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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Why Kordell Stewart Filed For Divorce From Porsha!

Yesterday everyone was shocked when Kordell Stewart filed for divorce from Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha. Kordell didn’t really give details on why he filed but AllAboutTRH has all the EXCLUSIVE details!

I got in contact with some friends of Kordell who tells AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVELY what the problem was!

“Before Kordell and Porsha got married, Kordell told Porsha that he wanted a wife who will be a stay at home mother while he works and pays the bills. Porsha was completely down with it and kept pushing the marriage. When RHOA signed Porsha, Kordell only agreed for the couple to be on it to support his wife but he didn’t like the idea and got annoyed with Porsha who all of a sudden wanted a ‘career.'”

So what was the breaking point? Friends of Kordell reveal,

“Porsha tried her best to make it like things were perfect. She constantly took photos of the two but Kordell was not happy. He hated how he was portrayed on the show and hated that his personal life was now out there. The breaking point was that Porsha couldn’t get pregnant. They tried and it wasn’t happening. Kordell would have stayed with Porsha despite her not being able to get pregnant but the show caused so many fights that it wasn’t even worth it and the marriage couldn’t be fixed on his end.”

Interesting! It all makes sense now! Sunday before Kordell filed for divorce, a fan tweeted the football player saying, “why you do this stupid ass show sometimes its just good 2 know a person from the field..#rhoa”

Kordell obviously got bothered but agreed and responded, “I know bra…supporting the wife. Remember it’s just a TV. Look crazy, but it’s just a TV. Appreciate the support though. My man”

Thoughts on why Kordell filed for divorce from Porsha? Personally, I don’t think it’s ever a good idea for newlyweds to go on a reality show! Look what happened to Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey! LOL

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  • ITA Roxy i was talking to my friend bout this before the divorce announcement in fact when she came on the show and said that she and Kordell hv a traditional marriage where he wants his wife to be a stay at home mum i could see she loved being on the show and got the bug plus the fact that they couldn’t fall pregnant i think had a big impact on this decision. The trip to Vegas i think was the straw for Kordell as if came across as very controlling she said that she was going to file for divorce but Kordell asked her to make it work so she stayed and tried to make it work she was blind sided when she read through the media that Kordell had filed for divorce that makes me wonder if they were separated. Anyway i don’t think it’ll work work and it’ll get pretty nasty i also read that Kordell doesn’t want to pay allimony as he believes she’s an able body and can and does earn an income. This is going to get nasty i believe. And yes these shows do destroy families and friendships

    • I also think he may hv another girl on the side just sayin he is/was a NFL player. She’s better off without him and thank god she didn’t fall pregnant to him she can do much better in every way he’s not even good looking and doesn’t hv the best personality.

  • I have to take Kordell’s side on this. Porsha admitted on Watch What Happens Live that Kordell made it clear that he wanted a housewife only to help raise his son and expand his family and she agreed to that. Apparently less than 2 years later, since she got a taste of fame on the RHOA, she changed her mind about being a housewife only. Porsha did and said what she needed to get that ring, then she breached the deal. Kordell has a right to re-assess and decide whether he wants to stay in that marriage.

    As far as filing without informing Porsha, I’m sure his lawyers advised him too.

    • he does have a right to do what he wants. doesn’t mean he’s a good man. divorcing because his wife wants a career and can’t have kids is very shallow, selfish and ignorant reason to get a divorce. she also has a right to change her mind. she has a right to want a career and doesn’t need her husband for permission. also it’s not her fault she can’t have kids, so after 2 years he just gives up? he couldn’t think about adopting a baby? he already has kids so i don’t know why having more kids is so important to him. he wanted a perfect wife to control and as soon as he realized he can’t control her anymore he dropped her. he’s a disgusting human being.

      • I agree, you should love and support your partner through this issues. She is very young and people change plans, change their minds, have new goals for their life all the time. You should support your partner through it all. It was not like she wanted to got back to booty modeling.

  • Anyone taking bets that this douche bag has a squeeze on the side? Porscha is better without him.

  • This is totally conjecture on my behalf, and it’s only based on Kordell’s supposed explanation of why the marriage failed so it may transpire that all of this is untrue when we hear Porsha’s side anyway. But I tend to think that perhaps Porsha jumped into this marriage too quickly without really considering what she was agreeing to.

    I think some (particularly young and naive) women get caught up in the notion of a wedding and the idea of marriage without actually really understanding the day-to-day reality of being married. I wonder if she realised exactly what Kordell was like? I wonder if she took him as seriously as she should have when he said he wanted her to stay at home and do no work? I wonder if at first she found the fact that he was dominant attractive, because she felt protected, until he became controlling and she felt suffocated?

    The first warning bell I had about these two being on different pages emotionally in their relationship – in terms of their priorities – was when the topic of children was raised. The way Porsha talked about it needing to happen almost immediately, you would have thought she was Crazy Kenya taking her dusty old eggs out for a final twirl, not a young, fertile woman with plenty of good baby making years ahead of her. It was clear she was under the pump.

    And then her carry-on about needing to have twins so she could ‘get it out of the way’ and ‘get her figure back’? Mental. That’s not the voice of a woman desperate to be a mother. That’s the voice of a woman desperate to placate a domineering husband, fulfill her end of the bargain and cling to a disintegrating marriage.

    Anyway. Like I said, all of this is just conjecture on my part. It’s probably all balls and it will turn out that Porsha was having an affair with Dwight, the hairdresser.

    • Although to the modern woman he is a douche. He is older was completely up front with what he wanted and expected out of her and there relationship. I think she was blinded by the ring and the though if being Mrs. Kordell Stewart and don’t realize it was going to be work. I think this is a good learning experience for them both and I think they will both move on and find someone else more suitable to there lifestyles.

  • It seems like he wanted children on his timeline rather than waiting; or did he dump her because she couldn’t have them? Either way he is a total jerk. I understand he had certain expectations for their marriage but I would think if he really loved her he would want what she wanted more than be so hard and fast with the expectations. He’s saying he wants a stay at home wife who can produce children more than this specific person he married. He doesn’t love her enough to adjust his own demands. Hopefully, he ends up with someone exactly like him, perhaps Lisa Wu, who only wants a baller, and dumps him when he can no longer play.

  • Maybe he should just marry a robot….I’m sure Porsha will be better off, that is not a way to live….she could do alot better….bye, bye douchbag!

  • Ugh I hate men with his mentality! What a worthless fucking douche bag! Porsha is SOOOOOOO SOOOO SO much better off without that fucking tool! Such a disgusting human being…. no women deserves to be treated like she was especially by her husband! I despise that man… she’s so young and beautiful I don’t even know why she wanted to be with his old washed up ass in the first place…

  • Wow, I feel bad for Porsha, especially after reading that she found out online. I think she’s beautiful and sweet and she can do much better than Kordell. He is an a**hole!

  • The “breaking point” was when she couldnt get pregnant, but he “wouldve stayed” even if she didnt get pregnant? I call bullshit. You make a promise to your love infront of god, and promise “for better or for worse.” and now they are trying to make it seem like she was the one pushing him to get married? Kordells friends sound just as disgusting as him. He’s a nasty little pig and the show didnt view him in a bad light, because thats who the hell he is in REAL LIFE, a dog, a slut pig, a coward..what else?! We didnt like you before and we still dont like you kordell. Good riddance! Porsha you go ahead girlfriend and get your career!

  • Honestly Porsha is better off and Kordell is a loser. This girl has a good heart for wanting to run her family’s charity. I mean it’s not like a 9 to 5 job anyways.

    • Shoot running a big charity or non profit group is often way more than 9-5 and often comes with some type of salary as well. Donating a little time for free is different. But I don’t have a clue in what capacity porsha worked with her charity .

      I know her dad was a big activist for black rights. I can’t remember his name but he was very big and a part of history. She is right to be proud and to try to carry on and live up to her fathers legacy with her charity.

      Porsha leave Kordella in the DIRT!

  • If this source is accurate, I’m not surprised. In fact I’ve been saying it since last week. I expected Kordell to be upset with how he was portrayed. It’s his own fault though. I never thought Kordell and Porsha were a great match. I’d like to see Porsha date guys who are more respective of MODERN women, and also someone who is hotter lol. Kordell is not hot.

  • Now let’s go find some of Porsha’s friends to tell us why they think the marriage failed. Only the two people in the marriage know the truth.

  • are we still in the dark ages, RHOA was temporary not permanent. He is a POS and a neanderthal. He is looking for someone to stay barefoot and pregnant. He wants to a god not a spouse. She only wanted to continue her family’s philanthropic work. When he does find that woman then he will start to say she is lazy and sits around the house all day getting fat. Why doesn’t he just come out and stop making women miserable. She is his wife not a baby making house-bound slave.

  • Wow. I felt bad for Porscha yesterday, but learning that her not being able to get pregnant was a part in his decision just breaks my heart. I have a couple of friends who are having problems getting pregnant and it is so painful for them. I couldn’t imagine going through that, and then having your husband divorce you because of it. That has to be devastating for her.

    Btw, I have a feeling Porscha is going to be much more up for things next season than this season.

  • What a POS. Mark my words, this guy will ‘come out’ in 2 years max. His controlling personality is a reflection of the strain he is under having to suppress his true sexuality. Wait and see..

  • “the breaking point was when Porscha couldn’t get pregnant”

    THAT INFURIATES ME – Kordella is a piece of shit, he is the bacteria on a piece of shit!

    • that pisses me off too. so because she couldn’t get pregnant he divorces her? isn’t the vows supposed to be for better or for worse. i guess kordell forgot about that because he ran like a bitch as soon as it got worse for him. the guys a moron, i wonder if he ever heard of adoption. he’s a lowlife and porsha was better off without him. it looked like all he wanted was a trophy wife.

  • I’m confused as to why people are saying Porscha married for money. Wasn’t she rich before marrying Kordell because of her family? I think when they married, she wanted to be a stay at home wife/mother, but once she started making money on her own, she wanted a career. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The fact that she found out about them divorcing through the media speaks volume of the kind of person Kordell is.

    • As much as I like Porsha, she doesn’t strike me as a hard worker. For example, she sang the national anthem at the magic city classic last year. Beautiful voice. Why wouldn’t she work towards a recording career? She seems like a great motivational speaker, why doesn’t she try that. I don’t think she married for money, but she definitely benefited from him having money. Hopefully she’ll take this bump in the road and let it motivate her to do something with herself.

      • Maybe she didn’t do any of that because Kordell wouldn’t let her. Now he’s divorcing her because she’s fighting back and wants a career.

      • Or maybe she just doesn’t want to be a professional singer. Who are you to decide what she should do with her life?

  • I feel real bad for Porsha. I think down the road a bit she will realize she is better off without Kontrolling Kordell. How could he give up on his marriage so easily.

  • Feel so bad for Porisha. How can Kordell give up on his marriage without even trying to see her side, or like someone else said couseling. I think down the road she will look back and realize she is better off without Kontrolling Kordell.

    • keyword “people” looking from the outside. she messed up with the “and I do” part. lmaooooooo

  • ummm, kordell wanted her to be home so that while he is away on “business” he can run wild on his gay sexcapades. oh and i heard in atlanta there is this gay mall. remember when porsha was in vegas and asked what he was doing and kordell said, uh, going to the mall. what man you know goes to the mall without his wife? my husband despises the mall!!!!!

    • Not saying you’re wrong abt Kordell… but my bf goes to the mall without me. Granted he doesn’t stay as long as I do and doesn’t necessarily like to shop, but sometimes when he’s alone and bored at home and may need something, he’ll go. He despises going with me when I need something though lol. Takes me forever. I don’t even like going.

  • Kordell is such a cruel man. How can you embarass the woman you said you’d be with till death? Filing behind Portia’s back was the wimps way of looking like he is back in control of her. This is not a good man. Someone that is this egotistical is dangerous. It would have been a matter of time before Portia was beat into submission. Instead publicly humiliating her is the last and final act of control. Porsha is gorgeous, sweet and proably a hell of a lot more fun without Kordell. I can’t wait to see more of the true Porsha without that parrot of a man chirping in her ear next season. I hope the rhoa girls throw Portia a freedom party at the strip club.

    • Used to like him as a player, last straw for
      Me was when he told her she could not have a career if she was a mom and made her cry. Porsha is beautiful and sweet, this will pass and hopefully one day she will find a husband, not Boss like this guy was.

  • Kordell is an epic douche! Good riddens. The girl is beautiful and obviously has dreams. Forget about this ass Porsha!

    • I agree CryWolf! She is the most beautiful of all the housewives on all the shows. She looks like a movie star! No wonder she wants fame. She certainlu has the looks for fame. Maybe she will be famous for being famous like Paris Hilton. LOL! Oops I forgot both Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton first had the sex tapes and pretended to be hurt, shamed and all. They probably put it out there themselves. I don’t see Porsha doing that though.Yuck both are major famewhores. The poster women for famous for being famous due to a porn tape. Porsha has to much pride in her families heritage. She is a good girl. She will be okay. She is young.. Kordell is an epic asswipe.

  • This is what happens when u Marry for money and convenience. Porsha shouldn’t be so shocked now that I read this. The man was masoginistic and wasn’t down with her fame. Move on porsha.

    • I honestly don’t think she married him for money and convenience. She was a part of old money, which means she ran in high social circles of ATL to begin with.

  • Like I said yesterday, she stopped doing every bring he told her to told and expressed a desire to do something besides serving him so he bounced. He’s still a piece of shit.

  • She’s better off him divorcing her than ending up like another infamous football couple. Not saying Kordell is abusive but when a man is that controlling….watch out.

    • I think when anyone is that controlling in a relationship it’s considered abuse. Imagine of the tables were turned and it was porsha who’s the controlling one. She would be called an insecure bitch, stalker, crazy woman. But I still take what I see on bravo with a grain of salt. He could be completely different in real life.

  • Porsha was even blindsided by the filing – she found out in the media as well. That tells you alot about his character – he is trying to punish her for behaving bad. He wanted someone he could control, and when she is getting more of her own identity – he drops her. No let’s go to counseling, no let’s work through this – no let’s separate – Just immediate jump to divorce. He has issues – in the end it’s probably best for Porsha to move in, no one deserves to be treated that way.

    • I think this coming episode is going to show him in a really bad way and could possibly be what broke the camels back. So curious to see what the fight involves. Peter is involved and he’s known for his smokin hot Jamaican temper. But was peter defending porsha or his own wife ?

      • Spoiler….Kordell and Peter were feuding with Kenya who put Portia out of the party because she didnt dress up like Kenya requested as Halle Berry in BAPS….

        Video on Bravo…

  • THAT’S IT…he has issues, i have a feeling she will do MUCH better than him. I am creep out by men who think this way, ladies even though you promise to remain the stay at home wife….it doesn’t work out, specially when u find somewhere you can flourish

    • Am I the only one who kinda agrees with him, just in a sense that I would kill to find a man who only wanted to support me, I would love to stay home and take care of the kids and household. I dont think porsha wants a real career just fame! If you marry and agree to stay home thats what u should do kinda like how before you get married to someone you should def have the kids or no kids discussion i think she saw fame with him and thats it!

      • Yeah, I think you are the only one who kind of agrees with him. Why would you restrict yourself to just being a stay at home Mom for the rest of your life when you can do so much more than that in this day and age? It’s fine to want a loving husband, two or three kids, and a picket fence, but c’mon. There’s so much more to life than that.

        Porsha thought that’s what she wanted and then she woke up and realized she hadn’t reached her full potential. When Kordell noticed this and realized she didn’t want to just be her little pet anymore, he reacted by wanting to divorce her. It shows how pathetic and insecure he really is.

        • Ya but if shes allowed to change her mind then so is he! There maybe more to your life than staying at home but thats not how everyone feels some people feel theres nothing more important then spending every second they can with their children!

          • A friend of mine fell in love and got married and had children at a young age. Her husband did not want her to go to college nor work. She devoted her life as a devoted wife and mother. He left her for another women. She is now in her late 40s with no career.

            What if your husband dies or becomes disabled.

            There is nothing wrong with being a good wife and mother but your kids eventually go to school/college and then take off when they become independent.

            If a man really loves you he would never want to hold you back and would be happy for you to have a career. Not at home cleaning the toilets.

      • I agree with you! I don’t think he’s a POS at all. They had the discussion of where their marriage was gonna go and now not even 2 full years into it she’s switching it up dramatically. Again, not for a career but for fame and spotlight. He’s already had that and for him it wasn’t all its cracked up to be. This mans every move was scrutinized bc of gay rumors bc ppl couldn’t just let him be…whether or not he was gay. From what I understand that was painful for him as we’ll. now he gets out the spotlight only to get back in and have all tht negativity happen again. Then we all know that shows often times paint ppl in much worse lights than what they really are so now u have all that negative backlash to consider. Porsha was perfectly happy playing the role he wanted her to play and if she wanted to switch it up, she could have done so differently. She knew what she signed up for

      • I don’t think that you’re wrong. But just because she was okay with being a stay at home mom initially doesn’t mean she should be penalized because she changed her mind, it’s called growth. I’m doing the stay at home thing for the first year after the birth of my baby and I swear i can’t wait to get back to work. I want to have discussions about something other than baby talk, I want to interact with people other than on blogs I want to curse freely without having to say mama made a no no. I can imagine she wanted more after having a hard time getting pregnant. She’s not wrong for wanting something of her own. She went to counseling to discuss her displeasure of his attitude after the miscarriage. If he’s doing so much, why couldn’t he be just a little bit emotional supportive during that time.

        • I’ve been a stay at home mom for the last 4 years and I can’t wait for my daughter to start Kindergarten this fall. Mommy needs a job!

          • I know that’s real. I did it when I had my son and I think that’s why I waited five years to do it again. It’s so damn boring. I’ve only been at home since the beginning of January. After making the beds n cleaning breakfast away there’s only do much you can do. I don’t know about your husband, there’s only so much shopping aside from groceries that I can do too.

        • I don’t think she’s being penalized just bc he’s filed for divorce. Apparently they have different views of how they want their kids to be raised and in the end it’s important that both parents are on the same page when it comes to that. Nothing wrong with it… although they probably should have talked abt all aspects PRIOR to getting married. Bottom line is ppl change. If you can accept them no matter what and make it work, awesome. If not, move on. Kordell chose to move on. That part doesn’t make him a bad person… he was just honest with her. And to be honest I’d rather they divorce before kids are involved anyways bc no kid should be subjected to an unhappy, loveless marriage. Neither of them are wrong. They just want different things for their family it seems.

          Now all that other stuff about him being a control freak… hm. I personally don’t need a man to be controlling with me and I certainly wouldn’t appreciate it. His attitude could use some work.

          Idk if he’s gay or not, but I’m not gonna bash him just bc he hasn’t come out (if he is)… Maybe he has a sucky personality, but that’s regardless of his sexual orientation. And I think it’s more damaging to him if he is gay and is scared to come out. It’s not anyone’s place to judge him for that bc that’s his decision.

          I hope Porsha does well for herself and gets what she wants out of life.

          • How the hell did he NOT know this would bring fame and in some form a notoriety for Porsha? It’s REALITY TV! Has his been loving under a rock? Porsha is standing up for herself and he does not like it and the gay rumors are resources. I truly believe that a the crux of this. You do not agree to do RTV especially HW and if you expect your wife to be a stay at home wife/mom

      • Jaquie you’re not alone. I’m actually living that life right now. We planned it this way before having children . I wanted to stay home and be a mom. That doesn’t mean I don’t do a lot of non profit work, charity, and other things that make me happy outside of being a housewife. If the tables were turned and my husband had been the one who decided to stay home and raise our kids then suddenly he changed his mind I would be upset. Because it would mean I had to give up my career to take over raising the kids. Maybe kordell , like me, doesn’t like the idea of daycare and strangers spending more ti
        me raising his kids then himself and his wife. I don’t blame him if they had an agreement from the beginning , things changed Nd no kids were born yet… It’s time to split and let her find someone more compatible.

        Although I will say, I have went back to work/school here and there over the years and my husband was always 100 percent supportive.. But that’s way different then being on a reality show and becoming famous.

        I think the way he blind sided her was dirty as hell! He loved her enough to marry her he should have enough respect for her as his wife to handle this above board. He was sneaky as hell with this shit!

        • but would you divorce your husband for changing his mind? that’s the difference. kordell did divorce porsha over something that can be discussed. i dont see the big deal of porsha changing her mind. people change their minds all the time. she’s an adult, she isn’t his child. marriage means supporting each other through the good and bad. it wasn’t the end of the world. he could’ve worked through it. it’s pretty obvious that kordell doesn’t know what it takes to make a marriage work. he’s being selfish and unreasonable.

          • If he didn’t want to be on show fine but allow his wife like Jim and Alexis from RHOC did not reason to end marriage.

          • Hmm, I agree with both of you… I can see where you’re coming from as far as supporting each other and trying to make the marriage work. But honestly, sometimes it just doesn’t work with the ppl involved. And if they were in it just for the sake of being married and having kids then that’s probably where they went wrong.

          • He wasn’t man enough discuss his feelings about the divorce
            with Porsha.
            Kordell took most cowardly way out possible! He might want to find another city/ state to live, because I think he is going to the laughing stock of Georgia.

        • But you can do charity work..that is exactly what Cordell accused her of choosing as a “career”. It wasn’t a nine to five, her career was charity work!!! It is obvious he has a huge ego, and if he is trying to say it was because they didn’t have children, that is bull, because she did have a miscarriage, how many times should you get pregnant within 2 years? She is way better off without this tool

      • what career would that be? she is good at nothing on the show. he can call me, I’ll stay in that big house all day.

        • Whatever bionic. You would kick kordell a ASS if he treated you the way he treats porsha LOL money can’t make up for bitchassedness. If he’s really as controlling as he appears on tv you would prob set his ass on fire after a few months.

      • It’s one thing if you choose to stay at home but people change. “For better or worse” should still include changing you mind about a career

      • The thing about LIFE is, that we grow. There’s a saying that you dramatically change as a person every decade of your life. What is wrong with a wife deciding she wants to be more than a housewife and wants to work? NOTHING!!! And I believe Porsha/Kordell is the exact reason why women should never SOLELY RELY ON A MAN to SUPPORT them. You can go into a union thinking this is the love of your life and then, boom everything changes. Take care of yourselves ladies and always have a back up plan or means of supporting yourself!

          • Girl she’s talking bout women in general read between the lines and ITA with Ejj for those me us who don’t come from money yes we do hv to know how to support ourselves and not totally rely on anyone if can leave you if may die then what you have no skills and a couple me kids a mortgages bills working at burger king ain’t gonna pay all the bills be realistic

      • I have been working almost my entire live. Literaly . Picked berries all summer full-time at age ten and eleven to buy school clothes. And then baby sat evenings and weekends from twelve to fifteen and then I was old enough to work in restaurants. Even when I had kids the first time I got a month off and had my electric cut off due to the time I missed, for two weeks until I got a paycheck again. The second baby I went back after only two weeks and it was brutal. For six years after a divorce I worked two jobs to support myself and kids as I didn’t get child suppport. When I remarried I loved having forty hour weeks again. I put myself thru college and worked twenty years as as ARNP. By age fifty my body gave out from almost forty years of hardwork., Heavy lifting and long hours on my feet. I was forced into early retirement due to a severe debilitating and progressive disability.

        Now I am a full time housewife. My kids have been long gone with families of their own and I wish I could work! I would have loved to have been able to be a fulltime housewife. I was always envious of my girlfriends that were able to stay at home with their babies and kids! So Jacquie I hear you girl, loud and clear! I would have loved to have found a man that just wanted to support me and our babies. Instead first one was a selfish jerk who had to have an expensive two seater hot rod that he dumped money into even if it meant there was no money to pay the rest of the bills. “Second time around it was much better but the economy got us and youall know how that still is. It takes two people to live for many of us middle class folk. But oh to have been able to stay at home back then!! Would’ve been a dream come true.

        • Sandy–It sounds like your children were lucky to have such a hard-working, devoted mother. I am sorry that you were forced into early retirement due to illness, but I hope it brings you some restful, happy and calm days – you earned it!

          Kordell was just awful not to talk to his wife ahead of time before filing, but better she rebuild her life without children involved. She has time to make the life of her dream after this heartache. Life is about second acts, and third acts…

      • You aren’t the only one who agrees…make no mistake, I think he’s a jerk for not informing his wife of his intentions but unlike others on this page, I take a large amount of pride in the fact that in a time when most women can’t even cook anymore, I stay at home, home school my son, cook, clean, garden, sew, you name it…hell I have even shot a hog and had it cooked by the time my hubby came home one time. My point is, I’m with you…yeah women CAN be and do whatever we want so why do we get flack for being dedicated wives and mothers? It’s stupid to me and it shows how closed minded people can be.

      • Jacquie each to their own if a women really wants to be a stay at home mum and wife and can afford to stay home and be a wife and mother that’s cool coz that’s ur choice but to be told to do it is another story but clearly Portia doesn’t want that she got caught up in getting married and agreed with him to be a stay at home wife just to get him down the isle that’s what i read but i can’t believe everything i read.

        However i think she did get caught up in the notion me getting married and walking down the isle in a white dress as most young women do without realising it’s not just the wedding day you hv to worry and work hard at but the marriage it self is a daily compromise and work it’s harder for some more than others

        If u like the fact me being stay at home mum and wife well good for you i also wanted that after one and half yrs i was pulling my hair out Im the kind of girl that needs to get out of the house and work and meet new people and learn new things people change so do the things u want.

  • I think Porsha was so giddily blindsided by marrying an NFL player that she agreed to anything he wanted.

    • ITA! But one bump in the road should not mean get a divorce. I doubt he made any attempt to reconcile the marriage. He wants to fly under the radar – until he changes his mind.

      • Anytime I hear a 21st century woman say she’s a Traditionalist, I think,”oh no….” Before you all go ape shit; I think women who stay at home are equally strong and as capable as the women who enter the work force. My social class (that is, middle class) calls for a majority of women of my socioeconomic level to sacrifice family time in order to contribute financially to the home. That said, although there is still more work to be done; American women can do what ever it is they desire without any longer being demonized for having other interests outside of mothering and housewifery (a real word. I was adouble sociology and anthropology major) It is not the statement a woman makes, ” I choose to stay home.” or “I am a traditionalist.” which make me cringe. But instead it is the insistence ,from the Husband or man, that the intended roles have been decided (although the emotional discussion means otherwise) is what ticks me off.

    • I don’t think that’s it at all. Porsha comes from old money and ran in top circles before kordell. Kordell married a young socialite and expected to keep her as “the little lady” but porsha has been chasing fame all her life if I understand it right. No doubt real housewives was the final breaking point.

  • Kordell is a bitch ass and I really think he did this to “punish” Porsha for doing the show and wanting more of a career for herself. That’s not how a man handles a thing like divorce, to not even tell her before filing. It’s just a bitch ass move and he made himself look even worse.

    • This is disgusting to leave a bitch because she’s having fertility issues. I know that was a typo. She stood by him through them gay rumors, and he couldn’t grin and bear while she figured out what she wants for herself. Another example that this idiot is stuck in the 50s. I’ve defended him time and time again, and I hate when Nene is right, but that damn giraffe called it. Porsha everything happens for a reason, dry them damn tears and thank God for his grace and call one of them bitches from married to medicine and see if they can hook you with a real man and not a pretender. Some straight bitchassness here.

      • Andrea from Alabama youi are a trip! Made me Laugh!!! Maybe he is gay. He is a control freak and a cooward. Any man that lets his wife find out via the media is really a cad and as you said a bitch ass. That was a bitch ass cowrdly move. Porsha is drop dead gorgeous and I think there is much more substance to her than we saw at the beginning of the season. I hope those witches are supporting her and have reached out to her. At least one or two of them. I feel badly for her. No one should hear about their impending divorce that way. Kordell is a mean cold hearted gay snake. Who is a bully and a coward. Asshat..

      • Andrea! LOL. You crack me up sometimes. Haha! Kordell is an asshole! Plain & simple! WHY WOULD HE DIVORCE HER FOR THOSE REASONS ALONE????? IDIOT! He only thinks of himself. When you make a vow to God or to whoever he believes in, STICK WITH IT! He made that promise to her. At least continue to go to therapy. I mean, they’ve only been together for a short period of time so that’s no excuse. Kordell said he’s old fashion, and likes things the old fashion way. He says he grew up with respect, and yada yada yada, but why does he rarely give her any respect? I know in his mind he likes Porsha because she’s lighthearted, sweet, attentive, and can easily be controlled. I wouldn’t be surprised if he literally brainwashed her because people these days are so crazy or borderline dysfunctional. Porsha is better off without him. And to think that I actually backed him up several times before when many people didn’t like him, and he pulls some BS on her so fast! MAKES HIM LOOK EVEN MORE LIKE A WEAK, CONTROLLING HUSBAND WHO DOESN’T WANT HIS WIFE TO BE SUCCESSFUL AND HAVE A CAREER. I don’t get men like him. No matter what, SUPPORT YOUR WIFE IF AHE WANTS TO WORK! It’s like he wants to see her fail, or stay below him. So juvenile.

        I read he was gay several times when he appeared on the show, but I wonder if that’s really true. Is he really gay, and has there been pictures or facts shown online? If so, please let me know.

      • Remember that men have the same fertility issues as women after 35. I’ve checked. I’ll provide the study and citations if need be. Terrible for Kordell to divorce a woman because of a miscarriage. The asshole thinks he’s the 21st century King George. Jag-off

      • LOL Andrea, leave my girl Nene alone! She did call it though! I too think that is horrible that he is using her not getting pregnant as a blame. Does anyone know why he has a divorce form his first baby Momma then?

  • What a POS this Kordell is

    He married so she could have his children and be a SAHM and when her interest change then he filed for divorce?

    Porsha, you are so much better off without this guy.

    Just remember, you are the winner, this dummy didn’t make you sign a prenup so you are going to come up ahead of the game.

    • In the atl you have to be married 3 years for things to be considered community property. Kordell knew exactly what he was doing with the timing of his divorce. Just like usher knew 😉

      But, porsha comes from old money. I don’t think she will be poor without kordell. I think she’s better off without him.

      • Not sure about the 3 year thing. But, yes Kordell had something up his sleeve if he did not even tell his wife he was getting a divorce. For some reason, I like me that are smart with their finances and who get pre nups and work the legal system in their favor. There are some gold digging hoochies out there….especially in the ATL.


    • Well he was married or had a kid with his first wife and they got a divorce. I think he was getting irritated that comments about him and him being gay was coming back up again and he wanted out of the spotlight, pure and simple.

      • I think its really mean that he would leave her if she could not get pregnant- did I read that right? What a jerk! He has a son with first wife; why did they divorce? I guess others were right weeks back when they said he was controlling!

    • She’s young! Of course her dreams in life are going to change. He should’ve married someone his own damn age instead of trying to be someone’s daddy. But that would not have worked either b/c someone his age would put the smack down on his cave man azz.