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Will Lisa Hochstein Be Pregnant On Season Three Of RHOM?

Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein has openly struggled to get pregnant and has been very honest about such struggles on season two of the show! With season three filming, will we finally be able to see Lisa and Lenny expand their family?

Lisa reveals to Wetpaint exclusively, “We’re always actively trying, but we’re not pregnant yet. Going forward though, everyone will continue to see my journey. We want to get this done and we’re really at our wits end.”

Lisa adds, “Going into another season of the show and being in the exact same situation as last year is incredibly frustrating. But then again, that’s life. I may be on TV, but at the end of the day, I’m a real person with real problems.”

Lisa is trying to remain positive instead of feeling defeated and being negative like she felt she was last year. Here’s to hoping Lisa gets that baby she has been longing for and deserves! She would make the most loving and caring mother.

Do you think Lisa will be successful in getting pregnant this year?

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  • Love her, but the one thing that’s made me a bit sad from interviews (like the Huffington Post recent one) is that she seems to see adoption as a negative and not an option to her, as if she is above it. I was adopted at days old and in my 20 years my family is my family. Love is what makes a bond, not blood.

    • I dont think she meant it like that. She didnt say she was opposed to it but she wanted to make sure she could do whatever it was possible to make sure she would carry the child. And i understand and get her point. I would want to carry my own child too, if i could, but if not try surrogacy, and if that too doesnt work, venture off and see what adoption brings me. Everyones different and I think shes doing what she can and one thing at a time instead of being all over the place.

      • I think they are still trying to get pregnant with the help of a doc which might cost like 20k, surrogacy goes up to like 200k and adoption, god who knows? One thing at a time seems appropriate especially because none of these things are cheap…

  • Out of all the housewives, I think I like Lisa the most. She’s the youngest real housewife, but acts older and more mature than every one of the housewives put together. I like that she doesn’t blindly take sides just because she’s friends with someone and she always stays out of the drama if it doesn’t directly involve/affect her.

    It was sad to hear that she thinks her husband might leave her if she doesn’t get pregnant. Best of luck to her.

  • Oh i wish her much luck in that area. She seems so sweet. I think she was a great fot for the show. Not too involved in the drama but stuck up for her friends when they needed it!

  • I love Lisa and Lenny….hope to meet a man like him (accomplished yet sensitive and patient.). I hope they get a baby soon….they so deserve it.

  • I wasn’t sure if I would like this “husbands greatest creation” as she described herself. But I found myself liking her in spite of all the plastic. She looks too thin to get pregnant. She is tiny! I liked how she wasn’t involved in the drama. I also found her down to earth and very likeable. I do hope if she Lea attend another one of her charity parties she requests her not to bring any of her *friends.* Lea’s friends Thomas Kramer, Joe Francis and Elaine are nothing but trouble making obnoxious thugs. Lea is a thug! A thug in a cocktail dress as Alex Mcchord so succintly stated! I don’t have a crystal ball to predict if Lisa will get pregnant or not. Maybe she should try having her eggs retrieved and with her husbands sperm get some embryos going and put them in a surrogate. Nothng wrong with that and thankfully they have the money to do it. I wish her the best of luck whatever she tries next and in the mean time she can have fun trying.

  • Love Lisa! She is my favorite on RHOM. I hope she can get pregnant and have the family she’s always wanted.

  • I also like Lisa. I hope she gets pregnant soon; sometimes, money can’t buy everything. It must be extremely frustrating not to be pregnant after having miltiple fertility treatments. Good luck to them.

  • Actually, she is the one housewife on any of the franchises that I really like a lot and I hope that she and her husband are successful at starting a family. They deserve it!

  • This is finally a real problem we’re seeing. Obviously I hope Lisa gets pregnant but I need to see her step into the drama more. She was on the fence during last season. I can’t wait to find out who the new cast members are though!!

  • I really want her to have a child. She deserves it and has everything anyone could ever want except the child. Her husband also rocks