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Low Blow? Passive Aggressive? Why Lisa Vanderpump & Kyle Richards Haven’t Spoken Since Reunion Taping!

It’s been a rough year for former BFF’s Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! Lisa feels that Kyle has put her on a back burner and has not been very loyal, which traces back to last year’s reunion where Kyle said being friends with Lisa was like a chess game and that she was calculating.

The intense reunion filming has not helped make matters any better! The two exchanged words at the reunion and Kyle thought Lisa went below the belt by accusing her and Mauricio of only being nice to Adrienne so they could list their house and cash the commission check. Kyle tells In Touch, “For her to say that is ridiculous. It was a low blow.”

Kyle also reveals, “We haven’t spoken since it was taped. Lisa has never let go of the fact that I didn’t defend her on the reunion last year. I’m still being punished one year later for not jumping in.”

Lisa also shares with the magazine what her issue with Kyle is right now, calling her passive aggressive! Lisa says, “I don’t consider Kyle to be a loyal and supportive friend. She had a passive-aggressive stance against me all season. Last year I was blindsided during the reunion so this time I was there to be on the offensive.”

Do you think these two will ever get past their issues and be friends again? It seems to me that Lisa will forever hold that as a grudge…

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  • I agree – Kyle’s has no fashion sense, and I think by now the whole world knows it – it’s embarassing – she needs a makeover – especially trying to rock a hairdo she’s been wearing for 30 years. The hair is starting to make her look “witchy” – unfortunately, as a woman gets older, that long, dark hair isn’t very flattering. Botox doesn’t help either.
    I also cringe when she wears the short dresses with high boots/heels – it’s just so unattractive on her – she’s rather “stumpy” looking and it just doesn’t work.

  • Everybody has missed the most glaringly obvious and important thing about this story. In the picture accompanying it, Kyle is wearing that fugly dress she wore to Lisa’s party again. You know: the one that was too short and tight and looked like it was held together over her boobs by the gusset of a pair of her Nanna’s pantyhose? Twice she’s worn that thing now! (that we know of…)

    And she sells that slop in her store…

  • That was downright disgusting for Lisa to try to hit Kyle in the pocket by uttering those words … Shame on Lisa

    • Lisa plays dirty. They should hit her hard on SUR and the fact that place is dead most nights. I have been in last year and when you can easily get the best table on Saturday night the day of the reservation that is bad.

      • Well Jennifer, I know 48,142 people who have been to SUR and claim it is not as dead as you say. 46,281 of them thought the food was great. 11,422 of them said the wait was acceptable based on the huge crowd. So take that JENNIFER!!!

  • I agree with jojo and say i do like all of the ladies on the show, but lisa and kyles relationship will never be the same. Kyle doesnt feel the need to stick up for lisa. Watching the season one reunion lisa was sticking up for kyle plenty of timws. I have always wondered why kyle wouldnt do the same. After i read the article about the hiltons i do think kyle is more calculated than lisa. “we were sticking up for you guys” remember whsn paul and adrienne came over to the house after the whole brandi incident? Now what is kyles relationship with adrienne? Kyle admitted she doesnt really speak to adrienne anymore. Lisa even said at the reunion that kyle and mauricios relationship has changed since mauricio sold their home. Hmm…

    • Kyle admitted she doesn’t speak to Adrienne anymore, but Adrienne said she pulled away from the group, including Kyle. I think Lisa needs to take into consideration when her house was sold and what she was saying in the press about Kyle that Kyle had a problem with. Were there even any mentions of Adrienne and Paul wanting to sell their house before they divorced?

      • Adrienne said on the show that she kept her distance from the group. I havent seen anything lately of her saying shes keeping her distance from the group? Kyle had to re-kiss camilles ass for the sake of the commission check. Kyle did NOT like camille season one, and honestly do i blame her? Hell no I dont cause camille was a bitch. I think kyle is calculating and does what benefits her. I havent seen her defend lisa but lisa does it for kyle how many times? Season one against camille, at the reunion, when brandi joined sbe didnt even TRY to get to know brandi because of the richards sisters, the hawaii trip, damn what else can I name? If lisa is your “good friend” you would stick up for her? I thought she only speaks for what she believes is “right?” its a croc of shit. I like kyle, just wouldnt trust her.

        • Season 1, Lisa did not defend Kyle against Camille. The only thing Lisa said was that Kyle isn’t a bully. Every time Camille and Kyle fought, Kyle fought her battles on her own or with Faye. Lisa was quiet during the fight in New York and she was quiet during the fight at Camille’s house.

          Let’s all stop saying that Lisa didn’t get to know Brandi because of Kyle. It was never because of Kyle and Kim. It was because she had connections with Cedric and was his friend. Throughout Kyle’s fight with Camille, Lisa made the effort to still get to know Camille and didn’t let Kyle’s fight influence her opinions of others.

        • Adrienne saying she distanced herself from the group is my point. Kyle said they weren’t close while filming but that she sided with Adrienne because Brandi was wrong and Adrienne was never there to defend herself. Lisa keeps insisting that Kyle was kissing Adrienne’s ass for the listing, but while Kyle was defending Adrienne, there weren’t any talks of selling the house until they filed for divorce.

      • This Adrienne pulling away and not talking to Kyle reminds me of Dina and Teresa..Dina said…doesn’t mean I didn’t still consider her a friend I just needed to pull away. Food for thought?! I think it is, not sure anyone else on this post will think so.

  • Lisa only stated the truth. Kyle is still a greedy social climber and will be no matter how much money she has. She is insecure and it shows in all of her interactions. She is jealous of Brandi. And another thing that has always bothered me, if Kyle’s house is so expensive and in such a good neighborhood, can someone tell me why they have to park all of their cars in the front on the street? Don’t they have garages in those expensive neighborhoods?

  • Loved it when Lisa called out Kyle on only being friendly for real estate business.

    Hated that Yo and Lisa tagged team against Kyle and Kim about how Yo said Lisa was a phoney. You could see Yo stumble her words, backpeddled, then deny she ever said it. I believe Kyle.

    • she could be stumbling her words because of her lime disease but i agree i think there is some truth to it. i’m not sure if it’s exactly how kyle and kim remember it.

    • Re: the real estate part

      It’s a sad accusation, but it’s certainly something a ton of people have speculated on this very website on past posts. Suddenly when Lisa says it, who is way more in the know than us, it’s like some random accusation out of nowhere.

      • I totally think all the housewives read the blogs and comments, so they know what to say and can say what the viewers are thinking. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Lisa all of a sudden is saying Kyle was only nice to her and siding with Adrienne for business. I totally think she said that because she read the blogs and comments and wanted to “feel” what the viewers were saying. Does that even make sense?

        Adrienne said she was the one who was distancing herself from the group. If Adrienne was distancing herself from the group which resulted in them not being as close anymore, how is that Kyle’s fault? Lisa is saying what the viewers want to hear.

    • Home run September, Not a Kyle fan but you could tell she was not lying about what Yolanda said about Lisa. IMO Lisa knows very well that Kyle is telling the truth about what Yolanda said, but dislikes Kyle so much she refuses to out Yolanda.

  • nope they’re friendship is done. i think they will both remain cordial towards each other but they will never be the friends they used to be. there are too many hurt feelings between them. i actually liked lisa being a little bit more aggressive this reunion. kyle feels like it was a low blow but lisa was being honest right. isn’t that what kyle said about her low blow to lisa. she’s being honest. many people have felt the same way lisa felt about mauricio and kyle kissing butt for the commission. where’s adrienne now? she and kyle don’t talk like they did on the show.

  • lol Kyle just favorited and responded “Xoxo” to this tweet:

    Arnie Kemp?@arniepantz12h
    TEAM @kylerichards18!! @lisavanderpump thinks she’s God and @brandiglanville is an insecure bitch. #RHOBH

    Kyle is favoriting and responding to tweets about how Yolanda / Lisa are “fake bitches” “phony” how Kyle “put Yolanda in her place” Kyle is “The best housewife ever” but mostly tweets that talk shit about Yo/Lisa/Brandi.

    • Oh please, Lisa does it. Brandi does it. Yolanda does it as well. I guess it’s okay for them to do it?

      • I follow Lisa and Yolanda on twitter and I’ve never seen them favorite or retweet any type of negative or nasty tweet like that. I must have missed all of those.

        • Well you should definitely go back and read Yolanda’s timeline as of late. LOL. Home girl is really going hard on Kyle and Kim. It’s actually kinda funny.

    • This is not true I looked at Kyle’s timeline and the ones she retweeted only mentioned support for her and didn’t even mention the other ladies at all.

  • Kyle had many opportunities to jump in and defend Lisa, but Kyle never did. So Kyle had chances to make their friendship better but failed to do so. Since season one Mauricio has influenced Kyle’s friendships around his real estate business. He told her to fix things with Camille, even though Camille spoke so poorly about his wife!

  • I REALLY hope Kyle has her “Bethenny moment” and realizes that Lisa, like Jill, is not a friendship worth trying to save.

  • didn’t Lisa say that after Maurice sold their house that Maurice and Kyle kind of no longer needed them?

  • I truly believe that Lisa is alergic to the truth.Her behavior is akin to Sybil. I am not joking, and I am not casting aspersions on actual human with personality disorders.

    Perhaps Lisa is going through menopause. I am actually trying to understand her victim role.

    Why would Kyle want to be anywhere near the type of person Lisa has become,willingly?

    Kyle is not the hypocrite, so why would she bother with Lisa?

    • I see Lisa as a lot of good things but being a victim she is not and she ain’t no punk either. Whereas, Kyle can be socially tacky and uncouth–it’s all about money honey.

      • Hello RahRah

        for all cast members it is a pay cheque.

        I think Lisa’s second face scared Kyle away
        🙂 joking..

        Thanks RahRah

    • Lisa is the only one who has been truthful.

      SEason one revolved around Kyle’s problem with Camille, season 2 with her sister and season 3 with Lisa.

      Lisa hasn’t shown to lie nor has she been passive-aggressive. Kyle desperately wanted to come on this show and be loved but it back-fired and so many people saw right through her.

      To have good friends you have to be a good friend. Lisa has many, Kyle has Faye as she even claimed she isn’t friendly with Adrienne any longer and never really was.

      Again, read the blogs and the comments an overwhelming number of people have seen through Kyle. Only a handful haven;t. Kyle can give as many interviews as she wants and write blogs but her actions speak louder than words.

      • Lisa’s entire behavior and attitude toward Kyle all season long was passive-aggressive. Lisa is a smart cookie and knows how to play the housewife games. It’s not a surprise that most people are siding with Lisa. Like Kyle said, Lisa is smart and calculating.

    • I think the fame has gone to Lisa’s head. She doesn’t want friends who challenge her and have their own mind, she wants cronies that are “Yes Men” that will tell her how perfect and fabulous she is and how she is never wrong. She needs people that are dependent on her for something so she can control them. Kyle has her own family and successful business,and not scared to speak her mind she is Lisa’s equal, but Lisa doesn’t want that.

  • Usually near the end of friendships it is easier to see the bad than the good and to indulge in gossip. Many have speculated how greed is behind the relationships nurtured by Kyle and Mauricio. Kyle claims to not want to get into the middle the issues of her friends, yet she still chooses a side to validate instead of truly staying out of it. After Faye insulted Lisa at her own home, Kyle was heard telling other’s Faye’s position instead of sticking to her stance on “staying out of it.” I did not hear her defending/relaying Lisa’s position why she feels insulted. That’s hypocritical and she can lie to herself about something so basic, then what else is she lying about? I believe any kind of defensive action taken by Kyle for Lisa would suffice. I don’t think she would always want her to fight her battles, but to show some solidarity would heal the friendship move forward. By not making the effort Kyle has shown she is not willing to accept any responsibility.

  • I like Lisa but too say Kyle was only her friend for a commission check is hitting below the belt, especially since they have a had this relationship for many years predating housewives. I think it will be hard for them to come back from that comment. I dont see these two having a relationship outside of this show anymore. I understand Lisa was hurt about last years reunion but I thought they had talked that out. Lisa seems to be the type once you hurt her, there is no going back, period! Kyle probably realizes now and is moving on. Its sad in my opinion because these two could have been mediators together in all the drama. Now, next season will be all about our group v. your group. JMO

  • Lisa is the one with the passive agressive demeanor….

    Lisa does hold grudges but states she doesn’t….I’m sure Kyle can hold one as well….

    If they both could agree that they both are guilty of what they are accusing the other of…this would be squashed…

    • Choosing to walk away from a toxic relationship is not holding a grudge.

      Lisa saw Kyle capable of defending Adrienne and Faye but never her and make a decision to change her relationship. That isn’t holding a grudge. That is waking up to a reality and changing things, what most itelligent people do after they have been burned.

      Lisa told her what she needed and Kyle either chose or isn’t capable of providing what most friendships need – loyalty and caring.

      Because Kyle can’t see beyond her own nose and own her own behavior is not Lisa’s fault. We all make choices that work for us and Lisa did just that. Nothing more or less.

      Kyle chose to hide her head in the sand.

      Reading so many blogs and comments it seems the majority of people see Kyle for what she is.
      because Kyle can’t and can’t learn from it is her problem, not anyone elses.

      • You are right but choosing to accept an apology and steady harping on it is holding a grudge….if the relationship is so toxic to her…walk away…let Kyle know you don’t want an apology…you no longer want the relationship…’s easy…but to keep accepting her apology and steady saying…but you didn’t back me up is childish….get over it…

        All the women have their faults….don’t blame one over the other….they all did the same thing to each other ALL season….

        • I can see through all of them and all of them kicked rocks this season….

          On various blogs there are different opinions….this is mine….

        • Exactly!!! Never accept an apology and stay friends with someone you no longer wish to associate with in the future.

        • what is so wrong with accepting an apology but move along? a decision to forgive someone who wronged you is divine. it takes a lot of weight on the person wronged. and that’s exactly what lisa did.

          • But Lisa didn’t do that she kept telling Kyle that she wanted to mend the friendship and move on then would turn around and tell other people a different story. Then when Kyle would confront her about her duplicity she would act like Kyle was tripping instead of just telling Kyle the truth of how she felt. Lisa is two-faced she kept PRETENDING to accept Kyle’s apologies and agreeing to move when in actuality that’s not how she felt.

          • Nothing if you actually move on. When you move on you do not bring it up every two seconds and I can quote each scene where Lisa brings it up. Heck Kim hasn’t brought up her controversy with Brandi as much as Lisa has been bashing Kyle on the show.

            Good manners dictate you accept an apology you move on. You don’t need to have the same friendship, but you don’t harp on it.

    • I don’t see why Lisa asks Kyle to any event; I wouldn’t. That would most likely be holding a grudge. Lisa continues to socialize with Kyle.

      • Pink i think she has Jo invite her to most of the events these women are contracted to appear together at events that’s y

  • This is life. Kyle has shown to be less than a loyal friend to Lisa and Lisa has simply moved on. Kyle can’t get past it.

    Kyle allowed a guest at her home to be attacked by another guest which is hardly the sign of a good person.

    Kyle outed her sister on national TV.

    Kyle had no trouble sticking her face in other people’s business and talking about them behind their back.

    So no, Lisa is intelligent and has class and moved forward, something that Kyle should do. It seems Kyle was more loyal to Adrienne than she was to Kyle. And Kyle chooses to continue to defend the indfensible – Faye.

    Last but not least, Lisa only stated what so many people have said and thought for a long time. That Mauricio and Kyle waited for the real estate commission to move on.

    Actions speak louder than words and Kyle’s actions speak volumes. They don’t match her words.

    Kyle simply can’t see beyond her own nose and until she does she will continue to have people feel the way they do and based on the majority of comments around the web and on Twitter everyone has her game.

    Checkmake Beyotch.

    • Also interesting that Bravo has sanitizied Kyle’s blog of negative comments. There were over 200 this morning and now much less.

      Sad when people are censored of their opinion when Faye and Kyle aren’t.

    • I wouldn’t trust Kyle as far as I can throw her. Kyle cares only about Kyle and will throw anyone under the bus, as long as it makes her look better. I liked her in the beginning, but she has shown her true colors. I really feel for her sister sometimes …..what a volatile relationship they have!

  • Lisa and Kyle have two very different definitions of what friends should be. Lisa thinks friends should always be loyal and defend you no matter what. Kyle thinks friends should call you out on your bullshit and be honest with you when you’re acting like a manipulative bitch. Lisa wants friends who will always be in her corner and “yes” friends which is why I think she and Brandi get along so well, and Kyle isn’t like that, clearly.

    I think Lisa saying that Kyle uses people and gets close to them for money and business was worse than Kyle saying Lisa can be calculating. Lisa obviously said that to further humiliate Kyle and make Kyle seem like a nasty person. I totally agree that Lisa said what she did about Kyle in order to make herself look better and like the victim.

    I think they both need to accept that the friendship is over for good. Kyle gave up and Lisa just sealed the deal on their friendship being over. They both need to cut their losses and move on.

  • I actuall like all the women this season (taylor, kim, kyle, brandi, lisa, yolanda). I understand their perspectives and feel that having disagreements or talking head interviews played back over and over……keeps everybody re-living each and every argument. This show doesn’t allow for anyone to move on, because all of the hurtful things said and done in the past are only a remote control away from being played back.

    With tht said….I think the root of the problem is sincere accountability. Ever notice when Kyle makes her “fake apologies” it is always with a “but”. Kyle never owns up to anything and always justifies her words and actions….to me that is not a real apology at all. I called you manipulative and calculating cause that’s how I feel was her response to Lisa lol. Instead of, “I see how I hurt you and I am sorry I said what I said at tht moment as I didn’t mean to hurt you.” How did kyle think Lisa was going to react when she sat there infront of the world and also someone who was repeatedly attacking Lisa (addrienne) to say what she did. SHe could have easily had a private convo to Lisa….but Kyle took that opportunity to humilate Lisa than later act like it was no big deal.

    • JoJo, I completely agree. Kyle doesn’t really apologize, and when she does.. She’ll say ‘BUT’ or make an excuse after that with her fake sad face.

      As far as you mentioning that… I wouldn’t be surprised if Kyle read this, and starts taking notes so she’ll look better the next season. Some Housweives has even mentioned they get advice or learn things from the viewers by reading ans saying what we write.

      • Er Brandi also does what Kyle does when it comes to apologies so really they are no different on that front. ,ost people say I am sorry but… In the RH franchise

        • I truly believe Brandi has befriended Lisa because me her status and wealth same with her friendship with Yolanda i sometimes like Brandi and sometimes not reason y i known ppl like Brandi that would do anything and befriend anyone to get a head. And y is it that these women hv to address all their dramas at an event eg Lisa vow renewal ceremony maybe

        • I truly believe Brandi has befriended Lisa because me her status and wealth same with her friendship with Yolanda i sometimes like Brandi and sometimes not reason y i known ppl like Brandi that would do anything and befriend anyone to get a head. And y is it that these women hv to address all their dramas at an event eg Lisa vow renewal ceremony was it necessary for Yolanda to bring true fact what Marisa said bout Brandi at the party she could’ve ruined it for Lisa and Lisa was a bit off put bout all the drama and kind me ruined it for her Im glad she went through glad bodice a good time. I just think Yolanda is trying hard to show the women and us how straight forward she is but there’s a time and a place i starting to believe that Yolanda is a trouble maker and we’ll eventually see the real Yolanda come out i didn’t like herein the beginning them really liked now i starting to think she’s a trouble maker nothing wrong with addressing issue but if what shewed at Lisa party she would’ve made some post me remark that these women hv no class Yolanda don’t throw rocks when u live in a glass mansion

          • That was meant to read if that happened at one me her occasions she’d def be pissed off and call t.e women classes c’Mon Yolanda u hv double standards it’s ok for u to bring issues ur at functions knowing it may get out of hand but god forbid if anyone does something like that at one of your functions coz ur husband is so prominent and knows a lot of celebs big fucking deal which is it. Yolanda could’ve told Brandi another time and organized for Brandi and Marisa to talk and y was it ok for Yolanda to back up Brandi but Faye even tho i can’t stand her couldn’t be there to defend Marisa although i truly think she just wanted a go at Brandi again non the less wrong time and place miss perfect Yolanda

  • Of course, Lisa is exhibiting a logical mindset. Lisa is a nornal, healthy person, with normal social skills.

    Kyle is loyal only to herself and money. She is her mother’s daughter. Gold digging trash.

    Neither her no her sisters understand or recognize social cues or norms. They have base personalities, lack integrity, hell, they don’t even understand the concept of integrity.

    If you want to understand the Richard sisters, read, “House of Hilton”, – buy on amazon.

    They are trash, begot from trash, and know no other way to behave. They are never responsible for anything they do or don not do. The world should love them always AND give them praise and money. They own loyalty only to each other, occasionally, and the people who assist them in gaining more fame and more money.

    • Even IF this were true, I find it against social normals to speak ill of deceased persons!

    • Aaaah
      Richard. My sentiments eactly and I couldn’t have said it better myself. “Trash beget trash.” Perfect. “loyalty only to each other occasionally, and the people who assist them in gaining more fame and money.” Beautifully said. Kyle tries to come across as the peace maker of the group and yet she is constantly stirring the shit. Passive aggressive as Lisa has mentioned. The way the Richards sisters are with being truly incapable of loving only themselves and family is typical of their sociopathic mother. I wish they were both off the show. Nothing but one constantly whining and the other secretly plotting.

    • Good grief Richard…you have it out for the Richards’, you are all over this blog bashing them any chance you get…what did one of them cut your twig and berries off?

    • So your opinion on them comes from a pseudo-nonfiction book? That is not a very good basis to form an opinion on the personality of women you have never met.

        • I have no real opinion of these women. I do not hate anyone of them. I only call into question what they say at intervals. I do not pull in outside non-show related information aside from blogs. I don’t read books about a woman’s mother to assess her mental state. I find that to be trite and that is how I have been writing since day one on this blog from November 2011.

          • Oh and I call many people bitches. When you act like a bitch you deserve the name, but to hate someone really takes too much energy when they do not effect my life directly. I think everyone one here would agree. We don’t hate these women. We don’t know them. Opinions can change at any moment in time. We just don’t certain things we have seen on TV and in their blogs.

  • If the Bravo producers are smart, they should give Kyle the bad edit next season. Her behavior and whining warrant it. I’d love to see them bring in an old enemy of hers.

    • I remember Kyle saying he didn’t have enemies or beef with anyone becaus she mentioned how she’s not childish and is always mature. Forgot where I saw it. I think from the show, but I wonder if she really has enemies…

  • I think Lisa is acting like a spoiled brat! Kyle seems to be a good, real, down to earth person! You can see that she is a great mom & wife. I like Lisa but this issue with Kyle (which is ridiculous) is getting old! I think Kyle is the most real of them all!

  • Kyle is pissed it was outed who her and Mauricio really were.. they knew Adrienne and Paul were running into money trouble. Adrienne’s family was havng money issues.

    Case in point..look at Season 1 when Kyle and Mauricio were sitting down having lunch after Camille sent her text saying they would not work with Mauricio again. Kyle was all bent out of shape (as she should be because her husband brings the money now) and Mauricio told her that he was surprised she was fighting and disagreeing so much with Camille when they were long time clients of his.

    Kyle patches thing up with Camille in time for the reunion enough to where Camille works with Mauricio.

    then Season 2, Lisa and Kyle don’t really fight. they seem okay. Lisa sells her house. Kyle goes after her at the reunion because now they have the commission check and she is pissed Lisa would defend Brandi when Kyle acted like a bully.

    it is a low blow only when it is true.

    • I have to say…even then Kyle admitted she was afraid she’d hurt her husbands business chances…and it’s true she did. She admitted that on camera. I personally don’t see that as awful. Maurcio (don’t like him) said look Kyle I work with them you are hurting business and Kyle admitted on camera that she was sorry she had hurt his business chances and made up with Camille. I don’t think that’s wrong…especially when Kyle was wrong about the way she’d treated Camille. I really can’t believe I’m defending Kyle but I don’t think she did the wrong thing in this instance, and I don’t believe Lisa when she says that Kyle lost interest in her when they sold their house. Kyle has been honest about feeling replaced (that’s a vulnerable position to put yourself in. I don’t think Kyle tells the truth all the time, but in these two instances I really believe her.

  • Why is it such a bad thing that Lisa is holding a grudge? Kyle threw her under the bus at the Season 2 reunion. I could forgive my “best friend” if they did that to me but I could never forget it and the friendship would never be the same. I don’t see why Kyle is villainizing Lisa because she is “holding a grudge.” I think she is just hurt by a friend and is acting the way any of us would be acting. These two will never be what they were but it’s what is best for both of them.

    • I honestly don’t think that Lisa is holding a grudge. I just think she is sick of every time her and Kyle get together, Kyle brings up why Lisa is still upset with her about not taking up for her. Lisa has tried to explain how she felt to Kyle, and all I hear Kyle do is whine about how she didn’t need to take up for her. She will never get Lisa’s point. Well, maybe she will, but it’ll probably be too late.

      • Lisa is just full of Kyle’s machinations….Past seasons her eyes glimmer of commissions. What she did to Lisa was the opposite of what she “forged” with Camille. Camille was unloading divorce settlements and she became a “good friend” to Kyle’s standards!

  • Kyle cannot even be loyal to her own sister so why would Lisa think she would have her back. And remember how maurice reacted seasons ago when Kyle had the issue with Camille? He saw that fued taking money out of his pocket real quick. The true Kyle showed herself this season more then any other. I feel like going to Paris and find the Love Lock they put on the fence and throwing it in the river!

    • Did we just become best friends???? Kidding 🙂 ( name that movie)
      Well Scary, Im in 100% agreement here.
      That first point you made I made season 1! Her loyalty lies where it can benefit her, only in that moment- its not a constant or sincere loyalty. Oh yes, Mo was not having Kyle mess with his commission with Camille!! I will not forget that because she tried to put a fake act on and I saw right through it. Then she went right back to being a mean girl anyway.

      • Scary Larry & Michers, I AGREE! Kyle isn’t even loyal to Kim or Lisa. I hope Lisa stays clear of her because Kyle will never that she isn’t a good friend. Not even a decent one. Kyle is shady as hell, and does things for her own benefit. Lisa took the words right out of our mouths because we all know they were being so kind and acting like they care so much because Mauricio would pocket a lot of money from Adrienne.


    • Mauricio and Kyle tried to calm the waters. Nothing would change Lisa. Adrienne was wrong to suggest that Lisa gave information on her, but she did apologize. Lisa never does this. Kudos to Kyle and her hubby for trying to be the peacemaker.

  • Lisa has her minions so she should be fine. Kyle is her own person and doesn’t need to kiss Lisa’s ass, so if that means she’s not loyal and supportive so be it.

    • Then why does Kyle keep kissing it? She can’t (won’t) let go of the $$$$ connection, that’s why. Some friend. Lisa doesn’t need a “friend” like Kyle. Kyle does not associate with the type of respectable people (Faye Rancid) Lisa finds credible or even interesting.

      • How is Kyle kissing Lisa’s ass? Apparently she’s not if Lisa is so done with her. Lisa hit a new low reducing their 10 year friendship to Kyle just chasing a commission. Even Lisa had to backtrack and had to admit that Kyle was not like that when Kim called her on it. That’s the type of woman Lisa is so be it, Kyle is will be just fine without her double standards.

        • Yeah this is sort of like Caroline Manzo reducing a friendship with Teresa to I never liked her. Lisa saying that about Kyle was low. I understand when Kyle said a friendship with you is like a playing chess. I can see that about Lisa (my opinion) I think that her demanding that Kyle say something she wasn’t prepared to say is not friendship, that’s just controlling. “You SAY what I WANT you to SAY” When my friends have told me something about myself I didn’t want to hear, I might not have been happy about it but I trusted them enough to think about what they’ve said and address it. Perhaps it’s something in my personality I want to change. I do NOT believe that anyone is perfect and being told that you can be a certain way that you don’t consider yourself to be is hard but a mature person things about it and doesn’t just shout…that’s an insult, I’m insulted…how about thinking about if perhaps in someway it’s true. Kyle was much more mature in my eyes during her talk with Lisa when Lisa told her she was a certain way and Kyle said….maybe I am and I’ll have to work on it. I think that’s actually the mature thing to do. I don’t like Kyle at all…I really don’t, but this whole issue with Lisa…I’m sorry. Kyle is not wrong. Lisa has the right to say the friendship has changed but calling Kyle passive aggressive…that’s actually just projection because that is TOTALLY what Lisa is…passive aggressive.

  • Kyle should just give up on her friendship with Lisa. She shouldn’t want the Caroline Manzo of BH as a friend.

    • Really, Kyle already apologized for not meeting Lisa’s “standards” of friendship, Lisa claimed to forgive her but really didn’t. And I don’t understand Lisa’s claim that Kyle was passive-aggressive toward her when to me it was the other way around. And least now Lisa has finally said what she had been thinking the whole time she was pretending to accept Kyle’s apology.

        • Then one does not have to bring it up every chance on gets, i.e.: Lisa. That is a case on point.

          • I do agree that Kyle and Lisa should just move on and realize this show ruined their friendship. In season 1 they seemed to have a real friendship. Then in season 2, I guess Lisa annoyed the heck out of all the other cast members except Brandi. She had no idea that all the other cast members so strongly disliked her. I find her funny but I also see where some of her humor could be hurtful if you were insecure.

    • I agree too. I do like Lisa and think she makes for good TV but she seems to hold everybody else at a different standard then herself. Lisa says just as much sh*t as everybody else on the show but she seems to think just because she says it with a smile and her fancy accent that its ok.

    • Exactly. Kyle needs to stop humilliating herself, once Lisa is done with you, she is done, she found a new toy in Brandi and Brandi has no scruples to do whatever Lisa asks her to do so they are best suited as friends than Kyle and Lisa will ever be.

      • When Lisa is bored with Brandi, she’ll throw her under the bus and find a new puppet to use. Maybe Yolanda will be that new puppet once Brandi has served her purpose and Lisa’s done using her.

      • I disagree with this because you are not acknoweldging what Kyle did to Lisa at last year’s reunion. She said being in a friendship with you is like playing chess with Bobby Fisher. WTF was that. so if Kyle felt that way then why is she even trying to be friends with Lisa? Kyle & Adrienne were trying to take Lisa down at the reunion and it back fired big time. Once they received all the backlash from the viewers then they tried to change their tune. Kyle is a snake and all the animosity that Kim has towards her oozes out of her every time she looks at Kyle. I think that says a lot about Kyle

        • There was no attempt to take Lisa down on Kyles part stop being so desperate to say such a thing when that never happened. Kyle was asked a question and she answered it honestly, was she supposed to lie? No.

          I have a friend who can be a bit manipulative, I have told her this a few times and she gets mad when I say that but I have clear cut examples of what she has done. She and I are great friends its just sometimes I don’t get her motives and don’t like feeling like I am being pulled a long. Should I lie and say she’s amazing?

          Lisa got her feelings hurt, Kyle was just saying how she felt. I guess Lisa only wants friends who praise her and lick her feet

          • ITA jelly i also have a friend who is manipulative and jealous i also have told her many times that i don’t like her actions and she’s also passive aggressive last week was the final straw after 28yrs me friendship i just told her i don’t want anything to do with her there’s a time when u just hv to cut ur loses and say enough is enough it’s sad coz we also had great times but Im sick and tired of all the drama. We grow and we change and so do our friendships.

            I think both Lisa and Kyle should just move on their friendship is over it was over a long time ago but at least they tried working on it or they seemed to be this franchise has become so scripted i really don’t know what to believe all i known is that all there women on every HW have changed and not for the better

          • You are no friend calling someone manipulative. That’s a insult. Just because you feel it, you don’t have to say it. And if you feel a certain way about a person and you’ll still their friend, what does that make you? It starts with a “H”. Nope not housewife.

        • @Mima

          I agree, Kyle has been holding on to a great deal of anger toward
          Lisa, since the reunion and it has carried over into this season.
          She makes snarky comments accompanied by laughter!! Kyle is the true Bobby Fisher.
          I also think it is rude to say Lisa is the Puppeteer, and her friends are ‘toys’, the women you are referring to have minds of their own, and can speak and think independently of Lisa!! Give everyone some credit!!

        • Thank you! Lisa is very poised and classy and she knows that Kyle will never have her back. Brandi and Yolanda will and Lisa is smart enough to realize it. Kyle has been friends with Faye for over 20 years?That, to me says a lot about Kyle! You are the company you keep and The morally corupt Faye…..hmmm, who would be friends with THAT?

  • Im guessing because their friendship with irreparably broken. Regardless of who is at fault. Friendships end and people move on….. That is just how it is.

  • I believe Lisa, Kyle can whine all she wants, but she needs to accept the face that she is NOT a good friend to anyone!

    • If I was Lisa I would never speak to Lisa again, good ridance.
      Kyle doesn’t need somebody like Lisa in her life, one has to be able to relax and be able to enjoy each other’s companies, with Lisa is just all games and manipulations, anything and everything can and will be used against you kind of deal.

      • I agree with you. Lisa was my favorite in the beginning. She became very controlling and rigid. She and this Yolanda may be bullies because they are not American born. Maybe European women are like this. My European friends are very determined, where my friends born here are quite different. Brandi can join them because she likes to play dirty behind the scenes. Wherever Brandi goes there is a swath of destruction.

      • Lisa is right, Kyle makes friends to whoever has the mansion on sale at the moment. And faye is was nice to adriane just to help kyle and mauricio for the same reason and cause faye wants to sell her curtains to adri

        • I so agree. Kyle faked her way to Camille’s sympathy to ensure her husband’s commission. How can you not like someone and in one instant turn around because Mauricio’s commission was on the line? Who does that but two-faced Kyle.
          Kyle why don’t you and Faye wear each other’s mask on Halloween. And flap your evil feathers together

          • And you are basing that on a woman who has an obvious grudge to make herself look good when she so obviously looks like a a mean girl by constantly harping on Kyle not running to her rescue.

            Lisa is 63, right? She is not a child she can handle herself. If she cannot then she has Brandi as her mouthpiece. Just saying…

      • Lisa is two faced and she has been since last year. I am happy others are seeing it.

        If a good friend ever did to me what Lisa did to Kyle at Villa Rosa when she said, “Repeat after me..,” then she would cease to be my friend a nanosecond later.

        • lisa was consistent all along that “things changed” when talking about her friendship with kyle. she never wavered. when she talked to kyle she was “putting it” in kyle’s dusty head that it can’t go back to where it was. it has to start fresh.
          you seem to discount what kyle did to lisa in the first place. she is disgusting.

          • Sorry, but I disagree. Lisa wants lapdogs and Kyle usually obliges her. The one time she did not, then Lisa stumped all over her.

        • Lisa is not “two-faced,” she just did an about-face with regard to her friendship with Kyle. She doesn’t want (need) the feigned loyalty anymore. The reality is this: Kyle needs Lisa as a friend more than Lisa needs (wants) Kyle as a friend. Kyle refuses to get it.

        • I just don’t see it the same way. Way back in season 1 Lisa constantly came to Kyle’s defense over the Camille thing. Denying that Kyle was a bully, telling Camille she must have misunderstood Kyle, and in NYC inquiring what happened in the hotel room with Camille and Taylor after Kyle and Camille made up. I think all the ladies have changed. I guess that what fame does to the “average” person. I think the franchise has gotten really dark.

    • No i think their friendship is pretty much over however if they see each at functions and next season taping they will be civil to each over they both are passive aggressive