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NeNe Leakes Slams Wendy Williams For Bashing Her & Gregg’s Relationship!

NeNe Leakes was seen getting ready for The Wendy Williams Show in recent Real Housewives of Atlanta episodes, and she even made sure that she was on time for her interview with the talk show host as to not make her wig fly out! It seems that Wendy may have said something that ticked NeNe off regarding her and Gregg’s evolving and unconventional relationship. Don’t mess with NeNe’s love life!

According to BET, Wendy was talking on her show earlier this week when she recapped RHOA and said NeNe and Gregg’s relationship “had a lack of chemistry and described their pairing as being a great friendship with business benefits.”

NeNe caught wind of this and went on Twitter to call Wendy out! NeNe slammed her comments, saying:

NeNe makes me laugh! And I think she and Gregg have a great relationship and it’s visible that they love each other. Do you agree with Wendy, or are you siding with NeNe here?!

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  • This my first time posting a comment. Wendy has forgotten the passes she received since her radio days. She getting worst. Wendy never need to talk about any body husband. Her husband screw Trannies. The DJ who discovered Biggie, was caught by vice cops getting brain. That tranny is Wendy husband favorite. That’s why Wendy look like she’s in DRAG.

  • I dont like wendy but this is her job. To deliver gossip. And of course she gives her opinions. On the other hand i think it was about time one of the housewives have stood up to her and told her to STFU. she has constantly bashed and talked about tre and joe and it pisses me off. Cause she kisses tres ass but even recently telling teresa to leave the show? Bitch teresa runs the show HUNTY! dont even go there with my girl u drag queen! Wensy is obnoxious and dumb as hell. Yes she makes money but this bish gets on my damn nerves. No wonder not even beyonce and jay z dont like her, she was talking about their unborn child! I cant stand her. I dont think anyone else can either. She is stuck up gorga arse when thats the teresa show hunnie. Gorgas and wakiles dont have as many fans as giudice baby! Get lost u turtle drag! I may no agree with nene but u go girl! Stick up for yourself!

  • I am sorry I think I could find a better job than one that expected to throw out and say hurtful things about another person’s relationship. Wendy should have handled it better or said nothing. I turned her off and tuned her out a long time ago. If she vying for the editor and writer of STAR mag!!!

    • Sorry Jary, I disagree. I would walk a country mile naked dipped in honey butter if I had a job like Wendy. She is making coin and having a blast doing it. It comes with the territory of being a celeb that crap is going to be said. The key is how you respond that sets you apart and above the rest.

  • I 110% agree with Wendy, which makes me wanna vomit because I despise her! I do think Nene and Greg love each other but she is definitely not in love with him as he is with her whatsoever! It seems so awkward when he’s trying to be sweet and romantic to her and she just seems uncomfortable or has kind of a whatever type of attitude about it.

    One poster said he filed for bankruptcy? I had no idea about that, but it totally makes sense that that’s why they would divorce but still be together. I always just thought she felt like she was better than him since she started getting more and more famous and that’s why she left him. Like she thought she would just go out and be able to find someone better or whoever she wanted that would just spoil the crap out of her because she’s always came across as materialistic to me. Then when that didn’t happen for her she had Greg as a back up plan so that she doesn’t have to be alone. I don’t know though….I used to love Nene but now I think she thinks she’s better than everyone, and I hate how everyone just basically kisses her ass.

  • I would really feel bad for anyone who takes shit about Nene or her Hubby and her family that’s HANDS off , Nene has said it over an over an that’s to anyone’s family it’s just not right . Then you hear more BS from a low life TALKing Wendy W. ya Wendy being a Jealous Hater is not going to get you brownie Points.

  • I too think it is a business arrangement. I think they divorced so Gregg could go through his bankruptcy proceedings without bringing in NeNe’s income….now that it’s over and discharged….they can get married again with minimal debt…

    It was good strategy as well as a storyline for her…

    Wendy called her out..NeNe responded….could she have been more tactful….yes….but that is how she reacts…….

    • I thought what you said was very insightful, but what Wendy said was out of order. She comes across to me as jealous of nene and afraid that nene could become the new out spoken queen of chat show hosts. There is Norway their relationship is fake, they truly are in love.and clever enough not to let rhw franchises undermind their marriage.

  • This is not a joke. I thought for the longest time that Wendy Williams was in drag – a performance artist like Birnie Maxwell whom I absolutely adore. I was flabbergasted when I discovered she was not. She still seems more camp in drag than many drag queens.

  • Look Wendy’s job is to entertain, her ratings are slipping, she has a job to do, its not unusual for her to stoop to this level, and she knows better, but NeNe just never seems to learn a lesson. There were so many better ways she could have responded, instead of the way she did, but once again,money can’t buy you class…NeNe your new found fame is not going to last long, and after that, no-one is going to want to hire you, if you continue to act like a complete, illiterate,low class, trash with a filthy mouth. Not to mention, no manners.

    • Those are my feelings towards Nene….she is just too much…over the top…all that is not necessary…she better hope that she can continue in these shows….no one wants to hire a loud mouth obnoxious woman….be professional..

      • Completely agree with both of you. She needs to step off I’d her high horse before it ends throwing her right on her ass.

      • ITA and I am so over Nene and her fake relationship with Gregg, just admit it already that it is a convience for both of you. Wendy always does this and it comes with the territory so get use to it Nene.I predict she will be back in Atlanta within 2 years,begging for work. Remember her fake tv spot years ago? She was horrible…nothing has changed. BTW anyone see a commercial for a new show with Sheree and her ex? Too funny.

    • I disagree, Wendy Williams is Messy as Hell! Shell have celebs on her show and be on their side kissin their azz but then the next week she’s hating She is a nasty trashy person who I don’t watch and find her an embarrassment! I don’t get why Nene is wrong for coming back at her. Teresa didn’t fire back at her but she should’ve. I’ll be surprised if her show is in a few years because she is alienating all the celebs who would actually do her show!

  • haha well it’s Wendy’s job to give her opinions about various celebrities. It’s funny how sensitive these people get. If it weren’t for people like Wendy mentioning their names all the time, they wouldn’t be so popular. That said, Wendy can be blunt and “go in” on someone so she has to ready to be slammed herself.

  • Sort of off topic, but did you see that Kordell filed for divorce on Friday?

    I did not see that coming. He sounded off a bit about how she won’t get any alimony, she’s a grown-ass woman who can work, etc. etc.

    I wonder how much the show’s portrayal of him exacerbated their issues. I don’t believe Bravo can cause a divorce in a solid marriage, but it sure can unravel a frayed one.

    • I saw that! Was shocked. THink he really didn’t like all the negative publicity he was getting. Also read elsewhere that he told Porsha no more RHOA and she “disobeyed” and continued to pursue it.

      Sad never like to see any marriage end.

  • Black celebs have been COMING for Wendy Williams in the past two weeks. Please look up Lil Kim’s tweets and the original Aunt Viv from Fresh Prince. Wendy Williams is a gossip who says what she thinks. She used to be worse when she had her radio show, and I think some celebs are a little pissed over the history.

    Whitney Houston on Wendy Williams, greatest interview in the history of interviews:

    • Because crack smoking Wendy Williams (very true) has told so much trash on Black Celebs that they do have a reason to go after her.

    • yeah, wendy williams had made many enemies. she needs to stop or else she’s gonna have nobody to interview. she just don’t know when to shut her mouth. i used to be a fan of hers but i’ve noticed she gets too judgemental and catty with other people.

    • I can’t side with NeNe because she comes across as fake and seems to be “acting” all of the time. I find Greg to be weird and have no idea what their relationship is really like. I haven’t seen Nene act like a normal person once during this current season. She always seems to be auditioning for yet another sitcom or talk show. I don’t like Wendy either but feels that she does speak her mind much more sincerely than Nene does.