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SNEAK PEEK: Kenya Moore Has Porsha Escorted Out Of Her Party Over A Costume!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta season five finale takes place at Kenya Moore’s “coming out” party. It is themed after black women in film and Kenya has assigned every guest a character to dress up as! Kenya assigned Porsha the role of Halle Berry in the movie B*A*P*S* which may or may not have been a passive aggressive way to embarrass Porsha.

At the party, Porsha arrives in a different costume than what Kenya had assigned! This causes Kenya to absolutely lose her mind and feel the necessity to yell for security to escort Porsha out because of her costume disobedience! WHAT. THE. HELL?! Just when I was starting to like Kenya, she pulls this ridiculousness. She’s pathetic.

Watch the following sneek peak to see what ensues when Kordell sticks up for his wife, and everyone else sides with Porsha!

Please tell me you also believe Kenya went beyond overboard!

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  • All you Kenya fans should’ve suggested an ACNE party! Porsha could’ve came as Wanda off of Holiday Heart and still look better than Kenya.

  • Yeah. Kenya is…..I need to find a new word for crazy. I am SO GLAD everyone else walked out with Porsha. That just shows who is in the wrong. Kenya is jealous of Porsha. She needs to grow up and focus on finding herself someone who can tolerate her long enough to marry her. I can’t stand high school petty sh*t.

  • Personally I would have never invited Porsha, because of all the controversy she’s had in the past. She did ask Porsha to dress as a certain character. I guess Kenya had her reasons. In Kenya’s mind (and I’m being very specific) she’s looking at this as disrespect. If it was my party, that would probably be the last time she’d be invited to my home. I would not have kicked her out. I would have complimented her on how beautiful she looked, but let her know I see you decided to wear what you wanted to wear even though the party was by invitation, and the guests were asked to be a particular character. She asked her to be Halle Berry who is beautiful in whatever she wears. Porsha decided she was going to do it her way. Kenya is not the most stable individual, and Porsha KNEW this would piss Kenya off. Everybody is different, and I’m not judging Kenya, but at times she seems to go overboard, and I hope she finds some balance in life.

  • Just when I was liking Kenya, now I think she’s a nutter. I do hope this is all scripted for the show and she’s really nothing like this.

  • I totally agree with Kenya; she was ask to leave and all that followed shame on them. I didnt see why porsha would have an issue with a costume “it doesnt depict her true character”!. Although she is in the rap group trillville “some cut” video with very very short attire “in hip hop like gear”. I watched all season and in my opinion its all about a group of southern women trying to team up against a woman from the outside. The only difference between Kenya and the other ladies is that Kenya doesn’t dress her sh*&t up with the so called southern hospitality presentation while stabbing u in your back at the same time: Stand your ground Kenya and don’t let these miserable wives along with their mooching husbands try to break you because they see you maybe alone and they can team up and bully you. Who would want a husband like the ones on RHOA I MEAN REALLY…… And that Cynthia is such a cowardly two faced loner this season its pathetic

    • Her disagreement with the character is likely less to do with trashy clothing and more to do with the fact that many African Americans view BAPS as a racist minstrel show film – a modern Amos & Andy. That would be particularly insulting to the granddaughter of Hosea Williams.

  • Ha, now that’s some drama there! Well you know what, Kenya STILL got the last laugh! Look at Kordell and Peter screaming like women over a matter that has NOTHING to do with them…I mean especially PETER. THAT WAS KORDELL’S WIFE, not yours. It’s funny how the cast walked out too but earlier on they didn’t care anything about Porsha and her feelings…Porsha didn’t want to go to the strip club and they all went right on without her and talked about her marriage behind her back…wow…I LOVE how Kenya made a scene…this is all payback and since that was the season finale, Kenya HAD to go out with a BANG because this season it was HER show! Like others have said, it would have been REALLY boring without her and her antics…

  • As I remember ladies, NeNe needs to keep her mouth shut about Kenya tossing out Porsha she did the same shit when they came late to her dinner party. I found that to be very disrespectful, she should of just let them in and then told them what they did was wrong, not meet them outside and start screaming her head off, at them. Porsha needed to stay home and not come, its not like she invited Kenya to any of her events. Why complain about it…

    • Nene never tossed out anyone because she never let them in. 3 hours late to a scheduled dinner party and being kicked out over a costume are NOT the same.

  • I think all this is a bunch of bad scripting. These two ladies have not gotten along all season. What better way to end the season than with over the top drama about a stupid dress up party. Please. We need something more than this. I haven’t watched this series in about 3 episodes now, just so silly. Who are these producers anyway??? Sheesh.

  • I thought Kenya was presumptuous assigning the women specific costumes to wear in the first place. She added insult to injury by assigning a demeaning character to Porsha. While Porsha may not be the brightest bulb in the room, she is the granddaughter or Hosea (Unbought and Unbossed) Williams, and would clearly recognize the internalized racism of B.A.P.S., a modern Amos & Andy type minstrel show. The character she was assigned was offensive, not just because of the tacky clothing, but because of the type of movie and character it is.

    Kicking her out, well, just further proof that Kenya puts the cray-cray in crazy.

  • KENYA WAS WRONG, PLAIN AND SIMPLE! She didn’t have to embarrass Porsha that way, it was just ugly and nasty!

  • Kenya most certainly gave Porsha that costume to embarrass her. Of all the Halle Berry movies she picked “B*A*P*S” (Black American Princesses)? See the movie and you’ll understand lol. Now surely Porsha could have saved herself from drama by choosing not to show up, but on the other hand we don’t know if she was contractually bound to appear at the event, like Adrienne was at Lisa’s vow renewal. It’s all ridiculous but it’s fun. The show is meant to be crazy.

    • Exactly! I can imagine the holy hell her family would give her if she came to that party dressed as the modern Amos & Andy which is all that the BAPS movie is. Her grandfather was a civil rights icon. She represents his charity in public and does donor development. She cannot put on the character that many in the black community think is demeaning to black women.

      Kenya is no idiot, she found as demeaning and damaging a character as she could without telling Porsha to come as Stepin Fetchit and she probably would have if she could have told her to come as a man.

  • kenya was plain stupid, crazy and wrong in this situation!! who the hell assigns costumes to guests? the quests are grown ass adults and they can choose their own costumes. porsha didn’t wear kenya’s ridiculous choice of costume but she still showed up wearin a costume so porsha didn’t break any rules. kenya was just mad that porsha didn’t fall for her childish game. i say good for porsha. personally i just wouldn’t show up but i’m assumin this was a mandatory bravo assigned party.

    • Cray cray Kenya needs to carry her hood rat arse back to Detroit! Can’t stand her ugly ways! She is a jealous desperate joke!

  • This is so ridiculous. Last taping of the season so obviously Porsha had to attend the stupid party. She just chose to attend in something she wanted to wear. Kenya needs to be locked in a room with this season of RHOA on a 24/7 loop and made to watch until she understands just how much of a jackass she has been.

  • I am so done with RHOA ! Bravo get this bitch off my screen, Phaedra is right,there is definitely something wrong with Kenya !

  • Kenya isn’t jealous of Porsha, this is payback for Porsha inviting Walter to her event and not Kenya and then bragging about it over dinner. These two need to give up on the back and forth, it’s tiring. Kordell always has to get involved in her fights because Porsha can’t defend herself. I don’t know why any of them expected better from Kenya but when she acted out at Cynthia’s place of business everyone thought it was hilarious. If it weren’t for Kenya, this season would’ve been incredibly boring.

    • Why would she want to go to Kenya’s party. She calls her Dummy every chance she gets and clearly does not like her. The party was for Cordell. Kenya wants the world to revovle around her…

  • Kenya set this up just to pay Porsha back for basically being asked to leave Porsha’s event at the beginning of the season

  • Kenya is jealous that Porsha is beautiful inside and out, and assigning her a costume where she wouldn’t look her best was just mean. It’s clear Porsha was obligated to attend the finale and somehow Kenya was afforded the right to host the event, so she tried to take advantage of Porsha. I think it’s great Porsha stood up for herself and it showed how manipulative Kenya truly is.

  • That Kenya makes the comment that Porsha is trying to be elegant and she is anything but speaks volumes about Kenya’s intent in assigning her the costume that she did. I wouldn’t have put up with Kenya’s shit either.

  • Everybody knows that it was a jab to have her dress up as Halle Berry on Baps,out of all the movie characters,
    she gave her that one.She was trying to mean,and funny when she did that.I don’t blame Porsha,fuck Kenya.I have never heard of somebody picking out your costume,did she pick out the other guest costumes,I doubt it.

  • Kenya obviously tried to embarrass Porsha with that costume choice. Halle’s character in BAPS is ignorant, uneducated and a walking stereotype of what people consider ghetto. It’s not an iconic role for Halle nor is it the one she’s known for. It’s certainly not a role to be highlighted in a celebration of black woman. Kenya is a passive aggressive bitch and a downright fool. She shouldn’t even have invited Porsha. Porsha shouldnt have accepted the invitation, but I’m going to assume that Bravo made her. Kenya obviously can’t stand her and Porsha doesn’t care for her, either. Hence why Kenya didn’t get an invite to Kordell’s party. And throwing her out is just her once again bringing forced, obviously fake and over the top drama so she can secure her place on the show next season. Nothing about this woman’s “personality” seems authentic.

    • I wish Bravo would stop with the cast wrap parties being a personal event. (Sara @Heathers/RHOC; Faye @Lisas/RHOBH) we all know the only reason Porscha was there was because Bravo invited her.

      I’m all for standing up for you spouse or gf/bf but I think if the other person is handling their own then stay out of it. Women included (Heather&Tamara)!

      Kenya was dead wrong for asking Porscha to be the B.A.P.S Halle B. That was tacky and shady!

  • I think that Kenya is NUTS. She invited Porsha to her party and gave her an assigned costume that she knew was nasty, Porsha told her then that she didn’t like it. She knew Porsha wasn’t going to come as a slut, and throws her out of the party and causes everyone to leave, boy did that back fire. Kenya is a phony and a s–t stirer. This was her way of getting back at porsha for not inviting her to her party.

  • OVER a costume?! That’s just RIDICULOUS! Come on now… Seriously? Siding with Porsha, if Porsha didn’t like the costume choice, she should have at least discussed wiuth Kenya before attending. I do somewhat agree with that on her end. The rest is just utter ridiculousness.

    • She did – as soon as Kenya said that ridiculous costume suggestion – Porsha said she would rather come as Halle as Dorthy Dandrige instead – and Kenya was rude about it. There is no discussing anything with someone who is clearly deranged and immature.

  • Oh, to add Kordell should not have said a word to Kenya. Men DO NOT get into your wife disagreement(S) with another women. This will not end well for you! TRUST!

    As a woman I refuse to get into it with not only the woman but the man to — No! Besides, you know what a man is called who get into women business? —- MITCH! That describes Kordell, especially after his antics regarding his marriage, or should I write non-marriage to Porsha.

      • I agree on that one..The whole point is that it was disrespectful from the start,when she asked her to be Baps.Stop saying she should have not went,Bravo made her,for the drama.Duh

        • Mine as well. There’s a way to let your wife fight her own battles, but there’s also a time to step in when it has gone too far.

      • My husband would have spoke up as well. Shit even Peter knew that was foul and got heated.

        But! In the case of Chris Laurita, Mauricio, Simon (from Alex and Simon ny) and Joey Marco, and Paul BH. THOSE fools have no business getting into the girls gossip and petty arguments. They all look like little bitches for being involved.

        This was a little different.. The way Kenya went in on porsha was WRONG and no doubt a planned ploy to make sure her party made the season cut. My husband would be sleeping in the yard if he didn’t have my back in this situation !

        • Totally agree w/ you ladies. My husband knows when to let me deal w/ it but when to step in. I don’t blame Kordell. Kenya is a thirsty pathetic witch who has delusions of grandeur. She picked that costume to humiliate Porsha and everyone knows it. A classy woman would not have picked that costume let alone kick someone out over it. and in all the costume parties I’ve been to I’ve never in my life heard of a host chosing costumes. Furthermore if they did I know they wouldn’t behave like ghetto circus star if someone “disobeyed” them. Kenya once again proves what a ratchet nut case she is.

      • Terry, I agree! I’m glad Kordell said something. If he didn’t, it wouldn’t be right, and she may lose trust slowly or show less respect later on. It’s happened to me before, and it went downhill from there. Not good because I ended up losing some faith in him before.

      • Thanks Terry! My husband better have my back if somebody is gettin crazy as hell like Kenya always does!

  • How is it disrespectful to wear the costume you want to? She tried to dress Cynthia tacky when they went to the shop – and you see Cynthia changed it to a class version. BAPS was a dig – I think any grown person can dress HOWEVER they want to – unless you are paying them – Kenya cant control Porsha – especially when it’s obvious that she chose the character as a complete dig.

    Porsha would have been a fool to wear that costume. The only disrespect here was Kenya trying to put Porsha in that ridiculous costume in the first place.

    Good for Porsha doing her own thing!

    • Yes, it is disrespectful to wear the costume that you want(Porsha); especially when the host informed you how she wanted HER (Kenya) guests to be dress as. So, yes, highly disrespectful.

      No, Kenya didn’t attempt to dress Cynthia tacky. They were looking at costumes, it was nothing more than “what do you think of this” — no tackiness was involved. Just what we all do when we go shopping with our girls — we all do the “what do you think” nothing more nothing less.

      Now, it’s not about control it was the rules of the party, Everyone has rules on how they want their event to go; Now, if Porsha didn’t want to wear the costume she was assigned, then she should not have attended the party, simple as that! No, is still a word that works. TRUST!

      But, we all know now who is the most disrespectful of them all; now don’t we? Oh, yes, that would be Kordell. You know I am not a Kenya fan, but, she did call this one from the moment she met Porsha then Kordell. The situation is not funny but sad; and Kenya did call this one.

      • You don’t think Kenya first was being disrespectful with the character she chose for Porsha? It was a disgraceful one and Kenya makes her motive clear in her diary that she was looking to slight Porsha. Kenya and Porsha go back and forth – but it has continually started with Kenya FIRST being disrespectful. In this case she started out on the wrong foot. I wish both ladies would act their age – but Kenya is the bigger offender in my opinion here!

      • I can’t imagine inviting people to my party and asking them to be certain characters and then getting mad if they don’t want to. She acts like she ran over her damn dog. She was trying to be disrespectful to Porsha making her dress in a certain way and Porsha wasn’t having it. Well done Porsha on not giving in to Krazy Kenyas nonsense! Obviously the entire cast agreed with Porsha so that tells you something there.

      • Pretty sure the girls are contracted to be at a certain number of events. I’m sure Kenya had no say in rather porsha was invited or not. Exactly like Adrienne being invited to Lisa’s vow renewal party.

        • Yeah I have heard that a few places as well. One thing is for sure, the timing for airing this episode will probably not be good for Kenya since Porscha just found out her marriage is over, online no less. My guess is the sympathy will be with Porscha, but who knows.

      • Excuse me, but what the heck does Kenya know about Cordell and Porsha’s relationship to call JACK. Heck where are her 6 previous engagements. Her antics no doubt help the demise of the relationship Remember they (-Kenya) predicted Cynthia and Peter’s marriage would not last a year. Stay the hell out of people’s marriages on or off the air.

        Kenya was mean spirited and just wrong for what she did.

    • 100% AGREE! I’ve never been to a costume party where the host picks the costumes! In fact, as long as the guests arrive in a costume of some sort they’ve fulfilled costume party requirements.

      Now if she were having a black and white affair and the woman showed up in red that would be disrespectful but it would speak more to the lady in the red than it would to the host. Kicking someone out because they didn’t wear what you wanted is lacking in maturity and class. Having a party dedicated to influential black women and having Porsha dress as Halle Berry in B.A.P.S. as opposed to Dorothy Dandridge (who Halle Berry portrayed as well) is completely and totally disrespectful.

      And then this, “you didn’t invite me to your party” bullshit! Obviously it’s because Porsha didn’t want Kenya coming to her event acting a damn fool like she’s done at every single event to date! Just think if she would’ve come to Harlem nights to show somebody else how they ‘look.’ Btdubs Kenya I’m sure that the dress code for a charity event is not beach attire and ass pads!

  • I think she went overboard. She would have spared herself this debacle had she decided to repay Kordell and Porsha for not inviting her to their party by not inviting them to hers. I do think Porsha’s been a cackling dimwit in her encounters with Kenya, and Kenya just wanted some payback because Porsha and Phaedra have treated her shabbily. However, the husbands get involved and both Peter and Kordell were out of bounds for verbally attacking Kenya. These husbands were verbally aggressive while their wives stood by watching. I think that is particularly disturbing, and any viewer watching the collective verbal tirades against Kenya should be unsettled. The Atlanta Husbands are out of control.

  • Absolutely not. Porcha did this as a way to disrespect Kenya in her own home. If porcha didn’t like the costume she was given then she should have just stayed home. Nothing pisses me off more than people who think they can do whatever they want without consequences to their actions.

    For the record I am not a fan of Kenya’s and I think she is pretty much over the top 99% of the time, however there have been a few times she has been right and people want to overlook that and just crucify her because they just don’t like her.

    • I going to have to side with Kenya on this one as well. Porsha KNEW exactly what was expected of her. If she didn’t want to comply she should have politely decline the invitation. Do not disrespect Kenya and show up like you want to. No, not the best way to handle the situation.

      Besides, come on Porsha you purposely didn’t invite Kenya to Kordell BD party, then you talk about it every time you ladies get together, then you also added salt to the wound and throw a Walter comment all the time as well, ummmm no, Gurlie you were wrong. So, yes you have to go.

      However, in the big scheme of things, it’s look as if Kenya receive the last laugh. Because look at Porsha and Kordell now. BOOM! and BLOOP!

      • OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????????? Kenya is bat shit crazy and it completely baffles me how someone can defend this behavior. If Porsha didn’t come, she would’ve been put on blast for not making an effort with Kenya. Kenya says herself that she didn’t come as the character chosen and instead came as someone else trying to be elegant. It’s obvious the choice Kenya picked for Porsha was because she was trying to make her look a certain way. Look up Halle Berry in BAPs and you’ll see what I mean. Kenya is obviously threatened by Porsha. It looks like Porsha picked another Halle Berry character Dorothy Dandridge (based on the hair/birthmarks) and tried to make an effort as well. If the theme was black women in film, what’s the big problem. The bottom line is regardless of what someone comes dressed as they are your guest and it’s completely nuts to go crazy like Kenya did over this. Most well balanced healthy people would be irritated but would shrug it off and have fun. The woman has serious issues.

        • I agree!!! AndI also remember Porsha saying after bing invited that she wanted to be Dorothy Dandridge. I personally just think Kenya loves to be nasty to her…Yes, she has issues for real for real.

          • Michers, I agree. Kenya always has to start things up for Porsha. Why would Kenya make her wear a costume she didn’t like? It’s to EMBARRASS her. Plain & simple! Porsha is a grown ass woman! If she doesn’t wanna wear it, then so be it! Why kick her out though? This is so high school. More like middle school actually. Porsha outshines the rest, and Kenya doesn’t want the spotlight taken away from her. I don’t really notice the others except for Porsha w/ her blinged dress (beautiful costume and overall look) & Kenya’s humongous bOObs! 🙂 Too much.

            I have defended Kenya quite an amount lately with the whole Phaedra/workout video bull, but Kenya is really off her rocker. Doesn’t she get tired of being over the top 95% of the time? Reminds me of Tamar, but she doesn’t act on the real cray cray!

        • I so totally AGREE…ARE YOU KIDDING…This is soooooo stupid!!! Grow up. Kenya needs to grow up. She took it wayyyyyyy to far.

        • Haha’! I’m a Kenya fan just because she’s so cray cray and gives me reason to watch. Without her th show would be slow and boring. But giving porsha the role of a hooker was DEAD WRONG! Kenya knew it would be against porsha morals, her role in the community AND her husband wouldn’t allow it. She knew porsha would pick another costume and probably had already planned to thow her out the party to ensure she got air time. 😉 I’m glad the rest of the cast took porsha side tho.

          • Dude, I was just thinking this before I read your comment!! Like, come on. I used to watch B.A.P.S. all the time when I was young just to laugh at the characters and I would not wanna go on national tv acting like that lol. She knew Porsha wouldn’t either and already had it in her mind that if she didn’t she’d be kicked out.

        • Right..Kenya was dead wrong…she was trying to make Portia look like a tramp and Portia picked another costume….she was already mad at her for not being invited to Kordell’s party so she wanted to make her look bad….Portia couldn’t decline the invite…it’s the finale show….I am so happy that all of them stood by her and left as well…

          I’m sure that after she had her tantrum, everyone was invited back in….

          I can’t stand Kenya…it’s really time for her old azz to grow up…and she wonders why no man wants her…

          • Kenya is a dam fool. She’s jealous of everyone who’s has there shit together and quite frankly Porsha should not even acknowledge that bad skin bitch.

        • Are you flipping kidding? Who in the hell acts like that? Kenya was obviously trying to throw shade and I’m so glad it backfired on her rachet ass! Ugh she makes me SICK!!!!!! Bravo needs to cut this crazy Bi*ch loose!

    • I don’t know anyone who will dictate what costume I will wear unless I am child and they are my parent. Kenya chose a character that was disgraceful to slight Porsha. Porsha was completely in the right to choose what she wanted.

    • Michelle, WHAT?! she couldnt stay home because it was MANDATORY for her to be there, this is her JOB to be there. To escort someone out of your home for A COSTUME is ludicris and STUPID. Porsha did not cause any commotion or start a fight..she got kicked out over a costume. How STUPID