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Lisa Vanderpump: Adrienne Got The Hoof! Plus, Why She Was On The Offense At The Reunion!

Lisa Vanderpump was attacked by nearly everyone including her friend Kyle at last year’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that she came to this year’s with a guard up. Lisa is telling Us Weekly that she definitely came on the offensive and also discusses Adrienne Maloof’s absence from the show’s filming!

Lisa talks Adrienne, saying that she had a job to do and that she should have taken her commitment seriously. She says, “The reunion is where you go and everything comes to fruition and you hash it out. And viewers want that the same way they want us to blog. . . So yeah, she got the hoof! She says she walked away, but she didn’t. She got the big Maloof hoof! And you can quote me on that!”

As for her stance at this year’s reunion, Lisa adds that she was not going to take anyone’s attacks lying down! She adds, “I’ve been through the reunion last year and I was ganged up on and I had a huge amount of support from the audience. And I really felt this time I wasn’t going to take it lying down. I was going to stand up and say, ‘Hey, this is what’s going on,’ and I felt the way the whole thing played out this season — you saw it — the loyalties were divided. And I’m not like that. You’ve got to pick one side of the fence. You sit on the fence too long, you get splinters in your ass!”

What do you think of what Lisa had to say?!

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  • I love Lisa. I think she has been the most true-to-herself person on the show this season. She has learned that who you thought were your true friends weren’t and who you didn’t think would be your friend turned out to be a good friend. I support Lisa 100%

  • Lisa accepted kyles apology but said friendship changed, Kyle understands why and said she would work on that, she had her chance to change it when fay insulted Lisa but she didnt.

    • This! Kyle is kinda dense.. You can totally tell someone what you think of them, as that is your right, but you can’t expect someone not to have a response especially if what you said is seen as negative.

      Lisa accepted Kyle’s apology for the statement she made about her, but that statement was said in public and not between two friends. My guard would be up as well! That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t forgive, but who the hell would forget, “being friends with you is like playing chess with Bobby Fisher,” (or something to that affect.)

      Kyle’s biggest problem is that she has no loyalty to anyone (except for her hubs and kids, which I respect, and Faye, which I believe is indicative of her true character.) She lost me the first season when she put her sister’s alcoholism on blast. That relationship was also damaged from a statement she made.

      You’d think Kyle would learn by now, that you can say whatever you want but you better be prepared to own it! Kyle just wants to run her damn mouth and have no consequences. She thinks she should be able to insult her friend and sister on national television and they should laugh and smile and forgive her and trust her with their secrets 🙂

      Also I don’t give a damn what kind of party you thought this was! You come in my house? You come say “Hello!”

  • i love it!! lisa gave kyle a taste of her own medicine. i hope she doesn’t hold back and doesn’t take kyle’s crap. kyle has been two faced and she needs to be held accountable for it.

  • Lisa wasn’t ganged upon; she just doesn’t like being questioned about anything becuz she and Ken are perfect and we all should be privileged to know who they are. Lisa may not sell stories but she sure doesn’t mind interviewing; the Maloof Hoof, who the heck does she think she is. Brandi is just a pet to her. I am happy Adrienne did not show up; why be bashed when you are leaving anyway. Lisa wants everyone to thinks that SHE’s worked for every penny her family has; not show. Old or new money; someone worked for it. The Maloof’s certainly and of course it was passed off to the heirs; whom should it have gone too, Lisa/Ken franchise. Lisa had better be careful she’s very attractive, but age is catching up with her.

  • If loyalties were divided as Lisa said, then obviously no one was sitting on the fence. The reality is that not everyone chose Lisa’s side and therein lies the problem.

  • Lisa constantly says that she has accepted the apologies of everyone from season two reunion regarding the selling of stories…that came from Adrienne….Lisa is still holding a grudge….be a woman and tell Kyle that you don’t accept her apologies and move on….and why does Kyle keep trying to be her friend….this friendship is over….they are now just acquaintances…..

    I question the age of these women every article…I actually thought BH had more exciting things happening..

  • Well said Lisa, remember your words and don’t get sick eating tons of crow!

    Lisa used to be my favorite..classy/beautiful/honest/loyal she has morphed into:

    the bitch of the year.She has aligned with the perfect person who knows how to tell 1/2 lies and knows how to create non issues and she memorized how to hold onto a hurt for the next 100 years.

    By the way both of Lisa’s faces are perfectly beautiful.

    Again, Adrienne,(Lisa’s friend) did not get fired..good one cheap shot.

    • Hi samael!!!!! How are you ?
      I have to say, I do think Hoof was fired, thats what I thought anyway. Stop being so mean to LIsa, I love her, LOL!! Just kidding.. but I do love her though 🙂
      I think Kyle is 2 faced, and others MAY have their moments of hypocrisy. Lisa was hurt by Kyle, and while she tries to move on, it does not erase how she felt- she is human.

      • Him michers 🙂 feeling tip top…thanks. How are you?

        Lisa seems to only address these emotions when they affect her, when her cast mates had these feelings, she approached it with “get over it, I am”.

        If Lisa was more human this season, I would still be her cheerleader.

        I think most cast mates of Bravo franchise grew their second face…patiently waiting for the rest.

        • If you aren’t willing to be Lisa’s underling then she has no use for you. That is why she never got along with Adrienne, Adrienne just didn’t need Lisa to run her life and she is definitely why Brandi made a complete 360 against Adrienne; the only ONE, not Lisa, who tried to understand her and had her half/naked back. Lisa likes gossipy whispering secrets, and Brandi brings them all day, on phone with Adrienne, jumps and calls Lisa, A said this; we are all women and we know how this goes. Lisa’s lost a fan; she was the host of the party and she should have went to see about Adrienne, remember A made the effort to pull it together and come to an invited event; then Ken makes that nasty comment about Adrienne; Their social skills simply suck; if you are not subjects to their Queen; then we are simply lowly English spin-offs subject to the almighty MALOOF-HOOF, I say stick it Lisa and Ken!

        • Hey Sam! Im good, Im glad you are tip top! Now, I will get on with it, LOL
          Hmm, I think Lisa is human, however, I think she was so over the petty nonsense with Kyle, that its showed throughout the season, and that I would say IMO, was her keeping it real but also trying to still be interactive during the season.

          • Hey michers

            I understand your opinion.

            I still believe that Lisa has the habit of addressing issues only when she is in the mood or if it affects her.

            Not a very good trait for a friend to have.

          • Maybe? But I cannot say I blame her and I guess that is why I feel the way I do. I used to really like Kyle, but that changed obviously! I guess I was again disappointed in a Bravo show? I figured with BH, things would be different with ladies in that demographic and that age. Silly me!

  • grade school must have been a tough stage in her life. when are they moving on? its been 2 yrs talking about the same crap.

  • I do think Lisa is being a drama queen with all her talk of “attack” “back me up” “loyalty” etc…this is a stupid “reality show”, not some war. I think all the cast members need to start saying what they feel, not just trying to side with whomever they think is the “cool girl” or whatever. It’s good that Lisa and Kyle are finally having it out, as it’s been bubbling under for a while now. It was weird of Kyle to defend her non-friend Adrienne all the time instead of her “friend” Lisa.

  • Oh Lisa you were not being ganged up on, stop being a drama queen and a baby. If you want to know what being truly ganged up on watch the reunion for RHoNJ of last season.

    • you don’t have to threaten the life of a HWONJ to prove you ganged up on…you witnessed family attacking each other on RHONJ season 4 reunion.

      what was on RHOBH season 2 was a ganging up on or hating on Lisa.

      Adrienne was already running into money problems by that time. Kyle and Taylor are trying to get richer. Camille was still in her divorce. Kim was checked out and Brandi joined the crew. Even Dana (Ms. $25,000) was all about talking of money.

      Lisa had the sense to downsize…

        • jelly, you know I have to bust your balls on this, LOL! If it were Kyle who were in Lisa’s place at last reunion, what would you call it? I am willing to bet that you would say Kyle was attacked. Now, if Im sitting at reunion, with my BFF across form me, and the others are my so called friends, they start dropping bombs and accusations at me, Im feeling attacked, just like Lisa! Lisa was blindsided, caught off guard.

          • I think Kyle would have been “Blindsided” but I would not say that Kyle was being ganged up on. I know that’s not the answer you wanted to hear. I’m sure you wanted me to say the exact opposite.

    • I’m done as soon as the 2nd reunion shows…there has to be something else I can watch….

      Feel the same way about ATL…done when reunion shows….

  • Im still on why the hell did adrianne show up to lisa’s house warming/vow renewal?

    Besides that, Lisa didnt attack adrianne cause she didnt show up to the reunion to face all the BS that has happened this season. And kyle has not been the greatest friend to lisa, so she has every right to go after kyle. If you can dish it, you can take it. And it was kyle’s turn to take it

    • Because that event was the season finale and all are supposed to show up, why do you think Faye was there, because Lisa wanted her there?

      Please pull the rug out of your eyes, Bravo manipulates everything.

  • I completely understand that Lisa still has feelings regarding Kyle and last season reunion. What I don’t is how Lisa is now considered a bitch for holding on to her feelings regarding such. I think that we all react differently to things and for some to criticize Lisa having feelings regarding what has happened in the past is just unfair. I watched the reunion last season and I thought Lisa was attacked. You don’t have to agree with me, but I do. And to me it doesn’t really matter how many other cast members did the attacking. And it also really doesn’t matter to me that people didn’t scream with the attack. Being attacked by someone is being attacked. What Adrienne said…..and attack. Of her character and her integrity. What Kyle said… attack. Of her character and her integrity. If I had someone who attacked me like that I am not quite sure I could forget and move on so easily.

    • you can take a look at Kyle and KNOW she is not an easy person to get along with…
      1) season 2 went after Brandi the first night she met, then acted like a mean girl for the rest of the season.

      2) Kim (a milder version of Kyle) has a her bitchy moments too. At least she knows when to step back and focus on her sobriety.

      3) Kyle belittled and attacked Kim through out season 1. and she did a Brandi when she outed a “truth” about Kim.

      how hypocritcial are we!

      Brandi was wrong to talk about Adrienne’s children and yes she needs a filter..but so do the other ladies because under their mask of Beverly Hillbillies is an ugly person

      • @jenna, dont forget about Camille being targeted by Kyle, then Faye! Kyle always has a problem with someone on the show, so for any of them to ever to continue to bash Brandi, is a bold face two face hypocrite liar. Anyway, agree with you!

    • I think what bugs me w/ Lisa is she acts so above it and even forgives Kyle numerous times but then brings it back up. I seen a bitter and unfair side to her this season. I don’t like that Lisa continues to forgive Kyle and claim they’re moving on but in the next breath hold her issues w/ Kyle over Kyle’s head. Lisa came off very self rightous to me this season. I personally felt Kyle was sincere in wanting to mend things w/ Lisa. And it seemed like Lisa knew all along she wouldn’t move on w/ Kyle but instead of telling her she made her grovel for a while. And that’s not the Lisa I loved. But she’s only human. Idk. I

      • Lisa is a master manipulator and didn’t like to be called on her crap like Kyle did last reunion, it hit a nerve with Lisa because she prides herself in being smooth about her mind games.

        I am onto her now and what Kyle said last year was 100% true, she is a masteful chess player but she is overplaying her hand and it is going to blow up in her face.

    • I agree. Calling your best friend calculating? That is an attack. And Adrienne saying Lisa was selling stories? Attack.

  • Lisa just needs to be careful. Kyle has been disloyal, but jumping down her throat too much and too hard might make Kyle more sympathetic. Look what happened to Brandi.

  • WHO ATTACKED LISA AT LAST YEAR’S REUNION???????????????? ADRIENNE??? And then Kyle expressed how she felt about Lisa??? Ok that leaves – Brandi, Camille, Taylor, Dana….did any of them attack Lisa????? Why Why Why Why Why Why do people (and this blog) continuously right “At last year’s reunion where everyone attacked Lisa..” I don’t understand it at all…I’d like to see how Lisa would react to an NJ reunion and TRULY have everyone after 1 person. So does this mean since Lisa, Brandi and Yolanda all came for Kyle last night, we have to sit and listen next year about how Kyle was “ganged up on” at the season 3 reunion. R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S

    • Taylor, Kyle, Adrienne, and Camille all were on the Lisa bash band wagon. Look at the lost footage of Season 2 and the Season 2 reunion again. At the tea party for season 2, Taylor said all the girls talk about Lisa and how annoying she can be…then that subject was brought up at the reunion.

      Dana is Taylor’s friend. The only one that defended Lisa at the season 2 reunion was Brandi.
      The main cast went after her or told her what they felt. Adrienne lied and was caught in her lie at the season 2 reunion. that is one of the biggest reasons she did not return to the season 3 reunion.

      She can’t face the music

      • Taylor and Camille were NOT on the Lisa bash band wagon at the reunion. Camille actually defended Lisa by saying that she too was told Lisa sells stories, but she didn’t believe it and believed the reporter was trying to get her to change her mind about giving a quote. Taylor said she didn’t like the things Lisa was saying on Twitter but she felt like once she talked with Lisa about it, it ended.
        Taylor did say that “all the girls” talk about Lisa…and so what if they did? Bc Lisa hasn’t made remarks about Taylor, Camille, Kim, Adrienne…all under that Manzo Motto of “It was a joke.”
        Isn’t the point of the reunion to tell people how you really feel? Lisa spent the first half of Season 2 talking about Taylor behind her back and only ONE time (at Paul’s night of beauty) did she actually ask Taylor to her face what was going on with Russell sending her emails.
        So Season 3 reunion, we’ve got Yolanda, Brandi and Lisa all coming for Kyle…that’s 1/2 of the cast, so I guess that means that Lisa, Yolanda and Brandi were all on a “Bash Kyle Wagon”…maybe they even had a “meeting” at SUR to discuss their tactics going into it? Lisa can basically say that Kyle is only friends with people so her husband can sell their houses and that’s not character assassination, but Adrienne saying Lisa sells stories is?
        There are 2 sets of standards in BH.

        • That’s two sets of standards for Lisa and whoever she wants to fight with at that moment….

        • RB. s few corrections…
          1) Camille didn’t defend Lisa. She confirmed the reporter was saying lisa sold stories. he was trying to get her to speak up but she didn’t. that doesn’t mean she defended Lisa

          2) taylor, kyle and kim were on the same side wile Lisa, taylor and Yolanda were on anoher.

          3) Even before Lisa accused Kyle and Mauricio a lot of people were blogging the same feeling on how they attach themselves to the right place at the right time.

          you have your opinion…I have mine.

          Oh and fyi..the ‘its a joke’ is Teresa Giudice not Caroline Manzo…just saying

    • You have to remember thus is BEVERLY HILL’S!!! Lol an attack to these women is completely different than an attack to the NJ women.what seems petty to most is a huge deal to these women. They are all about their image and how people perceive them and what people think about them. Lol it’s almost not even fair to compare the 2, it’s basically like 2 different cultures. Yes Teresa was diffentely attacked and ganged up on, but so was Lisa by Beverly Hill’s standards.

    • NObody attacked her. She is embellishing her story ala Brandi.

      Lisa was confronted by Andy’s questions with Kyle and Adrienne separately, nobody else had a bad word to say about Lisa, suddenly she is blowing this out of proportion?

      Lisa is pandering to the viewers and after the awful comment she made about Kyle being her friend only to sell her house, I am officially done with her.

      Mauricio sold her house way after the last year reunion when Kyle and Lisa already had their confrontation, Kyle was by no means kissing her behind to get the listing.

      That was a despicable thing to say but what is to be expected, Lisa is turning more and more like Brandi every single day. Dissapointing.

      • Agreed agreed agreed. I really think Lisa overplayed her hand at the reunion and the tides are slowly starting to turn (i.e. CaroLIE and Wacko Jacko from S3 reunion to S4 reunion.)
        Every favorite housewife eventually takes a fall…considering how delicate and personal Lisa takes everything, I can only image how she’ll behave when that happens.