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RHOBH Reunion Recap: The Richards Sisters VS Yolanda Foster!

The reunion was a lot different than I expected. I expected to be on Yolanda and Brandi’s side throughout it all but I actually found myself cringing at Yolanda. Yes, I love that Yolanda isn’t scared to call things out but again she always puts herself in the middle of a situation that has nothing to do with her!

Andy begins the reunion announcing Adrienne has been fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for not attending the reunion. I think it was extremely cowardly of Adrienne not to show up and I also am certain she is going to later regret it! Brandi says she won’t miss her-Amen sista! So many censored secrets this season really left viewers irritated and Lisa doesn’t get why Adrienne would sign up for a reality show with so many things that she wanted to be kept private. Brandi makes a good point and says that Adrienne wanted to be famous. Adrienne might have all the money in the world but she can’t buy fame!

Yolanda Foster is extremely aggressive with Kyle Richards and I’m still not understanding why! Kyle has never personally done anything to Yolanda. I personally think if Lisa and Kyle never had tension, Yolanda wouldn’t have such a problem with Kyle.

Andy asks Yolanda and Kim about the “plans” they made that Yolanda says Kim never showed up to! Remember? Involving the master cleanse. Kim is upset by this because they never actually communicated that they had plans. I get where Kim is coming from. She’s worried that people are going to think she’s back where she was last season. Yolanda makes a good point at the reunion saying that the girls should have a relationship outside of the show and I totally agree. I feel like everything would be more real if that was the case.

Andy later focuses on Taylor Armstrong and I really wanted to press the forward button but unfortunately was watching live. Andy brings up how Taylor blasted Kim on her blog saying she wasn’t Doctor Drew and she’s the last person who should say anything to Taylor about her drinking. I felt bad for Kim at this point because I think Kim was genuinely trying to help Taylor.

Taylor’s parenting skills get brought up and Kyle explains some things weren’t aired regarding the episode with Taylor not knowing Kyle had her daughter. Brandi says Kyle shouldn’t have been discussing Taylor to the girls but I don’t think Brandi should discuss Adrienne’s surrogacy with the girls either if that’s the case! Everyone on the show discusses drama/each other and everyone on the show is a full out hypocrite! Again, I’m convinced the Real Housewives franchise should be changed to the Real Hypocrites! It was especially interesting to see Yolanda and Brandi continue to make comments to Kyle while Lisa kept quiet. Taylor’s love life gets brought up and it’s revealed that her man was married when they got together. Taylor denies this but Brandi says that he was married. The lawyer AKA John left his wife for Taylor and there’s no denying that!

Lisa Vanderpump finally speaks and says Kyle only got close with Adrienne so that Mauricio could list her mansion! Lisa adds that Kyle’s relationship with Adrienne was strictly business. Kyle is getting hurt by Lisa’s accusations. Lisa then says her relationship changed with Kyle once Mauricio sold Lisa and Ken’s home! I have to disagree with this one. Throughout the season, we do see Kyle literally beg for Lisa’s forgiveness while Lisa is simply over the relationship. I think it changed only because Kyle gave up!

Brandi and Kyle then discuss how they got along all season and in comes Yolanda ruining the moment saying Kyle spoke about Brandi’s plastic surgery in Paris. So petty! Just let them have there moment! Kyle get’s so frustrated that she ends up revealing Yolanda called Lisa phony in paris. Kim backs up Kyle and says that Yolanda did say Lisa was never Kim’s friend and was acting up for the camera and that she is in fact phony. I believe Yolanda did say this only because she seemed to be getting irritated with Lisa not letting the situation go regarding Kim at Paris. Yolanda seemed nervous and very defensive. She also shot a low blow when she looked at Kim and said ‘you remembered?’ while Brandi Glanville laughed at the comment. When Andy asks Lisa whether she believes Kyle and Kim over Yolanda, Lisa says she doesn’t! OUCH!

The reunion was different then I assumed it would be! Thoughts on the reunion? Who do you believe? Kyle or Yolanda? Do you think Kyle and Adrienne’s friendship was ‘strictly business’ like Lisa claims? Let’s Discuss!

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  • I agree with some of your points not all:

    1st. I think Kim was totally right to want to get the cleanse issue clarified with Yolanda and completely understand where she was coming from. I don’t believe Yolanda had malicious intentions and I agree the women should have relationships outside the show to make it more authentic.
    2nd. I think Kyle became extremely defensive FIRST when Yolanda gave her opinion of the women not being that welcoming. That was her opinion and you can have a difference of opinion without blame shifting like Kyle attempted to do.
    3rd. I think Yolanda could have stayed out of Brandi and Kyle’s discussion/peaceful moment but I think she wanted to get back at Kyle and I’m not certain that anyone else wouldn’t do the same but she should have stayed out.
    4. I don’t think Brandi’s opinion of Kyle not discussing Taylor’s child placement situation with the group was hypocritical. Brandi’s point is that Kyle talks about her friends behind her back which she does. The Adrienne comparison does not match because Brandi felt Adrienne was planting false stories about her in the press so she simply retaliated by telling a Real One.
    5. I also don’t think Yolanda was lying about the Paris convo but I don’t think Kyle & Kim were fully lying but more so exaggerating the scenario. Yolanda said in the episode and at the reunion that she was annoyed with Lisa for continuing to discuss the Kim incident with everyone right in front of her and that it was rude. That was her opinion of her friends behavior and I’m inclined to agree. Now I’m sure if we follow the Brandi rule Yolanda may be in the wrong for discussing with them and the confessional and not Lisa. Also I think Yolanda was asking Kim has Lisa called you or checked I you to say Lisa isn’t checking to make sure your alright so Kim shouldn’t care about the issue with Lisa because it is not serious the same way that she told Brandi not to care about or think of Adrienne I think Yolanda is straight forward direct and does dwell on petty disputes.
    6. As for Taylor I think she was extremely Rude to Kim who we ALL can agree was sincerely trying to help her whether the convo was on air or not her extreme drinking was already filmed and an ongoing story line unlike Kim’s drinking which was a secret until her Own Sister so Nastily exposed. Taylor was mature enough to apologize and admit her wrong with Yolanda but not Kim and she definitely still stands by that because her blog was from just a few weeks ago when she said Kim is not Dr. Phil.
    7. Last but not least Lisa vs Kyle. I’m 100% in agreement with Lisa but at the same time I don’t believe Kyle is malicious in her actions but I think she doesn’t treat Lisa or Kim right in some of her actions. I think she feels that because she has closer and deeper relationships with them when issues arise between them and her associates she is less likely to defend them or have their backs because she is trying to appease the other person. I don’t think she fully realizes the message that sends to the other person. I think Kyle is passive aggressive and a people pleaser but that isn’t always capable. I think that she justifies talking about Lisa behind her back as venting but it’s not venting if the things you have a grievance over are changing your actions towards that person. I think Kyle just thinks that by confronting or expressing her opinions directly with her friends they won’t receive it well but that doesn’t mean the conversation doesn’t still need to happen.
    8. I think it’s possible that Kyle did support Adrienne because of their on-going business relationship because she defended her more this season than anyone ever Kim, Lisa or even Faye now who is in the hot seat. Given how horrible she felt when her feud with Camille potentially affected Mauricio’s business. I don’t think that she wasn’t friends with Adrienne but that definitely played a part.
    9. I also think that Lisa defended Kyle all season one during her feud with Camille even at the reunion when Camille made claims of Kyle’s mistreatment of Kim which I still believe to be true Lisa defended her. Lisa also defended her during the feud with Brandi without even being present. So if that were my friend and that was never reciprocated and I found out you were talking about me behind my back I’d be pretty upset also.

  • Really like Yolanda and her spunk but I have a few issues here…. Having had several friends with real Lyme disease, I am unsure whether or not Yolanda has this. Apparently there was no tick bite found. Is there any definitive diagnosis? Has anyone actually thought that she could just be (gulp) in early menopause? Awfully similar symptoms….

  • I missed the whole thing!!!!! I had my flannel jams on, dogs & kids all taken care of, dinner made early & kitchen cleaned just so I could watch. AND I FELL ASLEEP!! WAAAHHH!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  • Didn’t the episode in Paris show Yolanda saying something along the lines of “If you want to know who really cares, just check your phone?” Seems like just a generic statement, but could be misconstrued as calling Lisa out when Kim announced she hasn’t gotten a text from Lisa.

    I think its either that, or something else Yolanda might have said along those lines. Nothing that was intentional backstabbing. Kind of like how she said “Ohhh, Brandi flirts with all the husbands.” Don’t think she meant that maliciously, saying Brandi’s out for everyone’s man, but just trying to steer he conversation away from being too heavy on Brandi bashing; or Lisa bashing on the Paris trip.

  • Yolanda is classless with a big mouth. She is a liar and a trouble maker. I would not trust her. Yolanda is aggressive and pushy. David has no idea what he got himself into being with Yolanda. That won’t last. He looks like he can’t wait to get out and away from her. Yolanda always is grabbing Davids face to kiss him its weird. She looks unkept and disheveled.

  • It was an interesting reunion of the psyco the way Andy only inferred and did not say that Bravo fired Adrienne, Adrienne decided to leave.

    Because Adrienne explained why she did not attend the reunion,the court ordered “gag order” relating to 98% of her life…she would only be filmed saying…I’m sorry that is related to the divorce and there is a gag order in place”.

    I understand why Adrienne did not attend and I will always be her fan…I do wish she was there…because her absence allowed Brandi to run her mouth again with her perception of her lies.

    Lisa sounded like an idiot..standing with hands on hips…expecting and demanding that anyone who wants to be her friend better perform as expected…otherwise a big old target is on your butt.

    I did chorttle when Andy pranked Brandi’s lie about being okay with LeAnn being a new member…this is what you get…but in Brandi’s good side..she did laugh about it.

    I am proud of Kim not letting anyone get away with projecting Kim as going back to her old ways of being late or cancelling …with Yolanda.

    I am hoping on part two..Kim gets it drilled into her sober noggin, appreciate a soul when they are supporting your sobriety.

    Oh well..a pay cheque is a pay cheque right?

  • Yolanda called a lot of ppl out so idnt understand why ppl try to use her illness as a scapegoat she gave off so much shade towards Kyle because she loss friend of course I understand the shade towards Taylor though I love how Kim standing up for herself & has her fcts to bck her up notice tht shade yoyo gave Kim you remembered shes a total biotch.

  • How disgusting that was.
    1. The human YOYO is clearly a liar, a hypocrite and just a nasty human being altogether. When she looked at Kim with that little sneer on her face and said “Oooh you remember” and Brandi cackled like a witch beside her all I could think was ‘YOU ARE BOTH THE ULTIMATE HYPOCRITES!’ Mean girls X 1 MILLION. But everyone else is the “mean girl.” Please…they are ALL mean girls at times. But oddly enough, only certain ones are taken to task for it.
    2. Lisa is such a liar. She NEVER speaks about the other women? Please. Brandi is such a liar. She NEVER talks poorly about another friend? So these women never get irritated with a friend and discuss that with their other girlfriends? Why is it that every single time Lisa tries to make her point that she doesn’t “talk about the other women” she always looks right at Taylor to back her up. It’s bullshit. She probably does say that to Taylor because she knows damn well Taylor will tattle on her.
    3. They hypocrisy was just so overwhelming it was worse than a NJ reunion. I really honestly did not expect Brandi to be such a hypocrite. I don’t know why I didn’t, but I didn’t. I totally expected Lisa to be one. Lisa low blowed and “character assassinated” Kyle at this reunion, clearly punishment for Adrienne’s accusations thrown at her.

    All in all next week’s reunion will be my last episode of the BH housewives. This show has spun so far out of control from what it was in the beginning. The women who try to “control their image” onscreen have made the show impossible to watch.

  • I thought I liked Yolanda. I thought wrong. She sees no one’s point but her own. She grabs people faces when she talks, alls people “honey, dear, darling” and that is CONDESCENDING. Telling people to learn English is rude. Most people don’t come to America a spoiled model. They use every penny to give to family or just to get by. RUDE and CONDESCENDING.
    I officially think she stinks. So much for the breath of fresh air I thought she was.
    O yes, lets not forget she thinks being gay is a CHOICE. Yuck Yolanda, Yuck.
    I just want to grab you by the face and say “Darling, Let me talk, you are clueless and need to learn basic facts about life” (insert annoying accent here)

  • My question is if Yolanda said that about Lisa why did Kyle not tell Lisa right away that is what a good friend does…so 2 things #1 it never was said or #2 Kyle agreed with what Lisa said so never told Lisa….!!!

    • regarding my above post on #2 meant to say that Kyle agreed with what Yolanda said so she never told Lisa

      • i think something was said about lisa but knowing how shady kyle is. she probably twisted yolanda’s words. either way, outing yolanda that way really showed how vindictive kyle can be. it seems she couldn’t wait to tell lisa that yolanda was talking behind her back.

        i have to say that i absolutely loved that lisa said she didn’t believe it. that really hit a nerve in kyle. LOL

        • Maybe, but Lisa did believe it and Kyle knows Lisa knows it’s true. And why shouldn’t Kyle out Yolanda when Yolanda was trying to throw Kyle under the bus. Kyle even gave Yolanda the opportunity to speak for herself, but she didn’t , so Kyle filled in the blanks.

    • Maybe she didn’t want to start any trouble? Have you thought of that? Who wants to be caught up in petty “he said, she said” BS drama? ESPECIALLY if you’ve tried apologizing over and over again to someone who is unforgiving and treating you like you don’t exist?! And I don’t know why Lisa needed an apology any way!

  • I probably should’ve watched the reunion THEN came here… it doesn’t even sound interesting now lol.


    I love Kyle and I like how she called Yolanda out on the carpet when she asked which Yolanda she should believe the one talking to her in person or the one in her blogs. Boo Yow! Yolanda had nothing after that, she had to STFU.

    Lisa tried it insinuating that Kyle was faking a friendship for a commission and when Kim asked Lisa if she felt that Kyle was faking the whole time Lisa had to backtrack and say no, and had no more to say about it after.

    Brandi can’t say anything about Kyle, but she did try to shit stir with the Taylor thing. But Taylor knows the truth not just what was shown on the show.

    Brandi, Lisa, and Yolanda are looking real petty right now and grasping at straws trying to get at Kyle. And Kyle is having none of it.

    • I would had loved if Faye was there or even Camille just to even things up a little bit because Lisa, Brandi and Yolanda went pretty hard against Kyle, so therefore can we conclude that they met prior the reunion to gang up on her? LOL

      • I totally believe they had a meeting to discuss how they were going to go after Kyle. What they weren’t prepared for was that Kyle had their numbers and called them to the carpet. I think they thought Kyle was just going to cry and try to people please. Whatever, Kyle is a lioness she will get with you.

  • Was it just me or did Kim seem a little out of control when Kyle was explaining to Taylor’s friend on why Faye was upset with Brandi about the whole Adrienne thing and Kim went all crazy about how SHE was still hurt the most. That was so last season get over it already considering her and Kyle started the whole thing in the first place.

  • Is it just me or does Lisa seem to mention things that have been said specifically on this site, I’m nearly sure she reads the comments on here as she repeated what a few of her fans have said about mauricio and Kyle only wanting to sell her house ! That statement to me is rubbish I don’t believe it for a second but the fact that Lisa said this tells me she is trying to be vindictive towards Kyle

    • The “Kyle only stands up for people with real estate” accusation has actually been mentioned on more than just this blog. It’s a more common thought than you think.

      • I hit submit before I was finished.

        Kyle was accused of the same thing when she had her falling out with Camille. Many people felt that she only wanted to mind things with Camille because the Grammars were clients of her husband and Camillie not liking Kyle directly hits her pockets. The argument resurfaced this season with Adrienne. It’s not the first time Kyle has been accused by viewers of this and AATRH isn’t the first blog where it’s come up

        • I remember the scene when Kyle was crying to Mauricio telling him about ruining his chances as real estate agent to the Grammars at the time. So, I think she has been very careful with people because of that lesson learned.

          • It is even funnier when you think that after the divorce Camille probably won’t be buying any of the two properties she got on the settlement, so why is Kyle still friendly with her?

            Why is Kyle friendly with Taylor who has no money to even rent an apartment?

            If that was the case wouldn’t Kyle tried really hard to get on good graces with Yolanda? after all David has a lot of money.

            That was just Lisa’s BS, the botoom line is that Kyle was not as flexible in her morals as Brandi and didn’t serve the purpose that Lisa wanted her to serve so she found one who would and that was Brandi.

          • Hoof is gone, Taylor may be gone, Lisa does not talk to her, who is left for her to talk to on camera?

  • Of course Yolanda puts herself in the middle of drama. She’s on a TV show. It’s her job. No one would watch if it was 6 women all getting along. That said, I don’t think she puts herself in drama the way this recap implies. I think when stuff goes down and it’s happening right in front of her, she steps in and speaks up unlike some of the other ladies who instigate things behind the scenes and behind backs.

    On a different note, I really cannot stand Andy Cohen. He and his bias and agenda are so transparent.

    • Andy Cohen is a liar. On his best shoes clip one of the woman says that Adrienne is not there. He says..shhhh we’ll talk about that later. Unless they reedited that you can check it out. He pretends like it’s all a huge surprise and it’s not. they did know in advance. good grief.

  • I love Yolanda. I think Kyle was really out of line last year to Lisa (at the reunion). Kyle go what she deserved. In saying that, maybe they can repair their friendship for next season.

    Kyle stuck her neck out for Adrienne, who from what I’ve read – keeps in touch with none of the housewives.

  • The accusation that Kyle got close to Adriane and Paul so Mauricio could sell their house would require a crystal ball since they did not separate, and subsequently require realty services, until the end of the season.

    • That is a good point. Furthermore Kyle has been Lisa’s friend for more than 10 years when this show wasn’t even in the making.

        • I know! And I wondered during the season, because I knew they were not close, why did she keep going so hard for Adrienne? Now I know! $$$$

  • I agree Yolanda did not come off as well as she could. The women are mad at her because of her blog. They see it as talking behind their backs. Since they all read it, she does not think of it that way. I get how Kyle can see it as behind the back and Yolanda can see it as right in front of your face and they can both be right from their perspective. I also think that there needs to be some understanding of how Lyme Disease affects a person’s memory and ability to concentrate. It is no joke and can cause a host of problems.

    It is clear that all the women knew exactly what the legal situation was. None was surprised and probably Brandi had explained it a few times, but that ended on the editing room floor. However, whether the letter was sent to her to to her c/o Genevra, the point is that it threatened her with a lawsuit. That is the nut of the issue and all the technical excuses will not take that away.

    Brandi was enjoying the reunion. I think she heard that Adrienne was gone and just felt giddy.

    Kim is just such a narcissistic wreck. She blames everyone but herself and if that’s her attitude, she will be drinking again sooner or later.

    I don’t know if Lisa really believed Yolanda or if she wanted Kyle to feel exactly how she felt when Kyle said she preyed on people or that she was manipulative or that talking to her was playing chess. Certainly the end of the friendship was cemented when Faye mirrored not only Kyle’s words but hand gestures when she said talking to Lisa was like playing chess. Lisa recognized it and knew its source.

    Kyle needs to learn that if she is always neutral then she won’t have friends. But she is not always neutral. She defends Adrienne, Faye, Taylor. That is the rub. She defends other people, not Lisa. I think Lisa wanted her to feel that sting that she has inflicted on Lisa time and again.

  • Actually, the whole “big reveal” no lawsuit argument is fallacious because of course it was clear that not one single one of the women was surprised when Brandi “revealed” all. Why? Because she had probably said the entire thing throughout the season but it was edited coyly. The end result, though, is that she was threatened with a lawsuit, required to meet with Adrienne’s lawyers and had to spend money avoiding a lawsuit.

    • You cannot require anyone to meet with an attorney, if it is not court ordered and that would require a legal proceeding. So, your point she was required to meet an attorney is not correct. A C&D is not a legal proceeding. Brandi stated she was being sued. She was not at that point or likely in the future.

      Brandi played the C&D up for the cameras. It was a ploy.

      Now, it is editing? LOL! OK, but if Brandi plays the editing card so can others.

      I really could not care less about this issue. It was too contentious on here before and it is hilarious. Fuel to the fire.

      • If you put out the threat that we will sue you if you don’t meet, then most folks will meet. Or be sued. It’s clear the threat was there and real. It’s also clear all the women were well aware of what the facts are. Brandi did not say one word about the editing. I am guessing that Bravo was coy because it made for disagreement – which is their bread and butter.

        • I agree. At this point it is just semantics. She obviously got a letter which was threatening. So she talked to a lawyer about it. But, for those who totally and completely hate Brandi, it doesn’t matter.

          • Brandi didn’t get a letter her friend got a letter and Brandi’s name was mentioned. Her friend’s lawyer got with her lawyer. The thing is Brandi was never served directly, I don’t think you can be sued by association.

          • That’s fine, but Brandi never received a letter herself. She can’t be sued if she was never served with anything.

          • She never got a letter, her friend did and even if her name was mentioned as one of the people who this lady spoke to about Adrienne’s secrets, that in no way means that they are threatening to sue Brandi.

            Matter of fact not even Geneva got sued and she receive a direct letter, what could possibly make Brand ithink that she was being sued?

            She was lying , period, she can’t claimed to be confused because she doesn’t know about law because her friend Geneva (the one who actually got the letter) is a lawyer and she knows that nobody gets sue just because their name gets mention on a letter directed to someone else.

        • But what Brandi also failed to mention on cameras or on Twitter (that’s not Bravo editing) is that the letter was sent to a THIRD PARTY not Brandi.

          Brandi has yet to produce a letter or lawsuit. Which logically leads to the conclusion that she had been lying about the whole thing all season on camera and to the viewers through social media and interviews.

          • I would love that Brandi gets to produce a letter, that would be priceless as she knows she never got one, but I would like to see her trying.

            Andy completely dropped the ball on this one as he could have at least ask her for some clarification on this issue and tell her “so to get this straight, you didn’t get the letter, your friend did , right?

            Andy as usual is playing to push the story line that he has served the whole season.

    • It was no surprise because they have known all along that Brandi was lying, the surprise would had been if Brand iactually lied and said “I received a C&D letter” , maybe then Kim would had called her on her lie and ask her to show the letter, so Brandi again threated lightly and said her friend received the letter but her name was mentioned so she felt the need to talk to a lawyer.

      I call BS on that one because any serious lawyer would had told her that she has nothing to worry about unless the letter comes with her name as the recipient.

  • Oh big reveal there was no lawsuit. Don’t come to me with by extension and it was to her mutual friend with her name in it blah blah blah. It could have led to one blah blah blah.

    What Brandi said on camera repeatedly through the season was that SHE was sent a letter and had to go get a lawyer. She kept saying she is suing me, there is a lawsuit.

    It is evident she said what she said for dramatic effect and to garner sympathy amongst the girls. It definitely got Lisa and Ken to circle the wagons and Yolanda to proclaim who is Adrienne to wield all her money.

    • Brandi is nothing but a troublemaker! And what she said about Adrienne not carrying her children is unforgivable! That was ADRIENNE’S choice if she wanted to air something so personal, NOT BRANDI’S! That girl is nothing but cold and calculating a bitch! I can’t wait for her to turn on Mrs. Perfect and Petty, Lisa!

    • I don’t think for a second that Brandi played her castmates, they had to know this was a lie, all they had to do (at least Yolanda and Lisa) was ask Brandi to show the letter and she would not had been able to do so. The other ladies knew too and that is why they keep defending Adrienne, not because they liked her or she was their best friend but because they knew Brandi was lying but they didn’t want to call her a liar to her face.

      Brandi needs to always be the victim and it served her purposed to lie about being sued and when pushed to say it was not a lawsuit but a letter and now it comes that the letter was not for her but for her friend/lawyer Geneva.

  • While I liked aspects of Yolanda during the season, I felt like the way she went at Kyle and inserts herself into things and situations isn’t always with a good spirit.

    I think Kyle dug herself into a pit with how she handled Kim’s issues, Lisa and Brandi last season. So this season she came all olive branch and tried to stay somewhat in the middle with folks and it didn’t always work. I am most amazed at times how she stood up for Brandi especially to Marissa. Brandi may be a lot of things but I doubt she would meddle with a married man like that.

    Adrienne did herself no favors this season at all. I still hold that what she brought up at last reunion towards Lisa was catty but doesn’t rise to the level of “lawsuits” and bad blood. I think Lisa holds a grudge. Before the Lisa stans come for me I didn’t say she was wrong I said she holds a grudge. Your favorite housewife can be many things. Grudge holding is one of them.

    We’ve seen on all these housewives shows especially Jersey that skeletons will come out. Happened to Teresa and hopefully Jacqueline with her money issue. How people deal with their skeletons is to hide it and gloss it over. We’ve seen it play out with the jersey girls. Adrienne had her personal business put out there and caused major issues with filming of the season by being a no show to events. On top of that her marriage imploded. Whatever the circumstances thats a huge blow. I think all of us would take a step back from having that filmed.

    Brandi needs to work on her poker face. During the whole part 1 of the reunion she kept smirking and making faces at Kyle and Taylor and Kim.

    Kudos to Kim. This is the most lucid she’s seemed since the season. Good on her for standing up to Yolanda. That woman has been to rehab multiple times and clearly struggles. Because it wasn’t so much that Yolanda said she flaked it was the implication that here is someone trying to help you and you may be up to your old habits.

    Brandi made a good point about friends not talking shit behind the others back but its evident Brandi, Yolanda, and Lisa do it.

    So will Kyle and Kim remain the Bravo villians. Will the Brandi, Yolanda, Lisa alliance stay.

    Also did anyone else catch Andy giving Yolanda a pass on the lesbian comment that came from her own mouth….but holds a grudge against Teresa for shit Joe said?

  • I agree, at least part 1 sucked. Kim whining again about trivial moments in the season…does anyone really care? I only listened to her talking to Taylor about the drinking.
    All these women badmouth each other, it’s part of the game. I’m not “team” anyone but I do dislike the Richards’ sisters the most because I find them quite bratty and annoying. WHY was Kyle on the same couch as Brandi and Yolanda? made no sense lol.
    Honestly, the reunion is dull without Adrienne, as her issues with Brandi were a focal point of the season.
    The only interesting part for me was Lisa saying (and Kyle confirming) that Kyle and Adrienne weren’t really friends. Then why did Kyle tend to take her side all season? hmmm Kyle lol doesn’t look good, especially when it was pointed out that Mauricio was selling Adrienne’s house.

    • Kyle was on that couch so she could “face off” with Lisa…… Bravo knew that was going to be big.

    • Not only Kyle took Adrienne’s side, except for Lisa and Yolanda, they all did.

      What Brandi did to Adrienne was wrong, period. So can they as mothers not side with Adrienne, Kyle said it several times and to Brandi’s face, she told her that in that case she sided with Adrienne and rightfully so.

      They also sided with Adrienne because they knew the lawsuit was BS. they knew there was no lawsuit, they knew that Brandi was playing it up for the cameras, they probably also knew that the C&D letter was not sent to Brandi, yet except for Camille none of them dared to call Brandi out on her lies.

      Camille had no problems doing it because she had decided she was not coming back, but the others nahh. They are scared to death of Brandi. Brandi is petty and vindictive, she would be the kind to go looking for your ex-boyfriends, disgrunted workers, ex-partners, ex-friends and get as much dirt on you as posible to later use it against you, so they all know better than to piss her off.

      I think that might be why Lisa is so close to Brandi, Brandi must have learned a thing or two from Cedric and Lisa has decided that is best to have Brand ias a friend than as an enemy.

  • I have a suspicion that Yolanda will turn into a villain next season. And I felt that as soon as she said homosexuality was a choice. That alone isn’t enough to tear down her standing, BUT it is a clue that her views on gender and sexuality are not just out of a preference for the traditional, but out of being backwards. Homophobia is partly based in misogyny (a man that acts like a woman is less, a woman who acts like a man is out of place). When she said she had “one that changed back” I knew she hadn’t been doing her reading….

    But anyway, There’s a difference between being in a traditional housewife because that’s what you prefer and what you’re most comfortable. It’s another thing to believe that’s what WOMEN should be doing. She may not say something horrible right away, but if you keep pressing people on why they feel this way they eventually get to a very misogynistic belief that explains it. I’m going to hope it’s the former, but I have a feeling…

    • I hope Yolanda’s children never turn out to be attracted to the same gender because I fear what she would do and say to them if she found out they were.

  • i’m team brandi and lisa all the way but even i can see that all the women including my favorites were being hypocrites and it seems like they all talked about each other at one point and they all had their feelings hurt and all have done the samething that they accuse each other of. which doesn’t surprise me because in general people are hypocrites. i think everyone just thinks about how they felt at the moment and doesn’t think how the other person might have felt.

    as for kyle and kim saying yolanda talked about lisa behind her back. i can believe that. she was already talking about lisa when she was trying to comfort kim after lisa made that joke in paris. i felt that was wrong of yolanda. as much as yolanda tries to be the bigger person and avoid catty situations she sure has put herself in the arguements. yolanda is human too. she messed up but i still like her no nonsense attitude.

    • ITA! WhileI I think Yolanda can be a judgmental hypocrite, especially lately, I still love her style, devotion to her husband and kids and enjoy the scenes at her house and her having fun. Yolanda needs to go walking through the lemon trees and lighten up, especially for her health.

      • @ Happy day

        I think YoYo is a judgemental hypocrite, and actually a mean girl, I have noticed it more and more as the season went on and especially on the reunion.

        But what you like about her I do as well.

  • Adrienne didn’t show up….so what….move on people…

    Finally….it comes out…there was no lawsuit…only a letter….the whole season wrecked because someone doesn’t know a letter from a lawsuit….

    If Adrienne signed up for fame….what did the others sign up for…..maybe the same….(things that make you go hummmmm)

    Dutch personality my ass…Yolanda does think she is better….they are supposed to reach out to you but you don’t feel you have to reciprocate….come it’s Yolanda who didn’t remember…no plans ever made with Kim….(apology time) to squeeze lemons…

    Brandi accuses Kim and Kyle of having the discussion with other women about Taylor not knowing where her child was….says that should not have happened…didn’t she do the same thing at a party setting….discuss something about Adrienne at a party setting with the other women….

    Taylor.. ..just go…move to CO with the love of your life…wow, thought you said Russell was the love of your life…

    Thought Lisa was still being petty….with Yolanda chiming in and not having a reason to dislike Kyle…only does cause Lisa does….

    The mean girls did not fair well….imo….not like they thought….

    Again, they are all hypocrites….they all need to learn true friendships…..

    • Lisa go and review the Paris episodes….Yolanda did call you phony…when out shopping with Kim and Kyle said that if Lisa has not contacted Kim that morning to check on her (and she had not) that she was phony…

      I believe the sisters on that one…

    • A letter that was not even addressed to her I might add.

      A letter that was sent to Geneva Wesserman asking her to stop spreading information she had learned as being part of Adrienne’s legal team once upon a while.

      A letter that only name Brandi as one of the people who this information was being told.

      A letter that in no way means a lawsuit “Adrienne is suing me” – Brandi’s lie.

      “The Maloofs sent me a letter” – no, they didn’t, the letter was sent to your friend Geneva ( who by the way is a lawyer), thna later modified to “you sent my lawyer a letter”, duh, your lawyer is Geneva and she did receive the letter, letter directe to her and not to Brandi.

      Brandi is a liar through and through.

  • I’m so Team Kyle. I’ve read Yolanda’s blogs all season long, and I NEVER understood why she was always bashing Kyle. I still don’t because I never saw them have any arguments or anything. I think Yolanda has obviously picked a side (Lisa and Brandi) and that is why she is bashing Kyle because she’s friend’s with them and she knows they’ve both had problems with her. I DO believe Yolanda said that about Lisa in Paris because when they were shoe shopping you got a glimpse of Yolanda talking about Lisa saying if she truly cared about Kim she would call her or send her a text in the morning. Kim even backed up Kyle and said that was true. Marissa and Taylor took to their blogs and twitter and say that Kyle doesn’t lie. Taylor is friends with Lisa so if she didn’t think it was true, I think Taylor would defend Lisa.

    I don’t know why the girls have such an issue with Kyle. She’s never been rude to Yolanda, she had her differences with Brandi FOR GOOD reason, and she’s been trying to get her friendship back with Lisa. What’s so bad about her?

    And why does Lisa need defending if she’s ALWAYS there to defend herself?

    After watching the reunion, I’m definitely Team Kyle as I have been all season. Yolanda needs to get off the show. Brandi said she was protecting Yolanda most of the reunion because of her lyme disease and the girls were being pretty hard on her, but if I had that disease I would definitely not attend a reunion. I’m sure Yolanda knew what she was getting herself into.

      • Kyle may be insecure at times and can come across as jealous, but I feel like she’s always sincere and truthful! I love her!

    • Yolanda is and has been bashing Kyle all season when there was no apparent reason just based on Lisa’s opinions about Kyle.

      Do you think for a second that if Lisa is such a good friend of Yolanda, that they never talked about Kyle? of course they did.

      Yolanda, Brandi and Lisa re the only delusional ones who believe that the ynever talked behind a person’s back. We have seen many scenes of them doing exactly that.

      Brandi talking about Adrienne all the time when she wasn’t there, Yolanda talking about Adrienne who she doesn’t even know, Lisa talking about Adriene and Kyle, they do it all the time, but nobody dare to talk about them because then it requires a clarification meeting, a pow wow, an apology needs to happen, etc, etc.

      I think that is what bothers me the most, the double standards that they use to measure their crap and the one they use for the others.

      • Exactly! I hate how everyone thinks Lisa is so innocent. She may not talk about the other girls on camera as often as the others, but you know damn well she does off camera. I’m pretty sure Brandi, Yolanda, and her all sit around and talk shit about everyone else.

        I’ve always love Kyle. Sometimes I didn’t like how she treated Kim, but we have to remember she’s her sister and feels protective over her. Other than that, I see NO reason why people don’t like her.

  • Normally I love Yolanda. But I found her too aggressive tonight, especially towards Kyle. Rox makes a good point – what has Kyle done to Yolanda to deserve such attacks? I didn’t love any of them tonight.

    Two truths came out – Kim was correct that she did not make plans with Yolanda to do master cleanse. Production set it up. And there was no lawsuit nor threat to sue Brandi. It was against her friend. Indirectly there was a threat of a suit. But that is not what Brandi said this whole time.

    I still dislike Adrienne. I like and dislike bits of each of the ladies.

    One thing is for sure – I hate Faye Resnick.

    • Brandi did set the facts straight quite clearly and succinctly early in the season when the events were actually happening. She said that there was a letter stating that if Brandi didn’t sign a document indicating that she would stop talking abut Adrienne, she would be sued. So yes, indirectly, there was a threat of a lawsuit. Paul confirmed this at the white party.

      • Brandi lied, how could that be when she has said herself that the letter was sent to her friend Geneva who used to be Adrienne’s ex-lawyer/partner.

        Brandi made it all up, she made up the lawyer telling her that she needs to sign a letter, she made it all up.

        If a letter is not directly directed to her, she has to do nothing, she has to sign nothing, nobody could make her or ask her to do anything until she receives a legal letter with her name on it as the receiver.

        Brandi lied huge the whole season. That is why she was so nervous at the beginning of the season, she was scared to deat that Adrienne would show up there or would send her lawyers to explain all her lies.

        • Let’s all remember Brandi SPECIFICALLY said that she was being sued. The story she told in last night’s reunion vindicates Adrienne. Adrienne said all along she wasn’t suing her and sent her no letter and that was true.

          When Brandi was telling this sob story about being sued she never mentioned the third person to the audience. And kept going on and on about it on the show and on twitter. When she knew that wasn’t true.

          • lets all remember that adrienne lied and said she didn’t send a letter but at the white party adrienne and paul admitted they did send a letter to shut brandi and the other woman up. maybe brandi didn’t mention the other woman because she didn’t want the other person’s name involved on camera. paul and adrienne were the ones that brought in the other woman’s name. doesn’t matter because paul and adrienne threaten to sue brandi in the letter. there is no other way around and i find it funny that some people are so in denial.

      • There was no document for Brandi to sign because the letter was sent to her lawyer for abusing client- lawyer privilege. (She used to be the Maloof’s lawyer). The action was against the lawyer, not Brandi no matter how everyone keeps wanting to spin in differently to back up Brandi’s initial claim. Brandi probably can’t share the letter publicly – because legally it was not sent to her and does not require action from her, only her lawyer.

        Maybe this will clear it up. If my doctor was illegally providing my personal medical files information to someone who could use that information to hurt me, say lady x, then my lawyer would send a letter to the doctor telling them to stop. That the private information was being givens to lady x is regrettable, but the demand to stop giving my medical information is directed legally to the doctor and requires the doctor to remedy the situation. Lady x would not need a lawyer or necessarily legal counsel, was not sued or threatened. This is the same scenario for Brandi and her lawyer.

    • Well, look at the lengths Faye goes to in order to protect and defend Adrienne. Maybe Yolonda is doing to same thing.

    • The way production sets everything up I have no doubt that they “conveniently” forgot to tell Kim just to make it look like “oh Kim is back to her old anthics” Yolanda could have easily called Kim and remind her or reiterate to her about her house cleaning.

      I did love Kim’s line though ” I am sorry I wasn’t at your house to help you squeeze your lemons”, LOL

    • Lisa Lisa, I think the fact that Yolanda said Kyle was a two face and backstabber said it all. She learned during filming to not trust Kyle, saw what she did to her other so-called friends, and had her guard up.It makes sense according to her blogs. Then you throw in all the junk with Kim along the way, and I have to say, if I were new to that group watching and hearing all of this, I would have felt the same way as Yolanda in re to Kyle. EWW, especially after seeing just how far she goes to protect and defend and still have the balls to bring Faye around. Speaks volumes.

  • Regardless,

    Team Lisa was caught in quite a few lies tonight.

    1. There was no lawsuit. The letter in question was never even sent to Brandi it was a sent to a former mutual friend of Brandi and Adrienne’s and mentioned Brandi. But Adrienne was telling the truth when she said that the letter was NOT sent to Brandi and she was NOT suing Brandi. Meanwhile Brandi lied about that openly all season.

    2. Yolanda never had plans with Kim, but found it perfectly okay to insinuate that Kim was being flaky (and fell off the wagon) even though she knew that she hadn’t spoken to Kim personally since their trip about anything she spoke to a show producer.

    3. Yolanda as much as she acts above it all was talking crap as much as anyone and has talked crap about Lisa to Kim and Kyle. Glass house Yolanda…glass houses…..

    4. Lisa was clearly being petty and is the queen bee of that little group stirring up drama. She knew damn well that the Richards Sisters caught Yolanda out there as talking crap, but didn’t want to admit it because it would defeat her own argument.

    Honestly Lisa let this whole nonsense go on with Kyle long enough. So what Kyle doesn’t want to side with her over Adrienne? Brandi shouldn’t have been talking about someone else’s family like that true or not. It’s none of her business. To defend it, is kind of disgusting considering there are kids involved.

    To me, Lisa, Brandi and Yolanda didn’t come off as well as I’m sure they think they did.

    • I agree with Everything you said! The look in Yolonda and Brandi’s faces speaks volumes! Yo did say that about Lisa and she was super shocked that Kyle spilled the beans. For someone who just got out the hospital Yo was looking for a fight! She even interjected herself into conversations that didn’t concern her.

    • Geneva, you and Brandi are talking. If you and Brandi don’t stop talking and sign a document, I’m suing you and Brandi. Good golly, how much clearer does that need to get.

      • I know Ellen!!!!!!! I have seen fans say some silly comments, some good, some reaching, but this is craziness. Talk about mountains of molehills, LOL.

        • She was named as a party to the potential suing. It doesn’t get much more clearer than that. At this point, I think it best some people get ignored. Trolls love it when people respond in exasperation.

      • Nope, if that was the case Brandi would have said “We botrh receive C&D letters” Brandi is not the one to mix up words.

        Brandi clearly says “My friend received a letter that had ny name on it”

        Brandi never received a C&D letter and she is smart that to lie straight up because then Adrienne could effectively prove her a liar, so she mixes words and even when she has let us know that there was never a C&D letter sent to her, some are still struggling with the fact that she manipulated and twisted this situation to make herself look like the poor victim when she was making it all up to begin with.

    • 1) there was a threat of lawsuit and paul and adrienne admitted it at the white party. so there was legal papers. brandi didn’t lie.

      2)i believe yolanda when she says she made plans with kim. kim clearly wasn’t sober all season and her memory messed her up. so i’m not surprised she doesn’t remember making once again was messing up her words and couldn’t get her story straight. kim has always been flaky. no shocker there.

      3)i agree also that yolanda does talk crap. not as much as the others but it looks like at the reunion she’s been outed by the richard sisters.

      4)how did lisa start drama? clearly you mean kyle and adrienne started the drama since last reunion and it has continued. all because kyle is jealous of brandi and adrienne is jealous of lisa and adrienne wishes she was the queen bee. adrienne thought she can control the show and control the women and she failed big time.

      you’re right about adrienne’s surrogacy. it wasn’t brandi’s business but then again everyone seems to be in each other business on that show. adrienne isn’t a saint and wasn’t a victim. she brought that mess on herself for being a spiteful bitch and allowing her dirty chef to attack lisa and brandi.

      • Great post! I agree with everything you say!! People are fixated on the lawsuit thing. I can’t stand it. It is splitting hairs. Obviously there WAS a letter. I don’t know why that is so hard for people to get.

        • I think it’s hard to get because the letter didn’t go to Brandi. Mentioned that the woman needed to STOP talking to Brandi about their business. Brandi said SHE got a letter. She didn’t. Brandi said SHE was BEING sued. She wasn’t. She exaggerated. Why is that so hard for others to get.

          • It is hard because then they would had to admit that Brandi had made a fool of them and they had bought her sappy story hook and sink when all this time she was lying.

            Brandi very cunninly makes a play of words to make it look like the fact that the Maloofs sent a letter to her lawyer/friend Geneva is the equivalent of them threatening her. If the Maloofs wanted to send a C&D letter to Brandi they would had, they could had sent the exact same letter demanding for Brandi to not talk about them, but they didn’t , they realized that the ones speading the news was their former lawyer/partner and that is the one who got the letter.

            Brandi is a liar and that is why I am convinced that when it comes to the gang up meeting, she also made that all up in her desire to become a full time HW.

          • Actually Brandi did say at Lisa’s tea party that Adrienne’s lawyer sent a letter to her lawyer. I’m thinking it went something like Brandi Glanville blah blah blah cease and desist blah blah blah further action will be taken. Obviously I am not a lawyer and don’t know all the details of what was written but Adrienne didn’t outright say that letter wasn’t intended for or towards Brandi instead she evaded and started talking about what Brandi said on twitter. Which makes me believe that
            if Brandi continued to run her mouth about ‘private’ business that both Brandi and her lawyer would be sued.

      • thank you for this great response – “Team Lisa” didn’t look bad. Brandi was served with a letter, Yolanda is way more coherent than Kim, Yolanda “talks crap” because thats what she is paid to do, and Lisa didn’t start any drama last night. If anything, Kyle tried creating a rift between Yolanda and Lisa so she started the drama

        And just my own thought, it was pointed out in the original blog how Lisa is just over Kyle, well Lisa has every right to be over Kyle. If you watched WWHL even the LA Shrink said Kyle causes drama when she doesn’t pick a side and comes off as disloyal. Well Lisa appreciates her loyalty and that it what Brandi and Yolanda are, loyal. Kyle, not so much. She chose not to defend Lisa with Faye or Adrienne but said she would during their sit down. Clearly Kyle isn’t being honest, she should just accept that Lisa wants someone who is all in or not in at all, and unfortunately Kyle will never be all in so she’s not in at all.

      • Brandi DID lie.

        The threat of the lawsuit wasn’t even directed to Brandi and Adrienne and Paul weren’t SUING HER. She got caught in that lie at the tea party. However she kept running with it until it was explained that there was a third person involved and that’s who the lawsuit threat letter was sent to. NOT Brandi. Brandi also lied about sending $10,000 in legal fees. She did not.

        2. I don’t know how you can believe Yolanda made plans with Kim over her own words. Kim got her there. Yolanda had to admit that she lied and did not speak to Kim at all since their trip and couldn’t have made plans with Kim she in fact made them through a producers.

        3. Agreed.

        4. I don’t think Kyle is jealous of Brandi at all. I think Kyle does not like Brandi and is annoyed after she and Kim got into a big blow up with Brandi, Brandi suddenly became Lisa’s lapdog next to Giggy. Lisa talks about loyalty from Kyle…but where’s Lisa’s loyalty to Kyle? I wouldn’t be friends with someone who said the disgusting things Brandi did to Kim and Kyle. Not at all.

        5. Regardless of Adrienne, those are Adrienne’s KIDS involved in that. They didn’t invite that to be said about them. They aren’t even on the show. Brandi’s the bitch to even insinuate what she did about their birth and life. And the rest about what Brandi thinks is happening with Bernie and Adrienne is speculation. However what Brandi said true or not is fact, it came out of her mouth to others and she has NO IDEA whether its true or not.

        • Excellent post.

          I thinbk or at leats hope that Kyle is no dummy and she can actually se Brandi’s true colors but it trying to just keep getting along because Brandi plays dirty, there are no limits as to what her mouth can say.

          Brandi is capable of even bring Big Kathy into the mix is the situation arises and Kyle knows this, all the other women know this and that is why they thread so lightly around Brandi. Brandi has let them know what she is capable of and she has also let them know that she is willing to expose all her past, present and future secrets if they mess with her so I can see why they are so scared or her and her big fat mouth.

        • i don’t know why it’s hard for any of you brandi haters to understand but brandi didn’t lie. i do think she’s naive about the law but she didn’t lie about adrienne sending a letter and threatening to sue. there was a letter and paul and adrienne confirmed it. adrienne is the one that lied and tried to say she wasn’t suing but in fact she was threatening to sue. she took advantage of brandi’s lack of knowledge on how C&D letters work and used it to her advantage to make it seem that brandi was lying but the truth is THERE WAS A LEGAL LETTER sent. that’s why the lawyers got involved.

        • The big blow up between Brandi, Kyle and Kim, I assume you are tlaking about ‘game night’. First of all Lisa was on Kyle’s side when she got Kyle’s distorted version of events where Brandi was the evil Ursula trying to steal Ariel’s voice (don’t know where that reference came from, just go with me here). Anyway, Brandi did not say disgusting things about Kyle that night, the most she said to Kyle was when she called her a bitch. Most of her venom was aimed @ Kim. And no matter how you slice it, Lisa and Kim are not friends so there is not an issue of loyalty there.

        • I just don’t understand how Brandi can not want you to say anything about her kids and she can say what she wants about Adrienne and Paul’s. It’s not fair…but then Brandi’s not really fair.

    • 1) It was clearly explained that Brandi had legal expenses to avoid a lawsuit and that the letter threated Brandi with being sued along with Genevra. Paul admitted it at the White Party. No lies were caught out.
      2) Yolanda had made plans to do the cleanse with Kim. It’s that the plans were made through production. Unless production needs to be fired, it would be safe to assume that production (Sally) had set the plans up with Kim as well as Yolanda.
      3) When Kyle was calling Yolanda for talking crap about Lisa, let us also remember that Yolanda said it direct to Lisa herself. She told Lisa to shut up about Kim already. So did Brandi. So Yolanda and Brandi were both very direct with Lisa that they didn’t like what she was saying about Kim in the moment. That is the difference. But yes, we did see that conversation when Yolanda asked if Lisa had called. We did not see her call Lisa crap and that does not sound like her words.
      4. I think Lisa knows Yolanda a long time (before Yolanda was on the show) and knows Yolanda avoids words like crap and asshole (which is why she was so upset with her behavior with Taylor). It is possible that Yolanda said it and does not remember, that is one of the symptoms of Lyme disease. But I think she was going on Kyle being more likely to use the word crap than Yolanda.

      • Exactly Cajsa!!!! That is how I see it as well. As I mentioned above, why would Kyle wait so long to bring that up, if true? And Kim is trying so hard to be united with Kyle, it makes her look pathetic. And also, it was another case of Kyle NOT sticking up for lIsa then I guess? Kyle sat there and said one thing, butt hat little outburst was juvenile and I believe it to be petty, embellished,and false. That to me just further proved that Kyle is a catty, jealous mean girl who acts like a teenager.

      • Just because Brandi says that she has had legal expenses doesn’t mean it is true, she lied about being sued, what is not to say that she is also lying about spending anything on a lawyer?

        Especially when Geneva(the one who actually received the C&D letter) is a lawyer herself?

        • Just because you say so, does not mean its true either Lexy. There was a letter, she was warned, if she disagreed, or talked further and did not go to meeting it= SUED. Just because you have this non stop tirade does not mean Brandi is a liar either. Ok, so Kyle lies too. and just because Kyle says it does not mean Yolanda is 😉 My god she hangs around Faye for Christ’s sake.

      • 1. Brandi did not HAVE to spend a dime to avoid a lawsuit. And if she did, she spent no where near $10,000. The letter wasn’t even directed toward her so there was nothing to avoid. Paul never admitted anything of the sort. Brandi was just lying. No lawsuit papers, no letter. Brandi has yet to produce either. That equals a lie.

        2. No it is NOT safe to say production made plans. They manipulate the storyline all the time. Yolanda had Kim’s number, Kim had Yolanda’s number. They made no plans set in stone. Yolanda admitted that. To try to change her own words when she said them right there is pointless. She never made in any concrete plans with Kim to insinuate that Kim was being a flake.

        3. Please. Sounds like her words to me. Yolanda has an opinion about everything and it usually isn’t a very nice one. She stirs the pot too and isn’t above it all. I don’t put it past her to talk crap about Lisa. And I don’t think KIM in particular would lie about that.

        4. I don’t. I think Yolanda is just one of David Foster’s many wives and Lisa does what she has to do to keep a business relationship (David Foster) good. Like Lisa is accusing Kyle and Maurico of doing with Adrienne.

        • On number 4, what business relationship would Lisa have with David Foster, did she start a new singing career?

    • Lisa is just falling and falling even lower in my eyes. She had an altercation with Adrienne and is being petty and vindictive. She wants Kyle to take her side and go against Adrienne but how Kyle would go against Adrienne in an issue were Adrienne was obviously the wronged party. Lisa wants Kyle to not say a word when Brandi is trashing Adrienne, she wants her not to say a word about a lawsuit that they all knew never happened, Lisa wants Kyle mindless fidelity they way Brandi does it but she doesn’t realize that Brandi has an ulterior motive for trying to be Lisa’s best friend , it is not her friendship she wants but the opportunity that the frienship presents.

    • AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TALK ABOUT THE TRUTH!!!! I’ve had it with Lisa, her unforgiving bs, and her trashy, loud-mouth, ass-kissing, side-kick, Brandi! Brand had NO RIGHT bringing out such personal information on Adrienne the way she did! She didn’t think twice how it could have affected her children! BRANDI’S A BITCH TO THE 100th POWER!!! That lady is a classless, walking time bomb!

        • That’s all you got? You say Lisa is lying because she doesn’t believe Kim/Kyle over Yolanda? That equates to a lie? And you tell ME to grow up because I call you out on your BS? You people have sucked the fun straight out of this site. You comment on EVERYTHING. You repeat yourselves constantly. It is BORING.

          • Thank you and Amen. No its not boring- annoying, irritating, distracts from putting any originality of your own opinion out there, LOL. Have to be so defensive around here anymore.

  • I’m not sure what to think….I love Lisa, Brandi, and sometimes Yolanda and can’t stand Kyle and Kim but…..IDK, I’m wondering if Kyle and Kim are telling the truth about what Yolanda said. They seemed very firm about what they were saying while Yolanda kind of stammered.

    • I don’t like Kyle, but I believe her in this situation. Yolanda comes across as a huge phony.

    • Kyle and Kim likely are telling the truth IMO. Lisa was acting overbearing and she is camera fake. This is easily viewed on VPR. Yolanda called a spade a spade privately but she wants to have a place on housewives next season as well, so Yolanda went for Kyle’s jugular in her blogs.

      It is all about the money. They all want to remain housewives.

      • I wouldn’t go so far to describe Lisa as fake. But her worst moments are when she is trying to get along with someone you know she doesn’t stand. Like Taylor last season and Kim this season. She’ll be polite, but she looks like she’s thinking “Why am I stuck with this chick?”

    • We got to see glimpses of what Yolanda was saying about Lisa. I am sure most of it got edited out because it is convenient to Bravo’s story line that Yolanda and Lisa are friends this season. It wouldn’t surprise me that Lisa asks and actually gets the real footage and that will be a focus of contention for next season.

      Yolanda vs. Lisa could be epic.

  • I loved how kyle brought it this time around! I do believe that yoyo did say that but because now shes closer with lisa shes denying it…i thought kim was a little over dramatic…taylor needs to be more fearless like she was season 1 reunion she tends to hold back…

  • Team Yolanda all the way!!!

    Can they just get rid of Kim the troublemaker please.
    She is so self centered it is annoying. Glad she’s sober, supposedly, but she can just go.

    • i find it funny that kim tried to say she is sober now and her mind is clear and she’s ready for the reunion but yet can’t remember making plans with yolanda. i don’t give a crap that brandi and yolanda laughed at yolanda’s comment about kim remebering because that shit was funny and true. she was loaded for most of the season and now she’s gonna claim she remembers things now. c’mon.

      • Kim didn’t remember because there was never a set date. Yolanda and Kim agreed that production was trying to set up a meeting between the two and it never happened. There was never a definite time and date so Kim is correct. Yolanda tried to make it look like Kim made 3 confirmed dates with her and then didn’t show up. Yolanda’s “you can remember” comment to Kim erased all of her on camera phony support and concern for Kim. Not surprisingly, Brandi really enjoyed that moment because she enjoys hurting people and making vile comments.

        • I BELIEVE KIM AS WELL! I guess everyone else lies, EXCEPT for Mrs. Innocent Yolanda!!! WHATEVER!!

      • yeah I should feel guilty about finding that amusing but I just don’t, you can be off the booze but she’s definitely not squeaky clean and sober, pills don’t just get mixed up and even at the reunion she didn’t seem to have all her wits about her. She has never been completely honest about what her issues were, I don’t buy it was just alcohol, last season she refused to watch clips andy wanted to show her of her intoxicated behavior- the only way to move past issues is to confront them which i have never seen Kim fully do, didn’t she check herself out of rehab a couple times & have to be brought back, she dances around things and thinks acting like a eight year old(seriously that pink party dress) who needs her mommy to help her cross the street- that is what Paris hilton will be in 30years and its not cute or endearing its alarming and pathetic.

        Yeah I know I sound like a bitch, maybe that why I like Yolanda, but I have my own issues not with substance abuse but never acted like little girl lost and expected others to pick up my slack and worship me at the same time.

        Kim, you were not lucid in Paris, you couldn’t remember sleeping the day away you thought you were with Lisa, you are not a credible witness. That may be cold but its the truth and if you are not clean, dry from booze maybe which is a positive step but no I don’t believe you are clean I don’t think you can be when you’ve never been completely honest about your addictions to begin with, also I don’t think it was her choice to get well and go to rehab I think Bravo insisted and making that choice for yourself is crucial.

        • I am curious if she watched any clips from game night or just used her shanti memory. Had she watched it she would see that she and Kyle started it….

          • exactly, if she is on any 12 step program I haven’t seen the part where she apologizes or tries to make amends, nothing was her fault

          • Actually Brandi started the whole debacle with calling Kyle a bitch which caused the huge fight to begin with lol

          • Umm.. no Jelly. You are wrong. Brandi didn’t start crap. Watch again. Kim was whispering about her when she was in the room. They hid her crutches. Kim complained about Brandi on her team. Kyle was being the typical bitch she is and commenting to.

            So, you are wrong. I know that is difficult to see that the almighty Kyle was at fault, but she was.

  • If you don’t show up at this meeting and sign this we’re suing you. Duh, she’s not going to sign it, so she expects a lawsuit!

    Anyway, I have a hard time believing Yolanda called Lisa a piece of crap. For one, she told Lisa to her face that she was being rude. She’s close with Lisa and has never shown trust to the Richards sisters. Calling her names and trashing in the airport at the end of the trip? Doesn’t sound that plausible to me. I have to say though that the most hilarious thing is Kyle saying she was never good friends with Adrienne and love that Lisa called her out about the houses.

    • Thank you I don’t know how many times or ways Brandi has to said it is true. Paul and Adrienne admit at the white party already can we move on. The reunion was okay it was not that much drama was a good thing.

    • It did show yolanda going to the room and she said if she is so concerned she would be here knocking on the door but the other stuff i just dont recall that. Yolanda is very strait forward. At the dinner in paris she told her to stop bringing it up, nothing was said that she had no problem telling lisa herself. That was more kim and kyle ganging up on yolanda and the raised voices and intimidation because one was put on the spot and to deflect from that this is what they do.

      And yes they left that part off of the replay of Paul admitting that letter was sent which made me mad. She shouldnt have to sign a gag order because Adrienne is worried about her reputation being tainted. She should have kept whatever it was as a secret a secret and not openly make up lies surrounding that secret to people who already knew the secret.

      • Let’s not forget about EDITING! Every detail is not always shown and I do BELIEVE that Yolanda spoke ill of Lisa! She isn’t innocent by a long-shot! I know that people want to dislike Kyle and jump on the Lisa, Brandi, and Yolanda’s bandwagon, but Kyle was VERY SPECIFIC about what Yolanda said! All Yolanda did last night was deny, deny, deny! She had an excuse for EVERYTHING! In my opinion, she looked VERY DISCREDITABLE!

    • Ellen and Jessica, completely agree. Even with her explanation it isn’t accepted. It is almost surreal how people hate her so much they can’t give Brandi an ounce of anything.

      • I agree also. Yolanda was friends with Lisa before joining the show, and I doubt she would call Lisa phony. I find it very odd, that if Kyle was just oh so concerned about something like that Yolo allegedly said that she would wait until a reunion to bring that up; its also petty, LOL! And OMG, its ANOTHER instance she did not stick up for Lisa!!!!! *I also agree with BA above that yes, those sisters do a good job deflecting and ganging up on someone when they are wrong I noticed. Other than that, they have a horrible relationship.

    • “If you don’t show up at this meeting, we are suing you”

      Has anybody else but Brandi corraborated this? because it is so easy for Brandi to lie that I don’t take her word as the bible.

      She lied for 5 episodes about being sued, she can easily make up any scenario that goes along with her lie, after all who is going to call her out on it? nobody, nobody will call her out on it because she fights dirty, she would find any humilliating secret about whoever dares to confront her with her lies and that would be her story line of the next season.

      All the castmates know this and that is why they don;t mess with Brandi or confront her with some of her outregeous lies.

      • Yes, Paul and Adrienne finally ended up doing that at Kyle’s party. Lexy, who has officially DENIED anything Brandi said? No one. Oh, just Adrienne in the beginning.

        • Adrienne and Paul have admit to anything, they told her she wasn’tbeing sued and the letter was to Geneva not Brandi. Editing sliced Paul’s words to make it look like they are talking about Brandi when he was refering to Geneva.

          Paul hates Adrienne now, so how come he hasn’t come forward and said or twitted “Yes, we did sent a letter to Brandi” , because it never happened.

          • Oh, it was editing for Paul? Ok….Did they edit he and Hoof’s faces also? Make Hoof hang her head in shame when Brandi pulled out the papers? Edit his apologies to her?

          • the lawsuit didn’t materialize because of many probable reasons, one being that there is no merit to it. was there a threat of a lawsuit? certainly yes.
            adrienne plays with words…technically there wasn’t but there was a letter sent to brandi that she had to spend 10K to hire a lawyer and address it!!!!

    • Please there was a threatening letter from a lawyer, even Paul admitted on air she was “WARNED” . Seriously ….

      • “She was warned” was paul referring to Geneva Wesserman, the lady that actually received the letter.

        Brandi said it herself last night at the reunion, what part of that didn’t you get?

        “My friend Geneva received a letter becaiuse the Maloofs thought she was the one telling me things about them, in that letter my name was on it so that is why I had to contact my lawyer”

        Brandi’s name was on the letter as an example of people who Geneva was sharing Adrienne’s secrets with, Geneva knows this, Brandi knows this but she has made such a big lie out of this that she will continue misleading the viewers and some would still believe the BS she is spewing. Even after Brandi said herself that the C&D letter was not sent to her, some will still continue to use Paul’s words to refute the undeniable.

        • Lexy, she also stated she was named in the letter, did you not get that? She still had to have an attorney, she still had to pay monies for the legal trouble, she was warned to shut it or get sued, why can you not get this, and move on?

        • TMZ reported a month ago that Brandi was not sent a letter, or any lawsuit, but that Adrienne sent a letter to her ex lawyer that was spilling lawyer-client confidential info to Brandi about Maloofs. I posted all the info weeks ago and posters refused to believe it and got quite nasty.

          Brandi was so vocal about the letter that I was suspicious when she would not simply reveal the letter to prove her story (this never made sense to me)- when TMZ weeks ago explained the letter was to Brandi’s lawyer regarding the Lawyer’s action, not Brandi, I realized Brandi was misrepresenting the truth to gain sympathy during her book launch – brilliant move on her part.

          • It might had been a brilliant move, certaintly a calculated gone but it depicts Brandi in all her glory, this is the person who she is, she doesn’t mind to lie, she twistes everything around to end up being the ultimate victim, this is who she is.

    • Brandi still had to pay legal fees and there was contact between Adrienne and Brandi’s lawyers. Most would call that (colloquially) a lawsuit, and Brandi never tried to represent it otherwise. It would be one thing if Brandi made it sound like they went to court, but she was pretty upfront about what was going on.

      However, I do kind of believe Kyle and Kim. People love Yolanda for her honesty, and I think that very honesty got her into trouble. Lisa cares about Iim, but does she CARE about Kim? They’re not that close, and their personalities don’t mesh at all.

      • That is only because Adrienne was represented by counsel. That is not a legal proceeding and Brandi was patently wrong. It was not a lawsuit.

        Brandi sought legal counsel. She did that on her own accord.

        • Omg, you are splitting hairs!! If I got a threatening letter from someone’s attorney, I would also think I was being sued!!!

          • If you get a letter from someone’s attorney then it would make sense for you to consult a lawyer, but Brandi is not the one wh oreceived the letter, her friend/lawyer Geneva Wesserman did. Not Brandi,

            She confirmed this during last night episode.

          • So glad lexy and Jennifer are here to correct all of us that are so mistaken. Where would we be without them???

            You both keep bringing up the letter…..was there one or wasn’t there? Jesus Christ…..there WAS one. Just because it doesn’t happen like you think it should does not mean there WASNT a letter.

        • Brandi said the letter was sent to her lawyer. If they contacted her lawyer, she didn’t necessarily SEEK legal counsel. She didn’t really have a choice. That said, I do believe she was playing with semantics when she said they were suing her. They were threatening to sue and Brandi kind of hinted that she didn’t agree with whatever the letter said so maybe there was some arguing between their lawyers. Either way, she had to pay legal fees.

          • “Brandi said the letter was sent to her lawyer”

            Brandi’s lawyer is Geneva Wesserman (lawyer by proffesion) and when Brandi said that she is purposedly trying to misled the viewers because her lawyer/friend Geneva actually did received the letter sent by the Maloof as a natural person and not as Brandi’s legal representative.

            More lies Brandi style.

        • Do you actually belive that there would be such a lawyer that would charge her 10K for a letter not addressed to her? wouldn’t any decent lawyer point at the evident and say “Brandi, the letter was not directed to you, you were name on it as one of the pople that this lady was giving information to, at this point you have no problems at all, we have to wait and see if you receive a letter as wll and then we go from there”

          How in the world a lawyer would get into this back and forth when she has only been named in a letter addressed to somebody else?

          • Lexy, I am trying to keep calm when I read through your posts. I get your opinion, but the fact that you are commenting after every single poster who comments about the letter is getting ridiculous. Do you not see that? Why is it so hard for you to see that regardless of there being a lawsuit, per se, Brandi received a letter via her attorney. I just don’t get it….

          • Her attorney is Geneva Wesserman , she idd receive a letter because she was runing her mouth about Adrienne’s issues. Brand iwas named in that letter as one of the people she had talk to, but the letterwas never directed to Brandi.

            Brandi has said it herself last night, you can check and recheck her words, not once she said , yes I did receive a C&D letter and that is why I talked to my lawyer, she said her friend received the letter, the fact that her friend Geneva is her lawyer makes it just convenient for Brand ito make a play in words.

        • It was not a lawsuit as long as everyone paid their dues and remained quiet!!!! If Brandi chose to continue speaking of “truths”, then she would have been sued.

          • Lexy I do see what you’re saying. It was carefully playing with words. Brandi does know how to play the game. She stated that her lawyer (Geneva W.) received the letter…she was named as a person who G was talking to about their business. It’s all words and how they are used. Adrienne didn’t lie. Brandi was not sent a letter. With that said I have NO clue why she would have to spend 10,000 dollars for a lawyer to’re not being sued. Unless like some have said the letter to G told her that she and anyone she told (including Brandi would have to C&D) in which case they would have sent a C&D directly to Brandi. I don’t buy the 10,000 dollars. I think if she did have to see a lawyer and did have a 10,000 dollar bill…they are either shady lawyers or she had other business she was conducting at the same time.



    • I have known that all along. Adrienne said in on her blog and Camille said it on tweets to Brandi. Brandi at any point could have posted the C&D letter she received and shut them up but there was no such a thing.

      She lied about the lawsuit for 5 episodes, then she lied about receiving a C&D letter and she is still lying about the lawyer fees.

      That is why I find her version of a gang up meeting difficult to believe, she lies so much, she even believes her own lies.

      • Lexy, I so agree with everything you are saying. I think some posters won’t be able to admit that Brandi DID lie and mislead the viewers. They have been adamantly supporting her all season, so that would be a bitter pill to swallow.

        • That might well be a hard pill to swallow for them being that they have defended poor Brand iwho is being sued by Adrienne all season and then it turns that it was all a lie.

          Tells a lot about the kind of person she is, she was vindictive with Adrienne because she assumed that she was the one giving stories to ROL but she had zero evidence of that, based on her wrong assumptions she deliberately spilled Adrienne’s secret. I think Brandi likes to make huge assumptions (like the gang up meeting) and then talk about them as if they were facts.

          The only true here is that she lied, she was never sued and she never received a C&D letter, by her own admission last night, but some would just die saying exactly the opposite, even if anybody who has ears could actually hear what BRandi clearly said.

          Most important is what she didn’t say, she never said, “Yes, Andy I did receive a C&D letter, here it is for you to tke a look at and verufy that I am not lying” , she could never show a letter that she knows doesn’t exist, at least not one with her as the recepient.

          • Zero evidence? She had emails from the sources that Bernie was trying to sell the stories to. She showed those to Paul and Adrienne.

            She was named as a party to the “I’m going to sue you” letter.

          • Bernie is not Adrienne, Brandi could have taken it to Bernie just like Paul did.

            Paul is not suing Adrienne for Bernie’s crazy allegations, he is suing the one who actually did it, he is suing Bernie, Brandi would had better spend her money by send ing Bernie a C&D letter if she felt that he was defaming her name.

          • Lexy, its not a hard pill, I think we all know she did not get sued, but at that time, she though she would be! But thanks anyway 🙂 What may be hard for you though, is the fact that she did have action taken against her to shut her up and THAT person lied about doing so!! The letter included Brandi, she was warned, Paul said so at Kyles party. IF she kept talking their truths, she would have been sued.

        • If you know anything about lawsuits, you’d know that the lawyers do a lot of work, that they charge for, before they even reach a courtroom. There’s a negotiating back and forth in which they present evidence for their side, to try to get them to cave and give them what they want before going to court. That’s still a lawsuit. The letter, though not addressed to Brandi, threatened to sue Brandi. Sometimes the negotiating and investigation phase lasts for months, years even. If you’re lucky, it doesn’t go to court. That’s why I was baffled when Adrienne tries to paint it as not being a lawsuit based on semantics, and I’m even more shocked that viewers fell for it. Anyone who has been sued will not act like that initial phase didn’t matter or didn’t cost money or cause stress.

          “That’s a big old lawsuit”- Adrienne Maloof

      • No she could not because posting any of that was against the Maloof’s. Adrienne, her money, her legal team did everything they could to ensure nothing else was aired or spoken about. Brandi, and did you notice also, Bravo, got to show anything that could “prove” what was really transpiring! I guess maybe the proof was Hoof being fired? Just a guess. Now she cannot say anything either, because Bravo has contracts also 🙂

        • It was against her contract to talk about her castmates salaries and she did it anyway, when Brandi wants to expose something, there is no legal system that can stop her, there is no contract that can stop her, if she wanted this C&D letter out there she would had found the way to “leak” it.

    • There was a threat of a lawsuit.
      Now Adrienne, with Kim and Kyle and Camille, are playing with words.
      The lawsuit was not filed because I think Adrienne’s lawyers know that it didn’t have any merit. What Brandi said was true and already been talked about in their circle and in the press!

      • You are right Camille tweeted “Adrienne is not filing a lawsuit”. BUT, she did not mention anything about Brandi being warned or being named in a letter! * lipojaq- they sure did play with the words and it did try to have people not believe Brandi…But I saw how they were “playing”. The NOT filing a lawsuit does not mean: No letter, no warning, no potential suing, because clearly those things did happen.

  • Have to disagree, Loved Yolanda, Brandi and Lisa. Kyle is just getting a little of what she gave on last year’s reunion.

    • I want Kyle to get a therapist and watch seasons one and two together, and discuss her passive aggressive actions towards Kim the first season and Lisa second season. I want her to analyze why her neutrality tolerates crap talking, but never neutral enough to defend Lisa or Kim, but she’ll defend Taylor or Adrienne. And then I want her to dump Taylor like a ton of bricks, I swear she’ll be a changed woman! In good news, she looked good. I think I liked her hair the best.

      I think Kyle is secretly resentful of certain women, whether its her sister or Lisa, and will tolerate a lot more crap against them than a loyal friend would do. Instead of just being honest about her real feelings. I’m shocked that Lisa straight up called out Kyle on the relationship changing after she sold her house, and that Kyle admitted she’s not that close with Adrienne. Fans have been saying that, but that’s just us guessing and filling in the lines.

      Next season Kyle, please do the following:
      Stick to monotones and hire a new stylist
      Spend fun time alone with Kim on camera – and try not to mother Kim when you’re doing it!
      Confront Taylor about her attacking the women you care about – please please do this! You need to get her out of your life, she is holding you down. This is LONG overdue.
      Spend fun time alone with Brandi – we don’t see this friendship on camera, so it’d be nice to see how you guys interact without the Adrienne in the way. I think you have fun together.
      Get a male gay friend, because let’s face it, you’re less likely to sabotage a friendship with a man than a woman.
      If Yolanda is lying, have Lisa’s back.
      Have an interesting journey (plot line) that doesn’t involve the other women, like the store opening but more interesting.

      • I have to say that I agree with many parts of what you are saying RHLurker. I really don’t care for Kyle but when you said this…

        “I think Kyle is secretly resentful of certain women, whether its her sister or Lisa, and will tolerate a lot more crap against them than a loyal friend would do. Instead of just being honest about her real feelings.”

        This rings so true with me. I have to say I was totally on the Richards’ sisters side when it came to the things that were being said. I understand why Kim was upset with Yolanda calling her out on the plans in Oji (altho I do agree with Yolanda about being friends outside of the show) I think Yolanda was Kim’s first real push to make a friend of her own with someone in the group and I do think she genuinely likes her even still (she mentioned that on WWHL the other night) I also think Kim did a good job of not speaking up when she didn’t need to and speaking up when she needed to. Taylor was just stupid…I think Kim genuinely wanted to help her…and I do believe that Taylor agreed to have them come and “help” her on camera, but that Kim said things off camera as well…that said I think Lisa tried off camera also to help Taylor. I wish they’d let her marry her married boyfriend and moved to CO…stink up that fresh air.

        Anyway Brandi was being I think honest last night and while I still don’t care for her I think she has much more invested in Lisa’s friendship then Lisa does in hers. I think Kyle’s right…wait until you piss her (Lisa) off for real, or do something so crass that she doesn’t want to be associated with you. I think Lisa does use Brandi to an extent. Kim backed Kyle up when Lisa was trying to say that Kyle was only her friend until they sold her house…Kyle and Lisa were friends long before that as were their husbands. Did they cultivate a friendship with Adrienne and Paul to sell their house…well were they selling it first and second season?…I’m sure a bit of all that they are saying is in their but I’ve been long winded to say..that while I like Yolanda to some extent…I do believe Kim and Kyle with what they were saying.

        • If the little tid bit of what we got to see Yolanda is any indication of what she was really saying, then I completely believe Kyle and Kim. Yolanda is a queen and she for now is sharing it with Lisa but there will come the moment when one of them will either have to exit or bow down to the other and that is not going to be prety.

      • Hey, @RHLurker. When Kyle gets the new stylist I hope they cut her hair. Seriously. It is beautiful. Nevertheless, I think she is too old for that style and too short in height to pull it off anymore. I cute shoulder link cut would do wonders and make her look taller. Just my opinion.

        …and then maybe the sytlist could talk Kim into a new look as well.

        • I think her length is fine, but it needs to be layered. If you have longer hair, you can’t just let it hang straight. It’s too obvious. Sometimes the hair is amazing but she goes for the straight look too often.

  • Wow I’m shocked at what a huge liar YoYo is. Brandi was just being her shit disturber self. Lisa was a big bitch & taking some low blows. Taylor was a complete moron. She’s afraid to piss off Queen Bitch Lisa. I actually thought Lisa, Brandi & YoYo came off looking like total assholes. Kyle & Kim are now the targets…that’s pretty obvious.

      • how annoying when people accuse someone being “bernie” or whoever else just because they have a different opinion than you. Rox obviously lets us comment TO GIVE OUR OPINIONS NOT TO ALL BLINDLY AGREE. whenever I see a comment I don’t agree with I don’t reply. except in this case because like I said its really gotten old when comments like this are given. Just saying not trying to be mean or anything.

        • Yes! Thank you! It was mildly entertaining the first 500 times it was used. Time to get new material. Or maybe just respect that people have different opinions like p.o. box suggests.

        • There are some really nice Brandi and Yolanda fans here that have been great to me, and I want to honor them and acknowledge them. But I really dislike the general lack of civility at times. I took a couple days off after someone said something particularly mean to me because I criticized Brandi. So yeah, im tired of hearing people called “Leann” “Bernie” or “Adrienne.”

          Furthermore – if it were Bernie he’d be typing IN ALL CAPS AN HIS SPELING IS ATTTROSUS!!!1

          • aw sorry to hear that lucida :/, It is the same type of people who are outraged that their fav hw is being “bullied” whoever that might be, yet jump at the chance to criticize and spew mean insults at other posters. NOT EVERYONE on here does that! just to make myself clear. I agree I really like when people can have a conversation on this site giving each their side of how they interpret the show, cast, etc. and most importantly respecting their opinions. Agree to disagree. What has really been awful is when you get thrown insults like delusional, “are we watching the same show?!” etc. ugh. anyways enough about them.

            bernie probably types in his beloved all caps to make it look like an “exclusive” story lol!! Sorry bernie, your dramatic writing style doesn’t fool us lol

          • @Lucida
            I quit commenting as much as I used to for that very reason. I don’t take these shows or women super seriously. I enjoy this blog but its gets pretty ridiculous with posters bashing each other. Some people need to lighten up. 🙂

          • I agree T, these people can get ridiculous. I enjoy this show (or at least I used to), but at least I have enough sense to know that it’s fake, scripted drama. Unlike some other people here who take it too seriously.

          • Thanks Lucida for saying that. I too was called out and not even by the person I commented on. She took my disagreeing with and saying the comment was idiotic with calling the person idiotic. I have said several positive things to this same commenter more times than not even though we so often disagree. Anywho I too took a day and a half off as I felt really bad and sort of hurt by being called a stupid bitch. I am not and plus I never called the person a aname anyway. We all percieve things in different ways. That’s what makes the world go around as the saying goes. We;d be awfully boring and there would be no reason to have comment sites if we always agreed on everything!! I have a confession. I did call out one person who constantly bashes Brandi. But it is on every site even when its not about her. And it was sometimes literally almost a half of all the one hundred or more comments. I just got worn down. I have decided if I see her starting that up on another blog, I am just going to leave and go some place else to read and comment. Your concert was sweet and funny as hell about Bernie. I have only read one of his comments. It was so difficult because the punctuation was almost non existant too. I guess he can read recipes alright tho right? Take care Ausssie girl if you are out there, I think you are hilarious and I love your comments!!

          • Agree! Why can’t we all just agree it is ok to disagree? I have a love hate relationship with all the housewives, except Teresa (love her) always will! But I admit there are times even tho I can’t stand Caro anymore I can’t bring myself to hate her. I keep hoping everyone will reconcile. Well back to BH. Same with them there I times love love love Lisa then I see she also stirs things up. Finger pointing and arguing really doesn’t make anyone look good. But when grown women and men on blogs trash each other it is just sad!

        • That’s because there are certain anti-Brandi posters, who are very zealous, who practically rewrite what happened on the show and get extremely passionate about it. And then just call Brandi and co horrible names that come out of nowhere.

          It’s one thing to say Brandi deserved to get sued and should have kept her mouth shut. It’s another to insist Brandi was lying about a letter that Adrienne and Paul confirmed ON CAMERA.

          Saying Brandi was lying about her conversation with Camille, when Camille confirmed it ON CAMERA.

          Like, there’s plenty of reasons to not like ANY of the women, but we shouldn’t just make up stuff and ignore what happened, then get upset when you’re called on it.

          However, T is just giving her opinion here and it’s unfair to accuse her of being Bernie. She’s not doing any of that here, and it’s unfair to sweep up every anti-Brandi or anti-Lisa comment with those commenters.

          • It was not confirmed on camera. Sorry but in the foyer scene there was no admission. Everyone has an opinion and they have have a right to it without rebuke. You can believe there was an admission and I can believe there was not. I would only believe there was an admission if Camille stated unequivocally there was a meeting and nothing less. The scene does not lead to that admission in the least, so my opinion stands.

            I have been on this site from day one. I have never seen it so bad and that is counting last season during NJ.

            We should let people have their opinion and move on with our own. I will comment to others and if it gets bad now I will move on with my post. I used to care about it but honestly I no longer care what others think of my opinion that much.

          • Camille never confirmed it on camera. I don´t know about Adrienne but I am sure about Camille.

            I dont think Yolanda is authentic at all. She is more fit for the nutty housewives of Vancouver.

          • Did you watch the reunion, Brandi said it herself, she was not sued nor did she received a letter, she made it all up, just as she made up the fact that she spend a dime on lawyer fees.
            What kind of lawyer charges you a fee for something you have not received, yes, you have been named i n the C&D letter sent to somebody else but any decent lawyer would have told her to wait until she actually receives a letter.
            Brandi has lied so much that she thinks some of us are stupid and will just believe anything she says.

          • RHLurker you know that there are people who don’t want Brandi to succeed. This same people discredit her in any way, shape or form. This same people pay and/or ask her minions to twist everything to put her down. So there’s really no point arguing with them. But as they say, truth always prevails!!!

          • I know. I just have too much time, and they get attacked and called names a lot. I just wanted to try to calmly explain why they come across a certain way.

          • I am respectfully but cautiously replying to Jennifer. If this is the same Jennifer that is the lawyer and the one that recently had a baby congratulations on the birth of your new son or daughter! Mazel! I do not want to start an argument but you know and I know it is probably pretty obvious she was speaking of Lexy. I have not seen any one else as fanatical or as zealous as her on here. Jennifer you ALWAYS back her up no matter what so I am not too surprised to see you here right now. Just as you used to do with Melissa before she went away. Just saying.. To each his own and all andwhile it has gotten meaner just in the couple of months I have been coming, I do make an effort to compliment her and am pleased when we do agree always on other subjects but thats cool. But in all honesty, you even must see at times she gets on a tangent and it is brutal. She posts after everysingle post that disagrees or that complemnts or says anything at all positive about Brandi. It’s fine not to like her but she goes at it like a stalker and it gets creepy.

            On a happier note. I just want to again congrats on new baby and hope you and baby are doing well.

        • I totally agree with you. You have the right to your comments without being judged or criticized for it. That’s what this website is for to discuss different ideas and views and respect comments that you may not agree with.

        • But knowing “T” has been on here longer than “Beth” I would have to say Beth is one of Yoyo’s minions.

      • being accused of being someone else is supposed to be annoying. if T wasn’t aggressivve and angry in his post then he wouldn’t be accused of being bernie.

        • Come on that is silly. Just move on. People hate it because it is a childish comment. It makes the poster Beth look like an idiot for saying it. It is a kindergarten antic.

          I no longer care. I used to when people called me names on this site only ever on BH, but now it doesn’t phase me.

          We all like to post. It is a little obsession we have. It should be enjoyable to all.

          • when did i call you a name? being called bernie is a name? LOL sorry if that offended you but i stand by what i said. you came in here swinging hard and very angry. that’s why you were called bernie. i didn’t have a problem with what you said. you’re post was pretty tamed compared to others in here but it still was angry sounding. i can be aggressive too. not gonna deny that. why don’t you practice what you preach and don’t take anyone’s post too seriously because you took the bernie comment too literal. lol have a drink and relax 🙂

        • rukidding
          Your comment is kinda funny especially coming from you. Most of your comments are aggressive & angry not mine. Sorry if you disagree but I still don’t deserve to be called names. I was actually called names a different time on this blog & your comment was LOL. Your posts just prove the kind of person you are. Lighten up…it’s not that serious & neither are my posts. 😉

          • T, why are people so angry over a show? It’s a show, people! Nothing to call names for, except Hoof & Bernie–they’re people.

            We don’t even know these people on the show. Some don’t care what we say. I read that Kim & Kyle don’t read their blogs. Yolanda & Lisa always thank bloggers & say they enjoy them. But no one enjoys a bunch of angry bloggers going at each other’s throats, except Maloof cause she loves to hate.

            I feel sorry for her. She probably hates herself the most. She’s probably never gotten over what she looked like when she was 15 yrs old. She was probably bullied & so now she bullies. What a shame. I hate bullies. Especially when they’re in school. It does so much damage.

        • Ok @rukidding LOL
          just proving my point even further…thx 🙂
          Btw I wasn’t offended by the Bernie comment I thought it was pretty silly. Like I have said a 100 times I do not take this stuff to seriously.

      • beth i so agree with you. if there’s a liar it is either faye, kyle and kim. and these same girls are the POS and AH of Beverly Hills.
        Lisa can be a bitch but so is anyone of them, but the biggest difference is Lisa comes out always authentic and “human being” just like Yolanda and Brandi.
        I can’t say the same thing about the Richards sisters. They are weird fighting one another and uniting against someone they target (like what they did to Brandi on game night, and Lisa and Yolanda in the reunion) or Camille (at her own house, this time two-face Kyle with sociopath Faye).
        I can say to Kyle, you know her by the friends she keeps…and the supporters that get her a pass!!!

        • This is for, Beth. It bugs me that when you reply, it doesn’t automatically puts the person’s name down. So if you forget to name the person, the reply makes no sense. Webmaster, please fix this.

    • I love Kyle and Kim…Brandi makes me sick…every time she opens her mouth it’s to say something negative..she has nothing but shit that spew out of mouth…Brandi needs to blow her nose because the whore is full….she reminds me of the back of a menstruating skunks ass…she is icky!!!

      • Shelby guuuurl Go have a glass of wine or two or three. You are positively venamous in your comments. Not to mention GROSS and disgusting. So if it isn’t ranting about God and throwing your fundamental old testament bible in our faces over your hate of Yolanda of course Brandi and Lisa are targets of your very hostile and Faye like falsities and nastiness now you try to gross us out. While thats nasty, I can be much worse but I won’t. I respect the rest of the commenters on here too much.

    • I am sad that Yolanda has turned into such a classic, rich mean girl. Yolanda – you had the audience on your side, so why get so nasty. Butt out of everyone else’s business and retire that Sheriff badge because you broke every rule times ten.

      Thank you Roxy for addressing the knee deep hypocrisy of Yolanda and Lisa since an increasing number of posters who actually like them both don’t think it is fair they get a pass for their bad behavior and behavior they whine and scold everyone else for. (I think Brandi is at least more truthful about her gossiping and snarky comments and doesn’t play innocent as much, so doesn’t seem to be as extremely hypocritical as the others.)

      Wasn’t Lisa pretty buddy-buddy with Kyle and Mauricio during her 5 year old daughter’s birthday party the first episode of the season when Lisa walked the Lama through Kyle’s house. This was after Mauricio had sold their house, after Kyle had apologized for the reunion and they appeared close and friendly in this episode. Seems either history is being rewritten to support a new argument or Lisa and Ken were fake acting up a storm in the season premiere at Kyle’s house. I thought Ken and Mauricio were really funny, friendly and great together in Paris, but Lisa seems determined to paint the Richards In the worst light possible, while Kyle is still expected to defend Lisa at all times – Double standard anyone?

      Also, Mauricio and Kyle have posted quite a few photos having dinner with/socializing with Paul over the months so that seems like a friendship (and the house was sold a while ago). It is beneath Lisa and immature to judge something she knows little about since she is no longer friends with Paul and is not spending time recently with Kyle – so how would she know if they are socializing with Paul or Adrienne. Is Lisa tracking Paul and Mauricio’s phone or using a crystal ballroom to monitor their relationship.

      • crystal ball
        (ugh- auto correction strikes again. Who else hates that auto correction bitch –always making me look bad. She should go scratch!)

      • While I don’t know for sure, I am thinking Lisa keeps getting upset with Kyle because she sees her defending and defending others but not her. So of course their relationship has changed!! I would be pissed, too, if a supposed close friend of mine didn’t acknowledge the fact that they blew off defending me, but defend others on a constant basis.

    • Yolanda has always been a huge opportunistic liar. It is what it is. Lisa demonstrated her true colors and she is as fake as a three dollar bill. I very much dislike Lisa in that scene.

      Lisa is an outright nasty woman. Kyle tried many times to fix the relationship and yet Lisa never gave her an inch.

      I have seen Lisa in VPR and she is very much the pot stirrer. She is not a nice person. I believe she discards friends when they no longer are of value to her.

      • I disagree. I think Lisa is still hurt. Plain and simple. And why does she need to not be hurt still? Because Kyle thinks so? No. Regardless of what we, the viewers see on the show and think about the show, we aren’t privy to all the information. Remember that. And Kyle has also admitted that something happened off camera, but of course won’t say what it is.

        I don’t know why Lisa is expected to move on so quickly from what happened with Kyle. She was hurt. It affected their relationship. It changed their relationship. So if Lisa chooses to question things that Kyle says or has done, so be it. It is her prerogative as a person that got hurt by her friend.

      • After what Lisa said about kyle being her friend for more than 10 years just so she could sell her house, if I was Kyle I wouldn’t bother.

        That friendship is done, done , done. Ultimately Lisa has the friend that she deserves, Brandi suits her insterests better.

        • So true Lexy. Lisa hit a new low when she accused Kyle of that and when Kim called her on it she had no choice but to admit that wasn’t true.

        • It doesn’t matter if Lisa then said that is not what she meant, the damage is done.

          Kyle wants to be the peace maker and at some point she will have to open her eyes and realize that this show is not about friendships, is about pawns, it is about who do you have in your corner and who can benefit you the most with the viewers, it is about who do you chose to say the things that you normaly wouldn’t say.

          Kyle is in la la land if she truly believe that there would be one true friend for her in this show, the same applies to the others.

          Lisa, Brandi and Yolanda have that in common and that is why they are so good at it, they have early undertood what this show is about and have mastered the game, Kyle needs to learn that. Even Taylor has learned the name of the game before Kyle.

        • Kyle and Mauricio seem to have a “conjugal real estate business” – Kyle seems to forge “friendships” to secure her husband’s commission. After that you’re outta here!

          • lipojaq, I agree. Did you see Mauricio’s when Kyle was telling him in the car that Adrienne & Paul were divorcing? He was probably thinking, shit…now I’ve lost their friends. Damn.

            He was barely paying attention. If he’s doing so well, why did Kyle open up a thrift store like boutique? I’m sick of all of them peddling their wares on the show. It’s turning into one huge infomercial–ALL of them! On all of the shows. It’s really irritating. They all want to be Bethany.

            Now, the new one, the Baroness, is going to peddle her candles. How much $$$$ do these people need?

        • Brandi has more honesty loyalty and humor than Kim has in her little finger. Kyle can’t even give her own sister a true friendship and support when she really needs that. They are so messed up emotionally and mentaly. Trash from trash after all. They are Big Kathys daughters dont forget and she trained her girls well.

        • Shame on you Lisa for not forgiving Kyle who cares about you and the friendship so much. You are NOT worthy to be her friend and no body else if you cannot forgive a friend that you have known for years! Would you hate your mom if she took your clothes to wear, would she be opportunistic since she raided your closet? So what if Kyle’s hubby sold your home. Mauricio did you a favor by representing it well. To even say that Kyle befriended you for the sale of your home is despicable. Shame on you Lisa!! Kyle, Lisa is NOT deserving of your friendship. If Lisa cannot forgive completely than she is NOT worthy to be your friend. Lisa you are acting too much like the mean girl. SNAP out of it!!

      • Really Jennifer? An opportunistic liar? Thats exactly what you always call Brandi. She is a huge liar now all of the sudden because Kyle, of all people, say so????? Kyle lost credibility season 1. She is a liar, instigator, pot stirrer 2 faced, and if anyone has been opportunistic, its her and MO!

        • Hey Mich, I was thinking the same thing. When has Yolanda been an “opportunistic liar?”

          • Like never!! What in the world does she have to lie for??? That is more bashing from Lexy. What can you epect? She can’t play fair or reasonable and goes on her little rampages. She lives in her own world.

          • Im starting to feel like running and fake crying around the pool, like in that spoof movie with Freddy Prinze Jr., LOL!!! ” She’s All That”…. WAHHHHH… ( Im not sure if thats the movie?) When the mean girl throws her bottled water on her, when she is already wet..LOL

    • Umm…really? I most certainly did not. I thought they were speaking their minds, like the rest of them were. It is pretty obvious that the 3 of them are closer with eachother than the other ladies. I am curious if you thought the same thing when Kyle and friends were defending loser Adrienne???

    • Let’s not forget the single moment of the night that everybody is glossing over and Andy as the bias host he has shown to be didn’t even asked one single question, the fact that Branbdi finally admitted that she never received a C&D letter or was sued.

      • Seriously?? She never admitted to not receiving anything? You must not be watching what the rest of us are watching. She explained what happened…..go watch again.

        • I did she said point blank “A friend of mine (she even mentioned her name) received a letter that had my name in it”

          She neversaid the letter was directed to her because it was not.

      • There was a letter, she was included in the letter, Attorneys had to get involved, she had to pay 10,000 dollars. If she chose to ignore the warning in the letter, she would be sued. It does not mean Brandi is a liar . It meant at that time, she was upset, hurt, angry, and did not fully understand at the time what EXACTLY was going on legally. She addressed Paul and Adrienne and Kyle’s party- Adrienne was going to continue and try to lie, Paul was not. There was a moment when Paul said to Brandi if she did not shut her mouth then she would have legal consequences. Paul , after himself being on the opposite end of Bernie and Adrienne, called Brandi to apologize when he knew what was done to her because it was then being done to him.

        • Michers……I agree with you!! I am guessing those that hate Brandi just think that since the letter wasn’t sent to her directly then there wasn’t one. But, clearly there was…….

          • It never ends, the roller coaster will not stop. Funny how this all transpires then when some disagree then we have to see comments about respecting others opinions huh? Anywhoo- this letter nonsense is really running the well dry. Obviously the ones who do not like Brandi have their own version and terminology, and others will have what we take away from the show!! Yes, there was Srt_..and she also had to get a lawyer, had to watch what she said, therefore could not fill in all the blanks to appease the proof seekers. I never heard Andy or Bravo deny anything, have you? Nope. Only Adrienne and she was disproved by her own Hubby, LOL. I know what I heard and what I saw. I figured at the time Brandi was really thinking she was getting sued because she did not plan on shutting up 🙂 The threat/warning to be sued, while upset, may have a person thinking they are getting sued- no biggie. Im glad she did not get sued because that would have been horrible for her. The letter and threat were enough to show what an asshole Hoof is though!

          • Brandi said at the reunion that it cost her $10,000 in attorney fees. She had to meet with the attorney so, it must have been serious.

  • Don’t forget Yolanda was dealing with her illness and said that she had a hard time forming a thought. Regardless, I like her and hope to see her back next year. Hopefully this was Taylor’s last hurrah….

    • Yolanda is a liar….she honestly said all that in Paris and lied about it…shame on you Yolanda especially being sick and all…you shouldn’t lie next time you might not get better..God it’s watching you!

      • Curious…how do you know for SURE that Yolanda “honestly said all that in Paris and lied about it”? Unless you actually know them I would not automatically believe Kim or Kyle who are very bitchy and often dishonest. Kim was out of it in Paris so how could she remember what anyone said? Kyle…well, she stands up for whomever can benefit her and Mauricio.

      • Shelby: That is so offensive and obnoious to say she may not get better. How do you know she is lying? Who gave you the right to be judge and jury? You need to cool it or you will be the one convincing St. Peter when it;s your turn at the Pearly Gates whether or not you should be allowed it. My God is not all fire and brimstone. He is kind and forgiving when asked. He loves us despite our human failings. And we all have them. You need t climb down off that cross. It’s already been done and by someone a lot more worthy and loving than yoiu. You sound like a very fundamental black and white kind of thinker. I can just see what would happen if you had the power. Most of us on here would be fed to the lions because we don’t like The Richards sisters. How dare you say this? YOU are the one that might thnk about asking for forgiveness. We aren’t supposed to judge others. Opinions yes. But not say they are condemned to hell or may never get well when they have been so ill over a year. Man is that ever mean. By far the meanest and ugliest thing I have ever read on here. I don’t wish that on any of these silly old housewives or the folks commenting. Way out of line.

        • Geeze, Lexy…Sandy is just giving her opinion. Are you Faye now, not allowing anyone to have an opinion? Get a clue. It’s a show. You DO NOT KNOW these women & never will.

    • I agree about Yolanda. And about Taylor. She needs to borrow some money from her married boyfriend and go get those extensions taken out. They look beyond ridiculous. I can barely see her fat-ass lips behind them, lol…

    • Yolanda seemed perfectly fine to me, she did a great job of calling everybody down to the carpet and she gave as good as she took.

    • I agree. So what if she was getting a bit irritated at Lisa in Paris? Friends do get irritated at each other at times. Maybe what she said didn’t come out as harsh as the sisters say it did. I’m not saying that the sisters are liars. But, you can take something and twist it because that is how you may have heard it. If it was so shocking to them, at that time, why wouldn’t they have her clarify what she said, then and there? I know I would have. Knowing Yo was Lisa’s friend and heard her saying something so harsh about her friend?

      Plus, Yo has never had anything bad to say about Lisa. I’ve heard her tease her. But, with Yo’s illness, I’m not going to try to interpret what she says. I’ll let her do that.

    • 1. I’d rather have Yolanda than the Richards sister.
      2. Lisa has given up on Kyle and her “friendship”, not the other way around
      3. Kyle seemed to be chummy when her husband’s commission is at stake, go back to Camille. I believe Lisa has a point.
      4. Yolanda was not “extremely” against Kyle. She’s not aggressive towards anybody but she got frustrated that the “TV” friendship isn’t always as it seems when the camera isn’t there.
      5. I believe the Richards were always the instigator with social-climber Faye.
      6. Kyle is the “low blow” queen, not Lisa! In fact you can see Lisa try to stop Brandi or Yolanda to say things on air, proving she’s never one to give a low blow.
      7. Kim might be thankful to Brandi later on in life, without the much needed “humiliation” with the addiction expose her life could have ended worse anyways.

      • Lipo- I love this summation! I do agree with you. Now, as for Yolo talking smack about Lisa- I do recall her saying to stop when speaking about Kim at dinner, and there was nothing wrong with that. The Richards girls always seem to have issues speaking in airports, LOL; Camille, Taylor, Kyle situation on way to New York. I think the sisters are adding some tales to paint Yolo as something she is not. And I too find it funny that Kim would remember something like that, when she was not sitting with Kyle and Yolo whole time, and Yolanda was carrying Kim’s bags…Its funny to me the things that those sisters finally decide on when they are “united” or not.

        • Agreed! Kim & Kyle make me sick!!! I am so over both of them. I still think something is not right with Kim. She’s way to confrontational for my liking especially being that she is not totally “well”. What I don’t get is why they are such good friends with the morally corrupt Faye POS? Rock on Yolanda, Lisa & Brandi….put those bitches in their place! Haha. Oh….one more thing….Lisa to Faye comment, “Checkmate Bitch”!!!!! Bahahahaha BOOM!

          • Oh you didn’t know? Faye is a good family friend for over 20 years! Says alot about that family!!!

      • lipojaq, very well said! Especially #7. The truth is we don’t know what kind of addiction Kim has. I’ve never seen her like Taylor, falling down drunk. Just in the bathroom all the time season 1 & 2. You don’t need to go into the bathroom 14 times a night to get drunk. She was doing something else & we’ll never know. I’ve never heard her say, “Gotta go to AA.”

        Kim lies to herself & everybody else. She BLAMES everybody else!

        Just my opinion, Lexy!

    • Oh please Yolanda is a big mouth looser I put her in the same class with Brandi & Marisa they are gross and classless. She keeps using lyme disease as a excuse for her brain not working right and could not talk. please she has not closed her mouth yet . She is disgusting she puts down other women and tries to act like an authority. Yolanda your a has bend get over yourself. Get Yolanda off the who along with Brandi and Marisa they act and look like walking diseases .

      • Yolanda is classless and is the true nobody!!! How dare you say this about Adrienne Maloof!! Maloof showed class by not showing up to deal with cheap talking liars, who back stabb and talk trash, especially Brandy, about a prominent women in society. Who says shut the F up in a group of friends??? Yolanda and Brandy is classless and are thugs in disguise. Lisa, I think you are friends with Brandy and DO get Brandy to talk for you regarding your hatred with Adrienne… You two deserve each other. And Yolanda you did say those things about Lisa, sorry but truth wins out.

      • Victoria, Yolanda classless? OMG…you’re watching some other show. Yolanda reeks of class.

        Saying a sick woman “act(s) and look(s) like walking diseases” is CLASSLESS, MEAN, DESPICABLE & HORRID. Yolanda IS very sick. Hope you never get ill. But know what? Karma is a bitch.

    • Yolanda is a game player and liar. She is gross. Yolanda never had a problem talking or being bossy or mean.