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Taylor Armstrong Says Kyle Richards Did Not Lie Regarding Yolanda Calling Lisa Phony!

Taylor Armstrong has a lot to say about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion and blasts Adrienne for being super cowardly! Taylor calls out Adrienne for leaking stories and talks about Yolanda calling Lisa phony! Taylor adds that Kyle Richards does not lie despite Yolanda denying Kyle’s claims!

“As the reunion began, Andy dropped the news. Adrienne would not be present. Her “final act as a housewife” was not showing up. Cowardly, to say the least.

After my Season 2, there was nothing I would have liked more than to stay home during the reunion but, I went and I faced the toughest year of my life on national television. I used to view Adrienne as a strong, independent business woman, but her behavior this year proved me wrong. This is our reality but it is also a job and not fulfilling your commitment to Bravo is not the act of a business woman.

I am proud of Andy for taking a stand not only for Bravo but also for all of us who share our lives, share our “secrets” and. . .show up.

Over the weeks leading up to the reunion, Adrienne or “her people” were leaking stories that she didn’t want to be a part of the show any longer mixed in with stories that she was dating Rod Stewart’s 31-year-old son, of course. She has been beating Paul up in the press as well. In fact, she has been quite busy leaking stories to the press all season. There were a couple stories early in the season that were quite detailed and clearly came from inside our circle. It was no surprise that the stories were negative about ‘Wives that Adrienne was having conflict with and yet her name was omitted from both “incidents.” Guilt by omission, perhaps. I agree with Brandi that Adrienne “buys” her way out of things well, I guess this time she bought herself off a hit show.

“Shut the f— up gate” started the season off in true Housewives style. Brandi knows how to mix it up and she and Adrienne were destined for disaster from the beginning of Season 3. Once she let the cat out of the bag regarding Adrienne’s family “secret,” I knew we were in for a wild ride.

I didn’t think it was a good decision for Kim to tell Adrienne and Paul what Brandi said especially at Mauricio’s business event. She could have spoken to them privately about the whole thing and let them calm down before seeing Brandi. When Brandi said “I will cut a bitch” during the reunion, it made me laugh. Going gangster in Beverly Hills. Paul called Brandi to apologize for the legal mess. That was the right thing to do. I don’t agree with Brandi outing the “secret” but their reaction was way over-the-top. I know what its like to be sued as a single mother and it is scary as hell and equally as expensive. “Friends don’t sue friends”. . .well, they threaten to apparently.

My favorite time watching us all have fun this season was “drunk-nastics” in Ojai. We were having a blast, laughing and acting like girls (girls over 21, that is). It makes me smile watching us be silly and laugh with one another. It doesn’t make me laugh seeing my 41 year-old ass flying through the air during that round off. For a night (a late night), we dropped our swords, put our differences aside and had some laughs. . .so much so that Kyle wet herself. Did I mention she and I were sharing a room. . .and a bed! I see a Depends endorsement in the making. As I often say, we are a family, mostly Family Feud but a family nonetheless.

In the beginning of the season, I found it frustrating that Yolanda didn’t seem to know much about each of us. She clearly didn’t understand how our dynamics work and that we are dramatic. When she would say “these girls” or these “Beverly Hills girls” it sounded condescending. She didn’t get that in sharing our reality, we have to think out loud and not hold back.

When I found out she had never watched our show prior to signing up to be on it, I was puzzled. I understood at that point why she didn’t get our group dynamic but, I would never take a position without researching a company and the people I was working directly with on a daily basis. it felt disrespectful to me that she knew so little about the hit show we created that she now had the privilege of being a part of. She did admit she made a mistake not watching the show and I appreciated that. As for her attitude being a “Dutch thing,” if she is going to say something, she needs to be prepared to accept the consequences and not expect for it to be overlooked because she is from another country. Lisa is as well and she doesn’t use that as a pass card.

All this being said, I have many regrets about my not opening up to her in the beginning. I wasn’t in a good place and certainly wasn’t ready to make new friends. She says she was on guard meeting all of us well, I was on guard as well. My trust in people was shattered and seeing her beautiful life while mine was crashing down around me was making it really difficult. I apologized and I owed that to her. I am in a good place now and my heart is open. Yolanda and I have begun to get to know one another and I look forward o the opportunity to forge a friendship.

I went through a difficult time when I wasn’t “coping” well. I was terrified everyday as to how I was going to get through the litigation. I was grieving, and I was angry at the world. I was self-medicating with alcohol and not wanting to “feel.” Kennedy was the light that kept me going everyday. She is and always has been my first priority. She is well-cared for by me, a nanny, and my parents. She is surrounded by love. Kyle has become like a second mother to her, and I am thankful that she has others who love and support her. She and Portia are like sisters and watching them grow up together is a joy.

For the last time, lets go through this. My nanny was instructed to stop by Kyle’s house to get Kennedy’s iPad and then take Kennedy to meet my mother for a sleepover at her home. I was going to Kim’s that evening so Kennedy was to stay with my parents. When the nanny stopped at Kyle’s, (we live in the same neighborhood and we spend a great deal of time at her home) Kyle asked if Kennedy could stay and play and then go to Kim’s. She planned to see me there so she didn’t think it would be a big deal. No one called me about the change of plans so, I was surprised to hear Kyle say she was with her. Simple misunderstanding, moving on.

Kim and I do not socialize outside of the show. She knows very little about me. I have friends that care for me and expressed concern about my coping. I appreciated that and took their advice to heart. As for Kim saying she was scared for me and that is was hard for her to be around me, well thats how she made all of us feel for a very long time. Rather than saying we didn’t want to be around her, we protected her time and time again. She has never reached out to me off-camera, period.

I do have a new love in my life and no, his divorce is not final yet. . .these things take time. As Yolanda said, assets can take years to divide. We are extremely happy and Kennedy is thrilled to have a father figure in her life. They have a beautiful relationship and she is witnessing for the first time what a healthy relationship looks like. I feel for Brandi that she was pregnant and Eddie was cheating on her repeatedly. Our situation is much different and I think Brandi is starting to understand that.

Andy’s prank was hilarious. We really thought a new housewife, maybe Leanne, was about to walk in the room.

Lisa is right. Her relationship with Kyle has changed. This is a tough one for me because I care for each of them. The same happened for me with Adrienne. I thought we were friends and then she lied about being my child’s godmother on the Season 1 reunion. I was so shocked, I didn’t react at the time. Then, she didn’t support me during Season 2 regarding the abuse. I just couldn’t look at her the same after that. I realized that the friendship I thought we had was never a real friendship and that it would never be as I had thought. Kyle wants to bury the hatchet between them and go back to how things use to be but, I am not sure we ever get to go back. Feelings get damaged and they just don’t heal. Kyle and Lisa care for one another and my hope is that they will get past the struggles. Kyle and I have differing views on Adrienne but it hasn’t come between us. We are a group of friends and we are not all going to get along. It’s tough to be on one side of an issue while your friend is on the other. Adrienne is not the root of their issues but, I do think she played a role in dividing them further this year. Its going to take time, that’s for sure.

I wasn’t in Paris so, I wasn’t privy to what Yolanda said in regard to Lisa in the airport. I know there was more to the story than what has been covered thus far. Maybe next week we will get to the bottom of it. Kyle doesn’t lie, I can tell you that.

Who knew a couch could be so uncomfortable!”

Thoughts on what Taylor had to say? Do you agree that Kyle does not lie?

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  • Anyone with an IQ over 50 who watches this show knows that Kyle is a manipulative snake. And since this wide mouth bass lied her husband into suicide, I wouldn’t take her word for anything.

  • So, in my case, I am attaching the seat of my pants to the seat of my desk chair and finishing my still-resonant projects. I am putting my energy into what sings to me. I also have come to realize that some of this unfinished business was because I needed more life experiences to expand my consciousness. It does all happen when it is supposed to – not a minute sooner or a minute later. My goal (which is entirely doable if I stay focused) is to be complete with this set of projects by year end. I have a sense that my seeds will not flower immediately, but I know it is something I must do – now.

  • Meanwhile, there are those investigators of the UFO phenomenon who have put forth a truly fascinating, unique and near-revolutionary theory that has nothing whatsoever to do with aliens, flying saucers, or even the realm of the occult. It is a definitively jaw-dropping theory that posits the Men in Black may, incredibly, be time-travelers from humankind far-flung future. Their role, it has been suggested, may be to ensure that we remain forever in the dark about the shocking facts of what is really afoot: namely, that our are actually us, albeit from a time centuries, or even thousands of years, from now.

  • I am confused, so is adrienne kenneys god mom or not? And if so how come adrienne didnt really give a rats ass about taylor or try to help her during her difficult time? Also helped get her kicked out of the white party? You dont treat the mother of your god child like that? Im confused as hell

    • If you rewatch season 1 ep 1, Taylor says she’s really good friends with Adrienne and that their kids go to school together and that Adrienne is Kennedy’s godmother.

      In some future episodes (forgot if it’s season 1 or 2) in a coffee shop or a cafe, Taylor was talking to Adrienne about it and Adrienne actually refused and said it’s not a wise idea and it’s a huge responsibility and she doesn’t think she can do it and Taylor seemed to be really bothered.

      • It was in the S2 Lost Footage Special. Adrienne and Taylor went to lunch and Adrienne told Taylor that she wasn’t comfortable with the idea and felt that Taylor should ask a family member or someone more close to the Armstrongs and Kennedy

  • I think Adrienne had more information about Taylor she and Camille, than most of us will ever know, Taylor was in an abusive and very bad relationship, knowing makes you liable, I think if something had not been expose it would have been Taylor death being mourned by their child. But that what’s suicide does; it leaves the rest of world blaming the living for someone else’s poor decision.

    Adrienne doesn’t owe Bravo a dang thing, Taylor needs the money that why she suffers through the B.S. instead of saying the heck with it. Adrienne’s children will answer the rest of the their lives for the Brandi’s indecency toward THEM; Adrienne knew her truth and apparently shared that intimate detail with a woman she protected. It’s no telling what she was discussing with Adrienne/Paul about Lisa; when the opportunity arose and if they said, You should put that on twitter for Brandi is a twitter whore. She is jealous and envious little woman.

    Taylor has the AKA and brokenness of a truly battered woman no matter what her goals were for a zip code. No man, Taylor’s husband, Paul, or any other man has the right to hang financial welfare and abuse over a woman to keep her trapped. I say Adrienne and Camille saved her LIFE!

  • Taylor’s good at grifting. I’m almost starting to like it. I bet you she’ll figure out a way to climb to most popular this season.

  • Taylor has selective memory problems just as much as the rest of these women. She said on the reunion that Lisa confronted her about her drinking OFF camera. Actually Lisa confronted her about it ON camera, it just wasn’t aired. It’s a extra.

  • hmm..Taylor..Kim did tell you to your face that you cannot handle one drink…perhaps this blog is her evidence.

    I do not go around picking on women, holy smokes whenever Taylor claims something..a week later she takes it back.

    Oh well, maybe she can buy sobriety.

    Take care please Taylor

  • Whatever. This chick is still trying to stay relevant. Saying, “Oh, yeah, I heard it too” does not cut it.

    • Sure hope not. I don’t really consider Camille to be out anyway, as she was reduced to guest appearances this season. Yes, she was on a lot, but she wasn’t even a “friend”. And does the show even need seven women? Add in the friends and other guest appearances and the show gets too busy. I think season four would be fine if they had six women like they did in the beginning. So they could easily replace Adrienne, ditch boring Taylor, and be good to go with six women for the main cast.

  • Will never understand all the hate towards Taylor. Of all the women on that show, she is one that I would want to hang out with. Has she made mistakes? Absolutely! But who hasn’t? Look at how Yolanda has acted this season, condescending and entitled, but people love her for it. Brandi who is childish and vindictive gets so much love for “being real”. Being mean and abusive are not attractive qualities.

  • Taylor…as usual making everything about her. Oh and kissing up to Andy Cohen because the rumors are rampant that she’ll be replaced. I guess she’s hoping to hold on as Andy has egg on his face with Adrienne walking off.

  • there is nothing in taylors blog that i don’t disagree with. she seems to be spot on and correct about everything. i’m happy she saw adrienne for who she really is. if only kyle can see it.

    • Well I think Kyle did long ago because after all that defending, her and Adrienne never talk, hang out etc,.. and did Mo sell her house? Maybe they stopped speaking after that? LOL

      • What I think is interesting is that Kyle admits to not hang with Adrienne and also disagrees with the way she handled things. I think she was honest in saying she felt bad about the way things happened this season. That’s not a popular position in that group but it is her position and I can (as much as I dislike Kyle) respect that.

  • Couldn’t get through the whole blog!first,it Wasnt written by her,that was obvious.What I could read was so much crap,blah blah blah blah blah.Show they have made,damn,she did her best to ruin it!The only reason she checked into anything before making a decision was to be sure they had enough money to make ripping them off worth it.Stop the bull crap Taylor and go away!You don’t deserve that zip code,never will!

  • Your headline for this is inaccurate. Taylor says Kyle doesn’t lie. She was not there. She does not know what went down. That is really misleading.

    • Wolf, I understand what you mean. But, I think that maybe Rox put it because that was what Taylor put at end of blog? Even though she wasn’t there, she must think she knows Kyle enough to say such a thing?

      Idk…just a guess.

      • I see that but Taylor did not say Kyle didn’t lie about this issue she just said “Kyle doesn’t lie, I can tell you that”. She has NO idea what happened in Paris. There are people who come here and don’t read the blogs, they just read headlines. So it is very misleading.

        • I completely agree with you when you put it like that. What I truly cannot believe is that sounds like I am defending Taylor. Wtf is wrong w/ me??? I’ve never liked her and I’m glad she will be gone next season. She needs to take the time to go cut her hair.

    • Crywolf, I thought about that, so after reading the end of it I looked at the title? She was not there, only knows what Kyle may have told her 😉

  • I cant understand how people can say they hate her when they don´t know her. That is so stupid!

    • Thanks for the insult. What is stupid to you obviously isn’t stupid to me. And I would think you would understand when someone, like me, states that I hated her even less this season, I was referring to the fact that I absolutely can’t stand her antics. Her victimization. Obviously I don’t know her personally.

      Again, thanks for the insult. How very kind of you. You will see that I am not the only one who states negative opinions about cast members. That is why we come to this blog, no? To state our opinions? But, are you here just to insult those that do?

      • Yes, it’s don’t know her or and you don’t socialize with her. How can you hate someone you only see on a reality show..Yes, it’s juvenile at best..I don’t hate any of them..I’m indifferent..I simply eat my popcorn and watch the train wreck..

        • Wow..first I am called stupid and now juvenile. You know what I find juvenile? Someone who hides behind a keyboard and sees nothing wrong with flinging insults.

          Obviously you two are way too literal. I think when I say something like “I am hating her a little less'” I mean this character she has portrayed on a reality show.

          • It’s juvenile and stupid to try to pick a fight over someone’s opinion on a forum that’s meant for expressing opinions! Say I don’t understand or do t feel the same. But save your name calling for kindergarten! Oh wait…even there they get time outs for hurling insults!

  • Did you actually read Taylor’s the whole blog? I did not get past the first paragraph. She seriously looks like a cartoon character. You probably like her because she was not on the show as much this season. A little Taylor goes a long way!

    • I agree but the bravo bloggers must be very naive if not flat out stupid. They are raving about the “new” Taylor and her “honesty”. Did we all watch the same show last night?

    • I’m sorry but I kinda like Taylor this session. *shrugs* What did she do wrong this season? I can forgive and move on. It looks like she’s in a better place and happier and it shows.

  • Ok, let me start off by saying I can’t STAND Taylor. Honestly. Last season I found her so obnoxious, I felt absolutely NO sympathy for her. I did for her daughter, however. That being said, I found myself not hating her quite as much this season. I found her candor somewhat refreshing. I enjoyed seeing her call people out on shit. Although, I do think she did that just to keep her spot on the show. Be that as it may, I liked it!! Is there something wrong with me??? Am I liking Taylor now??? Say it isn’t so.

    That being said…..her hair is awful!! She needs to cut the extensions bad…..

    • Can she possibly be more of an Andy Cohen kiss ass????? “I’m so proud of Andy for taking a stand” give me a break! Someone’s desperate to be asked back.

    • Agree! For someone who seemed so out of it, she has an excellent grasp of the real deal and is spelling it out in an entertaining fashion.

    • Taylor bought 30,000 Twitter followers the day before the finale/reunion … in addition to 30k earlier this month and 100k last year (and maybe more). That to me, is beyond phony and simply sad and pathetic. Hope they really do plan to let her go after this season. This may a little OT, but we are talking about whether or not people want her back next season. I’d rather see someone exciting, classy, and wealthy take her spot next year!

    • She just totally lied. She said that Kim never reached out to her off season. On the reunion she tried to say the same thing and Kim said, Taylor I did call you and I did talk to you off camera and Taylor said. “Ok yes you did.” She didn’t want to say it but she did say it. That said. Taylor is a total loon. Why in the name of all that’s holy would Adrienne be a godparent to her GROWN daughter! You choose a godparent at birth. The end. (Unless she is part of a religion or culture that does things differently). Taylor’s only alliance is with Kyle and if Kyle turned on Kim like she did first season Taylor would also, her claiming to have ALWAYS supported Kim is a joke. She is shown both seasons, over and over tearing Kim down and laughing about it with Kyle. Taylor needs to GO…and quickly.