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Danielle Staub Responds To Caroline Manzo, Says It’s Her Daughters She Should Apologize To!

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo appeared on Watch What Happens Live  earlier this week to promote her new advice book, and a caller asked her what her biggest regret on RHONJ was. Caroline revealed that she regretted calling Danielle Staub a “clown” because that was mean.

Danielle has heard the news, but thinks there is something bigger that Caroline should feel about about doing! In a prior season, Caroline said that Danielle’s daughters did not have light in their eyes. Caroline then said that she said that as a dig towards Danielle as a mother, not trashing the girls themselves.

A viewer asked Danielle what she thought of Caroline’s regret, and Danielle tweeted back:

I have to say I agree with Danielle! If Caroline regrets calling Danielle, a peer of hers, a silly name, why does she not feel bad about saying her two children have no light in their eyes? That was below the belt in my opinion. You know Caroline flipped when Teresa commented on Chris wanting to open a stripper car wash!

Do you agree with Danielle?

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  • All of them owe Danielle an apology. In their zeal to go after Danielle guns blazing, they never once thought about her kids and how/what they were saying about their mom might affected them. Well, Karma is kicking all of them in the behind right now.

  • Is this page Danielle making constant comments or what?

    The woman is a PSYCHOTIC EX CON WHO SOLD DRUGS TO KIDS. Are you kidding me?

    Her children deserve better than that.

  • I’ve always been Team Danielle! The book was none of their damn business! They couldn’t stand that Jacqueline liked her better than them and wasn’t all about “The Family”. They pulled her skeletons out of her closet while pushing theirs further in! HYPOCRITES! And YES!! Caroline said horrible things to her, about her and about her children…as they all did. But that’s what bullies do! They masquerade as the good guys and garner support while tearing down the defenseless. All Danielle wanted was their friendship!

  • Caroline is RIGHT. She was and will always be a clown. Her daughters DO MOT have light in their eyes. You are blind if you do not see that. DannyGIRL ( if she is a girl) will do anything for fame. Go Caroline you are the best wife. With all these posts jealousy IS UGLY UP CLOSE GIRLS!!! And if you do not like the shiw WHY DO YOU WATCH?????!

      • Robin: At least you didn’t say Caroline was “the best mother,” because then I’d really know you were BSC.

    • I tend to agree Robin. The insult was always towards Danielle and not her children. And it was true.

      The sick sh*t Danielle made them privy to is disgusting.

      • What in the hell did Danielle EVER do to Caroline and her “special family, besides TRY and be nice?” Is she a little off? Yes, but SHE DID NOT deserve the way she was belittled and tormented by the other women! Caroline’s ugly ass just needed someone to step on to try and make herself look better! I CANNOT STAND A SELF-RIGHTEOUS AND JUDGMENTAL PERSON, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY DON’T HAVE ROOM TO TALK ABOUT ANYONE ELSE TO BEGIN WITH! SCREW CAROLINE MANZO, WITH HER HATEFUL ASS!


  • Caroline is a dishonest grifter, just like her husband. She has been playing this game long before her clown face adorned the TV. She knows she has to apologize for something so that she can appear to be “the better person.” It is only for show. It’s how she rolls.

    Being so skilled at lying and grifting she chose the clown comment because it is the least offensive. The last thing the Clown wants is to remind viewers and potential buyers of the truly horrible things she has said. She is too stupid to realize that she shows how unrepentant she really is by her choice of regret. Had she apologized to Danielle’s daughters, she may have convinced some people she really is reflective and willing to admit her mistakes, however embarrassing they may be.

  • Sorry tired of this b…..ches and them trying to make a buck off of us. They think we are idiots that we don’t know what hypocrites they are. They are the worse of the worse…. Caroline… can say what she wants about the other children but you can’t about her precious little ones, Jacq. can complain about not being told about one’s bankruptcy while she is going to court a year later. The fools are us while they laugh all the way to the bank.
    Caroline will never change she was the big boss growing up with her siblings, acts like a child with her husband with her wee baby voice she will always be a bully no matter what she writes in a book or says now.

    • carol, yep. we aren’t fools if we don’t watch and buy their shit. I don’t watch because it will give them ratings. I will never buy anything Manzo, Laurita, and junior gorga EVER!

  • Let’s not forget “good mom” Danielle’s sex tape and her past.

    Danielle is no better of a mother than any one else is or isn’t.

    • JerseyG: Beg to differ with you, but Danielle’s daughters were always polite, well-spoken, and respectful. They were children (stress on the word children) who “know it all, braggart,” Caroline, commented on. Sure, Caroline has a right to her opinion. After all, Bravo included this comment in the show because they KNEW it would stir up controversy and drive ratings. However, it’s so ironic that Danielle is the one who is “old school,” NOT Caroline (as she would have us believe) in the way she’s raised her kids. You can tell how Danielle’s children behave that they have been raised with old-fashioned discipline and taught what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Caroline gets a BIG FAIL in the child-rearing department!! Her adult “children” reflect how they’ve been brought up: entitled, unable to accept responsibility for their actions/words, and disrespectful (have you ever read their Twitters?).

  • I don’t agree that Caroline should say sorry to the children. This was a conversation/fight between 2 grown women. I think it’s pretty twisted that Danielle would want to involve her daughters in this anymore then they already have been. Caroline said she was sorry, now move on. Maybe Danielle could pick up a couple extra shifts at that Celeb Hotline, instead of involving herself in past drama.. but then again, this is Danielle we’re talking about.

    • Carowhine publicy said her (danielle) kids had no light in their eyes. That warrants an apology. PERIOD. Danielle didn’t get it twisted by publically seeking an apology to the children when it was carowhines dumbass that brought this whole situation into light in tandem with getting more books sold. She’s trying to save face when the damage is done. What she said about those kids was malicious. Two grown ups most certainly have discussions, but when your on tv, bringing innocent kids into the mix is an ASSHOLE move. CHECK.

    • Caroline made the comment about D’s daughters in a talking head. This had nothing to do with any conversation/fight she had with Danielle. Anyone who badmouths someone else’s children is scum in my book. Danielle was right to call Caroline out on this- not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because she is rightfully defending her children. I would expect every parent to do the same.

      Danielle’s redemption is in the passage of time. Her daughters continue to do well, while the Manzos are nothing but a gaggle of fat, lazy, vapid losers. The Manzo children are well into their adulthoods, in case you intend to complain that criticizing them is unfair.

  • I didn’t like when any if the women bring up the Underage kids. It’s just for wrong, wrong, wrong!

  • I ordered Caroline’s book from amazon and I’m sending it back! I am not satisfied with my purchase! Lol

  • Kudos to those who pointed out the glaring hypocrisy of apologizing ON CAMERA, years later, WITH a book coming out!

    As for Danielle’s beautiful and well adjusted daughters? I doubt they expect an apology from a “Mother” who essentially calls her OWN daughter a fat asshole on national television.

  • I had to agree with Caroline made the comment about DS children. The two girls are so pretty and smart. I did feel they had a lost look in their eyes too. I think that was a right on comment—not mean.

  • Caroline should apologize to the kids for discussing them, period.

    That said, there were times when those girls looked mortified by their mother’s behavior. They had to convince Dani not to crash Caroline’s party.

    Yes, those girls are well mannered, well behaved and respectful, but I think that has more to do with them having to grow up quick and look out for their Mom, than her parenting skills. We could see that D is not always playing with a full deck, I’m sure the girls could too.

    I think Dani is lucky to have such great kids, but I think calling her a great Mom, is a big overstatement.

  • Isn’t one supposed to learn from their past in order to
    grow? Everyone has different lifetime experiences.
    Caroline had some nerve bringing that book into a restaurant with children present.

    Sorry, Caroline, you win no points with me. If you feel you’re a great person, apologize to Danielle’s
    children for talking about their mother. That was

  • Caroline says someone elses children have no light in their eyes, yet her own daughter has to be the most miserable ‘child’ I have ever seen on reality tv….baring Kate Gosselins brood.

    • So true! The red garbage clown has the nerve to speak ill of other people’s kids, but her lazy lap-band daughter NEVER SMILES AND ALWAYS LOOK MISERABLE! Lauren is a VERY UNHAPPY GIRL, so she puts others down to make herself feel better! And I’m sorry to say, but LAUREN IS NOT CUTE, NO MATTER HOW MUCH WEIGHT SHE LOSES, PLUS HER ATTITUDE MAKES HER LOOK WORSE! She talks to people any kind of way, JUST LIKE HER ROTTEN ASS MOTHER! I CAN DEFINITELY TELL WHO RAISED HER! Whenever I see LAUREN AND CAROLINE I get annoyed! I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THE DAY THEY MEET THEIR REAL MATCH! THEY ALWAYS PICK ON WEAK PEOPLE WHO NEVER TELLS THEM ANYTHING!

      Someone called in on “Watch What Happens Live” the other night and asked Caroline if Lauren is engaged yet and she said, “No, Lauren is not ready to get engaged right now, because she’s too busy.” YEA FREAKIN RIGHT! Who does Caroline THINK she’s fooling?! What’s wrong with getting engaged if you’re “busy?” Vito may be the one who doesn’t want to get engaged! Caroline makes it seem that Lauren calls all the shots, when she’s nothing special to begin with! Vito isn’t “the lucky one,” LAUREN IS, BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE WOULD PUT UP WITH HER MISERABLE AND JEALOUS ASS! POOR VITO, HE MUST BE JUST AS MISERABLE AS LAUREN, TO CHOSE SOMEONE LIKE HER!

  • let’s not forget it wasn’t just Caroline who needs to apologize to Danielle and her kids…Teresa and Jacqueline did their fair share of public trashing too.

    • Caroline needs to apologize to Danielle for the comments she made about danielle’s kids. Any comments that were made about danielle herself is for danielle to deal with. Caroline also needs to apologize to teresa for the comments she made about teresa’s kids. Danielle need to apologize to teresa about the comment she made about teresa’s kids (season 2 reunion-leopard print comment). As for teresa and jac bashing danielle, since they never said anything about danielle’s kids (if i am wrong, let me know), I don’t care because they are adults and only make themselves look bad. Its only went they disparage someone else’s child that I get mad.

    • Teresa has apologized to Danielle. And she also never talked about Danielle’s children the way Caroline has. In fact, the only comment Teresa ever made about Danielle’s kids was when she saw Christine on a cover of a magazine and said she looked beautiful.

    • I’m pretty sure teresa has already addressed her behavior in regards to her treatment of danielle.

  • Danielle ‘s daughters are beautiful! I liked Caroline up until that meeting and even tho I did not like Danielle I saw Caroline for who she really was. To sit across from her a call her a clown was horrible. I would have rather been called a Bitch! I actually felt sorry for Danielle in that episode it was degrading what Caroline did and her doing that just proved to me that she thinks she’s so much better then another human being! That made me sick! I dislike people like that.

  • In the same conversation taped Season 2, Caroline also called Danielle’s daughters “socially awkward”. This coming from someone who reacts like it’s an act of war if anything negative is said about Christopher’s ambition of owning a stripper car wash.

    I always had a problem liking Caroline, even when she was supposedly the “voice of reason” in this franchise.

  • Caroline is out for caroline and her brood just as everyone says. The only reason that she is sorry for the clown comment cause now she is refered to as the clown. It has nothing to do wiith appologizing to danielle. I mean clown was the only thing she was sorry for not; that danielle was garbage; not that danielle was a pig in lipstick; not that her children had no light in her eyes. But the clown!!!! Really?? Again simply because that is what she is being called now.
    You want to attack someone on children take a peek at tre,s kids omg they are monsters. Gia thinks she’s all that and. Milani needs a permanent tiime out.
    Worry bout those kids not daniells they are respective and calm and nice. And totaly see how much they love their mother and think of others. Unlike clowns and retre

    • Seriously, ALL MINOR KIDS SHOULD BE OFF LIMITS!!!! There’s nothing wrong with Tre’s kids! GEESH! IMO, your comment was RIDICULOUS!

      • I agree but really ALL children should be off limits then including the meatball clowns kids. Just because they are adults doesn’t mean criticism from other sources isn’t harsh to them. Lauren for instance its bad enough her mother calls her fat bitch but then to constantly hear it from others. Then to get up and do something about it. ( lap band) only to be criticized for that. She can’t win.. People wonder why she is a b*tch look at who she has had raid her. Clown from what I hear really pays little to no attention to her.
        all I am saying if you are going to get on a soap box about bullying kids. Then don’t put an age limit on it. Bullying at any age is un called for.. And I myself appoligize for remarks on tre’s kids. And just for the record. I do not like clown ball or tee. I think they are both bullies. What grown woman flips a table and screams whore when there are children in the room? And what right does anyone with flamming red hair have the right to call anyone a clown. Someone pass. Her a compact please.

        bit again. Its just not classy or called for at any age

    • bravo edits what they film, so they aren’t showing all of what cute things,teresa’s girls say. remember bravo and andy hates teresa and joe, so they will show them in a bad light light. caroline was the perfect mother and she was behind bravo in getting rid of danielle. well it backfired, but bad thing is teresa’s kids are still thought of being brats. they are kids and do say things, adults take up wrong, i laught at things they come out with at least they don;t curse

    • I met a girl who is good friends with Danielle’s older daughter. She spent a lot of time at their house and was even on camera for the sweet sixteen party. She told me that Danielle was a great and very involved mom. She said she never saw any crazy antics when she was around. Also, Danielle’s daughter was very well liked at school.

      On a side note, Ashley also attended the same high school. She was kicked out for bullying.

      I think Danielle acted like a nut many times (body guards, stalking a party she wasn’t invited to etc), but I really believe she just wanted to be accepted and to fit in. The other women were so mean and judgmental that I think a lot of her craziness came from hurt feelings. And Happy Easter to all here!

  • Danielle hands down is a better mother. Never heard her call her own kids an asshole unlike the Don did.

    • oh yea, i forgot about that. she called lapband an asshole because she was moody or upset about something.


    Many people may not have liked Danielle for whatever reason they chose, but it still doesn’t give them a right to judge her! She’s a human being raising two beautiful and respectful daughters on her on her own! Instead of judging Danielle, Caroline should have taken some parenting advice from her, judging from the “clowns” she raised! At least Danielle’s girls stayed in their place, even when Eviline tortured, judged, and criticized their mother in front of them! Can’t say the same for “never smile” Lauren and the other two jokesters! Caroline and her kids can trash talk anyone they wish, but when it comes back to them, they go in defense mode! Such losers!

    Caroline was flat out cruel and evil to Danielle, PLAIN AND SIMPLE! Caroline can judge and judge and judge others, but when they come back for her, she goes insane! WHAT A BITCH! She can try all she want to TRY and redeem herself, but it’s too late; the damage is done! In Caroline’s on words to Teresa, “That apology is NOT sincere and doesn’t mean anything!” Let’s just hope that Danielle isn’t as unforgiving as Caroline is, not to accept it! And I for one, NEVER KNEW why Teresa owed this jealous-ass an apology anyway, because she didn’t do anything to her, except become more successful and popular! WHAT AN ASS!

    • A little too late- Caro is evil. She’s ghetto trash. I never thought that I would start saying that about older people but, really, she is garbage. I have never seen more evil in a person than I do in Carowhine. She’s ugly on the inside and it shows. It is like you said, plain and simple….EVIL. When you have purity in your evil ways, your really the devil in disguise. Her kids are the most entitled jerks I have seen in quite a long time.

  • I am off this site. This is the third time in the two months or so I have been coming to Roxy and Jose’s blogs. They are great and this is the best blog with usually some great comments. All but New Jersey …… Three times is the charm for me. I won’t be back on here due to the hatred and awful comments from most of the viewers. A few were nice but even one had to throw Brandi and Adriennes issues in the mix to do her usual rant about her hatred for her. I quit watching the show because it got to mean for my blood. And the comments match the show, Which is pretty negative.

    • Thank you for letting EVERYONE know your thoughts, comments and behaviors is above everyone’s else.

      Honey, you didn’t have to give this big ole statement of why you left — All you had to do is LEAVE. No reason why was necessary. TRUST!

      • Thank you Love Reality

        I thought that was a little too dramatic. When I dont agree with someones opinion, I just skip over it. No need to argue with the person. Everyone is entitle to their own opinion. If someone response to my opinion disrespectfully, I pretty much tell them to fuck off. Than I ignore them completely and act like they don’t exist.

        • OK then, I think Danielle is trailer trash and was glad that she didn’t return last season. I really would not like it if her or her daughters return to the show next season.

    • sandy > well I guess we all should say bye and hope you have a great summer, Have a good one……O by the way I think EVERYONE here feels somewhat the same about you sometimes and if you want to be gone then just be going now an that’s the bottom line . I feel you just don’t get it or anyone on here. We are just talking about what the shows put up there, There are no Worry’s on this side for you to be gone. Thanks for your words [[=

  • Caroline is only apologizing because she has a book out and needs to make money. Her cookbooks never came about, black water sucks, their restraunt isn’t doing so hot, her sons stipper car wash idea sucked, her daughters business failed, her son flunked out of law school and it’s not just because of his disability (sorry people I never bought that one), her son then couldn’t become a police officer either he dropped out or flunked out. So why now after all of this is this lady now eating her words and groveling to danielle? It’s because she wants to win over viewers and she needs to make money. She’s wised up on how much damage she did in how she treated her cast mates. She has alienated viewers and isn’t rising to the top like she wants. So now I believe to gain sympathy she is throwing danielle’s name out there not to really apologize but to gain the likability factor. Correct me if i’m wrong her people. Seriously, why now? Why is she doing it right when her books comes out? Why is she doing it period when she said all of those vile things about danielle? Whether some of it was true or not she certainly wasn’t considering how harmful it would be to danielle’s daughters. I wasn’t a fan of danielle’s but without a doubt she was mistreated by all the women. They played nice but when her back was turned it was always a snide or nasty remark. When they finally got the gumption to confront her it was soley to humiliate and attack her. Their conduct was terrible. Teresa’s included! I love Teresa but didn’t like the way she treated danielle either. At least she was the first one to apologize and admitted to not giving her a fair shake. I don’t believe caroline one bit, the woman is a lier. She is vicious in her ways and clearly admitted to not accepting new people into her circle. That was one of the things I did not like about caroline is when she said she was happy with her family and doesn’t like bringing others in. Well, that showed her character right there. You may not like to bring others in but people like that tend to be closed off and high on themselves. Sorry but when I saw that she is now trying to apologize I am calling the BULLSHIT FLAG on this one.

    • Thanks Renee you said everything I would’ve said!!! Danielle’s not a saint but she just wanted to be included and accepted! I bet her girls will be successful adults and they seem very happy. Caroclown should just give it up I can’t stand and never really liked her!! Caroclown made me a Teresa fan, lol!!

    • Thank You cuz you are a 100% RIGHT !! Caroline wants that Best Seller Just Like Teresa Did and that’s the Bottom Line, Caroline’s sorry’s are not True Sorry’s they are Sorry’s for OK now I have said all my Sorry’s now come an Buy My Book……..Ummmmmmm Not !! I wish Caroline away from the New Jersey House Wife’s. I can’t stand to watch her on the TV it so sucks cuz I do love the show a lot and to have to see her an that Jac, Melass I just can’t .

      • now they are pushing melissa’s book and kathy’s cannoli kits all at same time lol sorry my wallet has moths in it, not spending any money on them, yes this means andy’s books too. i will buy teresa’s because i like her.

      • now they are pushing melissa’s book and kathy’s cannoli kits all at same time lol sorry my wallet has moths in it, not spending any money on them, yes this means andy’s books too. i will buy teresa’s because i like her.

  • I have missed Danielle’s crazy ! All Caroline had to do was be nice to danielle.danielle just wanted friends! Or I thought so. If you read her book you can see her outtake on issues. Her daughters are beautiful good darling girls. They are very protective of her girls. I think sometimes danielle does over share. I think sice she lacks support from men she finds someone in those girls who love her regardless. As for Caroline her kids eyes are beautiful. Caroline has taught her kids that mommy will be following you ruining your life! It’s time to quit the laleche club!

  • Of all the different things Caroline should apologize for saying, why the clown comment? (that should be included) but what about the remarks about Teresa and Joes marriage, ganging up on little Gia and no light in Danielle’s girls eyes. Give me a break.

    • I know I thought it was weird she only mentioned that. I can makeup up a huge list of things she should’ve regretted.

      • yes like calling both danielle and teresa garbage, must be her favorite word croline isn’t the favorite mother anymore, old red face lost it

    • Exactly! The cherry-picking of things Caroline says is just funny! Out of all the negative things she has said; you mean that is what she is sorry for! Lady, get outta here with that! Caroline is pathetic!

      She did NOTHING but speak BAD about other children; then get her panties in a bunch when you look at her minions with a side-eye!

      What really annoys me is, the others HW children are minors; but her minions are ADULTS; so, to me they are open and fair game!

    • That’s just a gross comment to make. Not everyone is the same size in this world. Grow up already.

      • I know, CiCi. Especially considering the age difference between Lauren and Danielle’s children. Who knows what those girls will look like when they are Lauren’s age?

    • You Go Annie !!!!!! You are so Right ! No worries for Danelle’s Beautiful daughters that’s for sure……love it!

    • Danielle’s daughters are beautiful but damn Christeen should eat….she fainted once at a runway show from not eating. That’s not healthy at all. Yolanda’s daughter gigi has a very healthy weight for a model.

    • more importantly Danielle’s daughters were nice and respectful girls .. They didn’t deserve Caroclown’s critic of them ..

      Who does this clown think she is

      What a horrible thing to say about to lovely girls

      She did it with Teresa’s kids and Ashley too

      Why doesn’t she stick to critiquing her own offspring ??

  • Caroline does owe the girls an “I’m sorry”, but this sounds like a contract dispute…ha ha

    Isn’t everything on the table…not just for Adrienne?

    Kids are supposed to be off limits..right..tell Brandi.

    we just watched Brandi and Lisa trash Adrienne, who is also a mom.

    Oh well, I should just talk about this story. Caroline should be ashamed of herself.

    So it begins…welcome Danielle…wouldn’t actually want to list the atrocity that is Danielle’s single parenting. (based on what I watched and read)

    • this thread has nothing to do with Adrienne and brandi. this is about caroline and Danielle. I really cannot stand when people try to compare other housewives situations to other housewives. don’t try to use this story to bash brandi. because you’ll open up a huge Adrienne/brandi debate in here. caroline is the one that said she regretted calling Danielle a clown. even though there were other things caroline said that were hurtful to Danielle and to Danielle saying her kids has no light in their eyes was hurtful. I don’t care about Danielle, I think she is a beast but she is a mother and mothers don’t like their children being mentioned. neither does Adrienne and brandi. they are all mothers regardless how we all feel about them.

    • I NEVER was a Caroline fan from day One! Always seems like she was felt she was better than everyone else.

      You are right children should be off limited, and Adrienne should have honored that code, but, did she? NO! She accused Brandi (via her HORRIBLE Chef, Bernie) of being a bad mother who sleeps until 3p and takes drugs! Mind you Adrienne said this BEFORE Brandi told the “open secret.”

      Lisa trash Adrienne, really wasn’t that AFTER Adrienne said that Lisa sold stories to the gossip magazines and blogs!

      Just want to be clear about the order of events. Adrienne loves to play “victim” but, it was her actions that created the REACTIONS from Lisa then Brandi.

      If you are going to recall events; then you recall them in the order they happen.


      • Is there a reason humans are supposed to just let shit happen?

        All the cast members owned many moments of ugly beyond belief..timeline is no excuse.

        Bravo franchise should enter the cast members in the ultimate fighter reality show…those guys bitch fight less than the cast mates of Bravo franchise..all have blood on their hands…not one human in the franchise is clean..they must be so proud. 🙂

      • Actually, Brandi told the secret before Adrienne called her a bad mom. Adrienne came up with the bad mom, sleeping until 3 pm at Mauricio’s event, which was AFTER Brandi messed up first by outing Adrienne’s secret.

  • Totally agree w/Danielle. Let’s see how badly chuckie wants to promote the book and apologize…. i say fat chance in hell

  • OMG! I hate agreeing with Danielle Staub. One more thing Caroline has done that drives me crazy is put us in a position where Danielle is the sensible one.

  • I agree with Danielle but I think that is as close as she is going to get to an apology. It wouldn’t be sincere since it had to be forced….

    I’m still wondering why Caroline thinks she is the head of everyone…..

  • This is why I cannot tolerate Caroline. She speaks out on being mean etc… involving kids but its only as long as someone is not doing it to her. She can dish it out but she can’t take it. No amount of apologizing now can make up for the hateful way she has treated people. Yes, it may be nice to hear but as a mother I would/have never forgotten when and adult was/or said nasty to or about my children.

    • I agree with you 100% The minute you make any kind of negative response about Caroline’s minions, she is ready to fight! However, she ALWAYS is making negative comments regarding other HW’s children.

      When I heard her say the light comment about Danielle’s children, I felt that was so rude; considering Danielle’s children are minors; but, Caroline’s are not. Caroline was so wrong on many different levels!

  • What about calling Danielle “garbage”? To me, that’s more offensive than calling someone a clown. And I agree that her comment about Danielle’s kid’s was rude too.

    • My thought also. Garbage is really bad – stinks and worth nothing and you throw it out. Much worse than clown, for heaven’s sake. So, I guess that means CM still thinks Danielle and Teresa are garbage. What a witch.

    • This woman said a lot of mean things. She called Teresa really really offensive names last season. Heck she called her a clown too in one of her confessionals and said wished she will get a divorce. Worst person in all the franchises.

      • I gotta agree caroline is one of if not the WORST HW .. Who else went after kids?? NO ONE

  • As much as I don’t care for Danielle,I have to admit she is right in this situation. Caroline is always preaching about not involving children in feuds or drama but, she attacked these innocent children with such a rude comment but was the first to come at Teresa’s throat when she called out lap band Lauren on being lazy hypocrite much? Also as much as Danielle may not be the perfect role model due to her past, its very obvious she loves her children very much and would do anything for them kudos to her.

    • They sure did go in on gia last season at gamenight. But oh no! Dont attack her crittofur! Carolie is nasty and vile. Danielles daughter is with a top modeling agency from new york. What are carolies kids doing? Sucking on mommies tit for a business? Lauren had to kiss ass and get the money for caff+ck, crittofur and albie…………what do they do?! Opening a restaurant? Gee where did they get the money from? Mommy and daddy. Atleast danielle is teaching her kids to work and be independent. Manzo kids stay in that swaddle & similac.

      • ITA Lapband and love the name. The Dons kids are fair game because they dish it out. Lets call the Caro show what it is, the redemption tour. The sole purpose is to show her in a better light and sell books. Too late for this viewer. I will never forgive her behavior last season.Her apology is a little Jodi Arias,”I regret it yet it had to be done”. Loved that the boys were with her on WWHL. Al must have had a wedding that he could not miss. His brother/partner must not be able to fill in!

  • By the way, look at where Christine is and where the Manzo adult kids are? Christine is still modeling and gets mee beautiful every time, and the Manzos are… Well, ya know the rest. Danielle must be so proud! She has amazing daughters!

    • I agree. I hated that remark about them having no light in their eyes. Regardless of anything else Danielle has ever done, she did something right with those girls. They were the most respectful, well mannered kids on any show. And they were happy with whatever they had, which was not much compared to the rich, spoiled Manzos. The thing that struck me was their loyalty not just to their mother but to each other. I doubt you’d hear one of them calling the other a fat pig.

      • I agree the girls were very very nice girls and i enjoyed them on the show .. That was horrible for Caroline to say they had no light light in their eyes .. They were both very pretty ..Caroline was and is the clown Great pic

  • Caroline should apologize, and if she does, that’s great. Will it be genuine and sincere? Hell no. Caroline meant what she said about Danielle’s daughters. I didn’t like what Caroline said because she went below the belt, but Danielle has mentioned Teresa’s daughters before, and that wasn’t nice either.

    No matter what, Caroline will do what she can to sell her book. She can cry and attack when people talk about her adult children, but I will never look at her the same way. No way. No how.

    • It wont be sincere. And i think thats the best danielle will ever get, that she “regrets” calling danielle names. Bish u had how many years to apologize?! She couldve apologized and let bygones be bygones but shr refused and continued to attack as well as tre and jaq. But they apologized, hugged, and moved.

      • On*. Carolie is very calculating and now shes VERY VERY sorry? Now that she has a book coming out? Like i said its been years since the season two reunion. Very calculating. PR is trying very hard to clean her imagine before the book release. No thank you. Caroline is REAL HOUSEWIVES #1 bully in my honest opinion. Her actions have spoke louder than words and I will never forget what she did last season.

        • Lapband- your name cracks me up because all I can think about is that surgery for a whiny adult who doesn’t know a damn think about hard work or even work. So true about carowhine being the number 1 bully. She’s got this ugly perplexed look all the time. She’s ghetto, insincere and an embarassment. Can’t stand her disrespectful kids either.

    • No child is safe with this cast. Every single one has said something underhanded or mean about a child (except Teresa I don’t count Lapband Lauren’s grown butt as a child). I’m still waiting for jac to apologize to tre for following and harassing Gia as she begged for her mom and implying Gabriella wasn’t joe’s by saying she saw Teresa’s ex and that he looked a lot like Gabriella. That was so disgusting.

  • I don’t care for either of these ladies, although that was low of Manzo to state her opinion about Danielle’s children. Manzo is a clown to me personally she puts her self out there as if she has a heart and manners. The viewers are starting to realize it’s all publicity. Of course rude reality celebrity s will have no sales in their products if they don’t pit on a front of so called generosity.

    • I agree. I miss the ole crazy bitch. And crazy as she is, her kids were the most mannerable and respectful to their mothers batshit fair weather “friends” than any other kids on any other franchise.

      • They really were! I love her two girls and they are gorgeous. They were both such old wise little souls. Especially the younger one. Very bright and personable kids. Damielle has done right by her kids even though I didn’t like all the trouble she caused. The three of them look great in the picture.

        • I think Danielle’s problem was she was partly a victim of circumstance. How would any of you react if these crazy asses were coming after you. Remember they are thick as thieves and they have an army behind them. Danielle basically had 2 daughters, 2 dogs and Kim G and Danny who were using her just to be on the show.
          I have always thought she was a great mother and those girls were nothing but lovely and respectable.

          • I agree Dayna, and she also just wanted to “fit” in with the girls, be a group together. She really did not get a fair chance and had to be defensive. However, girlfriend needs to chill, LOL. Some of her antics were a bit over the top. She sure was entertaining though.

      • one thing about danielle and teresa, we saw danielle at the diner with her girls just talking eating together and teresa and juicy having fun with there girls how often did we see poison joe and melissa with kids, they never talked, always acted shy around parents.

      • Danielle’s kids were the most respectful I thought. (Don’t hate me for bringing this up but do you remember Lapbands ugly face when confronting T about her well, whatever? It wasn’t her place or her fight and she was such a biatch!)
        Her daughters are really thoughtful and so loving to their mother. I watched a clip somewhere where her eldest daughter opened the door for her and made sure she was okay with the prying cameras. All I could think about was how the hell these NJ women or any group of people can really villify you to the public. It’s sad! Classic Bullies.

    • Dang. I forgot that I can’t retweet Danielle because she blocked me…and I’m Team Danielle lol… but I agree. When people say stuff about Caroswine’s grown titty babies, she has a heart attack, but she can talk about others children and stick her nose where it doesn’t belong with others children. What a hypocrite! She’s just trying to sell books.

      • Exactly. It’s okay to say that Danielle’s girls had “no light in their eyes” as a dig to Danielle’s ability to be a mother, but it isn’t ok for Teresa to say she doesn’t agree with Chris opening a stripper car wash and she wouldn’t want her girls to be working in one (Which could be taken as a dig to Caroline)?

        It’s okay for Caroline to judge Danielle as a parent, but it’s not okay for Teresa to judge Caroline’s parenting skills? Total hypocrite.

        • Exactly. If Tre doesn’t want her girls to work at a stripper car wash, that’s her opinion. And what kind of mother would? Seriously? Caroswine has some freaking nerve!

        • Oh and I can’t forget about she wanted to meet with Danielle on Season 2 for this meeting, which was on camera, but then she told Tre last season if she really wanted to make up with her she would’ve done it off camera? Huh? Didn’t you want closure with Danielle, on camera? She loves to pick and choose her battles only when it’s convenient for her. Can not stand Bozo.

    • I so agree a 100% Caroline really has a lot of SORRY too say to Teresa and Danelle as well as Their Beautiful children, What came OUT of that Mouth of Caroline and that Jac’s was so wrong an both really need to say Sorry to them.

      • Caroline is so annoying. She thinks she’s so damn wise. Who does she think she is? Caroline thinks that she knows how to raise perfect kids. Well, sorry to burst your bubble Caroline, but all three of YOUR kids turned out to be big ZEROES, ok? Their nothing to write home about. All 3 of your kids are as dumb as rocks. Also, Caroline, your radio show kinda sucked, nobody called in because nobody needs your stupid advice about your perfect kids. Danielle’s girls are very well-mannered and pretty. Your daughter needs to go on a diet, for starters. Your sons don’t seem to have any education beyond high school, nor do they appear to be on any concrete career plans…Black water was one of the most idiotic ideas I’ve ever heard of. I could have told you it would bomb.

    • Of course I agree with Danielle! And I hate Caroline for making me use that sentence. You know you have a crap cast when the least liked cast member Danielle is now being missed by everyone and gaining sympathy

    • Danielle was brutally bullied by the Manzo’s and their little assistant Ashlee. I watched the show and also reruns and could not pinpoint what she did to them. Dina overreacted about her and the stories about the obsession and so forth. I guess we can now see that Caroline was using everyone to do her evil dirty work. I am surprised she isn’t sorry about calling Teresa a disgraced person.

      • She, Danielle, didn’t stand a chance against that nest of vipers, parading some old book around. She spent the entire season being bullied and despised by those hypocrites. By the way, Jaqueline is an ace moron. Teresa can’t speak English, Caroline thinks her shit don’t stink. Dina-I heard her husband was gay. No, they focused on you because they have tons on skeletons in their closets. Who cares what somebody did when they were young? I kept asking myself, why are all of these bitches so obscessed with old, old, news that may not even be true?