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Did Kordell Stewart And Porsha Williams Sign A Prenuptial Agreement? Will Porsha Walk Away With Anything?

Kordell Stewart filed for divorce earlier this week from Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart. The two were only married for a little over a year. Porsha portrayed herself as having the perfect life but what Porsha didn’t realize is nothing is ever perfect!

When Kordell filed for divorce, Porsha was completely blindsided and Kordell made a point to say in his statement that Porsha is “an able-bodied person, earning income and is capable of supporting herself” refusing any spousal support.

BUT it looks like Kordell may not be so lucky! Because Porsha and Kordell did NOT sign a prenup! In fact she blogged about whether she and Kordell had a prenup earlier this season saying,

“In my opinion a marriage is a sacred union between two people coming together as one with love being that foundation — being one in mind, body, and spirit. This means I want to agree with my husband and have like minds, I want to bond with him in the flesh (meaning anything that has to do with the natural things, whether it’s a sexual, monetary, or family issue etc.). I also want to become one spiritually with my husband so that we are equally yoked.”

She continued,

“We have the same beliefs when it comes to God and how WE have our purpose shown to us by God. So through bonding with him in mind, body, and spirit there is no place for a piece of paper to stand between us.”

Do you think Porsha will leave empty handed? Or do you think she will leave with a fight considering she found out about her divorce online? What would you do?

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  • Seems in the State of Georgia he leaves with he brought she leaves with what she brought. With that being said and the fact that they were only married for two (2) years, she’ll probably walk with nothing. Sorry Porsche go out and get a real job to support your life style.

  • I was sad to hear this, but when she did WWHL with Andy I thought it was unbecoming of her to act in such a way on that show considering her upbringing. She is a sweet girl, and I wish her the best, but as Wendy warned her, this show would ruin her marriage and it did.

  • I’m torn, she seemed like a dopey diddle dot on the show. I saw her as a 21 year old, rather than the 31 year old she really was. Finding pride in being a Black Trophy Wife already had me smh, then her protest about her husband “letting” her do anything blew me away and I fully subscribe to the Headship principle, but having been in an abusive relationship, I fully understand that control and a man’s obsession with being in control means a diminished self-esteem for the woman he is in control of. She is dodging the bullet by getting a divorce. Many times where separation of assets are concerned, one usually has more time under their belt, for prenups (7-10 years). Since there was no prenup I say “HALF!”
    Kordel may have been fearful of child support issues and nipped it in the bud. Having a strong willed woman is a lot of work and compromise, if he even knows the definition of the word.
    Still, on his behalf, if he did not decide to marry Porsha based on her participation in “Some Cut,” that alone is reason enough to question her moral compass. LOL! She has some soul searching, information gathering, growing up to do. And he needs a personality adjustment. We are living in 2013, although the Bible says a woman should be submissive to her mate a mate is supposed to give his wife respect and value her input in the marriage, its not all one sided. NO ONE SHOULD WANT TO BE ANOTHER PERSON’S TROPHY!

  • I’m not sure Portia would really know what she signed….Kordell is so controlling over her, I’m sure his nasty sneaky ass snuck something in there for her to sign….

    Hopefully she will walk away with something…if not monetary, her dignity….is worth way more…

    She will be ok….


  • I saw some mention on twitter that alimony does not kick in until they are marreid two years and that he filed just in time to cut her off from alimony. I don’t care enough to research whether that is true and I won’t vouch for it. It is an interesting insight into the timing, but again, it could be pure BS.

  • Apparently, gay rumors have followed him since his NFL career. He went to Atlanta and they followed him there too. Then he suddenly married Porsha. Hmm…

  • Something happened, just two years. Something major pushed him to go behind her back and file for divorce (made sure to do it after the taping of the reunion).

    • You may be onto something there…

      But the Reunion was already taped by the time this came out no? I thought he was the only husband that didn’t show up to the taping.

      I am not surprised at all. He acted more like a father.

    • I agree, he is a slimey piece of work that deserves it. Thats all I keep thinking about is him making her cry saying, “No, it don’t work that way.”, when he said she could either have a baby or work. This guy is such a low-life for how he did this but that girl is really much better off with-out him.

      • I agree!!! Can I just say “DL, DL, DL” Most brothers on the DL don’t have any compassion for women bc they wish they were one…they seem to resent the beautiful ones, and he’s UGLY….oh yeah, there’s no compassion!!!!

  • I think Kordell brainwashed her to think those ridiculous things she wrote. And him being a respected prof football player with money, she tried to please him for good image.

  • I don’t get this story… just doesn’t make sense. How did she find out online? Does that mean they were already separated and living apart? Never read/heard anything like that about them before this news broke.

  • porsha believed her own crap. she sounds so immature and delusional now she has to face reality. they were married for a short time. she probably wont get that much anywway.

  • I think she signed some sort of agreement, there is no way they went into this marriage not knowing what they would get if the marriage didn’t work, Kordall looks controlling and the way Porsha spoke about he lets her do stuff, there is no way a prenup was not signed, plus I believe she was talking about the marriage certificate if anything, not about a prenup, when she said she won’t let a piece of paper stand between them.

    • She probably signed a prenup and didn’t even realize that that was what she was signing. She is that stupid, and I do believe that Kordell has a prenup. There is no way that someone who has all this money would not make sure he was protected in case of divorce. Either way, she will be secure financially. Her family comes from old money, plus she is getting all her salary from RH OA.

    • A prenuptial doesn’t mean she won’t get anything, it’s all in the way it’s worded….I hope she didn’t sign one. I hope she’ll be able to send his ass to social services when she’s done!!!!! He should be glad she married his ugly ass…#wtf

  • From reading his statement sounds like he hopes she will do him right and not bleed him dry since there is no prenuptial. Hahaha. Well, he can hope, right?

    • He surely can hope and pray but if he was dumb enough to not have a prenup then good luck with that. There are ways in which a prenup can be annulled but Porsha didn’t sem to fit the bill of any of that so Porsha might end up divorce but rich.

      • I don’t think she’s as dumb as the show edits. I believe she was just a loving trusting, old school wife….but, after a weekend with NeNe … “whichever eye was closed, shall be opened”. Check out that 15 karat diamond ring!!!! Oh yeah, NeNe has something to share with Porsha!!!!

  • Porsha isn’t some groupie chick that got a come up when she married Kordell. Her family has money and she was always involved with the charity.

    She also didn’t marry THAT young. She was what 26 or 27 when they married. Most people have had jobs for a while by then, even if they get professional degrees.

    When they married they agreed to share their entire lives that includes money. She should go after whatever is considered hers even if she doesn’t need it.

    What I find unfortunate is that she seemed to really be completely in love with him and want to make him happy all the time. Hopefully her next husband (if there is one) will be a better fit for her.

  • Although they were only together for two years, I think she will walk away with something. Her lawyer can easily argue that although Porsha is able-bodied, we all saw that Kordell would not let her work during the marriage and that she is entitled to maintain the same lifestyle. I think it is very disgusting that Kordell did all of this behind her back.

    • I agree. However I think Porsha might just walk away empty handed because she has pride and because Kordell made a comment that he doesn’t want her getting anything

    • In the ATL things are not considered community property until after 3 years of marriage. Ask usher and his gold digging baby momma lol

      She will certainly get something but not a lot. Porsha comes from old money tho. She doesn’t need Kordellas money or name.

      • Porsha is pretty as a picture with a wonderful figure. I will be surprised if she gets anything, she should just move on, but someone told her to stay at the house. There is a young child there so she shouldn’t stay because that resentment is not good for any child, even if it is not hers. They were having problems to the extend of them not sharing a bedroom. She put on a good performance at the reunion, pretending that they were okay, but it was just pretending. I believe they loved each other but when you are on national TV it can sometimes break up your marriage, please note all the divorces theon Housewives series. Her family has influence not money.

  • Porsha Porsha. Girl I’m thinking about you. Leave that lump head mf and his shit right where it’s at. Get you somebody with bigger and better. Don’t even give him the satisfaction. I still can’t get over divorcing her god fertility issues. Hell he’s probably shooting blanks is why she can’t get knocked up.

    • Me too girl! I read an earlier post you wrote and I had been defending them from the beginning too! I honestly think she was a wonderful wife and just needs to get over this whole mess, learn from it, and then UPGRADE! She can pull a more attractive, more successful, less douchey, man than Kordell, especially in the A! Plus her genetics are too nice to mix with all that ugly!