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Jacqueline & Chris Laurita, Joe Gorga Charged With Assault; Initial Hearing Set For April 18!

Jacqueline and Chris Laurita, along with Joe Gorga, of Real Housewives of New Jersey, have been charged with assault and terroristic threat following a municipal ruling late Thursday evening! The photo above is of Chris and Jacqueline at the event, before the heels came off and the blood was spilled!

Johnny Karagiorgis filed a complaint following the nasty brawl that took place at Kim D’s Posche boutique, leaving Moxie Salon a complete wreck with blood on the walls and sinks ripped out! NorthJersey.com reveals that a judge found enough probable cause and the RHONJ cast members have been charged!

The Lauritas filed counterclaims against Johnny, but they will not be decided on until next week. For now, a hearing will take place on April 18 with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office!

Can any of our knowledgeable readers shed insight into what may happen to the Lauritas and Joe Gorga if they are found guilty of this? Do you think the fight will not make it to TV now that it has become a legal issue?

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  • Im interested to see how this plays out; will the Lauritas throw little Joey under the bus to save their own asses? Maybe- ” It was all his fault, he told us JTG said those things and we snapped”. Do you think Stumpy will try throwing them under?

  • Joe Guidice said that Chris was shady. I am telling you, it is a shame that he is not on the show anymore. He always said the truth, and he didn’t play along with Bravo and their scripts. In return, they gave him the bad edits and tried to make him look like a horrible person. But, he didn’t give a crap. gotta love Juicy.

    • That is why I liked him! I do not like some personal things between he and Teresa, but as a whole and on the show, that is what I did like! “Bunch of momo’s”..

  • Never mind assault from what I understand getting hit with the terrorist charge can be very serious. I think they are in a world of trouble. Lots of lawyer fees too. I actually feel sorry for them, and I am not a fan of these few. Is this worth it. They all talked about Joe Guidice, remember Chris saying how stupid Joe was with the court issue. Who is stupid now. They all should hold their tongues.

  • I am beginning to think this show is lost. Last season all we had every episode was hate. And now this season we have physical violence. Come on Bravo! We don’t want to watch this garbage!

  • Sorry off topic. Meho is a pos. She talked crap about Teresa’s girls at the reunion and now she has been posting pictures of them with Antonia. Grrrrr, I can’t help but think Meho is trying to have Antonia follow Teresa’s girl’s coat tails the same way Meho and Slowjoe are holding onto Teresa’s coat tails. After all of the crap Meho has said about Teresa’s girls, etc., I’m sure Teresa has nothing but love in her heart for Meho’s kids. Grrrrr, the hypocricy…

    • I dont think its that- I think its more so that she gets caught in many many lies, contradicts herself obviously, and wants even more attention. Now she is trying to “change” her public perception by acting as though she remotely cares for family. BUT, I do see your point 🙂

  • as much as I like watching the drama on these housewives shows. the new jersey drama goes too far. I don’t even think this is funny anymore. this is getting very serious. I really hope this will be a wake up call for all of the new jersey casts and they’ll let go of their hatred for each other and just grow the hell up already.

    • @rukidding

      I agree Jersey does go too far..The Christenning to me was the worst, now this? OMG!

      • The christening was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen. Joe Gorga has “roid rage. He is not normal.

    • I agree- its definitely not funny @rukidding. Its disgusting and disturbing. What makes it worse is that Bravo got used to it, saw the ratings, and promotes it I guess. They definitely need a wake up call because I do not even want to know how it can get any worse. Very shameful.

  • More tax payers money on these idiots that call themselves “adults” is all I read. Ridiculous on any account!

  • When will all you people realize all this Bravo crap is fake???!!!?? LOL Your all a bunch of fools getting caught up in this… watch it as a soap opera… because that is what it is…

    we no longer have JR Ewing and Erica Kane but we sure have the Housewives of NJ and everywhere else..
    God help us… ugh

  • From what I read from the article, the cross-complaints to be heard on the 18th are the charges that the lauritas and Joe Gorga have made against Johnny K. Joe and the Laurita’s could be charged at any time now. Probably what will happen is that their attorney will schedule a time for them to turn themselves in, they’ll get booked and be immediately released on bond. The hearing on the 18th is to determine if JTG should be charged as well.

  • I can only imagine how Teresa and Joes parents are feeling right now. Those are two people that I truly feel sorry for.

  • I talked to my brother who is a da and he said if JTG did not throw a punch and he was held down and was being attacked its considered a criminal assault. The heels can be viewed as a deadly weapon especially if they are the source of the injuries to the head. Jax may get the most charges because she used her heels as a weapon. The prosecutors have to file the charges and lead the investigation. He also said if bravo interfered with the police call criminal charges ca b file against them as well. It doesn’t matter wht jtg said tht is no excuse for causing physical violence. I personelly think joe gorga should b takin the high road with all these rumors. It shows to me and my brother tht there must b some truth to it otherwise why would he b so ggressive. I toldhim abt bryan and he said if they touched him they would charge it differently because they know he is sick with a brain tumor. He also said if jtg was telling them he wanted no trouble tht its all on chris and joe as instigating the altercation. He also told me tht the justice dept is starting to review ths particular show because these pl aren’t actors and the extreme violence is starting to draw attention. I told him these ppl need to b investigated for all the fraud and the violence. He agreed however he isn’t frm nj so he can’t do much. As for the lauitas and the embezzlemnt he said they will either come up with some type of payout or jail time.

    • Was Bryan(?) even at the event?

      After all the twitter rantings and warnings, it seems like it (Melissa’s ex emerging) has become such a non factor.

      I think the most pathetic part about it is that the whole thing really blew up from the on line shenanigans of the Greek and the Marco sisters.

    • Thanks for the information Paula. Sounds like they dug their own grave this time. Very interesting about this very program being looked into.

    • @Paula

      I hope the info about the Justice dept investigating the violence surrounding RHONJ is incorrect. The Justice dept needs to focus on actual crimes. If these idiots want to beat each other up for Tv time, let ’em. Our govt is too stretched for cash to waste resources investigating a group of people who sign up for this.

    • Thats what does it for me Paula- Gorga has has heard all of this, most likely longer then 2 years! Why wait until a camera is rolling at an event? He has spoke to Penny and her husband at least twice now regarding his marriage and his wife. And still, there is NO excuse for beating someone up, (well there is one excuse) but it would not be for that. Why would you risk, as a father, a criminal record because of rumors? After years of hearing them? He is an idiot!

  • I wonder if there is any culpability for whomever was holding JTG down while the beating occurred. Seems to me- security should be holding down those who are being aggressive- not those that are being attacked.

  • If Joe goes to jail he better watch out because some guy is going to “release some poison into him’. Pretty boys like him don’t stand a chance.

    The deserve it no matter what you have choices and you have to deal with the consequences of your actions

  • If watching the 4 trollops Melissa, Jacqueline, Kathy and Caroline have every last thing they bashed Teresa for happen to them and worse does not convince you Karma is real then nothing will. These women were fully prepared and happy to watch T&Joes house forclose and the lil girls packing their toys and moving to a shelter but it didn’t happen as they planned. Teresa you have your revenge darling and they did it all on their own. You never even had to chip a well manicured nail. Especially Melissa Gorga with her fake everything bringing those innocent lil girls into her one sided competition. I believe a special dose of karma is coming for Melissa. She is too evil for the universe not to stop her. Joe Gorga better let the prison know he needs a uniform in petite b/c that’s where he’ll be soon. You heard it here 1st

  • I can remember jac’s season 4 talking head when she giggled psychotically saying joe guidice thought he was above the law. She looked bloated so it may have been the booze talking. I also have not forgotten Melissa and Joe’s many attempts to paint Joe Guidice as being guilty. Pay back’s a bitch ladies

  • Most likely what will happen is the three will take a plea and the aggravated assault will be reduced to simple assault. The terroristic threats will most likely be dismissed.

    If the judge find a legit counter claim from the Laurita’s and Gorga, this might all just disappear.

  • This is what Bravo gets for keeping an unfit castmember on the payroll. Viewers have been warning them for months about Jacs reckless twitter behavior. I hope Bravo gets sued.

    • They are fully aware that Jacqueline is a psychotic mess. Her screaming and inability to sit still at the reunion was proof enough.

  • Can you imagine if coward Joe has to go to jail. And every sleepless nite wondering who his wife is with. He is going to go crazy with jealousy.

  • Bravo will probably decline to show the footage to protect them from any claim that the contributed to the brawl for rating, ie monetary gain.

  • Good. I hope this is the beginning of the end for the Laurita’s, and Gorga’s. Hopefully Bravo will fire them. Although most likely they will not fire them.

    • Stay, I completly agree. They are trash and I truly think Andy Cohen loves every minute of this. He sees dollar signs and nothing else.

      • Besides Jacaloon, what will really piss me off is that if they get less legal drama with this than Joe Giudice with his case.

  • I need to vent here,guys…

    I was really annoyed with some articles saying that T was to blame for this brawl.

    Keep in mind,this is coming form a person who doesn’t like and sometimes can’t even stand T.

    Could T be spreading rumors about M? Yes,sure,those 2 hate each other (my opinion). I don’t believe all those fake “make ups” for the camera.

    But is T to blame for the fight? Absolutely NO!
    Joe had a choice to walk away and confront T later.
    He chose to start a fight.

    Same goes to Chris and Jac. I don’t condone making fun of a sick child,but they also had a choice to walk away and deal with that “Greek” guy differently.

    As for Jac,I hope she gets to face some serious consequences of her actions. Stilletos are not a joke, I’ve seen the damage they can do.
    Jac could have killed that guy with one hit with stilletos on his head. Seriously.

    My point is that there is always a choice in any situation. At least one of them is always there-walk away!

    • Why the f did she even get involved it seems like the guys did plenty of damage . Kinda like kicking someone when they are down

      • That is another good question.
        I’d say anger displacement?

        Well,it was her choice,and now she’ll have to deal with it…

  • You are all talking about the assault. The terrorist charge is troubling to me since 911 and the patriot act is a serious charge.

  • These people are thugs, and should pay for their crimes. Who does this? Jacqueline standing on a chair and hitting a man in the head with the heel of her shoe–she has given Bravo ample reason to fire her (first, not showing up for a reunion; then tweeting details of an upcoming season, and now this! Bravo needs to fire this woman, immediately. Bravo comes across as condoning the violence and the bullying, and enough is enough. Sponsors should be putting the pressure on to clean up their act. Gorga, with the christening brawl, in their very first show, and now this. The man they attacked was being restrained by production security, and this is when they violently attacked him. There is no excuse at all for this behavior, and NO EXCUSE for Bravo to allow it by there not being any consequences. The christening, Punta Cana, and now this. This is unacceptable behavior, and anyone fighting in a workplace environment would be fired for their actions..as should be the case with these idiots. What lady or woman hits someone, let alone with the stiletto heel of her shoe, to someone’s head? I hope they get punished to the maximum extent under New Jersey law.

  • I’m surprised at Jacqueline and Chris, given what happened when Ashley simply pulled Danielle’s hair a few years ago! So trashy and foolish of them to do this. A bunch of 40 year olds getting into brawls? Only Jersey. I’m so glad the other casts don’t get this low…although Adriana in Miami is classless too.

  • What’s the difference between “assault & battery vs.
    assault and terroristic threats?”

    • I think the difference has to do with a threat, and one that does not cause serious bodily injury- then the threat to commit an attack, then the attack ( if that makes sense. LOL I know what I mean but I may not convey it properly !)
      Battery is an attack on another person
      assault and battery is the threat to commit the attack and then the attack.
      Simple assault threat to cause bodily injury, offensive contact/touch or attack that does not cause serious bodily injury. The terroristic threat is the threat of violence with the ability to carry out the threat. * Some jurisdictions do not use “battery”- it is “simple” assault. Im sorry if this does not help you, I probably did not answer your question! Maybe someone else can!

  • These people clearly can’t handle being on this show. They get way too invloved in all the BS and drama that Ms. Andie causes for them. They need to get off the show ASAP and not look back. They should be mortified that the world sees them like this. Holy SH*T how do these people hold their heads up while walking through the grocery store?

  • At this point if I ruled the world- I would shut down filming with RHNJ. Will a death be enough for Bravo to stop filming?

    Irresponsible for Bravo to hype this.

    I actually believe that Bravo should be investigated legally for promoting this brawl for the camera.

    No one stopped the fight and the set was clearly “staged” for this fight.

    Why is Bravo not culpable.

    Shame on Bravo for at the very least stopping the filming of the rest of the season. This new season should be canned.

    This is not drama…this is garbage. I would assume that the producer’s and director’s notes will be taken by the investigator to prove intent.

    Black eye created by Bravo.

    I hope the cast mates believe their pay cheques are worth this.

  • It depends is the stiletto is a perceived as a deadly weapon and believe it or not under NJ case it has been. If the stiletto is a deadly weapon and they she is found guilty of assault with a deadly weapon with no mitigating circumstances it can be 2 years. But, this is not what will happen. The charge of aggregated assault seems to be clear but they will all be represented by attorneys and likely this will be brought down if JTG agrees to a disorderly. I had two pro bono cases in NJ on a very similar matter two years ago. They actually banished box cutters at their physician in the physicians office. The doctor did not interact at all and was not the cause of the incident it was just a terrible psychotic break at the time and I had it plead down to a disorderly with a fine.

    It will depend on if this it moved from municipal court. If a prosecutor is taking the case there might be less leeway. It will depend on what is on tape. If JTG was also fighting back and at any point instigated or continued to place himself in a known dangerous situation there can be open issues.

    It all depends. It will be the a facts and circumstances case. The tape will be an issue. Was there a weapon or not present including the stiletto? Everything is taken into account. It can be aggregated assault or if the stiletto was present it could be aggregated assault with a death weapon. There are also a variety of other issues vandalism, damage to property etc as lesser charges which could come into play.

    Since someone was hurt I do not think the court would go lower than a disorderly to public nuisance. Likely it could move up to a misdemeanor assault, but it is hard not to plea down and aggravated assault charge in NJ if these people are not predicate felons. I think it is unlikely the prosecution will go after the aggravated assault charge which is a felony.

    • Jennifer, are you an attorney or employed in the legal profession? You sound very knowledgeable.

      • I am an attorney. I partner in a NY law firm. I was in an NJ law firm years before in Roseland NJ. I do securities and corp litigation work. But, NJ and now NY requires admitted and practicing attorneys to participate in pro bono for indigents. That is the only reason I know anything about criminal law as it pertains to individuals.

        • Really? Pro bono work outside of the field in which you practice?

          Isn’t that a lawsuit waiting to happen?

          My BIL, a NYC mid-town patent attorney, doesn’t do pro-bono work outside of his focus.

          My RE Attorney isn’t required by anything or anyone to do pro bono, and especially NOT in a field he knows NOTHING ABOUT.

          How does that work?

          LIke I said, lawsuit waiting to happen.

        • Really? Pro bono work outside of the field in which you practice?

          Isn’t that a lawsuit waiting to happen?

          My BIL, a NYC mid-town patent attorney, doesn’t do pro-bono work outside of his focus.

          My RE Attorney isn’t required by anything or anyone to do pro bono, and especially NOT in a field he knows NOTHING ABOUT.

          How does that work?

          LIke I said, lawsuit waiting to happen.

        • NY does not require pro bono work. Starting in 2015, NY will require bar applicants to complete 50 hrs pro bono prior to being accepted tobyhe bar but it is and will not be a requirement for already admitted attorneys. I don’t know where you are getting that from.

    • I believe that the tape will be altered or cut to make Bravo less culpable. They did not seize the tape at the time of the assault, right? I think Bravo still has it.

  • What the hell is slowjo wearing??? It really looks like he went to start a punch one.

  • I had a friend take off her heal & plant it in this chick’s scull! She got jail time pregnant and all!! She deserved the jail time in my opinion!! The poor girl had to be rushed to surgery!! I hope they prosecute to the fullest extent of the law!

    • I am wondering if Jac might possibly get charged with aggravated assault because she used a weapon. And if she hasn’t why not.

      Her using a stiletto reminds me of that scene in Single White Female.

      • I was thinking about Single White Female, too. Jennifer Jason Leigh’s character killed a guy with a stiletto heel. You really can hurt somebody.

  • This is like watching yearly reruns of the same show. Fighting.
    Posche. Kim. Boring. Want the first season back, minus Danielle
    The families were funny and entertaining. .

  • I posted a couple of links that explain the changes and the potential consequences but it looks like they got held up in moderation.

  • I would love to be at the hearing. Jaco will probably have a box of wine with her. Why are these people so violent? Ashlee pulled Danielle’s hair at some event; Jaco hits this guy in the head with the heel of her shoe. I think Jaco has serious mental issues as does Gorga. He needs to lay off of the steriods.

    • Hopefully some of the folks in NJ might be able to attend and write a guest blog. I think it would be interesting.

      • I wonder if it is just the tip of the iceberg. There may be domestic violence in the home. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, but we know for a fact that Whacko is a violent substance abuser.

  • Personally, I think that as long as Bravo is not named in any of the civil lawsuits that I foresee coming, the will probably air it.

    As to what will happen to them if they are convicted it’s a wide range of possibilities. I am not sure if any of them have criminal records…(but we don’t know how the bankruptcy fraud case against the Laurita’s will pan out) so there might be some leniency as far as sentencing. It’s also hard to say if given the media attention that is coming down the pipes.if that will help or hurt them.

    I found this in regards to the charge of making terroristic threats.

    I found this video for (simple assault)

    • This should be much more than terrorist threats this is aggravated assault. I have defend these cases many times pro bono, AGGRAVATED ASSAULT – SERIOUS BODILY INJURY. N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1b(1) this is the statute.

      There was serious bodily injury so usually you will start with 2C:12-1b(1) and if there is a deadly weapon it will move up a level within the same statute for at least the one who brandished the weapon.

      The terrorist threats and other issues will be a party to the case and not merge into the aggravated assault charge if they are independent to the assault.

    • Bankruptcy fraud doesn’t make one a predicate. When you look at predicate felons you look at the same or similar crime regardless of where it was committed. If the bankruptcy were to have any entry at all it would have to be adjudicated prior to the trial and it if it were BK fraud it could only be admitted to negate veracity of either Lauritas if they were to take the stand. Criminal procedure is pretty clear in NJ.

        • It can be. Predicate felon looks to similarity of the crime and time period. If it happened over 10 years ago then it is not taken into note for predicate felony. There is a cut off period. The cut off in NJ I believe is 7-10 years it could be shorter but it must have been a felony.

          • It was in 1996, according to RealityTea. So, the previous charge will not affect her. I hope she is saying some Thank you Jesus’s of her own. She is very lucky that it will not be considered, and I hope for her children’s sake there are no other charges and convictions we are not aware of. There certainly appears to be a history of violence.

          • If the tape is admitted into evidence then we have another ball of wax. They seem to be a violent crew.

          • Don’t forget that she hit Caro when CJ was a baby. That information is on tape. Confirmed by both Caro and Jacko.
            That is 3 assaults since 1996 that are public knowledge.

    • It may be simple assault that is possible but it seems to be one where a stiletto was used, so I am thinking aggregates assault.

    • Ahh, so you are an attorney, I thought so given one of your replies below. I am going to enjoy reading your posts about this as the story unfolds.

      I wish there was a sub blog here about the Jodi Arias trial. I am very curious as to your POV being a defense attorney.

      • I am a securities law and corporate attorney but Nj requires licensed and admitted attorneys in the State to participate in pro bono. I have done simple assault, aggravated assault to domestic violence issues for indigents in NJ and NY.

        But you are correct it will likely be plead to simple assault which is a disorderly. That stiletto is the item that disturbs me. It can be looked upon as a weapon. Who in their right mind would hit someone in the head with a stiletto heal. It is like hitting someone with a nail. If Jac did that she is an idiot.

        • well she does seem like not in her right mind. remember the twitter rants? if she’s not ending up in the slammer she could be in the RHONH – REAL HOUSEWIFE OF NUT HOUSE!

        • Safe to assume Jac will deflect and say she is under so much stress due to family issues and is not responsible for her actions.Perhaps Bravo should consider doing personal and financial background checks before hiring Housewives cast … 😉

  • I don’t think they have actually been charged with anything. They haven’t been arrested or gone to court yet.

    • The charges are based on municipal hearing I think- they go to court later this month and will find out if they are guilty or not and get punishment if found guilty.

      • I think it will take longer than 1 appearance if a plea deal is not reached . Maybe even a trial if a deal isn’t reached

    • Article above says they have been charged hearing date is April 18. Unless I read it wrong.

      • Very confusing because the source article says that they are to be charged. I thought that the prosecutor would determine the exact charges to be filed against them and then they would have to turn themselves in and meet bail requirements. I was thinking that the court hearing would be an arraignment where formal charges are made against them and they enter a plea. Don’t know much about it but I think this is the process where I live.

  • This was the only thing I read so far:
    “If you are convicted of simple assault you may be sentenced to serve up to 6 months in jail, be required to perform community services, and be subject to fine of up to $1,000, restitution, and probation.”
    This is accurate for NJ, from my understanding thus far.

      • I did not read the charge but the charge can change depending on the circumstances of the events and the tape. Have the Gorgas and Lauritas been arraigned? I do not think so.

        • Not sure? What does it imply above? If those are the charges they are facing , does that mean arraigned?

          • That’s interesting michers. Not sure what all of this legal eagle stuff means but no matter how one feels about JTG, he should not have been attacked. They should be taught they are not above the law simply because they’re “celebrities” on TV.

          • I agree, I said that when this first broke. I may not agree with his methods of attention or voicing himself on twitter, but this is BS. Its about time some of the people on the show are held accountable. They need to finally know they are not invincible and their egos need knocked backed down. Im happy that JTG is taking the proper legal steps.

      • God I hope Wacko Jacko gets six months in the slammer, hopefully while they are filming Season 6

    • I hope they get charged with assault because 3 v 1 is uncalled for. Especially the lauritas, if they to to jail who will look after nick, poor baby.

        • I would like to think that in a moment of clarity they do give a toss….but unfortunately the obviously were thinking of the consequences in the heat of the moment.

          • * but unfortunately THEY obviously were NOT thinking of the consequences in the heat of the moment.

    • If it is simple assault. If we have a stiletto we have aggravated assault and that is another ball of wax entirely. Watching aggravated assault you have aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Now, I don’t think a felony charge would survive but with the damage, blood and brandishing a weapon it would be the best bet for the prosecutor to start there and then plead down.

      • I hope they go for it based on her past alone; she has an assault charge, unless it was dropped for punching a man in Las Vegas years ago, and as everyone knows, hitting Caro- its stated on tape she did that per reunion first season.

        • Hey Mich, I forgot about her hitting Caroline. It seems Jaco can’t hold her temper very well. I did not hear about the Las Vegas incident; what happened?

          • Oh boy! Someone got wind of it, maybe last year? I cannot remember who did the story, but she herself commented of course on her twitter, and made very light of it. I will see if I can find it however, Im not a big fan of links and what not, LOL but I do not mind looking for things at times 🙂

          • @SOCAL: Found this on the net, Dec 2011, excerpt from magazine article that also addressed her being a “dancer”, LOL:
            “In addition to her tumultuous past as a dancer, in 1996 Jacqueline was also arrested for assaulting her then live-in boyfriend! A different former friend tells the magazine that Jacqueline spent “several years” in a “volatile” relationship that culminated when she was arrested after she “slapped him in the face and punched him in the groin,” according to the police report!

            “She go into an argument with her boyfriend because he came home later than he should have,” the report states. “She no longer wanted to speak to [him], so she went into the bedroom.” It also claims that the boyfriend “would not leave her alone and kept wanting to talk about why she was angry” which led to the aggression on her part.

          • Wow, thanks Mich. She is in a world of hurt right now. The Laurita’s need to regroup and rethink their life. At the very least, they need to get off of reality TV.

          • @socal, this is off topic, but while reading the article I put on here, there was another saying that Chris may have her deemed incompetent for trial, LOL.. Im guessing in re to the 51 million case? IDK.. HOT MESS

          • Hi Michers. She probably should be deemed incompetent. Who goes around assaulting people, especially on camera?

        • It’s also stated, on tape, that she was going through post partem! The assault charge is over 15 years old, somehow I don’t think it will considered.

          • when it comes to lawyers someone’s past is always considered. johnny could take that info about jac and use it against her. you never know.

    • I don’t really think the real charges are announced until the hearing . Then we will know what the charges are .. It might not be simple assault .. Maybe assault in the first degree

  • I’m glad that charges are getting pressed. The Gorga’s, Laurita’s, and even the Manzo’s seem to think that they can get away with anything because they have the producers and Andy Cohen on their side and whatever they do that puts them in a negative light will be spun and edited in their favor. Hopefully we will get to see what REALLY went down but knowing bravo I doubt it. I’m also glad Teresa and Joe played it smart this time and stayed out of it. I’m confused as to why no charges are being brought up on Albie Manzo as well…I thought I read that he had also jumped in? Unless he was just trying to restrain his uncle…

  • BTW, I am NO FAN of JTG or his wife, but this guy did Not deserve this.

    I’m glad Fredo, Cracker Jac and Lurker Chris are charged with assault. I hope he goes after Bravo too.

      • I agree Holy Cannoli. Nobody deserves to be assulted. Penny and JTG are famewhores and no different than the Gorgas. The Greeks thought that if they expose Mel the same way that Mel exposed the Gorga’s dirty laundry that They would be rewarded with a contract. This won’t happen so now they want to blame Teresa? I call this Sour Grapes.

    • I feel the same way. It’s amazing to me that they are firing the President of Rutgers for knowing about misconduct for two days and relying on his director of athletics to handle it, yet nobody in this case will be fired in fact, they will all probably get a raise including Bravo Andy. This network destroys lives and encourages violence and there are never any consequences.

  • I like how ever since the Gorgas came on RHONJ has been nothing but trash and violence! They need to be fired! This crap is getting out of hand.

  • I’m not sure if the fight will air. When Ashley pulled Danielle’s hair, Danielle filed charges yet that was still aired. However, Adrienne Maloof managed to get what Brandi said entirely cut from the show so its anyones guess as to whether they can air it or not

      • Yeah, and remember Juicy Joe & Richie’s fight in Chris’ basement? They never aired any of that.

        • That’s because the fight never actually happened. It was a cover up for punta Cana fight. Which was much more serious in another country, with other americans who were innocent by standers.
          That situation was very different then someone walking into a party with mics on and no doubt pre signed non disclosure contracts, release to film and use their image etc… Doesn’t really matter what went down. We will see what bravo wants us to see.

          Instead of us seeing the TRUTH we will see what BRAVO decides fits their agenda.

    • I’m guessing at this, but Ashlee’s scene with Danielle was aired because Ashlee was a paid cast member. If Johnny the Grk is a non cast member and
      not part of the show, then the it may not get
      aired due to legal issues…again, I’m guessing that it makes a difference if ur part of the cast.

    • It is entirely different the Maloof and this situation. Maloof was invasion of privacy involving two minor children and if Bravo released the edit they would be complicit in the invasion of privacy. This was to protect Bravo. While here we have a film crew who to our knowledge is not complicit in the brawl simply filming the interaction. There would be not cause to not air the film unless Bravo is either charge criminally or civilly. At this point we do not see Bravo as a party to the complaint.

    • The RHONJ fight from a couple years ago from the Bahamas (or some tropical getaway) never aired. It was between cast members and other vacationing patrons who weren’t paid, but I also think Bravo was sued in the case as well.

        • Case was settled before trial and as part of the settlement, no one is allowed to talk about it.

          • So it’s very possible this will end up being a similar situation. No penalties as long as it doesn’t air

          • Oh there were penalties but an a,Erica’s judge can’t arrest someone for a fight that occurred on another country. They can sue , which is what they did as soon as they got back to the US and BRAVO destroyed the film of the incident and claimed the cameras were not there.

      • Also in Punta Cana I don’t think they were filming at the time that it happened. They had finished filming for the day.

      • Bravo was sued in that case because they paid the people like 5k and forced them to sign contracts saying they would not sue before the punta Cana police would release their passports. That was a very serious situation where a corrupt government chose to aid bravo after their palms were oiled lol

        This incident can’t be compared to punta Cana… Maybe closer to Ashley’s assault.

    • The footage will have to be turned over to the prosecution in discovery. They will see what actually happened since it will be raw footage. I think Bravo will not show it (maybe some still shots from the footage) especially if they are named defendants in a civil suit that will likely be filed after the criminal one.

      • Yes which is why bravo destroyed the film from punta Cana and said they were not filming when it happened. That is not going to fly in the US if bravo destroys the film or refuses to hand it over they will be in serious shit. Aside from that, I’m pretty sure this was the season finale. Bravo is going to air as much as they can and cooperate with the police. Joe gorga is going to be in trouble for this incident …

    • Yes but those charges were not against Bravo…they were against Ashlee…and they have no prob exploiting her.
      The Cancun fight…Bravo was named…and surprise…it didn’t air.

      • I know- “the Boys” did not have to suffer much public scrutiny while , of course, Teresa did. Such jerko$$$.

        • Teresa did and so did her husband when they had to fake the richie fight to cover the battle wounds from punta Cana

    • Whether they air it or not, every one knows. We all know what Brandi said and it didn’t air.

  • You mean to tell me that this guy is held back by production security, gets a stiletto to the head from Cracker Jac,( he could have been killed) takes cheap shots from Fredo and Lurker Chris, and Bravo keeps filming and NO One calls 911? WTF?

    • Sounds fishy too me! What is up with that BRAVO producers,the guy had to go to police station himself. Something is not right with this scenario, Holy!!! Did anyone call police, no cast members or spectators called?

      • Someone said on another site that production would not let the police in.. What?? Really I find that very hard to beleive. Since when would the cops listen to production?

        • I doubt Bravo production could stop the Police from entering a scene where a fight was going on. That being said, we don’t know if they were called or not, or by whom. I hope Bravo shows this on the show,it would only be fair considering how myuch airtime was given all about Teresa & Joe’s issues. If it’s not under a gag order that is.

          • I would think as soon as the ” shit hit the fan” someone would have called 911!!! I would freakin hope some would have!

          • Think again. TV productiio companies think they can do anything they want and act like bullies every where they go,especially in LA. Maybe they need a dose of “reality”!!

            This whole mess would habe been avoided if Mellisa hadn’t come on like the next virgin Mary. Such a lot of hogwash,if she had owned her less then spectacular past we wouldn’t be here! This all needs to be laid at Melissa’s feet. Not Teresa’s.

            Bravo needs to learn a lesson about”real”people. We don’t routinely engage in fisticuffs and we do expect public appologies for public displays of misbehavior and assualt.

        • Interfering with an investigation is called obstruction. I don’t see how production could have managed to avoid letting cops in

        • I would doubt that.If they were called about an assault they would at least want to talk to the caller.

      • Odds are because they were filming no cell phones were allowed into the event.so producers had full control over the police being called.

        Crazy ass people, the show should be canceled

        • Its possible they wouldn’t let people have cell phones, but the salon they were in would have to have a phone/landline to take client calls. Bravo wouldn’t be able to take that away.

        • Why no cell phones? Bravo let Caroline and Jac and Lauren have cell phones at the fashion show last year so they could text each other and Cat Rodriquez.

    • What could have happened is that when the police was called when they got their production was waiting and said that this was all for show etc. etc. and the police knowing the show and it being international television said no problem and left. But after another call came back (after the fight was done) and did come in. You see one big thing that is going against the whole group that attacked John is the fact that he was bloodied and bruised and they weren’t. And so to say that he was the aggressor or the one attacking and you not showing no damage (including the number of people attacking him) essentially made the judge laugh to himself.

      They are always going to file seperate charges in order to obfuscate what really happened. The DA can’t make this go away because there was a victim and he may not want to. If it happened the way John said it did, Bravo is in for a world of crap. Because there security didn’t stop their employees from attacking someone, it helped them to make the attack easier.

      Another thing, this being such an expensive and nice area (this was held in another county one richer than they are usually in), they may want to set an example and show that certain behavior won’t be tolerated. So we may see Chris and Jax and Joe Gorga picked up and arrested for the assault.

      • Another blog is running a story about a guest/witness has reported he heard security say, get ready – it is about to go down. If this is true there could be some premeditated charges against Bravo, security, Joe, Chris and Jacqueline. Did security know Joe was going to confront Johnny and Bravo planned to film a screaming match, or was security told to hold Johnny down to get beat up as he indicated in his report to police. At least on paper, it looks really bad for Bravo, Joe and the Lauritas.

      • Your right Ridgewood is a very nice area but so are the towns where these ladies live . I can’t believe these locations continue to issue filming permits which result in their towns getting such negative publicity ..

    • Really HC?! Nice change of tune! Just y’day you were basically screaming that JTG should have been attacked, until your usual Amen corner wouldn’t agree! So now you wanna change your tone & pretend to be disgusted w/the whole thing. Lady YOU need a hobby outside of the lives of the NJ HWs, like seriously!!! You are hostile w/anyone who dare disagree w/you & many agree w/me, whether they say it or not! Can you form a sentence w/o the use of “freaking” or profanities?! Is online your only way of releasing all of that aggression? Change your tune now, but your initial words are written & it’s pretty disgusting to know that one thinks a confrontation was necessary and that it should be aired on TV just so we can form our own opinion! Really? You are not the Queen of the blog posters & what you say is not the golden rule, cause half of it is filled w/hate. Not on the HC train, no “freaking” apologies.

      Good on JTG for proceeding w/charges. Nobody has a right to lay hands on someone else & not be held accountable. It’s real life people, not scripted TV.

    • Teresa was right all along, her brother and SIL and seems as well as Jac and Chris are just media whores. Trying to get there name in lights and boost a ratings for their own personal gain.
      They ought to all follow Teresa’s lead and do something positive with their lives in order to build a fan base. And that right there is why they are ALL jealous of Teresa.

  • Heh heh heh But I bet you Teresa won’t stoop as low as to call it out over & over agin & make such a huge deal out of it like these cast members did about EVERYTHING Teresa & JoeG have done for 3 seasons !!

  • Kim D actually looks great, and Jacqueline is not that close with Kim prob mandatory for them to come.NO Doubt. Can Melissa show anymore skin on her legs?

  • What people won’t do for money. How can they expose their personal lives, their bodies, for fame and fortune? Look at those silly smiles!

    • The Gorgas and the Lauritas make me sick throw the book at them.

      If t.at were my husband first if someone was talking smack bout me id wouldn’t start a fight but if would confront the guy and ask y he’s talking bout me.

      2 Melissa should be able to control her husband but i think she loves the fact men are fighting over her

      i read somewhere that Tre should’ve stopped her midget no back bone bro Y his wife should stop him she the one telling him everything she hears.

      Like at poshe party last yr with that bog guy soon as Tre told her she couldn’t call Joe Marco fast enough.

      The trouble maker is messy she known her husband has a trigger temper don’t and fuel to it.

      Im really starting to believe this whole fight was orchestrated midget Joe already confronted JTG bout it y start a brawl to get camera time i really don’t understand and the Lauritas what a bullshit excuse and how dare they use their sons disability really really despicable but we’re taking wacko Jacko so anything is possible

      anyone notice the distance between Jac and Kim they couldn’t be further apart makes me wonder this was planned by the dickheads

    • If the Lauritas are allowed to counter sue that would just show that my lack of trust in the Judicial law is warranted. Counter sue WHAT???? He was held the entire time and they don’t have any marks on them!!!