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Mauricio Umansky Is Confident That He And Kyle Richards Have No Skeletons In The Closet

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills veteran Kyle Richards and her husband Mauricio Umansky seem to have a solid marriage with a beautiful family, and Mauricio is sure that reality TV won’t affect that because the couple simply do not have any dark secrets that could come out to harm them!

People caught up with the hunky real estate expert in Las Vegas and he dished to the magazine about his marriage to Kyle, “We’re the same, with or without cameras. We’re just super real and we know each other and we’re real. We don’t have any secrets to hide. That’s one thing we talked about, the skeletons in the closet, and we can handle our worst skeletons.”

Mauricio adds that being on the show was a decision they both made together and that he is not one to hold back his wife from working and doing her own thing. He adds, “She likes to work. I was one to never hold her back from working, so I’ve always felt if the husband holds a woman back from working you get friction. It’s unavoidable. So when she was offered the part [on Housewives] we went for it and the show’s been good to us.”

What do you think of what Mauricio had to say?

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  • Shove it Mo. You LIVE for the cameras, LOL! He acts like a housewife most of the time anymore….

  • I adore Kyle I think they have the most beautiful marriage and family, even though I am team Brandi.

  • I think there are plenty of skeletons in their closet that haven’t come out. Remember when one of the cast members was so upset about receiving a letter from a lawyer and Mauricio said it’s no big deal he gets them all the time? What type of realtor gets attorney letters threatening lawsuits all the time? I’m thinking a shady one. Kyle does whatever it takes to get what she wants and she doesn’t know how to be a true friend. There are probably plenty of stories about them if people are willing to talk. And you all suggesting that Mauricio is too in love to cheat… I don’t get that. Maybe because of a lack of prenup he doesn’t allow himself to get caught but I don’t see one single thing about him that suggests he is without a doubt faithful.

  • Mauricio’s comments remind me of another person who claimed to be squeaky clean and challenged the press. Gary Hart. How did that work out for him?

    They have secrets. They may be small or big, significant or not. But they have secrets. We all do. None of us have lived spotless, blameless lives. Whether it’s fudging an estimate, claiming some questionable deductions, cheating, drinking, youthful indiscretions, DUI, plastic surgery, or whatever, there are secrets.

    It’s best if they remain secrets, we don’t need to know everything about them. But it is spitting in the wind to challenge the press with a statement like this one.

    • They don’t need secrets. They are in your face with the truth. As Lisa said at the reunion – if you have a home to sell they are your best friends. If not, you are an after thought.

    • as usual I agree with you Cajsa. And you are right. Everyone has secrets or skeletons in the closet. I think Kyles one saving element on the show is her family and the obvious love between her and her husband. That being sad. Kyle is a vicious vindictive pot stirring instigator. While acting as the peacemaker of the group she is actually shit stirring to get something started. She did it with Brandi and on other occasions. I haven’t noticed others doing it like she does. She needs to go away but I guess now that she is a producer we will never be able to with all our grumbles get rid of her.

      • “Obvious” vs. “watch the cameras”

        I don’t buy the very FORCED Kyle/Maurice schtick they have going on.

        “Honey, I’m hooooome!”

        “Oh, my love is home, let me go kiss him and ask him about his day!”


        Kyle and Maurice are as fake as they come.

  • they do seem to have a very solid happy marriage. sometimes i don’t agree with them but as a couple they’re very good together. mauricio better be careful with his words and not feel too confident about whether they have skeletons or not because they might come out sooner than he thinks. it seems that many houewives and their husbands usually have secrets and eventually they always come out.

  • Solid dude…their skeleton’s will come dancing out with the assistance of Lisa their “friend”.

    Of course with the assistance of Brandi…who has made an actual career of screeching out secrets/family issues if you are no longer needed..oops meant are no longer friends…Brandi herself screeched that once you are not friends “kill the bitches”

    Perhaps before next season Bravo can purchase for all cast mates..suits of armour. And for Brandi alone, Bravo should be buying her a new set of knee pads..old ones are worn out..perhaps knee pads embedded in diamonds. 🙂

  • They’re a lovely couple. I just wish they wouldn’t invest so much time in relationships with catty people.

  • Their secrets would have been exposed by now…I’m sure someone has tried to find something on them…

    Believe they really have a strong marriage….

    • Stop being in my head.. I just said that down there before I read up here.. Backwards today 🙂

  • Uh huh, they do NOT live in Beverly Hills, not now or in Season one ot two.

    Kyle was raised mostly in Encino and attended school in Encino.

    She was knocked up for BOT of her shotgun weddings, like her sister 3xs and her mother before her.


    • And on top of that she has only been married twice, so you should get those facts straight before you spew BS

      • Thats what the commenter said, kyles been married twice. They said “her sister” meaning Kim, has been married 3 times and their nasty mother was married four times.

          • who says you can’t call someone nasty just because they’re dead? i never heard that rule before. i’ve heard stories of kyle and kim’s mom being horrible.

            hitler is dead but we all can agree how nasty he was right? not comparing hitler to kyle’s mom. just making the point of the dead part. being dead doesn’t exclude you from criticism.

          • I do for one. Being dead doesn’t naturally excuse what shameful and horrible things you did in your life for godssake. Their mother was nothing short of s sociopath and used her kids horribly. Often pitting them against each other.

          • I love how you guys are talking like you were growing up in that household…i dont believe their mother was horrible to them because all 3 of them (kathy, kim, kyle) are wonderful mothers.

          • “It is wrong to speak ill of the dead.” It is a very old idiom and a good one to use, especially if one has manners.

      • i hit enter too soon. are you crazy? She lives in Bel Air which sits right above Beverly Hills. you must not be from around here. also no one cares about your parents estate.

        • Clearly “Jelly” seems to care since they threw our the idiotic “jealous” claim. Who would EVER be jealous of Kyle Richards. Go read the majority of rhobh article comments. The viewers despise Kyle. Including me. She’s a malicious, manipulative, disloyal, insecure social climber. And her husband is a brown noser consumed with the love of money. They’re both cling ons.

          • I don’t see them clinging to anyone. As for rest of your comment, what do you think people do to make money? People in sales? Mauricio is no different from anybody in his industry, and when Ken and Lisa were still working their way up, I have no doubt that they were the same way, if not worse. Remember, Ken is much, much older than Mauricio, and has already made his money.

          • I think they are a very handsome couple, he treats her with respect and vice versa, thir kids are normal and adorable. The oldest one is in a fine University, and is on a completely different road than Paris. I think they have a lovely family.

          • Steph I totally agree with you. I can’t stand vile Kyle either. The Richard sisters are incapable thanks to big Kathy of ever loving anyone other then their family and a maybe a few people who have helped them with fame and money. I think they are despicable human beings but all of is not their fault. They were raised by trash and turned out as trash too. What did anyone expect?? And godmother Faye??? Shudder. That pretty much sums it up.

          • Mego,

            I totally agree. Kyle and Mauricio are a striking pair. He looks and sounds as if he respects and her opinion.

    • Seriously,why do u bother commenting you are so freaking negative. You seem like a very jealous judgemental you believe all the things you read about these people,you act like you know everything about them.. I see your comments on this site pop up alot,go get a life or shut up

      • I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were the Internet police. Kyle put herself out there and took a gamble. She thought everyone would adore her and the fact that she thinks its all about her. Well, she’s not well liked now that we see her true colors. You don’t have to like it.

        • I think they are all jelly of Lisa and her popularity as the fav housewife, this includes Kyle, Adrienne, Faye and Kim on a sober day.Bravo has shifted the tables and these women are not where they thought they would be.Do they not see how they have been potrayed?

  • As a couple they seem legit to me. That doesn’t mean being on the show wouldn’t affect them though. I’m sure Kyle has changed since being on RHOBH. Mauricio is a fame hunter too so maybe the balance is intact lol

    • Maybe, maybe not. It took 3 seasons for Adriennes secrets to come out.

      I wonder why Camille isn’t using Mauricio to sell her Mslibu house now. She is using a different agent/agency.

      I agree that they love their children and seem to have a good marriage but I wonder if putting Portia and their other children on the show as much as they do is a good idea.

      • O come on. Are yoiu kidding???? Kyle is her mothers daughter.. Those girls are all in training to marry a rich man and have lots of kids. Ans I am sure she is hoping the exposure will have agents calling to cast cute little Portia in commercials or something. She was raisedto be in the spotlight.

  • Kyles lucky. Don’t think this guy would ever cheat on her or make her look bad on or off camera

      • Sometimes men and women can appear to be devoted to their families when in reality it is a facade to keep up their images.I cann’t help but wonder what their little triggers are for pressure relief.Maybe they disagree on toothpaste or the thread counts in their sheets.I just cann’t help but wonder how they can stand being so prefect all the time.Every couple has their moments.

          • Exactly Jennifer.With Lisa and Ken you can see the teasing and banter going on between them.That is healthy for a marriage.They both have minds of their own.I don’t see that with Kyle and her husband.They try to come off as perfect.

    • Seriously?

      Then you werent listeing in season one.

      Camille was quite clear that Mauricio “likes his nanniesand other woman as well”, he cheats

      • @Richard Umm…season one camille was a very diff person. Hateful, slutty, and as accusatory as they come…what camille said was made up, and aimed at hurting kyle where she shines. Camille was projecting her own issues onto kyle, whom seems to have a very blessed/fortunate life when it comes to hubby and kids.

      • Funny how Kyle forgave her for that comment(it was attached to a juicy sales commission check).

      • If he is cheating it must be with someone who is either rich or loves the hell out of him.Just like with Juicy the pic’s and story would be worth alot of money.I am still waiting on those Juicy cheating pic’s by the way.

  • I think he’s right. After 3 seasons if there was some deep dark secret it would have been exposed by now. Especially with Kyle not being a fan favorite. There are people who dedicate themselves to exposing housewives (see famewhorgas).

    I’m quite sure the show has been good to them. The publicity and paychecks are nothing to sneeze at.

  • You know, I don’t care if they have skeletons. I think they have a good marriage and they are good parents. However, just because they have a good marriage and are good parents don’t mean that they both cant be utter bitches. Because they both can be. And are.

      • They are horrible parents.

        They chose Faye resnick, a former coke whore, prostitute, and police informant as a godmother to an innocent baby girl.

        • Ha , this is true !! Very poor judgement in that regard. Plus whenver I see Mauricio and Camille together I am always reminded of the comments Camille made in season 1 about him. She seemed to be hinting that she knew some juicy stuff about him , don’t know if she was being truthful or not , but it sure makes u wonder.

          • Your totally right, I remember her saying that at the table with her friends. She was majorly throwing hints that he sleeps around. I think Mauricio uses his good looks and the women he is buying and selling their husband houses to make connections and make money. And he sleeps with them to keep in the good graces of the BH crowd.

            In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Mauricio didn’t hit on Camille at one time when she was married to Kelsey.

        • Are all your friends perfect? It’s possible we all know someone who has done drugs or made some very bad mistakes in the past, but it just wasn’t written about…i don’t like or dislike faye, but i believe in second chances.

          • @ buck Henry…I too believe he and Camille had a flirtation if not more. Did you see his hand on her waist as he greeted her at the “White Party?” Too cozy…

        • You can’t say they are horrible parents just because they chose fay as the god mother…they have been friends for 20 years and im sure fay has been good to kyle…is she a bitch to others? Yes

        • Since when do JEWS have GODMOTHERS?!?!?!
          Faye Resnick is a lying sack of old coke whore residue!!!!

          • “since when do JEWS have GOD!OTHERS”

            — Goebbels called. He’d like his Jewish stereotypes and propaganda back!

          • I don’t know any who do, and part of my family is Jewish (none of them do either) so I don’t know why Lucida got her panties all wadded up.

            I would have commented on Lucida’s post but there is no “reply” box available.

          • When the girls had their simchat bat they might have had Faye as their kvater which loosely relates to godmother it is a position of honor and is not necessary but it is customary. I raise my children both as Catholics and Jews. My husband is Jewish.

            So, there is a position of a godmother in the Jewish religion and it is the kvater. You can google it and you will find it as a godmother. It is not the same as the Christian faith but a customary and designation of honor.

          • It is a stereotype. Forgive me if stereotypes wad my panties. Seriously, if anyone were to make a post that says “Since when do BLACKS have x” would you see the offense? Unless you said “since when do blacks have white skin, maybe i could see the relevance. Plenty of Jews have godmothers, it doesn’t just pertain to the Christian religious sense. You do know what a stereotype is?

            Jesus H. I’m going back to my cave!

          • I am part Jewish myself! I can go to Temple on a Friday night and have no problem following along and saying the prayers in Hebrew!!! AND I am a Catholic………. so I know about Godparents! It wasn’t an anti Semitic comment Lucinda!!!
            Get a grip!!!

          • Neither I, nor my extended family, nor my husband’s extended family have Godparents. It’s simply not in the Jewish culture. No stereotype, just the truth. She isn’t Jewish though right? Could be where the God parent thing comes in. However, whether or not she’s a fab friend, a coke addict and Hollywood d list climber does not a good parent make.

        • I don’t know which ones of Kyle’s kids Faye is a godparent to, but the innocent baby girl Portia, godmother is Farrah, her oldest sister.

          • Christians have Godparents (Baptism into the Christian faith) to insure the child is raised as a Christian.

            Jews do not have Godparents. But a Jewish family can appoint a “Godparent” as trustee of the childs future. This is usually a legal matter.

            Yeah, I googled it.

          • Regular heathens who want someone to be a special person in their kids lives have Godmothers. Satanists have Godmothers. Gay people have Godmothers. Cinderella has a Godmother. My cat has a Godmother. I get that the Christian religion uses the term in a specific manner. Other people use it to designate a special relationship for their kids. Or fictional princesses. Or pets.

          • Kyle converted from Catholicism, but there is probably a hybrid of both religions in her home.

          • One a Simchat Bat is a ceremony for girls and you can and usually do have a Kvater which is a Godmother. It has been around for thousands of years. It is not new and if you do practice Judaism you know it. Most every Jew especially the more observant use a Kvater for their daughter during the Simchat Bat ceremony. So, yes in a sense Jews do have godmothers they are not the same but that is the loose translation.

      • I don’t know if I would declare them good parents based on what we see on the show.We all thought Caroline was a great parent but now the cracks are starting to show in her babies.Let’s check back in a few years and see how the little ones hold up.