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Yolanda Foster Says She Is Done With The Richards Sister Plus Bashes Their “Pretend” Relationship!

Yolanda Foster experienced her first reunion this season and we all got the opportunity to witness it as it played out on our televisions Monday. Yolanda is now saying that she is done with the Richards sister and bashes their relationship in her Bravo blog!

“Slowly our journey together is coming to an end. I want to thank you, the viewers, for taking the time to read my blog every week. I enjoyed reading your comments and learning how you view me. In the beginning of the season, Lisa often pointed out to me how the viewers would see certain things, which seemed so unnatural to have to think about, but she is smart and I humbly accept that she was actually trying to teach me to be clear about what I say.

Which leads me to my blunders of the season. . I had a couple. . .

I know I’ve discussed them with you on a weekly basis, but hopefully I explained myself better tonight.

Obviously as the rookie, I did not know what to expect of the Reunion — but let me tell you, it was a whole lot more stressful then I could have ever imagined. Trying to recall incidences that happened seven to eight months ago was the toughest part for me with my Lyme brain. I am grateful to Brandi and Lisa for helping me get through the day, as they stepped in at times when I was a little lost for words.

I was really surprised that Adrienne did not show at the Reunion. I thought it would have been the perfect platform for her to set some things straight, as I am sure she has her version of how things came about this season.

I honestly was looking forward to hear her story, but unfortunately we will never know as she chose to not show.

I pulled up my bootstraps and flew across the country and left my treatment center in Florida to be at the reunion because I felt it to be my duty as a Housewife. I am glad Andy set the rule straight, you don’t show up, you’ll get fired. Maybe they can add a blog rule as well. Some of us struggle and make time in our busy lives to turn in a blog every Monday morning but some just write whenever they feel like it.

I always thought my blog was meant for our fans to get to know us more intimately, while our relationship within the group would develop naturally. I thought it was an interesting way to share our views and to see a different perspective through our eyes but I’ve now learned that Kyle sees it as a new way of communicating and she obviously formed an opinion of me through my blog.

It was uncomfortable to sit on the couch and be confronted by two sisters that all of a sudden pretended to be united after they fought the entire season. It would be stupid for me to say I was surprised because I saw them change scenarios in front of my eyes along the way.

Of course we did discuss Lisa and everyone else in the group while in Paris. That’s what girls do, so I am not going to sit here and deny that. But unfortunately they chose to take my words out-of-context and embellished the meaning of them. I have no reason to attack Lisa, as she has been nothing but a consistent and good friend to me and my family.

It was hurtful because, even though I am far from perfect and my black and whiteness isn’t always cute, I am a straight shooter and I do take great pride in the integrity with which I choose to live my life.

I liked Kyle when we met and most definitely had a connection with Kim. It’s hard for me to be involved in superficial friendships with other women. I like to have a purpose and have meaningful conversations which doesn’t seem to be of any interest to them.

I am not going to waste more of my time on the Richards sisters. At this point their behavior speaks for itself. The fact that they have never shown any interest in cultivating a friendship or in my well-being is just another confirmation of their lack of interest in others. Kim and Kyle are about Kim and Kyle and that is where it ends! You actually know them much better than me because you have seen their actions for the past three seasons.

The core of people don’t change. . .what you see is what you get.

Taylor definitely rubbed me the wrong way from the start. The whole number she did on my husband did not sit right with me. I did have a soft spot for her and felt compassion because of the awful tragedy I knew she had endured. In the end, I absolutely appreciate her sincere apology and I am ready to move on and work on our friendship going forward.

I am a confident woman, but I did come into this group guarded to protect my heart. That guard can sometimes get mistaken for being cold or arrogant. I do have my insecurities, but I feel good in my skin and my heart is full of love.

I traveled this road with great caution, but I tried my best to connect with everyone. I feel blessed to be given this opportunity to be a positive voice of reason and share part of my life with you the viewers.”

I think it’s a low blow for Yolanda to say that the Richards sisters “pretended” to have each others back at the reunion and bashes them for fighting throughout the season. In the end of the day as much as you fight with your sibling, you are going to love them and have their back especially if it’s two sisters! Thoughts on what Yolanda had to say? Is she a ‘straight shooter’ like she claims?

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  • I think Yolanda just backed up what the viewers, and ultimately Brandi, felt about the sisters. That they have no relationship and that Kyle wouldn’t be displeased if Kim fails. People on bravo blogs and other RH sites have said the same thing for 2 season now. Kyle ENJOYS the upperhand and power she has over Kim when she is off the wagon. Kyle is a manipulator and is extremely controlling. I honestly think she’d feel content if Kim fell off the wagon. Kyle is in unchartered territory. She no longer has power and control over Kim. That unnerves her and shes not used to it. She definitely was more comfortable in her role as controller and keeper. She now feels lost that she no longer has control over Kim.

  • I agree with Yolanda. She has done a great job of being in this group and not being consumed by it, in spite of her all-consuming illness. Yolanda is Yolanda and says what Yolanda believes. Kyle is working Politically Correct in every scene. Enough said!

  • Yolanda is a straight shooter.

    I DID understand what Kim was saying about Kyle not having her back – it wasn’t really about “Game Night” and Brandi all over again – but more like wtf is all this backing up Adrienne crap. And I DID understand that she felt like Yolanda was insinuating that she missed “Lemon Squeeze” day due to a possible relapse.

    I think I understand Kim cuz we’re near the same age and did the same drugs/alcohol…altho’ the child star stuff missed me, lol. (???)

    But I have read House of Hilton and agree the true Richards sisters were revealed on Game Night – in all their hiding crutches/synchronized shouting at Brandi etc. glory. Nasty pieces of work, with Kim, of course, being the most damaged from her lost childhood/incredible pressures to perform.

    If Kim truly recovers – and I hate to admit that I think the odds of that are low – Yolanda would be a wonderful friend and sister figure for Kim.

  • I liked Yolanda at first, but now I find her creepy stepford wife act unnerving. There’s something amiss with him. As as she stops idolising him and treating him like god, he’ll be off – just my opinion 🙂

    As for the Richards sisters though, she’s onto something. I think not only is their relationship forced and unconvincing, beneath it all I think there’s something worse. I suspect they actually despise each other. They may, or may not realise it themselves.

  • Yolanda is so right,you should learn to speak the language of whatever country you decide to move or live..
    Liberal idiots will try to ruin dare you move to another country and expect them to accommodate to stupid can people be..the person accommodates to the country not the other way round common Fucking sense people..learn English if you want to live I the US..idiots

  • I like Yolo. I think she’s a champ. I haven’t seen the reunion episode yet because we are one episode behind the States over here in the Land Down Under, but it sounds like she went to town. So I won’t comment on whether she was out of line or not until I see it, obviously.

    But I will say this about the Richards sisters. I’m a bit ‘meh’ about them frankly. Sometimes they shit me to tears, and sometimes they don’t bother me so much. I think they are both pretty shifty for a good portion of the time, and they have terrible judgement in whom they choose to align themselves with and some of the life decisions they have made (yes Kim: that second one is aimed squarely at you).

    But I think their relationship with each other is actually a lot more complicated than a reality tv show. Clearly there are issues going back a long way. Yeah, Kyle is bitter towards Kim and trusts her about as far as she can throw her. But I think that probably comes after years of her feeling like Kim has betrayed her trust and let her down with her various addictions. I think she probably resents Kim for the impact her addictions and dishonesty have had on her life. And she probably feels conflicted about that: guilty because she knows that Kim is her sister and she should love and support her, but angry because she feels used and rightly pissed off at Kim’s continual cycle of addiction.

    So that would be shitful.

    And then there’s Kim. And she is an addict. And a former child star who never quite capitalised on her former fame. She has had unsuccessful relationships, she leads quite a lonely life. She has to watch her two sisters lead happy and fulfilling lives while her own spirals out of control. She resents Kyle who she sees as judgemental and always trying to control her. She can never take responsibility for her own actions and finds it difficult to see beyond her own experience, probably because she is not used to sharing her life and her secrets. And I really don’t know if she is sober.

    So that would be shitful.

    I think anyone who tries to get involved in this relationship – be it through invitation when one of the sisters brings up a problem to discuss, or just out of concern – is going to get burned.

    Their issues are not going to be solved on reality television. If they are serious about sorting the shitfight that is their ‘sister-ship’ out, then they need to do it as far away from cameras and housewives (and prescription medication) as possible.

  • I would prefer to believe that Yolanda is not going to use Lyme Disease as a crutch for her lies “my Lyme brain”. I think this is how she is dealing with a disease that is controlling her life.

    The first month she is a rookie..after the first pay cheque is deposited – she is now to get with the program. I hope she does not whine too much about explaining herself.(what type of cheese would she like with her whine)

    By the way Andy inferred that Adrienne was interpret this as Adrienne being fired..even after it has been disclosed that the “court ordered gag order” made it useless for Adrienne to be there…stupid move Yolanda.

    Yolanda, I know that it would sound rude to bring this up, but Yolanda has brought up many rude things, so in part two, I would like Yolanda to approach Kim’s neglect..that is truly disgusting and Kim needs to embrace this change and hear how this affects people that support Kim’s sobriety.

  • she’s full of caca. she came in to the show already being over the richards. she made it clear in her first blog and the 2dn, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th…

    • Nah! Bionic, they filmed long before, and interacted long before the episodes and blogging. She had more than enough time to form her opinion of Kyle. I think by the time they were ending filming, she was over those 2. And it is her right- they do not have to like each other.

  • I’ll keep saying it lol. I can’t stomach those annoying, whiny, bratty Richards’ sisters. I’m glad Yolanda is vocalizing how annoying and ridiculous they are. Their main storyline on the show is to fight with each other and then make up, REPEATEDLY. That is so damn boring. Kim and Kyle do strike me as selfish so I’m not surprised by any of Yolanda’s opinions about them.

  • I like Yolanda. As a Norwegian, I know that at least our culture tends to be very reserved, and notorious for not showing a ton of emotion, which alot of people see as being bitchy. Considering the Netherlands is close geographically, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dutch culture is similar. I think people misunderstand Yolanda because of this.

    Also, with the Marisa thing, totally don’t think Yolanda was blowing that out of proportion. I would be pissed too if someone was saying those things to girls I knew had it out for my friend. I always think it is best to confront someone head on when stuff like that is said. That is usually the best way to end it, and it wouldn’t have gotten so out of control had Faye not interjected herself. I like Yolanda even more after last weeks episode.

  • At first I didn’t like Yolanda I thought she was boring after seeing her stand up for Brandi I was like she is a really true friend and she has gained my respect. I agree with everything she says. I love Yolanda! 🙂

  • I cannot stand how Yolanda acts like she’s the victim and being ganged up on by Kim and Kyle. She interjects herself into the drama and when someone calls her out on her bullshit, she automatically acts like she didn’t deserve it. Yolanda wouldn’t have been ganged up on by Kim and Kyle if she didn’t insert herself into the little moment that Brandi and Kyle were having.

    Kim and Kyle went at it during the season, but it’s also been a year since its filmed and they clearly worked on their issues and are getting close again. It’s not pretending, that’s how things are. Yolanda looked like she just saw a ghost when Kyle told her to tell Lisa what she said about her in Paris, and I absolutely believe Yolanda is lying about not saying those things. The fact that Kyle kept saying she did and Yolanda maybe responded once to Kyle and then turned her attention on Kim makes me believe that she was deflecting.

  • Kyle is the most boring person on the show! I would hope that after being on the show for a million years they would fire her and get someone new that is a lot more interesting!! All we ever hear from her is “I don’t want to get invovled”

  • I think Yolanda was genuinely turned off by Lisa’s actions at the dinner and Paris, and was doing her straight-shooter thing. And it got her in trouble.

  • Yolanda is so annoying and is pulling out the big guns to stay on the show. Someone needs to tell lemon lady to STFU.

    • Or, Yolanda may be “pulling out the big guns” because she has no intention of returning, and wants to tell the bitches exactly what she thinks of them and their antics.

      • She totally has intentions of returning. There are clips on Bravo of the ladies talking about their tag lines and YoYo said she should use one of the lines someone said about lemons next season.

    • The human YOYO knew she needed to do what she needed to stay on the show! Hence the running from argument to argument at Lisa’s party and her lies at the reunion.

  • I wonder if Yolanda has siblings. If she did, she would know that siblings can fight with each other, say amazingly destructive things (You stole my house. You’re an alcoholic.) and yet, the instant an outsider says one word, they have each other’s backs because that is how family works.

    As to her criticism of Lisa, I think we know she did criticize Lisa since she criticized Lisa right to her face. She told Lisa to hush and stop talking about Kim.

    I don’t think she called Lisa a piece of crap because that is something Kyle would say. The words don’t sound like Yolanda who is pretty careful with her language.

    However, she could have said it and not remember it. That is how Lyme disease can work. It can shred your memory. So, I think before getting all up and arms about it, remember that we cannot know for certain and frankly neither can Yolanda.

    • Using Yolanda’s disease as a cop out is insulting if she can’t remember things she said or done than maybe she should not be on the show if her disease is that bad than she should take care of heralded.

          • Kim’s taken plenty care of herself. She’s come back, shown how strong she is, shown up to all the reunions (and yes I consider doing an interview when you get out of rehab showing up to the reunion…its part of the reunion) and I have yet to see Kim start a blog out saying “My alcohol brain is so bad right now and I struggle to right these words…”

          • I agree about Kim as well but if Yolanda is going to have such a hard time with her disease she should quit.

      • jelly you’re using yolanda’s disease as a cop out. her disease is real. she has been taking care of herself but she is also a tough woman that is responsbile. she felt she needed to show up at the reunion because that is her job. her arms and legs are still functioning its her memory that is the problem. don’t be so cold hearted just because you can’t stand the woman.

  • Yolanda da vil is such a hypocrite. I think she is worse than Brandi which is really saying something.

  • BTW Rox, I totally agree with you.

    That is a low blow for YoYo to write what she wrote about Kim and Kyle. Sorry that was just mean.

  • YoYo (and she truly is a YOYO because she swings one way and then the other) disgusts me. She’s the ultimate hypocrite. Nothing she says makes sense. We’ve watched her roll about 200+ Life Rules out on the world…guess what YOYO life isn’t always so BLACK & WHITE. She disgusted me in the finale…running from disagreement to disagreement, throwing herself in the mix, breaking about the first 50 of her YoYo Life Rules along the way.
    I 150% believe she said Lisa is fake and phony and full of shit. Why? Because she sat on the reunion yelling that “Lisa was not talking behind your back”…as she sits on the actual episode saying “Lisa is annoying me, pulling everyone aside to talk about Kim.” She’s full of it.
    Maybe the Richards sisters are done with you YOYO.
    When she made her “gay is a choice” comment, Andy Cohen gave her the Cindy Barshop treatment and look. I hope that means she’s NOT being asked back for another season (on top of the fact that she’s B-O-R-I-N-G).

    • If she was as boring as you say then why would you write a whole essay about her?? #Justsaying

      • Because being boring is the least annoying thing about her…her hypocritical attitude, life rules that she imposes on everyone and doesn’t follow and mightier than thou self comes before boring.
        I’m sure I could write an actual ESSAY about her hypocritical, black & white, life rules that she breaks every 5 minutes if I REALLY wanted to.

  • There she is….trying to talk about you while writing an apology…..

    First she says, friends don’t talk about friends, then she states, yes I talked about Lisa…that’s what friends do….

    I started off liking her now I don’t care for personality at all….it’s like I can do what I want….you can’t….

    After the second episode of the BH reunion, I’m done with this franchise….I thought they would be classier, see more things happening in their lives….they certainly proved me wrong….

    • That’s exactly how I feel! I liked her a lot at first but then I saw all her double standards and I just find her to be self rightous and petty.

  • Yolanda playing victim now seems really pointless considering she inserts herself in nearly ALL of the drama she has with Kim and Kyle.

  • Sorry but I don’t see where Yolanda is a hypocrite in this situation. She said publicly in her interview that the fact that Lisa keeps pulling people around and talking about Kim was rude considering Kim was right there. I am sure her take on it dragged on to gossips of Lisa on their way home from Paris. Clearly Yolanda had no idea how this group communicate so she translated Lisa’s side gossips of KIM TO RUDENESS and talked about it with Kyle and Kim. That is not bashing Lisa at all. I am so over the sisters. Bravo should downgrade Kim and Taylor to friends of the housewives and hire some of Yolanda’s glamorous friends like Susan Sommers, Brandy’s therapist friend or even David’s ex wife Linda.

  • I didn’t get to see the reunion last night. However, I will say this. Me and my sister are 15 years apart. We were super close when I was growing up, because my sister took on a second mother role. However, after I was in high school and since then we have never really been close at all. She has made many bad, mean decisions and I have a hard time liking her. We maybe talk 3 times a year, if that.

    However, with all that being said. If someone came after my sister, you better believe I would back her ass up in the blink of an eye. For Yolanda to question this, makes we wonder about her relationships. She acts as if she is all about her family, so I just don’t understand how she doesn’t get this. 9 times out of 10, or maybe 8 times out of 10, family will back family up, especially sisters.

    Now, I am not saying that I think Kyle is the best sister in the world, but neither is Kim. If Kim or Kyle talks to the girls about their issues with each other, the girls should just listen and not speak. Because at the end of the day, this relationship is much more complicated then we will ever know. IMO, Kim and Kyle’s problems are from years and years of effed up family dynamics, not just Kim’s substance/alcohol abuse. Safest thing for the other girls to do is to just stay out of it.

    • Yolonda wasn’t the only one questioning this. Camille , Brandi and most viewers questioned Kyles behavior with her sister. It’s not a normal relationship alcohol or not!

      • I agree with you about it not being a normal relationship, I by no means expressed that I believe it to be normal.

        I just think the other girls all need to stick out of it and leave it alone. Most people just want to vent and have you listen to them, they usually don’t really want your advice or opinion.

      • Actually Say me and my sister are much like them. I’m a recovering addict my sister a normie. My addiction caused us a lot of pain but even before that we always had a strained relationship. We still do. However she’s my little sister and I protect her when its needed. We just had an argument because I didn’t back her in a fight w/ her ex husband. I didn’t back her though because she was wrong. But it doesn’t mean I don’t love her. I’m the first to fight for her when she needs me. We don’t have the best of relationships but I have her daughter M-F while she works and we’re there for eachother when we need it. I think kim and Kyle love eachother but have a lot of healing to do.

  • SMH Why did Wacko Jacko get a free pass for not showing up to the RHONJ reunion? I’m getting tired of all these Housewife shows. So happy the season is OVER!!!

    • If there is a rule maybe it started after Jac did not show up. That makes sense to me. I think it is a good rule because a lot of them would not show up if they could get away with it.

    • I think the only reason Jac got the free pass is because they were filming Season 4 during the reunion, so of course Jac couldn’t be fired as they were in the middle of shooting the next season.

      • They filmed 3 and 4 back to back. No break. They had just filmed the season 4 finale PFS the night before the season 3 reunion. Freakin crazy that Bravo did this..
        Any way Cracker Jac blew off the season 3 reunion stayed her fat ass home got even more drunk and drunk tweeted all about the PFS and just about all of season 4. Oh and then claimed that she had a breakdown..BULLSHIT!! She made a complete fool out of Bravo/ Andy.

        Of course they could not fire her for season 4, she was already on it, and a huge part of it.

        What Andy should have done was fire her cra cra ass for season 5.

        • Actually jac has admitted she didn’t even stay home when the reunion was filmed. She was across the street at Kim g apartment getting drunk and hiding from bravo! Whatever repercussions JAc received for not showing to the reunion will show on the upcoming season. I can’t wait to watch because it sounds like they are going to get a taste of their own bad medicine.

          • Cracker Jac didn’t admit that, Kim G outted her, I laughed my ass off when she did that!! Yep, good old Kim G said they were doing shots of Patron..lmao!

            I hope you are right @ Say What?? But I don’t think so.

            I think Andy/ Bravo will be easy on her. Afterall she did come out about her special needs child right before the season 4 reunion.

    • Yea and Kim walked off Atlanta while filming ,quit the show and got her own show ??????????

      Andy is a POS

      • Kim was 8 months pregnant and expected to fly, thats ridiculous under any circumstance and I’m sure the show was already decided on before she left RHOA. I don’t think she’ll get another spinoff, but similar to Jac, I think it was already in production and nothing could be done unless Bravo wanted to lose money

        Dina left mid-S2 of RHONJ, didn’t show up to the reunion and still made appearances in the series and WWHL.

        As for Adrienne, Andy did the right thing. There is absolutely no reason for her to no show to the reunion. He is in the business of drama and announcing Adrienne’s firing was dramatic. I agree he can be a POS (especially when it comes to Teresa), but I think in this case he made the right call. Adrienne just came off as ungrateful. They clearly did Adrienne 1 helluva favor by not airing her secret – compared to every other HW with a secret/something they wouldn’t want the world to know (Examples include, but are not limited to – Teresa’s bankruptcy, Kim R’s alcoholism, Taylor’s abuse, Kim Z’s big papa, Danielle Staub’s everything/in the book, Luann’s pirate, and soon to come, Vicki’s cheating/in bed with someone – based on previews) yet somehow Adrienne’s secret doesn’t get said and she just doesn’t come to the reunion. That is beyond absurd, immature and unprofessional, and like I said, Andy did the right thing in this situation.

        • You mean Taylor’s alleged abuse. I still don’t believe that one. I think Taylor was looking for sympathy from her RICH co-stars and the viewers. IMO Taylor is TRASH.

          • Rebecca it was proven that pic was taken after a plastic surgery procedure to her eyes. It was falsely attributed to Russell. This is common knowledge now and has been posted on many blogs and debunked ages ago. There are far too many holes in her story and she changes her stories continuously. The general consensus is that she is just not credible and her ‘stories’ don’t add up at all. In fact, going by their respective demeanors on the show, I believe Russell was a victim of abuse.

  • Team Yolanda! I love how classy she is and can hold her own. She doesn’t need anyone to back her up because she tells it like it is. The Richards sisters are beyond annoying, especially Kim, and she really needs to go away. She seriously has to be one of the most irritating people from the housewife shows.

    I’m also sick of the way Andy moderates these reunions and tries to pick on the women. He’s truly a horrible host who takes offense to something that wasn’t even an insult. I’m speaking of the lesbian scene with Yolanda and her daughter and how she said “whatever choices they make, we’ll support”. Of course Andy took it personally, but Yolanda is no Teresa. She can hold her own and knows how to properly communicate.

    • yeah i thought the same thing about andy and how he got offended with the word “choice”. give me a freakin break. he knew what she meant. she just used the wrong term.

        • Seriously? It was an awkward moment but I understand why Andy was offended. Many people against gay marriage believe homosexuality is a choice, and that they just need to choose to be straight.

          • Enough with the gay stuff Andy. Mr. over sensitive, give it a rest. Yolanda was speaking about and to her daughter so STFU.

          • I was irritated by her comment too. My twin cousins and my bf from kindergarten are gay. And I know they didn’t choose this life. My bf never had a boyfriend. Even before she knew she just was never boy crazy like me. And my cousins come from a family of cowboys and loggers. I remember Brent crying to me saying I don’t know what’s wrong w/ me. I know for a fact that they never would have chosen that in our family. They tried sleeping w/ girls but in the end their true feelings won out.

          • I must have missed something then because I never got that from Yolanda…that she’s against gay marriage. Was it something she wrote in her blogs or??

        • Maybe if gays were treated as equals with equal rights to those enjoyed by the rest of us, Andy would be less sensitive. It is easy to be less sensitive if your innate qualities do not make you a target of violence, hatred and discrimination.

        • well, of course your offended jelly. you don’t like yolanda and you think she’s homophobic and i don’t think she is. what she said about choosing wasn’t bad. he got on his high and mighty horse and said, well it isn’t a choice. give me a freakin break. now we are gonna have to worry about using the word choose or choice when in the same sentence as gays. i got what yolanda was trying to say. andy took it wrong as usual.

          • When it comes to homosexuality saying its a choice is offensive. But you of course wouldn’t understand that. I would be offended if Kyle said the same thing, but she hasn’t.

      • She did not use the wrong term, when he called her out and said it not a choice, she said that is questionable, so she said what she meant.

        • And of that is her personal opinion or view, so ? She said nothing offensive. Just because a straight person said “choice” does not make them horrible. Geeze, pick any little thing to start war over! I have a gay cousin- I was not offended and either was he.

        • she said it was debatable and it is. yes, we all know gays don’t have a choice but there are cases when people to choose one way or the other. does anyone remember that crazy ann heche woman. ellen degeneres ex girlfriend? before she met ellen she was straight then after she broke up with ellen she became straight again. she never claimed to be bisexual but that is what i would call it. that is probably what yolanda meant by choice. it was taken way out of context.

          yolanda fumbles with her words as well because of her lyme disease. so i think she did pick the wrong word by accident. maybe people have used the same term. she was gonna say something supportive about her daughter and say if she chooses to be that way then she’s fine but andy interruptted her before she had a chance to finish.

    • I agree with your point of Andy being the host. I wish they would get a celebrity host that was more impartial. I think that on most reunions he hammers one or two housewives with serious questions and lets the others off with soft ball questions about their favorite alcoholic beverage. I’ve seen Vivica Fox do these and she is fabulous. She also gets people who have conflict to come to some sort of understanding at times. Andy seems to thrive on the conflict and problems.

  • Yolanda is a hypocrite, what she claims the Richards Sisters did to her is the exact same thing she did to Marisa. And I believe Kyle and Kim on this. Kyle didn’t say anything to Lisa because she prefers to be neutral but since Yolanda wants to be a hypocrite and call Kyle out Kyle called her out in turn. Yolanda is not a straight shooter she is full of shit floating on a cloud of arrogance.

    • If it wasn’t true then Yolanda wouldn’t be so defensive. If what little we saw about Yolanda talking about Lisa is any indication of what she really said, then I do believe the Richard sisters.

      Yolanda likes to call everybody on their crap but she doesn’t like when somebody calls her on her own crap.

      Sorry Yolanda, yu are fabulous but that doesn’t mean a free pass for everything you say.

      • I agree w/ yoi guys! Yolanda has a set of rules for people she doesn’t like but those rules do not apply to her or her friends. She has double standards. To me Yolanda is a phony or jusy delusional. And she embellished her shit w/ Marissa. I actually don’t like Kyle but I believe her on this. It was painfully obvious Yolanda was lying. If she’s such a straight shooter why not own it? Or why embellish what Marissa did? And if I hear lyme brain again or I’m dutch Im gonna flip. Find a new excuse for your petty behavior Yolanda!

  • i actually liked that we saw yolanda mess up. she’s usually trying to portray herself as this perfect wonder woman. she showed she can be flawed too. i also think it’s sort of a low blow toward the richard sisters but i see where she’s coming from. kyle and kim obviously love each other and care about each other but it’s hard to tell sometimes when they are always fighting and say hurtful things to each other. to me that is normal. many siblings are like that. they have deep seeded issues they need to work out.

  • Actually, if what Kyle said is true about Yolanda trash-talking Lisa with her and Kim, she just described one more occasion where she was disloyal to Lisa.

    • Thank god someone has some sense. This is exactly what I was thinking. If Kyle were such a great friend she would have told Lisa this BEFORE the REUNION! Not on camera to use as a weapon against BOTH Lisa and Yolanda.

      • Maybe there was enough drama .. If Kyle told Lisa sooner than she is a troublemaker if she mentions it at the reunion she is using it as a weapon if she doesn’t say anything at all she is two faced .. Can Kyle win ????

        • You tell me. Is that a friend to once again put Lisa on the spot on National TV and have another cast mate call her Phony? It only furthered Kyle’s agenda. It worked in her favor and obviously people are buying into it. I don’t care for Yolanda really. She is just whatever as far as I am concerned. It is Kyle’s timing here that is really shitty and people should be seeing through that.

          • The smart ones will. The simple souls will still have there Kyle and Kim love fest no matter what happens. Kyle could pull out a gun and murder Brandi Yo and Lisa and they would all be well she must have had a good reason. They don’t like to see the truth. They see she is a good mother who loves her kids and a good wife who loves her husband. So in the simple and single minded way that so many people like that have (not just fans but people in general who don’t like to think a little bit harder, it may give them a headache. My own mom is like that.)they just prefer to see that side that they identitfy with so she is excused of all her bad behavior. Her being a lousy sister who is so fake and I think Brandi nailed it when she said Kyle liked Kim better when she wasn’t sober. The Kyle fans will just bash Brandi for that but if they really think about it it seems so true. She has been awful and not supportive much at all to her sister. She can’t even apologize to someone who she was good friends with but of course again not her fault! According to her fans. Just like Kyles thinking they too see she has no faults whatsoever and is never wrong. Yeh shes like Mary mother of God herself. (enter eyes roll here) Kim is pathetic and Kyle is just about herself and her immediate family. She doesn;t fool all of us.

          • You and Sandy nailed it. Kyle just OUTED HERSELF as a backstabber – *AGAIN!!!!* You can never get through to the koolaid-drinking Vylebots though. Too brainwashed and lacking in common sense, cognitive reasoning, social awareness and morals to see what is right in front of them. Water finds its own level, just as it does with the dregs, morally bankrupt and naer do wells who are apologists of Vyle.

      • Yep, once again Kyle proved why Lisa should not trust her. Kyle spent the entire season having her mouth pieces go after Brandi and defending Adrienne . Then Adrienne didn’t show for the reunion I’m sure Kyle nearly pissed herself realizing she was on her own and all she had was her sister whom she’s treated like shit to help back her up. Kim is a better sister then Kyle is!

        • Please Kyle was fine on her own. Kyle never shriveled away from defending Adrienne. She defended Adrienne because Adrienne wasn’t there to defend herself. However, when Adrienne did come around Kyle stood back and let Adrienne handle her issues with Brandi alone. Kyle didn’t have mouthpieces and doesn’t need them, she told everyone what she thought to their face. So why would she need someone else to repeat what she already herself said?

          Yolanda and Lisa’s accusations against Kyle crumbled and she they either had to backtrack their comments or shut up altogether. They know they all do the same things they accuse Kyle of doing.

          • Kyle did hav “neutrality” in that she never verbally attacked Brandi. Mauricio and Faye did that. That’s why people claim they’re her mouthpieces.

          • I think Mauricio and Faye are their own persons. They individually had relationship with Adrienne and Paul. Mauricio didn’t like Brandi anyway, but I think what Brandi said about his FRIEND Paul and Adrienne was enough to piss him off and he felt defensive over his friend. The same with Faye, when she said Adrienne talked to her on the phone in tears Faye felt very protective over her and found Brandi to be a horrible person.

            And maybe that’s why Lisa is accused of having Brandi as her mouthpiece because Brandi is crass and rude which Lisa doesn’t want to come across as being and therefore encourages Brandi to do her dirty work with the likes of Adrienne.

            If Lisa doesn’t have a mouthpiece then neither does Kyle.

    • Yes, clearly Kyle talked badly about Lisa that is obvious but Cruella De Vil Yolanda did as well who claims to be above the drama nonsense.. nope. She is hardcore apart of it.

      • And Lisa talked bad about Kyle. They all do the same thing so none of them has room to talk about the other. Kyle would never have busted Yolanda out had Yolanda not been a total hypocrite, trying to give her reasons for going after Kyle.

          • Lisa talked about Kyle to Kim when Kim was complaining about her relationship with Kyle. This was after Lisa and Kyle had their talk about mending their friendship and moving forward, but Lisa didn’t truly feel that and instead of telling Kyle that she gossiped with Kim about how bad Kyle was. And Lisa talked shit about Kim to everyone while Kim was standing 5 feet away. Lisa is not above it. Just like that low blow of saying Kyle was only friends with her for commission, basically dismissing their 10 year friendship as being fake.

    • Brandi’s blog is up, and she said that if that convo between the Richards & Yo happened, you can 100% bet that it would have been added to the show.

      • I believe that too because you know they would think they hit a jackpot having Yolo say something so petty about Lisa, LOL! They would giggle like school girls at a slumber party if they had that footage, LOL. I also firmly believe that Kyle would have NEVER kept her mouth shut about something like that, she would threw that out long ago if it happened.

  • That’s crap! When u put families together (like jersey) on a show like this you end up with drama! These two sisters thrive on drama and fake friendship! I’m glad Yolanda said what she did! They are big girls and need to let each other fight there own fight! I could not imagine my friends making me keep my opinions to myself if it involved there family’s! Kim is a nut job who needs to be in a mental hospital and Kyle needs to learn what a Real friend is! My best friend is my sister just as much of a sister as my birth sister, fights and All!

    • Kyle accuses Lisa of everything she herself is guilty of. Being calculating, making friends stick up for her even if she’s wrong, etc etc.. Kyle and Faye both accuse Lisa and Brandi of the very things they themselves are guilty of.

      A thief always thinks people will steal from them
      A liar always believes people are lying
      A manipulator always thinks everyone else is manipulating.

      We have all seen with our own eyes how Kyle works through other people while keeping her own hands clean.

      • Kyle didn’t accuse Lisa of having a mouthpiece that’s what Lisa accused Kyle of. Saying that Faye was Kyle’s mouthpiece. Kyle didn’t spread gossip about anyone or told family secrets in order to disparage someone. Kyle doesn’t have to use other people to do her dirt, she told everyone to their faces what they think about them. Faye does her own thing and gave each of the ladies a piece of her mind. That was Faye’s choice not Kyle’s.

        • Who cares who accused who of what. The truth is Slutnick IS Kyles mouth piece. There is no other reason for Slutnick to be on the show except to back up Kyle.

          • Faye has been around since the first season. And I don’t see how she’s Kyle’s mouthpiece since Kyle has already said the same things to these folk’s faces. If Faye is Kyle’s mouthpiece then Brandi is Lisa’s mouthpiece.

          • @Jai I do, and here is why: Faye was not on all that much. Whenever she was, Kyle made her privy to things that she was not a part of or around for and then came to Dinners and ran her mouth when she had no place to about the things Kyle told her. She is saying all the things that Im sure Kyle would love to, but says nothing as Faye does the work for her, hence mouthpiece. It was never anything good, positive, or peacekeeping, seeking resolution; it was pot stirring and mud slinging.

          • Since Game Night when Kyle received ENORMOUS viewer BACKLASH, she has been reluctant to be seen as anything other than a peace-maker. That is why she has hired Faye to do her dirty work. Shes too afraid to do it herself since game night. Kyle standing by while faye ripped into Brandi, with a very noticable smirk on her face is all the evidence needed. Season one is irrelevant because Kyle’s standing changed from game night onwards. Unlike Kyle, Lisa does not need a mouthpiece and Brandi is far too strong-willed and not a push-over so there is no way in hell that Brandi is ever anyone’s mouth-piece. But since game night flushed out Kyle’s true abhorrent colors, the gameplay, pardon the pun, has changed. Kyle now NEEDS a mouthpiece. Because she cannot risk her own standing again.

    • I agree with everything you said. So tired of kyles victim attitude. And Kim saying he life was ruined because of what brani said. Um hello! Brandi said what everyone knew and was thinking. I do not believe she was just drinking. She def was mixing drugs too. I like yolonda. Sometime women especially snobby ones don’t like to be told the truth. They like to like in lies and have people kiss their asses. Think about it. They don’t like Brandi Lisa or Yolanda why? Because the call it how they see it. The fakes hate that.

  • I like Yolanda but no matter what at the end of the day Kyle and Kim are family so of course they will back each other up….but if you think of it this way look at the Gorga’s does Joey always back up Tre……hmmmmmmm….just saying!!!

    • Totally agree. She exaggerated what Marissa said about Brandi, and plays the victim. Fake and Phony.
      So over her

      • Can’t stand the lemon witch .. She outright lied about what she said in Paris /.I remember it the way Kyle said it .. And Lisa KNows that Kyle is not lying but wants the division and wants Yoyo on her team so she said she didn’t believe Yoyo talked about her .. But her face tells the truth SHE KNOWS ITS TRUE

        Yoyo turned into the biggest trouble maker on the show after Brandi of course

        • No way… Kyle is the one that is always shit stirring! She starts it up and then pretends she is the little middleman or peacemanker. It is such bull. I have not liked Kyle since the first season. She is an unfeeling phony. She cares about her family and no one else. She is narsacisstic hateful and cold as ice. It’s always whats in it for me with her.

      • She didn’t exaggerate. She used words to convey how Marisa presented the text to the women and how she acted about it. The words conveyed exactly Marisa’s body language and tone, all things that Brandi didn’t get to see. She didn’t change the meaning. She put words to it.

        • Even Brandi herself said once she saw the footage she realized it went down exactly how Yolanda described it, not the way Marisa did.

    • I am sad to agree with you on this as I thought Yolanda was different.

      There had to be a reason why she is so close to Brand iand now I can see that she is just as her, no wonder they get along so well.

      • A bully never. A good friend yes. And friends stick up for friends.

        What was this about Yolanda being sick in Kyles driveway and Kyle didn’t even look in on her to see on she was, or offer her something to drink?

        Kyle is all about Kyle, attention and camera time.

        I wanted to add, Lisa laid out what so many of us have been saying for months. Mo is about his connections to real estate deals. Nothing else.

        • Yup Shipp since season one I always saw Kyle as in it for me and mine only. Everyone else be damned I will run right over you. As her mom did to the Richards fathers first wife and hurt her so badly she ended up in the hospital. Yup trash from trash alright. The apple doesnt fall very far from the tree. How Lisa never saw thru Kyle since the beginning I will never know. She seems much smarter than that. Yolanda is one the kindest women on the show and I saw her and rememeber her trying to reach out to Kim. I hope we aren’t subject to anymore seasons of Kim and her whining and now brain-damaged babbles and ghosts in her bedroom and continually acting like the victim. Her few moments of clarity on the show isn’t worth the tension I feel watching her in most of her scenes. She is too far gone to be in the least bit enjoyable. Kyle I guess we are stuck with since I guess she is now a producer. That just really sucks.

  • Yes, add a blog rule! LOL

    I really believe Kyle & Kim took whatever Yo said out of context. If she had said something sooooo against Lisa, why then would Kyle or Kim not approach Lisa about it. Kim certainly was eager to tell Paul & Adrienne, the first chance she got, about what Brandi said about them. Or why not have Yo clarify what she said if it bothered them so much? In Paris or when they got home? This happened, what, eight months ago? This should have been questioned way before the reunion!

      • For sure!!! I am believing Yolanda and this because, yes, we have watched the Richards sisters since season 1.

        • Yolanda is straight up. I really like her and yes she is a straight shooter. Just wonder if some of the women are jealous of her.They seem to havea hard time accepting a new comer on the show.

      • Yep, nd I believe Kyle had a talk with Kim before reunion . Making sure Kim backed up whatever Kyle said. I’m sure what yolonda said was taken out of context as Lisa seems to be the closest to Yolanda and always had Kim’s back… Now Kim has this huge problem saying yolonda lied about them getting together and setting dates? Kim has stood everyone up since season 1 and now, this one time, when it bennifits Kyle Kim is offended that someone called her out for standing them up? What the hell is that shit? Do they think we are STUPID?

        • Oh for chirst sake, Kim can’t even remember the time of day much less what happened on the show, and her part in it.

          Yolanda copped to talking about Lisa. Yolanda said it in her talking head, after Paris. Yolanda also said something to Lisa in Paris, at the duck slaughter dinner.

          I call bull shit on Kyle and Kim. They love to gang up, just ask Brandi.

        • I think taken out of context also Say What. They definitely twisted what she said to suit their need to blast her at reunion. Judging Kyle from the past, IF that were even remotely true, she would have blasted Yolo during the season! She definitely would have used in her blog as well, especially since Yolo showed she did not care that much for Kyle as the season progressed.

      • I was just going to respond the same thing and luckily scrolled down a bit and saw your comment CryWolf. Couple of snakes like their mom. They ONLY love family and maybe a couple of others who can give them money and/or fame. I find the Richards sisters just really repulsive and so delusional about themselves. Yuck. Yolsnda has them pegged pretty well.

  • I agree with you Roxy, it’s the old adage of I can mess with my fam but no one else better. My younger brother and I used to fight like cats and dogs. I mean fist fighting, black eyes, knives pulled, it got bad. But there was this 13 yr old that always used to pick on my bro when he was 9. As much as my brother and I fought do you think I didnt put that lil kid in his place and put his mom in her place for letting him pick on a younger boy. My bro and I have a wonderful relationship now, and can look back and laugh at all our fights, but you always stick up for fam no matter how much they piss you off.

    • Sweet Pea I totally agree. I actually have a similar situation as Kim and Kyle w/ my sister. I was Kim she was Kyle. We still fight like that although not as bad. Hell I would fight like cats and dogs w/ her but when an older girl made the
      mistake of starting a fight w/ my baby sister I ended up beating the hell out of her. She’s my sister and yes we fight and yes we’re different but in the end I love her. Yolanda is just ridiculous imo.
      So how’s your pregnancy going?

      • Yes even today with my bro being 20 I still (and have) slapped the piss out of anyone who messes with him. We’ve been great, gaining more weight, you know how that goes. How about you?

    • I understand the adage of “I can call my family member this or that but no one else had better”, BUT, where it falls down with Kyle and Kim is that Kyle let Taylor insult Kim the first couple of seasons. She also turned a blind eye to Adrienne and Lisa doing it, too. But as soon as BRANDI said anything, it was all out war. It seems that Kyle doesn’t have a problem with other women talking about Kim if Kyle personally likes or gets along with the woman. But if its someone she doesn’t like, like Brandi, ONLY THEN, does she take offense.

  • I do like Yolanda although I must say she probably doesnt have a sister. There is no pretending- you love hard and fight hard.

    • Yes – but you also don’t call your sister an alcoholic on national TV. And say that your husband supports her…Kyle is the one acting like she doesn’t know how to be a sister. How about her other sister Kathy – she knows Kyle inside and out and she stays away from her….that speaks VOLUMES!

        • Have to agree with you. She pretty much showed hate for Kim through all the seasons and Kim showed disgust and distrust towards Kyle. Kyle spent the entire first season bashing Kim. In addition to calling her out on every single episode for “not having her back” . She has repeatedly taken other people’s sides over her own sister and even went so far to trash her sister and tell other housewives she didn’t want her sister to come between their relationship. Kyle holds some responsibility for Kim’s addiction. I agree with Brandi that Kyle appears to prefer Kim as an addict. Gives her the role of scorned sister, hero, saving the day and victim all rolled into one. Kyle needs just as much therapy as Kim does and I do believe their relationship is fake for the cameras. Kyle probably threatened Kim to back her up on everything, no matter what. That’s my opinion.

          • It’s a pretty real thing that people get dependent on the addict to be that way. They don’t know what to do when the person gets better and without realizing it, do favor the old version of that person. It becomes a control issue. I definitely think Kyle does this and has this dependency but isn’t aware of it, like most other parts of her personality.

          • So what that they fight!It doesn’t mean that they don’t love o ne another. My sister and I fight, but at the end of the day, I got her back.I think Yolonda puts people beneath her, and comments on things and relationships that she know nothing about. “You need to learn to wpeak english” that’s her character!

        • so perfect! Kyle is being Kyle…her and Faye are so much alike. At least Faye (for ho-fame) shows her “bitch and witch” self but Kyle pretends to be good, such a two-face!

        • A little bit off the topic. Kim should just let game night go. Kim acted high or drunk. I think that was the evening Kyle took a drink of what Kim was drinking. Even she though thought Kim was, a bit high or drunk. Kim acted that way. Both were acting very childish. I think many peole thought that everyone at that party needed to apologize to Brandi. Lisa felt the same way. She called Brandi to apologize when she saw What was told to her, was entirely different than what went down.

          After the first season, Kyle took a hit by the way she was percieved acting unkind to her sister. I think that Kyle wanted the next season to be one of both sisters being playful with each other. They sneaked away to jump on the trampeline together laghing, and makeing fun of other people. But she forgot that they were adults. They made fun of Brandi, talked about her within hearing distance.

          Brandi, did as she says she does, fought back. Kim was going to the bathroom often, even Kyle tasted what Kim was drinking. Kyle must have noticed what eveyone at that party noticed. Kim seemed medicated in some way.

          The interesting part came when both Kyle and Kim stood up, both in the same positon, waving their fingers at Brandi saying she was ( bad, naughty, nasty….whatever ) girl. At one part during their rant, they both caught themselves doing acting like this and stopped. That is a learned behavior. I believe that at sometime in their lives that happened to them. Why else would know to do that, that it was okay to point at someone and call them a ( whatever ) little girl. I don’t believe that adults, even ones in Beverly Hill, say those kind of things to other people they have problems with. Adults dont do that. It was my belief that everyone at that party should apologize to Brandi.

          Now Faye responds in that way. She said that Yolunda was listening to a vey bad girl. Who talks like that ? Faye being such a good friend of Kyle talks like that about Brandi. Do these women talk about other women as bad girls ? It’s childish. It’s an odd way of confronting people they have problems with. They don’t say that about any other women on the show that way,

          When Brandi first showed up at one of the partys, Lisa went to Brandi and talked to her like an adult. Lisa wanted to know about Brandi and the relationship Brandi had with Cedric. She did it an adult way. Some one commited that Lisa might treat Brani, somekind of negative way. Martin said why would onyone think that.

          Again at the reunion, Kim points at Brandi calling her (somekind of girl ) That’s just crazy to me. It’s learned behavior.

          I woud also like to make one more point. Kim first told Kyle that she got her medicine mixed up. The same medicine she had a bad reaction to when she left rehab. Now she says that she had a seisure. maybe like the one she did with the wrong medication. What the hell. Having a seisure is life threating. If Kim had had a seisure any time in her life, Kye should have worried aboutn her maybe having another seisure. That would be an important thing to consider. But Kyle said nothing about seisures Kim had. Kim will never be okay, and the sisters relationship is just fucked up. Long post, it was just one my mind.

        • All the Richards/Hiltons are as bad as each other. That Kyle is so proud and boastful of Paris Hilton, for example, and then turns around and says that she is classy and Brandi isn’t, is an example. If Paris was my niece, I’d be MORTIFIED! I’d be soooooo ashamed and disgusted, I’d disown her. Or at least refuse to be even seen in the same room with her. Kyle acts like so is just oh soooo far above Brandi and so classy, yet she thinks Paris the walking STI clinic is someone to be proud of. The Hiltons and Richards are all trash.

    • Pretending? Yolanda has lost her marbles on this one.

      Yes, she said, we talked about Lisa on the trip to Paris, that is what friends so? really Yolanda?

      Isn’t that the reason why you have bashed all the other women (minus Lisa and Brandi even though they are the ones who have talked the most behind others’ back)

      This is hypocresy and double standards in all its glory.

      • She is so hypocritical. “I thought the blogs were for the fans… Kyle reads my blogs”
        Whatever BS she said……… But wait……. Wasn’t it Yolanda who bashes Marisa for her blog just a few weeks ago?!?!??! Double Standards yet again. Dang I really did like her in the beginning but she continues to shit bubbles and thinks everyone else should play along.

      • I hope Yolanda does not come back. I cannot stand her anymore.

        Yolanda likely has never had a sister. She doesn’t understand the dynamic as one gets older.

    • I like yolana more and more and kyle and kim less and less I look 4ward 2 seeing Yolanda next season she ha class