pockets as well.

        • Hi Buck. Thanks for shareing that. I had forgotten I had heard that. I also heard that they were there filming the reunion that day for like eight hours or more. Andy was egging Ana on to share all the dirt she had on Lea and really putting Lea on the spot several times. She was apparently crying hysterically at what point and Andy called for a break. During the break, Lea called her husband reporting to him all the stuff being thrown at her about her past and the charity etc. He apparently had the majority forcibly removed for us the viewers to see. According to some of what was brought up that Ana said anyone could find by going on the internet and doing some research, her past is indeed shady. Ana gathered all that info in the first place because some of her friends on the show reported to her that Lea was bragging around town that she was “going to take Ana out”, at the reunion. So Ana did what any good attorney would do. She did her research and came prepared. Andy was just in his element when he caught wind of what Ana had found out about Lea’s background. Besides the charity and the statements, which showed how much was spent for top name stars to attend and the banquet hall and great food being served the money the families got was paltry. Like four percent or something horrible like that after the more than a million it raised and it is all shown in their records. So Lea and her husband may have made out like bandits. Lea’s husband got all of that edited out. The one thing they showed and really angered so many of Lea’s staunch supporters was that alleged comment Ana is supposed to have said calling Lea’s son *akward* or *strange.* Whatever it was she is said to have said. Ana said herself first she wouldn’t say that about a ten year old child in the first place. Also she had never talked to him or had any inaction in fact hadn’t even met him. I laughed reading Ana continue saying, “Do any of you honestly think Lisa wouldn’t have been vaulting over the coffe table and grabbing me by the throat if I said something like that about her child?” She adamently denied she ever made that remark.
          She also said on Twitter that Lea has a full staff employed to put out bs about her and slam her while genuflected for the wonderful Lea. Reminds me of LeeAnn Rimes and Jill Zarin! They also employed people to write about them in a postive light and bash their opponent. In this case it was Ana Lea went after with a vengeance. I truly believe Lea Black would do something like that. She is a secretive, mean-spirited woman. Look at her friends! Joe Francis, Elaine, and the horrible misogynist Thomas Kramer?? Your friends tell much about you as for your ethics and moral code. Anyway Ana had much background of her past and it is shady and she did sleep around to get ahead. She also did work hard and was a hustler. So again thank you Buck!! Sorry I went off but you triggered my faulty memory! LOL!!

      • There is a lot of animosity against Alexis because she had proof that Karent’s fiance was cheating on her from a photo of him kissing someone with commentary about him dating the woman. It came to her for her magazine. She brought it with her for the group vacation and asked the other women’s advice about whether to not to share it. They all agreed and it was suggested that Lisa, who was Karen’ts friend, should tell Karent. Unfortunately Lisa opted to tell Karent in a public room instead of a bedroom so all the women gawked and listened and enjoyed Karent’s discomfort far too much. Alexis got the blame though frankly I question Lisa’s wisdom in talking to Karent in a public room, though that may have been producer manipulation.

        I think Alexis and all the other women were right, Karent deserved to know. Audriana reminded them who painful it was for her to learn about her husband’s bigamy. However, Karent refused to believe it, then her dad had a heart attack and she had to rush home and in the rush of sympathy for her, Alexis got the brunt of the blame for Karent being sad.

        I thought it was a bullshit rap, though, because it would be far more cruel to share the info with friends and snicker over her delusional romance. Much better to rip off the scab – and the cheating ass.

        • Cajsa! Hi! I caught that part. It must’ve been in the first season because viewers and the comments were awful about her after her one sons accident and that was before this past season. I did in fact see all of them this past season as I got more into it than the slower moving (to me) first season. I thought Karent hired Rolopho or something we heard later to pretend to be her boyfriend? (Am I getting her mixed up with Kenya?) I thought it was pretend but gosh I am so bad about hoping around from shows and which season etc. None of the women particularly liked Karent as she was pretty fake and stirred a lot of pots. She would get Joanna going. Like at the ligerie party when she asked Joe Francis if he had slept with Joanna? WTH was that? Who does that? I did feel sorry for Karent though as you are as usual right. I adore Lisa but I wish she had told her privately too. She really put Karent on the spot. Karent handled herself well I give her that anyway. Thanks Cajsa.

      • And of course, it is hard to stomach some of her excuse-making for her son who beat a homeless man and put the video on youtube. There are times when you just say my bad and go forward without any excuses.

    • Lapband – I know!!! They are keeping the bully and getting rid of the most normal person. Yuck. I will miss Karent.

    • I can’t stand Alexis either. I didn’t like Karent really bud Alexis always had it out for her. This past season really showed who Alexis is. She is very shallow, rude, disrespectful she reminds me of a bully honestly. The way she goes after people reminds me of bullies in high school but now its just being a bully in social circles. She’s just gross to me.

  • SO happy for Alexis full time hw & also one more thing I love Mrs. Quad. Mrs.Quad Mrs. Quad she Rdy she Rdy..!

    • I’m with you, I love Alexis, I truly do. She’s hot looking and it’s so funny that when she gets mad and start to talk she almost falls into talking Cuban. I don’t think she is a mean girl, just a little ignorant thats all.